What if I told you this entire video was AI generated?

what if I told you the entire video you're watching right now was made with an AI clone of myself it's true the person talking right now is my AI clone the images in this video were all generated with AI all I had to do was type in what I wanted my AI clone to say and within minutes this video was 100 AI generated now what if I told you that you could do the exact same thing you can step one head over to shineranker.com and click on get started step two go to the AI video tools inside shine ranker step 3.

upload an audio clip of your voice step 4. type whatever you want and click on generate that's it now you can generate videos with your AI clone now my question to you is what are you going to make a video of first let me know in the comments and respond with the word yes if you want me to send you a full free training on this.

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