Working On ChatGPT Bots Live!

okay so I thought I'd do a live stream today um we've been testing these robots a lot lately the uh contact form Bots and I'm running one up here right up there with some new messaging I've been trying a few different angles and some of them are working really well some of them are not so I'll show you the new sort of angle that I'm using let me uh got to bring this video over here okay so New Angle let's just pause this here so the new angle so the the previous angle we were offering a video service creating like a free AI video uh I I was going to see if maybe we could try this with some other tools as well the video angle is kind of a cool angle but I also think maybe we should try using chat GPT to do an autoanalysis of the websites and one of the things that would be really interesting is if we could figure out a way to create an automation where when we get a message it automatically responds with the problems I don't know if there's a way that we can do that but there probably is and we got a this is loading while it's loading um let's uh so I have three different virtual private servers that I can run these on at once I might actually try that and what I'm going to do today I think is I'm just going to do some work uh for you live just show you what I'm already working on um let me minimize this so let's get a few different rdps going I'm going to go grab my VPS info let me share this in the Discord as well what's up Eve hold on one second let me share this so we had some weird stuff happen with my um email with uh I use a tool called convertkit to send emails and basically convertkit asked me to verify my domain for sending and I can I verified it and then now when I send emails they all bounce and they bounced over 100,000 emails on my list so I don't know if people are getting my emails anymore and I don't really know what to do to fix that but I might have to switch away from convert kit now and I don't really know where I'm going to go for that um but yeah pretty irritating um okay so let me get into these different private servers so what I do is I run should probably record this just in case so what I do is I run about three different virtual private servers at once and they're all loaded up with GSA this is three 9 This is 43 um and basically I can send three times the amount at once when I when I do it like this because I have a list I don't know if you saw the other videos I've been making but I have a list of a bunch of different e uh contact form lists that I can load up all right let's see so this is the one we were using oh we didn't stop it on there I guess yet let's do the third VPS this is the annoying thing about um GSA is it crashes all the time and honestly what I should do on this is I should just do uh task manager and just shut it down let's just make it faster so I think the the tests we're going to do today and and again we're doing a lot of different tests but I I kind of like this idea um is we're going to go into here submission content we're going to do message and we're going to say I analyzed your website found a few things be fixed respond if this is a good place to send the problem okay and then yeah so that's good so we're going to do start send continue and then we're going to do 999 at at a time so these are good so this is the first one that's online and again what we're going to do is when we get the responses which we should get pretty quickly we're going to respond with we're going to have chat gbt do the analyze the website and do the message and I think we can actually create a tool that'll do it in bulk um one of the things we need to figure out is can we um can we uh can we export all these emails into a spreadsheet then just create automatic responses for each of them I think we can but I also don't know if that's necessary so we'll see but let's just get these running first so this is the first one that's running let's go ahead and put it in the corner here all right let's do the next one so next one we're going to load up GSA and the capture breaker and I believe I did buy a few more vpss for um some other experiments um okay so let's go ahead and keeping track of these is actually the hardest part about all of this which ones we've already sent to and which ones we haven't I should have just kept that message because I'm going have to rewrite it now and I didn't hold on I actually messed up the subject line too because I'm not sure that we had a subject line ready for this what's up David Creed how are you good to see you yeah I'm not sure why this is taking forever to load here I don't know sometimes GSA like really has issues okay it looks like it's gone now I'm just going to leave it I don't really care what the subject line says I'm pretty sure it just says something general okay so this one says I made a video for your website so I'm going to say I uh found a few issues with your website that like to fix can I send it can I send you the report here for you to look at just respond with sure if this is a good play respond with yes if this is a good email to send it to okay subject uh website errors we'll just do that the other pitch though for the freaky um video got a lot of responses so I think that is pretty uh pretty good to do as well um the only thing is when you do the video responses it takes a little while to generate where with the text responses we could essentially have chat GPT automatically send the issues over um okay so we have the these sending we need capture breaker up and then this one should be good to go we're getting a lot of autor responses right now see if we're getting any yeses yet uh we're getting yeses but it's more for the old um the old messages when I when I asked for if the website was for sale we got a lot of responses I think that was the highest response one thing I want to do is I want to take a uh export all these responses and then have uh chat GPT sort them and then figure out which is the highest response messages that we're using or that we're do that we're getting uh can I not open Capture breaker should be able to open this okay yeah we're getting a ton of autor responses right now they're all pouring in on my phone um okay so this should start do I need to stop this for the capture breaker to turn on is that the issue here while this is running let's see how the other one's doing this one's good I might just stop this cuz I think you have to do that for the capture breaker this one looks like it's going fine yeah this one's good um let's do yeah let's just leave this one alone this one's good and let's try to open Capture breaker oh yeah now it's open so I think it was just the uh it was just the fact that it was running so we just got to make sure that we're uh not running it when we start it okay that's good so this will run fine now good good good okay that one's running this server is lagging hard it should pop up with all of the URL sending too here but something's going on with this one um and then we'll do the last server okay so now we got these two or these yeah these two and then let's just do the last one which is so we got 243 239 we don't have 242 up so we're not going to I don't think we're going to need to send all like million of these I think we we'll get enough data just from sending a few 100,000 or whatever um so this one we're going to say I found a few issues with your website can I send a report here for you to look at respond with yes okay okay start and good all right so now we should be good on all three we could technically run more private servers than this but this is going to be more than enough to get the data that we need what's up Peter thanks for your videos Chas oh you're welcome thanks for joining why VPS is not computer at home because um you're going to max out your CPU and or at least run it pretty high and it's better to uh why are these green um it's better not to do it on your actual computer um especially because you can just run these in a you know different location without like now I can go work while these are running on three different computers right um okay so we got the private servers going uh we can see the responses coming in let's go look at him change to this inbox here so these are all of the responses and a lot of these are autor responses as you can tell now the question is can we uh can we start exporting this inbox now we'll just ask chat GPT that I I believe I asked this the other night and um chat GPT told me that I could so um I'm just going to look up how to export uh emails from Gmail into acsv uh okay good to hear do you have a recommendation or affiliate link yes so um I will let me take I have a whole list of recommendations um when it comes to doing this stuff and I put it in the previous video but let me go grab it just so you have it um I just put it in chat I'm going to put in chat right now so inside this list it only let me do so so much at once um okay so basically I'll let me just put it in the description of this video really quick so there's a few different things so GSA that the thing that we're using is the first one um and then contact form lists if you want to just get pre-made lists like this you don't have to go scrape them yourself you can just load them in okay that's the second link proxies this is the one I use Virtual private server these are the ones I used they're like 30 bucks a month and then that's kind of the main stuff um also we're doing a live training as well on Monday on this if you want to join it it's at viral and um you get a checklist along with the updates and um everything sorry somebody's texting me so anyways um chat GPT here says log into your Gmail account choose the emails you want to export you can select multiple by down holding the shift command um click on more drop down choose forward as attachment compose the email attach to emails send the email to yourself interesting so how does that work so step one we're going to log into Gmail step two we're going to select the emails let's try that so we're g to go boom Oh I got a $5 donation from Peter thanks man let's celebrate their first Super on a live stream oh so nice of you okay um let's actually go by all emails here so we're going to go like that we're going to do select all and then I think it said message to yourself I don't understand why they don't just have an export okay Ford as attachment whoa that's going to take a long time there's got to be an extension for this um it has archive select all move to inbox I'm sure there's a is there a Chrome extension that lets you download your Gmail as AC CSV uh as my knowledge there were no native Chrome extensions okay we're going to just use Google for this Chrome extension to download all Gmail as CS V all right Gmail export is a free easy use simple tool um okay let's try that export emails add to Chrome getting a lot of text messages right now right so theoretically I have this now Malo meter see if we can do it all right um is it not going to show me how to do it so I don't know if it's supposed to just give me like a thing on my inbox now that I can see oh there's an export button now Okay cool so we're going to go um all mail again boom we want to export this cool we're going to do all subject snippet does it not have the message ID so ideally I want the message because I need chat GPT to go and and analyze the messages I don't really care about just the email addresses that's not going to really matter too much to me um and it looks like it it's not going to give me shoot we might have to do something like zapier for this because I don't think it's going to do all the messaging it's a little weird that it has to email me the uh CSV instead of just giving it to me default in the browser yeah I feel like that's not the one we want so let's remove that um if we buy a list is there a way to filter it by Niche so right now um not really unless you go and scan the the go scrape for niches yourself but one of the things I was working on is a tool that will actually go and enrich the lists for us um with AI and it started working last night I might actually go into that today but um I was kind of hoping to uh to do this um okay let's see let's do export see what we got here export your emails to a Google doc with a click of a button with this new free Chrome tool I'm going to show you how this app makes my Human Resources roll very easy when confronted with legal discovery the first thing I'll do is download export emails to Google Docs from the Google Chrome web store now I'll go back to my Gmail inbox and search for a previous employees email address now I'll click this box to select all these emails then click the save to button here and select export emails to Google Docs will it give me the message here's where I can choose my email export options I'll choose to save to a new document and I'll I'll keep enable continuous saving checked in case I receive any more email Discovery requests in the future now I can click on the start export button here I can see that my emails are in the process of being converted to my Google doc when they're done being converted I'll receive an email from cloud HQ is there click here to open my new gole do that I'll do this all of my ex employees emails have been added and formatted into this Google doc any attachments are automatically uploaded to Google Drive too and a link to them will be added to my doc now all I need to do is share this file with our company attorney and I'm [Music] done with that issue resolved so quickly I can devote my time to other employee efforts Cloud Q helping your productivity one click at a time don't forget to hit the like just seems really inefficient like I don't understand why there isn't an export function built into Gmail do people not want to export their emails at all ever is that not like a a thing just seems very weird to me um okay so can I install my GSA software on a VPS or yeah I think you can use the same um the same code I I do that oh I'm probably am I clipping right now I'm probably too loud huh let me see productivity one click at a time do people not want to export their emails at all ever um but yeah I I use the same license on all the vpss I believe um well let's see I feel like there's definitely something I'm missing here um let's see let's see what it gave us with that other Tool uh what was the tool again I don't even remember the name of it it should give us an email though it said export export no import there's an import button there's no export well I think the solution then at this point would be uh I don't know maybe using a different type of email let's see Gmail export I know zapier does it for sure but I it would be nice to just export whenever we feel like it um with just like a quick click of a button Gmail export to CSV okay export your data from Gmail message content message headers uh sent messages is their message body that's what we care about let's see message content oh it was the first thing it said okay so it says here your uh your download includes all of this but how do we do it um you can export the the data from Gmail you uh you can download data that hasn't been deleted you can create an archive okay learn how to download your data uh if you download your Google data it doesn't delete it from Google servers uh you can export or download okay go to download your data all right step two if you only want to download some of your data okay oh so I choose the thing that I want to download so we're going to do access log activity we just want Gmail oh wait this is giving me the wrong account we need this one okay I just want let's deselect everything and then let's find Gmail okay messages and attachments all right there we go all mail data included okay and then multiple formats okay next step send download add to drive send download just add it to drive that makes it easier export once file type zip file size okay create export hopefully this doesn't take freaking forever and maybe I hopefully there's no like quota on this okay uh cre November possibly hours or days why would it take so along well I don't know you would just think that there' be an easier way right to do this my phone is blowing up with autor responses that's for sure so either way we're going to see I think I think I need a vote from you guys on would you rather because we have a few different things I actually need to draw this out for everybody because I need a vote from you on where we should head with this just sending out an email really quick just so people know I'm live so ideally we need to figure out which part of the AI formula do we want to work on first do we want to um do we want to uh work on the data enrichment so basically finding forms that are in certain niches and then go like that do we want to work work on the followup meaning like automated followup um so we just have a robot responding to the messages for us um I kind of need a vote from you guys on which part you think we should work on right now uh Hey Chase what can I offer as an upsell for clients that need a website created with the tools you mention hm what can I offer as an upsell well I would say videos right not like videos content one of the things I wanted to look at is that guy Matt wolf he's like automating his um my friend Jonathan actually told me about this he's automating his website create uh content Creation with something called uh is it make I need to figure out how he's oh it's with integrat which is now make I think so that might be interesting to look at it kind of just depends on where we want to go with this that's that's kind of like the the the meaning of all of this do we want like where do we want to head with this because we're getting the leads right and this is where I'm struggling because I'm like all right what would help everybody the most right now would it be like getting the leads would it be automating the followup like what is the thing that we should be doing right now I don't know you know uh what's up Millennial money mom but I mean either way this is this is like the guaranteed way to get like tons of leads I mean we're seeing it right here let's uh take a look here so we got uh what do we got here uh yes so we got a yes I said I analyzed your website for a few things that need to be fixed respond with yes so where's the website this is it I need to open this in a different browser just in case I don't know what we're going to get from here let me uh go check in another browser really quick okay looks like a News website looks like it's safe um so the question is can chat GPT analyze this I don't know if 3.5 can can you analyze this website and tell me what's wrong with it we might have to use an API for this I'm not sure cannot uh access external websites so I think 4.0 can can you tell me what's wrong but a lot of people don't have 4.0 yet yeah see look it's doing it I visited the website and found that it appears to be functioning normally the site is structured as a blog or news platform um if you're experiencing issues with this website it could be such as browser uh okay let's say from an SEO standpoint from a c SEO standpoint what could be fixed on the site you can use Bard for that too can you what's up Mike how are you all right from an SEO standpoint um here are a few aspects that could potentially be improved on the website content quality and uniqueness uh keyword optimization okay I wonder if it can give us specific recommendations not just general ones because like what are we going to do respond with all of this the first is getting the lead without the lead there is no followup yeah but I mean like this is working this is getting leads I mean this is pretty much guaranteed to get leads at this point so the issue is not getting the leads I mean we're getting tons and tons of leads with this if if you set this up it's basically guaranteed that you're going to get leads um what's up Brent how are you uh so let's do let's I'm gonna say can you give me specific recommendations for this I just spelled recommendations wrong website um of things we should change I should I should have said from an SEO standpoint again based on my review here's some specific optimize meta tags loading speed no I want gosh it's giving me it's giving me uh it's just giving me General uh things again we want we want like specific you know what we could do is we could run this site through the shine ranker tool and then we could feed that export into um the CSV export into chat GPT and then have it analyze that and then make the recommendations based on that um yeah yeah yeah somebody American Texan said is there a way to yeah so let's go to shine audit we're going to go here hopefully it's crawlable okay well it pulled the meta description it knew there was no meta description that's kind of cool so yeah I'm going to download the CSV and feed it into it because chat gbt 4 lets you analyze files Now give me one second I'll be right back while it's running okay getting leads first then follow up can this be used for affiliate marketing yes all right um automatic follow-up first that's the vote oh my gosh there's a lot of pages on this website okay I don't think we need to analyze the entire page or the entire website let's just stop it there we're going to export as a CSV and then we're going to drag this into chat GPT there we go and we're going to say Can you analyze this file of a SEO crawl report and come up with five main things that the issue the website should fix um based on the report harpa what's harpa uh or or copy top three pages into chat gbt yeah yeah well I mean this is copying literally 70 pages okay based on the SEO crawl report of the website here are the five main areas that need to be addressed improved metad descriptions which is true because they don't have any metad descriptions well some of them do I think the first ones we crawled didn't um resolve non- indexable Pages optimize response times the response times for some pages are relatively High 7.54 seconds so it pulled that and then made a recommendation based on that which is really cool because it found that some of the pages were too slow like this one 7.54 seconds I wonder if it it could even take screenshots of those issues um and then add it to to the message uh address empty H1 and title tags okay so let's ask we want to find out hold I want to stop this can I stop oh it's analyzing all of that okay U indexability issues oh yeah they're no indexing the author page content okay I mean so we could send that say what' your like our help fixing this so we'll go like this boom that's actually uh okay so now we're gonna now we're going to say can you uh summarize these problems into an email and pitch a service that will fix that will help them fix these issues affiliate Avenue marketing what's good all right dear recipient name I hope this message finds you well I recently had opportunity to conduct an in-depth SEO analysis of your website dwell HQ online and identified several areas here's a brief summary indexability issues meta descriptions um that you need a rose I mean this seems kind of General again I actually like this one more this one's better let's do this one okay so let's say here are a few problems we found and we'd love to do an even deeper dive and help fix the issues if you're interested let please let us know okay I don't know why it's giving me all these weird lines here there we go oh it's cuz I'm command I need to control shift Fe there we go boom okay so I mean that's something and and again we could automate this right so like anytime somebody responds with the work yes it could automatically send that as a response Eric what's good so yeah I mean I think it it's doable right let's see are we getting more yeses thank you thank you thank you let's see let's see I almost wonder if um offering like a free web design mockup and then and then using an AI Builder to to to build them an automatically generated website that might be cool I wonder if you could have a list of 10 to 15 common problems for AI to check against yeah we could for sure do that so again like I'm trying to figure out where to go from here and and this is really more based on like your input right I need to know from you I need to know from you what do you want us to do I've already show I've already cracked the code to getting the leads right so I I we can get leads for anything I mean I can dive dive deeper into that um I can go into I mean I don't know like like I feel like I've already solved the problem which is getting the leads and then so what is the what's the next thing we want to do from [Music] there I guess automate sales right that's a big thing Brad says this is awesomely insane thank you um I mean we could start okay I guess let's do some votes here so so let me just show you my thoughts I'm going to put it on a notepad and then you guys choose so number one we could set up more robots um for social media because there's there's robots that you can use on social media that'll basically do the same thing except they do autoc commenting on um like posts so you can do like Auto comment saying hey would you like me to send you a free video um and we can run these on Virtual private servers kind of like we're doing with these These are contact forms um another thing we could do is we could start working on the automated followup so when we get a response categorizing it and then and then automatically responding to it we're we we're kind of already doing that with text messaging I did that um for it's easier to do it with texting because you can use like AI to do automatic texting when somebody text text you um another one we could do is we could work on like scraping and filtering like being able to find certain types of leads and just being good at that we probably want to use scrape box for that instead of GSA to find them the websites um trying to think what else again it's kind of up to you I'm I'm not I'm not 100% where you want me to go with this because again like the hard part was getting the leads so we already did that and from there I'm trying to figure out well what do you want what do you want to do my my issue is I just run out of ideas um I guess the automated followup so let me show you what we were doing for the uh so we're using go high level to do the texting um so we have people text us and then we have go high level automatically like text them back trying to get I guess close them on something um what is the set fee for us to automate help me with the setup um Eric I will get on a call with you and help you set this up I don't know for a couple hundred bucks I I'm honestly at a point right now where again I'm like I'm trying to figure out what's the best use of my time because I've automated a lot of stuff like I automated um I automated our sales I automated our followup I automated like pretty much everything I automated our our social media content automating our leads so at this point I'm trying to figure out like what's the next move cuz now I'm just sitting here and I'm like well what do you guys want like I already did it all I don't know what the next part is can you show how to monetize these leads yeah well that's the issue is monetizing these leads you really have to personalize like what you're going to be doing so if we're getting all these messages coming in like the ideal thing is that you just want to offer them a bunch of value up front like maybe do like a free thing for them do some free videos do some uh free like website fixes do some free content that might even be a good thing identifying the list of keywords that they need content for is there a way to Target high dollar investors well I mean I don't know like like asking people if they want to invest in your company I don't know that's that that could be something that we do I don't know we could also just see what happens with the setup and just keep running more and more tests I I mean we could go set up another five virtual private servers and then get like even more leads than this but I mean this is basically unlimited leads land and and I think like I already feel like I cracked the code for you so I'm like trying to figure out you know after I crack the code like okay well what is there left for me to do like all you have to do is just load in your messages that's where we're at here you know and then and then you have to basically just nurture the lead and and make sure that you give them free stuff and that you build the relationship so I don't know I don't know what the next move is but I really think that this is kind of like the Pinnacle of of of Leadville if you can't get leads with this and then start offering Services I mean I guess what we could do is we could try to offer a service like this where we send leads to people maybe that's what we do that might be kind of cool what do we so what's so what would be the service so uh what would be the Outreach there let's see we would say something along the lines of hi we're offering a free lead service where we send you a ton of qualified leads to your business for free to try out um how where can when can we send you more information on this I mean I guess that's that's a angle should we try that I mean why not the problem with the website service is um it's just so overplayed you know and and also ideally you don't want to have to get websites that you have to fix service could be selling solo ads what do you mean like what is I don't I don't know what solo ads is think local say selling leads to local service companies yeah we could do that leads aren't worth anything unless we know how to convert them that's why I was like focusing on Niche how the lingo and pain points and they'll figure oh yeah well but that's what I'm saying is like I guess you're asking what's the exact thing to say to these people and I I don't know if there's an exact thing I think honestly like if you can just offer value like hey I'm going to do this for you for free I'm going to do your marketing for you I'm going to help you like with your website I'm going to help you with some videos eventually you can just charge for that right you just have to get them to accept the free thing first I mean I could be wrong on that maybe it's just better just to direct sell them um all right so let's do this message I want to see what happens uh hi we're hi we're offering a free lead service where we send you a ton of qualified leads for for your or your business I said that wrong didn't I we're off offering a free lead service where we where we send you that sounds terrible um hi I have a bunch of qualified leads that want um to buy from you where do I send them send where can I send you more inform okay so here's the thing so what so let me let's just think this through so we're going to send a they're going to get a contact form and it's going to say hi I have a bunch of qualified leads that want to buy from you from your business where can I send you more info about this and then they're going to say you can send me more info about this here and then I'm going to say great uh I have to get some what do I I mean again it's like what is the goal here what do we want do we want them to respond to our email do we want to get on the phone I think the ideas that we'd want to get on the phone and close them on it I don't know I don't know where like what the best way to do this is hey Chase do you edit your own videos um sometimes sometimes I don't sometimes I don't edit at all Chad what's going on wonderful next week I'm not sure what we're talking about here Chad uh messaging is going to be so important I've done a lot of cold Outreach for free video Audits and they didn't convert any they just wanted something free or gave the video to their nephew yeah that's that's funny um I I mean I guess maybe we just sell them on it we just go instead of offering them something for free maybe we just say hi we have a bunch of leads that want to buy from you um would you be open to negotiation on uh a kickback uh on a referral based fee I mean that could work right no I think that that's good let's get some votes in chat what do you guys think about that I'm just going to stop sending all the messages I'm going to let you guys vote on what we should send I kind of like that angle and then ideally what we could do is we could offer them this service that we're running right we could send messages for them and we could say hey we'll set this up for you and then we just start sending them leads or we create a new email inbox from for whatever their Niche is we load it up but I I ideally we need people that are B2B so maybe we do need to start filtering by websites like we need to okay so I I think the problem is we need to I think uh we're we're right on this um somebody was right who was it somebody said yeah American Texon says scraping and filtering I've got a few niches so yeah I think it would be better to actually start figuring out certain niches right because if we figured out who we were selling to we'd know what they want and then we would know how to make them money but ideally we want to connect two we want to use contact forms to connect the two right so like website owners that need marketing clients that would be a big one right so if we started identifying all the keywords for things around marketing am I on to something here I like lead genen some high companies pay $100 per for lead wholesalers that are looking for cash for homes I mean that's easy we could easily start selling like uh pitching cash for homes but solo ads is a service to marketers that sell leads to your email list that you control interesting give them both options email and a phone okay so let's vote on this I think we should try this I think we should try we we want to get leads and then I I think honestly we could we could Target we could blanket this right where maybe we get a few people that are like lame but if if let's say we get some doctors and they say um uh so let's say a doctor sees this hi we have a bunch of leads that want to buy from you would you be open to negotiation on a referral based fee and I'm going to say if so if so what would you pay for a lead a qualified lead SL buyer okay boom let's try that leads oh I like the I like the subject um I like the subject line new lead I think that'll work well all right we're going to try that I could be crazy here does everybody is everybody cool with this one we're going to try this should we try this on a new email inbox let's tra let's create a new one just so we're fresh so we don't have all this other junk coming in let's go ahead and create a new Gmail here because one of the problems with doing this is it really fills up your your inbox and then you get all these autor responses that just drive you nuts uh okay we're going to do this uh we're going to call this on Bob b r uh we need a name let's do Todd Robertson Todd was born on May of 19th 18 23 oh no no no do 67 all right male oh I said 8 oops sorry 19 people who want C oh I already opened that I already read that does is everybody voting on what we're doing here is do you like okay let's see Dodd Robertson uh live hire ticket on the phone I think this will work because this kind of blanket it's like it'll let us contact pretty much anybody and the the good thing about that shoot I'm using this phone number too many times uh High LEL number hold on I'm only allowed to create so many gmail I should it might work better too from an actual domain but whatever see if I can get this other phone number here uh where is it where is it where is it settings phone numbers there we go my dog is scratching up my door hey are you here um Bella is scratching at my door okay wait I think she has to go potty all right confirm all right so now we got this new email here Gmail all right so the Gmail is Todd Robertson live at gmail we're going to change our name in here as well so we're going to go submission content we're going to do uh first name Todd I think it was with two D's last name Robertson I do think it is important to like have this be consistent so when you respond they're not like why is the name different message okay we have a bunch of leads oops okay okay start send and good so that one's going let's go load up the other ones um let's go grab this other one here so that's uh three 239 243 we got to go change this one submission content Todd Robertson oh shoot I don't think I changed the the email hold on I got to change the email reply on here stop it stop self-defined we're going to do Robertson and yeah if if anybody wants me to because I'd be happy to make a video on this um if you want me to set this up for you I'd be happy to to set a virtual private private server up for you like this um obviously I charge for it but but just let me know you can contact me on Discord or something uh boom subject new lead um we're going to do copy email done done okay so that's going to be good this one's good we just got to change out the email on the other one on the 239 nine server go like that swap it out email boom boom okay okay send and then we got one left so right now we have 239 243 we need 242 okay submission and by the way we're using the pre-b belt list so this is like 14 million contact forms in the US I believe they might not all be in the US oh this one's random email whoops I just sent out a lot of forms to so yeah a lot of those weren't even going through all right um shoot I didn't save the message what was the message uh shoot I'm going to just go grab it from the other one let's stop stop it really quick can we stop this submission phone message boom okay done send no yes all right and then message okay yes subject new leads and then did we change no we didn't change the name let's do self-defined Todd Robertson we can already see the leads coming in in the back well the uh autor responses okay start send no yes okay so all of these are running now let's just put these in their Corners so we can see them and then let's make sure they're running okay that one's running why is this oh it's because of that there we go that one's good this one's good and then this one should be good okay so now theoretically we should be good okay so all these are autor responses coming in we already have 45 and again let's see how the messages look because a lot of these will show us all right hi Todd thanks for getting in touch we'll review okay Todd Robertson Todd Robertson live I have a question about the website hi we have a bunch of leads that want to buy from you would you be open to negotiation on a referral BAS fee if so what would you pay for a qualified lead buyer I mean I think it's decent we'll see uh Millennial money mom says uh thought on thoughts on malware bites um I don't really use like antivirus I use uh just like Windows Defender uh the reason why malare bites is on the VPS is because they just loaded on there so but malare bites isn't bad it just has a lot of popup that's the only thing it's going to keep asking you to buy things um which is ironic because it's essentially malware at that point right it doesn't block itself um it's good though if you have some like viruses and you want to scan your computer because Windows Defender doesn't always pick up everything all right so these are going um and so here's the so the flow would be for this right so let's go let's put this in the corner here so the flow would be we ask this right we say we're offering a qualified lead service um but we actually did a different that one was it so they say so they so let's say a doctor gets that right and they go um yes we would like the leads we're willing to we're willing to pay $50 a lead right so then we respond with cool um when do you have a second to get on the phone the phone to discuss the details they give the phone number we get on the phone we go hey we're going to send you these leads are you willing to offer like a free thing and so the interesting thing is if they're going to be a local business we got to figure out how to generate them leads but I mean ideally this is just a way to uh just offer them free marketing until they get leads and then you get you get your foot in the door right I don't know know seems like it would work to me I mean we'll just have to see here so I don't think we have any leads yet because a lot of these are autor responses yeah I don't know we'll have to kind of check back in on this I think but with enough volume I'm sure we'll get some yeses uh he never has time this needs to be automatable too kind of rebuttal programmed in maybe kind of confused on what you just said there be honest with you uh okay so I don't know we'll see but yeah I mean I guess the next thing would be figuring out a way to autor respond to the responses but we just need to get people to say yeah I'm willing to pay money I think that's the thing I think it might actually be bad to offer the free thing just because um you know you you could you could sit here all day trying to give away something for free when you could just ask them to pay for it because some people might just say yeah they might just say hey I'm I'm willing to pay for a lead and then you just set up a marketing thing for them and then you get them as a client eventually I don't know we'll see um but yeah that's pretty much it I think I'm going to head out I try not to do these streams for more than an hour because they start to kind of get too long but uh if you want to stay updated on this let me know give me a yes and I'll do some more live streams but that's it we'll see you very soon till we do happy moneymaking we'll see you bye

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