what's going on everyone my name is Chase Reiner and today we're going to be talking about using Ai and chat gbt to create a done for you AI booking and closing service that makes you thousands of dollars you can see just in the last few days we were able to pull 7 500 through this funnel and we were able to use again Ai and Chachi BT to actually go and do this now here's a really cool thing we can use chatgpt to actually book appointments on our calendar or on a client's calendar of ours and we can go and automate the sales on this as well by hiring people to go and sell different AI done for you Services now if you have no idea what I'm talking about and you're brand new here don't worry I'm going to walk through all of this step by step so you can kind of see exactly how this works and you can determine whether or not you want to do this yourself so let me just show you visually kind of how this is actually going to play out and then you'll be able to kind of understand at least the first part which is really just going and getting people on our calendar so for this we're using a tool called high level I will leave a link to a 30-day free trial to this tool if you'd like to check it out but we're using an automation sequence inside of high level that will actually respond to people that send us messages and book and it helps us book them on a calendar invite with chat gbt so let me show you just really quickly how this works what we're going to do is we're going to have people send us a message through a chat widget like this one on our website so if I click on this bottom right you can see there's this little chat widget it says enter your question and we can say hey I need help getting leads and I'm going to press send now what's going to happen is when I press send here Chachi BT will go and take this question and it'll create a response for it based on the uh training that we gave chat gbt so inside of this module here you can see we're telling chat gbt that a user from our website just submitted the following response so it just took the response right here the message right here and it added it right there so chat gbd knows what the person just wrote now what we're going to say is our goal is to respond to them and get them to book an appointment with us via our counter link here we're going to say to chat gbt please send a response now to our user so we're going to say a couple other things we want to make sure that it's personal but then we're going to get a conversation going with this actual user and chachibi is going to go make a custom message that's going to tell them to get onto our 15-minute strategy call Now using this strategy you can see we've actually completely booked out our calendar this month and we can use this as well for any industry right so if we wanted to use this for real estate or any sort of thing that we're going to want to get people to book a call on right any sort of appointment that we're going to try and sell something to somebody with we can use this automation chat GPT uh we'll actually go and craft messages for US based on how we train it now what we can do is we can wait uh on a two second delay after they send a message and then we can text them back now let me actually read you the response that we got here here we go it says hi there thank you for reaching out we would love to help you get started the best way to do and by the way this is on my cell phone because it's texting me back so that's why you can't see what I'm reading here I'm reading it off my cell phone the best way to do that is to book an appointment with us through our calendar link here this will allow us to discuss your needs and how we can assist you we look forward to hearing from you soon okay so that was the response that I got from Chad gbt uh obviously I'm as the as the lead I'm not going to know that Chad gbt actually created that customer response for me and uh the cool thing about this is you can actually do this on different channels as well so you wouldn't actually have to just do this over texting you could do this over email you could do this over Facebook Messenger so if somebody sends you a message on messenger you can automatically do this if somebody sends you a message on Instagram you can automatically do this and then um what we're also doing is when somebody becomes a lead for us we're also sending them into an email sequence where we're explaining why they should book a call with us and why they should end up buying a service from us okay so uh what we're actually doing by the way if you're not um aware is we're offering a done-for-you service within this right so inside of the strategy call we're telling them how this whole process works and then we're going to try to get them on our done for you service where we're actually going to go and set this up for them so uh here's the setup here it's called dfy and by the way if you don't want to do all this stuff yourself and you don't want to schedule strategy call you just want this set up for you we will actually do this for you this is the thing that we're offering to you to go and then offer to your clients or to do yourself if you just want to you know sell your own service it's up to you so either way you click on this button uh it's 300 for the regular uh base price or it's an extra 300 600 total if you want to jump the line and uh get basically in front of all of the people that are just paying the normal price okay so right now we have about 20 orders um a little bit over that uh so we are getting very close to being booked on this so if you want to get it Now's the Time to get it because we're not going to be able to support that many more people getting on this and um you're going to be one of the first people to use chatgpt as a closing service if you get this at a very affordable price so dfy but anyways that's what we're um we're creating right we're creating a automated funnel that you can copy and paste into your own systems and uh and you can use this with okay so that's how you actually go and set this up right you would go into high level you set up some automations if you don't know how to do that stuff you can watch our live streams I have like hour-long live streams where you can watch me actually setting this stuff up if you want to go watch how to do this yourself uh just go to my YouTube channel click on live and you can go watch my previous live streams and I'm actually going and setting all of this stuff up live for you and you can go watch but again if you don't want to do it yourself dfy okay now the next question uh somebody would have with this process would be how do you get set up with the funnel again you would go to high level I'm going to leave a link in the description so you can just go grab the uh free trial and then you can build your own funnel how do you generate leads to the funnel okay so now you're probably thinking well okay great I have this funnel but how do I get people to actually send me messages and so what we're using is a few different strategies a lot of stuff that we actually um go and utilize our shine ranker tool for and if you're not familiar with shine ranker I own a software company called shine Rinker and this tool we're actually building a a bunch of video generation tools that will go and basically create content for you that you can go post and it'll build leads for you so if I go to uh the dev site over here which you can get access to if you become a shine rank or VIP if you're not a shine rank or VIP you should go get go sign up and be one but inside of these different tools we can actually do certain things like clone our voice clone our face we can create automated type videos where we go and post uh all kinds of really cool stuff I'm not going to go too deep into this but um if you watch some of my previous videos You'll see all this um all these really cool videos of me using shine Rinker to actually go and do a lot of this um like cloning type things and and let me actually show you what some of these look like uh this right here is a video that was completely AI generated I use chat GPD to generate it um the script I'll actually just play it for you so you can hear it let me play this AI to completely replace yourself on Instagram and get thousands of views what if I told you that the video you are watching right now is 100 AI generated the script is AI generated my voice is AI generated and cloned the video clips are AI generated even the music is AI generated soon we will not be able to tell the difference between an AI person or an actual person what's even crazier is that the people who figure out how to use this technology to their advantage first will become very very rich my question to you is will you be one of them respond with the word yes okay so what happens is people respond with the word yes if they want to learn more then what we can do is we can actually set up a bot that will go and comment on their uh on their comment and say hey I sent you a DM or we can just send them straight to a landing page where they can go and interact with us and have chat EBT close them on an appointment okay but that whole video I used a tool called 11 labs to clone my voice I used uh uh Gen 2 to go and generate the videos I use all this all these different tools to base we pull all this together but what we have in shine ranker now instead of having to go and use all these different tools and edit a video together shinemaker is just going and making these videos in a couple seconds in like a couple clicks okay um and so a lot of those tools are actually coming very very soon to shine ranker uh where you're gonna literally just click a couple buttons you'll have content like this that you can generate and you can get leads with okay we also have another service um that we're gonna set up again we had this for a little while but um we're thinking about bringing it back which is a contact form service where we'll actually go and send out millions of contact forms or set up a a VPS virtual private server for you to go and send out contact forms and get responses and actually have uh people go straight into your funnel that uses chat CBD to book appointments with you I'm trying to show you an example of one of these uh contact form submission things here but there's all kinds of different ways to use um basically AI to generate your leads again I'm not going to go super deep into that on this video because I just wanted to show you more about what we're doing with this actual back end I will be doing more front-end videos showing you what to do there very soon but uh uh essentially you would watch some of these other videos that I've made I'm trying to show you one with the contact forms here because it's really really cool but uh anyways so uh let me go to the next thing which is how do you sell and make money okay so let's say you start getting some leads into your funnel right like let's say you start doing some AI generate content you get people to respond with the word yes use Bots to follow up with them and respond to their comments then what you do is you get them on your calendar right when you get them on the calendar then you can sell them this service if you want now obviously you don't have to sell them a service you could sell them a product you could sell them a uh course you could sell them whatever you wanted um what the whole point of this phone call the thing that they're going to book on your calendar is really just to get on the phone with you and you're going to recommend what they do okay and so we have about what again 115 booked calls something crazy uh on those phone calls we could say look you know best thing to do to start is grab our course best thing to do to start is to grab this tool best thing and and you can obviously if you want to go and do like an affiliate thing where you're going and selling a tool if you want to go and sell a service it's whatever you want but the way we're going to set it up for you if you get the done-for-you setup is we would clone our funnel on top of your account of your high level account and then you can decide what you want to sell okay if you want to have the appointments go to you and you want to sell this service great if you want to have the appointments go to us and you just want an affiliate of the of the of whatever we close we can that's something we're thinking about setting up as well if you want to set this up for your clients if you just want the cloned uh system and then you want to go and clone it for your own clients you could do that okay so the possibilities are pretty endless with this it's sort of up to you on where you want to take it but that's pretty much how the system works if you have any questions about it let me know happy to answer you but again dfy go check it out we'll see you very soon till we do happy money making see you next time bye

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