We Drove Over 1 Million Dollars Worth Of Cars For The Weekend

today is the day of the lambo rally and it is really early well to me it feels early cuz I usually wake up later than this I think it's about 6 something might be 7 anyways we're about to leave we got all of our camera equipment and everything charging we had to grab this big old block or power uh surge connector to be able to charge everything in one place we got multiple cameras iPads uh drone GoPro so hopefully much needed monster cheers hopefully today's going to be a good day and we're going to have a lot of good footage I still have to put together the video from yesterday um so I'll probably do that on the way to where we're going and then um yeah I need to get some tea pretty pretty tired but yeah you ready to go let's get it skirt there me some now the question is will we be able to fit everything we need in this McLaren we probably wouldn't be able to fit it in the lambo but this car I think has a little bit more room so we will see and thankfully the trunk did open I don't know if you saw the other video but the trunk was not opening in that Lamborghini so uh yeah we are officially on the road for the Lamborghini rally we're going to get Chase here some tea because it is morning time I'm tired and I didn't sleep at all last night no neither did I I was up all night we were super excited this will be a blast this is our kind of gig car stuff but what do we do on taking a mlan to a lbar rally we [Music] are we made it to our first destination spot yes we did this is the beginning of the rally check it out Draft Sports Grill here we are we are early how are the young ones show up early I don't know it's kind of crazy you would think everyone else is up at like 4: or 5 in the morning that's true I'm glad we got here a little early though everybody scan the QR code you can do cool things like us too it says recording in process right back at you buddy we have moved the GoPro from the hat to the chest Starbucks yeah the a little bit cooler I guess you know that's TR it yes I'm very so who signed up for the you did there's still time I think you want I want to see it if you don't then everybody got the email did everybody read it no sure yes no so the goal here is we have plenty of time so I all these uh times are estimates that I gave on and it says onean all right so we are about to head out to where are we going Brandon we are going to here's our inary everybody so our first stop is this gas station right here and our second stop is lunch check out all the cars going to be pretty cool Lamborghini club and there's a majority of other whips other cars all right well I'm pretty excited so uh let fire her up let's [Music] go he confusion be afraid [Music] all right we are about our first 30 minutes into the rally what are we thinking so far cool pretty cool I mean he is non-stop shooting flames everybody loves this McLaren but here check it out we got the Stow we got the Evo we got a uh 600 LT and behind us we got a C8 Corvette a Target Corvette check this out wow having fun it's pretty sick needs more Flames though I think you're a [Music] pyromaniac we have made it to the first gas station this is a beautiful town wow we made it was like what do you guys think you like it I love love it um who own uh he does I've never seen all right guys so we are about to head to the next destination we've been having a lot of fun already and uh I don't know we're going to see see where this takes us but I'm pretty excited this is one of the most fun things I've done in a while [Music] so hey if you're not making $1,000 a day with AI you need to stop what you're doing and watch this [Music] video we're now entering the town of Mammoth and this place is well known for the mammoth population that used to live here now I just made that up I don't know why it's called Mammoth but we are here I think we're an hour out from where we need to be is that correct yeah sounds about right and yeah we're having fun still we got a we had to refill at 50% we're already at 65% again these cars aren't known for their gas efficiency unfortunately we approve of this message ask him why he's so slow yeah go ask him that Andy why are you so slow l tire pressure oh he had low tire pressure so I'll hope you uh this is for us I'm guessing look they blocked off parking spaces for us this is cool check it out all right I'll help you out here but there you go you want to hold the camera while I help this out I can do it okay should I just record you yeah this is cool wind find a place to put this dude just keep it it's your souvenir stuff in my pocket okay guys so we just got done eating uh we had some pretty good Mexican food and now we're going to go head over to the hotel which I believe is over there I'm hoping there's a pool cuz I want to jump in I got some energy been sitting down all day yo yo let's jump in bro D they got fish in there see oh you really want to jump in with those fish is that supposed to happen it's Nemo well we made it that's a cool looking elevator another oh wow beep it's a beautiful hotel I got to walk around and get some B- roll this hotel all the way up you are in four something right welcome to your room kind of happier being outside dude yeah this is cooler what the oh she messed with that no just kidding waa this all right like hardwood Flor this is not bad this is where Brandon would have been sleeping if the guy wouldn't have showed up dude we fly the drones straight out do you have a balcony bro that's cool you raise your voice to me like that dude boom all right so we're going to this car museum when we could be swimming but I'm not disappointed about it it's actually a Plane Museum you got your stuff Twisted oh Plane Museum which is cool be in the air instead of the water but uh what have you turn dolphins what I am excited for is after the pl Museum we're going to go in the water yes that's going to be fun it's very hot here Brandon's going to be swimming around with his GoPro [Music] M guy went that guy went back inside on the C8 went by [Music] maybe stop her early so he can while she understands the hand never mind Kid Likes the car I never know to Revit like with kids or not it's like hit I feel like you can scare them you know you like turn his passion you like turn some liks into like somebody just C now you scare him this car would definitely scare some people if they're not oh yeah but like the the airplanes dude are like literally like thousands of them there's like thousands of these like monster airplanes I just put it in my is this the same place like no no no I'll send you some pictures like it's crazy dude right back at your buddy okay so we are at the air and space museum we're about to see some massive airplanes we saw them on the way here and they were super cool I actually don't really know how this is going to work because there was a lot of airplanes so maybe we have to drive over there I think we might be on like a tour bus might be on a tour bus I'm going to see if we can fly the Drone we just got that brand new drone it' be really cool if we could fly that over these airplanes and uh yeah let's see what's inside how many horsepower is that brand too many probably not a lot to be honest how about this oh turbine dude hold on if you're not driving elop wait wait one more time you can't hold on if you're not using wait wait hold on if you're not using AI to make a clone of yourself so you can go drive helicopters you need to stop what you're doing and watch this video this one was stand or an extra so to speake dude you don't know how to fly a plane like this Brandon I know how to fight a plane like this does it work yes it does do I have cash on whoa that is cool whate lot of people are dying here like they're flying this way you got jet likeing you especially when their landing gear doesn't work these guys get crushed to death they would fly up above theing atmosphere studies yeah but they were it it was the only it was NASA's only air I can't tell if we're going you got to redo it hold on if you're not using AI to drive planes like this you you need to stop what you're doing and watch this video hold on if you're not using AI to fly planes like this you need to stop what you're doing and watch this video imagine looking up and seeing this in the sky have the air show at David V it's not electric it's all wires what are all the wires for for moving parts [Music] check this out everybody so apparently they don't let too many people do this and look we got let back here in the plain graveyard to take some cool photos under the wing that is so cool [Music] [Music] up all right guys so we are in the middle of a an Airfield I don't know what this is an abandoned military Airfield yes these are a bunch of abandoned airplanes it's actually a museum museum but these planes are all decommissioned you just take over the Vlog all right it's my it's up to me now guys here we go I officially got the Reigns to do this so what we are doing so this is actually technically the planes that the presidents flew in check check this out wow we have the Stow 600lt Huracan Evo C8 570s AMG GTR check out this lineup so this has been really cool this has been a really special event they took us out here so we can get some cool photos of this um shout out to the Space Museum and this a museum here down in Tucson um but here it is guys check it out this is really cool they presidents that actually were flying on this plane so pretty legit I think I look cool with the glasses [Music] [Music] on we just got done looking at all those super cool airplanes and now we're heading back to go get some dinner and hang out at the hotel we got a lot of videos that we need to edit a lot of content a lot of videos this was a very cool trip show them all these planes check this out wow Brandon's driving the McLaren now I had to take a break I drove for too long today so all right we are now at some pizza restaurant I think been driving for a while today it's like 6:30 or something right now I'm starting to get tired but we'll be fine we got to wake up pretty early tomorrow too so exhausted yo hey send me a video of what the puppy did to the house it was a fun day we had fun and uh tomorrow's probably going to be fun as well I think what you did is you locked the puppy in the laundry room on accident and the puppy got I promise you I'm promising so wasteful portions what's this yours what the hell really oh all right so we are leaving the restaurant it's like 8:30 hopefully we're going to to make it hey bless you hey thank you everybody for the bless you so we're going to be uh leaving and going to the hotel to go hopefully jump in the pool maybe we're going to jump into a waterfall we heard about natural water all the dust from you doing donuts in the McLaren are in my mouth and nostrils I keep sneezing all right which car we taking uh let's do the stove the stove we have showed back up to the hotel we've got a whole detail wow wow hey guys that is cool you guys came ready for us we did now all right guys so it is uh 6:00 a.m.

Bron and I are a little bit tired tired tired tired man it's been a long day a long day long day yesterday um yeah I was up like pretty much all night I don't know why but it just did couldn't get like cool in my room so I was just like burning all night I was kind of expecting that to happen anyways but it's fine it's a price you have to pay so anyways we're going down um to check out and then we're going up Mount Lemon pretty soon here uh I really need some tea or something I need to wake up a little bit if possible I don't know if they have that here but we'll go figure it out anyways see you in a sec je I bet you were the first one out to the car you think so yeah no what do you mean no the valet is here Valley you mean the people working we are actually the first ones up into the cars so we get to fool around with the Drone for a little bit but here's the lineup they are all looking clean we had a detail service come and clean all of the cars and they are looking fly check it out and he's like chasing on a weird one this today it's a tea bro where we is that the McLaren that's the McLaren let's talking back clean dang that's a cool that's a cool keychain filling up the Beast for what the six time it smells like homeless pee over [Music] here not just regular pee homeless I don't know I'm a little speechless you could smell the fear in it I just shot the guy that it off he flipped you off yeah the biker yeah he just he flipped him off and I shot Flames at him oh [Music] FS [Music] skiing they waiting in line for breakfast I don't know if I wanted to ski here it looks a little sketch [Music] dude they almost said leave our stupid drone at home dude where's it going let me check this out oh my gosh Andy you want to see this Chase's newspaper toy right here everybody Jesus we have made it to the restaurant and there's a ski lift chair look this is this is the ski lift chair you think it remember you're like is it sketchy yeah that's kind of sketchy you want to just grab my back yeah I will I will I like it's easy in the restant you don't take food home they don't ask you so are people to finish their PL but what [Music] happen we didn't go through here before did we no this is the town that I was talking about so we go back through here to get out uh yeah you go straight in pretty sure are you sure we can get out of here I'm kind of sure no way dude lights aren't on yet no we're not getting pulled over no way bro at 35 yeah she might just harass you no he slowing down they're slowing down is he taking a right maybe so you have a B driver's license you're fine with nice watch by the way but even though you have that little thing saying here it's a test drive you still need something on the back of this so I can't say that nobody else would pull you over okay but you still need something and make sure there was a plate on it I'm saying but you need to make sure that you're not losing it obviously it's not metal so maybe magnetic ones will not work the best so maybe taping into the back of the all right so we are heading home we got about a 3-hour drive ahead of us I think we just fueled up we're uh got some we got some tea and some he's got a C8 C8 Corvette drink I've got a I've got a C8 Corvette right here they are wait that hi yeah those are our fans those that's

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