Unlocking the Secret to Making Reoccurring Payments as an Affiliate Marketer

and so this tool actually has about 1400 paying members right now that are utilizing the tools so they can access things like chat GPT and we have some other cool features in the tool as well and so how do you do that so what you would do is you would go over to one of the tools like shine ranker and you would scroll to the bottom of the website like this and you would click on become an affiliate now when you click on this link you're going to get a option to sign up for the affiliate program which is free and then you can see here you get 30 commissions for every reoccurring payment so if somebody pays 371 dollars per year you get 111 Front End and then you also get the reoccurring as well and the price of this tool actually goes up pretty often so I think actually the price might even be higher right now.

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