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unethical ways to make money part 43 you're going to go behind your local GameStop look for a dumpster and grab any random cardboard box then while you wait for your mom to pick you up you're going to grab a random Rock On The Ground after that you'll have her drive you to Walmart and with a sharpie you're going to write $5 mystery box on that box of cardboard and you'll Place The Rock inside have your friend record you so it looks like you're making a viral video and go up to strangers and say do you want to buy this $5 mystery box box The Strangers will see your friend recording and think that they're about to win thousands of dollars so they'll pay you five bucks and you'll open the box only to reveal a rock repeat this 20 times and that's 100 bucks an hour work smarter not harder for more ways to earn money like this just respond with the word yes

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