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what's going on everyone my name is Chase Reiner and today we're going to be talking about how to make 2464 dollars per day online with AI and mid-journey so if you've never used AI generated images before you are in the right place I'm going to show you how to get set up with mid-journey generating images and I'm going to show you how to make money with this as well and I'm going to show you how you can use this to sell whatever you want online we're specifically going to be talking about how to sell things around AI just because it is such a great trending topic right now if you head over to Google Trends and look up AI you'll see it's one of the hottest topics on the internet right now and the funny thing is this is something that I actually got into way before AI was even popping off I started doing videos on automation Bots and AI a long time ago on this channel but I guess I was in the right place at the right time when this blew up and it has been helping me earn a ton of money and it's going to help you as well if you follow what I'm about to share with you so check this out just in the last however long 2004 till present look at how crazy AI is going and so if you can get some views around this topic I'm going to show you how to do that and you can start generating some traffic off those views and you can turn that traffic into sales with products that you don't even have to own I'm going to show you how to promote a ton of different products as well if you feel like promoting other people's products and you don't want to have to build your own but again this will work for pretty much anything that you sell online now before I dive into it I want to ask you really quickly to reply with the word yes if you're interested in this type of content let me know in the comments just take a second reply with the word yes right now and it also helps the algorithm it helps me reach more people when you do that okay so let's go ahead and start out by going over to Mid Journey now what is mid Journey mid journey is an AI generated art tool let me actually go Google this just so you can see how to get here if you go to Google type in mid Journey click on Mid Journey you're going to see the website here now a lot of people get confused to buy this app because in order to use it you actually have to go to an app called Discord and Discord it's kind of like a chat app kind of like messenger except it is more for a lot of people actually use it for gaming but more and more people now are using it for other things like mid-journey and uh you know just different software tools and either way how you access it is you go to Mid journey and you click on sign in it's going to ask you to create a Discord account discord's free you don't have to spend any money you just go create an account and then you will log into the tool and you will get brought to their Discord server now this is what their discard server looks like it's got all these different crazy things going on on the sidebar now what we actually want to do is we want to be able to access mid-journey but we're not going to be able to do that for free anymore they don't let you access it for free so if we want to buy a subscription we have to do forward slash click on any one of these I would just click on newbies it doesn't really matter where you're typing this you do forward slash subscribe enter and then this will take you to the subscription page now the deals are pretty affordable I think to use mid-journey monthly at the base rate plan it's about ten dollars a month yes that's what I'm paying right now very very cheap and you get a ton of different um images that you can run I don't think you're going to be using More Than This starting out but if you are I think the next plan up is like 20 a month okay so go ahead and subscribe when you subscribe you will be able to use the tool now you're going to usually get a message from a bot on Discord their bot it's called mid-journey bot and this is what you're going to use to type in your prompts okay now there's different prompts you can type in if I do forward slash here it'll pull up all the different things I can do I can blend images together I can imagine new images and I can do some other stuff here but these are really kind of the main things you're going to be doing imagine and blend okay so imagine if you do forward slash imagine you can type in whatever you want so if I want to type in make an image of an AI robot with water pouring on top of it it will go and make that for me now I could actually take this AI robot with flames and I could take the AI robot with water on top of it and I can actually blend those two together afterwards so I could do forward slash blend it would blend the two images now that's just the basics to how mid-journey Works obviously you're not going to make money just going and just making images and sharing them we have to actually come up with a way to sell things around this right and so I'm going to show you how to do that so first of all you have to understand how to use mid Journey though because what we're going to be doing is we're going to be able we're going to be creating content around mid-journey okay and what I mean by this is short form content one of the easiest ways to get views in traffic right now is with short form content in fact if you look at my Instagram profile just my Instagram profile alone you'll see I got over oh I guess I can't show you on my uh desktop app I can only show you on my phone but I got over 2 million views in the last 30 days and most of it is with short form content look how many views I get on my shorts 40s or reels 47 000 views 63 000 views 97 000 views 154 000 views okay and so one of the things we can do is we can actually rank in places like Instagram Tick Tock Facebook YouTube and you might not realize this but 90 I think it's what is it 90 I don't know the exact metric I can tell you this for sure people who are ages 20 to 30 Now search more on Tick Tock than they do on Google for things okay and so more and more people are using platforms like Tick Tock and Instagram and Facebook to find things to find information with things like short form content okay and so we can actually show up for things like mid-journey on Tick Tock so for example if somebody typed in mid-journey on Instagram or mid Journey on Tick Tock we could actually show up for that search and the way we would do that is we would use a tool called shine ranker shine ranker is a tool that I own and I've been uh building this for over a year and a half now we just crossed 1500 users I'll actually show you the back end here this is how many paid members we have over 1500 people and this tool actually helps you go viral on these platforms and the way it does that is it helps you find the things people are searching for and then it helps you create the content so let me show you how so what you're going to do is you're going to use shine ranker if you'd like it's completely optional but it will help you if you click on become a shine rank or VIP here you can enter your email it's around forty dollars a month and you'll get access to yeah it's 47 bucks a month you'll get access to the tool you'll get access to our community you'll get access to our messenger chat everything but again you don't have to do this you can skip this step if you want I want to show you how it works though so let me just show you really quick so if we go to shine ranker and we click on become a VIP we we grab the 47 membership we can log in here and what we're going to do is we're going to click on keyword research now if we enter in some topics like mid-journey mid-journey ai ai generated art or images what this tool is going to do is it's going to go and find what are people searching for the most around these topics okay now what we're actually using to pull this data is we're using Google and so Google's still the largest search engine in the world and so because of that if there's a ton of people searching for something like this on mid-journey I mean on on Google we know they're going to be searching for this on on all the other platforms too okay and there's actually a keyword difficulty metric built into this as well now one of the other cool that really cool things about this is if you create a video on YouTube about something like this let's say a short or even a long form video anything over 60 seconds you can actually show up on Google for these things as well and so we actually are able to see how many people are showing up for these phrases on Google with this actual thing with this actual phrase in the title of their web page or of their website or of their video so if I click on update difficulty here it'll say 83 people have this phrase sorry I just lost it they have this phrase in their title and so this will make it really easy for us to know okay if only 28 people have created content about this we know that we can create a video or a short or even a blog post or anything and we know that we could probably show up for this pretty quickly okay so we can use this tool to know okay we need to show up on Google for this we need to show up on Instagram Tick Tock wherever and we can actually show up on all these different platforms by finding the most highly searched topics people are looking for and the ones that people are competing for the least okay so let's say we wanted to show up for something let's kind of say easier here let's go for maybe this one mid Journey version four we could copy that right and then we could go to chatgpt and have chat gbt write us out some content now we could either write out content for a blog post or we could have chatgybt write us out content for anything really I mean it could be a tick tock video so I could say write me out a tick tock video for mid-journey version four now one of the other cool things about shinemaker by the way and this is why people really like this tool is that you don't have to wait to access chat EBT I actually had somebody I was buying a Shelby Cobra last night I just got a new car pretty cool car by the way I actually have a bad car addiction here you can see uh this is the Cobra but I was in there and the guy was talking to me and he's like I'm trying to use chat GPT but I can't access it because it's at capacity because anybody who's trying to use Chachi BT for free the tool goes down all the time because so many people are trying to access it well shine ranker our company pays for VIP access to chat CPT so you never have to worry about it going down so you can access this at all times during the day because we have a contract basically with with a developer account with chatgpt so that's one of the other cool things about shine ranker now look at this we get all of this uh this huge script here for mid Journey version four right so I can copy that and I can actually go and I can do a bunch of things right I could either make this video myself I could go to something like OBS project which is what I'm using to record this screen right now it's just a free tool that'll allow you to record your screen you could go and make a video at this you could use 11 labs to go and clone your voice which if you haven't seen my last video you should go check it out but you can actually use this tool to go and clone your voice and turn a AI cloned version of you into a video you can do something like using did Slash ID and this will actually go and turn your face into a a picture of your face into a moving video which basically it moves your mouth it moves your eyes it moves everything it's kind of like AI generates your image into a video and so there's all kinds of different things that you can do and by the way like I said if you want to go check out my last video on YouTube I would recommend you go check it out if you haven't seen it yet I kind of show you how to clone yourself with 11 labs and with did and all these other things uh it's a really great video and it really kind of dives into how you would earn money if you wanted to go down that route but as far as how you would earn money with mid-journey is you would take a script like this right or you would just go straight to Mid Journey you don't have to necessarily script it you could just go to Mid journey and you could create a 60 second video a short video showing people how to use mid-journey right so hey look here's how you use mid Journey now that you know how to use mid Journey you could show them hey look here's how you blend two images together in mid-journey so you take the first one like this we're gonna go open in our browser so we can download it and I'll tell you why this is cool is because a lot of people don't know how to use AI yet a lot of people don't know how to use uh mid journey in fact if you just learned how to use mid-dirty while watching this video let me know in the comments I'm interested to know if this is the first time you've seen how to use this but you can actually just get a ton of traffic showing people simple things like this here's how you generate two images together into a new AI generated image and then by showing them that with like a 60 second video you can start building views which you then turn into traffic right so I get tons and tons of views on my videos right this is just Instagram if you look at my Tick Tock Channel I got over close to a million views in just the last seven days showing people how to use AI right and so all these different videos showing people how to use AI all I have to do in the video is direct them to something like a checklist right so I have a checklist it's called and what this checklist is it's a bunch of different AI tools that you can get paid to promote or use right and so people will go and download this checklist for free now what happens though is when they go to enter their email to grab this checklist I now have them as an email subscriber now why is that important well everybody who enters their email I now have their contact information and I can start recommending that they go and let's say buy mid-journey or buy shine rank or buy whatever tool and most of the tools like I said on that list are all tools that you can actually get paid to promote how does that work okay well all you have to do is go to one of the tools let's say you went to this one this is one that I've promoted in the past this is an AI content written content generate generator scroll to the bottom click on the affiliate program log in and they're going to give me a link right this is the link all I have to do is send people to that link whether it's through my emails or through my videos right I could do both and every time somebody signs up I'm making money right so two thousand six hundred thirty five dollars they owe me if I go to my payouts here look how much money I've made just off this one tool two thousand three hundred two thousand five hundred two thousand five hundred and this is every single month and look at this how many people are signing up to go learn about these tools 100 it's 11 A.M here right now I've already had 158 people sign up to learn about these tools right and then all you have to do is send people to the tools and when they sign up I'm making money okay now this takes a little bit of time to start building a following right you're not going to build a following overnight but ideally you could start creating content showing people how to use shine rankers showing people how to use all these different tools showing them how to use mid-journey right and as you're starting to get views and you're showing them all this cool stuff you can do because there's literally new AI companies coming out every single day there's literally like 10 new AI companies every single day coming out what you can do is you can start showing people how to use those tools and if you don't know how to find these AI companies use shine ranker shine ranker if you go to the keyword research it will tell you here's all the different look if I go look up AI tools right now I can go find a ton of different companies that are popping up that are now getting a ton of searches every single month or I can go to a traffic Checker right and I can go plug in a website there's a really cool website called Future tools and it has a bunch of different tools that are being added every day it's by this guy what's his name Matt wolf or something really cool guy you should check him out on YouTube but if I go and plug this guy's website into shine Rinker here and I click on the traffic Checker I can actually see all of the different things that this guy's showing up for and I can start getting ideas because he's adding new tools every day right and I can see what are people searching for the most okay look 823 000 people are searching for character AI right I don't I have no idea what that is but I know close to a million people every single month are searching for it so what do I have to do I just go and take that thing plug it in to Google oh there it is now I can see what this is and I can see why people are searching for this oh maybe they're searching for it because I don't know it helps you talk to characters I I don't actually don't know what this does right I have to go and do some research but I can discover viral topics and create content on it and as I start to get views I can turn those views into traffic I can turn that traffic into email signups right and then I could turn those email signups into sales and I can even automate on the back end right so let's say somebody signs up for an email right or for uh for my for my tool list what I can do is I can go and generate them emails with chat GPT so every single day like this was something that I used to sell here you can see every single day I can send out an email and I can have every single one of these emails written out right so if I wanted seven days of emails written out for let's say shine ranker or for I don't know copy AI I could go over to shine ranker click on chat and say let me reset this really quick I could say please write me out a email explaining why someone should buy our AI copywriting tool right and then this is going to generous generate us an email we can schedule it out so it sends a day after they sign up for the email list and then it has our affiliate link that goes and gets put into the email and so you can automate this like crazy and literally it all starts with doing what a 60 second short form video now you might be wondering well why are you doing long form videos as well Chase because short form videos are great for building an audience right if you want to get a ton of traffic and email opt-ins you want to use something like short form but if you want to sell something at an accelerated Pace if you want to get more sales long form is one of the best ways to get to get more sales and and increase your conversions because then people see that you're a real person you're not just doing 60 second videos okay and so that's part of the reason why I do the long form is because a lot of people who see my videos they've only seen a 60 second video and they're like okay well I don't know if this person's legit then they watch this long form video like the one you're watching right now and they go oh I should definitely buy this because I can see that chase is a real person and he has you know a real company and this is a real thing okay so anyways that's how you make money with mid-journey and again the way you make money with mid Journey if you want to make real money you're not you're not going and making AI generated art you're showing people how to use AI tools to do cool things right A lot of people just want to use these tools because they have so many different use cases and if you can just find some of the ways people can use these if you can teach people how to use the tools you can make a ton of money recommending tools to people and and showing them how to make money with these things now again you could also show them if you wanted to how to earn money like with graphic design if that's your thing if you want to show people how to sell art like that's that's a cool thing but look a lot of people don't understand how to use AI right a lot more people know how to use uh something like Fiverr to sell a thumbnail or whatever the thing is like that's an old thing most people don't know how to use AI right now and so if you can capitalize on that now which is the fact that people don't know this stuff and you can learn it you can be a way ahead of most people so anyways hope that makes sense if it does reply with the word yes in the comments and I'll see in the next one until we do happy money making see you guys bye

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