This man discovered the ultimate AI money glitch

this is a brand new Shelby and I just bought it using only AI there's a brand new AI tool that allows you to use chat GPT to generate AI videos while you sleep this is the exact secret tool that's responsible for earning people thousands of views with just their first few videos posted and today I'm going to show you how to get started with this with just one click but before I dive into it make sure you respond with the word yes in the comments right now so I can keep you updated with this exact step-by-step system also make make sure you don't tell the AI influencers I told you about this cuz they're going to hate me for it all right step one head over to shin and click on AI video tools now just type in something you want a video of you can type in whatever you want we'll type in chicken boxing with human arms you'll now get a viral video that you can post on places like Tik Tok Instagram and anywhere you want and you can actually get a ton of views with these

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