oh uh hold on hold on not sure why we're having a problem [Music] so we just got a new update for the tool and every time I go live my video decides to die so that's awesome [Music] [Music] oh my gosh it's so annoying I really need to get a new setup at some point because uh I keep having problems with this camera [Music] there we go [Music] okay of course should I just give up on this camera here I think their core is just loose okay uh let's post this in Discord um all right so the new AI tool should be a lot faster now hopefully foreign let's check it out about to just give up on this camera [Music] story about [Music] foreign the server so this should be faster we upgraded the API as well so everything should be faster we'll see I should actually get a timer out here and see how long it takes I just pulled up a calculator instead of stopwatch whoops is there no stopwatch here here we go so I probably probably got to add like 20 seconds on top of this maybe we're at 30 seconds or so but we fixed the end part freezing what is going on with this window I have like a millisecond to grab it to resize what the there we go okay all right I give up on my video I'm just gonna do it like this [Music] um I think before these were like 30 minute renders yeah uh but they should they might still be kind of long just because we probably have a lot of people still using this tool tunneling been processing for 10 minutes we just upgraded so but yeah it might still be kind of long just because we had a lot of people oh there we go about two minutes that was pretty good all right let's check it out so this should be improved now I think that's around three minutes total let's see unveiling Shine ranker the Revolutionary let me download this unveiling Shine ranker the Revolutionary AI tool transforming your Tick Tock video Journey experience the power of automation that streamlines your content creation process harness the potential of chat GPT a Cutting Edge tool integrated and there's still a slight delay on the captions as you could probably see um oops this completely when it said chat GPT right here it doesn't it's like slightly delayed power of automation that streamlines your content creation process harness the potential of chat GPT a Cutting Edge tool integrated into shine ranker beta due to manual tasks let chat GPT take over your scripting needs introducing mid-journey another Innovative tool at your disposal with shine ranker mid-journey seamlessly handles media selection making your video creation a breeze watch as shine ranker powered by chat GPT and mid-journey redefines AI video production join the video Revolution with shine ranker where AI meets creativity on tick tock I mean at least the whole video went through without freezing let's try a different one so uh we might need to keep these prompts smaller and and pretty soon we're gonna have the ability to upload our own prompts but um I wanna I I don't know what kind of video I want okay I know a video the videos that really do well let's see if we can take one that's like a viral piece of content that we already know is going to do well oh it looks like we got some people posting in the public chat there videos let's see what we got here unleashing the power of AI to supercharge copywriting for your business witness the creative Fusion of man and machine as AI assists in crafting compelling content AI amplifies the copywriter's creativity generating vast amounts of high quality copy experience the efficiency and speed as AI AIDS in creating diverse content from blogs to social media posts say goodbye to writer's block as AI provides endless inspiration and fresh ideas watch as AI transforms the ordinary into extraordinary making your business Stand Out harnessing the power of AI your business can now reach New Heights with unprecedented volume of engaging copy copywriting redefined where AI meets create it's pretty good discover the power of quantum AI Vision to boost your online income see how advanced technology can turn your digital efforts into tangible profits harness the Limitless potential of AI in the online money making landscape let Quantum AI Vision streamline your income generation methods maximize your online profits with the Precision and efficiency of AI experience the transformative impact of quantum AI on your digital business turn your Visions into reality and elevate your online income conquer the online money making world with Quantum AI Vision your partner and success not bad I want to replicate one of these videos we have over here let's see some of these uh yeah these ones these ones do really well all right um let's take the one with the highest views what Antarctica we all know that Antarctica is the most mysterious and intriguing continent that exists so I almost wonder if I could just take a transcript of something like this and then see if we just plug that in see if I can get a transcript via YouTube um because I don't know the limit to the text that we can actually put in and I don't think I don't think you can get transcripts from tick tock what is this recently we all know that Antarctica is the most mysterious and okay let's see Antarctica [Music] okay so this is kind of cool so we're gonna take that and then Chachi BT will build its own sort of prompt from that captions oh I want the actual video uh what this should give me an actual video but it's only giving me shorts in early 2021 oh do they not allow that anymore is that like the new update before you used to go straight you could go straight to the page now it's not letting you take captions anymore that's kind of annoying [Music] all right whatever we'll just type it out and in early 2021 a group of scientists from the British survey drilled down half a mile into the corner Antarctica and what they found was the stouting okay I'm just gonna see what it gives us for that maybe it'll make up its own store I actually don't even know what's going to happen here [Music] [Music] all right did we crash the servers again I can't tell if this is me or if there's just a ton of users trying to use this right now we process at the same time I wonder if they were like on the same sort of Q [Music] [Music] foreign well not too sure what to do here but we may have crashed him again seems to happen often when we release these tools well I don't know I got one of my does looking at it I wonder if Chach EBT can transcribe these the theory of evolution is completely false the theory of evolution is completely the transcripts right here okay never mind we all know we all know that Antarctica [Music] yep might be down I might have to do this on a different one what am I listening to time cup uh yeah we might have to do this on a different one I think we might have crashed it again just because it has so many people trying to use these tools this happened last night um just a good sign that everybody wants to use them but I the server should be able to handle the new load I'm not sure what went wrong so might have to end this stream early just to go figure this out yeah I'm gonna head out um we'll get this figured out I'm gonna go talk to I'm gonna go call my devs

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