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what's going on everyone my name is Chase Reiner and today we're gonna be talking about making over three thousand dollars daily with AI digital people I'm going to give you a simple way to use a chat GPT text to video hack to make a video that looks like this one I just posted on Instagram and what we're going to be doing is we're going to automate the creation of this type of content and we're going to actually be able to not only clone ourselves in terms of our voice but also we're going to be able to generate video with just an image of ourselves as well and if that sounds really confusing and you have no idea what I'm talking about don't worry you're in the right place I'm going to break it down step by step I have a full process outlined for you and I'm going to go through each part right now and I'm going to show you how you can do something like this and even Outsource it if you don't want to go and click all the buttons so if you're interested in this type of content you want me to keep you updated with more ways to earn money with AI automations like this one just reply with the word yes in the comments right now it helps me know to make more videos like this and it also helps the algorithm and helps this video reach more people so you just saw the final output I'm going to actually go ahead and play this whole video for you just so you can hear what it sounds like and again I just posted this video about 37 minutes ago and it's already over 752 views and this type of stuff will work with brand new accounts as well I've been actually running tests with this on new accounts and we are seeing thousands and thousands of views on accounts with only a few followers and by a few I mean literally 40 followers on the account so let me play the video for you so you can hear it and then I'm going to show you how to make it not going to believe these five AI websites exist the first website is copymatic copymatic.i is an efficient AI based writing tool suitable for bloggers content creators and marketers that produces quality content with ease and speed the second website is Right Sonic using right Sonic you can generate Limitless content and save time and energy by simply inputting your information into an AI powered content automation platform the third website is Shakespeare AI utilize Shakespeare AI to generate content efficiently for your blog and optimize space on your product pages or online advertisements the fourth website is Word Hero Word Hero is an AI writing tool that aids in the fast and efficient creation of high quality content for business owners marketers and writers for the fifth final Secret website respond with the word yes alright so that's the video uh you might be thinking wow that doesn't sound that great but I'm telling you this type of content does get a lot of views and the best part is it's pretty much all automated I don't have to actually be in the video I don't have to use my voice this is all cloned with AI I don't have to make the script and I'm going to show you exactly how we do this so basically what we're doing here is we're taking a few different tools and we're combining them together one tool is called did this tool actually go and take an image of you and turn that image into a video another tool we're using is obviously chat GPT to go and write out these scripts for the website another tool is 11 Labs which we're using to do text to speech cloning another tool is called cap cut to just combine them all together and do automatic captioning then we have a few other tools that we can use to sort of automate this even further so let me show you first of all how to actually get an image of yourself talking like in this video so what we're going to do is we're going to head over to did or d slash I will leave links to all of these tools in the description of this video so you can go access them but I'm going to log in and what this tool asks you for is an image of yourself that you can go and turn into a video so if I click on create a video here I can upload an image or I can select an existing Avatar if I don't actually want to be in the video if I don't want the image of me to be in it and then this is where I can either type a script or I can upload a audio clip of my voice now in this case we're going to be uploading an audio clip of our voice because first of all I want to be able to clone my voice but second of all even if I was using text to speech 11 Labs is a way better option in my opinion it sounds way better than the voice clips that you're going to get through here now before I actually go and grab a video or before I do text-to-speech I need to go and find some things that I want to show up for and get views for on places like Instagram Tick Tock YouTube wherever I'm going to be publishing these videos and so I can head over to click on keyword research enter a topic I'm going to type in AI tools click on submit and I'm going to let shine ranker give me a list of the top things people are searching for around the subject I typed in now the best part about this is we can do this for any subject whether it's for AI tools whether it's for dog grooming websites whether it's for you know cat food websites it doesn't matter you can do this for any sort of subject you want now what you're going to do is you're going to find a topic that has a lot of people searching for it you can also select on the left the check mark and update the selected difficulty this will give you the ability as well to see which topics you're going to be more likely to show up for and you can choose something that might be in green with easier difficulty here and maybe 5000 or 10 000 searches usually the things that are highly searched like above 100 200 000 searches a month are going to be in the red so maybe I want to try to show up for something for 5000 searches now I can either add this to my dashboard and keep track of it for later or I can just copy this topic and head over to chat inside of shinrinker now what I can do is I can say please write me out a list of the top AI generated picture websites and Chachi T is going to go and do that for me now while this is loading what I can do is I can either choose to turn this into a spreadsheet or I can just go directly to 11 Labs now the the benefit of putting this into a spreadsheet is that there is actually a way that you can automate this even further by having this in a spreadsheet and so I'm going to show you the two different options and how this works in one second let me just actually go ahead and get descriptions for each of these websites so I can say please write me out a list of the top AI generated websites with one sentence descriptions about each now again step number one or option number one is that you can take this list of websites and go directly to 11 Labs paste this in and click on generate it'll give you text to speech and it'll just be an audio file option two is you can take each of these websites plug them into a spreadsheet and we're actually building a tool or we've built a tool that'll allow you to upload that spreadsheet go over to the program and right now the program's in the form of a python script but this will just be a something that you could just enter in a website or a list of websites for click on run and then it'll actually go and start running and it will rewrite each of these descriptions a second time so you can run this multiple times with different descriptions it'll generate the audio it'll automatically clone your voice through 11 labs and it'll take a video of the actual website and the way we're doing that is we're taking over a thousand images of the website and then I'm going to show you I'm going to cancel this just so I can show you the output here what this will do is it will give you something that looks like this where you will have everything automatically made and sorry I'm trying to figure out which folder I put this in I have a lot of different folders here let me go over to my desktop really quick because I have it over here and you're going to get videos that look like this and so this is what the output would look like let me just play this for you the first website is copymatic copymatic.i is an efficient AI based writing tool suitable for bloggers so what this just did is that the tool basically took a bunch of screenshots of a website so that it'll turn it into a video it clones my voice with 11 labs and then does text to speech with it and combines it all into a video with scrolling video so I can just basically drag this directly into cap cut now if you want to do this manually and you don't want to use our tool which by the way you might be wondering how do I get this tool this tool is something that's going to be available to all of our shine ranker VIP users if you're not a shine ranker VIP just head over to forward slash VIP and you can become a VIP today but if we want the manual way of doing this we would copy the text from chat GPT head over to 11 Labs paste it in click on generate and then we would have to go and actually take the video of each one of those websites now here's how you clone your voice with 11 Labs what you're going to do is click on add voice add generative or cloned voice instant voice cloning and then you would go and just drag a video clip of you talking into here and then you'll have a clone of your voice now when you click on generate you will get an MP3 file let it load one artbreeder allows users to mix and match different AI generated images to create unique creations two so that's the audio file if I let this finish rendering it's going to give me a little download option here in the right hand corner I just click it a couple times till it pops up there it is and then I can drag this into the next tool which is called cap cut s pretty simple to use you just download it it's a free tool once you open it up you're going to be able to drag your files into cap cut now if I wanted to drag just the audio file into cap cut I could drag it in with the video with the audio file I just got here if I wanted to drag the audio and video file made with our tool into here I would just go to that folder and drag that in here and by the way just to let you know all of this is going to be automated at an even deeper level as we keep moving forward with the development of shine ranker we have many things in here that already do a lot more than what you're just seeing right here and some of them I'm not going to talk about right now because I don't want to get too many people asking me questions about the different things we're building but ideally all of that what I'm about to share with you today in terms of the video that I created here will be completely automated where you click a few buttons and you won't have to do really any of this the video editing or anything anyways if I click on the ratio here I can change the video Dimensions to 9×16 so now I have a tick tock video and even just this I could post like this and it would still get views let me just press play here the first website is copymatic copymatic.i but if I wanted to add some more zincs in here like I want to clone let's say my self into the video as well I can head back over to did and I can either drag in the MP3 file from 11 Labs or I can drag the output from R tool into 11 Labs the first website and sorry I guess I have to select it like this and I can basically clone my voice on top of this and let me go just grab that tool really quick over here or that video from the tool so now what it's doing is it's just going and cloning that audio onto this image of me and so this image that was originally static before will now be a generated video so if I click on generate it's going to go and generate it's going to take the audio from the mp4 file and it's going to put it in that video now I've already done this before so I'm going to press play here so you can see it the first website is copymatic copy Matic dot so that's me talking and then I can download the mp4 file and I can drag that into cap cut on top of the video the website file now all I have to do is choose which parts I want to be me and which parts I want to be the screen share so let's say I don't want the screen share on this first part I can just go ahead and delete it and now the first part will be me press play the first and you can see what this looks like here whoops oh I just muted the audio sorry really quick the first website is copymatic copymatic data and then it switches to that screen now if I click on text here and then automatic captions I can click on Create and this will actually go and add captions automatically to the video as well but you can see how fast I was able to do all of this uh now one of the really cool things that we're adding as well into the shine ranker tool is the ability to do AI text to video synthesis as well which basically means instead of generating you know let's say an image of a website or a video of us we can actually go and generate videos like this that will go and basically allow us to uh have somewhat of stock videos in our actual videos so let's say I want a picture or a video of a robot I can type in video of robot and then I will have that at the beginning of my video here and we're going to be able to basically make it so that you can type in a theme or something that you want to rank for on shine ranker take one of the keywords and then we'll be able to generate you an entire video like this with text to video as well so we have a lot of really really cool stuff coming for shine Rinker but the problem is the price goes up almost every week on shine ranker as we add new things into the tool because we're not going to keep the price the same as we add new stuff and so if you want to become an early adopter of the tool what you can do is head over to forward slash VIP right now and you can become an early adopter but let me show you this let me just press play here the first website is copymatic copymatic.i is an efficient AI based writing so that's pretty much all I did and then the only thing other than that is I just added some music now one of the other things that we can do is if we really want to automate this we can actually take a tool like buffer and we can schedule out these videos so that way we have all of these videos queued out for us and we could have this scheduled on multiple different platforms right so if we wanted to post on Twitter and Pinterest and Facebook and YouTube or wherever we want to post we can just upload these videos by dragging them in and selecting the platforms that we want to post to and by the way if we don't want to actually go and run these tools if we don't want to click on the buttons we could also always head over to and type in virtual assistant and we can have other people go and actually run these tools for us as well you can hire people in the Philippines on for around four dollars an hour and that's 352 dollars a month you could have your full Q full of these different videos and remember you can choose to do these videos with your picture and your cloned Voice or you could just use a generic picture and a generic cloned voice if you don't want to be in the video but ideally you're going to get somewhat of the same effect because these videos truly do work and so if you're excited about this stuff and you want me to keep you updated again reply with the word yes and I'll make sure to let you know when we come out with new additions to the tools we're building but text to video generation really is the future everybody was excited about chat GPT and then they got very excited about mid-journey which is AI text to image generation but really the next big thing is AI text video and that's why we at shinerinker are really focusing our time and effort into Building Solutions that will allow you to be able to do a lot of this stuff so if you want to become a shine ranker VIP you want to be an early adopter you need to do that now before the price goes up and you're going to go to click on become a shine ranker VIP enter your email and you're going to be able to go and sign up for that but that's it for today thanks for stopping by we'll see in the next one until we do happy money making we'll see you bye

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