if you're not generating 1,000 leads a day with AI you need to stop what you're doing this new AI tool that just came out allows you to generate whatever video you want to go viral on Tik Tok these types of videos get tons of views and they're super easy to make money with to get started go to shine.com and click on AI video tools then just type in whatever you want your video to talk about and click on generate now you'll get a completely AI generated video that you can post on Tik Tok now go to scary tool bots.in these free 400 AI tools that you can actually get paid to promote in these videos each one of the tools will give you a link that looks like this just copy it and add it to your videos and you'll get paid anytime somebody signs up for one of the AI tools you promote if you want the full free step-by-step training on this check my bio or just respond with the word yes.

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