Simple Steps to Earn $1,000 Every Day Using GSA and Automation Tools (Beginner-Friendly Guide)

what's going on everyone Chase here and today we're going to be talking about earning over $1,000 a day with GSA and Bots I'm going to give you a simple way to get started so that you can start sending millions of messages and you can collect thousands of leads with what I'm going to share with you today right here you can see this is a robot we're running that's sending out messages to tons of different websites I'm going to show you how you can load up a list of websites that have been pre checked for you I'm going to show you how you can set up a virtual private server so you don't even have to run this on your computer you can see I'm actually running this from somewhere else and then I'm going to show you how you can actually start collecting these leads and how you can follow up with them by offering a free service now if you're not if you're new here and you've never made money online before you've never gotten any leads don't worry you're in the right place I'm going to show you how I was able to go from making just a few hundred dollar a day to thousands of dollars a day with a simple step-by-step system now you're probably not going to make $1,000 a day overnight you do need to put in some work and you do need to follow the steps that I'm going to give you give you today and if you're consistent at doing what I'm about to share with you you can easily eventually start to earn a ton of money online so if you're interested in staying up to date with all the different things that I'm doing with these Bots with with testing with robots uh with sending messages all this stuff just leave a yes in the comments right now just take a second go to the comments say yes I'm interested or just the word yes and I will make sure to keep you updated and I will keep doing more videos like this walking you through everything that you have to do to begin all right so let's talk about what we're going to be covering today so first of all let's talk about getting set up with one of these robots so for this we're going to head over to easy and we're going to grab this tool that it's going to redirect us to and this tool is free to try out I think you can send your first 500 messages for free but after that I do think you have to spend I think it's around like 90 bucks but it is a one-time fee and you can go and grab the tool and get started with it um now there are a few other things that you're probably going to want to use by the way um it's completely optional I'll kind of tell you the different things that you can do with this but eventually um you're going to probably want to invest in a virtual private server so you're not running this on your actual computer you're probably also going to want to invest in some proxies which are going to help you send messages from other IP addresses so you don't get your IP address banned there is a um scraper in here so that you can find and harvest proxies but it's probably not what I would recommend and it looks like this link isn't working I'm going to leave a different link um to the direct site on in the description but here's the site that you're going to get so what I would recommend is before you go and buy it just download it and try it out see if you like it you're going to download it and then when you download it again you're not going to have a virtual private server so it'll just go on your actual computer and I'm going to show you what it'll look like it'll look like this it just be like a little letter right there okay now when you first load up this uh tool it's going to ask you to register with your licensing code again if you didn't buy it you're not going to get a license um you see here it says uh only 5day usable and um it looks like you can just scrape um but you can't send so I guess they changed that I'm pretty sure that they let you send the messages before um now obviously if you don't want to spend the money you can go and just manually message websites it's going to take a lot longer but that is a option um because the method I'm going to share with you to collect the leads is still going to work even if you manually message websites but let me just show you so what we're going to do is we're going to click on new here we're going to do Advanced and then we're just going to call this whatever we want to find websites for so let's say we wanted to find websites around AI so I can click on okay now what this is going to do is it's going to give me all my different options here but if I just click on okay and then I click on start what this will do is it'll start um scraping websites around AI that have contact forms um now ideally I don't want to start using this scraper though until I enable the proxy so if I go in here and I click on proxies I can configure the proxies now you can see here we don't have any proxies so we actually need to go and either buy some or we need to scrape some so if I go into the checking here or the okay so if I go into proxy list add proxy and then use GSA uh proxy scrape I can go and start scraping proxies it looks like I need to go and install that first so again what I recommend is instead of um you know going and scraping proxies like this I would just go and buy them um they're pretty cheap I'm going to give you again links to everything you need in the description of this video but let me go to what I use this is called my private proxy and if I go over to this link here they should give us a special deal me go right here and I believe we can get 10% off let's click on there so we can get just a few proxies like let's say five proxies for 11 bucks a month and um it really depends on how fast you want to go so the more proxies you have the faster you're going to be able to scrape and the faster you're going to be able to send messages so just to put things in perspective I'm sending I don't know a few thousand messages a minute probably a little bit more on my virtual private server and I have about 200 proxies so I'm spending about 300 bucks a month and I'm running about 200 proxies that are that allow me to send all of these messages very very quickly you can see they're sending very fast um now again if you have less proxies then you wouldn't be sending as many messages as quickly and scraping as many websites as quickly so you can see here I'm sending about 990 well I'm using about 999 threads um at once which means that I'm just sending very very quickly between all of the uh the proxies that I'm using and I'm not maxing out my CPU either okay and if you don't know what any of that stuff means don't worry I'll explain it in more detail but basically in a nutshell if you just want to get started you could start with just a few proxies so let's say you get five proxies okay now when you get the five proxies and you click on continue and you buy the proxies what's going to happen is you're going to get a your list of proxies right so I saved my list um somewhere on my computer I think this is it right here uh one of these and then what I can do is I can just import that list into GSA right so if I go and go into the project one of the projects I can just click on it um that one's actually running so I need to actually let's just do this on my uh desktop so I don't mess this one up so if I go to here I can click on the project and then I can just do configure and then add and then I can just import these proxies right from from the file that I get now once I have the proxies enabled then I can actually start scraping and again the reason I'd start scraping I'll just do a few of these because my IP is not going to get banned over a few of these um so oh it looks like I have it enabled really quick let me turn that off okay there we go now if I start scraping the these you can see these are all websites that I'm getting um contact Pages for okay so these are all different websites now when I when I grab all these contact forms what I can do is I can start checking to see if these are um websites that I can send messages to because it'll basically test the website to see if these are um websites that are are message I guess that's the word so if I click on start I can do scrape plus check and then it'll tell me if they're good to go or not so you can see there's four websites seven websites these are all websites that I know I can contact now obviously one of the ways that we could do this if we didn't want to spend money on the on the tool um we could just go and find the websites that are these are the contact pages that they're giving us and we could filter by status and go okay all the ones in green are ones that we can manually go contact ourselves um but again if we wanted to just use the tool once we register it we'll click on start and then we do scrape Plus Check plus send and then we can start sending messages to these websites okay now when I send a message um all I'm going to do is I'm just going to put whatever I'm offering and the and the shorter your message usually the better you do okay so if I go to message here and I say okay I want to send a message M about offering a free um video service right because we can use AI to generate videos if you checked out my other videos um you'll know that we use robots to um basically in Ai and chat GPT to to generate videos and we can do that as a service for people um by offering them a free video service and we could say hi I'm um I just made a video a I just made a free promo video for your website where can I send it right or when can I send it and then what's going to happen is they're going to get this message through their contact form right and and and again if you if you don't see like how well this will scale like look at um this here these are literally thousands of contact forms we're sending at you know every single minute and this isn't even the full power I mean we could literally send I have a I have a list here of 13 million pre-checked contact forms this is all you can see how many of these we have these are all contact forms um that we've actually pre-checked this takes months to do um to get all of these that are like um good to go that they're already pre-checked and all you have to do is just load up in what load one of these into your project let me show you how easy this is I'll stop this here and I can load in one of these uh pre-checked lists of a million websites and I can just start sending messages to them okay um now obviously if you want to scrape your own list and you want to spend all that time doing it yourself you can do that or you can just buy these pre-made lists so I'm going to put another Link in the description here um let me when it's running like this usually don't want to touch it because it uh it'll it'll sometimes it'll um take a while but um if you go over to uh one of the other links I'm going to put in here this one um we actually pre-build these lists for you I know a guy that he's like literally world class for doing this and in here you can buy all these different um contact forms I think it's what 99 bucks to get started and you can buy these pre-b belt lists now I think this $99 offer I think it goes to it's either a list of one or two million um yeah 2 million monthly contact or wait says 2 million then 1 million oh yeah yeah 2 million total so 1 million USA contact forms 1 million worldwide now to get a list of two million um it's going to take you well you're going to have to run this on your computer for a long time to check all these websites and make sure that they're all verified because when you're scraping like I showed you a second ago look um in a few minutes we got 286 sites but only 10 of them we can send contact forms to um this list we're getting most of them you're going to get um all pre-checked that they're ready to go and um and and we already did all that for you so you can also get like the list of 10 million uh it's a lot more expensive but you can buy lists of lots and lots of contact forms where you basically just get all these leads um or these websites that you're going to generate leads off of and just to put this in perspective so you can see how this looks let me go over to um uh Gmail this is a brand new email account that I made uh let me go back over here this I just made this the other day and look at this 6,5 6,545 um messages and a lot of these are autor responses but you're going to also get a lot of people that are actually saying yes I'm interested in the thing that you're talking about about and um and you can really spin this how you want like one of the messages we were sending a while ago that was working really well is we were telling people there was an error on their website um and then we were offering to fix it for money another one that we're doing is offering a free video service and then using a tool like shifi to go and generate a video um with their website text um and then another one that we were doing recently that worked really well is we're asking people were selling their website and then we're actually going and buying websites and just acquiring their leads but this can be used for pretty pretty much anything um but either way so what you do is you load in these lists or you pre-check them you set up your proxies so that you're not sending from your IP especially if you're sending out millions of messages and then what I would recommend is use um something like solid SEO VPS so you're not running this on your computer because ideally you could actually set up three or four of these virtual private servers so you're sending out millions of messages a day between different um between between different servers uh cuz right now now we're only sending to this we're sending about a million messages but we could actually set this up on three or four servers at once and then start sending from all of those and uh you can see uh there it's not too expensive if I go to Windows and then ryzen VPS we can get a virtual private server for about 34 bucks a month and you're not going to need to get more than that just because the CPU is not going to max out the the bottleneck for this tool usually actually is uh just the windows software or Windows uh oper operating system and and the proxies now you can also use another tool like high LEL and again I'm going to leave links to all of this so if you want to get started with any of this a lot of them have like free trials um I think this is the wrong link I need to get a different link but um you can use something like go high level to go and actually uh have people text you and then you can use autoresponders inside of go high level to respond to the messages so let me show you here we're using go high level right now so that when somebody texts us because we're telling them to text us uh we can have a autoresponder respond with uh whatever we're trying to sell right so if I go to conversations here and it says hi there I'm owner of this website notice you're interested for it for sale then it says Hey Chase here just to make this is the autoresponder just to make sure which brand are you associated with and then that's the um website and so we can even use chat GPT and automation to go and close them on whatever we're looking for um you know whatever we're looking to accomplish with these leads so tons of possibilities um we actually did a full training on this there's a a course called AI profits course and inside the course we show you everything that you need to do for this airofit and uh basically in here you can go through all the step by step how to get set up with everything how to get um set up with your proxies how to scrape the websites how to buy the contact list how to do everything uh cuz again like I can't show all of that right here at it's going to take me a very long time this whole this whole step-by-step checklist just this part probably takes about a couple hours for us to cover everything um but if you're interested in this kind of stuff I really believe that it is one of the easiest ways if you don't have leads coming in um this really just gives you like an instant way to access leads that you never had before and it's just by getting these pre-built lists so if that makes sense to you let me know and if you're interested in in more um information on this and you just want to have me keep you up on this just give me a one in the chat or in the comments and I'll make sure to keep you updated also we're going to be doing a live training on Monday and so if you go and grab this course we'll actually um throw that in for you as well on Monday so you can join and ask questions and be part of our live stream um and we'll make sure to add this to the checklist as well we're just going to put it in the in the zoom call so anyways that's it um we'll see you very soon until we do happy moneymaking we'll see you next time bye

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