foreign [Music] so we just updated shinrinker with the new video tools it looks like they are working [Music] [Music] [Music] already proven to go viral and then it gets a ton of reach and gets you leads okay they might be thinking well why would I want to post your content Chase I'd rather make my own well first of all a lot of people don't want to post their own content okay so if you don't want to post your own content this is a way for you to get leads without actually having to do it uh secondly it's just a way to get more views on top of the content you're already making okay so if I took let's say my friend's content I have a bunch of friends that do short form content I could take their content repurpose it on my social media and I would still get an extra let's say hundred thousand views a month on my content just because I posted my friends content foreign is a lot of people will not you know just give you their content to go and post we're actually doing this a part of our done-free setup and if you become a shine ranker VIP which you can go try the shine ranker VIP subscription out at or if you're already on the page just click on the little button below and you can go grab the one dollar trial but when you become a shine ranker VIP you can just go and uh start posting our content the only thing is it's going to be a it takes a little bit of work to go and automated okay so first of all you need a tool called Phantom Buster to go and scrape all the content then you need to go to create a spreadsheet and import it into another account called radar which that you then have to go and set up then you have to go set up the funnel okay because you're not going to make money just posting content thank you [Music] what's up everyone so we got some new Tools in shinrinker which is again pretty exciting it only uh [Music] took a couple well took almost a couple months but not not exactly a couple months [Music] quite a few modules weren't working shine ranker yeah yeah we know we thought we fixed it it's all good now [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] time has come the time has come to be [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you what's up Richard just discovered you two days ago super excited oh well we're glad to have you here thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] foreign ER [Music] for drop them if anything will just add them to like a sub menu but they're all very applicable the SEO features are applicable to the AI video features because you're going to want to rank for keywords with these videos Marcos what's up [Music] everyone um I just sent off some emails so we'll probably have some more people coming in here right now but uh we got a lot of new features in here um and these are kind of just you know they're still beta features they're not like amazing yet but uh essentially one of the first tools what it does is you enter in a link so I could enter in this stream right here click on generate it would go and make me a video and these are the past runs that's why they're all like this but let me see where the one is yeah this is the one I just did um but here's the one that I just did that's working uh you can see it gives you 10 Clips it kind of grades where how well it thinks it's going to do with Chachi BT and then you can download these clips and post them and so the cool thing is if you're a shinemaker VIP if you're paying for shine ranker you're going to be able to use this and then you'll also be able to get access like if you want to take my content and repost it you can do that you can take this live stream have our tool AI edit it and then you could post the content at the leads with it and then you can even promote shine maker with it um foreign so that's the first tool right now it just does 720p so it's not amazing but it's kind of cool uh another tool we have is the video generator so this tool generate you a bunch of videos I can put in a checklist I put in the scary toolbox checklist and then uh I can click on generate with this button and it'll go generate me a bunch of videos uh what I can also do is I can download this checklist like this and I can import this into radar with all of the videos and just schedule out the content within radar which is nice we have the text to video tool and AI face cleaning tool that's not ready yet we are going to wait we decided to make this one the priority for now just to get it out but these other two are working on the back end but we just got a put a little bit more work into them the web scraper tool what this does is it allows you to I'm not sure if this one's not working or something but this one allows you to enter in a keyword like AI tools click on scrape and then it'll get us a list of the top 20 websites for this that we can then go feed to the other video generator um all this other stuff is pretty much the same content ranker this is just to help you build content based on averages on Google shine audit helps you audit your website gives you Reds and greens what's good and bad uh traffic Checker this just allows you to track check what keywords a website's ranking for viral topic finder this is just we just changed keyword research to viral topic finder so AI tools tell us the top things and then the viral topic tracker that's just a track that your keywords inside of your projects but we're coming I mean it's coming along shine ranker is definitely starting to be a lot cooler than it was when we first started it then obviously you can check the difficulty of keywords too foreign I see the output is all in English with video generator is it going to be other language uh I haven't tried it with a different language yet but we'll see I mean it should work with any language I'm pretty sure because we're not using we're just using audio uh transcription or sorry we're just pulling from the sound clip we're not pulling from like a transcription file um so yeah pretty cool and then uh pretty soon we'll have the ability to download these as a CSV as well so if you want to post like 10 of these at a time you can so you can get all of these click on download 10 Clips schedule them out for the next I don't know week or month or however many however long you want to schedule it for Marco says it does work with other language oh awesome also what can I do with the video generator if I want to help driving schools so again like instead of pulling a list of let's say the top AI tools like this oh this pulls a list of 50 and then by the way chat GPT summarizes each one of these but if I wanted to do instead of that I could say top driving school websites so this will go grab me a list of the top driving school websites and then I can feed that into the next tool let me I'll actually just demonstrate it for you now one of the things is right now we're just allowing people to use these tools like just a part of the subscription um we're going to give out free credits to the people that are paying for shine ranker right now however we can't give away unlimited just because um these tools cost us every time people run and generate content so we will probably be doing a certain amount of money per uh video generated so there's going to be the ability to just buy credits in here um we're not sure on the price yet we still have to figure out on the back end how much it actually costs us but it'll probably be anywhere between like 10 cents to a dollar per video we're thinking to generate but again we're not sure on that yet foreign so here's the top driving school websites I can go download this and then remember the cool thing about this tool is uh one of the things updates we're putting in here as well is um the ability to clone your voice so you're going to be able to either use a pre-made voice right here or you can use like your own voice that you upload to go and make these videos so let's just say we choose Rachel we're going to change to the website we just got or the driving school websites and then we'll go generate those videos like that oh uh let's do five oh and it looks like I have to let these ones finish and then we can do that one [Music] um pretty soon though we'll be able to you'll be able to just go and generate 100 of these at a time if you want um I'm testing the video from one of my videos now oh nice uh thanks for demonstrating but if tell driving schools the best I don't think the driving school I want to help want to show the other schools well you can choose to take out anything you want right you don't have to you can take what it you can add anything to the checklist or take out anything it doesn't really matter what you put in there let me yeah you can upload your own CSV like the CSV for these videos right here is from this website scary toolbox this is the checklist I give away for free so this is just a bunch of like AI tools and so you can upload that into there but let me show you this is one from the top AI tools the first website is convertry convert tree is an all-in-one platform that enables businesses to create sales funnels or websites handle orders checkout processes subscriptions and other functions the second website is humata AI humada is an AI powered data search tool capable of answering questions researching learning creating reports analyzing legal documents and comprehending technical papers the third website is Phantom Buster the restaurant is a cozy and inviting space with rustic decor and a warm ambiance so I'm not sure what happened there something something went wrong there the fourth website is merch by Amazon merch by Amazon simplifies the you know what I think happened I think chatgpt scraped the thing that says cookies have to be enabled and then I think it assumed that it was a restaurant that's funny process of starting an e-commerce business so so like I said we still have to iron out a few things with this like it's not completely like perfect but like 50 of the time it gets it right by providing a print-on-demand service that handles printing shipping and customer service for custom products featuring businesses or individuals own designs so anyways that was the AI tools one and then let's see if we can do once this one finishes we'll do the uh driving school one the first website is user brain user brain is a cost-effective remote user testing platform that offers prompt feedback on websites apps and prototypes utilizing a panel of testers to enhance the overall usability of digital products by providing valuable insights on user experience issues the second website is gmas gmas is a user-friendly email platform integrated with Gmail or Google workspace enabling academics to easily send personalized emails using so remember you're going to be able to replace your voice with this voice so if you don't want if you want this to be your video you will be able to just clone your voice into it mail merge from a Google sheet without the need for additional software the third website is visualize AI visualize Ai and just to put things into perspective like let me show you I don't know if you've seen these top website videos but they get like hundreds and hundreds of thousands of views that's why we made this top five websites watch this all these videos look at this this is my friend Paul James five he the reason why Paul actually started doing these videos because I told him about it 2.8 million views look at this [Music] can I not play the audio get International Space Station passes over your house always helpful to know when Big Brother's watching the next one is Jasper I mean so now we're able to automate those videos and if if they're if you're able to get millions of views with this imagine what you're gonna be able to do if you can bulk do videos like this the first website is user all right let's try the car one and I just want to show you how this will work for literally any industry it doesn't matter okay we're gonna do this again this is a girl's voice now I think [Music] uh the lead generation strategy that you are promoting with your affiliate offer can I use that strategy but clients yeah I mean you can use it for anything that's like the tools we're building literally work for any industry that's the cool thing about it like we're doing this for a car website right now or car tutoring or something it doesn't matter what you can get leads for anything with this [Music] and then remember like I said earlier uh you're gonna build a you can download all of this watch this and I can take this checklist head over to radar and I can just import it because the way we made this is so that you can import it into a social scheduling tool so you can have 40 videos scheduled out one every day or three every day all unique content that you can bring leads in with so watch this publishing boom import drag post it to all these channels next boom there's all the videos and then I can just import them automatically post to like 20 different social media channels at once every single day Eve Eve what is the conversion rate from leads to sales well that really depends on what you're selling integrate radar in the shine maker yeah that's gonna probably end up being the goal where you're just going to click on schedule and it'll just automatically do it for you but we just wanted to get the content features out first thanks for answering my question of course [Music] uh looks like this one's almost done okay let's see what happens the second website is drive home safe drive home safe The Trusted provider for driver's education ensuring your safety on the road the third website is best driving school I mean do you see what I'm talking about here Atlanta our top rated and experienced instructors at guarantee your driving success the fourth website is Best Choice Driving for over 70 years Best Choice Driving School has been like do you see what I'm saying here we got all this content and I don't think you realize like every single one of these videos is randomized so the the content's randomized like it's written with chat gbt so it's completely unique we're taking all the content off the website feeding it to Chachi video having chat TV summarize it every single one of these videos is unique in the order that it chooses the videos in so if there's 50 websites it'll choose five at random uh the voice is unique because you can go clone your own voice right and this is just the beginning like we have all these other features coming in here soon as well where you're gonna build a clone yourself into the video with your own face and like use AI to go and manipulate your face to make it look like you're talking like this is just the beginning [Music] create caption oh so there's a a feature enable or disable subtitles and that's basically if you want captions or not all right let's see what some of the other ones look like the first website is top-notch Driving School top-notch Driving School is the reliable destination for all your professional driving lesson needs the second website is Excel Driving School Excel driving school empowers new drivers through exceptional education the third website is nydmv official website the online portal for New York so this will work for anything like I could go and generate a list to the top let's go look I could go take the top Real Estate websites in California let's go let's go do that one and here's the other thing too I can feed this from my topic Finder right so if I go like this viral topic finder I type in uh I don't know AI let's just do let's just do dog food this will give me the top things people are searching for I can then go scrape the list of those top 50 websites feed it in have automatically made like a hundred videos like this schedule them all out within like the same 10 minutes and start collecting leads and then I can feed that to an I can feed that to our funnel that we've built as well which will go and automatically close them get them booked on a calendar invite with chat that'll go and book them on I mean we're doing all of this like we've literally built this capability um right now we're just connecting all the pieces [Music] go grab the dollar free it's it's one dollar to go try it right now just go to enter info [Music] and then pay the one dollar to try it out just click right there get Shiner for just one dollar [Music] um and then if you want to keep the subscription it's 97 bucks a month [Music] um [Music] oh yeah small breed dogs okay so like let's say that's like the biggest thing people search for let's see the difficulty on it 57's not terrible all right let's take that we're gonna go to AI uh web scraper scrape data get the top small breed dog websites feed it into the next list done we can have a full fully automated short form Tick Tock Instagram Facebook everything in like 10 minutes and and all this content's done and you could sell this as a service to clients as well [Music] Richard says I just purchased my trial awesome what do the ratings in the videos mean um basically we have chat gbt grading the videos on how well we think uh it's going to do so Chachi BT is saying that this video is a 9 out of 10 score meaning it'll probably do the best uh out of all these other videos that I edited [Music] Auto editor this is if you're doing long form content right so you could take my live stream right now feed it into this tool and then you would get 10 short form videos that you could automatically post [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] okay so now we got the 50 small free dogs website which again the topic has 201 thousandths monthly searches we go ahead download that we're going to feed it to our video tool [Music] and we're gonna choose this time we'll do uh Arnold's voice and again remember pretty soon we're going to be able to like you're gonna just click on it and add your own voice with 11 labs and we'll generate [Music] pending it's going and taking the video so what it's doing is it's scraping the websites it's rewriting the description for a second time it's choosing at random five uh random websites in in a random order and then it's taking a thousand screenshots of the websites every single website and it's it's smooshing all those together into a video so it can scroll [Music] yeah what's up Alicia happy fourth is this strategy to generate views only or how do you use this strategy to make money so you post the content right you automate social profiles and then as you get views coming in you're sending them into a funnel right where you would go and have chat GPT go and interact with the people in the funnel so this is the funnel we have for shine ranker which by the way if you get our done for you set up we'll go and clone this funnel into your account and we'll even we'll clone our entire system into your account if you want us to if you go to dfy you can go grab our service where uh basically click on book a free strategy call you can get a on our calendar or you can just go buy the setup and we'll go and uh get you set up with all of this okay so you can go grab the entire setup we'll we'll clone all of our content all of our funnels everything into your account and then you just let the automation run [Music] we could take long form content create reaction vids with unique hooks yep [Music] with this replace some steps using GSA and editing in cap cut GSA I don't know what you'd use GSA for okay that one had an error I'm not sure why like I said most of the time the tool works but sometimes like 20 of the time we get like an error like that the tool is still new that one just completed who Bears I'm sure I'm not sure what's going on there [Music] Alicia says I'm feeling the possibilities with shine ranker VIP going high level with shedrink or VIP yeah so like the biggest thing right now is like we're focusing shine breaker on being a Content editor tool [Music] or sorry content creation tool and then we're kind of pairing it up with some of the other tools that help you kind of automate the rest of what you got to do to make sales okay this one came through let's see how it sounds the first website is Good Housekeeping explore recommended choices for individuals with allergies on the second website is now fresh oh I think we might have put the wrong spreadsheet in here this is taking uh top food websites offers small kibble designed for tiny teeth along with joint support supplements the third website is online shopping Paradise earthborn holistic pet food offers high quality it's giving us a lot of food websites [Music] I wonder if that's the first website is New Low new low so this is like the top dog food websites I wonder if I put the wrong spreadsheet in promotes muscle strength in small dogs through protein-rich recipes the second website is castor and Pollock's pet easily transition your dog's diet with Castor and Pollock's pet the third website is Akana experience Akana trademark pet food carefully crafting nutritious recipes for your beloved Pets the fourth website is Natural Balance Inc limited ingredient grain free dog food is offered by Natural Balance Inc the fifth website is Blue Buffalo discover 50 nutritious dog food options by browsing blue Buffalo's website the first so we still need to make it so that if it pulls like a 404 like this it doesn't it just dis doesn't include it in the list [Music] the first website is newlo new [Music] let's see what spreadsheet we got we put in there because I do think that I might have done the dog through websites instead of [Music] uh you know what it's probably when you look that up Google is just showing websites that sell dog food because that's usually what people are looking for it might have to be more specific with the search is there an option where we can remove the scraped URLs which are generated yeah you just click on this um or you just go into the spreadsheet like I can go and delete once I get the spreadsheet I can before I upload it to the next tool I can just delete anything I don't want and I can change anything in here too like I could say you know delete this or I could change the description [Music] the first website is open Farm pet open Farm pet provides customized recipes specifically designed for small breed dogs the second website is animet provides small breed dog food of exceptional quality that meets aafco standards the third website is Countryside Chronicles discover the vibrant world of small and Lively chihuahuas in the countryside that's funny world of small and Lively Chihuahuas in the countryside the the web I don't know I thought that was funny site is Instinct pet food hence the nutritional intake of small breed dogs with Instinct pet food the fifth website is your pets connecting pet lovers offers protein packed food and essential carbohydrates specifically designed for active small breeds [Music] you do an example with numerology readings yeah sure let's see [Music] first of all let's see what the top phrase is around that foreign so after we download the file with sites where do we upload uh you just go to the next tool numerology readings okay that looks like the top one so you step one is you just go to this tool type in the keyword scrape this will give you all the websites you download the list and then you go to the video generator and just upload the list into there [Music] we do need the ability to delete the old ones if we don't want them I don't think it lets you delete them yet [Music] so I honestly think we should go and um make one of these videos and post it and see how it does so I'll do that after this you do an exam oh sorry uh [Music] well I think I read all of them we're good [Music] [Music] uh what I meant was it looks like children will be an all-in-one rather than multiple programs should I drinker's awesome I'm grabbing it out oh awesome um yeah so right now I mean the big Focus for shine Rinker is just to go from finding viral topics to creating the content for those topics uh we're going to try to focus as much as we can on the content side of things just because I don't want to get 280d with the tool and like start trying to do too much there's a lot of tools that do pretty much all the stuff that like we don't need to go and build the same tool twice right so we're making it so that shine ranker works with other tools in that we're not like going to have to go and like rebuild those tools for example if I go and uh take all this content that I just generated and download it I can just go drag that directly into Radar Radar will go and post all that content I don't have to worry about trying to go and build that into shine ranker right now I mean maybe at some point but I'd rather focus on building like the content rather than trying to like do all the other stuff [Music] so we have to click on the shinraker logo right now you have to click on that just to get back to where you were [Music] um [Music] status bar because I'm not actually sure how long [Music] I'm not sure how long these should take [Music] foreign I'm not sure I might have to just try it again [Music] focus on the first well yeah and like we can only do so much at once right when we start the problem is when you start doing too much at once you start like like even with these tools we have these other tools right uh right here but I told my developers to stop working on those just so we could get these other tools out first and so you know we don't want to be doing too much at once just because it makes things harder to it just take makes things take longer [Music] uh is that tool screenshot the all page website or only two or three images I'm not sure what the question is foreign let's take some notes while this is loading okay cool uh so these are all the top 49 numerology websites let's go download them go into the video generator we'll choose a different voice we'll do Ellie upload this file and let that run [Music] um camera just died for a second I'll be right back while this loads [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] still a little sick and so annoying all right um looks like they're finishing up [Music] [Music] uh does shine ranker scrape images and can be used for b-roll not not yet I mean look we got a lot of really really cool stuff coming for this tool like stuff that I had to hold off on temporarily so some of this stuff I think you're that we're gonna add in pretty soon here is gonna like it's gonna make this look not even that cool because this is like just the beginning of what we're actually trying to do the shine ranker scrape image oh you just said that have you considered relaunching this through JV zoo and Warrior plus because this is going to be a hit uh maybe the only problem with that is like I think a lot of them want like life me to offer lifetime deals and stuff and I really don't want to do that I mean maybe I don't know plus we already have close to like 2 000 users so I think like as we start to release these tools more and more like we're gonna have so many people just naturally want to promote these I don't even know if we have to do anything like that I'm gonna be cracked out on some coffee getting it done that's awesome um are these gonna go let's see I might have like uh made this tool really slow by announcing it a lot of people might be using it right now Chase just keep being your own bank [Music] okay now it's gone foreign the first website is Instagram which will apps the world numerology app introduces okay so it pulled Instagram as the first website because somebody must have been ranking on Google for numerology with Instagram we need to exclude those I think automatically uh Chase can you do further example if you need a dentist as a client yeah I mean you could go and schedule out top five dentists in certain in a certain area and you could always have them be number one [Music] and you can clone the dentist's voice too which is really cool you can have them like you could go and clone their voice send them the video and they'll be like how did you make all of these with my voice the first website is Affinity numerology the website provides a wide range of numerology readings both paid and free the second website is pro numerology readings discover your true path through precise numerology readings tailored specifically to you the third website is numerologyhub discover the hidden knowledge of numerology through personalized insights and compatibility analysis the fourth website is Pleiades Rising readings Pleiades Rising readings offers astronomerology readings at different prices allowing users to customize their availability filters the fifth website is Google Play discover yourself in Google Play I mean most of those were pretty good though the first four were great [Music] can you change the order right now it's random but I'm sure there's will have the ability to like force a certain order [Music] Aaron what's up dude happy Fourth of July Chase much love I hope today is an awesome yeah it's a cool day because we finally got this content tool out which is nice [Music] the first website is Corey Chu provides numerology love readings to enhance compatibility in relationships the second website is ifate divination and fortune telling online discover the relationships and hidden meanings behind numbers the third website is the demigod experience experience the demigods numerology readings and easily find in stock products through our filtering system the fourth website is Outlook India uncover the profound impact of numerology a Mystic science the fifth website is Gateway Cottage Wellness Retreat unlock your spiritual potential by receiving psychic readings and counseling at Gateway Cottage Wellness Center I mean it works all right let's go make one for our Instagram and for our Tick Tock and everything so we're gonna start from square one again let's find a good topic around AI we want to get traffic for [Music] which is saving us a ridiculous yeah I mean this is you got to think to make one of these videos like normally by doing all of this individually it probably takes an hour per video now you can get five videos done in two seconds or like 100 videos done in two seconds all right AI chatbot [Music] all right let's do [Music] top AI chat top AI tools to make money with [Music] oh thanks son uh because of the value that you've offered I am willing to give so much in order to promote shine ranker and all of the work oh thank you um look I mean you can make money promoting like you can go promote that one dollar free trial for shine ranker right now not one dollar free one dollar trial for shine ranker right now and you can get 30 reoccurring commissions anybody that signs up so you could use this tool to go promote shine ranker so if you want like um if you want me to clone the shine rank or funnel with all the follow-up everything we'll do it for you at thank you [Music] maybe they need to build in a filter yeah well like I said the first thing was just getting this tool published can we set the duration of the scrolling of the website um that's something we could add I don't know if that's of hugely important thing right now just because some of the other features that I want to put in there are like a little bit more crucial right now I think like for example being able to clone your voice that's going to be huge can we promote it even when we don't have a business account what do you mean [Music] why the adult music sometimes you just gotta roll that way [Music] there definitely does need to be some sort of loading thing here so we know because I know it says pending but whatever I mean I do think there should be like some sort of like [Music] way of seeing it would be cool if we could see the code like how many websites are actually being scraped that would be cool [Music] because I'd like to know if we're like on number on website 55 or something right now uh Alicia says I'm thinking of offering photography as one of my main uh I love being a VIP host and knowing that's good in my area oh yeah that'd be cool you could also offer a video service like this too just confirming Chase if several of us are targeting the same keyword will it create unique videos yeah all the videos are always going to be unique because of the way we've set it up [Music] so I think the the tool is a little bit slower today just because of the fact that uh we have a lot of people I'm sure trying to use it I mean we have 2 000 users so it might be getting bottlenecked right now let's see AI [Music] let's try it again thank you does the app need to be open no uh you should be able to just navigate out of it like you can go from this one into this one and like they'll run on their own [Music] the first website is video Hub every Friday explore starseed numerology readings at Dreamtime Academy the second website is Ric Rhode Island College at ricdu [Music] Francisco what's up hi Chase how are you doing good I'm a little sick that's the only issue a little annoyed that I'm sick but other than that we're good tool is awesome assume we can edit the video too before posting there's no editing in here um I mean like what you can do is you can just download all the videos or download the videos pull them into cap cut if you don't like we don't want it to be like an editing tool though we would rather just like do it post production or sorry pre-production meaning like if you don't want certain things like you don't want subtitles you can just disable them you know I don't really want to get too much into video editing because then just like then it becomes an editing tool I'd rather just be a generator tool like if you really want to edit it you can go bring it into cap cut Richard says I'm using it right now oh nice what do you drink uh tea Richard says It's amazing I plan to set up an automated lead generation business after I get automated lead generation setup oh nice yeah and like I said if you don't want to do this stuff yourself you can head over to this is our other website this is our partner website with Shine ranker Go book a free strategy call and you can have my team just set all of this up for you so we'll go and set up um I'll show you we'll set up your funnel we'll set up your website we'll set up your automation we'll set up your shine ranker account uh we'll set up a VA for you to work for you if you don't have a virtual assistant like we'll set up everything for you um and you can choose what you want like if you just want like a website with a funnel you can just only choose that or if you just want content you can just only choose that for like 500 bucks but like I said if you're confused about this stuff um all you have to do is just book a call with us and we'll walk you through it if you just go to dfy setup Jim says uh looks amazing just got on a couple minutes ago so is everything created within the AI video app uh yes so a lot of it is I think I think I sort of bottlenecked the app though uh because I'm I don't know if it's gonna I wonder if the search was too long let's just try AI tools I don't have a way to monitor where we're at with the usage so I might have just destroyed the server with everybody using it Oliver says Chase I watch the dfy setup video but I didn't understand the concept like once somebody books a call from my website what am I going to sell on those calls uh you could sell shine Rinker so like well basically what we do for you is we set you up with a website that looks like this but it's your logo up here and then when they book a strategy call you can either have it go to our team and we'll just close for you and give you 20 or you can you can close yourself and then either sell them on let's say shine ranker you can sell them on a service you can sell them whatever you want but we basically replicate this entire funnel into your account and then we just change this to your website name and your logo and then you get the whole website that you can go and run this with but we also give you the automations right so chat GPT will go and close these people for you on strategy calls and then you can use shine ranker to go and generate the content I'm just going to use my pre-made list because I already have it let's just go to scary toolbots [Music] we're gonna download this list and let's just go with the top picks for now we'll delete the other ones because we don't need them you could use my Sr account to test uh shine ranker is only a dollar to to try it so if you go to click on um get started and it's one dollar to have your own account to start trying out these tools but you definitely shouldn't share your account because that's like the easiest way to get banned all right let's take the top picks here we're gonna go and try to make a video that we can get views with with an automated video which I think we can I mean I've already done it but let's just see I'm Gonna Save this head over to our video generator we're gonna plug in I'm gonna use Adam's voice we're going to do media change and then I'm gonna do no subtitles because I'm gonna actually probably plug this into cap cut first so I'll have cap cut do the subtitles and we'll go ahead and generate okay so these finally pulled top AI tools I think the other search might have been too long but it's fine I got the top picks in there anyways uh may I ask where I can find the new AI tools they're in shine Rinker so step one go to click here to get started with shine Rinker you enter your info and then you click on the dollar trial right here click here to get it Shy Drinker for just one dollar it's a 14 day dollar trial and then after that it's uh 97 a month so you go to the bottom of this page click here for started you get started here and then uh and then you just sign in with your account and you can click on the video tools and then remember we have this other AI video tool too where it will allow you to enter a link and then it'll automatically edit videos for you so after this stream I can have this video automatically edited too so I could have 10 10 shorts from the video we're watching right now that I can go and schedule out to on top of that do we need to have a description for the video import uh I believe chat GPT automatically makes that for you do we have trainings on how to do this process so if you click on shine ranker VIP this is a lot of our videos explaining them but um also if you just watch my live streams I'm showing you how to do it right now like all of my best stuff is literally just my live streams if you go to Chase Reiner on my YouTube channel click on live just go through my past live streams like this one yesterday I wasn't even talking it was just me working you can just watch me and like watch all the buttons I click on [Music] can we control the CT at the end of the video so that's one of the things we're adding in um is intros and outros I'll actually show you oh it's under maintenance uh but yeah we have the ability to do that [Music] the first website is Systema Dio system a diyo is a comprehensive business platform that provides all the necessary tools to start and grow your online business including sales funnels online courses webinars memberships affiliate programs email campaigns and so so this is doing a summary of my favorite tools which these actually are my favorite tools playing physical products the second website is mid-journey mid-journey an Innovative research lab expands human imagination and explores new Realms of thought with particularly impressive ai-powered image generation capabilities the third website is buffer buffer is a versatile social media management tool that empowers businesses to efficiently handle multiple platforms offering scheduling analytics engagement features and benefits such as Time Savings increased reach improved Roi and enhanced customer service through its free and paid plans the fourth website is Dragon AI Dragon AI is a versatile image editing tool utilizing Gans enabling users to effortlessly modify images by dragging points on the screen with applications ranging from photo editing and art creation to fashion and product design the fifth website is Bing Bing stream no what is the fifth website have to be Bing that's because obviously it just got pulled in there somehow we really have to disallow those websites getting pulled into that [Music] the first website is Bing no Bing streamlines that specializes in developing cutting-edge Tech [Music] how is the script for the audio generated chat GPT so we're taking a list of these websites and then Chachi petite scraping them and summarizing them well chachapi isn't scraping them we're scraping them feeding them to chat gbt chat GPT then creates a summary and then we feed that into 11 Labs where we can go and clone people's voices with would be cool to have an exclude websites well I mean look you just delete them from the checklist that's that's really the only thing you have to do differently the first website is Lexica art Lexica Dart is an AI powered website that enables it said Lexica Dart because it's saying dot art but it sounds like Dart Mexico art Lexica Dart is an AI powered website that enables users to customize and generate a wide range of images in various Styles sizes and resolutions including realistic portraits fantasy Landscapes and abstract designs the second website is buffer buffer is a comprehensive social media management tool that enables businesses to efficiently manage multiple platforms providing scheduling analytics and engagement features ultimately Saving Time expanding reach now we definitely don't want to allow Hub on this boosting Roi and enhancing customer service the third website is systemaidio system a Dio is a comprehensive business platform that provides everything you need to start and grow your online business including sales funnels online courses webinars memberships affiliate programs unlimited emails and the ability to sell physical products the fourth website is thrivecart Thrive cart is an all-in-one platform that enables use users to effortlessly accept online payments and sell various Goods including digital and physical products courses mentoring and more the fifth website is content at scale by utilizing data-driven insights content at scale effectively creates keyword-based content to enhance your Google ranking foreign the first website is a refs RFS is an SEO tool Suite offering a free trial and paid plans starting from Dollar 79 month equipped with features like site audit backlink Checker keyword research content Explorer and rank tracker facilitating improved website ranking increased traffic and enhanced website performance the second website is convertkit convertkit is a youth we got to work on these pronunciations I think user-friendly email marketing automate actually no it's probably good to keep it like this because you get more engagement when they mispronounce like the the way it sounds or the way it's supposed to read action tool designed for creators offering a range of features such as customizable form of newsology that produce all right let's do this one so we're gonna grab this one the first website it will save it bring it into cap cut sounds like you should only allow websites for your scary Bots list no because you're going to want like there's gonna be a lot of people that are going to use this in industries that don't even have anything to do with you know websites or any of that it's gonna like for example top dog food websites right let's drag that video in the first website is Lexica art Lexica Dart is an AI delete some of these pauses here the first website is Lexica art Lexica Dart is an AI powered website that enables users to customize and generate a wide range of images in various Styles sizes and resolutions including realistic portraits I'll just start stop it there [Music] okay that's the first one miles the second webs the second website is buffer buffer is a comprehensive social media map buffer buffer is a comprehensive social media management tool that enables businesses to efficiently manage multiple platforms providing scheduling analytics and engagement features ultimately Saving Time expanding reach boosting Roi and enhancing customer service the third website is syst what do people have to book a call with me before buying the product uh they don't have to but usually you get better sales when they do customer service the third web sensing customer service Saving Time expanding analytics and engagement features foreign [Music] tics and engagement features the third website is systematio system a Dio is a comprehensive business platform that provides so I do think we need to take out these pauses in the middle of them just because they are a little long a diyo system a Dio is a comprehensive business platform that provides everything you need to start and grow your online business including sales funnels online courses webinars memberships affiliate programs unlimited emails and the ability to sell physical products the fourth website is product products it also has look at that you see that little audio thing right there the there's like some sort of weird thing that happens at the end of these sometimes the fourth website is thrivecart Thrive car drive cart is an all-art I've card Thrive cart is an all-in-one platform that enables users to effortlessly accept online payments and sell various Goods including digital and physical products courses mentoring and more okay so that's the full video and then we just need to add an intro and outro the first website is Lexica art Lexica Dart is an AI powered website that this voice is Adam's voice it enables users to customize and generate a wide range of images in various Styles the second website is all right so now we just gotta get the rest now we'll just head over to 11 labs to do the rest of this I think or I could just add my own intro and outro which might be the best way to do this so let me actually I guess I could just do it with my phone for now I'm not really sure the best way uh these five AI websites these AI websites you automate your income while you sleep we'll just say these websites for now because not all of them are AI click on we're gonna have Adam do this because it's again I could use my voice but we already had Adam do the first these websites help you automate your income while you sleep download that first part boom drag that in move these forward oh am I going to be able to I guess I need a video clip for there um I need to add a video clip I'm trying to think I could do hmm and in this case I might just do a pre-made video because I already have some of these just because it's easier so I recorded a bunch of hooks a while ago and I added them to Google Drive for my team I'll probably just release these for you guys so you can use them as well if you're using shine ranker that way I don't have to I can just be lazy here but essentially what we should do I should probably just do what we should do and not be lazy what we should do is we should render out this whole audio and then plug it into did and then clone the face on top of it um but I don't really want to go and have to do all that because it's going to take a while and I'm probably just going to automate it so watch what I could do is I could take this face here and shinemaker will do this pretty soon by the way so let me go drag an image download plug this in here so I could go and have an AI clone speak this I'll probably just do this just so you can see how it looks because it is kind of cool so I can take that guy put that there and then do the intro and outro like this so watch I can go like this take the voice there it is drag this out and again I'm just going to build this into shine ranker because this would be really cool to be able to have in here [Music] automate your these website these websites [Music] these websites help you automate your income while you sleep these websites help you automate your income while you sleep the first website is lexicaart Lexica Dart is an AI powered website that enables Youth and then we got to get the outro if you want my full list of websites for free just reply with the word yes right now or head over to so again this whole thing's going to be automated inside of shine Rinker but I just wanted to put the first part so that at least it makes the first part easier because you can see we still have to kind of go in here and mess with this which ideally I don't want to have to do any of this I want it to be all automated but this is where we're sort of headed okay so now that's the full video watch what we got to do is render this out export export and I can use anybody's face oh that's actually a little long there uh that's a minute and two seconds if you want my full list of website so let's actually find payments and sell various Goods we got a clip a little bit out of this just because it's getting to be a little long here okay that's 58 seconds we're good now export if I scrape the images and put them in Excel file can shinemaker make a video out of them uh not exactly but we've been thinking of doing something like that all right so now we have the video we're gonna head over to did log in and again we can put anything we want here so if I take uh create video ad I could do a robot I can do a picture of me I can do any picture I want and remember I can use my clone to voice too so let's go ahead and we're gonna create a video we're gonna add I guess we'll just add robot guy here for now and that picture's a little large I think um let's do this guy can't identify any faces oh I guess it needs an actual face for now um so [Music] I don't know maybe this for now this is an image I generated in a mid-journey with the base picture of me upload a voice let's go ahead and upload I think we can I'm hoping we can upload the MP4 here was this it the first website where did that video go [Music] uh uh where did this render out to export was it desktop there it is these website audio file must be less than 15 megabytes uh can I just only export the MP3 here um I guess I could maybe do 480p it'll probably make it a lot smaller 23 megabytes I think that still might be too big too big still uh export oh you know what I can do I don't really need any of these here oh I guess I need that as a placeholder um it's the video that's making it big let's just take this down make it as small as possible 23 estimated I'm not sure if I can make this any smaller 19 17.

six okay cool we just gave it all the lowest settings foreign my camera's off again the only reason why we're doing this is just to get the MP3 file temporarily [Music] I'm not sure what happened with my camera but it's kind of dead might just have to go without my camera for now oh there we go all right I think we can pull this in now upload I don't know if this is going to make the audio sound terrible we'll see [Music] I don't even think I can play that on my side can I these websites help you okay generate generate these tools like manychat high level radar how are they going to cost me I mean look it depends on what your goal is so like everybody asks me like Chase it's kind of like it's like it's like uh if you were to if you were to walk in now let's say at this construction company and I was like bulldozing houses and laying all this concrete and then you go chase how much of this do I need I'm gonna respond with it depends on what you're trying to build do you need to go out and and start bulldozing houses to make money no you don't need like an entire you could start with a hammer okay it just depends on what you're where you're trying to go I can't tell you I you know I can't be the one that says you need to go and build a mansion right obviously if you're trying to go big you're going to need some bigger tools you're not going to just go and build like massive things with just a hammer but do you need to start with all this stuff probably not probably start small these websites help you automate your income while you sleep the first website okay so download and again I know I keep repeating this but all of this will be automated right so that you don't have to go and do all this individually we're going to have this like where you just upload an image upload your voice it'll just do all this for you these websites these websites help you these websites help you automate your income while you sleep the first web [Music] these websites help you automate your income while you sleep the first website is Lexica art lexicon so I mean we could choose to keep this Avatar in the picture in the video like in the bottom right if we wanted to these websites help you automate your income while you sleep the first website is lexic but you can't really see the person anymore um I could also bring this up higher like that and then put this guy in the bottom right like that um it's kind of just how you want to customize it I don't know if I can clip the top of this I'm pretty sure I can I just don't really know how cut out uh but I might just remove them from it because I'm not sure if I want him for the sake of this example though I might keep them but again I'm not really too sure oh that did something I'm pretty sure there's a way that you can cut this guy or bring this video down [Music] these websites help you automate your income while you sleep the first website is Lexica art gosh darn it how do I do this all right let me just look it up how to cut a video I don't want to cut it though I want to maybe adjust Lexica Dart you're gonna drive me nuts I swear there's just a key that I have to press to do this and let's see I import and I've got my video right here so let's add this time and then this group oh right there I was looking right at it these websites help you automate your income while you sleep the first website is Lexica art lexicodart is an AI powered website that enables users to okay users to effortlessly accept online payments and sell various Goods if you want my all right Unlimited okay so again this is why I'd rather just do this in a program because you just see how long it takes for one video when we can just automate like 10 of these videos like this with shine ranker but at least we got the websites part done because that would have taken us an extra 40 or 50 minutes how much does a bag of groceries weigh yeah or or how much food should I cook I don't know what are you trying to do you trying to feed a family like you're trying to feed a village you're probably gonna need some different things for that and I think the issue with people is that they all think that like there's a one size fits all when there isn't like some people are a lot more ambitious than others and like I can't tell you what your goal is or what it should be these website here we go this is the video lights help you automate your income these websites help you automate your income while you sleep the first website is Lexica art Lexica Dart is an AI powered website that enables users to customize and generate a wide range of images in various Styles the second website is buffer buffer is a comprehensive social media management tool that enables businesses to efficiently manage multiple platforms providing scheduling analytics and engagement features the third website is systemaidio system a dial is a comprehensive business platform that provides everything you need to start and grow your online business including sales funnels online courses webinars memberships affiliate programs unlimited emails and the ability to sell physical products the fourth website is thrivecart Thrive cart is an all-in-one platform that enables users to effortlessly accept online payments and sell various Goods if you want my full list of websites for free just reply with the word yes right now or head over to scary toolbots com so there you go then and then and the cool thing is you can do ads to these types of videos too go ahead and Export that now we got to put our settings back we'll do 1080 higher that MP4 frame rate will do 60 and we'll say these websites automate your income so there you go and again pretty soon we'll be able to do all this in like two seconds but at least we did the websites part that that made things a lot faster and and you could just post just the websites like top five websites without doing all this other stuff but this is kind of where I want the tool to head I saw a software tool that would make it simple to add a clip at the end yeah yeah so we already have that by the way it's just uh we just don't like we haven't put it in the main app yet but we have a lot of capabilities that you haven't even seen yet um all right desktop let's go drag this clip into Instagram these websites help you automate your income while you sleep the first website is Lexica art Lex these five websites automate so pretty cool upload it to Facebook these websites help you automate your income while you sleep the first website is Lexica art Lexica Dart is an AI powered website that enables users to customize and generate a wide range of images in various Styles the second website is buffer buffer is a comprehensive social media management tool that enables businesses to efficiently manage multiple platforms providing scheduling analytics and engagement features the third website is system Aid IO system a dial is a comprehensive business platform that provides everything you need to start and grow your online business including sales funnels online foreign so yeah that's pretty much it um hope you guys like the new features we're going to keep working on them again if you want to grab them if you want to schedule a call with my team dfy we'll get you set up with this system we'll just go and clone our system onto yours if you just want us to set it up for you um but yeah super exciting I appreciate you all for being here and being a part of it and uh can't wait to show you all the new stuff we're gonna do very soon so thanks for being here see you guys soon till then happy money making we'll see you guys bye thank you

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