what's going on everyone my name is Chase Reiner and today we're going to be talking about how to make 1 280 per day with AI generated videos I'm going to show you how you can get started with this as a beginner and I'm going to break down how you can do this very easily by promoting a one dollar trial to a tool that actually generates video content for you that you can sell so let me actually explain this in a step-by-step way and then you can decide whether or not you want to actually go and get started with this but ideally what we're going to do is we're going to be using a tool called shine ranker that will go and actually generate videos on autopilot that we can then upload to places like Instagram Tick Tock Facebook you name it okay so these are a few AI generated videos I've made over the last few days this one was AI generated this was with a cloned version of my voice you can see it says it has 34 000 views 11 000 views on this video and uh the way that you actually make these is very simple when you see the system now look at this on stripe yesterday I made 2 480 dollars I have about twenty one thousand dollars about to get deposited in my bank account and about fifty three thousand dollars expected uh oh actually looks like today so lots of money coming in and uh I'm gonna show you how you can get started you're not gonna make thousands of dollars overnight if you're using this it does take a little bit of time just to compound uh the commissions you'll probably be making are going to want to probably start promoting other people's tools like this dollar trial I'm going to show you but check this out uh this is a dollar trial we're promoting on this video tool and we have 44 people on the dollar trial if you look at the breakdown on that that's about 44 times 97 a month that's how much the tool costs 4268 and if you're promoting the tool as an affiliate you'll actually get a 30 commission which is about twelve hundred and eighty dollars um that you'd be getting reoccurring okay now remember this is not going to happen right away you probably need to start building some traffic start building up the following and then you can start making money but um you'd be surprised how fast this will actually compound okay so let's start out by talking about what you want to do to begin now what I would recommend is head over to you're going to go click on get started you're going to grab the tool or you're going to grab a free strategy call if you want to get on the phone with one of our team members we'll actually walk you through how to use this but you get into the tool and the tool is going to look like this okay so first of all this is the tool that we're using to automate our video content if I click on video tools here I can actually go to the first part of the tool which is the scraper and what the scraper does it allows you to type in a topic that you want to find websites for now if I don't know what topic I want to create uh content for I can go to the viral topic finder type in something like Ai and I'll get a list of all the most searched things people are looking for around that topic okay so this will work in any industry doesn't have to be AI it could be real estate could be anything Airbnb I don't know whatever you want okay so I'm going to take one of these topics like chat GPT or AI chat bot copy it and then I can throw this into the scraper tool Okay now what's what's going to happen is when I start scraping content what's going to happen is I'm going to get this list of all these different websites and and the cool thing about this list is it's all summarized with chat gbt so what we're doing is we're having chat EBT grab all these websites it's it's reading what's on the website and then it's summarizing in a sentence what this website's about so I can download this file go to the next tool which is the video generator tool and I can actually go and upload upload this list into the video generator tool okay now once I upload the list what I can do is I can choose either my own voice if I want to clone my own voice or I can choose somebody else's voice like a pre-made voice we'll choose atoms I can choose how many videos I want to generate at a time we'll do five I'll click on generate and then this will give me five videos okay now in uh the in the case of the last video I posted on Instagram I actually did a little bit uh of editing to the video it's not necessary you could just post the videos how they are but I I actually did a little bit more for this I actually cloned uh a picture well an AI generated picture of me to go and do the talking in the front part of the video this will actually be a feature inside of shine ranker very soon um so you won't actually have to go and plug this into an editing tool this will just do this automatically but let me just show you kind of what this looks like so it just does a top five lists and then all these people that want to learn more about this um you know they can go and check out our link okay so uh let me just show you what the renders look like just straight through the tool right now I'll just click on let's say this one AI tool that simplifies UI design I just realized the audio was off now you can hear it nine on dot the second website is Google Cloud uncover how a so again what we're doing is we're just pulling a list of websites we're having our tool go and read off the list it's then taking videos of the websites turning it into like a top five websites video and the reason why we're doing this is because these types of videos get an insane amount of views if I go look up like top five websites on anywhere YouTube Instagram Tick Tock you'll see they get millions and millions of views but we're able to automate all these videos look at this one got 20 million views and we're able to automate these types of videos uh in a click of a button okay and this is just the beginning because shinemaker is about to get even crazier as we add more and more of the features that we're adding into this okay so either way you would either upload these videos individually to your accounts or you would just go and click on download okay now when you download the CSV you can actually pair this with another tool called radar that will actually go and allow you to import these videos into the actual tools so if I go in here sign in I can click on import and then I can import all of this content into radar okay like this boom um now this is up to you though right like you can you can choose how far you want to automate this if you want to go and then publish this on a bunch of different social media channels you can uh but you can see how automated this is and we're getting like thousands and thousands of views not just on Instagram but on you know Facebook and wherever we post these videos it's actually crazy how easy it is to get views with this now what you're doing is when you start getting views with these AI generated videos is you're going to send people to a dollar trial right so inside of shine ranker we have again this this landing page here where people can go enter their information and then they get set up with our dollar trial now you're probably already on this page if I sent you an email or if I sent you like a comment on social media or my bot probably did it probably wasn't me but you're probably going to be watching this video the one you're watching right now right here and then below this video is a get shinemaker for just one dollar so when you click on that right this is going to be the same thing that you can actually sell to other people so if you want to be able to let allow people to be able to generate uh their own content right you can get them to sign up for this dollar trial anytime they sign up for the dollar trial it's a 14-day trial when it when the monthly payment Hits 97 you're getting 30 commissions on that every single time they pay okay and and and this isn't just something that works on my tool this will work on any tool right uh if you go over to I'm going to show you one of these tools that I used to promote this one's called Jasper I get paid out every single month 30 percent just because I went and promoted links for them and did content on their tool look they owe me a thousand dollars if I look at my payouts here I've been getting paid out every single month for like years now okay and we're offering the same thing inside shine ranker where if you want to go and use the AI content that it's creating to go and sell it's like you can use this tool to sell uh its own features right and um what's even cooler about this is we even have an automated system as well where when somebody enters their info we're gonna go and try to follow up with them and sell them on this tool okay now uh as far as getting this whole system set up we also have a done for you setup that we're doing if you go to again you can book a free strategy call with us but the only problem with this is that um we're booked till next month so uh you will have to wait till next month if you want to get on a strategy call but if you just want to go grab the setup you can go to to the dfy setup click on get dfy content and we'll actually go and set up our system for you we'll do all your content we'll import all of our content into your account you can even use my content the shorts that I create in your own content but you collect the leads uh we'll set up your funnel so we'll set up all your automations we'll set up your landing page we'll even set up a virtual assistant to help you if you want help but again this is optional if you wanted to just go and get the trial for Shine ranker the dollar trial and you just wanted to use this tool and just send people to your link all you'd have to do is take the link from shine ranker this is the dollar trial link here you'd go to uh forward slash partner at the end of this link and it's going to ask you to sign up as an affiliate partner and then all you have to do is get people to click on your link so you click on sign up or log in if you already have a thrivecard account go like that let's go ahead and just make a random affiliate ID we'll do a different email here and uh just like that you'll get a link here's the product shinerinker dollar trial and once you connect your PayPal account it's just going to say um get your you know connect your PayPal account you'll get your affiliate link you copy that link and then you can start automating your content and you could just start get it sending people to that link right so you could put that link in your bio right here do a bunch of automated content sent tell people to go to the link in your bio every time they sign up for the shine rank or VIP uh dollar trial to go start generating content uh you're gonna get paid whenever they sign up okay so pretty cool you can see how fast this would stack we only got 800 visits to our actual trial landing page but we got 44 orders that's a five percent conversion rate which means for 800 views right you'd only have to send 800 views to a landing page to get 44 orders that is uh 44 times 97 if they all turn into the monthly memberships that's four thousand dollars right there okay and just to put things in perspective each one of our AI generated videos gets anywhere between like you know five to ten thirty thousand views and you can even boost these videos if you want you could run ads there's all kinds of stuff you can do so anyways definitely check it out uh if you want if you're not sure uh you can always head over to our free Discord group I'm going to leave a link in the description if you want to join our Discord ask questions in here I try to go live all like constantly if you want to watch my live trainings get more information and you're confused about how this works always click on the live tab on my channel and uh just go through these different videos and watch what what I'm doing in real time and you can kind of see what I do behind the scenes so that's it hope you uh enjoy the new features inside shine ranker again get started grab the dollar trial

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