Make $3,220 DAILY With THIS AI Video Generation Tool (SHINE RANKER AI)

what's going on everyone my name is Chase Reiner and today we're going to be talking about making three thousand two hundred and twenty dollars daily with AI generated video I'm going to show you how you can get started for just one dollar today with a tool called shine ranker and I'm going to show you how you can go through our step-by-step checklist for free with tons and tons of videos that show you everything you need to do to start earning money online so I'm going to leave all of the things I talked about in the description of this video so you get started today and if you're interested in keeping updated with the content that I've been building around how to earn money with AI make sure you reply with the word yes in the comments and I will keep you updated so let's talk about how this system works I'm going to show you how you can get started in just about an hour of setting up you can actually make sales today if you do what I'm about to share with you I'm going to show you the easy way to get started and then I'm going to show you a little bit more of a complicated way to get started okay so let's talk about the way the tool works so right here we have if you're already on the landing page just click on the link below if you're not on the landing page head over to enter in your email here and then you're going to click on the get Shine ranker for just one dollar you can also grab the checklist while you're there for free sign up for the dollar and then you're going to get taken to the tool now inside the tool we're going to be focusing specifically on the AI video tool today there's a lot of really cool things inside of shine Rinker if you want to check out the different features you can go to the checklist and go through all the different features inside of the tool but right now we're just going to be focusing on this one now if I click on AI video tools here I'm going to get taken to a few different tools but all we really want to use today is just this video generator tool so we're going to click on use tool and the way this tool works is we're actually able to generate videos on autopilot that look like this basically we have a AI Avatar this is actually just a picture of me that I uploaded and then we're going to actually use a automatic system to take video of websites so we can do these top website type videos and if you haven't seen these videos before they get tons of views if I go over to YouTube or any sort of platform that does short form content and I type in top websites you're going to see videos like this get tons of views 1.3 million views 1.2 million views 16 million views 2.8 million views and all of these videos are talking about is just the top different websites and so that's why we built this into shine ranker to automate these videos for you so if I go to shine ranker and I upload a list of websites I can click on change right here upload any spreadsheet I want now if you don't have your own spreadsheet of websites we can head over to and enter our info it just asks for an email and you will get taken to this checklist that you can actually upload into shine ranker and this is a bunch of websites that either utilize AI or have some sort of way to get paid through these websites a lot of these have affiliate programs that means you can get paid to promote the website but we're going to specifically talk about focusing on promoting shine ranker today just because I've already kind of built a system for you that already works but if I click on download xlsx I can grab this spreadsheet here now if I only want to do a few websites at a time also I can I can just delete as many websites as I want in here and I can put my own websites too so if I don't want to talk about convertkit or buffer I can change this out and say I want to talk about mid-journey for example and I can have my description here or I can have shine rank or rewrite the description as well so inside of the settings here if I click on settings I'm going to upload whatever spreadsheet right now I'm just using a spreadsheet with only five videos or sorry five websites in it I'll show you what it looks like if I click on this it will show me what's currently in here right now we just have shine ranker mid Journey 11 Labs radar and hugging face okay and they all have definitions here and obviously if I don't want to you know do the definitions myself I could always head over to the website or use the chat GPT function inside of shine ranker to write me out a definition for the checklist so anyways when I go into this tool here and I'm in the settings I upload the spreadsheet and then I can choose how many videos I want so let's say I want five videos and I'm gonna say I don't want to rewrite the script I just want shine ranker to give me the videos just as they are just as the descriptions are I don't want them Rewritten and then I'm going to choose my my voice model in this case I'll just use Josh now these are all pre-made voices but pretty soon you're going to be able to select your own AI voice you're going to be able to clone your own voice into here so you can select your own voice and then all I'm going to do is click on generate I don't want to use subtitles because the subtitles sometimes can be a little bit off we're still working on those but let's click on generate and it says generate five videos generate and now these videos are going to be generated so right now the videos they're what they're going to look like just by themselves is they're just going to be just these top five websites so let me show you what one of these looks like I'm just going to click on this here so you can you can listen to it the first website is mid-journey mid Journey helps you generate AI images of anything you can imagine the second website is radar IO radar lets you schedule your content in bulk on social media the third website is 11 Labs 11 Labs is an AI software company in the USA creating Advanced text-to-speech technology with natural sounding speech synthesis the fourth website is shine ranker okay so it's just the top five websites and right now the websites are just being randomized so we're probably going to add a feature so they're not randomized but the way the tool works is it's taking one at random then it's taking the other one randomly and it's just making a top five list over and over so we just have a bunch of random top five websites okay so you can imagine if you had 100 websites in here by the way you would be able to generate a lot of really unique content especially if you're enabling the script rewrite with Chachi PT okay so now while these are loading I'm going to explain what all these other things are in here so first of all we have this little um check mark and it should check all of them automatically it might just be because it's loading but um this will actually allow you to either bulk delete the videos if you don't want them or you can click on download and it'll actually download you a spreadsheet of all the videos that you can actually import into another tool called radar that'll schedule out all these videos in bulk for you now also we have the intro and outro button well actually let's talk about the status this means it's processing obviously it means it's not done yet completed means that they're done and then intro and outro this is where you can actually use an AI Avatar to go and do the intro and outro Okay so these just stopped uh these just finished let me show you how that works if I press play let's just see one of them really quick the first website is mid-journey mid Journey okay so we got that now if I click on intro and outro for that video I can select Josh again here and again if I had my own AI cloned voice which we're adding in soon you will be able to do that instead I'm going to click on a link I'm going to say okay I want to upload an image of I don't know me or an A let's just do an AI Avatar instead of me but I could do obviously me it's any sort of image that you want and then I can do my custom intro okay so I'm going to say these AI websites are going to change your life okay now that's the intro now I want an outro as well so I'm going to click on link and upload I'm going to choose the AI Avatar again same one I could choose a different one if I wanted to or a different voice I'm going to choose Josh's voice again and then for the outro text I'm going to say for all of these websites reply with the word yes or if you're interested in a free checklist of 400 AI websites respond with the word the word yes right now okay and so what that's going to do is it's going to get us a bunch of comments and then as the comments come in we can send them our opt-in we can send them our landing page that gives them all these tools and all this free stuff and and the best part is shine rankers set up where you can actually refer people to shine rink or to the home page right you can sell shine ranker and then you actually get a 40 commission every time they pay okay so we'll talk about that more in a second but let me just go ahead and click on create intro and outro and this will create us our intro and outro and then while that's loading all these other fields by the way these are all what's going to get imported into social media so I can choose my scheduling how how often I want to post these videos what times what the title what the caption what the comment is we're going to add chat gbt in here as well so it'll generate all this for you but if I click on combine intro and outro now it will go ahead and combine the intro and outro with the top five videos and you're going to see pretty quickly that we already have a video that we're going to be able to post on social media okay and this is really cool because we can do this for any industry right if we wanted to do this for you know top dog food websites top Real Estate websites it doesn't matter okay so let's click on I think this is the one we just did uh hold on let me refresh this just to see yeah I think that's the one let's press I accidentally did it for one that was before this but it should still be fine let me press play here these AI websites are going to change your life the first website is mid-journey mid Journey helps you generate AI images so you can see it's 43 seconds if I go to the end it'll give us our uh call to action as well generates you any AI video you can think of if you're interested in a free checklist of 400 AI websites respond with the word yes right now okay so then we're going to get all these comments now what's even cooler about this is inside of this free checklist I told you about earlier not the tools checklist but the the step-by-step checklist I actually show you as well how to use robots to automatically respond to these comments because you can set up an automation that will respond with your actual affiliate links too and send people to our funnel and what's really really cool about this is you don't even have to sell people on this I'll go and sell them our tools and our products for you and let me just show you this automation here look at this we can automatically respond to our comments anytime somebody comments on our post with the word yes I can say hey it's Chase with Shiner anchor I sent you a DM and then it'll actually go and automatically DM these people as well and this works on Instagram and Facebook so if you want to see that full step-by-step setup go to mini chat setup inside the free checklist okay so we got our content now right and what I can do is I can just go straight post this content on social media like this look I just posted a video like this instead of using an avatar I use my own a picture of my face it's got 283 views but that's just on one account right so I can go and schedule this out on as many accounts as I want because I can use a tool like radar to go and click on this button and I can either do a new post drag that video in I just got like so oh did I save it I might have not saved it yet let's go save it I think this is the one we're going to go ahead and right click save as save it with some random name and we're gonna go to radar drag it in and then I can post this as a real I might have to do it like this manually I can go post this as a reel on as many social media channels as I want to connect right so if I want to connect 10 Facebook pages 10 Instagram Pages you know Tick Tock whatever I want I can go do that and then this will go and schedule all this out automatically now what's really cool about shine Rinker though is that uh or sorry radar is that you can well radar and shine ranker is that you can actually go and you can set all these up in advance click on download and then you just drag this import directly into radar and you can have hundreds of these videos scheduled out at a time look at this that whole checklist I just I just created or that whole um dashboard of videos I just created inside of shinraker look I can schedule them all out automatically okay so you can see how quickly you can start getting views because even if you get a couple hundred views per profile and you have all these videos scheduled out every day and then you have on top of it all these profiles that you're scheduling out to your those views are going to start adding up really quickly okay and then all we have to do so inside of shine ranker let me show you this when we go to shine Rinker here and we enter our email and we click on get Shine ranker for a dollar all we have to do is add forward slash partner to the end of shine ranker okay if I type that in it says here I can't be an affiliate of my own product but if I'm on a private browser this is what you're going to see when you type this in It'll ask you to sign up you enter your info enter whatever uh email you have whatever affiliate ID you want and then you'll actually get a link where you can send people to the shine ranker homepage with your video so when you click on view here on the products you connect your PayPal to say you're gonna get paid It'll ask you which page do you want to promote you're going to click on home page you're going to copy the home page link and then all you have to do is send people to the shine rank or home page with your AI content like I just showed you now when you send people here with your link it's going to say forward slash your affiliate ID okay let's say your ID is like best affiliate marketer AI guy or girl you you have you send them to this now when they enter their email their email goes into my system I then send them videos like the video you're watching right now I go and make videos in the checklist so they watch step by step how to earn money with shine ranker I send them all the stuff they need and as they're paying money for a shine ranker right they're paying 97 bucks a week or sorry a month for shine ranker after their 14-day trial is up you're getting 40 reoccurring commissions every single time those hit okay and we have a ton of people that are earning money promoting our products I actually just made a post about this in our Discord group and uh we have all these people in here that are earning look at this this affiliate earns seventy five thousand dollars forty five thousand dollars twenty three thousand dollars twenty one thousand dollars ten thousand dollars and uh the other thing is when you're paying for shine ranker you also get licensing to my other content so uh there's people right now that are posting my content on social media like on Facebook on Instagram all these different platforms and yeah they're videos of me but they get thousands and thousands of views because I've already made a lot of this viral content already and the cool thing is if you post on Facebook and Instagram what happens is those platforms don't seem to have duplicate content penalties so you can just post my content all day along with this AI generated content and get tons of views look at this guy AI Toolbox will come up on Facebook 30 000 followers these are all my videos look at he just posted this video that I already made 102 comments All saying yes I want to learn more all he has to do is send them to the shineraker homepage with his affiliate link and you could be doing this all day with multiple accounts and inside of the checklist the free checklist I told you about earlier if you go to the fast track this is the fastest way to get started you can click on this uh drive folder that's only available to people who are paying the dollar trial to shine Rinker and I give you all of my content that you can just start posting you just download this start posting on social media I even give you my uh questions that I ask these are all question based posts that get people to say yes to these offers so I have all of this set up for you already all you have to do is just start going through the checklist get shine Rinker for a dollar and start generating content now I will tell you that these features in shine ranker are still in beta so the intro and outro feature is going to be out very soon it's not out yet it's only available for me because I am testing it but all of this stuff will be in your dashboard very very soon right now you still can make the top five videos you just can't do the intros and outros yet and some of the updates we're going to be adding into shine ranker I think are going to absolutely blow you away this is just the beginning and you can get started today literally for one dollar and start following along within the checklist okay now we also even have a setup option if you go to dfy we'll just go and set all this stuff up for you uh now the price on the dfy is going up soon so make sure you go to dfy right now if you want us just go set this up for you but for 500 bucks we'll go set up this whole thing for you we'll load in all the content in your accounts we'll set you up with your affiliate link so you can start sending traffic and literally we'll schedule out like hundreds and hundreds of days of posts for you so you don't have to wait you can just start get started earning money with uh our system within the next 24 hours if you get started today now it's not guaranteed that you're going to get make money right within the first 24 hours but getting our content imported to your account is going to give you a significantly higher chance of getting sales especially if you're not doing anything yet if you're not doing any content we're going to give you this exact thing that AI toolbox is doing again this is just an affiliate of ours that's reposting all of our content all the content scheduled out we'll go and schedule this content out for you so go to if you want us to do it for you if you want to do it yourself go to and uh if you're already on the landing page go and check out the free checklist and go grab the dollar trial so I hope that helps you if it does let me know reply with the word yes and we'll see you very soon till we do happy money making we'll see you next time bye

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