These Ai Tools Are INSANE!

if you think it can happen well I didn't realize uh I was live I meant to go live but I didn't think I was going live right now um well I think we're live I was again I wasn't trying to go live at that exact second but it is what it is foreign let me check on YouTube make sure we are live here oh yeah we are well I think we're live interesting uh so I wanted to show you some tools I've been looking at some AI tools I haven't gone live in um what about a week now I've been wanting to but I've been really busy basically I've been getting uh a lot of developers right now working on some new tools I've been trying to build I want to show you kind of some of the stuff we're building plan sort of the plan that I'm working on but before I do that I want to send off an email let everybody know I'm live if you're not in the Discord Channel by the way the Discord server I mean I'm going to leave a link in the description of this video for afterwards so you can go check it out good place to be if foreign what are we doing so shine ranker just came out with a new tool kind of cool uh basically actually let me just send off one more email and then I'll tell you about it because I forgot to send this off to the other list yo-yo Robert what's up foreign foreign we should be good okay so we got a couple new tools and I'm gonna I'm gonna explain to you why we're building them this Music's Got to chill out a little bit do a little bit of a different deal here okay so uh a few different tools here we got the web scraper tool and the video generator tool I'm going to show you how these work so if I click on this here I could type in whatever I want right so let me go throw these away I do I have to throw away each time oh no that's the status right can I just go here so I believe if I take a keyword from shine ranker let's go over to shine ranker let's go into our tracker here so AI image generators we're going to grab that go over to the tool type it in search and maybe I do have to kill this last task here let me actually try to resign in here okay AI image generator let's try that scrape so basically what this is doing is it's going and finding uh I think it's 20 websites right now we're going to have the ability to specify how many websites you want to put in here but it's gonna go find 20 websites and then it's going to allow you to basically select which websites you want and these are all summarized with chat CPT so we're taking we're taking the websites the data on the websites and we're having chat GPT summarize what what the page is that it found what is it about so we got like Synthesia here top AI tools open AI AI tools Club and then what I can do is I can go and download this list so I can go click on all these download it'll give me a CSV all the websites with the summaries now you might be thinking why do we why do we want this why do we care about this because our next tool what it allows us to do is upload this list and it'll generate us a video with text-to-speech for each one of these summaries with recordings of each website and it'll basically allow us to automate doing a top five list for let's say the top five AI tools or whatever we're you know doing something a Content a piece of content on because this will work with anything it doesn't have to be uh top AI websites it could be top you know dog food websites or whatever you want so we already have this working on the back end um we're just getting it to display on the front end but basically this is the way to look let me show you here so this is the first tool right here the one that you're looking at you enter a keyword enter number websites gives you all the websites you download a CSV right you do this with any keyword the next one and this is the one that's going to be up very soon you select the CSV file that you downloaded with the websites that you got you select your 11 Labs voice because you're going to clone your voice or you're going to use a pre-made voice and then you select the number of videos you want and then it'll go and basically make you these top five AI videos and I've already done this we've already used our tool on my I've done tests I'll show you on Instagram so let me go to one of these top five was this it yeah so here you go top five AI websites it's got the voice uh it's got the scrolling all of this is automated so that's what you'll basically get with this tool which again will be out very very soon but we have the first part which is just generating the list we're also coming up with a way to bulk generate so basically you would go into shine ranker click on all the keywords that you want lists for like these click on generate and then it would go and it would basically run this task 10 times 20 times whatever however many keywords you have generate you multiple lists with summaries and then you could go and basically rank those videos on Tick Tock Instagram wherever and we got some other cool things in here as well that we're coming out with I'm not going to say them yet because I don't want to spoil the surprise but we got some really really cool things coming to this so let's talk about some of the stuff that I've been testing so this is one of them right just doing these top lists doing these Instagram videos like this and it's just it's not just Instagram it's tick tock you know YouTube Facebook reels all those things another thing that I've been testing is just doing like scheduled out automated posts um and that's something that we'll probably end up building in the shine ranker as well I have developers working in all kinds of different things but one of the things is um basically a bulk question AI question generator and so what I can do is I can head over to shine ranker go to chat type in uh AI question generator and so what I've been telling chat gbt is to give us a list of 10 questions about let me actually take the exact prompt here I used open AI over here I can't I can't remember exactly how I phrased it so that's why I want to show you really quickly the actual prompt that I used uh Addy says how much is it going to cost so if you're a VIP member in shine ranker um we're going to give you a bunch of free credits to the point where you know we're not going to give you so much that it's going to start charging us like over what you're paying but we're going to give you a bunch of free credits that you can use on the tool and then if it's something that's like if we got to charge more then we'll then we'll start probably maybe doing credits it just really depends because obviously we can't give you like hundreds of videos for free or like thousands of videos for free because it's going to cost us a ton of money to do that so um we're just going to see how much it costs us right now we're just kind of just seeing how much it costs Brent what's up all right so where the heck is here it is okay so I said uh you are social media GPT I need you to create help me create enticing questions that I can schedule out to social media around AI please ask the questions as if we already know the answer but we want to know the opinion of that other experts share on the subject our main reason for doing this is to get people to participate in answering questions so we can expand our reach as experts and get people to visit our profile and ultimately buy our tools so uh then all we have to do is take some of these questions and schedule them out now I did a test with this on for example Facebook and some other places and you'll see here uh we have 13 comments 10 interactions uh somebody spamming my profile but ideally you could schedule all these questions out I did this on June 11th it wasn't even a scheduled out post I can schedule all these out in advance and I can schedule it on multiple platforms so I can schedule it to Facebook groups all these different places and this kind of helps you expand your reach get more people following you more people engaging with you seeing your stuff that's just an easy thing to do so this is something that I was thinking we could build into shine ranker or I was just going to show you how to do really quickly because it's kind of cool to do um so we can also have chat GPT build this into a spreadsheet I believe please build our list of questions into a spreadsheet with 30 questions asked by a uh six-year-old see if we can simplify the questions okay so these are kind of cool look can robots think and have human feelings how does AI now right now the way we'd have to do this is schedule these out one by one I was thinking of creating a thing in chainrinker where you just select on the ones and they just automatically schedule the the questions based on like a spreadsheet format like this but let me just show you how you would do this so how does AI know how to talk and understand us can robots think and have human feelings um uh let's regenerate the questions please regenerate this list of questions but put a sense of paranoia into the questions how does AI know everything about us is it watching our every move see like these are good questions to ask because it's going to entice uh please regenerate this list with a scent asking the questions with a sense of paranoia but also um create the questions to be polarizing meaning that we want engagement from both sides right how does AI know everything about us are we sacrificing our privacy for convenience can robots with AI spy on us and Report our secrets to someone else are we constantly being monitored all right so we got some good questions we're gonna go over to buffer [Music] I think I can tell chat gbt to let me download these as well [Music] I don't know if I can post as just from a CSV that would be cool if I could foreign that's cool too because it gave me a pull pull like options that I can turn into a poll I guess I could have just done this it's the same thing all right let's see if there's even like a way to upload I don't think I can import a CSV can I import a CSV to buffer foreign okay this doesn't look like it's easy to do so I might just do a few examples here all right so either way what I can do is click on one of these create a post and remember the whole point of doing this is just to get people uh interacting with you I'm trying to think of all the platforms what do we have Twitter Facebook Instagram now this is something that also by the way that I would probably just hand to like a virtual assistant but I'm just showing you an example here and then I guess you can customize it for each place add to queue or share now see if it does it go to Twitter there it is so yeah what I do at this point once you prove the concept you'd say you'd create a task for yourself and spreadsheet to va's to schedule for you which is what I'll do and using whatever the output was from openai okay all right so that's the first thing we did and that will get you a lot of Engagement by the way doing like 30 of those questions over the next 30 days you'll you'll actually grow your followers grow your account you can even have your va's respond to all of this for you and you could put opt-ins in there as well in like the comments you could say by the way you know grab my checklist or whatever have you seen this tool this tool is scary whatever so one of the things I've been looking into is pairing tools right because I'm not going to have I'm not going to have shine ranker do everything right like there's going to be tools that are going to do things that shine ranker doesn't do right so my question is like what tools do we want to pair together one of them I was thinking about is buffer which I don't know why I don't have an affiliate link for we definitely need that um another one is probably 11 labs except we're actually going to be pull we already have an API set up for 11 Labs so a big one I think is going to be probably something like because I don't know if I want to if I want to turn shine ranker into a CRM that's one thing I've been thinking about another one Allen says social media scheduler yeah that's definitely I think that's something that we could put into shine ranker just because we are turning into a Content tool I think it makes sense to do something like that holy cow this is getting huge 480 tools now our team is on it share what spreadsheet this one uh go to you can get it Yves what's up CRM is too much yeah I agree with you I think we should we need to keep shine ranker around content generation and keyword generation I'll show you some other things we're working on so I showed you earlier I showed you the top websites tool that's the one behind this one um um another one top websites video generator basically the way this one works is you write a description with uh chat GPT it'll go rewrite all the websites that you put in to the CSV file does text-to-speech and then it goes and renders out the videos third one is the AI video generator which this one's I'm actually really excited about and this one we actually have working uh what this does is it'll actually allow you to do AI text to AI stock video which if you have if you're not aware of that there's something called stable diffusion that will see if I can sign in here foreign where the heck is the login to stable diffusion oh my God here it is oh this is the API okay I don't know where the actual login is for this but basically uh you can generate videos that look like this for whatever you're you know typing in so if you do robots marching in unison this will go and generate that video looks like that so we can turn that into a full video with our tool so that's one of the other things we're working on as well uh is there a public roadmap for this stuff coming to shine ringer I mean right now it's just it's just this folder here uh I I'll upload it to the Discord server I don't know if that helps but let me just go do that really quick I just put it in the public chat I guess I could create a separate server for this or like an updates thing but we got a lot of really good stuff coming uh ah I'm brand new to AI I have a ton of debt and really want to focus on utilizing skills making something great can I start with absolutely no money well you can start anything without money I guess maybe that's not true you can't start like okay there are a few things that you can't start with uh can you start with that money it depends on what you're trying to start so one of the things I I would recommend right away is get start building an email list that's huge building an email list is like one of the biggest things so like this is a opt-in page basically that you can create with something like which by the way all the tools that I use uh if you go to scary toolbox most of them have like special deals and stuff if you go through this checklist so go to scary go find system this would be kind of the first thing I would do grab this tool grab a free account and then I would set up just like a simple opt-in like this um I don't know why they have I honestly just want a blank page I don't need all this stuff you funnel where the heck is the can I just make a blank page blank page yes sort of odd to me that they don't allow you to make something simple how the heck do you edit this thing there you go edit page so this is what I would do um I don't I don't think you need all of it like you don't really need any of this stuff all you need is like it's trying to let you build a website here we just want a blank get rid of all this my gosh how many things does it put in here okay we just want something that says enter your email for our checklist and then you would have a place for them to enter their email I'm not sure where form input here is this where you put your email boom that's all you need obviously this looks terrible but you can we lower the thing going on here you know what they really need is they need a way they these build some of these Builders need like an AI feature where it's like build me a futuristic looking opt-in with with a robot in it and that's it Google fonts sure a lot of this is very unnecessary we don't need all this garbage here donate a bunch of random stock videos of people looking at the ocean we just need a simple oh thanks I honestly have no idea what's going on here because they're not a way to just change this is what I don't like about some of these things is that they don't make it intuitive like I'm a computer guy and even I'm like okay what's going on here anyways you'd have something that looks like this obviously you'd want it to look a little bit better than this but they would enter their email to grab whatever the thing is and then after you figure that part of your life out you would go and start sending people to it right so let's just say that's your opt-in and then again you don't need anything crazy here you don't need like uh thank you page or any of that like you don't need a funnel you just need to redirect after that so when somebody went to stop it when somebody went to here and entered their email you would redirect them to uh what are the thing is like the checklist right and I don't know why it's not I swear to God this is an API with click funnels that's what this is isn't it these are the exact same icons that clickfunnels has so this is literally is just built on click funnels I swear it is um input type email placeholder email God this is confusing so yeah wherever the redirect wherever the redirect is you would find the redirect what which is basically what happens after what happens after somebody enters their email and you'd send them to your checklist it should not be this difficult I'll tell you that it definitely should not be this complicated yeah it's the same editor as click funnels I swear it's the same API like it's the same tool I'm gonna freak out in a second so crazy wow I'm actually shocked about how hard it is to find where where you do a redirect here I almost feel like I'm going to refuse teaching this at this point yeah I refuse teaching system so what you would do is instead of using system you would use convertkit and make sure you don't just do affiliate if you're going to be doing convertkit but anyways you'd go to convertkit and you would create your landing page and for that it's very simple you just click on create new and then you put your email or whatever your thing is settings and then there's the redirect wow I'm actually a little bit unhappy with the system oh man I don't understand why some companies make simple things so difficult so anyways that would be step one you build your email list right or you set up your opt-ins you can start building your email list step two would be you'd start posting content now how you post content doesn't really matter what I recommend is you do one long one short a day that's just to get started and then from there you'd probably start automating your your accounts as well uh which is what we do with our with our stuff let me actually show you this really quick I started putting together a presentation then I got bored but let me show you some of the results we've been able to get with this it's kind of cool okay so this is an account here it's called AI Cash Generator you can look it up right now this is an account one of my va's is running and we're just using like the automated text to speech videos like this and you can see 1.8 000 views this one one point one thousand one point one thousand and then these automated videos I was posting on Instagram twenty one thousand seven thousand nineteen thousand this is all with basically automated content and it's with what I was showing you it's the tool that we're building really it's the top five or whatever AI tools tool or websites tool um so pretty cool now one of the things I've been struggling with here is like what do I want to what do I want to start promoting because here's the here's the issue I've been promoting Shine ranker for a year and a half and I think that I've been maybe promoting it too much where maybe I need to start mixing in other things as well like for example convertkit or I don't know anything else that I use buffer because um the issue is that I can only sell so much of one tool right at least within a short period and and shine rankers doing well I mean don't get me wrong we have about what close to 1800 paying members but we do I think I do need to start talking about other tools a little bit just just so I'm not like fatiguing the audience or our audience with uh too much of the same thing but you tell me I mean I don't know so I think maybe for like a week or so I might start doing some content on other tools that I think people should get convert kids definitely one of them this is a big one um another one's obviously buffer I think buffer is a great tool I do think that I should shoot to schedule out some content uh schedule out the questions and then schedule out the videos short form videos automated short form videos right now I think our va's post most of this manually I'm pretty sure it's not scheduled out I'm gonna actually go ask our team really quick are we scheduling out content or posting manually shine rank is the best tool I promote well thanks any AI tool better than chat gbt for email marketing um your brain Chachi PD can only get you so far with emails uh stick to your bread and butter well here's the thing here's why I'm saying this it's because like my sales have been going down because I think I'm hammering too much of the same thing over and over and I think I need to diversify and maybe talk about some other things as well buffers one of them or any sort of scheduling app let me actually go see my preferences I want to see if I even have an affiliate for this I mean like I said I'm not gonna go and like stop talking about shine ranker what I was saying is that maybe for like a week I could go and teach like building a list with convertkit or getting a bunch of Engagement with like scheduled out content these are just ideas because I need something to do in the meantime I can't just be waiting on new features all the time inside of shine ranker is it too late for us to be pronouncing Rick no you can always promote shine maker combined generic with another tool that's what I mean yeah so like for example you know building a list with convertkit or generating the content with with shine ranker and then using buffer tie them in together bring them back to China that makes sense yeah I kind of like that um so yeah that's probably what I I think I'll do I've honestly been kind of like in a little bit of a brain fog last couple days I don't know why just been sort of like I think every now and then it happens to all of us where you kind of get like okay what do I do what am I supposed to be doing right now and I might be spending a little bit too much time working maybe I need to get a little get out a little bit case studies of shine maker usage yeah the other thing I was I've been wanting to do as well is I I want to stop doing like the money angle I'm actually getting a little burnout on like here's how you make this much money here's how you you know I'd rather honestly I think it limits my reach I think what I'm saying the words money it's not giving me the ability to go broader which is like hey here's how you clone yourself with AI in 20 seconds you know that's more what I would like to do if you look at somebody like uh what is it Matt wolf this guy gets hundreds of thousands of views on his videos and he doesn't talk about money at all and the only reason I was always talking about money is because it works so well but I'm starting to get a little burnt out on it I also don't want to have to constantly be like showing how much money I make because it's just kind of like I don't know it feels pointless so does convertkit also have a free plan yes I believe it does up to 500 emails you certainly have my engagement if you ventured into teaching convertkit yeah well and that's what I was saying and thanks for the feedback is I I think for me I would like to go and maybe break down certain tools that people should use and then like go and promote that tool for like a week right while while we're building new features in shine Rinker because I would like to keep selling every week you know if I'm going to be selling I'm just tired of selling I've been selling the same shinemaker subscription for I mean it's a little bit more expensive now but for like over a year and a half and I think it'd be nice to maybe do a tutorial on convertkit embed it on a page say hey go check out this tutorial go grab convertkit and then I can still make money selling convertkit or whatever the thing is like affiliate tool but it's something I actually recommend something and then when a new feature comes out in shineraker like a week later then I can be like hey new feature in shinraker you should go buy it right I think also people tend to lose trust or I do at least if you're trying to uh best to hammer on them well again the only reason I did that is because I thought that that's what I needed to do but I'm at the point now where oh my camera's frozen I'm at the point now where I don't want to do that anymore like I really I did it because I just thought it was like the best thing to do but I'm actually not a huge fan of doing that like it's funny I got my Lamborghini and I thought it was going to like help me a lot help me make a lot more money and it was gonna impress all these people it did like the exact opposite I've been wanting to sell it because I'm like well I don't need to be out here posting pictures of myself in a Lamborghini I'm like what happened to me you know I just got to the point where like even my profile picture it's like you know a Lamborghini I don't know I really I really wanted to like prove something I think and and get respect but it was like I went the wrong way of doing it so it is what it is learn from your mistakes and move on I I really would though like to um get out of the whole like money thing and just focus on you know just value hey here's how you set up a convertkit account you know give them a give you a full free video give you a free trial all that stuff and then you go and get the tool if you want but I don't have to make it about money it's just like here's how you like here's how you grow a list and then if it will help you make money but I don't want to be like keep opening my videos here's my Lamborghini here's my thousand like here's how much money I make every day like I don't know I just hate it like I don't like doing it I never really like doing it I think before it was more like I was trying to like prove something but now I'm just like I don't want to prove things anymore Tai Lopez Vibes yeah I mean if that's your only form of content that's what brought me to your channel initially yeah no I know I like I said though I just did it because it worked like but you can see here like my videos I've been doing the same video for like a year and a half every single day and it's more because I'm like okay well if it works I'm just going to keep doing it but you know at a certain point you kind of gotta like look at yourself and be like okay you know do I need to keep doing this like look at this this is crazy you know it used to be a lot of SEO stuff over here but even that I got a little bit tired of but I've been trying to I've been trying to prove something for like eight years now I'm like tired of trying to prove things I'm honestly sick of it that's all right Chase be humbled at least you can admit it and move forward yeah and you know what happened actually I'll tell you a story so I uh I got this Lamborghini and this is really the Tipping Point I think for me I got this Lamborghini and I started going to all these car shows started posting all these pictures of me on Instagram and I started getting people hit me up Chase you know what are you doing how's it going you know we should we should catch up I'm like yes finally you know people want to be around me because I they know I'm rich and I'm cool and all these things right and it backfired on me I had a couple people that were like kind of went uh a little crazy got all mad at me because I wasn't giving him money or something and I mean it's my fault right like I so I went into a lot of like friendships or relationships like saying hey I have all this money so that's my fault right same thing with like with these videos like I'm literally saying hey I have all this money right and then what am I who am I attracting right but like long term I don't want that right like I don't want people respecting me because of my money I want people respect me because of the things that I do the things that I provide the value I create so I don't know I just I really do think that that Lamborghini was like this the straw that broke the camel's back and now I'm like okay I don't I don't know if that was what I really want like it didn't it didn't make me feel good you know so now I'm kind of at the point where I'm like yeah I don't know if I want to do all this money stuff anymore like I want to make money it's just I don't want to constantly be do you know what I'm saying I don't want to constantly be this guy that's like look how much money I have you can do this too like I don't want to be like that you know here in my garage was my Lamborghini I mean that's literally what happened I thought but I but I honestly I really did think that that was going to be a good thing like it would work really well right like I was literally when I got my Lamborghini it was like what a month or two ago now I was like okay I'm gonna take all these pictures I'm gonna go these networking events like like Cars and Coffee you know meet all these other lamb I joined the Lamborghini Club I literally have a Lamborghini VIP like lanyard thing and then I was like looking at myself and I'm like I'm hanging out with all these people and I'm thinking myself what am I doing with my time right now like I should be going to the gym I should be working I need to go build my tool I'm just sitting I'm like just I'm just walking around like going and trying to flex on people like what is the point of that it literally does nothing so I was like okay I gotta I gotta I gotta get back to like what I'm doing and I realize I'm like I made I made I made like hundreds of thousands of dollars in January right I didn't have I didn't have any of that stuff I wasn't like flexing a Lamborghini I I literally I think my biggest day that I ever made money I I was like living I was in an Airbnb I was living in an Airbnb I'm like I'm working on a plastic Costco table with my laptop right you don't have to have all these things you don't have to have a Lamborghini you don't have to have like millions of dollars and like I literally went and bought fake cash on Amazon so I could use it as prop money for my content and it's like what am I doing like I don't need to go and impress a bunch of people like I was making a ton of money before I was going and flexing right and so I don't know I just I got to the point where I was like I can't do this anymore uh Mayday says it clearly worked though now you got the engagement do whatever you want well it worked but I don't know if it was necessary I really don't I think I could have gotten the same sort of output if not a bigger output I mean look at this look at this look at this guy Matt Walsh this guy gets like 10 times the views I do doesn't mention money once he likes the same stuff I do like he loves AI stuff I love AI stuff I've always have if you look at my channel from like years ago I was talking about Bots and Automation and all that stuff uh but the difference is I think this guy just genuinely wants to talk about this stuff he's not like concerned about the whole money thing or proving anything right where I think I have and I think I don't know I don't know why that was always a thing for me I just really wanted to be like money dude I don't know I thought it would be cool to be like this money guy that had money so irrelevant it's just funny dude I mean I'm not I'm not gonna lie like the lambo and stuff is cool that's not what I'm saying I'm just saying like trading everything trading your passion and everything you do for a car is not work like how much enjoyment do I get out of going around and showing people how cool I am like that's literally the point of getting a cool car like that unless you do it for yourself right like if you do it for yourself which is like oh I really like this car I want to drive it because I like cars but I think most people get this kind of stuff because they want to drive around and be like look how cool I am you know it's just so pointless he came off more like a bot guy yeah yeah for sure what I kind of categorize that as sort of the same stuff but AI automation it's okay to love money but helping people is good too yeah yeah I agree with you no and that's what I'm saying is like I think that's my goal now is like I just want to go and do cool stuff help people not make it like about here's how how much money it's just so irrelevant and I think also when people ask me questions like this too it really bothers me like Chase what's the easiest way to make money it's like it's not important like obviously money is important that's not what I'm saying what I'm saying is like what you do in your life is up to you right and if you want to make a bunch of money with AI or you want to make a bunch of money with websites or whatever you want to make money with you can do it it's just about finding something that you're passionate about and that you want to spend a lot of time doing and then you're going to make money just because because you're valuable at that thing and it's not really about like a hack or a tip or any of that it's about just find something that you really enjoy and like work at it that's all it is I mean if you were to look at me doing a video every single day for the last eight years do you think it would make sense that I'm making money right now probably right because I spent eight years doing this and so what was the secret what was the secret hack what was the tip I just really liked it I just really wanted to do it every day so I did it for eight years and and now I make money because of it and it's like it's not like a you don't show up to like karate class like a black belt you know you're not going to just be some Kung Fu Master just like you're not going to become rich overnight it takes a lot of work but you got to find something you like like look at this I mean this is four years ago I'm literally like every single day but I just really like doing it so I don't know what to tell you besides just find something you enjoy you know and and that's again why I don't want to talk about money stuff anymore is because like the real secret is no secret like stop trying to look for secrets and start trying to just find something that you enjoy uh so Lambo is your is yours or a flex well I own the lambo I bought it for cash uh I just I I think I originally got it so I could Flex and then I realized there's no point in doing that I highly respect that you're willing to learn and pivot though you're not a dead but yeah well I yeah I think I think I honestly had like a revelation when I got this thing but a little bit after right because I was like driving it around I'm the cool guy everybody's talking to me oh you're so cool I'm feeling good I'm feeling cool and then I'm thinking to myself all these people think I'm cool because of my car it has nothing to do with me and then I'm thinking to myself I spent all this time trying to get a car that has nothing to do with me so I can impress people that I don't know and then I'm thinking to myself why the heck did I do that when I could have spent time building something that does have to do with me that does actually create real respect that does help people that actually know me right why be known for something that has nothing to do with you it just it doesn't make sense it's like oh that's the Lamborghini guy he represents the Lamborghini brand I'm literally giving them free I'm literally paying them hundreds of thousands of dollars to go and be an advertisement for them it's ridiculous to me it's so ridiculous material things don't matter Chase yesterday was 10-year anniversary of my fiance passing away I would trade everything in the world yeah well sorry to hear that but it really doesn't matter you know the mat the thing that matters is like the time we have here the the things that we're spending time with or on and enjoying it right like somebody asked me the other day they said Chase you know if you have all this money coming in why don't you just stop like trying like what why instead of hiring all these people and like spending more money on like building your company or whatever why don't you just sit back and relax and like just enjoy the money and I'm thinking to myself I'm like look it's got to be about more than money you can't if if it's if if it's all about money you're just gonna be like okay well I'm making this much money and now I'm now I'm gonna do nothing and it's like it's not sustainable because what you're doing is you're saying to yourself if I make a certain amount of money then I'm gonna stop trying which means it was never about the money in the first place because all the only thing you care about is just doing nothing and so like is it about money or is it about you just not wanting to do anything right and so I think people get really confused because they go like I want money but what they're really saying is I just don't want to do anything I want to be perceived as somebody that's valuable but I want to do nothing to be that thing it's like me saying I want to be a black belt because people who are black belts people think are cool all right well go be a black belt well I don't want to do it I just want to be cool I just want to look cool okay but why because then people will like me okay but you don't know these people yeah but I'm gonna feel like I'm liked and it's like no you're not because you're gonna get all these people liking you none of them have anything to do with you they're gonna like you for something that isn't you right that has nothing to do with you because you're not a black belt and now you're gonna still feel just as empty because if not more empty because now you have all these people that respect you for something that has nothing to do with you and you're putting on this facade of like this image that's not actually you and now you're going to feel worse because not only now are you living a lie but you're also like representing something that you know people like that has nothing to do with you right so anyways I'm kind of going uh in circles here uh true well at least you get to this point of what matters appreciate you oh thanks great advice and that helps me a lot I don't know what it's like yet and I'm afraid of making content that's the other thing you want to make content you get passionate about something enough you'll make content right if you really feel passionately about what you're saying you'll create content most people don't create content because they look at the content they go well I don't really like fully understand this or feel passionate about it so it makes me uncomfortable to make content about it that's probably why you're not making content about it so like the biggest core issue people have it's not like how do I build my email list or how do I create a video like everybody it's so funny to me I I see people online they're like oh I just got my lighting done I just got just got my green screen I just got cap cut set up now I can edit my videos and then they never do anything it's because they think it's a thing that's their problem they're like I don't have a green screen so I can't make a video like Chase I don't have an email list so I can't make it I can't start making uh videos until I get my email list and like it's all these excuses the reason why you're not making content or why you're not doing anything most of the time is because you just don't care you just don't care enough to do it right like if somebody put a gun to your head and said you know you have to go make a video you'd probably go make a video right and so like in an opposite way where like let's say you really really wanted to do something right like because it's either necessary for your survival or you just really feel passionate about it you're gonna go do it just because you really feel like you need to go do that thing like you actually want to go do that thing so that it'll help you reach more people or do whatever the thing is you're trying to accomplish so the question is can you find something that you actually care about I don't know can you that's the real uh I think that's the real question there so anyways I've been rambling Chase what coaching programs have you invested in um I mean I'll just buy random courses just to see what's in them I don't really know if I I don't really like buy coaching or anything I think I've spent some money on coaches like people to Mentor me but most of the time I just try to network with people that are like me and try to ask them questions that's like the biggest thing so anyways I don't know what you think about the law of attraction quantum mechanics but essentially if you're focused on wanting money you're reinforcing that you don't have money in my experience well I I think it kind of depends on like what do you consider money right like I make thousands of dollars and I think I've always kind of felt like it's not enough and because I'm comparing myself to somebody that let's say makes instead of making thousands of dollars in a month they make millions of dollars but then the people that are talking to me are like comparing themselves and they're saying well I'm not making thousands of dollars a month right so it's like this never-ending just like black hole experience of I don't have enough right and you're setting a benchmark for yourself in terms of the amount of money you make and the value you provide if I make more money am I more valuable right not necessarily I think your value should be determined on your character and by character I mean if you're getting up every day and you're working on something and you're really trying and you really have um drive and you want to make a difference and you want to you want to help that's value you can't really assign a number to that right and so I think the question is like is is it possible for you to stop thinking in terms of numbers and start thinking about in terms of effort like for me I've always thought about numbers oh I can quantify you know if I make three thousand dollars a month or three thousand dollars a day then I'm that valuable no because there's plenty of people that make three thousand dollars a day or or make whatever per day or per month or you know per year but they're not necessarily very valuable people right so how do I transition the mindset of can I be valuable through my income or through the number I make to can I become value bull by the person that I am and the way I perceive life and the way I help others can I get up and try every day regardless of the number like if somebody was giving you zero dollars for your time like if you're making zero dollars would you try to be just as valuable as if you were making three thousand dollars a day or a thousand dollars a day or whatever the number is because I mean I see it all the time I see people that you know they they have thousands of dollars coming in and I don't see them as very valuable people maybe they maybe other maybe they maybe they are I don't know I just for me I don't I don't see them that way and then I see people that make very little money and they put in insane effort like literally work as hard as they can and so that's the way I judge people I feel like now before I judge them based on how much money they made oh if they don't make a lot of money then they're not valuable no money is a result of value value is a result of effort effort is the result of of passion and principles so the very first thing that you want to start working on or at least that I try to work on is how do I develop new principles that'll help me fuel my effort to become valuable and then I make money but it's not in reverse order you don't make money and then you provide value laughs so yes by using your story being relatable that's what got me to stick not your land though that's awesome can I join your Discord yeah so Discord I'll put a link in chat I need to just get a website URL for this so that way I don't have to keep putting this URL in the chat but but yeah that's it for today I might take a little bit of time to just contemplate I haven't been uh taking a lot of time off lately so I might maybe take today off not sure but thanks everyone for being here I appreciate you and hopefully we'll see you around very soon until we do I usually say happy money making I want to change it what do we say happy something be happy we'll see ya

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