You can now clone yourself with AI and make money on Instagram 🤯 #gpt #artificialintelligence

you can now clone yourself on Instagram and get thousands of views this may look like a video of me talking but in reality I actually just used AI to clone myself into the video and the craziest part about this is you can actually make money doing this start out by going to and use this custom trained chat GPT to write you out five websites that you're going to use in your video copy the output chat gbt gives you and head over to 11 Labs click on instant voice cloning now just drag a clip of you talking into 11 labs and you'll have a clone of your voice paste in the chat GPT script you got and click on generate next drag the MP3 file of your clone voice into a free editing tool like cap cut now just use a free stock video website like this one to edit videos on top of your AI cloned voice to make money with this just upload the video to Instagram reels and you're going to promote any of the AI tools on this free checklist if you want me to send you a full step-by-step training on this for free just reply with the word yes right now

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