$788.10 A Day Testing ChatGPT Prompts [Easy Ai Side Hustle]

okay so it looks like this one pays about 788 first we're gonna go over here and get a prompt copy The Prompt exactly as you see here we choose chat gpt4 right like this we're going to paste The Prompt in here with a little bit of extra information added to make sure that the prompt is actually doing its job just hit this little airplane thing right here and then we quite simply test the prompt out make sure it works and get paid today you are going to learn the biggest AI side hustle ever and this is something that is actually time sensitive which is why I'm going out to the backyard office over here to show you exactly how it works because if you're one of the people that actually latches on to this and learns this skill super early I think you have a chance to make a ton of money all right don't mind me it's been a little bit since we've recorded a video from the backyard office and I know this is a weekend but I wanted to explain something very important to you that is the concept of dynamic inventory as you've probably noticed things online are changing all the time and what this does is leads to Dynamic inventory for example chat GPT just came out about six months ago and the searches for chat GPT AI Google bard Jasper content at scale and other programs have literally gone through the roof over the last six months and I'm not sure if you've been paying attention but some people have gotten extremely rich just utilizing this upward trend of people interested in AI but what if there was a way that you could get paid to Simply test out AI prompts chat with different AI programs and show people what you find and that is exactly the skill we're going to go over today pay close attention because this may be the video you've been waiting for that shows you start to finish exactly how to start making money testing out AI prompts alright so we're going to be covering three different ways that you can make money with this method some of them are super simple some of them are a little bit more complicated but I think that everyone here can do each and every one if you're excited smash that like button because if you were to take a look at sites like hugging face prompt hero and other prompt based sites you can see here that prompt Hero has 3.1 million visitors each and every month hugging face almost 25 million visitors a month and flow GPT with 1.3 million visitors each and every month but take a look at how all of these have a very recent upward Trend and it's actually a pretty drastic increase in traffic meaning that your ability to test prompts and get paid is only gonna get bigger but you gotta pay attention to this entire video in fact this is so lucrative that I'm setting up my own prompt generator if you want to learn more about that type prompt generator as a comment and I'll include it for you to use in my next video but enough about that let's talk about how you are going to get paid to test AI props the first thing you're going to want to do is get a list of some of the places that have free and paid prompts available this could be something like prompt attacked prompt C prompts ideas creative AI hugging face prompt hero and on and on we go we can even see over here that people on Etsy are getting in on the action too like this guy over here who sold over six thousand dollars worth of AI prompts as you can see here people on Fiverr are getting in on the action too so once you have a list of places that provide free or paid AI prompts what you're going to do is find some within a specific category this is actually extremely easy I can go over here click on marketing see what kind of marketing prompts there are available and since we know a lot of people are using chat GPT for marketing this is going to be really easy to get paid so I could go through and maybe say SEO to find all the prompts related to search engine optimization or maybe something related to email persuasive bullet points generating a newsletter email marketing hey this is looking pretty good and as we could see here people are searching for all different kind of prompts each and every day so quite simply what I'm going to do is go to one of these like generating a newsletter take a look at how the prompt works like this and then I'm going to adapt it for a certain group of people I click try this prompt copy it right like this open up a new chat in chat GPT use four since that's the latest model then I'm going to paste in the prompt write like this what I'm going to do is adapt this a little bit for a specific Market this is going to take about 10 to 30 minutes depending on how robust you want this to be and how beneficial you want it to be to the people that are going to be paying you so I can go through and at the top I'll say please adapt this for dental practices boom it's going to go through and adapt this for a dental marketing practice I could simply take this template and say now create five different emails for the same group with catchy subject lines and then this is going to go to work and create five different emails for a dental marketing practice and as you can see here dentists are looking for different ways to Market their service and this little chat GPT prompt I made in about five minutes is gonna be perfect for them let's try another one here's one for persuasive bullet points this is going to create sales letter bullet points for someone looking to create a sales letter to sell stuff on their website I'm going to open up a new chat like this again choose four we're going to go ahead and test this prompt and see what it comes up with so as we can see it's doing an okay job but I think we can make it do a little bit better with a little bit of tweaking so what if I said something like as a skilled marketing expert and in the sales letter style of Billy Mays your task is so I literally just add this little phrase here and let's see what happens just adding that little sentence has improved the output and made this prompt worth a lot of money instantly I mean just look at the difference gift of comfort and Innovation versus makes an exceptional gift want to make someone's night truly special give them a gift of gentle restful illuminate the results are undeniable and I can quite simply adapt this for any business and now simply by testing this prompt making it better I can actually start to make money and here are 3.5 ways you are going to make money testing out AI prompts number one you can test prompts keep a log of what you test give them away and sell stuff this works best if you're going to create a blog a YouTube channel where you show how the prompts work just like I did today build a mailing list of people who are interested in prompts post your prompts on marketplaces have webinars showing the best prompts to use this guy is literally the limit and it's actually very easy number two you can test and review paid prompts and fact that's exactly what I'm doing over here at the profit scoop chat GPT prompt affiliate program we're going to find all the chat GPT prompts and AI programs that offer an affiliate program like this one here that pays forty percent commission I could simply review it show how I use it show improvements little tips tip tricks you name it and I get paid I've actually been doing this myself over the last couple weeks and made thousands of dollars and all you have to do is find prompts that have an affiliate program or software that has an affiliate program test them review them and then tell them where to buy it of course using your affiliate link so you can get paid then you build a database of people who are watching your reviews and promote more stuff it's actually super easy the third way you can make money with these prompts is quite simply to go on Fiverr and sell them as a service and armed with my special prompt you can see I get a great output for sales letters I can simply go over to Fiverr and sell sales letters created with my chat GPT prompt it's actually super easy I simply take my prompt like this paste it in here choose number four enter the info about the business provided to me on the Fiverr order hit enter and then send them the sales letter and get paid and last but not least method number four the fourth way you're going to make money with these and last but not least method number four and last but not least how to get paid with and last but not least how to get paid and last but not least how to get paid testing chat GPT prompts method number four this is where you're gonna go out and test prompts and improve them to sell just like I showed you here where I improved them for dental marketing or sales letter marketing or whatever it is lots of companies are interested in these types of things for their business I could simply take prompts that work really well adapt them for businesses obviously make sure I'm not plagiarizing your copy or taking copywritten stuff I want to make these my own and then sell them on marketplaces I could quite simply keep a database of free prompts improve them and combine them for specific purposes or specific markets sell them on marketplaces build a following and build an entire business around testing AI prompts and some of the places you can sell these and find them are prompt based prompt attacked prompt C prompt ideas hugging face prompt hero and on and on we go as you can see testing AI prompts is a super lucrative side Hustle

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