The Easiest Way to Double Your Leads with ChatGPT & Dolle 3 (Even if You’re a Complete Beginner!)

how's it going Jonathan dunkerly here and today I wanted to show you how you could use videos like these generated by AI to generate thousands of leads even thousands of leads a day using a system that I'm going to show you how to do I'm going to show you how to do it manually every step from creating your script to creating your visuals to actually posting it on multiple platforms you're going to be able to create AI videos like these ones which as you can see this one got like 13,000 views already and you could post these on multiple plat forms like Facebook Instagram Tik Tok YouTube you name it and when you post these videos people opt into your email list and then you're able to monetize that email list and make money I am going to show you the manual way to do this but first I did want to let you know that I am going to show you the super short cut which is shiney which is a tool that I've been using in order to take all the manual steps that I'm doing that I'm going to show you and automating them and having most of that done on autopilot I'm going to come back to this in a little bit but I wanted to let you know that this is an option if all of the manual steps seem like they are too timec consuming now these are testimonials of people that have been using the the tool that I'm going to show you shinfy but you could create similar results if you create these videos manually and post them out in the same way that I'm going to show you that I'm doing them with shiny but you could see that all these people are getting actual results they're talking about money but again when we get leads that opt into our email sequences and then we can Market to those that is actually Better Than People buying directly from our videos because now we own those leads and we're able to Market to them over and over again so the goal is that when somebody watches one of these videos they are going to go into a funnel which gets them into our email list which makes us money now if you don't have anything to promote yet no problem you're going to get this list of 400 plus tools that you could promote that actually will make you money you could show people how they work the same way that I'm showing you how this tool works it works very much in the same way but you could do it with the shorts we're going to go to our first tool that we're going to use which is chat GPT now you could use chat GPT 3.5 which is the free version for our first step but you are going to need chat GPT 4 to do our second step because we're going to be using this feature right here where it says Dolly and that's going to generate the imagery you could also use something like mid Journey if you already have mid Journey but I've found that the images from Dolly seem to be higher quality than mid Journeys but you're welcome to use either one that you'd like if you did want to use mid-journey just go to Mid and there is a get started tab at the bottom left corner and it will walk you through getting started with things like Discord as well as getting mid Journey installed and again today we're just going to go back over to chat gbt and I'm going to make sure that it is set to default and then we are going to get our script generated today's example I'm going to have it write me a script for a digital artist selling their art class the idea would be that they're selling an art class and that you are trying to make these videos to grow your email list so they could sell their own product or again you could sell affiliate products for somebody else that's doing something like an art class maybe this is an art class that you're in and you are promoting it you could use this in abundance of different ways I said this is for short form content like Tik Tok have a call to action at the end to comment yes to learn more and I said to keep it short and to not have emojis because the text of speech does not work with the Emojis and then I told it to write a script in the same format as the script below and I gave gave it an example of a script that I had already written and now all I do is I hit send message and it's going to rewrite that script with that new topic so now we have our script ready to go I'd say always proofread them and that's part of the reason why I give it a template to look at because now that it has a template it's usually pretty close to the output that I want and the length that I want usually I would have to go and take this script and generate some prompts for Mid journey and that's what you would have to do if you were using mid Journey or you could just create prompts in mid Journey but I like having chat gbt give me some base prompts for it but since we're doing this in chat GPT I'm just going to copy the script and I'm going to create a new window in chat GPT 4 now the reason that I needed to create a new window was because now I need to open this and turn on the dolly 3 beta feature and now that I have that in I'm going to paste that script and then I'm going to ask it to generate images based off that script so I added this in at the top where says give me images based on this script be creative make them 9 by 16 I'm going to hit enter and return and we're going to get our result now we get this box that pops up where it is creating the images now we just need to wait now while this is generating I wanted to show you one other feature that is optional and that is haen if you would like to add in a avatar of yourself or a virtual Avatar that's built into haen you could do that very easily with this service you can see how good this Avatar looks and how realistic you could do that as well as using images of yourself so this is an extra thing that you could add in it does cost extra it has its own pricing and you can grab the API and put it into different tools including shine ofy you could have your own image in your video and then use things like 11 lamps which we're going to get into in just a moment to clone your voice and add it into your own avatar so this is just a feature that you could use and is not necessarily required but it is available and there we go so now we have four images that it has generated and it made them in 9×6 which is what I wanted and if I need more I could just literally just ask chat gbt to generate more images or if I like this image I could have it generate more like this particular image or more like this image and just dive really deep also if you click on the image it's going to give you the prompt so if you were to take this prompt and then go back into a new chat and tell it to base it off of this prompt and make modifications you could potentially have a very customized image that you have created using chat GPT and Dolly so now you're just going to want to grab all of these images so you could put them in your video I'm just going to save each one now let's just grab our script one more time right here same script that we just used to generate the images and I'm going to go over to a tool called 11 labs and with 11 Labs you can go over to voice lab and you can create a clone of your voice or anybody else's Voice or you can go over here to the first Tab and just create a voice either again with one of the built-in voices or with one of your clone voices and you could sample them here for instance here's freia a man sees in the world what he carries in his heart unfortunately I'm out of credits right now so I'm just going to show you an example of this so if I were to generate the script I could go over like right here and I have all of these other scripts that I have created and you would just download that and You' be able to add it into our next step and our next step is actually just putting everything together so we have all of our script that we generated with chat gbt and now we generated our images in chat gbt using Dolly 3 and then we generated voice over in 11 labs and we get to put it all together in cap cut which cap cut is a free editing software that you could use there is a paid tier but everything that I'm going to be showing you you could do in the free version so what you're going to do is you're going to go right here where it says create new video we're going to click that and it's going to launch a new window you're going to be given a couple options here for your canvas you're going to be given a blank canvas 16×9 9 x 16 or 1X one depending on where you want your videos so Instagram YouTube or Facebook but today we are doing 9 by6 which is vertical like the shape of your phone and it's going to drop down our canvas right here then we want to go over to the side where it says project I'm going to click project and now I need to drop in my elements I'm going to use an audio that I had from a previous project but you're going to get the idea so I drop in my audio and the images that I just generated and I have a 30 second piece of audio that was generated with AI and I just drop it down here on my time line just come up here to your images and just click each one and they will be added to your timeline and these are going to be a little bit different depending on what version of cap cut you're using I am using the web browser just so you know but you could adjust everything right here just make it to fill the entire image you could listen to the audio and see if there's a spot that makes most sense but then you could add in things like key frames and what a key frame is you can go to the beginning for instance okay that's the beginning and then I wanted say the end for the image to be stretched a little bit more maybe you could rotate the image so it's turned turned a little bit at a different degree and then it would go from what the image was at the beginning to this image that's at an angle and it causes some motion in the image so on and so forth you get the point so now what do we need next in this video we need to have some close captions right so if I just click on the audio and then I go over to the left side and I click on captions and I hit autoc captions I make sure that the language is correct in this case it's English and I click generate and just like that now I have captions for my video they're ready to go if I want to highlight them I could change the font I could change different things on what they look like and make them very nice and customizable along this left side column if there's ever any typo in the auto generation it's created by AI so there could be mistakes again I say this all the time proofread anything that AI generates if you want to make sure that it is perfect and then you'll have your closed caption you have your video and you have your voice over now you could add in some text on top if you want maybe you have a website or a call to action that you want to show up you could go to text and then you can just create whatever text either one of the fonts or just create a regular header and then finally you could add in a little bit of background music you could go to audio and this is another reason why I like cap cut because it has all of this stuff just directly built in it is created by the company that created Tik Tok so they are making this for creators that are making content online so if I wanted this song for instance I would just click the little plus button it would add it in and I'd be able to go down here and adjust it so it just fills the video and I can even adjust the audio levels and everything and make sure that it is perfect and then watch through it and make sure it's good and then you would export it and that's how you'd create one of these videos manually we went to chat GPT we generated our script and then we had chat GPT with Dolly 3 now instead of mid Journey generate our images directly in chat gbt no third party then we had 11 Labs generate us a script that we could use or again if you don't want to use 11 lamps you could just record a voiceover and then we came back and we put it all together in another free tool which was cap cut and if you wanted to effectively monetize these videos you'd want to go and post them on things like Facebook pages or Instagram reels and get as much visibility as possible then you could use tools like Min chat to automate your reply so if you you noticed in my script I ask them to comment yes to learn more when somebody comments yes it triggers the Automation in many chat and then many chat follows up with them and then they will actually get them onto your list so you could start growing your email list and then start making sales and then you could also automate all of your posting using tools like radar where you could post on abundance of different platforms go check this out because this will save you so much time scheduling out all of your content now if this seems a little bit overwhelming I completely understand I just want to let you know that there is a boot camp that is going on right now it is a 6-e boot camp it has already started on the 17th of October but if you did miss the first session there is going to be replays just one note just keep in mind that this price is going to continuously go up as the boot camp keeps on going so don't think that oh there's replays I'll wait until the end and then buy it because it's going to be more expensive so if you do want to grab this boot camp I'll talk about this a little bit more in a second but if you do want to get this boot camp the cheapest price is right now now now let's go over the shortcut which is shifi shiney is the tool that you could use to pretty much automate everything that I had just shown you we are going to go to shin and once you have your shiney account you're going to come over here to the shine ranker site and the first place that I would go when I get to the site is right here where it says shine ranker VIP this has an amazing abundance of videos and tutorials if you want to know the strategies to actually grow your email list make money online and there are so many gems in here ways to set things up ways to get things actually created if you ever get lost this is going to be your best bet on a place to find a solution and it is very well organized there's also a FastTrack there's also a list of those 400 tools that I told you about that you can go and grab at scary but you can grab them directly in shifi once you have subscribed and then you could also go to their frequently asked questions there's also reals and then there's also email swipes right here if you wanted to use them to promote shifi now we're going to to go to this tab where it says AI video tools and we're going to click on this first one where it says AI text image I'm just going to run you through this tool real quick if you notice there's a lot of things that are very recognizable so we have our idea prompt this is what we would have told something like mid Journey or dolly in order to get an image so I would put whatever the image idea is right here and it would be related to my script and then the next thing that I would need to do is go down to this video tab where it says use accuracy I could toggle this on or off and I could add in a extra authentication token which means that I would get more customized images like these ones and then we have these two other options right here where it's add captions or add animations the captions like in this one I took the captions off because I wanted to add the in in a different style now if I wanted to just hit play you'll see what the animations look like welcome to the future of audience engagement it adds some motion to the background making your video more Dynamic so we have our images gener generated right here and we have captions and animations solved right out of the gate so on the next tab is Avatar and this is what I was talking about with hen if you wanted to you could turn this on add in haen API and you could do things like so I'll show you what it will look like if I had my own image so this is me if I toggle this off I can go and look at all of the other ones that are built in if I wanted it to be this Avatar but I'm going to turn this off for now because I do not need an avatar because it works very well with or without it and then we go to our next tab which is voice now if you wanted you could always toggle this on add in your API and have your own voice or you could toggle it off and still pick from any of these built-in voices and you could sample it now on the next tab we have script and this is very simple you could just go over to your script that you got from chat jpt and then you can go back over here and you just paste it in and it will speak your script in your video and then last tab but not least is music there's a couple songs if this is not the song that you want you could always just say no music and you could have it generate with no music and add it in after or you could just add in one of the included songs and that's really it once you have your idea your video your avatar if you want it your voice your script and your music just hit the generate video button it's going to generate videos just like these so we have a whole bunch of different options different types of videos if you go back see I have some that I did with text and if I play a little tiny bit of it you'll see what I'm creating are you ready to elevate your Tik Tok game they're very similar to the videos that we generated manually and it does take a lot of those steps out of it and then here's a little hack if you just highlight your script there is a built-in chatbot right here where you hit AI chat now I could just paste that script in and I could tell it to rewrite the script and I'll get a very similar one then I just go back over to the AI video tool and paste the updated script and hit generate again and I'd get a new video with a slightly different script now again if this system sounds amazing to you but you still need a little bit of handholding there's a boot camp going on it is 6 weeks long it's 2 days a week it's every Tuesday and Friday it started on 10:17 but if you missed the first session when you sign up you will get the replay the price does always go up so there's no cold calling no subscriptions or tools that you need no social media presence there's people that have been getting these types of results for these short videos on brand new accounts so you do not need to have an old or aged account in order to be successful doing this so no previous experience with AI is needed and who really has previous experience AI is new so we're all learning so you do not have to feel intimidated with AI because we're all figuring it out together these are live classes and again I said there were two a week you get the replays there's a live Q&A and you're going to be able to generate leads every single day and when you have leads that drastically increases your chances of getting conversions which conversions lead to income if you don't believe me these are posts from people that have just gone to the first session of the boot camp they are talking about look at this tens of thousands of dollars worth of free advice here for anyone who takes it and they're talking about the Discord and then the boot camp is even better but this alone is a great blueprint for getting started so if you're not sure how to get started start getting leads to grow your business online this boot camp is going to be the best place for you to get that jump start that you need so be sure that you just go here and grab this boot camp before the price goes up if you have any questions about this jump into the Discord server there's a whole bunch of people that are just waiting to help you and make sure that you are successful so I will see you in the boot camp I will see you in the next video take care

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