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see this little button right here that button is going to make you a lot of money but only if you pay attention to this entire video yes ladies and gentlemen today we are talking about the brand new Microsoft co-pilot Pro experts have been predicting that this is the one game Cher in all of the AI world I mean let's face it old Bill Gates had something up his sleeve about 30 years ago and and uh yeah that made a lot of people a ton of money and co-pilot Pro is no different in fact for those who position themselves correctly this tool is going to be a game Cher news reports are already coming out some people are Skeptics they say co-pilot has fine print revealing the true cost of AI and that might lead you to throw the baby out with the bath water but upon further investigation we can see that this entire tool is only 20 bucks a month and it can actually replace chat GPT but what is it that makes this tool so unique can't you just do all the same stuff with chat GPT well yes and no in fact there's one key element hidden within Microsoft co-pilot Pro that you can use starting today to make tons of money and we'll get to that in just a minute but first a story about 8 months ago I was scrambling to figure out how to add Microsoft co-pilot to the Microsoft Office Suite of tools because I knew that if I could embed AI in the office suite this would be a huge game changer and would allow me to be more productive and make a lot more money a lot faster but back then it was confusing you had to have a Microsoft Enterprise account which was like 800 bucks a year and yeah I gladly paid $800 a year because I knew the power of this tool then of course I needed the co-pilot Pro add-on which was another $3 a month so there I was in this thing over $1,000 with nothing to show for it I get Microsoft support on the phone nobody could help me I tried downloading reinstalling online versions offline vers versions the whole 9 yards I even got about 12 calls from Microsoft support and yep you guessed it nobody could help me so I waited and waited months and months went by until yesterday when I log into my Microsoft account when I hear the news of Microsoft co-pilot Pro immediately I whip out my credit card and I buy the upgrade and since it was like 1:00 in the morning when I I found this out I was using my laptop and nothing it doesn't work again I try updating nothing seems to be working so I decided to go to my backyard office and fire up the big computer and see if it works on there and lo and behold it happens everything I've been waiting almost a year for suddenly clicks into place yep I'm talking about AI in embedded in Microsoft Word Excel PowerPoint OneNote Outlook you name it it's now ai powered and if you don't get the power of this and why it's going to make us so much money get ready and smash a like button cuz we're going to dive into the software I'm going to show you how it works how it's going to help you be more productive how it's going to make you more money and not only that but one little hidden aspect that no what he's talking about that you can use literally right now to start making money online super fast come on let's check this thing out all right so over here you can see that two of my most popular videos one was on chat GPT that literally went crazy the second one was on Bing co-pilot which is what we're going to be talking about today only the pro version now if you were to go over here you need to be using the Microsoft edge browser and you need to have a Microsoft Office account or co-pilot Pro account what we can see here is that the news is literally buzzing about this product now when we go in we are going to notice a little button right over here called the co-pilot button we can click this and actually get help within our Microsoft products so if I was to go in here and let's say create a mortgage calculator or something like that I can actually do file new I can start a new workbook right like this and then I can ask co-pilot to help me create something we can see here that co-pilot is also in Microsoft Word Microsoft OneNote the designer tool and also clipchamp which is using AI to create videos we could see here I could click create a video with AI utilize this tool to replace lots of other AI video tools now depending on what type of video you want to make it may or may not be perfect but it will get you started however there is one thing hidden in this tool that is actually perfect and we're going to talk about that in just a minute so when we're going in here what we need to do is get used to how the tool works on Microsoft Word when you open a new document it's actually going to show up within the text of the document so right here we can see draft with co-pilot pops up I can actually get started here and say something like please start an article about how Bitcoin has affected inflation and this is actually going to go through once I hit generate and start creating an article right here in Microsoft Word now this is a lot easier than using chat GPT because what's actually happening is able to use the tools in conjunction in real time and edit these documents save them and it cuts out a lot of unnecessary steps especially if we're going to have outsourcers create these articles this is definitely something I'm going to start paying for for my outsourcers so that it makes their job lot easier and I can get a much better much quicker output and we could see here that it actually writes the article right here with AI and then I can say something like expand on the details and it'll go ahead and expand on the details and continue writing this article in a very very simple way and you'll see here that once we have the article in here we can use the designer the editor and all the other tools in Microsoft Word to spruce up this article and make it work in a very Str iic way and we could see here it's going through and creating the thing we could see the word count it's doing a fantastic job and all I would need to do is a little bit of editing factchecking and maybe go through a a plagiarism Checker and things like that to see how the article actually does and it looks like it's doing a really good job narrowing in on the details and then once it's done I can see the word count here and I could say keep it if I want to keep it I can have it regenerated or I could trash it let's go ahead and click keep it and then I can click the co-pilot again and say now talk about how this changed since 2021 inflation and it'll go through and it'll find info on that and I can actually create an article in a very very simple way and having this able to edit and change right at the drop of a hat using chat GPT which is mostly owned by Microsoft is a game Cher but again this isn't the most profitable thing that I found in the co-pilot Pro Tool however it is doing a fantastic job and we can see it's going through and talking about all the ETFs and different things like that and making a very good article now we're at about a thousand words see how much easier this is if you think this is super easy type super easy as a comment below and that is just the tip of the iceberg now going back to Microsoft Excel right like this if if we were to go through and create a new workbook let's see if this thing can actually create tools for us we're going to click co-pilot right here and then I'm going to say insert table please create a simple BMI calculator let's see if it actually does this for us now I have a hunch that this is going to get a lot more robust as time goes on but we can use this to help us come up with formulas sort data analyze find duplic hits and all different things like that and we could see here it says sorry I'm not able to do that which is a little bit of a let down but we'll wait for some improvements right now one of the things I found that was really helpful with the Excel co-pilot add-on is the fact that we can parse data actually made a secondary sheet actually co-pilot made it and it took all the Articles and took the ones that had the most traffic and grouped them into different categories for me so this is actually pretty helpful when I'm doing keyword research and basically I just took this from a hrfs or whatever keyword tool I'm using so if I was to use something like the Hoth free keyword tool and type in something like workouts I could see all the different keywords that people look up related to workouts I can then take this entire list like this copy it or put it in a CSV if I want to do the easy way put this in a new Excel workbook right like this then I can click on co-pilot insert table okay and then ask it please strip out the unique workouts and get rid of similar or duplicate data this is going to go through and do the work for me in a very simple way we can even get Data Insights right like this add it to a sheet right like this and it's going to show us all the different charts and graphs based on our data we can also go back to our table like this and say can I see another Insight it's going to show all the different insights on your data in a really simple way this is awesome we can use this to parse data super fast and make tons of money why because now I can create content around my data or even use that data to create stuff that's going to generate traffic for my websites social media post YouTube videos you name it the sky is literally the limit but wait there's more in addition to this image Creator here that comes with the new co-pilot Pro which allows us to create an image of a walrus with a top hat and lots of money ah pretty cool you also have the video tool and last but not least the Big Kahuna that I want to talk about today that's going to help you put money in your pocket when used correctly like right now is none other than the PowerPoint tool again you're going to see the co-pilot tool button right here within Microsoft PowerPoint now this is where the magic happens because I can go over here click on the button and say create a presentation using the following prompt then I copy in my prompt from my Microsoft Word please be super detailed 20 plus slides we hit enter and co-pilot literally goes to work and creates a presentation about our topic we can then embed this presentation in our blog post we can create a video and load it on YouTube or we can even create an entire webinar wait a minute what yes if I wanted to talk about Bitcoin and inflation it would only take a couple of tries to add to this presentation let's say now add a few slides on the 2021 inflation issues it's going to go through and add slides and we can build a custom presentation like that there we go it's adding right here in a super simple way and let's say we wanted to go through and create a new presentation about a product I could go to an affiliate Network or something like ClickBank click on maybe EB business and E marketing to find something like this and let's say I wanted to promote paid online writing jobs hey that's pretty cool that pays like $87 per sale and it's got a $1 trial which will be an easy one to convert I can fire up a new presentation here in Microsoft PowerPoint and say something like let's make a presentation on paid online writing jobs and how they make money with this simple little prompt it's going to go ahead and start the presentation for me and then I can add all kinds of other stuff to it and the key is using these in conjunction if I go through and do a new Microsoft Word I can go to the co-pilot and say find me some statistics on paid online writing jobs and how much people can earn and come companies in that space with their company values it's going to go through and find the information and I can put this into our slides we can see here it goes through with the introduction talks about how they work advantages skills required earning potential finding the jobs and all kinds of crazy stuff now armed with some of our statistics here we can then say please add some slides about this statistic then we paste it in right like this and it goes ahead and makes slides for us right like this and wow it actually added it before the ending which is pretty cool let's get some others maybe we'll do something like this now please add some for this notice how we don't even have to find the image and it's doing a good job pairing them up and it actually has the earnings here this is super cool we can also see the different companies like this now please add five to seven slides on this info as you can see it takes a little bit but now we have a slide on upwork text broker Pro blogger scripted and contently and now for the PA day resistance that is going to to put money in your pocket please make a slide selling people on taking the quiz to make money writing I'm going to put the quiz in right like this and I'm going to say lead them to this is super important I'm going to put my domain name in here www.d download myn that would be where you would put your domain that just so happens to be the same domain that you can get notes from this video and the links and everything we're using we'll go ahead and put this in like this and we can see it is going to go through and actually make us a slide at the end on the software through ClickBank which pays US money when they buy this is insane all right it got a little stuck but that's okay let's try again please make a slide at the end with these words hey there we go we can actually go through and put our link right here on the slide right like this right there fancy it up a little bit boom bada bang make it big and we are now Off to the Races and I can make it down here so they could see it better too if I want to get rid of that little bullet point I can click this here and now we are ready to go then I can even have it do the dirty work for me now make a slide with an affiliate disclosure and earnings disclaimer all right again it's struggling a little bit but we can paste these in from Microsoft Word if we just ask it to create a disclosure here very simple then once we're done we just tidy up our presentation get it all ready for prime time we can post it on our website we can make a little video with music behind it or even better we can go to something like 11 labs and we can put the text in there have it create a voice and then record this thing with the voice making a full out presentation and not only that but we can actually turn this into an aid driven webinar and you could see it creates The Voice based on the text in a super simple way and if you want me to teach you more about how to create Aid driven webinars with co-pilot Pro and other tools smash that like button and leave a comment saying this is awesome oh yeah and check out the videos in the description to learn more about how to make money with Microsoft co-pilot

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