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exhibit a a website with over 1,200 rankings in Google vanished overnight exhibit B a website with over 800 rankings in Google vanished overnight Exhibit C $10,000 a month in Lost traffic vanished overnight the only question remains is your website next all right ladies and gentlemen today we got a lot to cover what we're going to talk about is previous Google rankings declining whole entire websites and domains being dindex text from Google entirely a huge money loss and traffic loss problem in Google's trillion dooll ecosystem and not only that but I have a massive prediction for 2024 that if you're interested in getting ranked on Google and making money or keeping rankings you already have you're going to want to pay close attention because today as always we're going to be looking at the data now if you're new here you might not know but I run and manage over a thousand different websites blogs and domain names and having access to the data from thousands of websites gives me a little bit of an edge on what's going on in terms of SEO and getting ranked on Google in fact I'm able to see screenshots like this one here where this client lost over 881 rankings overnight and another one here that dropped drastically in the last Google helpful content update here's another one where we saw another drastic traffic decline over a year ago and another one that got hit by the recent Google helpful content update but what does all this mean for you and what is happening here that's causing these major declines and complete traffic flatlines yep we're going to need to get the pedals out on this one because these sites are pronounced dead on the spot but in order to get to this data I want to show you what we've been doing and most of these people actually got their search engine rankings from because we all know if you can rank on Google for terms that are worth money then yeah you can make money online super fast case in point these three domain names that I just bought today in fact one of them I won less than 10 minutes ago colleges in southern if I was to put this domain in our keyword tool over here we can see that there is a little bit of traffic decline now this is completely normal for a domain name that is now being auctioned why quite simply because there's nothing on the domain yeah it's just a GoDaddy by this domain page however we can see that at one point it had over 1600 keywords in Google if I click the keywords like this drop it down to say a year ago I can see over 1782 rankings in Google for keywords that wait a minute 90 competition 93 86 whatever happened to everything's saturated and too competitive well this domain is getting tons of traffic in a highly competitive market and not just that but this Market pays big money in fact if I click on CPC right like this we can see that some of these keywords have advertisers paying over $1100 a click for and many of them are in the 70 40 30 even $20 range which means this website could make big money but there's one major problem this website much like this one here is right about to Flatline to Flatline to Flatline and by Flatline I mean all the traffic and money this way websites making is going to be gone overnight so then why would I pay over $500 just for the domain name if it's about to Flatline well pay close attention here's another domain that meet smoking again we can see it's starting to decline but at its Heyday it had over 2600 rankings in Google and if we look at the keywords over here and drop the date down to say September of 2023 three we can see it ranked for over 3,000 different keywords related to how to barbecue stuff and here's one I got for just $25 for investing guides we can see that this one ranks for all different kinds of keywords about stock market investing that's a super hot market and the domain only cost me 25 bucks and you might be saying but Marcus I'm just a humble guy behind the computer trying to make a buck I don't have access to thousands and thousands of dollars worth of tools like you do well don't worry because in this training I'm going to show you some free tools that you can use to check a domain see if it's about to Flatline see if it's worth buying or building up check your own website for rankings and traffic and protect yourself once and for all against the dreaded Google Flatline but first without any further further Ado let's talk about my big SEO prediction for 2024 hey son what you need to get your act together come on man okay so as you probably guessed my prediction is that Google wants us to get our act together in an age where anyone and everyone can create content with AI and the content doesn't even have to be that good to rank on Google what we're going to see is sites that have authority are going to rise to the top and not just Authority like before where they have lots of content but we're going to start to see some signaling factors like maybe having an actual address or PO Box having an LLC having a person behind who's writing the actual blog or a pen name or something like that we're also going to see lots of other factors playing into Google's ranking algorithm such as human interaction we saw this with the review website where reviews are being more weighted based on an actual human reviewer who has touched and examined the product before even talking about it so gone are the days of just regurgitating some kind of review based on stuff you haven't even purchased and not only that but we're also going to see the same old onpage factors such as content quality and depth the proper keyword targeting and knowing what's going to work in the age of AI versus what worked before in SEO and not only that but we're also going to see a big shift towards a lot of technical stuff is your site working does it load properly is it working on mobile is it userfriendly are people actually staying on your site and consuming the content or are they leaving right away this is known as a bounce rate and can also negatively affect your SEO rankings and the amount of traffic and money you make with your website and then we also have the normal off-page factors which are backlinks the entire reason we buy expired and auction domain names brand mentions and social signals if you have a mention on Reddit or Facebook or even Kora yep as always that's going to boost your ranking even higher that of course ties into site age and history user experience and the age-old eat algorithm for knowing if you have topical Authority now all of these things might seem yeah kind of like a lot for someone who just wants to make money online however I think if you focus on keywords that are easy to obtain use tactics like backlinks and Trust building I think you're going to find that this is something literally anyone can do especially now that we have ai that's going to make the content for us but what about that factor that we've actually seen is taking websites with good rankings and flatlining them seemingly overnight well after looking at some of the websites that we've built over the last year and taking a look at which ones have done really well and which ones kind of struggled I found a couple of sites that were actually yeah Beyond struggling and more in the realm of they need SEO CPR yep it's time to get those paddles out and show you exactly what is making these sites drop and what you can do about it and as you can see here this small sample of the data shows that a lot of our sites are doing really well but some of them like this one here has completely flatlined so I decided to look even further and see exactly what's going on and why these sites are tanking because if we were to look here just two years ago this thing was ranking for 1300 keywords that were all about products that actually make a good amount of money but today it only has two keywords ranked in Google and not only that but if we search for the site using site colon and the domain name we can see here that there's only a couple of pages indexed and I know for a fact this website has over a 100 pieces of content uniquely written using AI for the exact Niche so why did they get de-indexed and how do we get them back I'm glad you asked upon investigating further I found a common theme with the websites that have flatlined and that theme is a mass amount of 404 errors on the content that used to rank which means all of these listings in Google have no content which is signaling to Google that this site isn't really managed very well we can see the same exact thing happening here on the Christmas Tree website again just 2 years ago it was thriving today it's got nothing and again same issue if you click the links that used to rank in Google we are getting error Pages 404 error Pages which is telling Google hey all this good content that used to rank no longer exists which is why I always tell my students when you take over a domain name make sure you look at the report of when the domain did best we could see zero two years ago we had 714 a year ago 3,800 so this is the one that we want to use go through and Export the list of URLs and start building content on each and every one of these links that is going to not only get you ranked virtually instantly on Google but it's also going to show them that hey you've got content you know what you're talking about and it's not some deadbeat site like the guy in the other room over there and you might be saying Marcus this is all fine and good but he don't really have access to all the tools that you you have and that's where you're going to need to get a little creative we can actually go over here to the ho and use the free Google rank Checker we simply put our domain in here and it's going to show us the keywords that it ranks for and with a little digging you can find out stuff that used to rank one of the other tools we can use is the Wayback machine over at web we can put our URL in like this and you should be able to find a site map of what the site look like back in its prime click over here click the site and you'll see an exact replica of what the site look like back in time we could see he even used it as an Amazon affiliate website but here we can see by going back all the different posts that used to rank Now using AI we can strip out all the different posts and things like that or we can do it manually or even use a keyword tool but make sure that if you're going to pay for a keyword tool it has the ability to go back in the past like semrush or ah refs Yep they're a little expensive but you could probably get a free trial download all the stuff you need to download or even just use it for a month or two or if you're one of my students that has a high ticket Niche you're going to get this report with your Niche when it's delivered in addition to that you can also use the Google search console to see which 404 errors are actually bringing traffic to your website you can then go in and fix them with content it's actually very easy what you're going to do is look at the actual URL so if I go here to add link I can see that this one is Point Loma nazarine University so all I would need to do is use AI to create an article about Point LMA nazarine University pretty simple then I go on to the next one the next one and on and on we go and it's very important that the link matches exactly what used to rank in Google if it's off by one character or a capital letter letter or even an extra space yeah that's not going to work and you'll notice that on this college one it'll say SL listings slashtag and then have another folder for the URL in this case what we want to do is use a redirection Plugin or even a 301 redirect or quite simply just create the folders yourself using categories and tags in WordPress it's actually very simple but again for 20 24 if you want to rank on Google and get free traffic yeah you need to start getting your act together and be in it to win it and if you're in it to win it and you're going to make 2024 your best year ever let me know in the comments below and be sure to check out my other SEO videos that are going to help you rank on Google in the description

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