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oh there we go wow that's annoying so I guess my audio wasn't working that entire time wow okay um can everybody hear me now hopefully hopefully you can hear me now there we go yeah so I guess I didn't enable the audio there but now now we're good um anyways if everybody give uh hear me give me a one in the chat just so I can make sure everybody can hear me now sorry about that yes okay cool all right uh yeah so basically I was trying to go live to just kind of do like a update on what we're working on we're we're generating a lot of leads right now um this is actually not even all of our leads here and we're using AI video to generate these leads I want to show you how we're doing that and um yeah just kind of give you an update and show you some stuff we're working on uh shifi by the way should have ai um AI actual video in it soon so so that's kind of cool look at that so that'll be interesting um so yeah first of all let me let me walk you through kind of what we're working on uh to generate all these leads if you haven't seen our platform before it's really really cool um it still has some bugs one of the big what one of the big bugs we're we're still running into is like people are getting these dollar trials and for some reason they don't always get credited on the dollar trial and I think it might be because people might enter their email in wrong um and then it doesn't credit them and so I think we need a better way of of doing our trials but if you're using our tools and you didn't get credits for whatever reason um just send us an email and we'll fix it for you uh because that's again like one of the big things people are like oh I didn't get credits why is why didn't I get credits and it's because either they entered their email wrong or we ran an update and then you know for whatever reason their credits got reset so uh either way if you if you have any problems with the credit system just email us support at shiny.

Comom and we'll fix it for you um but let me log in here and show you some of these AI videos can you guys see this by the way this is on a cell phone Dimension I don't know if you can see my screen at the top here there might be an easier way for me to do this but can everybody see this like the top screen here hopefully you can I'm wondering if there's a way that I can make my other screen smaller here um try to change my little logo here too uh you guys can see it okay cool all right so uh basically what we've been doing is we've been taking like these top five website videos right um and we're basically rebuilding them and we're posting them out on I don't even know like 40 different platforms at once so if I click on this um here you can see this is the script we have entered in let me actually oh I can't move this can I I might have to do it this way hold on let me try it like this okay you brought you you probably really can't see it now though I can just explain what's in here so basically we're we're basically taking these these scripts here and we're just rebuilding these top five website videos over and over and over so if I click on generate here I can just keep rebuilding this video now the thing is bring it back in um the thing is when we generate these videos we're posting them out with this tool called radar and we're posting like I think now we're posting five times a day we might even po up it to six times a day but these videos get insane reach on Facebook let me show you this um we're going to go to let's just go to this one we're going to go to insites yeah I think I I think I have to go like this we're going to go to met meta business Suite insights look at this so just this one page with these AI videos 626,000 reach and again this is like this is all AI content like this is just on one Facebook page and so what happens is when people see these videos um what happens is they go to these different websites we're talking about in the videos and then we get them as a lead so for example like yesterday we got 625 email optins because what happens is people goes go to goes to they go go to one of the websites they enter their email to learn more and then we get them as a lead portrait mode is Now default on YouTube oh wow really that's crazy well I think it's because it's this Dimension that's probably why um but anyways 625 leads is crazy and that's just email if we look at our many chat as well because what we're doing let me just draw this out here so we're not just getting leads from email we're getting leads from Facebook Messenger which I've actually found I think is almost even more effective than email um at least lately with all the new email stuff coming out there's like a lot of weird things that you have to do now with email which is kind of annoying but um we're scheduling right now about five videos a day five AI videos and then we're SK we're using radar to schedu them and then we're using many chat to respond to the comments now we get tons of comments let me actually show you this here let me go to many chat zoom out again for you so check this out so this is our many chat um this is our many chat automation right it says 34,000 runs if I click on this you can see basically what we're doing in this automation I don't think I have a way of scrolling in for some or zooming in is there another way I can do this it didn't zoom in in the right area um so on the sidebar here basically what we're doing uh is we can respond to all of our comments right with like hey first name we sent you a DM so anybody that comments on our posts we send them a message right we send them a DM now um when we send them the DM we say hey first name we're giving away a $1,000 blah blah blah and you could put whatever you want here but we have them click on get updates in order to uh to get our giveaway right so they have to click on get updates now look at this 54 % of the people that we send this to click on get updates that means that we can send them broadcasts which is basically like an email blast right so but it's with messenger so we have every single day we're getting like 500 new people subscribing to our broadcast and now we can do like these Mass broadcasts to people but here's what's really interesting some of these messages we send look at this 446 clicks from 4,800 Cent now the again the interesting thing about this is that 446 clicks just to put this into perspective oh you can't see it's right here 446 clicks that's some of our emails that's the same clicks you r as some of our emails um so like if I send an email sometimes we only get 500 clicks on the links in the email even though we have 200,000 people on an email list but with many chat like we've only been built building this broadcasting list for like a couple weeks and we're getting similar clicks on some of our broadcasts so what does that mean I mean it it's not that I'm I'm saying that we should start focusing on messenger but I am saying that like it's something that might be a better it might be a better solution at some point I don't know if it is right now but at some point it might be um is my my mouse not on the screen that's weird I'm looking at the screen share I don't even see my mouse is invisible what the heck that's really weird um so we're again we're not just getting emails right we're getting we're getting many chat subscribers we're getting like 500 of those a day now what's even more interesting right because we're scheduling out five of these AI videos a day on radar well guess what we can connect many chat to every single page right so let's say we get a lot of people um subscribing on this page well they can also subscribe on our other Pages because every single page we're growing is a different page that we can connect so let me show you for example in Facebook here um let me grab one of the other pages one second and and by the way I don't think people realize this but you can have like unlimited Pages like look at this you see all of these Pages these are all different pages that you can schedule content to and not only that but you can have many chat connect to every single one of these pages so if I click on let's say this one let's do this one and I go to the insights here let's go to insights check this out um this page has 347,000 views now remember the other page had what was it like 500,000 views in the last month this one's got 300 47,000 the other Pages have like around this Mark too hundreds of thousands and so these are all different pages that are getting reach like this and leads and we're taking the same content and scheduling it out to every single page because when we go into radar look at this let's say we take one of our AI generated videos you see this up here these are all the different platforms we scheduling to at once so the interesting thing about this is that you have to necessarily create content for different pages like you know a different video for different pages you can create the same exact video and schedule it out to every single one of these pages and get reach and leads but you can also do it with one click and you don't even have to do it with any clicks you can give this to other people to do so like inside of shifi right let's say I took one of these videos now let me just show you this like I can take any one of these videos here let's say I took let's go to insights here let's say I took whatever our top video is for the last 90 days right let's go here all right this one got I might need to do a larger time time span here oh sorry that was date published okay so this one got 23,000 views right so I can click on this grab the link grab the URL zoom out here so you can see this so grab the the link here I can go to shiny go to uh the transcriber and then I can plug this real into the transcriber it'll transcribe that video that was already proven to go viral right and then once it's transcribed I can have shine if I regenerate the video with AI and I can post it out to all these different pages and that's essentially what we're doing we're just taking all of our top content we're transcribing it and then we're regenerating it over and over and over um so that we can just keep getting more leads and in all the videos again like if you're not understanding how the process works of us getting leads we're just pointing to our different um optins meaning like we're telling people to enter their email to learn more about whatever we're talking about right so let me so we regenerate the video and then uh we put a call to action CTA in the video we say look if you want to learn more about this respond to the word yes and then we use many chat to respond to these yeses but we also inside of the video say um you know here's the top websites you should know about or here's how you earn money with this website let's say and then when people go there they answer their email to learn more right I mean that's all we're really doing in the videos it's nothing that intricate so here's the transcription of the video that went viral before or not viral but you know it got 20,000 views if I click on create custom video now that we have the transcription here it is say I don't know why I'm telling you this because you're probably not going to listen to me anyways but if you want to make money with AI how you do it uh use something like and then for example if you didn't have let's say you had I don't know an affiliate to shinfy or you had your own tool that you wanted to use you would switch out with whatever you wanted to use and then um you click on generate let's just make sure this is all the right stuff here we also got um custom themes now so like you can change how you want the video to look so like if I go to custom theme here I can say okay make the image is scary right um or I can say you know use anime like anime type images okay we click on generate here create and then this is going to start telling us it's G to start calculating the accuracy um basically it's just going to give us more image prompts because we have accuracy turned on which just means more image prompts and then it's going to allow us to generate the video now remember I could take the same exact video here right and say shiny I got to cancel that shiny um we could take this exact same video right we could we could regenerate it and different times I don't know if you know this but most content on the internet like whenever you see content that's doing well it's usually like content that's either been recreated or know similar themes built out and so why make it complicated just if you want to if you want to get views with a video just take a video that's already been proven to work and then just start regenerating it because you can regenerate the same video like 10 different times it's going to be different every single time use AI because you change the voice the images will change everything's gonna be different so when you post a video like we've been posting pretty much the exact same video over and over and over for months and we're still getting Le just because umic we know that video is going to work me refresh this because I don't want to calculate accuracy anyways on that one because it had the wrong the wrong script here seeds for continuity what does that mean need to set up social Social account individually yeah but it's actually really easy so um and by the way everybody in chat sorry shout out to everybody um but good to see everyone uh so for example in Facebook it's really simple like if I go to Facebook and I go up here to the top right um and then I click on C profiles I can go to the create profile button which is only on personal I guess but I can go and create 10 Facebook pages it only take like 10 minutes and then you can hook them all up to radar so it's not like um that complicated to do right so in other words uh yeah you do have to create all the pages but it's not like it's not like something that's gonna take you tremendously long amount of time to do um okay so going back to Shin here I'm not sure if there's a hang up in here or what but seems like accur is taking a little too long um while waiting on that um there we go I'm not sure what happened there so that's start building but remember like I can go generate three of these right now I don't really need to but um I could right now what I've been doing lately because our captions aren't the best I've been uh for like website type videos I mention websites I've been generating the video without the caption and then I'll just caption it really quick in cap cut how many Facebook pages you recommend to start with I mean you could do like five to 10 that's going to be a good amount um and then inside of here by the way I don't know if I should show you guys this yet but we're um making it so that that all of our videos and images are going to start going on the shiny website so that people can actually start getting views and sharing them that's G be really cool and then also they want to you know use images that we have we're going to have like image and a video search engine that people can you know if they want to use these images in their videos or whatever used to be an automated tool what do you mean what used to be an automated tool there's a delay on the accuracies I don't know why oops um oops what happened to the mic me can hardly understand anything it's really scratchy let me listen to it oh it is what the heck no no maybe my internet was going out or something let's see I think that I think it might have just been the app I'm using to stream stream yeah I don't I don't think there was anything I could really do about that but I think it it was just going in and out because of the um app I'm using it's good now okay cool um anyways we're going to wait for this one to finish uh if I wanted to I could find other videos that I wanted to regenerate right now as well and start working on those but we'll just start with this one as an example now like I said I have other people do these videos for me just because I don't want to go and click the buttons um if you wanted to do something like that pretty simple to do you can go to something like and uh just type in something like VA and then you can hire people to basically make these videos for you and schedule them out so that you don't have to do it this is also a service you could probably sell to people too um in fact we were even thinking about selling it as a service for people that don't want to make their own videos we could basically generate you like 90 videos into a folder and then just sell the folder and we're actually doing this for people as well that are Affiliates of us like we're just making them their videos so that they can post the uh the top website with our website in it but if you're just starting out you don't have money to hire people right then I would probably just do it yourself because it's not like tremendously hard to do and you can do three of the these videos at a time so like I could generate that one and then go generate another one while that one's going and then go generate another one so you can do like up to three at a time and then you don't have to leave the browser open you can just um you can run this and then close the browser come back in like an hour or 20 minutes or whatever and these videos will be done Melissa what's up I want to be an affiliate well you can be um and that and the thing I want to mention by the way if we look at our server logs um I look at like the videos everybody makes I can't I'm not going to show the server logs but a lot of people make videos that I don't really fully understand like if you really wanted to get some results I would just copy what's already working right so like if you if you follow what we're doing in our company like you'll probably get some success with it and let me show you um what so so basically what we're doing in our company is we're trying to build out new pages all the time right because the more new pages we can build the more leads we can get because we have more pages that can attract um viewers right so let's say I go to this one this is the new one we're trying to build it's called AI mindset and we're trying to build all of them at once but we're we're focusing extra time on this one um because ideally if you can get one of your pages Facebook pages past a thousand followers it it usually becomes a lot easier to get views with those pages right for example if you look at these posts here you're not really getting any engagement but again it's because it's a page with only a few hundred followers if you look at these other pages with the exact same post they are getting engagement but it's because they have more than a thousand followers um and so if you're creating a new page like this one and you don't you don't have any followers um ideally you want to get it past the first thousand followers as fast as possible and um there's a few ways that you can actually do that there's a way there's a few ways that you can actually hack not hack but um I guess growth hack the pages so one of the ways is that when people start commenting or liking any of your um posts inside of meta business Suite there's this little option if you scroll down um that allows you to send invites to these people so you see all these people that reacted so I can click on them click on all the comments and look look it's going to send 13 invites just like that and then those are going to all be people that are going to hopefully follow the page now if you don't have a way of getting likes or comments yet first of all just posting content is going to help you do um organically reach people but second of all um posting in groups with these pages right so you might not realize this but um you can actually uh join pages with these sorry join groups with these pages so for example if I go to Facebook and then I type in I don't know like AI video I could join one of the groups as this page as long as I'm in switched to this page and then I can post content in these groups as the page and then if the page gets likes like this one look it so uh AI mindset posted this video look at this now I can invite these people to like the page and so you can kind of hijack these groups um and it gives you a way to instantly like because if I were to post this video to the actual page it wouldn't get 1.6 th000 views but if I post it to the group it it it gets 6,000 views because there's a lot of members in this group um and so if you can figure out what groups will let you post videos like this you can start hijacking their their members as followers for your page so that's kind of cool um but either way like if I were you I would start like here's the thing you're probably not going to get a bunch of views overnight that's this is more of a long-term strategy you want to start creating these videos and scheduling them out for like months in advance right because think about it if you did a bunch of content let's say you did like a 100 videos right in shine of fire 90 videos and then you scheduled them all out to radar to 10 pages for the next like month or two yeah maybe the first like couple weeks you're not going to get that many views but like consistently if you keep posting this content which you can schedule all of it out in advance like this eventually you're going to start getting views you're going to start getting leads and so it'd be better for you to start scheduling it out now and let it sit and marinate and and build up you know some traction on these Pages then it would be to not because it's literally it's basically free real estate um yeah I mean you got to pay a little bit for the tool and and the videos but you know you could pretty quickly get all I mean you're not going to be paying thousands of dollars it's probably like what a hundred bucks to get like 50 to 100 videos um and you just want to think about like the longterm because like for us yeah we're not getting that many leads on these new pages yet but the the pages that we've been warming up for a few months are crushing it like hundreds of thousands of views it's all AI all AI content here's another page I don't know if I looked if I showed you guys this one yet um but this page has Chase you're a cool dude bro thank you um this page has and look look at this look how many invites I can send on this page because once you start getting all the interactions it starts to snowball like now I can invite what 92 people to follow the page at once and I think we might have even hit our limit for invites because you can only send up to a th000 every 24 hours that one went fine U insights yeah look at this one 106,000 so like one of the pages was 500,000 another page is 300,000 another page is 100,000 and remember all of these pages are automated right they're all all we're doing is generating the continent of shifi and just scheduling it out like this and then we're getting all the leads from it now we're getting like thousands and thousands of leads every single day because we're automating all of this that's pretty cool right um and then what's going to be even cooler is like when we get the actual AI video because uh we should be getting the actual uh AI text to video instead of AI text to image pretty soon I'll show you what that looks like some of them look a little weird but I'll show you like um here's one of them it's like a duck you can see the head disappeared but this is going to be cooler than just the images in the video you know here's like a chicken fighting I guess with little sparkles there's a woman doing some AI stuff so all of this should be in chifi pretty soon so that we're not just doing AI text to image to video anymore it's AI to video to video if that makes sense so um it's not like it's not like Sora obviously it's not like a earth shattering but it's definitely cooler than just the images right in the video um and so the tool like I've been telling people this for a while like the Tool's still I mean it's only a year old right I don't even know if it's a full year yet and so we definitely still have some issues right like our credit system is still a little whack um there's still bugs every now and then but for the most part these videos do really work like if if you look at all the different accounts I'm growing right now they're all getting tons and tons of views except for the new ones that we have to warm up right and so the question is is this something that you can do as well and I think the answer is yes because we're doing it with brand accounts um and so if Sor I'm pouring some tea here if you're um if you're wanting to get into AI video Now's the Time to do it because we're just at the beginning right like when Sora when Sora comes out I don't know if you've seen Sora yet but it's going to absolutely change the ai ai industry and so we're trying to get prepared for it now because I ideally there's going to be so many people that are going to want to do AI video um it's kind of like remember when AI images came out and nobody could like it was just they just looked awful and everybody's like why would I ever use AI images and now it's like everybody uses them because they're so good that's how AI video is going to be and if you can start getting into it now right and you start growing these pages and you start doing um AI content now you're going to be way ahead of most people when when we get really Advanced with it because you're going to understand it and you're going to learn and you're going to know how to automate it um okay so preview here's the video we made I don't know if you guys can hear this can you hear that hopefully you can hear that I'm going to download it and then I'm going to bring it into cap cut we're going to add the captions because we still have to work on the vid uh website captions in uh Shin toy but cap cut only takes a couple extra seconds and I also like like I was telling you earlier I usually have my team do this for me drag that in all right so wait so can you guys did you guys hear the audio from this I don't know if the audio oh yeah I think it is might be actually too loud let me just play the replay here oh no I don't think you can hear the audio from this um I wanted to play the video so you could hear it audio default is this it um I don't know if you're going to be able to hear this well if you can't hear it then yeah I guess you won't able to hear it then um well either way let me just caption it I wanted to I wanted to edit it for you so you could hear it oh maybe I can just unplug my headphones Chase next time landscape mode I was doing this so we could go live on um all the different platforms at once but maybe yeah maybe we'll just do landscape next time I don't know why I'm telling you this because you're probably going to not listen to me anyways but if you want to make money with AI That's how you do it you can probably hear it through my microphone now um all right so we're do text Auto captions create see how I'll just show you how easy this is um here we go and then we're going to just up the move the captions to the middle change them to Yellow I change them to this font called bangers which I don't understand why they don't have a search for because now I have to scroll to find it where the heck is it there it is and then what I do is uh I will it as well there we go and then let's see I don't know why I'm telling you this because you're probably going to not listen to me anyways but if you want to make money with AI here's how you do it step one okay kind of a long pause so let's just take that out step one you do it step one you're good so look see how it says uh even even cap cut gets the captions wrong you're going to use a tool like to start creating short form content because this tool is going to use AI to automatically build short videos that you can post on Instagram inside your videos you're going to talk talk about any of these hundreds of AI tools that I'm going to give you for free if you comment list and you can get paid to promote any of the tools off this list now here's the secret instead of promoting the tools directly you're going to get people to use their email to opt in to a list that you're going to be sending them emails from now you're going to send out offers about those tools and just keep stacking this with different tools and you're going to get paid out every single month by all of these different tools that you promote if you want me to send you a link to this full free checklist of tools that you can get so it's a little slow I think we might even just I think we can speed up the pretty sure we can speed this up um I don't I think it might be the punctuation that made this video really slow but I honestly don't really care that it's slow it's more that it has to be under a minute for it to for us to be able to post it actually I don't even know if Facebook um it's more YouTube I think that cares I think Facebook you can actually still post shorts that are uh under whatever it is or over a minute this is also just a longer script so like ideally your script would this long you're going to send out offers about those tools and just keep stack I'll just take this part out those tools if you want me to send you a link to this full free checklist of tools that you can get paid for just respond okay and then we'll just do some random music scary music [Music] whatever okay boom and then our video is done I don't know why I'm telling you this because you're problem yeah if you are using shifi I do recommend you like you know mix it with something like cap cut just because uh shinfy will do a lot of the heavy lifting for you but doing like the extra edits and stuff usually is kind of helpful I don't know why I'm telling you because you're probably going to not listen to me anyways if you want to make money with AI here's how you do it and then notice how we did that custom prompt and chiny that made all this stuff scary quote unquote scary why is my play button not working anywhere I don't know why I'm telling you this because you're probably going to not listen to me anyways but if you want to make money with AI here's how you do it step one you're going to use a tool like to start creating short form content there's something going wrong with my computer today cont because this tool is going to use AI to automatically build short videos that you can post on Instagram inside your videos you're going to talk about any of these hundreds of AI tools that I'm going to give you for free if you comment list and you can get paid to promote any of the tools off this list now here's the secret instead of promoting the tools directly you're going to get people to use their email to opt in to a list that you're going to be sending them emails from now you're going to send out offers about those tools if you want me to send you a link to this full free checklist of tools that you can get paid for just respond with the word list right now okay so we got our video export and then we can upload it into uh we can upload it into radar so remember like I don't know why I'm telling you this if you were to do this yourself like this actual video generate all the images do the text to speech um you know go and transcribe the video like it would take you probably over an hour to do a video like this we just did this in like couple minutes right so that's the thing about shifi is it really cuts the time down um and I built the tool because like I wanted to be able to make it easier for our own company to get leads right like all these videos that we have scheduled out in here look at this these are all publishing right now and it's all the AI content that like that's how we're getting over a thousand leads a day um and so if you're not getting leads right now like just simply doing what I'm showing you here is going to almost guarantee you to start getting leads um where did that video just go I think it's on my desktop and I could be doing this like literally all day like I was doing this last night um and and you just experiment with different types of videos right like that's the cool thing about this as well is you can go and like make 20 different videos and then post all of them over the next few days and see like see what happens um where did I just put that video export oh here it is so it's up to you but if if you're not doing short form content you're losing out on a lot of leads that you could be getting okay I'm so confused I have no idea where I just put this oh here it is so I just drag it in there it is and then I can look I can choose every single channel oh let me zoom in I can choose every single channel right here and then give it a title uh comment I need to get a new keyboard so bad it's so funny I we make so much money but I'm like no I won't get a new keyboard comment yes for the whole list like I'll literally just struggle with the keyboard for weeks just cuz I'm like procrastinating okay um publish on Feed and reals okay so now I can publish this or I can schedule it out right so let's just schedule it for today at I don't know this time I think that's like six o'clock schedule 6: p.m.

Okay so that video is done and that video between like what between 40 different platforms or 40 different profiles we'll probably get like 500 to a th000 leads from this just from that one video and we'll probably get like tens of thousands of views between all these different profiles so and and I did this in a like um like a a uh longer way like I was in here trying to explain all this to you realistically you don't have to wait this as long as I showed you like you can go generate all three videos just click generate three times right so generate generate generate three times come back in like 30 minutes edit the videos with cap cut and upload them but also you can hand you can hand these to people like vas and maybe pay like1 $20 for them to go and do like 10 20 videos for you and and that's what that's what I do is I have like a team that goes and make folders of these videos um where we have like you know a 100 videos ready to go lined up like all of these videos my team makes all of everything inside of radar here like all of these videos that are queued up my team just made them and like the amount of leads we're going to get from all these is insane bring the DJ back I have so much DJ music now you wouldn't believe Melissa how much I've been uh getting um I've been really building my playlist I'm eating a Costco hot dog what portrait mode sucks on cell phones and I have a huge screen what is you eating a a hot dog at Costco have to do with that I'm so confused uh study the voice tone and them yeah so I mean like you're just going all you're really doing is just finding trending content you're regenerating it with your own call to actions and then you're scheduling it out um and you're building like an email list and you're Building Sales for an affiliate and whatever you want still driving the old Camry I don't think I ever had a Camry uh I had a Toyota uh Tundra like a truck I think you might be thinking about the wrong wrong uh Toyota driver my favorite comment of the day still is that um top G's eating a hot dog at Costco that's just hilarious so um also I want to mention by the way uh if you're not already enrolled um we have a boot camp that's starting this Tuesday um I'll leave a link in the chat but I would I would recommend you join this boot camp because the boot camp we're going to walk you through all this step bystep live on Zoom so you can ask questions interact um let me put this in chat here um it's 297 but it's a full six week training program with 12 different sessions on Zoom so basically you join this um we walk you through how to get set up uh we show you how to choose your Niche how to get your optins going how to you know start your email list how to how to set up your radar account um we also do giveaways in there uh like we we're giving away like one-onone coaching like we're raffling it off in the zoom calls as well for the people that attend um but anyways if if you really want to learn the system we talked about here and you're like hey I want the full step by step it's a long it's a long process right like setting everything up and that's why we broke it up into six weeks and so if you want the replays also we offer the replay you can watch like you don't have to be on the live calls we still you still watch all the training and walk and go through it Alicia what's up new YouTube format trippy uh yeah it's more because I was just trying to stream on multiple platforms and probably was not the best idea um I was trying to stream on like Instagram as well and probably not I thought it was gonna be a good idea probably wasn't the best idea but the only way to do that is by doing this format like the cell pH format so on the next one I'll probably just do regular um yeah that's pretty much it if you guys have any questions uh I try to answer everybody's questions in our disc group if you're not in our Discord group you should join it I'll leave the link to that as well in the live chat let me go grab it but um usually when people ask questions in the Discord group I usually answer them it's kind of like the best place to get a hold of me just because all the other ways is like not a very good way okay I just copied it and pasted it in the chat frugal statement oh that's funny um yeah so again if you guys have any questions uh if you're having problems with shiny if you're having problems with anything please let us know um I'm constantly trying to figure out how to improve what we're doing and getting your feedback is helpful to know what to do for that so that's it uh thanks for stopping by we'll see you in the next one till we do have happy automating see you guys bye

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