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foreign over the last eight months I have spent over 25 000 on AI content and content creation tools and not only that but I've actually put over 500 000 in my pocket as a result of AI created content and today we're going to talk about the new Bing co-pilot available on the edge browser Chrome browser and even Firefox this is a complete Game Changer and when used properly this can make you a ton of money and that's exactly what this video is about I'm gonna break down the Nitty Gritty the cold hard details about how to use the new Bing Edge co-pilot to put money in your pocket first a little story I've been purchasing content online for the better part of 20 years and in that time I've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get content created for my websites my clients websites and ultimately to get us all traffic so that we can make money and doing this has made me millions of dollars yeah it also cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars and even though AI is some new crazed money making machine well some of these tools cost a lot of money yeah I know because I bought them some of them cost as much as fifty dollars for an AI generated article a thousand dollars a month for software a hundred dollars here a hundred dollars there here a dollar thank you they're a dollar everywhere a dollar going out of my pocket but most people are actually struggling to turn a profit and that's why this update video is so important the Bing co-pilot chat bot is 100 free and not only that but it's actually browsing the web with you So Gone are the days where AI is stuck generating articles based on content that was written two years ago with Bing we can actually get fresh content based on what's happening today yeah like right now so you want to create content based on news reports that are put up 20 minutes ago yeah it does that you want to create content at the speed of thought yeah it does that too you want to go out there and start making money even if you have zero dollars to invest well then smash that like button get excited because this is the video that's going to show you how to put money in your pocket without costing you a dime sorry all I had was a quarter let's dive in and I'll show you how to use the Bing chat co-pilot to make tons of money all right let's dive in first of all this is a shortened down version of the full Big Kahuna video I did on Wednesday which you can check out in the description to learn more about the Bing co-pilot what I want to show you here is step by step how to use this to actually start turning a profit and making money it's actually very simple what you're going to notice is that when you're using the Microsoft edge browser you're going to see a little B over here in the right hand side what this B will do is it'll allow you to actually use the chat bot alongside whatever web page you're on so let's say I was going to go to one of my web pages that is about a topic like plr stuff or something like that I can actually click on the Bing button and say please summarize this page and it'll actually go through and summarize the web page that we're on looking at all the content and figuring out the most important points and different things like that and you can see it's going to work and actually stripping content from the page now if you didn't catch why this is important pay close attention what this is going to do is allow you to do research at the speed of thought that means I can actually go through and say Here's a webpage about plr let's open up another web page about plr in a new window right like this then I can go ahead and choose a page like this one and say now please summarize this page and it'll summarize the article for me this is super important because in the olden days we had to go and search information online and it took a long time to do we had to go out there and read and take notes and all kinds of different things like that but what's happening here in real time is the Bing co-pilot is actually doing the work for us and you might be wondering well why is this important we'll get to that in just a minute or let's say we want to do a page like this now please do this one and it'll make notes on all these Pages super fast and what this is allowing us to do is compile content that is unique to the way that we think in the way that we want content for example let's say that you are writing an article about the best SUVs that are seventy thousand dollars or less for people that are over six feet tall you can see here on Google there's not a lot of info about SUVs that are under seventy thousand dollars that are also for tall people I mean the closest we have is this one here and this is where the Bing co-pilot comes in handy check this out first let's strip out the 20 roomiest SUVs for tall people we go to this link here and say please list the SUVs SUV models on this page it's going to go ahead and strip them out list them for me then I can go through and find SUVs under seventy thousand dollars then I say now please get this list I'm going to click answer from the page instead that way it takes the info straight from the page that I'm on and apparently this page only has three of them so let's go ahead and find another one now please get the list from this page how many of you guys see the power of what's going on here if you do smash a like button and let me know in the comments below by typing powerful stuff so now we have three different lists we have the list of the SUVs that are large we have a couple of SUVs that are under seventy thousand dollars that are also mid-size and then we have another list under seventy thousand dollars now it's time to let Bing go to work I'm going to go ahead and take each of these lists and put them into Bing right like this one two three now it's time to give direction please write an article about the SUVs from this list that are under seventy thousand dollars for tall people over six feet it's gonna go to work and make a custom article based on the content in real time that we found with just a couple minutes of research by clicking the little B and now it's creating content based on exactly what we want and as you can see we have a little article right here and we can actually use this alongside chat gbt or another AI tool and create an even lengthier article we can add images and all kinds of different things like that or I could say please expand on the topic above and it'll go ahead and keep writing about that topic so we can get even more information and now we're getting all kinds of content that we can use on our webpage or even sell and make money wait a minute Marcus did you just say sell if you were to go over here on Fiverr you could see there's lots of people getting lots of sales for SEO related content or content writing for specific websites these people are making tons of money we can see here one with over 888 reviews a thousand reviews a hundred reviews another one with a thousand reviews and this is quite simply something that you could create with a little bit of work using AI but the problem is everyone wants to just go to chat GPT and say something like write an article about SUVs under seventy thousand dollars and when you don't give AI Direction it's just going to come up with regurgitated content that can be found on the web anyway in a matter of seconds it's very obvious that this content was written by AI in fact if I was to take this content throw it into an AI detector you're going to see that it's flagged with AI content however if you use Bing copilot alongside AI you're going to get a much more unique article let's see what happens when we put the Bing co-pilot in that same AI content detector 100 human text now why does that work this works quite simply because what's happening is you are directing the AI based on the research you're doing with the co-pilot you're going out there and finding topics that normally wouldn't connect together maybe I'm talking about how to make money with coffee cups which usually isn't a topic people talk about or maybe I'm talking about how to make money with nail polish art designs or something like that those are topics that aren't super obvious which means AI is probably not just going to come up with it and we can see here that our Bing co-pilot created Article actually passes the plagiarism test with flying colors so not only do we have a unique r article that's based on stuff that we directed but it's also passing the AI test and the plagiarism test this is the type of article that people charge fifty dollars or more for but again remember it comes down to being able to do the research and if you want to do the lazy method you can set up your shingle over at Fiverr and sell these articles all day long till you're blue in the face just make sure that you're doing the research based on the keyword the customer provides you do a good job make sure it passes the test and boom you can get paid but it doesn't stop there there's actually lots of ways that you can make money with the Bing co-pilot method number two is to create a blog or website with the content that you create with AI this is exactly what I'm doing in the SUV Market which you can see here SUV with best visibility if you were to scroll down you would see my site right down here with 100 AI written content super simple super easy and in order to make money I could put ads on the website go to offervault and find affiliate offers the sky is literally the limit and check this out if I was to go over to type in Auto and find different affiliate offers related to Autos maybe something like this one here about car loans I could see that it pays 7.70 per lead that means I don't even have to sell anything I can put this on my SUV website and I get paid almost eight bucks when they fill out a form to get an auto loan and since they're looking for SUVs anyway this is a perfect fit but wait there's more I could actually go over here to my website and ask the co-pilot please write a small sales paragraph for the people reading this page to get them to sign up for an auto car loan boom it's going to read the page as if it was the person browsing and it's going to write a custom advertisement to get the maximum amount of people looking at my website to go over to the offer let's see how it did if you're looking for a new SUV with great visibility and features you might want to consider getting an auto car loan to finance your purchase and it actually goes through and talks about all the benefits now you can get even more detailed and ask it about rates and different things for cars over 70 000 or under or whatever it is to get those people to click like crazy but that's not all let's say you wanted to go over to ClickBank and find something to make money with an affiliate offer we click on top offers right like this and let's say we choose something for employment and jobs earn money from your photos hey this looks pretty good it has an average per sale of 152 dollars with recurring billing this looks pretty cool I could simply click the link right like this and ask my Bing co-pilot to make a small sales blurb that I could put on Facebook please make a small Facebook post selling this product and Bing co-pilot is gonna go to work and we can see here it's actually pretty engaging do you love taking photos do you want to earn money from your hobby if you answered yes then photo and it's going through and selling the product for me and not only that but Bing chat can actually go through and make an image for you please make an image for the following text it's going to read the text and come up with an image you could use on our Facebook post Pinterest or wherever it is we want to make money now it did struggle a little bit with the text but the images look pretty good and I can even follow up please remove the text and add and add some dollar bills let's see how it does there we go that looks kind of cool I can edit that a little bit and get something pretty good or let's say you want to sell this to a specific group of people maybe people looking for photographer jobs I can say now please sell this product to people searching for photographer jobs and tell them why this is better and we'll make them more money and it looks like it's struggling a little bit with that one so I'm going to go ahead and do a follow-up and say please make it an SEO article in this style of an advertorial and it's actually doing a really good job how to turn your photos into cash with photo jobs and then it goes on and describes the product talks about why it's a good fit for people looking for photographer jobs the whole nine yards we can even go through and have Bing create a logo now please make a logo for making money with a camera and we could see it goes to work and makes little logos and it might take a few tries to get something that you like but eventually you can get a pretty darn good logo for the cost of oh that's right nothing you can even use the Bing co-pilot to fix code for people even if you're not a coder or a WordPress expert you can see here that people are charging pretty good money to have an error fixed on WordPress you can use the co-pilot and simply go to view page source and ask anything about the code please make a code to enlarge the text on this page and you can see at the drop of the Hat it is making code for me in real time based on the code that's on my website you can even have it fix errors update plugins create little tables and codes the sky is literally the limit and if you want to learn more about how to make money with Bing copilot check out video number one in the description and watch it at least one time because there's some stuff in there that could make you tons of money

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