Road to 1,000 Leads a Day With AI / Shinefy (Complete Guide P2.)

all right what's going on guys Chase with shifi here and we are on part two of the Thousand leads a day Series in this video we're going to be covering how to start getting some traffic with AI generated video If you like this series you want me to keep you updated with more videos like this please make sure you drop a yes in the comments and a like and let's get straight into what you need to do to start driving traffic and generating leads for your funnel ideally like build getting set up with the CRM is just like the very first part right so if I have a landing page and an email automation that's like the easy part the hard part is figuring out what do we need to do to start driving traffic to the funnel okay so once we have our funnel cool that's pretty much done you don't really have to do much else you will eventually once you start doing like manual Outreach and um you start sending like bulk email but you're not there yet if you're if you're starting out you don't really have to worry about doing like email blasts because the automation's going to do enough and we'll probably cover more of like the manual Outreach when you when we get to like part six or seven or later on in this series but right now what we need to start focusing on is we need we need to drive traffic as quickly as possible probably with something like um you know videos I would say okay so remember there's so there's so many different ways that you can drive traffic you can do videos you can do SEO you can do ads you can do contact form marketing you can do all these different things to drive traffic right you can even just do Word of Mouth you can just drive people directly to your funnel just like by yourself just doing like uh you know Outreach through DMs and that kind of thing I recommend you start with video and here's why video is one of the things that like requires probably the least amount of effort because there's so many ways to automate it and it's something that you can have running in the background while you go and stack this other stuff right so what's going to happen through this series is we're starting out with basically just easy ways to start getting leads in traffic as we keep going through this series we're going to start being able to stack what we're doing right so maybe you're doing videos and Outreach and contact forms and all these other things but the very thing the in my opinion the thing that you want to start with is really just doing videos because videos again are something that you can really really automate and it's something that you it's something that's so easy to automate that the other things once you start stacking them you just have these videos going on in the background so let's talk about the different types of videos that we can do so we can do long form videos we can do short form videos and then we can do live streams okay now I don't think you really need to do long form and live streams unless you want to start selling things yourself okay so what I mean by that is like short form videos are great for bringing people in the door right and let me let me clarify what I said about selling things live stream and long form are great for selling things but you don't have to make the videos yourself okay and what I do is I make a lot of these videos that you can use so like in the funnel that I give you in part one um you can use the live the the long form videos that I make and embed them on the page and I'll sell the affiliate for you does that make sense so you don't necessarily have to do the long forms yourself and so what I would recommend is instead of focusing on Long forms focus on short form because short form are great for bringing in um leads long form and live streams are great for selling things so let's let me just show you here so like when I do a a short form video right let's say I do a short form video on Instagram anything under you know 60 seconds and I say hey this is the easiest way to make money online or whatever all you have to do is and you don't have to do any weird dances on Tik Tok right so in here like we're going to tell people hey if you're interested in this thing respond with the word yes right or Ai and then we send them a DM so those are all leads coming in now when we send them to whatever training we have right um that's a long form video that we're sending them to right so we're going to go here here here enter our email so then we give them this long form video right now in this long form video what are we saying we're saying hey this is how the system works and it's like a 48 minute video now remember you don't have to do this yourself right you don't have to do this long form video I'm doing it for you right and so when you start with part one let me go here when you start with part one you grab the funnel that I already have built for you with my emails and my landing page and everything you swap out your affiliate link here and then you can use my long form training so you don't actually have to go and make the videos does that make sense so you get set up with your funnel get set up with the funnel get set up with funnel and then part two you just drive traffic Drive traffic with short form content now how do we go and start making short form content there's so many ways to do this right there's you know you can make the content yourself you can be on video most people don't want to be on video you can use stock video uh you know you can do reaction style content you can do AI generated content there are so many different ways to do short form content okay so really it just comes down to how you want to make your content now I'm going to be showing you multiple ways to make content I'm not going to show you all the different ways in this video because again it would take me a really long time so the first way I'm going to show you is just using basic AI generated content okay now I'm not going to show you how to make an Instagram page or a Facebook page I can I'm assuming that you can go on Google or on YouTube and look up how do I make a Facebook page how do I make an Instagram page how do I make a YouTube If you don't know how to make an account then you got to be a little bit more resourceful I'm not going to teach you everything basic I'm assuming if you're watching this video you're watching this series you already know a little bit about how to get set up with certain things like make a social media account what we want to do is we want to start generating content for our social media right so get a get an Instagram get a Faceook Facebook page um get a YouTube account get a Tik Tok whatever you want you know get a few different accounts and if you already have an account great you can you can post these videos on on your personal on on anywhere right and then what we're going to do is we're going to start by generating AI content and the reason why I'm going to show you this is because I've actually built this company I built shifi this is my company to to help you automatically generate videos Okay the reason I did this is because a while ago I've been tell people for years like you need to start doing short form content it's the best way to generate leads and a lot of my friends that are really successful online they use short form content now as kind of their main lead um main way of generating leads due to the stuff that I've been showing them over the years and so I recommend that you start doing short form content because again it is the easiest way to start bringing in leads but if you don't want to be on video again this is why I built shifi you can use our tool to generate videos now shifi has a 24-hour trial if you don't like the tool cancel it if you like the tool keep it okay so basically you go here click on get started grab the 24-hour trial right here one day free and once you're in shifi this is what it's going to look like going to log in I'm going to show you how easy it is to make these videos because I'm going to even give you my videos that you can start recreating as well so inside of shifi here um let me just show you the basics if you go to credits down here it's a credit based system um we have have different plans so $97 a month gives you 200 credits 297 a month gives you 600 497 gives you 1,000 and then we have the yearly plans as well 200 uh 970 a year for 200 credits so you can upgrade any time or cancel anytime and so what we're going to do is we're going to go and start by going to the AI tools and we're going to go to the transcriber so I'm going to just use one of my videos as an example right so I have a lot of videos on um uh Instagram that have gotten a lot of views let me go and show you what some of these are here so we're going to go to reals and we're going to go to let's say let's just find one of the videos that got a lot of views take I don't know this one got 22,000 this one got 40,000 okay so we're going to take that oh and I got to do it by profile I think you can't do it by reals or by posts scroll down this got 384 comments so basically 384 leads cuz we're using you know um automation to respond to all these leads I'll show you how to do that in a little bit but um basically we're going to copy this uh post copy the link and then we're going to go into shiny and we're going to paste this here and then this is going to allow us to basically grab this video that's already gone viral and you have permission to do this with all of my videos so any video that you see of mine uh just go and grab it like this and some by the way some of these AI generated videos in the has have gotten millions of views and thousands of leads and comments so the AI videos do work um for a while I was only posting AI videos just because I didn't have time to make them myself so we're going to click on transcribe here and it looks like I don't have enough credits probably because I got a new account but that's funny I need to ask my developer to give me more credits let me actually message him really quick we actually just recently switched from Thrive cart to stripe so um it says I don't have credits might just have to buy a subscription here the email what was I talking about I don't remember what I was saying oh so basically when you have credits uh it gives you the transcription of the video like this and then what you can do by the way is you can turn on the enhancer what this will do is it will basically um it will take the transcription it'll use chat gbt to rewrite it so that it's a better it's a better result so like for example if I click cck on this it's not that necessarily that it's better it just makes it more unique right so it'll rewrite the whole thing with chat GPT and then I can even change out the language and everything I just got a different account here let me grab let me go sign into this other account but yeah we we we switched from Thrive cart to to stripe because we're having all these rebuilding issues with strive cart um and now it's working a lot better with stripe so let's go to the transcriber let's go to the same video let me go back here grab that and then let me uh click on transcribe here there we go it also lets you grab the video too download the video and while this is loading I'm going to say hi hi to everyone in chat what's up Wonder kid what's up MOX are you really going to make money in this stream yes for sure yo Chase what's up Noel what's up coach so we got the the transcription here there it is and then all we have to do is we can click on so look at here here it is if you're not earning over $1,000 a day you need to stop what you're doing to watch this video um scary tool is a free checklist so so this is where you can change it out with your websites now in this video we're basically talking about you know websites that are websites that they can use to earn money or websites that they can use to generate leads or whatever we're talking about right so in this uh case we we talk about our free checklist with you know the hundreds of AI tools that they can get paid to promote okay now you can also and I tell people this all the time look nothing I do is original right everything that I've done is is some sort of variation of something else that somebody else has done right and so if you see a checklist like this and you want to offer a checklist guess what all you have to do is file make a copy and then change out these affiliate links with your affiliate links and then go offer this as a free checklist okay um so if you want to redo the video that I did that already got a bunch of views and you want to offer your own checklist just use my stuff like I don't care you guys don't have to like worry about copying me or ripping me off right don't pretend you're me but um you know use my resources as as resources for yourself so either way here we go so scary tool so let's say you made your own checklist and you and you had you know I don't know uh best AI right is a free checklist of blah blah blah each of these tools funny thing is and then obviously if you're not earning money with these things yet maybe instead of saying the funny thing is I'm using this to earn over thou 18,000 uh in the last week you could say I'm using this to generate leads right now I'm using this to automate this or that obviously whatever you're saying it needs to be legit but here we go we're going to just go ahead and take this transcription that we got from that viral video click on Create and then um it's going to give us some options so it's going to uh ask us if slide accuracy just means it's going to use more image prompts video captions this just means that it's going to give us more uh just give us captions on the video now in this case I'm not going to use the captions because I actually want to show you how to use CA cut to edit this video after because sometimes it's nice to add edits at the End by 16 portrait that means because we're going to do a short form so if we want to do long form we do 16 by 9 um we can change the image prompt so how we want the images to look so let's say we want I don't know anime let's just do hyper realistic art voice and then we can preview The Voice here too see what it sounds like let me uh do that here I have to turn on the audio so everybody can hear this as we are liberated from our own fear our presence Auto okay let's say I don't like that voice and and by the way you can use um your own oh yeah I pretty sure you can use your own 11 Labs account you can use your own 11 Labs key here and you can actually clone your own voice into the videos as well but let's just go through here and use some of these pre-made ones and then these are the chat GPT voices these are the 11 Labs voices let's just use the chat GPT ones and it actually looks like there's no preview on this I need to tell the uh developer to put previews on the 11 Labs voices um okay we're going to do no background music but we could preview the background if we wanted to um okay so now uh we have all this we're ready we're going to click on generate then custom video means like if you want to customize everything in the video all the image prompts everything I'm going to have um chat GPT customize the image prompts for me so I don't have to do the custom video and then by the way if I click on idea this will I don't even use this is something I think some people mess up don't take the script that you want and put it into idea because idea basically means chat GPD is going to go and rewrite the whole video for you so don't do idea unless you want chat GPT to do the whole video like all the words and everything script is if you want the the video to say exactly what is in here and create the image prompts around that now what's going to happen is this is going to um basically run through it's going to calculate the accuracy it's going to decide how much how many credits this costs um and then it's going to start generating the video okay and then we're going to get the video that we can post so if I go to um preview here I can see some of these previous ones and actually um I don't know what some of this is it looks like the developer did like intro or something I'm not really sure uh remember this is the developer account so a lot of what's going on in here the failed and this kind of stuff is because he's going and doing all these tests here um but this is a long form video you can see uh we'll wait for this one to to to go to calculate the accuracy and then um generate everything it looks like it's already it and then once this is done we'll look at the video and then we'll even post it and everything um but that's basically all you have to do to start generating the video so let's just do a quick recap here what we did so far so again part one if you haven't watched it go watch part one we set up CRM with a landing page and email automation so we can start capturing our leads and then sell them plus affiliate link part two what we've done so so far is we've uh started generating videos from shifi 3day trial and we're going to start posting these videos pretty soon here um how we started generating the videos is we found we found videos that were already viral and we regenerated them with shifi okay now one of the things that we're going to do remember is we want to get cap cut cap Cut's a free tool we can use it from our phone or from our computer um it works on Mac Windows everything um we want to go grab cap cut because cap cut is what we do after we start generating content right so what I'm going to show you here let's go into capcut com we're going to go to cap we're going to um you can edit online as well they have an online editor I usually just use the windows one because I'm on Windows I do have a Mac as well but um most of the time I'm editing on Windows but what I can do is I can go to cap cut here let me let me click on download and by the way in one of the parts of this series as well I'm going to show you how to Outsource all this stuff as well if you don't want to do this I'm going to show you how to hire people to go and do all the edits for you generate the videos for you do all of this so you don't have to do it but I think it's important that you learn it first just so that you know how to do it okay so we're to download cap cut once we download cap cut we're going to open it up and then this is where we can start editing our video now um I usually do very basic edits and this is completely optional if you're using shiny you're not going to necessarily need to use cap cut but sometimes it's nice to do a little bit extra on your videos and it's nice to have the choice so you can see this just got done calculating the accuracy we're going to click on Create and by the way the reason it does this is what it does is it calculates everything um that it needs to make the video and I actually told the developer too to make sure to do an auto calculation just so we don't have to click the buttons twice but now it's generating the video and when the video is done we're going to be able to download it and then put it into cap cut now while we're waiting for this video to download I'm going to answer some any questions we have here Taz says hi Chase I live in Ukraine can I use your product yeah so this works anywhere um and again the voices and everything um and the transcriber and everything you can use any language you want so that's what's really cool about this is if I go into here look at I can go like this and I can change the full language to anything um also inside of shiny we have the AI chat so this is just chat GPT I think four and you can go and have chat GPT change the language or do anything you want it to do um you know make you a video within here make me a video script about AI oops I said aiio but then it'll go do that we also have a new thing that we just introduced which is our AI search engine so um if we click on AI Gallery here and then we click on videos uh we have all of our videos in a dashboard here so these are all the videos that you've generated and the cool thing about is these can actually get views and likes because all of the videos and images that you generate all on our search engine which is now being indexed on Google so if I go to AIS search.

Shiny this is our our search engine and you can actually share these videos um and these images straight from the search engine so that's pretty cool uh and so if you need a way of getting AI generated images you can go in here and type any bot and you can just pull images or videos um from here so pretty cool um you can see like oh I need this robot image boom download save okay also let's go back into shif and by the way you don't have to have this tab open this will run like in the background you don't have to have this tab open to make the video keep finish it'll finish um like you can close this browser or go to a different tab or whatever um and then this will finish on its own so um notifications I don't think we doing anything here with that yet um yeah and then the 11 Labs key this is just if you want to clone your own voice and shine ranker I'll talk about this in another video we're still working on our our SEO tool credits yeah so this is just and then I think you can even buy more individual credits too like if you don't want to buy one of the plans and you just want to be like like if you don't want to upgrade your plan you just want to buy more credits you can just go in here and just add more credits to your cart too um but you can see like the video that we generated cost about five credits so not too bad especially because this actually doing these videos actually uh costs a lot for us hosting and and API wise we're actually not very profitable I'll be honest with you um with this company just because of how much it costs to do these videos automatically like this um for all the things that we have to do the voices the the images everything requires a lot of money through apis through chat GPT and through um Google cloud and whatnot um hello Chase with shiny what's up how you doing George says hi Chase sorry oh no worries so yeah any questions so far does is this stuff making sense to you guys so far we have about 50 people in our live um just leave a one or a yes if this is making sense to you thank you and give me a three if you want me to continue doing this stepbystep um system for you will probably end up being like eight parts by the end of this probably be like eight hours of training because part one was already what was part how many hours of training was that this one was only like 30 minutes I think 35 minutes but I did edit it so it was before it was like 50 minutes before I edited it we got a seven okay one three on continuing to do the series got it yes looks cool API as hell I know can you make a playlist yeah let me actually make that right now while we're waiting we're going to go YouTube think I need to go create playlist right question is what to earn with that realistically well what do you mean earn with what there's like this is a multi Series so there's multiple things going on here right ideally nothing really happens overnight all this stuff that I talk about especially with affiliate it takes a little bit of time it could take you months before you start to really see some some results but it's like that with anything right create new playlist we're going to call it the um th000 leads a day with road to a th000 plus leads just do say a th000 leads a day with AI and then we'll probably need chat gbt to make a description for that but yeah let's go here's part one done create um we're going to do oldest to newest just because we want part one to be first and then I'm going to link this playlist for you guys in the chat so all of the videos basically I do a live stream so you guys can watch this live and then what I do is afterwards I'm going to um basically re-edit the video and inside of the edited video I'm going to uh just add it to this playlist and we'll probably have like eight or nine Parts by the end of this so this should be done here that now we have the video let's go ahead and preview it just see what it sounds like if you're not earning over $1,000 a day with AI you need to stop what you're doing and watch this video now we actually forgot I think to add no there should be animations there um not sure why normally when you add slide animations these pictures move in and out not sure why that didn't happen here maybe that was some sort of bug I'll ask the develop I'm going to send the developer this video after this so he can kind of watch all the different things but um either way the cool thing about cap cut right is we can actually add the animations as well so we're going to just click on download go into here boom and then the first thing we want to do we can so we're in cap cut right so cap cut is kind of cool um because it's very basic right I edit videos all the time on my phone with cap cut my team uses cap cut I'm going to just show you some basics in here so we're going to go to audio first now we can see the audio is just a little bit low so we can just kind of move that up a tiny bit try not to move it um you know above the orange right when it starts to hit orange I'm not going to make it any louder than that and by the way um to scroll in you can hold control on your keyboard and then use your scroll wheel to zoom in if you don't have a scroll wheel um you can do the minus symbol on your keyboard or the plus symbol with control and it'll either move in or out um and then just some Basics here uh to cut split the video so like you see how there's kind of a pause here let me zoom in see there's kind of a pause here this is the wheel the the line that we need to look at this line right here if I click on cut it just cut that part of the scene and then I can just drag see this I can just drag the part I don't want in there if there's like a pause or something okay now to play the video you just drag this line to the beginning and then you can press your space bar to play the video so let's just watch it here if you're not earning over $1,000 okay so you can see right now it's just an image and audio so what we want to do and again we could have added the captions ourselves through shiny and we are getting a new update in shiny where you can actually edit the captions inside the app um but I'm just going to show you how to do this in cap cut right now so we're going to click on text Auto captions and create okay um and now you can see the captions start a little bit later here let me scroll this over so you can see this you see how the video starts here and then the captions start right there I can just drag these to start at the beginning okay bring this slider back and then this is where the captions are I can't really see them right so if I click on the captions and I'm on text here uh I can change the color so now I can see a little bit better I can click on Bold if I want to make a little bit brighter and then I can even change the font I like to use this font here but you can use whatever you want and then I can up the font size and I can even move this up here boom so now if I drag this back now we have captions over the whole video okay so if I just press play here if you're not earning over $1,000 a day with AI you need to stop what you're doing now you know let's say it still looks a little boring because I want this text to do a little bit more I can click on animation and I can um choose different animations for the text so like this one if you're not earning so now it kind of like flashes across the screen maybe I don't like that one maybe I want this one if you're not earning so it kind of flashes in maybe I want this one if you're not so just choose whatever you want and then let's say I want stuff to be going on in the actual video right I can click on effects here and I can have different things going on in the video and this is essentially what the animation feature does in shifi um for whatever reason I didn't do it in this case but like if I click if I grab this animation this wobble animation right I can add that in that might be a little bit too intense and if I hover over this too it'll show what it'll do in the video it'll actually app the effect and then show me what what's going to happen to the video if I add this effect onto it so let's just say I want this one I'm going to go like this add the effect and I just dragged it on top of it and then here we go if you're not earning over a thousand maybe I want it to move though so let's do zoom in zoom in lens and I can do two effects at a time too you see that if you're not earning over $1,000 a day with AI you need to stop what you're doing and watch this video okay okay so now it went to the next part of the the next video so for that next part watch right here I can do a different effect maybe I don't know this thing and watch this video this video and then maybe the text is going too much over that person's face so I can move it down now by the way if I move this text it's going to move the whole text to the whole video and so if you only want to move it for certain scenes you just check off apply to all so that it only applies to this specific scene and I can also just make the text smaller so it's not as like crazy so let's just say we want it there instead for the whole video If you're not earning over $1,000 a day with AI you need to stop what you're doing maybe I want it here you need to stop what you're doing and watch this video scary toolots do so boom then it goes to the website now you can see even um you know sometimes cap cut has a hard time reading doing the caption so I need to put a dot there because it's do com scary and then I can and remember like you might be thinking I don't want to do all this editing this seems terrible I'm going to show you how to Outsource all of this as well so you don't have to do this all yourself okay I'm just kind of showing you here how it works um so let's go put this scary tool is a free checklist of hundreds of AI tools that you can get paid to promote okay and then there's a pause here so let's just cut that boom because remember I'm just showing you how this works I don't do any of my own edits I have other people do my edits okay and it looks like uh I probably should have done the auto captions after just because the whole video I need to move these captions with the thing we'll just leave it here for now each one of these tools will pay you money just to just to sending links like this to people the funny thing is the system I'm using earned me over $18,000 so I'm I'm kind of going crazy with these animations here each one of these tools will pay you money just to sending links like this to people using earned over and then when we're done with that we can click on export we're going to do 60 frames or whatever we want export and now the video is ready to post okay now again in the next videos I'm going to show you how to out over $1,000 a day in the next videos I'm going to show you how to Outsource these videos so that other people are making them and editing them I'm going to also show you how to schedule out all this content automatically because we use a social media scheduler team does all of it they do the posting they do the editing they do the scheduling um everything's automated I don't make I don't really touch any of the videos besides just telling them hey this is a good video or this is a bad video okay but ideally now the two things that we covered and and this is something that you can start working on um if you're watching this series you can start working on this um which is step one getting set up with your CRM and opt-in and affiliate and then step to start generating videos that's it that's all you got to start doing okay if you start doing these two things you're going to probably start getting leads if you if you start doing what I'm sharing with you here okay now one of the things I'll also recommend is that if you do start generating the videos and you have no following one of the things I'd recommend is join some groups that you can start posting in okay so let me actually show you this here going to go to Facebook so if I go to Facebook and I type in like something like AI right and I go to groups so there's all these different groups in here 296,000 members 1.6 million members 246 uh thousand members right you can post Reals in groups okay one of the ways I've seen people make money with like people always ask me what's the fastest way to make money one of the fastest ways I've ever seen people make money is they went into a group and they either made a post or or a reel and they talked about whatever they you know whatever they were talking about right so you know how to earn money with AI how to generate leads with AI how to whatever with AI right or it doesn't even have to be AI just anything that's to the group so all I'd have to do is join this group like this and then a lot of groups probably won't let you post right but if you join enough groups one of them will probably let you do it right so I could go join let's say this group let's say it's this one or this one I don't know this one and then the video that I just created with cap cut here I could go to the group and this is a way to access basically a bunch of followers without having followers right so so I can go here drag the video in boom there's the real and then I can say comment with the word AI if you're interested in learning more and and you'll get a lot of people dming you as well like that's pretty much it I just click on post now I don't really know this I'm not going to do this just because I don't want I don't know this group very well but um that's pretty much it you can start posting these videos you'll start getting people dming you you'll start getting people commenting on the post especially if you I mean think about you can go and post in 20 groups right now you go Post in this group take the same video go Post in this group take the same video go Post in this group and because there's followers in here there's already people in here you're going to get people seeing your stuff okay pretty cool right obviously I'd also post on your own stuff right post your I post on my own personal I post on my um you know on my own Facebook pages I have a bunch of different Facebook pages you can go out and create 20 Facebook pages if you want I'll talk more about that video but um does everybody understand what we're doing so far here just give me a one in the chat if you understand that we are doing setting up a CRM and then we're automating our content does that make sense so far and and again if you don't have the playlist I left it in live chat but also you can just go to YouTube because I'm going to actually put this on probably the main part of the channel but I would go and just start going through each part of the series because everything so so far to this point has been free okay I want to recap because everybody thinks I'm selling something here everything to this point is free so part one when I show you how to get set up with the 30-day free trial to high level it's free if you don't get any leads in high level and you don't make any money with high level cancel the trial and and I also give you when you get the 30-day trial to high level I give you my Snapshot which has all my emails that I send all my landing pages everything part two which is today I I show you how to get set up with shifi which is also a 24-hour free trial if you don't like the videos and you don't like the platform cancel the trial okay so everything to this point has been free so so you can't say like oh I'm just trying to sell me something no I'm doing all of this for free right now and if you like the stuff go pay for it if you don't don't pay for it but it's optional you don't have to pay for anything right now and so if you're starting out you don't have any money everything to this point has been free and everything in this entire series I'm planning on making free or as free as possible because I'm really just showing you all the different tools automations I use and pretty much all of them have free trials okay so let me go ahead and make sure this playlist is on here okay yeah so the playlist is on here now it's road to a th leads a day with AI okay now I'm going to open up for questions does anybody have questions so far wizard button says have you ever thought of promoting your software through app Sumo I have but the problem is I don't want to do an LTD like a lifetime deal just because I'm not really like you know I'm not really sure on that I don't know if I want to do that so his plan actually works what does that mean Roki says just program what you have cost 2,000 and make a video like you cost a lot cost a lot time and editing I'll program what you have is not free well look so there is a free trial the thing is that I can't make the entire app free because I actually spend a lot of money I spend like I think it's like three or 400 Days just sorry 300 to $400 a day just on apis alone just so you guys can make videos with shiny I actually don't even make that much money with shiney at this point shif I more of a lead magnet than anything um because I don't really make that much money with the software like I pretty much lose all the money I make with that tool what's going on now this oh so yeah we're just doing part two right now so tomorrow part three we'll probably get into uh now that we're doing the videos probably doing in the Outsourcing let me ask you guys a question in chat right now or if you're watching this video after are you more interested in learning how to Outsource everything all your work or are you more interested in doing it yourself obviously if you Outsource if you hire somebody right if somebody else is doing the work for you you're going to have to spend some money um but if you do everything yourself it's going to take a really really long time and and just to put things in perspective all of the Outsourcing I do most of my employees cost anywhere between $4 to $8 an hour I'll also talk about as well how I um keep people motivated because I don't just pay hourly I also do bonuses based on how people perform coach what's good to see you chase out here after all these years I know well it's funny like I said at the begin beginning of the stream uh I was thinking about making this my last live stream because I've only been getting like 20 people live but today we went we went from 20 people watching yesterday to 40 people today so that does make me happy I would like to get at least 100 people per live stream afford Outsource ing well and again the idea is that you start making some money and then as you start to make money most people don't realize like okay like the whole goal is right you want to work for money and then you want your money to work for you and so what does that mean it means that at a certain point once you have enough money you run out of time right because most people either have a lot of time you either have a lot of time or you have a lot of money but you usually don't have both right and so if you have a lot of money the idea is to buy back your time right how do you do that well you start Outsourcing and you start creating templates right so for me my big thing right now is I have more money I have more money I don't have a lot of money but I have more money and so my job is to buy back my time how do I buy back my time I start Outsourcing um and I have to create templates so that other people can do what I need to get done but I have to create these templates people always complain to me they say well I started Outsourcing but they did the wrong thing and then what I say to them is like well you you probably aren't creating very good templates and you're not creating a way for people to fully understand what you need them to do because ideally it should be plug andplay okay you shouldn't if you're telling people hey I need you to do this thing and then you're like kind of being vag about it you're like well I need you to go figure it out have you ever seen big companies like Starbucks or like you know any big company Best Buy how they run things everything is based on a template they have employee training they have certain ways of doing things they have you know everything is regimented where like bu's in question of how things work okay and so if you have people that are like I don't know how this works that's your fault not theirs okay it just means that you haven't created the right templat and you haven't created a way for people to understand things in a way that you know you need to train it's your fault for not training them enough uh wizard button says Chase you're right I've got leads for my short form content agency through Facebook only yeah and that's one other thing I'll say too is that you know Facebook and Instagram right now for me work the best okay and the cool thing about these is as you'll see in like the future trainings I'm going to do for you in this series Facebook and Instagram are great because you can connect robots to them and you can use robots to to respond to your leads um that's why I focus mainly on Facebook and Instagram and that's why I acquire Brands only on Facebook and Instagram I don't buy you know YouTube brands or Tik Tok Brands because I can't automate the follow-up for those at least not very well coach says I remember your first video oh my God that's I'm sorry always scared of looking at my older videos because I just don't want to cringe myself out what affiliate links can we use for the videos so if you watch part one if you go watch series one I'm this whole series if you if you're not if you didn't watch part one which again you should go watch it um is showing you how I'm promoting an affiliate for high level okay so this whole series shows you how I'm earning like how I went from you know $500 a month to um we're now at probably around $10,000 a month with high levels affiliate program okay I'm giving you my exact step by step for promoting high levels affiliate now can you use it for another affiliate yes totally you can use any tool on this checklist and you can promote pretty much any of these as Affiliates um I recommend promoting what I'm promoting because of the fact that I've already done it all for you the reason why I'm doing this is because you don't have to guess on any of this all you have to do is load in my templates right so think about this for high level I already have the landing page built I have the emails built I have everything built so you just go and change this to your affiliate links for the videos right I already built all the videos that are getting traffic to this landing page all you have to do is regenerate them with shiny or recreate them right and then so this entire thing this whole series all I'm doing is I'm just giving you the plug-in play right I'm not I'm not going to like say oh well go Choose Your Own Thing like I'm literally just giving you copy and past templates okay I think it's easier to do that because that way you don't really have to think about okay well what email do I need to write what you know landing page do I need to make based on this other affiliate I'm promoting what I'm just giving you everything that I'm doing okay and so you can just copy and paste all of it very very simple and um you know high level is a great uh uh affiliate you know you get a 40% Commission on it and it's something that every beginner needs right the reason why I'm promoting high level as like the main affiliate opposed to like I don't know something else um is because even shifi right is because those things are kind of secondary like if you don't have a way to start generating um like if you don't have a way to start capturing your leads and sending emails it's going to be kind of pointless to do all this other stuff okay and so you're trying to start making money online and you don't have an email list you don't have a way to text people you don't have a landing page then the first thing you need is the ability to do that because until you do those things you're kind of just like you're kind of just wasting your time right I remember when I first started I was doing um all these videos on YouTube and I didn't have any of that right I didn't have an email list I didn't have an email list to like four years after I started so I was doing all these videos but guess what all these leads I could have generated all these emails I could have generated all this like audience that I could have captured I don't have the ability to to email them or or contact them because all of my videos were just going to like a sales page and I and I wasn't capturing any of my traffic so number one most important thing anybody body can have is a CRM okay after that you know okay now we need to do videos now we need to do you know now we need to drive traffic we need to schedule out our content now we need to Outsource all these other things but until you have the ability to start capturing your leads it is pretty much like it's it's you can't you can't you can't scale long term unless you can actually start capturing your leads like you need a way to start capturing your leads and following up with them um Chase is there a group of people with any type of success stories I know for a fact uh you are and a few others um a group of people with success stories I'm not really sure what you mean I mean there's successful people everywhere um if you're asking if there's like some sort of Mastermind um most of the people I talk to that are successful are not people that want to be known okay so like everybody I talk to is not in a group environment it's people that I have their personal phone numbers and I reach out and call them and I say hey how's it going but like I don't most people that are like really successful they don't want to be in groups most people that are really successful they don't want people talking to them right because it becomes uh it becomes difficult like again the more money you start making the less time you have you don't have the ability to talk to as many people even like these live streams that I'm doing I don't really necessarily have time to do these live streams even this training like I don't really have time to do this training but the reason I'm doing it is because I figure that like if I give you a deeper dive into what I'm doing you're going to be more likely to be successful and in my head I don't feel right only doing short form content and then not explaining how to actually get going CU I was doing I mean you got to think about this I didn't doing live streams for a while because I was only doing short form content and I was getting thousands I was getting 3,000 leads a day I think it's now like 2,000 it's gone down a little bit but I thought to myself like okay I'm getting all these leads I'm doing all this stuff and it's working and I could have just kept doing that but I thought to myself but all these people coming in are confused right all these people that are looking at my short forms looking at my emails they're thinking to themselves okay this is great but I don't fully understand this so I realized I'm like okay well I I sit down I need to lay all this out for everybody and I need to make it free so everybody can go through it um and I knew like right now like I'm only on part two of this series but um you know I knew it was going to take a long time like I'm going to going to take me I don't know what 10 or 20 hours before you guys are fully caught up on what we're doing here cuz this is really just the tip of the iceberg um and you know it's a commitment but at the same time I think it's worth it because long term I know when I start going back to doing mainly shorts again um and really just focusing on traffic you guys are going to be set up where you have everything that you need to go to do this okay but it's a commitment and I'm doing right now I'm doing it all for free that's why it's always funny to me when people like oh you're just selling a course I'm literally doing this course for you that I would normally charge for and make hundreds of thousands of dollars off of you know my last few es were making like a lot of money and I'm doing it for free but I'm doing it for free because I want to make everybody um I want to make it accessible for everybody so they can all so you can all become successful without me like having to gate it for only a certain amount of people well you know here in YouTube when people sell an expensive product they want to see success stories well okay but again like what do you mean so I don't if you're saying that for me or for you if you're saying like you're trying to sell a product and you want to see success stor so you can show other people um there's there's of success stories around go high level I mean if you look in their you want to see success stories just go look at one of their groups go into high lels Community they have like 70,000 people in there and look up like the word win or you know client or something like that and you'll see a bunch of people that have testimonials same thing with with our group you can do the same thing so you might take you some digging but if you're trying to do affiliate like yeah I would or or you can even email the company too and say hey do you have have a folder of testimonials most most that have affiliate will have folders of testimonials that you can use so um yeah I I don't know if that answers your question but I thought you were talking about like do you know where people are that like you can learn from that are like successful and again like the people that I learn from that are making millions of dollars a year they're usually not teaching really anymore or they're not really teaching like a lot of the people that I know um is Success that are successful is um people that uh they don't really talk about like how much money they're making they're talking about how much money other people are making right so like even for me like I'm saying let's earn ,000 dollar with AI and people are like can you do that like that's that's that happens every day for me like it's not really a challenge I just do that as kind of a tagline I could put put a way bigger number in there and it be more accurate but I mean for me it's not important about whether I make $1,000 it's important for for me to help you get started you know generating leads and and and successful online um shifi is the product yeah but again it's it's a free trial like the the is is I don't think people realize like in the past I never had anything free like there was no you know here go check out high level for free it's 30-day trial there's no oh go grab shifi it's free like I was selling everything so like courses you know products templates all this stuff I was selling so that I could make money on the front end now I do all this stuff for free because I know that if I do enough free stuff people will eventually want to start paying for things but but I'm making on the front end I'm making everything free now so that people can access this stuff and and and some money so that they want to keep paying for something right because if if if I can make somebody successful for free and they make money then they're going to want to keep paying for things right how do you buy Facebook pages from a stranger that's a different video for sure I can't that's going to be a whole another hour no I'm saying people that have bought this product how successful are they which product like remember this this series is about like probably U it's going to be about 10 different products and I've already brought up like multiple different products so far since part one and part two so you're talking about high level you're talking about shine ofy you're talking about radar you're talking about mini chat you know what I mean I don't know what what product are you're probably I guess you're asking about shiny and and I think you also have to determine you have that define success are you talking like financial success you talking about people that have gotten views there's people that have used shifi that have gotten over a million views on their videos um people that have used shifi that have made money as well like through affiliate sales there's people that have used shifi to sell um the AI generated videos as a service so coach is being a troll okay is he just messing with me people want to see people success when they pay for your program or any other program online Chase is not selling at the yeah yeah and even like shifi right now I don't know if you're saying this because you want to promote shiny but we don't even have an affiliate right now for shiny so um I don't know if you're asking for yourself or if you're asking to sell sh if you're trying to buy shiny or if you're trying to sell shiny um I mean ideally what I would do is I would just use shifi yeah there's testimonials on the landing page if you go to um but if you're just trying to use shifi get the free trial make some videos if you don't like them just don't use it you know I'm not trying to convince you to buy or not buy shiney right now I was just showing you a way to to start making videos again ideally at the end of the day you know make videos how you want to make videos I go and I'll shoot a lot of my own content just because I um have the ability to do that you know and I have my team go and edit videos and all that kind of stuff the reason I made shiny is so that you know for people that don't have time or people that don't want to be in the videos shifi is a great product um but if you want to be in your videos you know go and do that there's so many different that's what I was saying like there's so many different ways to do this you know there's so many different ways to make content he says question Chase love what you're doing man can you talk about how to set up and create multiple accounts to do short form please also what platforms do you suggest all of them are mainly IG yeah great question so I guess the first question is um how do we set up multiple accounts so so what I do again is I will build when I started I built like 10 or 20 different pages right and then we're going to use a tool I'm going to show you in in one of the next either next video or next uh part of the series or or I don't know it'll probably be the next part of the series I'll show you how to connect them all and schedule them all out through a tool that we use called um radar but uh yeah I mean you just go in there and you create the accounts and you connect them it's pretty simple but what I also do is I go and I go and acquire Brands um and I mainly focus on acquiring Instagram Brands I used to try to get Facebook pages but Instagram seems to be kind of the the best and I'll explain that again in in next part but um yeah mainly I would mainly Focus if I were you on um Instagram and then Facebook and then the other ones are all kind of secondary Chase you're the man you're the most creative person on YouTube oh thanks dude well I wouldn't say I don't know if I'm the most creative but um definitely uh always trying to figure out new ways to do things yeah so I don't know do you guys have any other questions so basically what I'm going to do is I'm going to pull this video after this I'm going to um edit it and then I'm going to repost it as part two of the playlist again if you haven't seen part one make sure you head over to our playlist section go watch part one um so that you can get set up with the CRM and the snapshot and everything you need to do also please if you like these videos you want me to continue this series you want me to keep doing live streams I really would um ask you to please leave a comment and a like and let me know um that you're interested and that you're following these along lucrative says Chase shouldn't shine if I have a lower monthly subscription since chat GPT 4 is free no because I want you to go to chat GPT and go try to do what shiny does right shiny is just pulling apis from chat GPT right so basically what we're doing is we're taking images generated in chat gbt we're taking prompts generated with chat gbt we're taking um audio voices from chat gbt and we're smashing it all together with like one click okay if you go do that in chat gbt and manually generate the images and manually generate the scripts and manually generate the audios and manually and then put it all together it's going to take you a really long time and then on top of it um you have to realize like the reason why I we're um $97 a month for whatever 200 credits is because we have to spend on our apis I mean I can pull up the apis for you if you want to see them but between our apis and hosting for us to make a a video for us to go and do all that pull all the images pull all the audio chat chbg charges us every single time we do that so it's not like it's a cheap thing for us to do okay if it was cheap I would charge a lot less right but it's not and and like even our current deal it's like you know if you were to go and spend an hour per one of these videos to generate them yourself and do everything you have to do um and I was doing it I actually went you know if you look at my older live streams you can watch me go and start trying to do like that's the reason I made the tools I was trying to do it myself and it like look at this this is me editing it here 11 months ago it takes a really really time okay so and again it's a free trial and it's a tool that you don't have to use you don't have to use shiny go make the videos yourself with chat gbt you know um so how do you go about buying accounts do you just Outreach them directly and what is a good so like I said I'll talk about this in another video but um basically I just have a team go and find accounts with anywhere between I don't know 50 to 100,000 followers and then we just make offers on the those usually between $500 to $1,000 all good what is supercharged uh oh the supercharg SAS for high level um that's basically if you want to resell high level um as a white label Pro uh platform meaning that you can put your logo over high level it looks like you own high level basically and then people buy high level through you and you get 100% of the profit it's pretty cool anything else you guys want me to talk about before we head out again I will be probably going live tomorrow to cover the uh next part of this series um which is scheduling out all the content doing all the stuff we got to do there but um if you have any questions right now just let me know H guess we don't have any other questions all right well if there's no other questions I'm probably going to go edit this video and uh last thing is there a tool for unibox for all social media onu inbox tool for in I don't know what unit box is uh yeah so we're going to cover that that's the one I was telling you about that's the next tool we're going to be using which is called radar so um all right well again if you like these videos these streams let me know um respond with the word yes and leave a like on the video I'll do more of them and I'll probably be going live around this time tomorrow so until then Happy moneymaking we'll see you guys next time bye

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