Google Algorithm Update = Secret $$$ Loophole [Important Helpful Content Update]

foreign [Music] helpful content update no doubt if you've been watching any videos about the new Google Update you've seen a lot of people complaining about a massive drop in traffic and huge drop in Revenue in fact many people are saying that this new update is only benefiting the big websites yeah we're talking Reddit Instagram Facebook even dictionary websites so the question is has Google gone all corporate where their only favoring the ultra Rich big successful sites and the little guys like you and me get left in the dust fighting for peanuts well things aren't always what they see and today I'm going to show you a secret little loophole hidden inside the 2023 AI version of Google's helpful content update this loophole can make you a ton of cash but don't just take my word for it in fact Google made almost 300 billion dollars last year alone and I think it was something like 95 of that came from ads on search which means they're getting paid by advertisers which also means that if advertisers are paying money for Google Traffic then Google search traffic is worth trillions of dollars yes that's trillions with a t which is why so many people are upset and freaking out over the Google helpful content update because if your traffic goes down then so does the money however across the thousands of websites I manage and my clients have we've actually seen an uptick in rankings and traffic and in just a minute I'm going to show you exactly how that works so that you can get the same kind of results for yourself but first a story back in the year 2003 when my little internet business was three years old I had many websites that were ranking on Google and making me something to the tune of thirty thousand dollars a month in profit which doesn't seem like much now but back then I was only like 20 years old and 30 grand a month was a lot of money and then later on that year Google came out with what was known as the Florida update this update was designed to weed out different bad search results it was mostly focused at people that were ranking for terms and trying to exploit the search engines people that were ranking for like Chicago pizza and then leading to sites that yeah there wasn't any pizza on them let's just say it was a really bad user experience and that update took a certain toll on many different websites and I remember being about 23 years old I had just purchased my first house in California and back in 2005 houses weren't cheap let alone houses in California and there I was making thirty thousand dollars a month which equated to about a thousand dollars a day and all of a sudden with one click of a button over at the Google headquarters I went from making thirty thousand dollars a month down to a measly hundred dollars a day which wasn't even enough to cover my mortgage my search engine rankings dropped by over 80 percent my Revenue just went down the tubes and I was scared didn't know what to do I didn't know who to turn to in fact at one point I paid an SEO company ten thousand dollars to rank my site and after spending all that money the traffic didn't even change oh sure I had a bunch of rankings but it didn't equate to people coming to my site which is how I was making money and this was a super scary time but I learned a few things since then and was able to focus on monetization and really helping people out with my content fast forward to 2008 we had another algorithm update which didn't really affect my sites all that much 2011 12.

And then in 2018 we had the first helpful content update again my sites didn't see much change and the reason for this is something super important and if you're ready to learn the secrets of how to rank on Google make tons of money and provide good helpful content then smash that like button because we're starting right now all right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show if you're excited about this one make sure you smash that like button because we want to get this message to as many people as possible because right now with the Google helpful content update we are seeing a lot of people freak out and a lot of people not knowing what to do now this is something that I've been going through for a long time in my 23 years of business and in fact if you take a look at the Google home page today you can see that it says G25 gold which we know doesn't spell Google that actually means that they have been around for 25 years I believe as of today so there's a lot of good stuff we want to go through here I've got tons of notes here including some note pages that we are going to show you where you can get them and stay on top of all this stuff now one of the things I want to look at is a fantastic article by amsiv I think is how you say it where they were talking about who were the winners and losers of this Google helpful content update now it's very important that we look at this with a very very keen eye because I think we can spot a loophole that is going to help you make lots of money if you're paying attention and if your search engine rankings have dropped this is going to help you understand how to get them back and why we have gone through so many data points it's not even funny to really look at what is going on where are the loopholes and how is Google responding to the massive influx of AI content I mean let's face it since the beginning of this year AI content has skyrocketed I mean I'm talking probably billions and billions of AI related content on Google now and where are they where is it going to land how is it going to work and can you make money with AI content with SEO this is something super super important now I'm going to show you a report here in just a minute and is our sound working okay is our sound working or what do we got let's see if our sounds working here I think it is let's try that is our is our sound working now testing testing testing hopefully our sound is working type sound if it's if it's good sound is good we're not having too many Peaks are we okay all right just turn your sound up if that is the issue now we're going to go through and look at this because the data points are super important when it's looking at AI now one of the reports that we are going to go through is this report that I actually created partially with some help on how the Google algorithm update works now I want you to tell me if this is something you want I'm going to show you where to get it over at and what we did is we actually looked at the data and looked at what the core updates are doing right this is super important stuff if you guys dig this smash the like button we're going to give this to you as well but what we did is we created a report about this stuff now how many of you guys you look at this and you're like okay as an SEO as a person dealing with trying to rank on Google this is a pretty good looking report it's 19 Pages it's talking about the issues the strategies the recommendations frequent analytics check all kinds of different things to help people rank on Google which is something that's extremely important now when we look at this I I want to let you in on a little secret first of all tell me if you think this is a helpful piece of content okay because this is this is where the rubber meets the road okay this is something very important I wasn't going to get into it just yet but let's let's talk about this right when we talk about this we are looking at Google and we are looking at what is known as the helpful content update all right what does this mean I mean the key word here is helpful so if you find something like that report I was talking about where it's like hey this is helpful I'm looking to rank that talks about how to rank it's compiling a lot of stuff I think this is good so if you think that's helpful smash a like button let's go through this and talk about how this works in a real world way now when we're looking at something like this we can see it is helpful very helpful it's got examples it's got different things to look at clarity called action I mean this is like a checklist slash slash complete overview of how to rank in Google okay so we look at this and it's about 4 700 words 19 Pages it's got lots and lots of things I mean here we got different tools you can use so we're looking at this and how many of you guys are like wow you know what between you me and the wall I probably have paid you know 90 bucks for stuff that's not even as good as this report now we're looking at this and I got a little confession to make with a little prompting I actually gave this to one of my workers and said create an article about this stuff I'm talking about right here right now with get this ladies and gentlemen get this this is super important if you get this everything else is going to make sense for you AI yes ladies and gentlemen this was created with AI and what we're going to talk about today is human directed AI Which is far better than anything you're going to see anywhere online when it comes to ranking so when we look at this we're like okay this is human directed AI how many of you guys are like wow that's kind of it's kind of mind-blowing I did I wouldn't have thought this was AI but it's human directed now when we look at Google we're looking at the fact that they are wanting helpful content you are saying hey this is pretty helpful now there's one thing that determines whether a piece of content is helpful or not helpful let's go back over here and talk about what that was what that is all right so when we're looking at helpful content it all relies on one thing this one thing is what you are going to learn today and this is going to change the way you think about making money online so if you're out there and you're like okay I think I know Ai and I think I know SEO and I got a site that ranks or whatever it is or even if your rankings are dropping or growing this is for you if you want money because this is the direction Google is going Google's 25 years old they are looking at a direction they're looking at AI they're looking at the trends and if you can predict where Google is going do you think that's going to put a little money in your pocket I think it'll actually put a lot of money in your pocket and that's exactly what I've been doing for over 23 years that has made me millions of dollars online now I will say this year 2023 I have spotted some trends that are making me right now far more than I've ever made using AI okay far more than I've ever made before and I'm using AI which makes it a lot easier and a lot less expensive so our profit margins are going through the roof now how does this work well first of all I'm going to let you in on one word that is going to game change everything you're doing and that is and trust me okay listen up it's your old buddy Marcus here this word is something you hear about a lot and it's going to be easy for your mind to say well I already know that Marcus there's nothing new here but follow with me because what we're going to do is we're going to look at the data and you're going to understand it in a way that you've never understood it and that word is intent intent what does this mean what this means is we need to focus on the intent of why someone wants helpful content because if you have helpful content and it's not for the reason you're trying to get people there it's not going to work I could have the best article ever on restaurants in my area of Florida Orlando let's say we go Orlando I can have the best synopsis I could be like the Michelin star reviews but if this person is looking for a quick restaurant near their house that is not going to rank but Marcus I don't understand it's a much Superior piece of content content is in the eye of intent this is super important and when you look at it you say okay there's different intents on YouTube on Pinterest on Google on different searches on different keywords and when you start to understand this everything's going to change and we're going to look at the data and I'm going to hand you on a silver platter the report of the data and what to do with it to put money in your pocket let's get to it over here we can see that there's a lot of stuff going on okay I went through this is the report we're looking at for the amsa Fantastic report we will link to it in the notes so that you can see it now what they did is they went through and they looked at like thousands and thousands of websites this is something that I do every day I have a a list of websites on my ahrefs so that I can go through and be like oh hey what's doing good what's doing bad how did the algorithm affect this that or the other and when we look at it we can see several different websites that did really well and several that didn't now a lot of people right now are complaining about the fact that Reddit was a clear winner right if we were to go and I'll do this off screen because Reddit does rank for some interesting terms that we want to keep this family friendly here but we can go through and we can see how Reddit fared and we can see this now this trend is important because this is what's known as the user generated content Trend okay I think okay we're clean we're good what we can see here with Reddit is that since the update and I I want you to look at this here okay we are looking at Reddit who started with a traffic of about 170 million a month according to just SEO this doesn't include people going to so for this they started with 170.

This Google update added about a fourth a little bit over a fourth of traffic and I think the number was let's see here I got a lot of notes so bear with me I yeah the number was 68 increase in visibility on Google 68 that means if Reddit was making a hundred million dollars a month which yeah they are or make it a lot more than that but search volume here that means that now they're making like 168. all right if they're if the site is making 10 000 and got the same boost they'd be making 16 800.

How many of you guys are like okay that's big numbers that's something big let's take a look at what's going on now Reddit wasn't the only winner and I want you to look at that because when we're dealing with Reddit again let's talk about this we are going to hammer this out and at the end of this you'll be like okay I get it this makes sense what we have to do is we have to look at Reddit all right and we have to look at the intent of people looking at Reddit okay Reddit is a different type of site why do people go to Reddit well they go to Reddit to see what other people say okay this is called user generated content user generated content right it doesn't really make their own content the people make the content Facebook Facebook doesn't make its own content Facebook uses other people's content guess what also got a boost ladies and gentlemen Facebook YouTube a lot of these sites got big boosts in this last update why because they are now seeing hey wait a minute this stuff's actually helpful now there was some interesting things that we looked at as well one of them was Zappos right Zappos was one that I found on the report and this was actually like several reports that that went through all this but Zappos was one that actually lost they lost I believe it was like let's see here Zappos like 60 or something like that it was a it was a big number lost out and a lot of them so Zappos was 27 now when we look at Zappos we have to say well Marcus you know the site's about shoes if it ranks like like shouldn't it rank for anything and everything shoes well let's think about this okay this is going to change the way you think about a lot of stuff so if we go over here and we look at we got Zappos right so Zappos is about shoes I don't know I'll try to draw a shoe here right here's our shoe it's a it's got a heel it's a fancy heel shoe that there is expensive stuff we got shoes here this is Zappos all right and Zappos is ranking for lots of keywords they're ranking for you know the the Nike boot or whatever people wear these days and we look at this and we're like okay well they they should rank so why did they lose 27 percent of their traffic why I mean they're doing everything every SEO guy says is King they are doing everything right why did they lose traffic does anyone got a guess put it in the box below and I will tell you as well all right there's a big big reason and I'm gonna tell you one of the reasons was this here okay let's take a look at this so here we have the keyword Zappos coupon okay now some people say not helpful content not helpful content no no it was helpful I mean I found the shoes but when you have a term like Zappos coupon you're not necessarily looking for the Zappos website you're looking for other websites that have coupon codes so for them to link to Zappos coupon to Zappos is counter-intuitive does that make sense is everyone getting this very very important this is the kind of thing we use all the time just yesterday on our blog profit Network call we were talking to people that got lots of rankings they're actually doing better with the update and AI content and they're making lots of money so we're going to look at this and be like okay I get it so Zappos coupon that's an interesting one I'm getting where this is going okay I see yes we got Zappos coupon we got all this other stuff and when we start to look at it we can see what some of these sites are looking like I actually went through and put a bunch of them into ahrefs to show you how it works okay so we could see here that Zappos at one point was losing like 80 000 search engine rankings a day now again let's take this with a grain of salt because sometimes the keyword tools aren't super 100 on point but what we can do is we can actually go down here and we can take a look at the ones that actually lost or declined and this will give us an idea of what Google is looking for and hopefully this all load here we might have to do it again there we go and it'll give us an idea so we have like Brigton jewelry all right that one went down why why if they ranked for that would they go down Birkenstock Madrid okay well I mean you look up Birkenstock Madrid okay and we see okay we got some stuff up here Birkenstock Amazon videos shopping stuff Nordstrom and some other stuff and then Zappos is down farther okay so why why if we were to look at this we could say okay so I mean they got backlinks right it's not like Zappos is hurting for backlinks they're not like oh man we got to get more backlinks that's the secret if I just had more backlinks this would be the key all right that's not it at all because we're seeing here that I mean I don't know I think that like 22 million backlinks in the shoe market is probably pretty good right so that's not the problem their site has Birkenstocks on it so that's interesting why is Amazon winning over them Amazon's not a shoe site interesting right like by all logic of SEO Brilliance that is out there Zappos should win right type it in the box if you're like dude Zappos should win hands down like it should not even be a question okay uh oinkbu says is the quality of backlinks that got penalized no it is what I believe and what I'm seeing here and what I've seen for 23 years I believe it has to do with the intent of the Searcher okay now it's not perfect it will get things wrong it will struggle but if we understand the intent all right so you got shopping stuff up here Birkenstock info over here Amazon and then YouTube so interesting if I was an affiliate and I was selling Birkenstocks what would I do right how would I as the little guy compete with this now we have the mom edit that's an interesting one right the mom edit okay I I'm not sure what this is but it's it's kind of interesting and we could see why did they write did they do better did something this site did did they did they increase in their ranking and we're going to take a look at it I'm just going to do it off screen and it looks like so right off the bat I didn't even plan on bringing this site up but I think it's interesting right off the bat we could see that their keywords did go up traffic went down that's probably due to like one or two keywords so I'm not too worried about that but when we go to our keywords we can actually see okay they are more or less a review type site it looks like okay so now we got this let's go ahead and take a look at calendar and we're going to go for new improved and we're going to add the word Birkenstock or in stock how do you spell that I don't know that's a weird word all right so we're gonna go here and we're like okay interesting interesting Birkenstock with socks which I'm sorry if you wear Birkenstocks with socks you need to rethink your fashion choices all together I'm just saying but at any rate Perkins stock with socks actually went up 35 so they were number 36 or non-existent actually it's new so it boosted up quite a bit actually no that's the traffic change so they boosted from nowhere to number one all right and we can see here Birkenstock let's see when it first came up it looks like it first started coming up a long time ago so it's not something new it's not like a new piece of content it's something different all right so now we're looking at this we're like okay interesting why is this doing so good why did this post knock it out of the park when it came to this stuff well I think because people looking up the word Birkenstock this one's kind of like an A be-all and all post about how to wear Birkenstocks even though they are encouraging you to wear them with socks which again you know my strong opinion on that they are talking about hey this is what the Birkenstocks are about okay interesting so now we have something where it's like oh I see the shift the shift is from the intent of like someone looking up a Birkenstock to someone actually wouldn't understand like okay what what is out there for Birkenstock does that make sense to everyone smash the like button if you get that and we can see okay what else did Zappos lose out on so Birkenstock Madrid they lost a lot of traffic there whatever this Donald Guy is and you start to see all this other stuff okay shoe stores interesting why in the world would Zappos which ladies and gentlemen is a flipping shoe store like you don't get more here's a shoe store why does it not rank right how many of you guys are like uh Marcus I I don't know my brain just kind of halted and don't get it okay you're about to get it don't worry your old buddy Marcus has got you taken care of because this is super important okay so we look at this and we're like okay what do we got I mean why would it drop for the word shoe stores okay so you got sponsored ad you got some Carnival you got Yelp 10 shoes Shoe Carnival Foot Locker Altamonte Mall interesting I mean yeah I'm sure the mall has some shoes in it but that's not the only thing Famous Footwear Finish Line and then Zappos and then interesting all right anyone got a hypothesis here I think this is super super important it's going to start to change the way you think about content okay why with Zappos not rank for shoe store it is a shoe store however it is an online shoe store all of the other rankings were places I could drive up to interesting because like okay Amazon's got shoes why don't they rank for shoe store they are a store that has shoes I think what they're doing is they're looking at local which is a form of intent their intent is to find something local and Google's figuring this out now there are ways to utilize this what we are going to need to do is we are going to have to have a multi faceted approach okay multi-faceted approach what does this mean what does this mean well it means that using Ai and using content one yes you need helpful content that's a given however if I have an article about shoe stores the first shoe store was founded in Bible times when they used to wash feet in wanted shoes back then they needed shoes and Bob the the the guy sold some shoes no no that's not help I mean it is helpful yeah if someone's writing a report on the history of shoe stores that is helpful but it does not match the intent of something wanting to buy shoes locally okay very very important so now we're looking at that we're like ah okay helpful content equals intent it is not helpful if you don't have the intent now with our multi-faceted approach what we are going to need to do is look at what is there so we look at what's there we're like okay this is local could I rank for this local we got Yelp that's interesting why would Yelp rank number one for a shoe store they're not a shoe store they don't even have shoes they probably have Birkenstocks with sandals I know Yelp seems like a Birkenstock sandal kind of place but why would they rank for that the best 10 shoe stores near this place interesting interesting interesting so we look at this and we're like okay so Yelp how did Yelp do let's see how Yelp did and again ladies and gentlemen this is about predicting where Google is going with search now we are talking about a a trillion multi-trillion dollar industry multi-trillion okay now someone says they're going with paid ads actually I don't think so I mean of course if people would pay for ads it would help Google because they they do like the money but we have to look at this and say okay I don't think that's the goal here I think the goal is local and reviews of local and big places that are local and there might be other stuff too we see explore Brands we see uh Rack Room we see all this other stuff Capital One Shopping which is an ad that's an interesting one we'll keep that for later we got Yellow Pages okay we got uh some Shoe Show thing Yellow Pages again find your nearest shoe store so what would be the most helpful thing okay I'm gonna stretch your brains here okay and we're gonna see who gets this is super important okay what in a perfect world I'm talking the heaven of Internet experience would work for local or for shoes and and the local because we're seeing that Google's like a local shoes top 10 local shoes here's the mall here's the this what would be perfect in a perfect world I want you to type it out we're going to go over to the board and I'm going to show you how this works why Yelp ranked for it and what what that means for you because if you can hack this guys we are talking wait we need to zoom in here this is important stuff we got to zoom in all right humor me I have fun doing this stuff all right we're gonna have billions and trillions of dollars at stake there is literally trillions of dollars trillions with a t this would be like going into an industry where you don't have to spend a bunch of money and you can make a a ton of money I started my business with less than a hundred dollars all right so what would this look like someone says Google Maps the location in the title site maps to get out of your home and to the store right away okay interesting interesting I'm going to show you what I think okay this this is something I think is going to shock you guys because it's different okay here's what I would think if I was in a perfect world and I'm looking for shoes apparently I'm looking for a pen but you know we'll call it shoes okay here's a pen over here all right so apparently we're gonna get this pen and we're gonna talk about how this works okay in a perfect world helpful content intent intent local the intent is I want to go to the shoe store all right that that's the intent The Helpful content would be okay well what shoe store do I go to all right so I could go through and I could say find your favorite local shoes here's your little shoe Banner it's a high heel or whatever I don't know it's such a shoe just trust me there and then you got your menu and all that stuff and you come in and you say what type of shoe do you want okay or what are you most interested in saving money selection fancy what do you want and they go through and it's like okay here's one all right women's Fancy Shoes guys basketball shoes Marcus's weird looking shoes Birkenstocks please don't wear socks this that and they click and it's like oh hey over here in your town the best place to get the fancy women's shoes are at fancy women's shoes R Us or whatever it is okay does this make sense you're like wait a minute okay this is total this doesn't seem like an SEO training this seems completely different and Brian there we go Brian says Marcus I bought your course last year and I actually make money every day by selling basketball shoes online there you go you're probably not selling them to me because I mean the basket is way too high for me to put any ball in it because I'm way down here the basket's way up there but at any rate uh that's awesome and we got a lot of people making lots of money with the stuff that we're teaching here even the free stuff right so that would be a perfect world how many of you guys are like oh that was kind of an eye-opening aha moment I get it that makes sense oh okay now I see how the hope the helpful content is actually helpful in different ways based on different stuff if you're digging this smash the like button these types of trainings are very difficult to do we have a lot of research and back-end stuff that goes into these so if you appreciate it let me know by Smashing that like button so that other people can appreciate it as well and they'll probably appreciate you for smashing the button so they can see it but at any rate we're going to go through we're looking at this we're like okay now I see where it's going now let's look at the content updates going for because if we can predict okay here's what Google's been struggling with here's where they're going here's how we do it very important so Florida update this was the one that kicked my butt um in the 2005 six one also kicked my butt and then we went through and we're like okay here's the other ones the most the most important ones that were so popular was Panda and Penguin these ones shook the industry Tree on its head and guys I've been doing this SEO industry for more than half of my life right that kind of gives away my age there if you couldn't see the gray hairs but we're looking at this we're like okay Panda penguin kind of kicked a bunch of people's butts people freaked out a bunch of people bought courses about it we had hummingbird and then right around 2015 it started to change because people were starting to look at stuff on mobile then rank brain okay they started to be like oh well maybe we'll have a brain in here as kind of the first idea of AI then in 2018 everything shook up and they're like we're going to focus on the eat alcohol algorithm there we go AI Marcus is not working well today but the AI the algorithm here is is what changes things and they were like oh hey we want people that have lots of stuff this is where years ago Zappos would dominate why because according to eat they are the king they are about the topic they are the authority they know about the shoes they sell the shoes they wear the shoes they eat the shoes for breakfast please don't eat shoes for breakfast that was an example of my silliness but at any rate then they went through with bar Bert and others now this one here August 2023 the one that people are freaked out about right now high quality helpful content demonstrating good e-e-a-t this is super important because they're like wait a minute back up we got AI coming in flying okay and let me show you how this works this is super super important let's say and this is a this is an exploit this is something that you know it's a flaw in Google and people do exploit it don't because you know what that's not a good thing to do but this is how it works if you were to be able let's say tomorrow was for sale and let's say for whatever reason you could afford it right would probably be like 500 bazillion dollars and 67 cents and so we got let's say tomorrow for whatever reason like maybe your long-lost uncle owns Zappos and he's like okay you don't get the shoe store you don't get anything all you get is with nothing on it that's what you get all right how many of you guys are like dude have I got that game over if I own most of you would probably say yeah I'd sell it okay but let's take a look if you own and tomorrow you were like you know I think I'm gonna have ai write the crappiest article in the world I'm just going to go to chat GPT and say tell me about basketball all right and you get this basketball article and you just put it on the homepage's appos you know like that's it just because that's I own the domain I'm gonna put the page on it it's crappy AI content this thing would rank like crazy wait but Zappos isn't about basketball how would that rank like crazy well years ago what we did in my SEO company and we still do today but years ago is what I figured it out like 20 years ago we would buy domains that had some rankings like hey here's a domain that got ranking let's buy it let's build it up the same thing I do today now instead of buying them for nine dollars like I did before we're buying them for like thousands of dollars hundreds of dollars and different things like that so we look at this we're like okay we buy the domain and it ranks just like a gal yesterday who's in a a sort of self-defense Niche kind of thing uh more like hunting and and things like that uh and so she got a domain that we bought about the domain for I think it was fourteen hundred dollars uh sold it to her I think with all the stuff that we did in the marketing plan it was like 5300 or something so I made some profit right I'm in the business to make profit that's the whole point of business but knowing what to buy is what helps and then definitely watch my domain videos if this piques your interest so we got that domain and she put AI content on it right she did we went out there got some AI content put it up now she said that she made a site over two years in the same Niche the same exact niche in two years it took her two years to start getting traffic okay and she made six dollars with my site my strategy on the domain which by the way the domain we gave her I believe could sell for probably six to ten thousand dollars to the right buyer it's a very very good domain which is why all this stuff works so two years now with my stuff it took her I think it was five days she said five days to get traffic so two years versus five days okay and in the five days she actually started making money and she told me yesterday they're making money pretty much every day and their traffic went up through the update interesting how many of you guys are like okay okay I I think this makes sense I think I'm getting it because when you start to realize this you're like wait a minute so what it has to do with is backlinks because backlinks are people pointing at you why does Zappos why do news sites why do these sites do good because everyone links to them and what they like to them about is what they're going to rank for now there's also the relevant stuff right so like that gal with that site she could probably put a you know 10 self-defense items on it and rank well even though her Niche isn't just the one thing okay so we're looking at this and we're like okay who are the winners who are the losers Reddit Health websites government sites who are the losers this is interesting because if we can tell what Google says I don't want that then we're gonna know how to make a lot of money one was parasite SEO sites Okay so we've talked about this site before I'll try to bring it up I don't know if they have dirty stuff or not online Outlook so let's take a look at how this one did Zappos was definitely one that lost okay um let's see all right there we go so this one here yeah they lost quite a bit they lost over 10 percent of their keywords and like over 30 percent of their traffic why well what they were doing is they were exploiting the backlink and the power of the site they were trying to rank for everything and if I go through I'll open this in a new tab or a new a different window because I want to make sure that it's it's friendly here um and we can see what they rank for and what dropped so if I go United States and we look at what they ranked for okay there is some some interesting stuff in there let's try the calendar and okay so their calendar yeah they're struggling here right they're they're really struggling and we could see what went down okay so there's there's some interesting stuff here I think we're okay it's it's pretty straightforward here but we could see okay like if we do um lost Let's uh let's take this one here just make sure it's clean on the last one um just to make sure okay good so we're seeing here what actually lost and it's like okay um this one went down which that did affect traffic quite a bit free movies um arrangements so there's some interesting stuff that went down um this one here for all this this is an affiliate page okay interesting so the Alpine they were number three and they dropped to 17.

Why this is one that's important to me how many of you guys are like oh yeah I've seen that that affiliate offer why would this work why would it drop okay you got a bunch of ads you got the Daily World so interesting that a news site still does show up okay then we see Amazon some kind of prime ninja ice whatever that is I don't know I don't even know what that is but at any rate a tap intro Arlington times my San Antonio so it's interesting that this still did work with news sites because technically this is not a news term like I would think okay I don't know what what this okay so this this is you guys ready we're diving in we're getting into this stuff you guys are going to learn that it's gonna be a game changer okay so let's take a look at this here so we have all right I have a hunch I have a little hunch and I'm gonna I'm gonna verify that hunch here in just a minute I have a hunch that this was using the exploiting method chances are the people that got took over this site and just tried to rank for everything and it looks like interestingly enough it started to Skyrocket when Google's new update came out wait wait a minute okay back up how many of you guys are like I'm a little lost on that why why would this work Marcus isn't Google trying to get rid of this stuff well it could be several factors it could be maybe they took it over at that time or we can go through and look at when they bought the domain because chances are it was like a charity domain and the backlinks had to do with charity and and sorab says he lost 50 percent of traffic sorry pay attention this here is going to help you get back more traffic I'll tell you right now when these happen to me every single time an algorithm change screwed with my income I ended up making more because I paid attention to the stuff that you're learning right now this is something where you're going to want to go back and watch the replay of this several times because there are things in here that if you're paying attention and you got your coffee it's going to make a lot of sense and you're going to start to see SEO Google and making money online in a completely different way this is extremely important okay so let's take a look at this one we got I'm just going to take a look at the backlinks on a different screen because they might have weird backlinks and we want to make this a friendly show actually it's looking pretty clean yeah it looks pretty clean so with their backlinks we got um you know a Tango tab Compass big sites Dallas Observer big sites pointing in like 50 000 big sites pointing in now if we go here I should be able to find I'm going to do a Google for domain sale and I'm going to put that domain in quotes I'm going to try to find when that domain was sold because I'm sure dot org okay we need to show this results I'm guessing let's try like this yeah at some point it got sold or taken over and it probably started putting a bunch of different junk okay we could do a little bit more research later and find that out but what we're looking at here is well where did the traffic go because I'm guessing I'm guessing if we go to this and we look at a page we are probably going to see we're probably going to see where did that search ranking go I know I had it here somewhere which one was it it was something about Alpine that was it so Alpine reviews and we can see here with alpine reviews things just dominating with that we can actually go through and see so it was about 90 days ago let's see when the oldest one is for Alpine because this will tell us when the domain was taken over and what they did is probably just put junk there see how this is grouped so this might even it might not be a taken over domain it might be someone exploiting the group feature and doing user generated content so let me look at this in a different link and if you guys digging this I mean I could keep going through this it's a little difficult to do but if you're digging It smash the like button and let me know because I think understanding this is going to be key so we're seeing here it is a review that is User submitted so that's pretty interesting and it's literally an affiliate link so that's that's an interesting thing that this would rank because it's it's not about that why does this Rank and you can see here look at this dude is like literally okay yesterday Alpine reviews the day before yesterday wanna buy Alpine and we're saying okay it looks like they're basically just spamming it which okay it's charity site and they're using that and exploiting that but for whatever reason it is working so like I would look at this and be like okay is there a way that I could do user generated content on these sites in a good way okay and notice how we're seeing a lot of the same sites here how many of you guys are like wait a minute are you literally uncovering the goal of how this is what like like Google is a trillion dollar money making machine it makes people trillions of dollars I've made millions of dollars with Google rankings and what we're looking at here is why does like tap into outrank WebMD and why is Tango Charities right there with MD I mean according to the eeat this thing should just be no and it probably will be in the future but what can we learn here what can we learn well user generated content good important um pretty much anything he'll rank if it has good backlinks okay okay um it's outranking Amazon which you can actually buy this on Amazon you can't buy it at the Tango Charities there's an affiliate link interesting okay let's see let's take a look at the tap info one okay so tap info type this one in there we'll just go through this together and I'll just keep pretending you guys paid a bunch of money for this training and you could just smash the like button and we'll call it even right but if you want to work with me you can buy some stuff using the link below the high ticket niches is where we give you uh one of the domains that we use so we can see here actually you know what tap into is is doing pretty good a lot of traffic a lot of keywords came up they almost doubled actually they did double it's within 30 000 if you do the math right they doubled their traffic and we're looking at we're like wait a minute so this algorithm just basically was like we love you Mr tap into and let's see what his site is about all right interesting keywords here we can see his keyword well we'll wait for it to load it's it's all over the place like it's literally all over the place I don't know what a court text is this stuff interesting because how many of you guys if you had this traffic you'd be making a ton of money with affiliate marketing and how many of you guys know that without me telling you you're like yeah if I rank for lean something review and you that that would do the trick let's take a look at what else ranks so they're number one okay YouTube interesting tap into Amazon some kind of Journal site another so we're seeing a lot of news sites okay and I would say that that is more or less exploiting the flaw in Google favoring news sites so it seems like that flaw got better which means the domain strategy got better but it's gonna get worse if people exploit it and just to let you know all right I've been doing SEO for a long time I'm not the best SEO I actually suck at SEO I'm good at getting domains knowing intent and selling stuff all right SEO I'm good at research but as far as like writing good content I'm not great at that okay but I will tell you that years ago the first time I realized this was uh well if we're going to tell a story we need to have some coffee first time I realized this uh was 2002 2003 my buddy came over and we were buying domains and ranking sites and you know we weren't good content writers and I remember one day I bought a domain name about dental insurance and so we worked really hard on this site about the domain put the site up back then we could do it instantly now you still can if it's name Jeep but other ones take longer um and and so within 12 hours of buying that site and putting up content I literally ranked for the word dental insurance we ranked for cost of braces dental insurance all this stuff and to me back then even though I wasn't good at monetizing like I've gotten better at now um that ranking was worth about six grand a day with crappy marketing wasn't even good marketing six grand a day so if you start to realize wait a minute so like these people are literally looking up the product you literally have the product to sell so I mean you don't even need to be that good at converting and technically according to this you don't even need to write that good of content right like whatever reviews like I could probably outdo this guy with a um let's make sure it's clean all right I think we're good with a AI written article I could probably out do this it's not okay here's the review does the popular weight loss whatever okay it's talking about the thing are we getting any reviews no not really no I I'm not seeing reviews okay here's some say copy and paste it a few and these are only good from the sales page so if I was looking up the reviews of this stuff or you were if you were looking up the reviews on this and you can see tap into this is like for a certain area so this is a news site so if I had this and I was looking up these reviews that in my opinion is a bad user experience okay let's go back to the drawing board over here because we're going to talk about something super important all right so with that one we are looking at okay so they're looking for Alpine reviews Alpine reviews that says Alpine reviews okay that's what they're looking for in a perfect world what would these people want I want you to tell me in the comments because I just I literally bought a TV here so that we can look at the comments okay um Brian says I came out of the box with SEO skills tried server SEO once did nothing for me because all my articles started at 85.90 for optimization yes SEO is 99 the right keyword and one percent content and like a lot percent intent so 99 should be focused on the intent and the keyword not the other stuff people talk about keyword density and oh you got to have H1s and H2S and H whatevers the H's don't matter they don't matter what matters is intent okay now also what matters let's get the cat out of the bag here is the cat I don't know why I decided to draw a cat there's our cat sorry I apologize for the cat we're gonna let the cat out of the bag all right domain matters domain matters I apologize that cat's terrible we'll give him a little it needs to be a little fatter all right so it needs to be colored in there now that it's a little bit better domain matters why did those new sites rank because their domain is popular why did they rank even though the intent didn't really match domain is popular so what if you took an old whatever from the Marcus Playbook a page from the Marcus Playbook and you look at it and you're like okay what if we got a good domain that ranked about some maybe for the Alpine I go get a weight loss domain all right that's on point or maybe like the gal who got that uh premium domain for the uh for the self-defense stuff for the people we did with all kinds of other domains we do this all the time apparently I didn't know this but apparently GoDaddy called me and they're like you're kind of one of our top buyers I was like wait me okay I guess so I thought I was just a guy buying domains but apparently I buy too many domains and I'm a top buyer but at any rate what if you got domains that were congruent wait a minute now this is going to take the test of time and while most people would buy Zappos and put all kinds of junk on it and rank and make a ton of money right away there's a great um case study done with guys it was for the Conch House domain that we talked about here years ago and um it's Matt Matt Diggity I think is the one he's got a great video with the people who did that it was an exploit it was a black hat method it is not a method I do it's not a method I condone it is why there's a fight with the search engines but what if I took that domain and made it congruent and ranked for the stuff that it ain't ranked for instead of going like this and having a spike in traffic and then all the money's gone right they literally made eight hundred thousand dollars in one month and then the next month it was useless like go look it up now is gone right and we look at that we're like okay cool cool cool so they made money then it's gone but if they did it congruent and they were like okay maybe I take over a domain about shoes and instead of putting all this random content maybe I focus and build a good site about shoes I mean who would have thought and we start to look at this and say hey this is something that works like crazy and it will work over and over and over again because at the end of the day you're providing value and you're looking at what it is maybe I could go through and do the Alpine reviews stuff or maybe I utilize the other stuff to point to buy stuff so instead of going out there and putting press releases out there and just linking to the affiliate product link it to your domain make a domain that matters make it all congruent which is going back to what we talked about in the beginning which is [Applause] there we go a multi-faceted approach what if I threw YouTube in there I mean YouTube's you want to make money with something like Alpine again I don't know what that product is it might be a hunk of junk I have no idea but humor me let's say we have something like YouTube and we're like hey I made a good video about what the reviews are saying on YouTube so I found all the reviews we analyzed them with AI and I gave you some data on what people are saying 97 of the people say it's nothing more than whatever it is ten percent say yes I lost weight but I think they're probably paid and you give an honest review wait wait a minute Marcus at the beginning of this training did you not say that Reddit was the biggest winner in this update this is why because they're seeing it as relevant instead of going out there and just oh hey you know what here's an article about what the reviews would be if there were reviews but I'm really just talking about the product AKA talking out of my place that we should not talk out of What If instead you were like oh I I get what Google wants so I could literally use ai go find all the reviews do a summary of the reviews make a good blog post about the reviews and a good overview of the product then get press releases and other stuff get domain make it work and boom I would be a Powerhouse for a long time I'm talking make a living that's like game changing how many of you guys are getting this and you're like oh I just had the aha moment type aha in the Box and smash the like button if you're like oh that's it and this has nothing to do with H1 I don't know how many H1 tags are on my sites I don't I probably wouldn't even know how to code it I think it's like the little things in H1 I don't know how many keyword densities are on my stuff it doesn't matter what matters is how can I do good in and we need to look at our content strategy and we need to say okay m f a multi-faceted approach then we're going to go through and we're going to say wait a minute what about also looking at this here it's not an egg I did not lay an egg let's look at wait what if we do keyword okay so we go for something like Alpine reviews or whatever it is right software reviews and then we have deliberate content that's just helpful let's just help people I I am probably not going to rank for Google algorithm update I'm probably not going to rank for helpful content update I have the post post on my blog it's probably not going to rank but what it does is it tells Google wait a minute let's look at this guy over here because his content is on point even though he might not rank for the keywords his stuff is good and it makes us happy throw it in the mix eventually that thing's gonna rank but in the meantime all my other stuff is going to rank and I'll say oh well you know what I'm talking about SEO maybe I'll talk about affiliate marketing maybe I'll talk about um startup businesses and we start to look at it as oh some of it's going to be keyword some of it's going to be this so some of it's going to go over here some of it will put on the YouTube some of it will make some press releases and it's not that hard to do guys you got AI chat GPT is gonna it literally made this training for me right I went out there I took a bunch of videos I threw them in the thing and said make me a master notes list and because I've been doing this 23 years I'm also able to talk about other stuff but even if I wasn't you saw let's look at the article even if I wasn't I would say this article over here is pretty damn good right how many of you guys are like yeah come on now come on come on you got mastering the SEO it talks about all this stuff it basically talks about the stuff Mark has talked about on this call right and how many of you guys are like oh that's pretty cool and maybe we could utilize Reddit and help people out and we're like wait a minute so that's AI it's human directed AI took my uh assistant outsourcer about an hour to make and we're like oh now I get it and why is that going to work because it is specific to what people want it is specific to someone who is confused and struggling and they're wondering why their sites aren't ranking and they're having a hard time because everyone else is talking about H1 h2h3o you got to have this and got to have an image none of that matters none of it matters what matters is am I on point with what people want am I speaking the language of the intent and when you go through and you understand how this can work and you're like oh so now Ikea lean belly juice reviews okay glucotrust like if you had that ranking you would be making money on ClickBank now and this is what we're talking about when I take over a domain we rank instantly the gal with that site we talked about ranked instantly my sites rank instantly here's one I just sold to a student of mine uh Moji edit about emoticons ranked instantly literally instantly it's going up it gained since then and we start to look at and say oh why why well one the domain was about emojis the backlinks were about emojis and everything is congruent so now all I got to do is say well how do I help people how do I okay they're looking up you know happy face emoji eggplant Emoji whatever emojis how do I make an article a lot of people that well Marcus you don't understand you need 1500 words 2500 words it's all about it's not about the words it's about focusing on can this person figure out what a pensive Emoji is how it's used and how to understand it as fast as possible yes that's why in these updates you're seeing a lot of declines in things related to stores near me how many calories are in this if you notice the changes Google makes tells you what they're doing and it tells you where not to go so if you look at like calories in an egg which is a good keyword all right let's do calories in egg okay calories in an egg we can see here all right so they have a snippet here that shows you the calories so they're saying all the person wants their intent is 78 that's it they're probably making their calorie sheet or something could we do better yeah I think it should do way better I can do way better than just saying 78.

I could say now print a sample diet for this or that or the other and we start to realize okay that's how it works and you can even do like calories in Cheesy Gordita Crunch which I think I still rank for and I haven't checked it since the update um it dropped a little bit I think we were number 10 or something um but there we are it ranks here and this was a joke I made this as a joke back in the day I actually had someone write this for me and made it as a joke to show you I could rank for a word like this why does it work because the intent matches I could I could probably do better and rank better right maybe we'll do a test and change that up but we start to understand oh okay so it's about like what does this person want and ladies and gentlemen what I just taught you if you can understand what does this person want you can use AI to be a blank Powerhouse you could be a Powerhouse because now I'm like oh so I just direct AI based on what I know about intent very very simple like King New Jersey says it's what I've been saying for Fears uh for five years who cares about H1 H2 pictures word count nobody nobody cares about him right Google's not looking at oh well your title works right people on YouTube well if I have the right tags what tags don't even matter tags are like for if someone could possibly misspell something right and we start to be like oh wait a minute I get it and you start to realize okay now we can go do this and again also looking at what traffic do I want and when you look at a multifaceted approach a lot of people might say well Marcus you're affiliate marketing dude is not an SEO Powerhouse I know it's totally not that's not the point the point is I'm using multi-faceted traffic approach because if you were to look at that one versus like let's say we go to similar web and you look at affiliate marketing dude this is something different I have a multi-fat this is not the only thing that gets people to me however this month even though this month was a complete slack off month and I didn't even do as much as I usually do we still got 176 000 visitors specific to what I'm trying to sell I'm not going for junk out there that doesn't matter I'm going for things that's going to sell stuff that's going to put money in my pocket and when you start to understand this and you look at this you're like oh I see who the winners are I see who the losers are I see what's working and why right so we could see what's working here's some there's probably a news site Small Business site we can see what's working by looking at the data and latest here's 10 best let's see how they did I don't know if they did good or not but this is primarily a review site and they did they lost their butts they don't even have butts anymore right they lost them that was a joke calm down and we could see they they lost over a million keywords over a million visitors I mean their revenue probably is a tenth of what it was why because this update said they are not relevant why 10 best okay I'm gonna do this off screen here we'll see so 10 best why did they lose because they're a review site about everything apparently they're a review site about fluffy cows okay golf courses gas stations with food and we see they just really Tanked they really I wonder how he's getting that much traffic at ranking 62.

That's got to be an error um but we see here they tanked because they're trying to do too many things had they just said you know what 10 best golf courses that's what we're gonna do and they just talk about golf courses oh okay that'll work and if I was to take this over I'd take it One Direction rather than trying to do everything they're trying to be a Yelp and they don't they probably don't have the user generated content so they're not going to be a Yelp so they need to they need to restructure their strategy and everything you do online is about a specific strategy if you don't have a Content strategy and you're just getting keywords and hoping they rank you are going to fail it's going to struggle I guarantee you're going to struggle what you need is a strategy and this is so important because people come to me all the time and they're like Marcus I want to sell this thing and how do I do it how do I do it how do I sell this how do I make this work how do I make money with this that or the other and I say well it starts with a strategy how do you understand the niche as a whole how do you break it down the way we did do a multi-faceted approach and go for the things that works very very important and we still start to look at this and understand how weight loss supplement says the same blah blah lol this guy does not teach anything that he has applied first well I'm literally showing you that I've been doing this for 23 years but I mean you probably know more about my business than I do because I mean after all the the experts are in the comments right but at any rate we have to look at this and start to understand hey how does this work how does this work and if you apply it it works time and time again and you start to understand that oh wait a minute I see how this works I see exactly what's going on and Brian there you go he says you bought the court you don't have to buy the chords I hear from people all the time who are like I watch your free videos and make a living but we start to understand okay this is about data this is about what's actually working and how to get in there and if you understand this you can see where your site goes wrong where your site does good and how to get in there and make it work very very cool and we start to understand that okay now some other things that we want to touch on as well is how to make this content right when we start to get our content strategy and we start to understand exactly what's going on then we can use AI to make it work in a real world way and this is something that I've actually I've actually tested out over the years I think I think we calculated last week's video um I spent over 500 000 on content for my websites a lot of it was AI most of it was human generated because obviously ai's cheaper I would say Apples to Apples we've probably paid for more AI it just was cheaper so it was less but we start to understand um okay this is this is what works this is how it works and now I can go to AI with the intent in mind and I'm not talking about you go to semrush and you look up a keyword and it's like transactional educational informational and entertainment or whatever their categories are that's not what I'm talking about I'm talking about specific for each keyword when I go out there to make content I look at the keywords specifically because let's face it if you had a ranking for something like you know Alpine or whatever that was let's go back to that Outlook one and let's see what they got uh or Tango okay let's look at him so for his keywords let's make sure it's clean there we go um for his keywords yeah it looks pretty clean he's got all this stuff for reviews okay and it's all like weight loss diet reviews juice belly fat all this stuff okay so what we want to do is start to look at it and say well what would the intent be and you could literally go to chat GPT like this and you can literally go there and type in what is the intent of people searching for Alpine reviews okay several interests in mind so what do they want they want to evaluate the efficacy I think that's how you say that word I don't know I failed that class they want to know side effects safety okay they want to know satisfaction does it work great all right Stevo all the courses are listed in that that bar down there it'll pop up yeah there's a block profit network is like if if you want to just start and get a feel for how I teach and things um blog profit network is a great place to go because we have a call every week you can ask questions every week I mean we got unparalleled support it's some really good stuff um so now we're seeing uh this stuff here okay great now I can go through and say now please look at the reviews and tell me some common themes what we're doing is we're getting AI to create a good piece of content based on the intent which is based on the strategy and if you have intent and strategy I mean it's it's over right so this says it doesn't have access so I would literally just go copy and paste a bunch of reviews throw it in there see what the overview is and stuff like that um and now that it has this you could say okay now do that for all these reviews and it'll it'll kind of show you and what will happen is I will get a stellar piece of content for people looking at those reviews Amanda says what if someone does not have backlinks and it's a new website how does this affect them if it's a new website you're going to need to get a booster okay you're going to get a booster and then you're going to um you're going to need a a good keyword right if you're a new site you need keywords that are less competitive and you need really good content and then you just go out there and link to the content make a Facebook group about the content let people talk about it post it on Reddit hey here's the the PDF of the article on my website um different things like that because if you can use that like they did with the the Alpine reviews or this site here where they're literally linking to it right so is where he's linking and you could probably go through and see where he got his backlinks from okay and it's that's all he's doing right so backlinks 141 looks like a lot of new stuff and it doesn't matter that he's not ranking because he's not trying to rank although we will try to rank so we'll use the backlink to get to our site which will have the content he's just like it's probably nothing on that website it's probably just a redirect to affiliate offers but you're going to do that with your new website does that make sense right and then if you don't have backlinks you can buy domains with backlinks all the time um it works really really really well okay so really cool stuff and then you know you just go through and start to build it up now I will say that again it really has to do with the strategy that you're going for strategy is everything and if you want to learn more about the strategy and get the notes from this video check out over at you can put your name and email we will give you a copy of the report and you'll get a copy of this video and notes and different things like that also if you want to see a three hour video that I did on content strategy right it's stuff that it I'm going so much into detail I can't do it live on my channel because there's so many variables and things that you don't know what you could share and different stuff like that but on my site as a webinar if you want to watch it go to contentprofit this is literally the keys to the kingdom of How I build content and you can also have us do it for you so you're like oh is it a sales webinar yes it is if you want us to do it for you right that's that's how I sell stuff you want to work with me you could pay to work with me you want to learn the secrets here they are they're here on the channel for free you can watch them till your heart's content and later if you want to work with me you can buy stuff same here I went through three hours like uh Holland says the three hour one is awesome I've watched it so many times it is it is very on point we have some notes coming out for it too um but this one here is about the strategy shows you the keys to the kingdom if you're like Marcus yeah I think my work I think it's worth more than 20 bucks for me to have you do it for me then you can buy it but only after you watch it and say oh I get it now use what you learned today and what you're going to learn at contentprofit pair them together and watch the trends and watch how this stuff works because guys there's a small gap of time that you can build really really fast I've seen this happen time and time again and if you want to make money smash that like button check out and watch my other videos because these are the keys to the stuff that has made me millions of dollars and countless other people lots of money remember the results are not typical and blight are guaranteed we have no idea what you're going to make but if you follow along and treat this like a business I think you could probably get some pretty good results thanks for watching smash that like button and we'll see you

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