Easiest AI Side Hustle Ever – ($3,580 Last Month) Working From Home!

today I'm going to be showing you the easiest side hustle ever and no it doesn't take a bunch of skills or a bunch of money to get started actually this is going to be done using AI which means all we really need is internet access a computer or a phone and we can actually start getting paid today but you're gonna need to watch this entire video to find out exactly how I'm going to lead you through each and every step so you can start today and maybe even get pasted let's get started ah now before we get into how to get paid and everything like that I want you to understand that not everyone understands AI you've been in this space probably watching all kinds of videos about how to make money with AI which means that you kind of understand what's going on you know that there's AI out there that will do a lot of tasks that most people do online anyway for free or a fraction of the price now because we know that this puts us in a category all of our own and if we're able to learn different things about Ai and how to use it so that we can help other people with it then we can make lots of money but the first inclination is going to be well Marcus AI is free therefore everyone's going to use it for free and nobody's going to get paid anymore and that's where most people would actually be wrong just because something is free doesn't mean people aren't willing to pay for the output that it creates more about this in just a minute now the first thing we need to do when setting up for this side hustle so we can get paid right away is to go ahead and set up payment we need a way to actually get paid and get that money to us because on the internet you can get paid but sometimes you can't actually withdraw it or you can't use it the way that you intended so what we're going to do is we're going to set this up in a very simple way there are three options we're going to go through number one is PayPal PayPal is available in just about every country it's very simple it's very easy all you have to do is come over here and click on sign up in a matter of minutes you'll have an account people can PayPal you money you can get that in the form of a check a bank account wire or even use that PayPal money with a PayPal debit card or if you're not going to use PayPal you can actually set up using stripe again PayPal stripe and the next one we're going to talk about are actually free to set up they don't cost anything you just go here you click on sign up you get an account and boom you're in business just like that using PayPal I've been paid over a million dollars and using stripe which I just started back in 2021 we've actually taken close to a quarter of a million dollars worth of payments using stripe and the last free service we're going to talk about is Fiverr this is one of the smaller ones however you are going to be branching out on the trust factor that Fiverr has so it might be a little bit easier to get sales on Fiverr just starting out but if you've seen videos about posting things on Fiverr that's not what this is about we are actually going to be getting people from off platform that means we're not going to be relying on showing up in Fiverr SEO and getting ranked on Fiverr and things like that eventually we can do that but I think what you're going to find is starting out it's actually a lot more difficult than it might seem in fact the method that we're going to use will actually boost you up in the rankings without even trying like I said earlier you got to watch this whole video there's going to be a lot of good stuff that could put money in your pocket the second thing we're going to want to do is figure out our specialty what is it that we're going to use AI for that's going to help other people and it's very important that we pick something that's high in demand over here on ahrefs we can see that social media content creator gets like 2 000 searches a month that means 2 000 businesses go out there and search for social media content creator and since we know this is something AI does like a champ well then we know we can use this to actually help people in an automated way that puts money in our pocket now don't get me wrong it's not like we're just gonna go out there find a keyword go to a chat GPT or other AI program and say manage this guy's social media or post some content for this company and just sit back and collect money no we actually have to do a little bit of leg work notice how I said a little yeah it's not going to take much work at all keep watching and I'll show you exactly what I mean we can see over here Instagram marketing is looked up quite a bit a lot of companies looking for Instagram marketing we could see lots of people over here looking to create Facebook pages for their business other people looking up whiteboard videos or explainer videos right like this almost 2 000 people a month searching for that and then of course you have all these people looking up local marketing businesses and yes this is something that I'm actively doing and have been doing for years in fact we just opened up a new part of our business called Orlando PR since I'm based here in Orlando where we're going to be helping local businesses using AI in the exact same method that I'm about to show you so yeah this stuff works and I'm actually using it and of course if we want to find other things that AI would be good at we can actually go through and use Fiverr or any other company like upwork or whatever it is to find out what they're actually ranking for 4 and some of the traffic they're paying for over here using ahrefs I can type in Fiverr and I can see the words that they're actually paying for on Google ads so we have like higher voice actors voice Talent commission artwork how to make a book making a book cover grant writing for non-profits logo design flyer designer build it Shopify store creation and on and on we go we can even come over here and look at some of the free keyword rankings they have like logo makers graphic design resume writing the sky is literally the limit we even have proofreading Services down here which we'll get into in just a little bit as one of the biggest side hustles I see coming up now once you pick your specialty let's say we're going to do local marketing this could be local marketing for SEO or maybe using Instagram or Facebook or video marketing we're going to go out there and take these local markets that want like a Facebook page or something because they know that that's going to help them get business and what we're going to do is we're going to automate a lot of the process because if someone doesn't know how to set up a Facebook page for their business chances are they're probably like a locksmith that doesn't use the internet very much because they're too busy out there fixing locks and things like that so this kind of thing would be perfect and that brings us to number three number three is to do the human legwork what you're going to want to do to make yourself of value and be able to charge an amount that's actually going to make a difference in your life what we're going to do is do the human leg work a lot of people are going to ask for local SEO but a lot of other people don't know what they're doing they might think that they want to rank for locksmith or something like that where we might know that it might be something different so what I'm going to do is use a keyword tool like a href semrush or even a free keyword tool like the ahrefs free keyword tool or the Hoth and I'm going to find keywords for a local area let's say I want to do something like Orlando locksmith now the legwork that I want to do is figure out what these people are searching for and how to get in front of them we can see that locksmith Orlando is not super competitive it comes in at like a 34 from 1 to 100 we see that a lot of people are paying for ads we see that there's local businesses which means if the company is not on local we could set that up in a snap then we could see some of the rankings down here like Yelp and different locksmiths and stuff like that and you can see here these people are paying a lot of money so what I would need to do is figure out exactly what keywords I want to try to rank for and make them content based on that so if I wanted to take a locksmith guy like this and get them more business all I would need to do is figure out the keywords that I want so car locksmith Lenny we don't want Lenny because that's like an actual person discount locksmith locksmith Orlando for cars different things like that so what I'm going to do is I'm going to take a look at these keywords and I'm going to list out maybe five or six different keywords I'm going to go locksmith Orlando car locksmith discount and I want to make sure that I include some that are very non-competitive like best locksmith Orlando now you might be saying yeah but Marcus there's only one he searches a month on that but again remember these could be clients for your new customer so yeah this is big that's why they're paying like 15.17 a click for this traffic so then what I would do is I would say well what are the ways we can make this work I can do a YouTube video I can do a Facebook page I can set up a Blog I can make a Google listing and I can get some backlinks from major directories like Chamber of Commerce sites and places to list business and stuff like that this should help them Rank and get them clients and it's actually pretty easy to do and here is where AI comes in I can actually come over here to chat GPT and say write me an article 2500 words on the prices of Locksmiths and various services in Orlando Florida boom and this is actually going to go out there and write some content for me now it's very important that we don't just use the content at face value we want to do a little bit of tweaking make sure that it's truthful and everything like that but as we can see here this is going to save me countless hours doing work for these clients and in just a minute I'm going to show you where to find these guys so as we can see here it's doing some of the work but it's not actually getting the dollar amounts which I could get in a matter of minutes we can then use this content to help these clients rank in a super easy way and some of these clients if you're pairing all these Services together you can actually say hey we're going to do a YouTube Facebook blog all these campaigns for you including paid ads or whatever and we're going to help you boost up your locksmith business online and lots of businesses in my experience from when I've done this we can get anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to as much as three thousand dollars or more and one of the other tips you can do is actually try to find a domain that would work for them I can go buy a a domain like Orlando locksmith or something like that and sell this thing as a whole package and get paid big time and if I'm charging like three thousand dollars a month to manage this and using AI to create the content that means I could probably manage three four maybe even seven clients a month you add that up yeah that's a pretty good living and we could see here chat GPT is going to town making content for us now we can actually go through and utilize AI voice creators like Elven Labs here put our content right here into Elven labs and then create a simple video for this locksmith about the prices of locksmiths in Orlando it's actually extremely simple I can even do a press release let's say write me a press release for a new locksmith company in Orlando called James the block guy or whatever it is and it'll actually make me a press release I can go submit that press release on a free press release site or even pay a little bit of money of course after the client has paid me and then boom we're ready to go this thing will get popping in the search engines instantly and your client is literally gonna flip out because this is stuff that they don't know exists again the key in making this happen is using stuff and finding clients that don't know it exists so that you can actually use AI to do the leg work for you so you can manage a bunch of clients at once and to learn more about each and every one of these I'll put some links in the description but for right now let's get into how you're going to find these clients in the first place remember in step two where I said you want to be a specialist what you're going to do is you are actually going to specialize in one group of businesses now you can Branch out later but specialize in the beginning because let's face it there are thousands and thousands of locksmiths in the United States or across the world for that matter matter that need help marketing so if I go out there and I say hey I am the locksmith marketing guy and I go to Fiverr or I use PayPal or whatever and I Market myself as the locksmith marketing Guy this is going to be super simple and the competition is next to nothing we can see here there's only one other guy on Fiverr doing this and they're just creating a web page they're not doing any marketing and they're probably not even doing Outreach so first we set up our PayPal link our stripe button or our store on Fiverr then what we're going to do is we're gonna go and find locksmiths that have terrible marketing and the way we're going to do that is simple we go to Google and we type in Facebook page then in quotes locksmith Orlando what we're going to do is we're going to try to find Facebook pages of people who just tried to set these up and aren't getting any traction we can see here this minutes locksmith not yet rated zero reviews not a lot of followers not a lot of likes and their website could use a lot of work then all we do is contact them via messenger email or whatever make sure you be friendly actually look at their site don't spam again we're trying to get like a two to three thousand dollar client here so don't mess around and again looking at just Facebook there are tons and tons of Locksmiths that are in Orlando that have a really weak marketing game we can do the same exact thing for other cities Chicago and there we go again find the ones that aren't doing so hot or you could just go to Google and find the people that are ranking on like page five for locksmith Chicago or whatever it is and you can even ask chat GPT what is a good social media marketing plan for a locksmith and it'll come up with the entire plan for you right then and there we can even ask chat GPT to create an email that we can send to these people to help them get more business it's actually super simple this is how I started my business years ago when I went from being a magician that was completely broke to finding out I had a kid on the way with no money to making thousands of dollars each and every month I simply went out there and helped local magicians local businesses local limousine companies and I specialized in one specific area and using this method set me apart from the crowd so if you're out there and you're like Marcus I need to make money right away learn how to do local marketing again links in the description let chatgpt do the legwork contact some businesses and I believe that just about anyone can make a couple thousand dollars a month doing this but remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed most people will contact two locksmiths get turned down and then say internet marketing doesn't work but it does work and it's actually put millions of dollars in my pocket check out the links in the description to learn more

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