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all right I haven't done a live stream in a little while but I thought I might do one because we had a few people ask I'm on my laptop so the camera quality is a lot less good than it usually is but we have a lot of updates for our apps and I wanted to tell you about them so before I do that I'm going to go ahead and share this stream with everybody on our Discord server along with our email list but we actually have a few new apps coming as well I want to talk about let me share my screen because there's no real reason to be looking at my face here and let me just pull this up on my phone so I can see it what's going on everyone incoming fun what's up I'm going to put my video down here on the bottom right just so I'm still in here a little bit okay let me share this with the email list and then we will rock and roll so I think what I'm going to do is I'm going to answer questions from the Discord server cuz we had a lot of questions about kind of the migration what's happening and hopefully everybody can hear me okay let me know in the chat if you can hear me let me hear rock and roll yeah it looks fine what's up Eve how are you is so sorry I'm kind of doing this on the fly so it's usually I'm doing this from home and right now I'm doing it from my last top so the quality and the preparedness of this is a lot less than usual all right should be good okay okay if you're ready to rock and roll let me know give me a one in the chat just want to see everybody in here so the quality um the video tools from shine ranker which was really just an iframe that we were running inside the tool over to shifi so now we have two tools now right now we have about 2,000 paying users a little bit more actually on shine ranker and shiny basically what we decided to do is we decided that we're going to separate the two tools give access to both of the tools to our current user so if you're a paying user right now of shine ranker you get access to this other tool and what we did is is we made the new Tool uh credit based now here's the thing if you don't want to use the credits you can use your own apis the reason why we made the new credit system in here is because we knew that some people were really struggling with figuring out the apis so let me me just log in here and show you what this looks like right now the the login you can just use your email and password that you're using on shine ranker if you're already signed in to shine ranker you can click on this it'll just sign you in you can also log in through Discord now so I'll click on log in through Discord authorize and here we go the video enhancer is not transferred yet um that's something we're working on that's just basically um like a rewrite tool where you can take a video that's already been made and rewrite it with [Music] AI and then the video generator is available if I click on here here's the video generator now the biggest thing you're going to notice the biggest change here is that we went from having all of this be custom apis to only one thing being custom API which is haen right now and I'll tell you why we don't have a reliable way of buying enough credits for um hey Jen yet because we have to talk to them about getting a higher API plan for our users so right now this is like the only custom API option and if you don't know what that means basically you sign up for uh an API with haen and you can run avatars in the videos you don't have to run avatars in the videos but you can now here's the thing when you sign up for shiney or shine R well now it's separate because they're two different tools but if you have an account on shine ranker and you're paying monthly this is what you get let me click on credits here so the starter which is free to try you get 10 credits so basically a couple videos you can run for free this is if you're going to be um you know getting people to try the tool we will have an affiliate link for this soon as well I believe um but this is just to try it out the monthly which is 99 a month gives you 250 credits per month and they refresh every month so if you sign up on October 23rd and you uh use the tool and you use 230 credits by um the next month November 23rd if you don't use all the credits they they dump out and they refresh so you don't keep any of the credits they don't stack now if you click on here you'll get the plan um if you do the yearly it's 200 credits per month I don't know why it should be the same amount I want so I think if you do the yearly that's about 1,200 a year if or sorry the monthly if you do it's about 1,200 a year the yearly it's only 500 so you're getting a big discount if you get the yearly you also get price locked in so you're not paying more when we raise the price um you also have the option to buy more credits so if I click on buy credits here I can click on on um here and I can buy an extra 100 credits for about $20 and I think we might actually need to change that cuz that doesn't really make sense why it's 100 for 20 I think it should probably be about 50 for 20 either way um we're kind of getting everything set up right now where some of the stuff might not make as much sense because of the fact that we just transferred everything over and we're still trying to figure out the best way to do this does everybody understand what I've said so far just give me a yes any questions anything that um you're curious about in regards to the credit system um also if I click on the Dots here at the bottom and I click on um my oh sorry settings here account I can enable my own apis here so if I want to enable mid journey and custom voice if I want to use 11 labs this will basically allow me to use my own apis now and and it will cost less credits so if I have my own apis enabled now instead of it costing um you know $2 or sorry $2 two two or three credits it's going to cost like no credits now um if as long as I'm using all the of my own apis and I think we still need to fix that cuz it's still saying it costs one credit which um if you're using your own apis it technically shouldn't um be charging you so um any questions so far how how was pricing determined for credits um the way it was determined is how much we're paying for apis so uh I don't

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