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or browsing a website or whatever they're doing online to make tons of money and this company isn't alone just last week we talked about 16 companies dominating the top search results of Google making billions and billions of dollars and today we are going to do a deep dive into a company that is one of the behemoths in this marketing space and I know for a fact as you'll see if you pay attention to this entire training take notes and watch the little nuances you are going to see exactly step by step with nothing left out how to make money online with intent bbased marketing we're going to take a look at the facts the data and everything in between we're going to show you how these companies work how they create content and how you can swoop in and make money for yourself we are going to take a look at these Brands and exactly what they're doing we're going to take a look at their rankings on Google how they're making money and how most Affiliates like this example here trying to use AI fail miserably not only when it comes to content but also when it comes to making money which to Google is just as important only the other gurus aren't telling you about this so pay close attention because here is a screenshot from when I worked with a segment of this company years ago back in 2006 to about 2009 10 even going into 2011 I worked with this company in a big way they actually took me out we went dancing they took me to fancy dinners they treated me like a king because I was building their brand and making them money hand over fist and today we are going to look at how these companies are making money so that you can duplicate the process for yourself it's actually not that hard to do we're going to show you how to use AI to make the process a lot easier smoother and with a lot less work yes ladies and gentlemen what you are about to see is based on cold hard data and facts we're not talking about some Guru who got lucky and did one thing once we're talking about gigantic companies that you can emulate glean from and Sh find loopholes where you can do a job better than they're doing in little micro niches because let's face it you don't need that big of a percentage of $3 million a day to make a really good living and I know this firsthand this screenshot from my first year working with the company shows all and it was actually very easy I found things people were searching for answered the need and sent them to products and services and links that I thought would be extra helpful for the user and while other marketers are telling you just set up a Blog and put media Vine or AdSense or aoic on it yeah that signals a huge red flag that you don't really care about your visitor you're just there to make money and not only that but those companies pay a fraction of what you could be earning with what you're about to to learn today so get ready smash a like button let me know in the comments that you're excited and pay attention to this entire training because what you're about to see could make you tons of money online it certainly has for me over the last 20 years come on let's get started all right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show today we got a doozy for you we are going to do a deep dive into a very fascinating company that I worked with years ago in a different way it wasn't fullon with the big company but I was with a segment of the company and it was a very very good experience and I want to talk to you about that company and how it works so that you can understand what's going on in the world of search engine marketing because let's face it there are companies out there that are making more money than you ever thought possible doing this in a programmatic and systematic way to build an audience very important stuff now when we go through and look look at this it's important to note that a lot of people today in the search engine marketing world are really Doom and Gloom they're like hey you know what search engine marketing doesn't work my site got hammered all this other stuff now we talked about that in some other videos and I'm going to link to those videos in the description below so that you could watch those and I highly recommend it if you want to make money online this is the place to be we put a lot of thought and effort into these videos including you know gleaning on my 25 years experience and 20 years experience working uh with this company so it's very important what we're going to do today is a deep dive into the Hidden World of search engine marketing now if you were to take a look at this I had AI help me with a little graph here and we made some little houses now I will have you note that these are not to scale uh but they do give an example and they are pretty close to scale if you were to look at it if you were to compare the $3 billion a year or more that some of these comp companies are making you're going to see that that is the big giant skyscraper compared to if you want to make $50,000 a year that's like 0.7% or if you want to make you know a million dollars a year that's still only 0.3% so we're seeing that there's a lot of money here and if you understand that type let's get the money because I want to show you this in a real world way to say hey look this is what's going on now you saw last week we talked about the 16 companies that dominate the Google search results which is a report that is absolutely huge I believe this report was put out by uh creat Le um and and some other company as well you could see the news report on it all kinds of crazy stuff there now when looking at these and case in point I actually have a software that I'm going to debut that is going to be based on this stuff as well so if you're excited about that smash a like button let me know in the comments we're going to reveal that next week I think it's going to be a game changer for understanding this type of business but what we're seeing is that there are a lot of companies that are making lots of money with search marketing and many of them have many different properties that span gigantic niches like Meredith has all recipes and Martha Stuart and parents and big niches even fit pregnancy and different things like that and what we're going to do is we're going to take a look at how these companies are working we could see here that one of those companies Gawker Media made like 70 million or 75 million in annual revenue VOX media $3 billion a year future media just shy of a billion dollars a year evolved media 61 million and of course we see uh IAC interactive which is the one that we're going to talk about today with like $4 billion a year now there's some quotes we're going to go through and some things to look at that are very important when it comes to understanding this business as a whole one of them was from their CEO he said our content alone tells the advertiser what the user wants so while most people out there are trying to use programmatic ads automated ads AdSense media Vine eoic and things like that what they're doing is something different and this is something that I've been preaching for a long time this is what I did back when I worked with them and what's happening is we are making much more money per click per visitor per view than anything else crazy going on there right very very important we got to look at that and understand exactly what's going on okay very important because if you get this you can make money like forget about what the gurus say forget about what I'm saying look at what the data says and Joey from uh IAC says that the content alone is the big thing now if we were to look at the annual revenue increase from Google this is a company that a lot of people pay attention to everyone here knows what Google is I mean I don't need to describe it to you it's a search engine and it makes insane amounts of money and they're doing all kinds of stuff we can see that their revenue back when I first started actually they aren't even on the radar when I first started I started business in 1999 uh when they came out in 20 uh 2002 and now today they're at like $300 billion doar a year in Revenue now where does that money come from comes from search people searching the vast maj majority of Google's money is done by Google search that product is the Big Kahuna now if we were to take a look at the annual revenue generated by IAC from 24 2004 to 2023 again we can see billions and billions of dollars but not a lot of people pay attention to these companies they're too busy looking at Google and gurus rather than hey what are people out there doing that are making money and yes it is a fact that the company we are going to look at today has gigantic places where they film and record and make content and employees and all kinds of stuff like that but that's not to say that you can't major in the minors and make this work in a very very specific way what I want to do today is I want to give you excitement hope and energy into your business and understanding that hey a couple of gurus and people doing SEO and a guy doing you know spam and stuff like that are the only ones making money online this is a gigantic industry and if you understand it as such I think you'll get excited like I have been for 25 years about this business and this industry and it has paid me handsomely while I was floundering around in my life it carried me through rehab uh I will be 10 years sober in about 6 days I believe it is um but it carried me through lots of parts of my life from you know the birth of my first child to now they are in their 20s you know we put them through private school using this we were able to buy multiple houses I think this is our fifth house or something like that and this house is just used as my office which is really cool and we start to understand that this business can afford you the life that you want if you're willing to pay attention but so many people have your attention on the wrong thing which is why I want to bring you down to earth and say this is what's going on now IAC interactive according to Forbes back in 2022 I think that was right after they acquired uht Dash and Merida and and all these other companies so it's probably more than that but they're valuing it at A1 billion company that created 128 billion worth of value but why do we never hear about them why don't we hear about these companies why are we hearing about Joe the Blogger who used Ai and got taken out of Google or what ever it is right here's another quote um from the CEO Neil vogle I'm not sure who the CEO is now he says uh guys let's take a look at this thing it's obviously heavy in print but if you look very closely this is a digital business masquerading as a print business and you're going to notice they bought people they bought all kinds of different stuff it's very very cool Now ladies and gentlemen this is what your old boy Marcus looked like back when he was working with this company yes I wore shirts that were too big for me and my hair was kind of wild but you could see I've been doing this a long time I don't know be honest do I look 20 years older today I don't know that's not that great of a picture so we'll see now one of the companies that I worked with back then was mindspark interactive this was an IAC Branch I made millions of dollars with them I'll show you that screenshot again here in a minute uh I used the neverblue ads platform I knew a lot of the the owners of neverblue ads I worked with them very closely um a lot of them went on to do very big things they sold the company for some crazy amount of money to that um the IAC Branch so very important we're looking at that and I I wanted to bring this to you to show you guys I've been doing this a long time I know a lot of people think that all I do is make videos I've been doing this for a long time so when we see never blue ads um a very big company you could see they partnered with IAC now when I was doing this this is back in the smiley face and the downloads ERA with a company I believe it was called and it was mindspark but they also had other brands I believe at the time they had the a lot brand uh College Humor and all these other ones where you know they were making tons of money and I remember meeting with these people is great A lot of fun now here's a screenshot from my first year working with neverblue um they admitted to me back then that they started the affiliate IDs at 52 so I was literally affiliate number 12 I called them up they were like hey here's what's going on um this is really cool right and my first full year I think this was actually taken in like July so maybe it was a half a year I'm not exactly certain it was a while ago and my memory wasn't what it used to be but it was over $834,000 in one year now notice what we call the earnings per click right and luckily thanks to AI I was able to enhance this image for you because all I had was an old version that I had to find through the way back machine I was up late last night making this presentation for you so if you like it smash that like button um and let me know but what we can see here is that on average if you were to take 7 million impressions and divide it by the number you're seeing I think roughly 10 cents per impression or per click which is literally unheard of in the world today you put eoic you put this stuff you're lucky to get two cents a click and you're diminishing the value of your visitor by not paying attention to what they want this is super important and this is a lesson that we're going to learn from the company we're looking at today I'm going to show you some videos to watch we're going to show you some things in the description as well so that you can really hone in on this because this is where the money is guys if you pay attention to this forget about me you might say hey who's this clown with the circus shirt with the animals on it forget about me look at the data has nothing to do with me has nothing to do with you buying my products or whatever it is it has to do with cold hard facts that there are companies out there making billions off of something that you can do I mean you look at it there was one that was making $75 million a year with 200 employees do the math what is each employee worth that's what they're making right divide it by the employees you get the the amount per employee that's something you can do and as we showed in the chart up here looking at these numbers to to take a small percentage of the amount of traffic and make money to take a small percentage of the amount of money and get it for you is not that hard to do okay it's not even a big percentage we're talking like not even that much traffic which is important because I think a lot of people they think you need a lot of traffic to make this stuff work and you know most people with 7 million Impressions on an ad and that's multiple Impressions I have multiple ads per page each time it loads every time that's there bing bing bing one page view could be four Impressions so looking at that that's not that much traffic to make almost a million dollars and this wasn't the only monetization on the site there were other things at play as well this made me millions of dollars and continues to today now here's a picture when they would take me out dancing and things like that here's me down there in the blue um funny fact there there was someone in that that image that did take one of my ideas I will not mention it he that that company did fix that and got rid of him on the spot very good company and I think the the CEO of the company at the time Todd was this guy here then you had Jordan really really good guys really good business model now the one we're going to look at today which was part of what I was in back then is the company- Meredith which is owned by IAC if you look at- alone 100% organic traffic 100% expert crafted content 100% safety guaranteed what they're saying is that they're getting over at the time of this screenshot now they're getting more 100 million monthly users one in three people in the USA that means we got almost 300 people here live that means a hundred of you have interacted with one of their sites in the last month 13th largest ad supported brand on the internet 21 years of data 14 premium B Brands they expect that the earnings of one of their branches I think this was from 2022 was about 450 million I believe that was after expenses but the important thing to look at is this amount here 70% of this will be from digital ad revenues 70% is from digital ad revenues now how do they do that again let's take a look at this company as a whole I've been going through I've been looking at their URLs we've been looking deep into the company and and taking a look at what they're doing now with Dash they have just announced their own ad targeting intent targeting now what you're going to learn is in this training we're going to talk a lot about intent based marketing intent based marketing write it down remember it this is much different than the seos talk about a lot of seos are oh let's just put some ads on let's just get this let's just get that what we're talking about is something different because ladies and gentlemen when you look at traffic okay let's say you were to look at Investopedia if you were to take a look at one of- merited Brands invest opedia you are going to see they rank for like Dow Jones property management and all different things like this they even rank for Bitcoin mining if you are having a number one ranking for the word Bitcoin mining okay would you put aoic and AdSense on it just to hope to make money I certainly hope not because if you were able to do this in a different way that makes sense and often times you can see what they are doing if you were to look at their Pages for these things you are going to see that the ads are not so much bulk ads but they're doing programmatic and even on that I did just look at the page and it did have some programmatic automated ads which not my favorite type of advertising the question is this okay the question is if I have traffic let's say it's for something like you know best pressure cooker okay if I have traffic for best pressure cooker or something like let's say uh best pressure cooker or something like uh Bitcoin mining or some kind of investment term or something like that the question is if I use AdSense Medi Vine zoic why would people advertise on my traffic would they advertise because they are making less money than they're spending or because they're making more money than they're spending I want you to take a minute I want you to answer this in the comments and in the chat box do you think they are advertising on our sites because they are profitable or because they are losing money all right give you a minute to answer this is super super important think it over answer this thing for me give me an excuse to get something to drink all right more if you said more you win now back when I was doing the um ads with IAC and uh mindpark and different companies like that I had a website that was about all sorts of different things I had websites about Smileys I had websites about this I had websites about that and back when I was doing this I had this website which was for uh Myspace layouts and backgrounds how many of you guys remember Myspace are you old enough to remember Myspace I certainly am I was well into my 20s when when Myspace came out now what I found out was there were sites that were getting lots of traffic and I was bidding on the traffic through the Google AdWords platform what's known as contextual advertising meaning I was the guy on the other side of the coin I was paying for the ads to go on your sites I was basically essentially paying for your traffic one day I found out through the Google report that there was one specific site sending me a lot of traffic and making me lots of money so what I did is I went direct to that site and I said I will give you $44,000 every two weeks to put ads my ads on your site he was like are you are you kidding me you give me eight grand a month said yep not even a question just off his alone I was able to I think it was about 6X my money just with one very very cool actually I think I think it might have been 1,800 every two weeks I it might have been 4,000 a month don't quote me on that it was a while ago I got gray hair which means I don't remember everything perfectly right so I was 6X in my investment I was making a lot of money and the reason was I was able to serve his traffic better than he was write this down because if you understand how to better serve the market you're going to win and guess what I didn't have my own product I was promoting the IAC downloads think about that for a minute super important now when we go through and we look at this we have to say okay these are different kinds of words that are ranking that are doing well now we see that sites like this Investopedia is all over the place Dow Jones we got 1099 we got affiliate marketing I mean think about it for a second are they the best article out there for affiliate marketing I don't know I don't think so right I mean they have a a definition they got some images but are they the best thing for affiliate marketing maybe maybe not what does that mean okay did anyone just get a little bell ringing in their head that said ding ding ding here's where the money is if you did Smash that like button because the money is in the fact that this company's really really really broad right they're going through a lot of things okay more about that in a minute keep that in your mind this is going to get really good you're going to love it so let's take a look at what they're doing again if you're to look at Dash look at their brands they have all kinds of brands from Health to finance to beauty and you could go through and you can see all the stuff that they have here just under the dash Meredith brand very cool right lots of stuff now again we went through and we put these into our AHF keyword tool and we're looking at Brands like the spruce now I'm going to take a look at this because you're going to notice if I was to go here and do a contrl f and type in Spruce okay you're going to see that here on the page we have 13 instances of the spruce and there's like seven up here which means we probably have uh even more down here okay what does this mean what this means is they basically Niche down so they took all the stuff and they're like okay well we got this Spruce thing it's doing well let's do spruce crafts Spruce eating Spruce planting Spruce gardening and blah blah blah blah blah everything's out there and they segmented again they can do gardening but they're a big company trying to do everything very important now a lot of people online are saying that Niche sites are dead Niche sites are dead Marcus you don't know what you're talking about Google is giving all the traffic to Reddit it's all going to Reddit reddit's the only thing on the internet anymore and that's not true as we all know we have to understand all the stuff that's going on in our Market this is why I wanted to do this training for you so that you can see it now when they're doing the spruce are these Niche sites well the spru has all kinds of different things you can see what they rank for hibiscus funu hydrogenic care and if you were to look at something like H hydrangea care I don't know what a hydrangea is but apparently you need to take care of them um interesting top two results Martha Stewart and the spruce let's see what's down here garden design so two number one and number two are in fact owned by the same company Martha Stewart and the spruce are owned by IAC if you're to go here and look at their brands I think it's under like Beauty and style or something like that or maybe premium uh publishing or something there that's that's got a bunch of stuff um and when you start to look at it you're like hey wait a minute what is going on here okay and you start to understand now when we look at this we're like okay could I make a site about hydrangea care and just focus on that yeah I think I could I think that would actually work really well if you were to go out there and Niche down and make it work in a very very specific way where you're really helping people again this is about understanding the market here's a guy for gardening knoow I don't think this is a super super gigantic site which is showing that hey you know what niches are still out there working he's probably a bigger site but he is very very specific and you know it does work so looking at this we're like okay I'm getting the idea here I'm seeing how we can Niche down here's plant addicts here's some other sites and if we were to go through and take a look at okay how would I do the hydrangea how would I make that work okay very important here's some kind of um Garden company right so there's not even like a a big content house and we're seeing that these things are working really really really well now when we go in even even further let's take a look and break down what we can learn from the- Meredith model very important because if we understand this we can Branch it out and do other things now what we're looking at here is they have SEO optimized content they're making content for the purpose of the intent of people searching they are doing a good job of content sometimes we can do a good job even using AI as we talk about all the time on this channel they use tools like Google planner as semrush a HRS to look at what people are searching for next they have Evergreen content so they're not so much going for like here's the latest fad let's get some money like oh hey here's the news about this or here's the news about that they're going for long-term stuff how do you save money how do you make money side hustles planting gardening all different kind of things that are always going to be around like how to grow succulents or ways to save money on groceries next they have Tech SEO which sounds a lot more difficult than it is SEO is pretty much the ability to make a good piece of content and Syndicate it as I talked about in one of my last videos and get it out there in a way that it's going to capture the market you will notice that whatt Dash and Meredith and IAC are doing is a lot of times they're like okay we're going to have multiple types of content we'll have some video we'll have some Tik talk we'll have some uh press release we'll have this over here and they're using lots of things to build their Big Brand now again all of that is going to the Big Brand which means that each one individually is diluted but the brand is brought up as a whole okay let me say that again each individual one does eventually get diluted but the big brand is growing so if you were to use this method on your own we would be using it all for our small Niche brand building it up from there building it up by making video by making uh Pinterest images by really focusing on how can I make a better piece of content for someone that is looking to grow hydranges or care for them or whatever it is and you can see here what that looks like how to grow for they got some ads up here ads here actually their ad setup on this one not a big fan of it I think they can do better because what we're looking at is okay how can I focus on plants and this is something I've been teaching and preaching for a long time ever since the first Simple Sites video back in 2007 where I looked even younger than that picture that I was in earlier where we talked about how do you take a site about goldfish or whatever and turn it into making money how do you make a site about why is my dog's foot itchy and and make money okay this is very very important because Google is giving lots and lots of traffic to these companies next up they have internal linking which is linking from one page to another linking from one site to another maybe uh you know Martha Stewart links to this or this links to that um and it's all within their wheelhouse we've been doing these kind of things for quite a while a lot of people in the guru space teach this as you know private blog networks which are not the best way to go about it because a lot of times you'll get junky um garbage links where what we're going to do is we're going to go for bigger ones next up they have backlink building and different things like that now what this company is doing is it's using int they're using content to drive advertising rather than relying on user data wait what does that mean Marcus that sounds like a lot of like Wall Street mumbo jumbo well what they're doing is they're using content to drive advertising okay so what how do we break that down well content I make a piece of content okay that piece of content if someone reads it is going to tell the Advertiser what they want okay if you put something like AdSense on there it will try to do that but as we saw on the Marth the Stewart example the ads were all over the place Freedom credit cards um more Freedom credit cards Go Daddy go Daddy and on and on we go these are not specifically focused so what if we take this a step further and say okay these people want to take care of these hydrogena plants or what what they call hydrangea plants what are we doing well what if I offered plant food what I I offered a plant care guide what if I offered a Gardening Guide what if I offered something specific maybe there's a place where you can go and do that I remember years ago I had a website that legit sold bonsai trees online I was in affiliate of the business and I never shipped them I've never seen a bonsai tree I've never taken care of one I have seen them but I never touched them we were an affiliate of it we sold the Bonsai we went for Bonsai traffic it was actually very easy because that's what they wanted intent based marketing flipping the market from one thing to another now one of the other things we're going to look at here uh let me grab my pen I think I have my pen here let's see um let's see we'll go to the Microsoft whiteboard here and I'll show you what this looks like um this is something that we started doing in our uh content refresher program let me see if I can go this way so I don't trip over everything all right in our content refresher program what we're doing is we are focusing on specifically why traffic would come in and what to do with that traffic and I'm going to show you something here that is an absolute game Cher If you're willing to pay pay attention Okay very important so what we're doing here is we are taking one thing to another thing so what we will do and this is a strategy I've done for years uh where we just flip the market from one thing to another what we're doing here is we are taking a post that is written let's say we have a post here that is about um how to grow plants or whatever grow plants okay or maybe we have a post on like how to write a hardship letter for mortgage we've talked about this one before what we're going to do is we're going to create that piece of content and we are not going to put ads on it what we are going to do is we're going to lead people through a process that we want them to go through this is what I did back in the day made lots of money this is what I still do today makes even more money today because there's more advertisers and more money out there you don't have to convince people that money is made online right if you need to be convinced that you can make money online you're probably on the wrong video because I'm here to show you proof and talk about facts not convince you something that you know whatever but what we're going to do is let's say I have an article about hardship letter for mortgage okay how do you write a hardship letter for mortgage okay and I actually had a student who uh did a site like this too was actually really good so hardship letter for mortgage we're going to have okay step one two three here's how to write it here's the things you need blah blah blah blah blah blah within that content we are going to have the natural Next Step okay so we think and if if you can't think about this don't worry you can use AI I can go in I could go to the old chat GPT here and I can say I here we go I am making a an article about hardship mortgages what other things can I offer that would trigger expensive ads now I know from doing this Market you're thinking like okay uh refinance big one have you thought about a refinance before you do this have you thought about a mortgage modification x y and z now ai is going to go through and it's going to be like me and basically give you the answer here HELOC government assistance refinancing options and things like that now what's going to happen here is you going to look at this market and you're going to say let's let's go over to the old spyfu here spyfu and we'll go to spyfu and we are going to do uh let's do hardship letter for mortgage or hardship letter we'll just do hardship letter okay what you're going to see here is hardship letter 1,300 searches a month definitely worthwhile there's more questions with more traffic definitely definitely worthwhile then we're going to go through and we're going to look at the cost per click 16 cents this is why ladies and gentlemen when everyone does the run-of-the-mill stuff puts aoic puts AdSense and things like that they don't make that much money because it's not thinking about it on another level it's just ads which ads nobody wants to click on ads they want to click on information that's going to help them we don't want to click on ads unless it's something really good like you know the computer you wanted is now bucks instead of 5,000 yeah that would be a good ad but this one when we're looking at financial hardship letters all right there's a lot of traffic if you guys are following type a lot of traffic let me know this is a game Cher okay now if we were to take and flip that and say well what if we go to these other things like HELOC which is a home equity line of credit refi or mortgage mod or government mortgage programs don't let the word government fool you um the companies that do government programs pay a lot for ads okay they're very very important so when we look at this now let's say let's go for HELOC okay home equity line of credit now we're looking at an ad that triggers $11 clicks wait a minute Marcus weren't you just talking about 18 c clicks on hardship letters yes what we're doing is we're thinking about that what I want to do is be the best damn hardship letter site on the internet if you need a hardship letter and you're struggling with your loan which hint ladies and gentlemen a lot of people are right now how do I help them the best way possible how do I make a piece of content using AI using my own knowledge using my own experience to make that work and I guarantee there's someone here that probably tried to get a um mortgage modification or something like that right so there's heok let's do mortgage modification all right so mortgage modification $5 a click okay that's that's a big big shy away from the old 18 cents let's try refinance and again remember the results here are not what you're going to get you're not going to get $8.74 a click that is a ballpark of what they think advertisers are paying sometimes I've seen them like $40 or $100 a click or more is that what you're going to get no but it does show8 cents versus $9 advertisers are paying a little bit more emphasis on a little bit that's a that's my exaggeration it's a lot more for traffic for this keyword now back to our story here when we take a look at this the company is using content to Drive advertising rather than relying on user data by creating highquality relevant content they attract advertisers who want to reach users based on their interest and search behaviors this method respects user privacy because we don't have to use all this other stuff right we're just giving them what they want or you could build a mailing list and say hey I'm going to show you how to do the mortgage modification or get out of your loan or keep your house or whatever it is always be honest always be ethical there's a lot of money in these markets this is what this company has done and if you were to look at something like let's say very well fit all right let's take a look at this on our list over here very well fit there we go right there I could have just scrolled down but you know it's more dramatic to hit the button it's always fun if you guys are digging this smash the like button so what we're seeing here is a lot of low words yoga poses I mean come on they're just looking for some some free information not a whole lot out there if we were to put this in our spy Fu you are going to see yoga poses me not really triggering that much money 86 cents a click I think that's a little far-fetched I would venture to say if we search for that there probably wouldn't be any ads on it okay now what we're seeing is again even a site about Fitness is kind of all over the place right it's like tricep yoga legs glutes Rose some kind of clean and then we're like best deodorant for men wait what okay well that's a that's a keyword that more or less you know best product for X that's a programmatic type of search a lot of people do programmatic stuff where they're just kind of going for it with this one it doesn't really fit how many steps in a mile is that about Fitness it is it is but I think a lot of times you can actually do better so if you were to do how many steps in a mile okay you got very well health you got very well fit today Good Housekeeping barbend interesting that's like a a more Niche site about you know working out and things like that a calculator site on the go Fitness Pro all right Vantage fit um and different things like that so now we're seeing okay a lot of different things here's one garage gym reviews interesting let's see how this Fair out because I think this one is showing okay this is a more Niche type thing and it is about garage gym reviews and it's going for all these things that are low competition now when we're looking at this we need to understand that this stuff here is inventory when you have a giant company like- Meredith or another company that has many many different sites all of their money is broken into little things one ranking here one page here one review there it's much like the video in the description in the description of this video um there is a video I had let me see if I can find it here um there's a video I had well you could find it it's down in the description it's about the landing pages and what I did is I went out there and I said well let's look at internet marketing like a grocery store does a grocery store make a million dollars a year here on mayonnaise probably not but do they sell like you know 500 bucks worth of mayonnaise a day probably same thing happening here do they make that much on gum do they make no as a whole they're making 100 Grand a day average grocery store in a big metropolitan area usually about $100,000 a day is that all one product no it's a lot of products same kind of thing they're doing here can you get rich selling gum in 20 grocery stores yeah one person probably could are you starting to see where I'm going here I feel like uh what was it on uh A Few Good Men oh Harold do you see what I'm getting at here if you remember that movie let me know but when we're going through we're looking at that and we're like okay here's what we got everything is broken up Investopedia even that one is broken up into different keywords there are keywords and there are niches that are made making up this entire thing where we see very well fit with 1.4 million keywords we see a little niche site with about a third of the amount of keywords okay now this is a bigger Niche site but you're getting the idea of how that's working it doesn't take a whole lot to make that work could you be an expert in meal replacement shakes yeah you probably could I mean if you go out there and you start to look at this and say wait a minute I can do this in a very very very very specific way right maybe I'll do are we back okay I think we're back now hopefully we're back tech glitch all right so very very simple we're looking at this and we're like yes this works really really really well so what we're doing is we're niching down now taking a look at something like best meal replacement shakes again we can look we can see there's garage gym um Forbes which is an interesting one I think we're going to start to see this stuff shake up and I think it's going to go back to more Niche sites in the future there's some up updates coming WebMD products uh 310 Nutrition 310 Nutrition cuisine at home so we are seeing there are avenues for us to do this in okay very very cool a lot of people remember that movie great movie always reminds me my dad uh he loved that movie um so we look at that and we're like okay here here's what we got going on there's lots of things here and we can do it and again Google is not just the only traffic method there are lots of other traffic methods to make this work to grow can Google work absolutely um what I would do is I would go for something very specific like if we were to look at um hardship letter like this we're going to see hardship letter 1,800 searches a month okay financial hardship letter example watch this one how many of you guys are ready for uh drum roll seeing how this works all right that was a little bit less entertaining than I thought it was going to be I thought there was going to be like a drum roll and confetti but it's just me standing here but at any rate here we go let's take a look at this one take a look at how images come up number one I mean it dominates the whole front page interesting one of them is on Pinterest another on template another on template and on and on we go a lot of these are hosted on sites that you could post them on free we also see um some kind of WordPress site not dude doesn't even have hosting right uh balancepro eforms this is something some weird it here I don't know what that is um and you could see all kinds of different things that could work in a very simple way again your job would be to major in this one thing if you did it right and had the right advertisers could you not make a living with one niche of hardship letters and do it really really well and I believe you can I've seen people do it here's one how to write a hardship letter PDF filler why do you think this big company is doing this why do you think companies like- Meredith and PDF filler are doing subdomains like this watch Watch What Happens they probably got a bazillion subdomains here uh 1.3 million keywords all right let's see what they got uh fillable payub pay- st-t template dpdf filler why are they doing that because people who want a fillable pay stub would want their PDF software how many of you guys get this smash a like button say hey wait a minute this works I totally get this it makes sense very cool okay next up we're going to go through a basic rental agreement all right could you not major like I'm going to show you something here and I want you to pay attention in a very specific way basic rental agreement fillable now I saw a keyword over here that- Meredith was getting which was for I think it was on Investopedia I believe it was watch this you want to see The Flipper Market this is how you do it this is the stuff we teach all the time in blog profit Network which if you're not in blog profit Network I mean come on you need to be there get the help each week what we're going to do is we're going to talk about this keyw here Property Management 68,000 searches a month 54 going to them they're only number 12 but that word is money in the pocket I'll tell you what I have uh my dad and my my brother ran a property management company for years they always asked me about getting leads and traffic and everything like that um they paid a fortune for leads and traffic because this stuff is worth a lot of money Property Management you got okay on that one it's not shown let's do property management company one of these it's probably just an error there um but it does have a lot of money there's 460 there Property Management cost different things like that you will see that the amount is pretty decent if you see a $4 there that means there's some good money because they're paying $4 for one click one click four bucks there you go I mean it adds up it's like okay I want 25 clicks well there's a 100 bucks gone right hopefully it comes in our pocket and I'm going to show you how to get that in your pocket in just a minute here when we look at that keyword I was taking a look at from PDF filler basic rental agreement why would someone want a basic rental agreement because they're managing a property wait a minute so you're saying this could go to that but there's no competition I could major in that and sell Property Management leads and that's all I do for a living exactly there are people who do this on a big scale on a small scale we can see here uh PDF fillers doing it eforms rental lease agreement free forms now if you did this right like this guy iproperty guy's doing something right and you look at that and you're like okay he's got all these templates and all these things what is it doing it's funneling people to all this stuff guys those are his top keywords that's literally what he's doing and he's probably selling tons of leads all day every day twice on Sunday and three times on Monday I don't know pick your day right and we look at this and we're like hey wait a minute that's how this works and you look at big companies like this and you see how they're working right study this stuff get to know it because what they're doing at is they're looking at content for humans by humans all right we can use AI to assist but We Go From Here There and the other okay um driving the outcomes data first right get the data first like most companies are throwing everything out there they get the data next and then they monetize the data what they're doing is is quite different which is what I've been doing for many many years which is why I'm so excited about this training because it is what I've been preaching for a long time okay just took me a while to clue in and do a video on them uh we have some other videos on other companies in the description that I very highly urge you to watch after this one the more of this you watch the more you're going to understand and the more money you can make disclaimer these companies make billions I've made Millions lots of people have made lots of money but the vast majority of people trying to make money online make nothing the reason I believe is is because they don't understand this and they don't really think about traffic and and go for it they give up to early or as my friend Brian Johnson says um they give up before the magic happens but looking at this it's literally giving us the road map and it's interesting because you're seeing words that we talk about here all the time unlik this billion dooll company are you oh SEO that's just for the gurus bro bro that's just a guru it's a big company it's huge that's what Google relies on that's how much money um is out there and we start to understand hey wait this is how it works now I wanted to look at their food and drink category because I thought something interesting and you know a lot of you guys don't know but where I'm filming here um is actually a house that we use for our office so all of this it's got all the rooms um pretty much everything and you can see how it works and then you know I think over there you could see uh my desk and everything all kinds of cool stuff right and that's where we film and everything's pretty cool um and then over there is you know the door you got to have a door otherwise you can't get in here but what we did is we we got this and having this space has really made my business what it is today versus what it was uh four or five years ago because it's allowed me to do multiple things at multiple times now the investment I had here was big because I had to learn lot things right I I got a bunch of lights and figured out oh those lights didn't work good I look terrible and then I got some new lights and I have better lighting I still look terrible I I I don't think the house is going to fix that but we look at this and we're like wait a minute could someone not do this in their garage ladies and gentlemen the first Simple Sites course I ever made um I actually spent a whopping $700 let's see if I can find it here Simple Sites full course something like that it's probably going to come up here maybe I have to type the whole thing simp Bes Sites Big profits somewhere on here there it is all right see I told you I told you I looked really young back then right um this course here what I did was I literally went and bought a trade show background for 700 bucks back then you couldn't get a green screen for $30 now I got them all over the place um and what I did is I set this up so that I could create things now if you don't want to be on camera don't worry a lot of what- Meredith is doing is not on camera as you can see here they're just taking pictures of things on a table this is a kind of thing you can do um in a garage in an extra bedroom even on a countertop if you wanted to where you could literally go out there and do specific products just yesterday on our blog profit Network call I have a student who um is very good on camera he was a news guy um I'm going to get some tips from him because he knows how to do a lot of acting that I don't right um and and and I was talking to him about reviewing specific products in a specific thing what if all you did was review Choppers right Chopper not like the Cool Motorcycle kind but like the kind you chop little vegetables with right are there not enough Choppers being bought and sold in the kitchen Niche every day for you to make more money than you've ever made in your entire life and the answer is yes yes what most people do is they go too broad and if all I did was say hey you know what all I'm going to do I'm just G to be the chopper guy that's it Chopper Vegetable Slicer look at this you got a chopper one piece 53 um you have different Choppers here you could do uh slicer slicer um different things like that and you're going to see mandolin slicer uh meat slicer all kinds of different things what if all you did was that right if you were to look at that and say how many slap chops were sold okay guarantee it's enough for people to live on so it says the ad itself sold 50,000 from direct sales and another 50,000 um from Nationwide so times that by 20 that's like $2 million just on SLAP chops um I would think that this is probably even more because I've sold a few of them as an affiliate and if you don't want to get them and drop ship and all that you can do affiliate but what this is is it's looking at this in terms of an actual business um if we were to go and look at how many they sell on Amazon there's probably quite a few being sold he's got 2600 ratings and different things like that and if you were to look at like Chopper you're going to see all kinds of different Choppers here they are selling like crazy there are enough of these here's just one here uh 25,000 reviews 18,000 reviews 43,000 reviews how many people need to buy something to get 43,000 reviews right um no winter says all I want to be is the chopper girl yeah you could be you know whatever you want and and the cool thing about this is there's enough money to be made even with affiliate marketing because here's the deal when you do something like this chances are they're going to want something else they're goingon to want something else like oh I got a chopper now what's the best steak knives what's the best you know Foreman grill or whatever it is and you start to realize wait a minute this is something I can do now back in the day when I made that video of The Simple Sites where was it over here okay um that one it wasn't seven years ago I uploaded it seven years ago that was 2008 what I did you know I had to have an expensive camera my camera was thousands of dollars my lighting I don't even remember what I used for lighting luckily I used to be a magician so I used a lot of that stuff for starting my business but back then it cost a lot of money now you can do this on a tabl toop they have I mean you could do this on a webcam if you want you could do this with your phone back then we had flip phones and I don't even think we had a flip phone I had an old uh Nokia or something like that I don't know what it was or Ericson I how old is that if you remember Ericson I was like wait a minute is that like the phone the dinosaurs had pretty much but at any rate we're looking at this and we're like wait a minute this is something people can actually do and it's not a big deal now this guy has a test kitchen I have a friend uh over in Orlando who has a test kitchen and he does vegan recipes he makes a great living sharing vegan recipes he doesn't like meat he doesn't like all this other stuff and he just does vegan recipes and his little niche makes him a lot of money um he actually we were going to go in on a warehouse space but haven't talked to him in a while I don't know if you ever got that um but looking at that is like hey wait a minute this is something we can do and they have various different food and drink sites now notice how those are more broad if I was to do something like vegan recipes okay you will probably start to see there's a niche site there's a niche site you're seeing more Niche sites that are showing up for vegan stuff here's one vegan recipes four vegan recipes 70,000 700,000 uh views or followers right there you go vegan recipes then you got um other sites down here rainbow plant life probably a vegan one on and on we go where you are seeing Niche sites mixed in are you guys getting It smash the like button let me know you guys are getting this because this is where the rubber meets the road and we can do this in a very specific way here's one even more Niche the fat-free vegan like that's okay we're going to take meat away then we're going to take fat away and I hope they could show me how to make food that still is good because you know those are some pretty good things um did they get hit yes and you're going to see numbers like this and be like Marcus oh my gosh bro what's going on Google done slapped them all right maybe but that only cost him500 visitors a month look at the right data a lot of people are pointing you to the wrong data so they did lose a bunch of keywords but those keywords were not the big money makers what I'm teaching you to do is scale down and find the stuff that's making you the most money because if you try to compete with a company like Das Meredith with all of these sites you are going to lose we don't have Studios like this and employees that'll take pictures of pickles all day I don't got that but they're doing pickles and hamburgers and soup and this and that and bread all I have to do is Major in one because I'm not trying to make3 billion doar a year yet maybe one day I will I don't know if I want the lime of making that much money' be a little weird right then more than 19 people would know who I am you know I don't know if I want that but at any rate we're looking at this and we're like wait this is where the rubber meets the road our business model says Alyssa borsa from- Meredith is built on intent which does not require a user to be logged in to deliver the right content and advertising to each consumer intent why is someone searching for most people oh they're searching for a rental agreement because they want a PDF software no they don't they want an agreement because they're renting something oh you know they just want this or they want that or they want a hardship letter because they're having a hard time a poor guy's having a hard time he ain't got no money that's not a buyer Market ladies and gentlemen most of the money I have made over the last 25 years is from non- buyer traffic the gurus all say you need buyer traffic buyer traffic best hair dryers best this best that X reviews okay those are traffic that's all getting hit why because everyone did what the guru said and kind of like clonked it out they forgot there's a person behind every search focus on what works here's the strategy focus on a specific audience they're focusing on like very well fit or the spruce for gardening and whatever we want to do more Niche okay I'm gonna be the chef knife guy I'm gonna be the guy talking about the slap chops or the The Chopping devices or the the Skillets right there's literally people out there right now that are talking about griddles I remember back in the day a little fun fact I love cooking I love cooking I I just like making good food last night uh my kid brother over a friend and I'm like yay I get to cook for people bring them on but at any rate um I like cooking and back in 200 I think it was 9 or 10 I wanted to get a habachi grill like at the Japanese Steakhouse I'm like that's what I want I want to be having onion fires and flipping things around and I thought that was a good idea and back then there was one model called the Blackstone gdle and it took me forever to find I had to get it on Cabella's and they delivered it and it was heavy and it like leaked all over the backyard and it was a pain in the neck but I was like hey this is what I want and apparently you know I wasn't alone because if you go to Lowe's in Home Depot they're everywhere how many of you guys have seen these and I found out that uh Blackstone griddle this is the first one other than like other the other thing the other option was like liter literally go and buy um like one from the jaes place right so you could see Blackstone griddle now is huge back when I was looking it up it didn't even exist it didn't even register and here's my screen to help you understand it right so Blackstone griddle um and things like that and if you look at something like uh how to season a Blackstone griddle okay info type keyword we got Blackstone products we got videos okay Blackstone cooking interesting so you got griddles griddles cooking this guy legit has a Channel just about Blackstone cooking he's getting traction dude's getting some some views uh 493 to he's got some if you go popular 138,000 27,000 on and on we go that's all he's doing that's it he's just the expert in this specific thing and if you look at other stuff the grill coach okay this guy's doing the grill coach this is how these people started and if you can major in the miners that's where you're going to go but so many people come to me and they're like Marcus I want to make a store where we sell everything and I'm like do do do you have more money than Amazon well no but I'm going to compete with them yeah sure have fun with that no you're not but can I do a subsect I mean even Amazon when they started out he didn't sell everything he sold books look at this dude's raking in the traffic this is a niche site and guess what the niche site thrived in the last updates it thrived right and we're looking at that we're like wait a minute he's actually doing pretty good now he did have a little dip over here not sure what that was about um let's do so he is thriving after this so five years let's do three months a little bit of a dip here he's actually doing fine okay never mind that was a blip in the data but we could see seasoning a Blackstone how to reheat a brisket it's all about this specific stuff Niche sites are still working a lot of people think otherwise but you see here there's Southern Living ladies and gentlemen that's the company we're talking about that's a I believe that's a dash Meredith company pretty sure and um Yep looks like it there you go part of the dash Meredith family right there I think you guys see that right do you guys see that little highlight there there you go right there right so there you have it and it's like wait a minute okay so this dude is beating out A4 billion doll company because he's focused on one thing how many of you guys are getting this if you're getting an aha moment smash that like button let me know I was up all night griddles and on and on we go and if you understand that look at this here's flat top King here's another one girl Masters Club I mean are you guys seeing how it's like wait a minute yeah Niche sites are still kind of kicking butt if they're done properly now are you going to rank for Blackstone griddle no because Blackstone is and Reddit and Walmart and places that sell it this is where people think there's a problem but this is where I'm going to Pivot and make some YouTube videos and then I'm going to maybe look at some products even here barbecue grills things like that we're looking at this and these sites are standing their own against these giant companies very cool all right um and let's let's take a look at some others so we see there Grill Master flat top King there he is Grill Masters Club architectural so that's is that that might be a dot dash nope that's uh some other company um so let's take a look at this one here girl Master club and the key is in niching in the very specific stuff and a lot of these sites even still are not as focused as they could be like I guarantee that the 9010 rule or 8020 rule or whatever you want to call it is at play here I guarantee there's probably a few words that are really driving this thing home like best adjustable dumbbells that's going to drive some sales Tom's guide I believe that's A- Meredith company if I'm if I'm correct um future us yeah future I believe is there's it might be a different one I'm not positive but again it's a big player but again look who's at the top you know um videos very well fit there's the dash Art of Manliness that seems pretty Niche garage gym reviews again um CNET so there are people holding their own it's just a matter of are you doing a good job of getting the content out there and are you monetizing it so the moral of the story here and I mean look at this like best paper airplane do you think that's making him much money probably not um maybe there's something out there that is getting him the most money and looking at that 10% what you're going to do is save money and time so looking at that when we get to the monetization technique they have advertised with display ads this is what most people are doing next we have affiliate marketing where we're targeting specific things how do I look at this find the best product find the best way to make the most money on the product and put that on my site in a way that's going to be easy again think of it as one thing if I had the ranking best dumbbells could I drop ship them and make more money than if I did Amazon affiliate could Home Depot affiliate or big five sport affiliate or whatever do better than X Y and Z maybe sponsored content could I do sponsored stuff maybe I would say for most of us looking at um affiliate marketing is probably going to be the best way to go and there's people all over the place making a lot of money doing this user experience is Big when we're looking at what does my site look like to the user one of things people talk to me about all the time and they get on me about is hey Marcus you know what bro your sites look like they were built in 1982 and they're no good and I'm like they're like that for a reason because user experience is King ease of use easy to see what I want easy to click it's all you got to have plain and simple it works case in point Marcus your sites are too basic you don't know what you're talking about uh how about like this site here yeah that looks pretty basic I don't know looks pretty basic to me what about Amazon Amazon Yep looks pretty basic not not a whole lot going on bells and whistles don't exist now what we want to do to apply these strategies to our own Niche sites or start a new Niche site which if you want to get started with this stuff I would highly recommend checking out hiti nes.

Or blog profit depending on what your budget allows if you just want free stuff as you can see we put on a good show for free so we're going through and we're like okay identify your Niche create high quality content and again if you want these notes we'll have them at download optimize for search engines and monetize your site then you analyze and improve very simple now very important I want to go through some quick niches that you can do this in that I think would work well um and by think I mean no because we do this all the time with lots of people we got lots of data um again the notes from this video will be up probably probably Friday but go to download that way you get the email when they come out and you don't forget also if you want to work with me high tiet this is where we find you a domain we find you a niche we find the offers we build it for you and we help you build it and make it work in a very simple way a lot of our students recently are doing really well with their rankings and everything like that what it does is it gives you a jump start if you're tired of gurus tired of info overload tired of not knowing what to do high ticket is the best place because what I'm going to do is this process for you I'm going to say okay tell me a little bit about yourself I'm going to find a domain and a niche that I thinks will the that I think will work Based on data we're going to go through we're going to build that out for you we're going to get you a premium domain that hopefully is sellable we had a guy yesterday who said he bought a domain and sold it for like 1,900 bucks which was good I think it was like a 100 almost 100x Roi or 70 or something again results not typical implier guaranteed the average person trying to make money online makes nothing but again looking at this with a fine toothcomb understanding company's making four billion I got to be able to make a few bucks right and definitely watch their uh videos they have a lot of videos and trainings out there too so what we're going to do um is look at these niches these are ones you can get started with you can review affordable software a lot of people are like Marcus I don't have money to review every cell phone because that's going to add up quick what if you did cheap software tools okay um what if you did something that was very very uh specific okay what if you did that AI applications and tools I got friends that are making lots of money reviewing AI applications and tools very simple um home and lifestyle hacks think specific workouts weight loss whatever Health and Wellness on a budget I would not touch the health and wellness Market but if you are if you think you have to you can uh tech gadgets personal finance educational content for hobbies magicians whatever something specific uh product reviews and comparisons this is a big one think one specific thing instead of uh kitchen gadgets think Choppers think this think that um and then there you go practical steps to get started do your keyword research create your content you can use AI to start see where it lands fix it up later uh monetization strategy I would start with affiliate marketing I would not recommend everyone start with a blanket with the promotion stuff um you want to focus on social media email marketing SEO video and everything like that but look at these companies because- Meredith is a huge huge brand and they are doing really well and you look at okay how does a big comparison of a company like this compare with like the Blackstone grill guy or or this guy and when you start to understand that you can Niche Niche sites are alive and well they're doing really well if you focus a lot of the traffic that was lost was Blanket traffic which is why people are mad because blanket traffic with blanket ads did make money when the blanket traffic and the blanket ads or when the blanket traffic went away the blanket ad money dropped because it was just all over the place and it was like oh I'm making money there was one I saw last week we talked about where he was talking about NES emulator a Nintendo emulator and this guy dropped from the rankings and he was like why why did I drop this is not fair why because he was talking about emulators not giving emulators the intent the intent of someone searching for the emulator is to get the emulator not to learn about the emulator and when you look at the site I think this one here in number one or I think it was number two or something um yeah this one has no content there's literally no content the words here don't fit the keyword I don't even think the keyword is on the site all right I mean there it is there down at the bottom so from an SEO standpoint this thing's terrible but from an intent standpoint it is nail on the wood or whatever the nail does right very important so when we look at this and we understand these companies out there are making money doing this lots and lots of money and all we need to do is figure out okay how can I do something better in a smaller Market because I might not be able to cook it's it's like this right how many of you guys go to those chain restaurants and they come out and they're like here's your menu sir and you're like wait a minute do I want chop sooi do I want pizza flatbreads cake steak shrimp Indian food Chinese food this that and you're like this menu just keeps going and going and going those cooks are terrible because they're trying to cook too many things you never go into a Mitchel and star fancy restaurant and get a giant menu it's always two or three things okay now both yes Olive Garden and these big companies which Olive Garden does it the best of the little ones um but like BJs these places they have so many things on the menu it's all completely mediocre completely mediocre but the ones that are making the most at Cheesecake Factory yet their menu is ridiculous and I've never had something there that I actually enjoyed because they're trying to make too many things and that's what people are doing they're trying to do too many things because they see companies like this and it does work but companies like this are built on the backs of little bitty things little tiny things here's one keyword that's making $50,000 a month here's another one that one makes eight bucks a day here's another one here's that very very important and you look at it and you're like this is the way it works and you start to understand companies like- Meredith are doing a great job of this but it could be done better right and we start to understand hey wait a minute there is still ways for Niche marketing to work and if you follow me here I've been doing this forever it works if you do it um you just it takes takes a lot of effort you got to get in there and be willing to go for it and make it happen so if you enjoyed this if you appreciate it smash a like button let me know in the comments below check out High ticket nes.

if you want to start with me and download my if you want the free notes from this video along with tons of other notes that'll get you on my list where you get all the notes and everything um and you don't got to pay nothing right really cool stuff but if you do want to work with me there's the links there thanks for watching smash that like button.

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