all right what's up everyone Chase here another day got a lot of new updates for you inside of shinrinker see if I get my camera to work here all right should probably turn on some lights um so yeah we got a lot of really cool updates we just pushed today I'm going to show them to you in a second once I get my other light on um give me one second here laughs so uh I want to show everybody what we've been working on and if you don't have shinemaker yet you really should it's becoming a very very cool tool uh let me actually notify everybody in our Discord server that we are lived what's up what's up how we all doing you got the trial nice all right so part of what I'm going to be doing in this live stream is I'm going to be going over the new features inside of the shine ranker tool but I'm also going to be talking about some of the things that we can do to actually improve the tool as well I should actually probably email this shouldn't I this live stream really should it's yeah I think I should just email this out really quick did I really mention you yeah you're here right all right let's go ahead and send this out and then we'll go into the new features what's up Andy Stewart how's it going how we all doing what day is it today Thursday I like never know all right uh is this being recorded yes just trying to keep up I kind of took a few days off actually so should be good now I think to catch up all right uh we're gonna send that off okay so let's go over the new tool I'm going to sign in here it's gonna ask me to authenticate I'm on a private server uh just so that I don't have to be in the queue with everybody else because sometimes the queue gets really large we're thinking of adding a little ticker box to the tool so that you can tick like private cue and it will it'll stick you in your own queue or like maybe like a priority queue and it'll just make the renders faster okay um so I think I have to clear the cache use all right so we got and all of these are alive now by the way all of these new updates um on the main site before they were just only available to the test server but they should be live I don't know why we get this white box underneath I think this pushes this down and then we get this white box because of this large I don't know if this is the best way to display this but we'll see um I also think that we need to change this because it looks like it's a live chat when it's really just like it should say like click here to refresh or like clear the cache uh straight G says when I first started it took like 30 minutes generated videos faster on my phone yeah it just really depends on the Queue so if there's like a hundred people trying to run it at once it takes longer because we have to queue you up and we have to wait till the first person who asks for the render finishes and then it goes to the next person the next person next person that's why we're thinking of having like a little ticker box says like add to Priority queue because eventually we're gonna have to do credits in there here like some sort of credit system and then we'll be able to enable that but anyways uh we got a few things in here now you can add your own voice we added that a couple days ago or anybody's voice if you like want to clone somebody's voice with 11 Labs you can also just select a pre-made voice you can also now upload your own script so I can go into shine ranker into the main site access chat GPT here let's go do that oh so if I don't want to do just like this idea here where it just goes and makes me a video automatically with chat like a chat pre-made chat GPT script I can go in here and I can I can build my own script out right so um I could even remake some of my Tick Tock videos too like I could transcribe one of my Tick Tock videos put it in the chat gbt have it remake it but let's just say write me out a story about how a man found Ai and made a ton of money okay foreign what's cool too what's up Brent uh here's what's cool is that you can now add your own call to actions in here right so if I were to take all this I actually don't know what the limit is one of the things I would like to do in the tool is uh when somebody uploads a script like this it's it estimates how long the video is going to be because if I just go and try to copy and paste like that nothing and I think it's also because the text is broken into paragraphs I think I have to combine it like this but I do think there might be a limit because otherwise I think the video will end up being too long like let me copy that yeah if I paste that nothing let's try I think if I just do like that much yeah there it'll do it so I do think there is a limit I definitely think this interface needs to be a little bit I don't know maybe like full width or something it just seems a little weird the way it's kind of like just this tiny menu um but yeah there's the script and then like I said I could put my own call to action at the end if you want to learn more about ai go to whatever whatever the call to action is right and then I can enable captions disable them add background music if I want I think there's only these few background music things for now add animations that's if I want to like make the video move and then enable accuracy this is if you want more prompts for the images like up to eight prompts I think um it takes a lot longer to do it that way so I don't know if we are going to do it that way but if I click on generate here it'll start generating I wonder if when we click on generate if this should just I don't know it's kind of weird how it stays like that the ux definitely feels a little weird still um we also want to make this more like the other Tool uh like this top five website generator where like you can queue up multiple videos at a time so like if I wanted to take this voice upload a list click on go and then it does multiple videos at a time I think it'd be a little bit different though like we would just enter in like the first run and then it would just add it to the queue and then enter the next one right add it to the queue but again our issue is that if we have hundreds of people going and queuing up like 20 videos at a time and let's say we have you know now we have 100 times well let's say 20 people or 20 20 runs by 100 people that's like a lot of uh runs it's like 2 000 runs in the queue and it means that the video renders are going to take a really really long time because there's gonna be so many people in the queue so our biggest issue right now is scalability um you know right now we're using mid Journey API but the problem with mid Journey apis it's not really built for to scale it's like kind of more uh I think it's for like smaller apps and we're starting to get a lot more users and I think we're gonna we're looking into Leonardo AI uh I don't know they have a API but I don't know if they have I don't know if they have it available to everybody so I do think my team is looking at that um I know to use the regular app you have to have a white list you have to be on the white list create an account yeah see it says yes I'm whitelisted if if you're not on Early Access okay Chase but this app looks like it gives pretty good images you want to skip the Q oh I can click here okay never mind please fill out the form uh so I guess you have to join their Discord thank you I feel like I could have just written random information it would have let me sign in yeah I'm pretty sure they just wanted me to join their Facebook group or their Discord that's funny um all right plug that in I don't understand what this is is this like a community or something the way this app is built is kind of odd all right so they give you these credits and then I guess they have like a database of pre-made images and then I think you can generate new ones let me see AI image generation but apparently again this is supposed to be just as good as mid-journey if not better uh AI dog eating a sandwich let's see generate so we might end up what I'm saying here is we might end up using Leonardo instead because mid-journey just does not scale well unless we somehow figure out a way to like round robin our apis which I don't think we want to do okay so this is pretty good um I mean it looks good uh we can compare it to Mid Journey let's see let's copy that head over to Mid Journey all right we're gonna do forward slash imagine AI dog eating a sandwich we'll compare the two but I think these are going to be good enough and I think that their API is probably a little bit better oh do they actually do um I think these actually do 19 1080 by 1920 Dimensions because right now I think we're taking an image that uh 1920 by 1080 and then we're cutting out a portion of it but it'd be much better if we just took a 1080 by 1920 and put it directly in the video like that without cutting out any pieces of it we should definitely do that that's a big thing that we need to do I need to actually make a note of that oh because our videos will actually look better like that I think uh okay so here's the dogs eating the saint let's upscale these so mid-journey might still be a little bit better let's see we got that but like to be honest with you they're both pretty good I mean mid-journeys probably still in the lead but again it comes down to scalability I don't think we're going to be able to scale mid-journey so I think it's close enough and I think it this gives you more options too number of images you can do one at a time eight at a time Dynamic creative negative prompt different types and then oh it's not even on high resolution so that might actually make them better and then we can resize these two so if we want them to be Tick-Tock Dimensions this is huge I don't know why we weren't doing this before we can make this 1080 can I not write this in I have to just hope that I can hit 80.

there we go 1920. oh wait it doesn't go up to 90. oh okay here we go aspect ratio 16×9 I think we want 9 by 16 right is 9 by 16 tick tock yeah yeah it's 9×16. okay yeah I don't know why we weren't um using that before and we can generate one at a time this actually is kind of cool because again what we were doing is we were doing like full scale uh not by 16 by nine images and then we were resizing them but the videos I think will actually look better if we do it this way I mean he's eating a sandwich most feel like that non-hydras one looked better maybe it's just the prompt um so some other things we're thinking about is getting like video into the app and we wanted to use something like gen 2.

The problem is because Gen 2 is like the only real good AI video generator right now um all the other stuff like stable diffusion Pico Labs is not great um the problem is like there's there's no apis you can't get an API to gen 2. see if I can go in here the funny thing about a lot of these um videos though is most of them are like not really very like most of them the ones that you render out they're not like actually very uh they almost just seem like moving images I did one last night let me show you and so it's almost like if everything's just kind of moving images at this point I think it's almost better to just try to animate it like uh get images and focus on animating them in a way um Okay so dog eating a sandwich it's interesting because they only let you do one at a time as well you would think that they would let you do more I also like this um the way this is set up it's like 22 31 I kind of feel like that's how our app should be The Prompt system is a lot like stable diffusion mid-journey has a new text to video does it really uh is there like new is there like a video on it or something so look at this dog eating a sandwich first of all it's a four second clip but it's basically just an image and then the mouth is just like moving so like you could theoretically just take an image of a dog like that like the images we got earlier put an animation effect on it and it would sort of kind of seem like the same thing because right it's like barely moving that's how a lot of these videos are so I just don't think we're quite there yet with AI video generation like text to video I think we're I think we're way better off building videos like this like taking a image and then somehow animating it remove background download image or throwing it into something that will like animate it more like did I don't know some sort of video I think I think the best way to do it right now is literally just using images and animating them because like if I took an image like this threw it into cap cut I can actually make it look more animated than if I were to put that like try to get Gen 2 to make me something like that like take this download it go to cap cut thank you new project drag this in get the image and then do some weird like effects like this uh where's the moving I don't know you kind of get the point though right foreign yeah I just don't think we're quite there with AI text to video I think the best way is AI text image and then turn those images into video uh mid-journey oh the key is seating Runway is all about seeds yeah so like we have uh oh you're talking about Runway out there talking about stable diffusion yeah I'm sure it's more about the prompts that you're using but okay we just got this video let's check this out so we typed in what was it oh yeah this was the manual script we wrote In Once Upon a Time in the bustling city of technopolis there lived a man named Robert Robert was an aspiring entrepreneur with an insatiable curiosity for technology and a strong desire to make his but you see how we're panning right now between a larger image um I almost think that we should be doing a different aspect ratio because like right now we're doing we're we're clipping the whole image is like this big I think and then we're just clipping a portion of it why it would actually look better I think it would look higher resolution to make the images within the right aspect ratio and then just zoom in on them time in the bustling city of technopolis there lived a man named Robert Robert was an aspiring entrepreneur with an insatiable curiosity for technology and a strong desire to make his mark on the world one sunny day while rummaging through old books at a local library Robert stumbled Upon A forgotten manuscript tucked away on the highest shelf the manuscript contained descriptions and theories about artificial intelligence AI an emerging field that it captivated researchers worldwide intrigued by the possibilities AI presented Robert dove headfirst into studying its intricacies weeks turned into months as he tirelessly scoured research papers attended conferences and collaborated with Brilliant Minds from various disciplines his passion for AI led him to create his own startup techno genius Inc dedicated to developing Cutting Edge so like this could almost be like a movie that's why that's why I really think that we shouldn't just be like thinking about I don't know 60 second shorts like this could be a full 10 or 20 minute video I mean this could be like we could make this really really cool you could we could essentially build a movie if we wanted to because I think people would watch these I would watch them his passion for a I led him to create his own startup techno genius Inc dedicated to developing Cutting Edge AI Technologies it does sound like the um audio is a little uh lower than the than the music though one ai go to and then it kind of has that pause at the end um yeah I mean not bad what was this other one I generated I think this one was with eight image prompts with the accuracy uh enabled welcome to the fascinating realm of technological innovation and creative genius introducing our latest brainchild with an intricate design inspired by the anatomical marvels of a chicken we raise the bar high in robotics embrace the efficiency Simplicity and elegance of nature Incorporated seamlessly into a well-engineered piece our chicken robot man isn't just a dazzler in design it has the prowess of Robotics backing its capabilities imagine a world where the simple charm of a fowl and the dynamic power of Robotics combine we're taking a giant leap forward in Innovation setting the stage for a Whimsical yet impressive Fusion of the ordinary with the extraordinary thank you for joining us on this journey of technological Wonder featuring The Chicken Robot Man a testament to our boundless imagination and Innovative spirit it's still got that little pause thing at the end too the the spirit uh yeah so I guess we need to figure out where we're going from here right because we got this video thing it's pretty cool I definitely think the bulk um features are going to be important I think uh fixing the aspect ratio so that the image or images like start out maybe like the actual size of the thing of the video doing longer videos maybe being able to do like like different aspect ratios uh like YouTube ratios longer form videos is there a video is there a video the checklist that you talk about boosting a video uh yeah there's there's like five videos in the checklist inside of shine ranker on boosting uh we cannot generate text to video and shine ranker uh it might have been you might be talking about earlier just because we had an update but it should be working now fine I just generated one um so you basically go out and get services to bring it to shine ranker well I mean you could do whatever you want we we're building this so that you can go and make content for either yourself or for your clients but again all the advanced options should be in here now yeah so you can do your own voice do your own script uh your you could choose a different background music different capture you can enable disabled captions the only thing you won't be able to do is the accuracy just because it takes so long to do that many prompts uh it's like eight image prompts I honestly don't even know if it's really necessary but yes I mean we got a pretty cool app here I'm honestly kind of like usually I know what to do next because I'm like oh yeah you know it'd be really cool to build this next thing but like honestly the app's already really really cool in my opinion um I kind of have to think about like the next things that we want to do uh one of the things I would like to see more of is like people posting about the tool um we don't have a lot of people in the in the like we have thousand people running thousands of videos uh on the tool but we don't really have anybody posting the videos in the group or anything we have like a couple people that I'll post in the Discord server uh I'd love to see more people review the tool um also like people who do review the tool I've been shouting them out um James Jernigan he did a review I'm like constantly monitoring Discord or not Discord uh YouTube to see who's talking about the tool who's reviewing it and uh like James did a review I I did a shout out on this video he did but it is helpful when you guys review the tool because it helps me kind of know what people want uh high chase might sometimes mine gets stuck yeah so honestly I think that's why we're like right now our big thing is scalability um you know if the queue is really really high we're we're looking at sometimes like 30 to 60 minute wait times for a video and we want to fix that we want to make the wait times a lot uh lower but again the mid-journey API that we're using is like I don't think it's built for scale it's like kind of built again for like probably smaller apps so like we literally have to manually go in and refill our mid-journey API uh like almost daily there's not even an option like a premium option so I do think we're gonna have to switch to Leonardo if we want faster render times because mid Journey just takes a long time like with the API we're using there isn't really a faster option that they're offering us and they're not giving us an option to do like multiple uh like the fastest they can give us is 12 concurrent jobs at a time and so ideally we would want a API that'll let us do like hundreds or thousands of concurrent jobs at a time and I don't think mid-journey is going to let us do that unless maybe we contact their the people that are doing their API but I we have to figure out what the most amount of concurrent jobs are on Leonardo API Leonardo AI because hopefully they allow uh more concurrent jobs at a time limits here we go um oh look at this one concurrent image generation job up to 20 on the master of plan let's see so is this include their API we might honestly have to start reaching out to some of these companies because they just aren't built for scale I don't know why oh here we go up to 10 up to 20 pending jobs mid Journey Only does what was it 12 or 9 but even 20 is not that much so we it's almost like we might have to either contact them or we're going to have to like Round Rob in their apis and have like 20 people refilling credits on apis like every day or not 20 people but like maybe a couple people on 20 different accounts but that sounds awful I don't know if that's the best way to do this but maybe it is honestly it might be the best way to do it sdxl is a good way to scale yeah but the problem with stable diffusion is the image generation sucks like look at these look at this okay I'm gonna do AI a dog eating a sandwich watch this these look awful uh let's do this like look how many ads they have on their site this is ridiculous this is the problem with open source because they don't have any money to scale their apps like look how bad this is so bad like look at the difference between that and then the mid-journey image we generated where is it like what do you what would you choose would you choose that one or that one [Laughter] like it's not even a question like look at this if you had to choose between which image would you use I mean I guess that looks more realistic I mean I guess we could offer two options right like the premium option just takes longer and then like the fast option just looks wonky but I don't know if we want a wonky option do you want wonky and fast Advanced options okay let's do hyper realistic 4K I literally almost just spit out my tea like if our video started looking like this people would like start getting scared they'd just close out of our app they're like what is this yeah I don't think we can use stable diffusion um can we use normal images we could but that kind of defeats the purpose of like AI generated stuff and there's already apps that do that like that doesn't make us unique at all there's plenty of apps that already do that and it also makes the video not very unique anymore because now we're just doing like videos that anybody can access or images yeah I don't think this is the move at all foreign so I wonder if we contacted I'm going to ask my team I wonder if we just need to build our own API at a certain point because next Lake built their own API can you link to paid members admit Journey if we have an account I don't know what you mean oh you know what I wonder if it would make sense to give people their own that might actually be an option What If instead we just had people put in their own mid-journey API key and then they would have super fast render times that might actually be the option because yeah it's less convenient but I mean we could make it default say hey it's like 60 minutes if you use our API or put in your own API yeah I think that might actually be the the move there I'm already a paid member of mid-journey yeah yeah I think that might be the move because then it would make all of our users like two minute times and then we wouldn't have to worry about scalability because it would just be on the users that actually is a really good idea so like for example we have 11 Labs here we would just have like a mid-journey API you'd enter that there and then and then we could just have it where like if you don't want to enter in your own Advance like it'll it'll just take longer that's a good idea because if if people are using their own API Keys like mid-journey you you know how everything's taking like an hour it would only it would probably only take like two minutes with your own API because you'd be the only one in the queue I think that might be the move the tool is awesome and I've already built two channels share the channels is is this one here smart Investments one of the channels I want to look at it I don't think I can click on your name smart Investments I don't know if I'll be able to find your Channel oh there it is look at that oh are you using Opus to edit the videos that's kind of cool oh look at this little Goblin and Shiner anchor that's kind of cool how'd you generate that image to potentially earn over a thousand dollars daily shine ranker is a unique AI tool designed to create captivating videos with just a single click not only can this tool generate videos but it also has the unique ability to mimic users voices making your content feel more personalized and engaging what makes it cannot so for this yeah this is what I was talking about there's already sites that do this I forget what's the name what did you use for this I forget the name of it but like there's already sites that go and pull stock videos like this I want to do longer videos like this with our tool but with the mid Journey images yeah you know what honestly if we could have people put in their own mid-journing API we could start generating movies because then it's just going to be limited to their own cue and then they can choose how long I think that's a that's the best idea that we have actually right now uh this is cool shorts if you're already on the landing page go click the so what is this is this Opus what are you using to edit this oh get get the tool for one dollar let me know what you think and that's it for today till next time happy money make yeah because you can take I mean these get views that's cool you can take my videos like my live streams and stuff and edit them like automatically and get videos like this we're gonna be talking about making over a thousand dollars a day with AI generated videos that you can make with just one click and I'm going to show you how you can start responding to questions with these AI generated videos that get thousands and thousands of views and all you have to do is yeah every time I look at building apps I'm like why aren't we just doing apis why are we building this from scratch it's so much easier to use apis because also you have to realize that Tech moves so fast these days uh as soon as you build something from scratch it's already outdated so it's just so much easier just access apis and I think it's even easier to just have users enter their own apis because then you literally just combine the apps but even even now like um the the new features in here are really cool but I think I think that's one of the things we need to prioritize so I think we figured out a few things today I think that aspect ratios there needs to be different options aspect ratios uh people should be able to choose and then the renders for the images should go because I'm pretty sure with mid Journey you can you can actually specify the aspect ratio and the cool thing is if people upload their own apis um for mid-journey then we can stick with mid-journey and not have to use Leonardo okay imagine uh imagine what is it AI dog eating food and then I can do dash dash AR 16 by nine and I believe that will now give us uh The Tick Tock Dimensions instead of doing I actually don't even know what the default aspect ratio is on these but we should actually have a a specification we should definitely change this menu so it's like a little bit cleaner because I think that this should be like maybe more full width especially if there's going to be multiple options but I think aspect ratio like YouTube there should be like options for either YouTube or Tick Tock videos or long you know long form or short form videos and then there should be like a length specification because right now you can only enter like up to like a certain amount of characters there should also be an estimator for the time how long like with the text you entered how long the video will probably be right and then there should be definitely an ability ability for our users to enter their own API keys how can you use shine Rinker for French speaking people uh well couldn't you couldn't you just write this out in French and it would do the same thing also one to one square videos what are those for ads I don't know if I did the right parameter for the aspect ratios uh I might have to look up change AR and mid-journey so that should have did it right oh did I not I thought I did it right AR 16×9 right oh is it four to seven oh it's seven to four okay let me do that and it's dash dash aspect okay let's try it again we're gonna rerun it yeah because these are definitely oh this is crazy looking look at this thing mid Journey has the craziest images I'm actually way happier to use mid Journey uh for our stuff but yeah you could see like this could be our longer form videos and then we should have AR like this aspect ratio for phone it'll make our videos look way better so that way we don't have to resize them imagine dog AI dog uh running in field future AR 7-4 okay let's see ar23 I mean it looked like that was the right one didn't it look it says close to HD TV screens and smartphone screens I really wanted to add in the zooming feature to the new like zoom out and I don't know if you guys have seen these but I thought it would be really cool to have this in the app look at these foreign like how cool would it be if we had this type of video but like with the talking voice [Music] I thought those would be really cool okay I still don't think I did the AR right because I'm pretty sure these are still but I think you can do the zoom out thing here I just don't think it's in the API yet what am I doing wrong make Square is that uh okay so what am I doing for the AR that's not correct switch to turbo mode I don't even know what that is uh preferable variability I think I'm doing something wrong with the prompts giphy search animated gifs and we actually need to see what's available with this API because we might be able to be doing some cooler stuff oh that's zoomed out okay oh so I guess people are just like taking an image zooming out taking another one zooming out and then they're just adding them all together I like AI says use ar169 but for horizontal I did that though and it didn't give me I mean I'll try it again okay imagine dog with horse AR 16×9 because I did that up here and for some reason it didn't give me that AR en't look do it right there did I not type it in correctly maybe it's like once I download it then it's that correct but that does not look like the right AR there does it because look at these are all that doesn't look like AR 16×9 unless I'm missing something here foreign that's definitely not 16×9 right unless maybe it's 9×16 is that maybe what we're doing wrong yeah it's vertical so oh so that's what we're doing wrong Maybe so we need to see what's actually available okay now we got it I don't I guess we were just doing it the wrong way the whole time so yeah this is how we should be doing like I I think we need to specify this in the app where people can choose which one they want now 8 1080 by 1920 or 1920 by 1080 right because this is how the video should come out like this for our Tick Tock videos because right now I do think we're pulling the full video and then just cutting out a portion and then like panning to the right but instead we should just be like this and then like zooming in slowly is this actually a live broadcast no I would love to have a search function in the checklist because it can't be changed uh I'm pretty sure if you do a control F it will where is it so here Ctrl f and who there you go there's the search I don't want to use canva as I'm the uh one of the shine ranker subscribers it's easier and quicker than using canva well I guess it depends on what you're doing too right yeah I think that's a huge thing though is as soon as we get a mid-journey API that's going to be big I also think maybe we should put a did API as well where if people want to add like animated like talking where each of the photos are talking in the video or it split screens the video and puts the image underneath that would be big too but I honestly think hey Jen might be better than uh did for generating like look how cool these look I gotta turn off that music it's terrible look it moves the guy's arms that looks way more realistic to me I think it might be better to to use hey Jen because I think they have an API let's see hn API the only problem is our users have to be a little bit smarter if they're going to be using apis because they have to learn how to grab their own API but we are just chat gbt Bots interacting with Chase yeah do you know how many people actually say that they're like everybody in your comments is just a bot I'm like that would be interesting because they're fooling me pretty pretty easily all right so I think we got a pretty good game plan is there any image images is there any features that um you guys would like to see in the app out of curiosity there is still really not that many uh tools that that really do AI text to video well even Pico Labs um it's not great I don't know if you guys have seen this yet but like these videos they just don't look very good it just looks like a a mid-journey image being distorted like I guess he's moving a little bit here it's just not great it literally just looks like images with like some sort of animation and they're three seconds like who's going to want to watch videos like this they're just not good you know like that baby has an extra Arm coming out of its stomach like what is even going on here time length requests yeah yeah time time length I definitely think that's huge having longer videos yeah these are not great at all yeah I don't think this is the move I mean I really think the move right now go super hard on the mid-journey images and work on thank you work on animating those going backwards with the egg at some point these will be a lot more advanced like but right now they're just not where they need to be that one's kind of cool uh a feature I'd like to see after our video is generated we can create an image post to go with the video to post in places like AIG Oh you mean like a thumbnail yeah but you can just do use mid-journey I mean if anything we could just hook in mid journey to our tool but I don't know I don't like doing things that people are already doing that's the problem like we could go and make mid-journey go and produce images inside of our app but why do that when you can just do that in mid Journey it's not unique is what I'm saying a little snake the only reason why these are cool is just for the shock factor of just like showing people oh this is what an AI video looks like but they're not good they're more like interesting I think the question is is there a way that you can just animate mid-journey images with an API a mid-journey image animator your own faceless YouTube automation Channel but all people do is tell you to go to Five hey welcome to this AI animation tutorial characters and scenes cheers for watching oh and if you're on YouTube please press subscribe hey my name is John Draper and I'm an animator we've developed to try and showcase creatives using AI animation to create hi as we share more and more videos on our new YouTube channel oh and if it wasn't clear we're going to be making a video like that one so just did here we go so to start with we're going to make a character and the scene using mid-journey and if you're not familiar with it um if you head over to the mid-journey is there a history function uh no there should be though that's something that we want to um we want to put in there like a queue with history and like how many videos you're running at a time your website um thank you and it will send you over to Discord um as it's run on a Discord server so you actually have a conversation feature to choose which language feature to have sample of how someone sounds feature that we can check that some images are not right yeah I almost wonder if they're the problem is the more you customize it the less it becomes Ai and then it just becomes a oh I know I'm just doing it manually right um but yeah like I was thinking of having like a way to select the images that actually go in the video that get generated Mission with the bolts so press forward slash and write imagine press enter and then you write out your text problems I've got one here already made so um one real estate and adapt the image through now we're going to life that we can then use if we're using a free tool that runs on Hope works with we're now going to hit the goal we're now going to hop on voiceover for The Point yeah I mean this is everything we're doing with shine ranker I think the only thing is just really adding did in there for what is essentially this depression with the camera is there already a 3D grab I mean he's just making this real complicated over on this Orange stick thing here I'm actually going to change the color for that one to Orange maybe the one by the Earth will make that slightly blue yeah Runway animates images I think but again they don't have an API because they hate like their their community it's been through the scene making sure that constantly rasterize lens flares but it's all going to be I mean this is a lot of work to do what we're doing in like two seconds tools and we'll be sharing what with a view to them finding clients paid clients AI animation tools the bottom of our composition and muted all the other channels so that's everything I'm going to cover in this tutorial um and I'm going to render the scene out so you can watch it in all its Glory the AI robots are coming but it's all going to be A-Okay because we can go to the beach he just spent like five hours to do that tutorial um and I'm going to render the scene out so you see that's what I'm saying that's why when you look at Shiner anchor it's like has this guy seen shiner also one of the things I was thinking about everyone um I kind of want to Rebrand I don't know if I like the name shine ranker I would like I think the tool would be much cooler if it was just called like shine or like one word like shine AI or I don't know you can watch it in all its Glory the AI robots are coming but it's all going to be A-Okay because we can go to the beach oh my God hey welcome to this AI animation tutorial showing a new workflow that uses AI tools to bring life to characters and scenes cheers for watching oh and if you're on YouTube please press subscribe yeah I I think these guys might have not to be rude but I think this guy might have lost a little bit I mean yeah so I do think um adding into our app some sort of uh so hold on let me rewrite this so one midterm I think number one priority is letting users users add their own API mid-journey API I think I think we should integrate did or hey Jen into the tool because it then it would theoretically it would animate the the images in the in the video to seem like they're talking I don't know how that would work though I guess I'd have to go and upload one of these and see what happens because I don't know if you can actually upload a video let's go over to did and see what happens if we go upload a video where's my non-private browser there he is all right let's go check out what about the SEO aspect of shine ranker yeah but we're more going into content generation now than anything okay create video I guess what would happen is it would upload the images first but I don't think you can upload multiple images at a time I guess you'd have to up yeah I don't know how that would work let's see add foreign have a contest for the name that would actually be cool create video add presenter I would like to be able to add instead of just an image it'd be cool if we could I guess it would go get past a mid Journey and then each thing would be generated and then passed I don't know or yeah I have an avatar underneath the video that's probably the easiest way to do it yeah but did would make the videos look more video like so yeah I almost think having did underneath like split screening having the mid Journey image at the top and then did at the bottom and I think you could do like a one-to-one ratio for the top video or top images and then uh bulk Q would be huge longer videos time estimates on text longer text input I think these are all pretty pretty solid things Yeah so basically what we would do is we'd have like the the audio and the Avatar like this beneath and then on top of it would be all the images that we're generating so it would be like this per it would be like the AI Avatar underneath talking like this and then this video would be on the top like this undercover as Cosmic Travelers or Spirits revered from afar so it would be almost like oh it would be like that underneath and then this on top like that and then that person would be talking with the thing above it and then the text I think that would be really cool um is he making lives to make videos with AI and make money I don't even monetize my channel anymore that's what's funny and people are like Chase they're just making this content so that you make money with the like ads or whatever or selling a course I don't sell a course anymore I don't uh I don't monetize my channels only thing I do is sell my tool which is a software company that I'm building I don't think there's anything illegitimate about that like these software companies do tutorials and nobody says anything I think it's just because I'm like one person so people are more skeptical I'm not like a giant company with a bunch of investors did can't output like a green screen version oh yeah well actually that's a good idea too you guys are full of good ideas um split screen or green screen yeah so you could theoretically put the person in front of the images but then you probably wouldn't see the images as well but yeah like you could have this person talking and then this video like behind this person which might be kind of cool as well but then you wouldn't be able to fully see it but yeah you can see you can change the background or green screen it whatever you want sorry I'm so sniffly today I literally have had a cold for like almost a month now I I don't know what's been going on it's so crazy I can't get rid of it I think people don't know where these wait there's a stupid Heart on YouTube and I can't see the chat here we go I think people don't know that these were only for paid members before what do you mean oh the live streams yeah yeah I mean everything I did before like uh was like pretty much paid courses lives like everything now I I I pretty much give everything away for free now except for like shine Rinker which is a dollar to try out so like the only thing I really sell at this point is a dollar trial which I feel like is pretty reasonable question I lost the chat there we go another thing I want to do this is kind of off topic is um I want to be able to do like live streams between Instagram Tick Tock Facebook YouTube all within the 16×9 or 9×16 ratio there isn't really good software for that though I think the easiest way to do it like people like Tai Lopez what he does is he buys like four phones and it goes live on all four phones at the same time that sounds a little chaotic if we're all Bots why do we have such different responses because uh I don't know people are convinced that everybody in my comments are Bots uh I did oh what just happened there I lost chat uh I'm messing up right now what's going on how much is shinemaker after the trial uh 97 a month and right now the plan's unlimited which is crazy because I've been thinking like oh you know I need to make this credit based I've purposely been trying not to because I'm like I want people to be able to use this tool as much as they want so I've been holding off on trying to add credits like for as long as I can uh it's not letting me generate because supposedly my script or idea is empty uh can you uh put a screenshot in our Discord server because you might be uh trying to generate so if you go to the tools and you type in something here uh you have to click generate through here actually no yeah the UI is actually kind of confusing there's two different generate videos it's actually really confusing I don't know why it's like this but it's almost like the advanced options is a separate app and this is like the simple version I almost think that if you click on Advanced it should take you to a different tab like the advanced tool and then this one's just the basic OBS can do that but Tick Tock only lets you go live from Windows PC yeah but I don't think you can do with OBS for example you can only do one live stream I believe to One Source you can't do like I can't go in and specify right here look I can't go specify like 10 different streams at once Chase oh gosh darn it I lost it again uh Chase are you gonna do a Dutch language or want to add it I got two clients asking so I guess I don't know what you mean because I'm pretty sure you can put in whatever text you want now and it will render it out with whatever language you put in right somebody just made a video here let's see different journey of Welcome to a vibrant journey of families from 10 countries worldwide meet the Italian family embracing their day with love and fresh pasta say hello to the Japanese family harmonizing life with tradition and Technology next the Kenyan family radiate I feel like this is a little racist getting Joy from the heart of Africa then the Indian family where every day is a Festival of Colors and spices here's the Canadian is this not a little like Politically Incorrect family finding warmth amidst the snow-clad Landscapes welcome the Brazilian family embodying Rhythm football and vibrant festivities end the journey with the Australian family where the sun Surf and smiles meet join us again as we continue exploring the beautiful diversity of families worldwide all right here's the screenshot script ideas should not be empty and then do we have an oh you know what I think it's because you're doing it on Safari you're supposed to be doing it on Chrome like there's some issues with different browsers uh anybody's using the app you should be using it on Chrome right now now wow you didn't even announce that uh in the Discord I did today so yeah there's like the all the new features in there if you click on Advanced there's like your own script you can enable disabled captions add animations add background music so that's in your dashboard right now you can go try it out I should actually send an email about it too I need to actually what I was going to do is I was going to do a tutorial on it today but I'm honestly kind of sick of doing tutorials I do so many of them do you know how much content I do it's like it's ridiculous I'm getting to the point where I'm like I really don't want to do content anymore but I want to keep growing our user base but my goal is to eventually make it so that people love the tool so much they just go do the content so I don't have to I can just go like honestly I'm at the point now where if somebody does a tutorial video I'll probably just blast that out because it's just easier than me having to go do it every day but I should just not be lazy all right so we got some good ideas hopefully um this live stream gave you some ideas as well if you like me doing these live streams let me know um and I'll try to do them at least like once a week but yeah definitely if you're uh we need to fix it where it works on separate browsers because I think Chrome's like the only one it works on right now um but yeah that's pretty much it 11 Labs has the option for language selection oh nice that's cool let's see this one made this yesterday when I started welcome to the ring where we decode boxing lingo today's word is this your uh is your this your voice dog being a dog in boxing represents showing Relentless aggression just like a tenacious Hound a dog charges forward often ignoring the fear of getting hit they're known for their Fierce spirit always ready to take on a challenge but remember being a dog isn't just about ferocity it's also about enduring the pain that's right a dog is one who keeps fighting no matter the odds so next time you hear dog in a boxing context you'll know it's about Relentless determination and that's the punch line for today stay tuned the punchline for more boxing terms decoded oh it's still got that pause at the end but I think that was fixed on this new update I have tried to promote your product with no success with shine ranker so I mean look it takes time A lot of people that uh get started with you know promoting things they they promote for like a day with a brand new account and they're like I didn't make any sales well you know it's probably because you didn't put that much time into it right I mean I've been doing this stuff for what like eight years now it's not like nothing like worthwhile doing is overnight you know so if you want long-term results you got to think about like a long-term game plan and not just be like oh I need to make money tomorrow why isn't it working and and usually the reason it's not working is it because it doesn't work it's because your expectations are very unrealistic it's like going to the gym would you go to the gym and like do two push-ups and then expect a result probably not right I mean I can't get it to work well get what to work the the AI video generator so yeah um that's pretty much it so uh yeah if you guys have any questions leave them in the comments put go and join the Discord server I'm gonna go leave a link right now in the live chat um I can't get it to generate integrate integrate with what There's the link to the group do you think it's worth it if I go forward with the 97 a month and go hard doing this uh I don't know how to answer that is it worth it I mean at the end of the day okay so here's the thing at the end of the day you don't want to rely on tools you want to rely on yourself okay so whether you use our tool or not it really comes down to more like what are you willing to do to become successful and it's less about a tool it's more about like the biggest problem I think people have is that they expect something to fix their problem when the only thing that's going to fix your problem is you it's not a tool that's going to fix your problem if you're not getting the results you want right now or you want to get better results you need to fix your expectations and your mindset to start doing something like I work so like I work like crazy I work like probably 14 hours a day and I'm already making a crazy amount of money but like I still work like like insane I work just as hard if not harder now than when I first started and I and back when I started I was doing like four of these live streams a day like living in a garage so it was never a tool that helped fix my problem it was me it was my expectation on what I had to do and my expectation was that I had to work really really hard so I I don't I don't know how to answer your question because I don't think it's about a tool it's about you and that's just me being real with you I'm not trying to like put you down or anything I'm just saying like you uh gotta gotta start relying on yourself to to do more so anyways uh we'll see you guys very soon thanks for stopping by we'll see in the next one till we do happy money making see you guys bye

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