This man is using ChatGPT on another level 🤯

here's how I use chat gbt to sell 7 500 worth of services to people I never personally talked to but more importantly here's how you can do the exact same thing and what's really cool about this is you can now use chat gbt to automatically respond to people on places like Facebook Messenger email Instagram and more step one you gotta get people to message you for this I use something called shine ranker will help you make AI generated videos like this with a cloned version of your voice just make sure inside of your videos that you generate to tell people to reply with the word yes if they want to learn more about AI now you're going to use a tool like this one to have chat EBT interact with those people you'll tell chat gbt to make sure that its go in life is to book an appointment with them with your calendar link now just find somebody that'll get on these calls for you and offer them 20 of the sales last step just sell a 300 service that helps people generate AI leads like this for 300 if you want my full free training on this just reply with the word yes right now or go to

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