The Six Things I Had to Change to Become a Millionaire

what's going on everyone my name is Chase with shifi and over the last year I made over $2 million and today I want to talk about how I was able to do it I also want to talk about the things that I see other people doing that helps them earn money and I want to talk about the things that I see people not doing which is in is inhibiting them from earning money so if you haven't earned any money yet online don't worry you're in the right place I want to talk about all the things that you need to do to get started number one stop expecting to earn money within a small time frame if you're looking to earn ,000 tomorrow it's probably not going to happen and the reason why is because when you start something and you're new the way you make money is not by going and learning this new thing and doing it overnight it's by practicing something and getting really good at it the amount of value that you provide to others is usually the amount of money that you make so if you provide a crazy amount of value you make money now if you're starting out you're brand new at something you're probably not going to be very good and so your value again is not going to be very high which means you're not going to make a lot of money and so instead of focusing on earning a bunch of money focus on becoming better focus on becoming more valuable focus on yourself if you can focus on you and think about what you can do to improve usually as you improve the things around you will start to change most people try to change the things outside of them like their relationships money all these different things that have nothing to do with their actual inside growth if you want to grow as a person you want to make more money and become better you are competing with you you're not competing with somebody else so if you see somebody else making all this money you go I wish I could do that well you can but you have to become better and you have to practice most people that make a lot of money are very good at making money because they've practiced it it for so long maybe they're doing videos every day maybe they're doing emails maybe they're doing all these things that might seem simple but repetition creates greatness and if you want to be great at something you have to keep repeating it over and over number two if you want to earn money focus on building an audience that's interested in the thing that you're going to be talking about and ultimately selling so part of the reason why I was able to make so much money selling software or services or courses or things that I've sold in the past and still continue to sell is because I focused on building an audience that was interested in the thing that I was talking about and then selling so if you want to start building an audience let's say around AI or you want to start building an audience around health or an audience around anything you want to start thinking about how can I build that audience warm up that audience by continually engaging with them and then eventually selling them something because they like and trust me if you don't have people that like and trust you the chances of you selling something to them is very low and that's why there's a lot of really poor famous people on Tik Tok or YouTube or Instagram there's plenty of people that get millions of views that don't make any money why is that because just because somebody saw something that you posted doesn't mean that you're going to make money off of it you have to build a relationship with that person you don't actually need that many people to start watching your content or watching what you do you only need a very few amount of people let's say a hundred people to give you $1,000 that's $100,000 a month that's over a million dollar a year so you don't need millions of views what you need is the ability to figure out who are you selling to what do they want what would improve their lives what would be worth paying $11,000 for if you focus on the people around you instead of focusing on your problems you focus on their problems you're going to make a lot more money so that's why number three is stop thinking about you most people are thinking about how can I make money how can I do this how can I do that it's not going to work well for you if you keep thinking that way because you're going to be thinking with a deficit mentality a consumer mentality which is how can I have more stop thinking about having more think about your life as an abundant life if you have what you need and you're happy and you have room to give usually the more you give the more you get in return and so I don't know what your beliefs are but my beliefs are that if I focus on giving out to the universe right helping people because I want to help helping people cuz I feel like I can help because I have more things to give usually the universe will give back to me now that's your choice on how you want to believe in things but I think the more you can focus on an abundance mindset the more money you will make and the easier it will be to make money number four is focus this is one of the hardest things I think people including myself have to do if you can just focus on the thing that you set out to do and you really became good at that thing you say I want to learn how to earn money by creating videos let's say it's long form videos like the one you're watching right now or it could be short form and you start creating consistency every single day you're posting a video regardless of how you feel eventually you will become good at that but it's because of your focus on that thing most people what they do is they do something they get sort of good at it and then they stop doing it because they go I'm bored I don't want to do this anymore one of the the biggest reasons why I have an audience is because of the fact that I've spent so long building content in fact over the last six seven maybe even eight years now I've done close to one video a day for almost seven or eight years straight and so because of that not only have I gotten moderately good at doing videos I also have the result of doing that many videos which is I had lot of people watching those videos and because of all the videos and the viewers I was able to start selling things but it took a lot of time it took a lot of repetition I'm still working on it in fact most of the videos I create probably including this one I'll I'll say to myself wow I could have done that better I'll look back at this in a year and I'll go that sucked but it's not about being great right now it's about working towards becoming better and most people have this perfectionist mentality which is that I should be good at this right now I should I should be at this destination that I'm not currently at and so if I'm not there then it's just not good enough and I'm here to tell you that you're never going to be at the destination you want because as soon as you get to the destination you're going to want to go to the next destination and the destinations are going to be unlimited you're just going to keep trying to level up if you focus on the mindset instead of the destination which which is how can I be a little bit better every day how can I try a little bit more how can I be more true to who I am the better you'll usually end up doing now number five is eliminating distractions if you want to be focused you have to be good at eliminating the distractions around you how do you do that you do one thing at a time so instead of going and trying to quit something or multiple things at a time or how how or instead of trying to do a bunch of things at a time it's kind of the same thing whether you're quitting or doing something new you do one thing at a time you go I'm going to start doing this every day I'm going to start doing a video a day I'm going to start doing the gym every day I'm going to go to the gym every day and of course you can miss days you don't have to be perfect but the action of doing something over and over and over or not doing something over and over and over is how you get closer to your goal but you have to realize that you can't do everything at once if you try to become this insanely skilled person overnight who's quit everything bad in their life and they're doing only good things it's not sustainable you want sustainable growth if you want sustainable change you need to create sustainable action and sustainable action looks like this if I can do one new thing and hold that thing for let's say a couple weeks to a month it's easy for me to keep doing that it's a habit now I don't have to think about it now when I go do the next thing it just stacks on top of that first thing so I'll give you an example of this I stopped going on social media on my phone I just don't do it anymore I uninstalled the apps now I did that just that I focused on just doing that and then when that became easy then I did the next thing one of the new things I'm doing is I'm not eating sugar or desserts once that's easy then go do the next thing and if you can just slowly stack things that you know are good for you and you do one thing at a time it's usually pretty easy the reason why quitting something or multiple things at a time is hard is because you can usually only focus on one thing at a time so create an agreement with yourself and do it just focus on it and realize that you're not going to get the results of something by doing it for one day or even a few days or even maybe even a few months might take years number six is thinking about things differently in terms of time stop expecting things or stop thinking about things in terms of very small time Horizons think about how can I acquire the thing that I want over the next few years and how is the thing that I'm going to be doing going to affect me if I do it for for a few more years if I keep eating Donuts every day for two more years what is my life going to look like you decide what you want but if you think about how is my life going to look like tomorrow if I need to Donut today it's probably not going to look any different but you want to think about long-term change who cares about short-term change who car who wants to actually be on the roller coaster most people they go well I'm going to do this and they go all the way up and then I'm going to do this and then they go all the way down and it's back and forth back and forth why not think about I really want this thing over the next two years so I'm going to start putting in the time to get that and so really ultimately what this all boils down to and the things that I've been seeing that people get the most success with is just focusing on their expectations if you can be better with your expectations of yourself better with your expectations of others stop blaming other people for your life and start taking responsibility for it usually you're going to do a lot better but most people the reason why they're not successful isn't because they can't be it's because their expectations are out of whack and they think that they that life is going to be a certain way and I'm here to tell you that life is difficult life is not something where you make all this money and you don't have problems anymore just isn't I've been somebody that was very poor living out of my garage had no money no friends nothing and I've been somebody with a lot of money I've I consider a lot of money especially from where I came from and I was miserable on both ends it wasn't about the money it wasn't about the extrinsic things in my life the external things it was about the intrinsic the the fact that I wasn't working on becoming better I was constantly basing what my happiness should be on a destination rather than a mindset which is I need to become a little bit better every day and so if you want to improve yourself stop thinking about going somewhere or being somewhere think about becoming a little bit better focus on yourself focus on what you think you need to do what if if you were to think about a better version of you what would that look like and then think about how can I start making change over a long time Horizon how can I think about the next 6 months 12 months maybe few years to become that person how can I do a little bit out of time if I were to break that person up into a 12-month period and I were to quit one thing a month and and I were to change 12 major things in my life over the next year what would that look like and so part of the reason why I don't really like doing videos on how to make money is because most people don't need money they they need to be better people and if you become a better person generally your life changes as a result as well you make more money more people want to be around you you drive cooler cars but ultimately it doesn't matter those things are the the cherry on top of the ice cream and stop and and I think when when you stop chasing these extrinsic things that you think are going to change you and you start chasing the things that actually matter the things that actually will change you which is you becoming better those other things become secondary and while they're still cool you don't live your life for them anymore you live your life for deeper meaning and that's ultimately what I think we all want so do what you want either way I want to do a quick plug we have a new boot camp it's closing to tonight if you want to join it it's a six- week training program myself and a few other coaches will be in there we'll be teaching you how to adapt a new mentality so that you can start making change as well and that's pretty much it so hopefully we'll see you in there I'll leave all the information in the links below this video so you can check out everything that's going to be included but there's going to be multiple classes a week with replays you don't need to invest anything else besides just getting the program if you want to join it uh we'll show you some things that you can spend money on within there if you want to automate but for the most part you can just get in there and um I think it's going to change a lot of people and get lot of really cool results for people so I hope you're one of those people and I'll see you in there until then Happy living happy moneymaking we'll see you next time bye

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