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studied some of the top channels across social media platforms and here's what I've noticed they all use AI generated voices in their videos what's even crazy is that even the catchy scripts are AI generated the potential of AI videos is incredible and you can start using them too I'm about to reveal the secret so listen closely and type how in the comments this game changing tool is called shine ranker it's an AI powered tool that empowers you to create hundreds of amazing AI generated videos with just one click you can now sit back and let this tool automate the video production process for you whether you want to promote your business or create an adorable animal video channel you can follow these simple steps first sign up on shine ranker then go to AI video tools input your prompt and add your API key for mid-journey to enhance images and 11 labs for voice clones click generate and within seconds you'll have a mind-blowing video ready to go viral right away don't forget to drop a like and follow from

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