How To Get Rich Online – [$12,000,000 So Far] The Missing Secret!

today I'm going to teach you how to get rich and no not like the other stuff where it's generic advice tips on things that don't really actually work or stuff that leads you on a rabbit Chase Square you can never really get the rabbit that's right today I'm going to talk to you about very practical ways to make lots of money online now some of these strategies might cost a couple of hundred dollars to implement they are going to take a lot of work you will have to learn to think a little bit differently but I think that this is probably the fastest easiest path to making money online that I found in my entire 23 years of making millions of dollars online so what you're going to learn is the real deal I'm gonna hop in the computer and show you exactly step by step how I diagnose and find different Ventures that make lots of money and the cool part is a lot of them are copy and paste simple so if you're excited about this make sure you smash the like button and we're going to get started in just a minute but first foreign I have a little story for you imagine for a minute you're enjoying a nice sunny day a walk along the beach and all of a sudden you look up and you spot a business that's super successful I mean there are people lined up outside this business waiting to hand the owner money and you think to yourself man what I'd give to have a business like that that makes money for me even when I'm not working lots of money over and over and over again you take a closer look at the business and not only are they making a lot of money but there's a couple of flaws with the building maybe the roof isn't quite what it was in the Heyday maybe the doors are a little loose maybe it needs a Fresh coat of paint and you walk along dreaming of how you wish you had a successful business and as you're walking along the owner comes flying out of the business and he calls you by name and he says hey come here a minute and he says I noticed you were looking at my business and I'm actually looking to sell it and and you turn to him and say well I don't have any money he says well that's fine because I mean it needs new paint and the doors are a little loose and I'm probably gonna have to get a new roof soon but we do have lots of customers and we are making money if you're really serious I'm gonna let you have this business for two thousand dollars all of a sudden your jaw drops and you say how could I get a profitable business for Just Two thousand dollars I mean at one point this business was probably doing fifty thousand dollars a month and now because of a few paint chips a squeaky door and a roof tile I'm gonna get this entire business for two thousand dollars and it's like you have to pinch yourself to make sure that you're not dreaming because all of a sudden your financial worries are gone quite simply because now you are the owner of a profitable business and today I'm going to show you a secret that I've been using for over 23 years to find profitable little businesses that make 5 10 and even a hundred thousand dollars a month and no you don't need a lot of skills you don't need a ton of money to start you can actually start right now where you're at today but you gotta watch this entire training because what you're about to see is a secret business Arbitrage method where you can find simple online businesses for pennies on the dollar fix them up a little bit and turn them into businesses that make you money for a long time and if you're excited about this training smash a like button because we're starting right now all right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show now I got a warning here this is not for the faint of heart this is going to take some money this is going to take some effort if you're out there and you're completely broke and you don't know what to do watch my videos on side hustles and different things like that so that you can get some money to start a business now this is kind of important because I think if you understand what we're talking about here today you can start pretty inexpensively like you could probably start with web hosting it might just take you a little bit longer to build it up and you will need some keyword tools and things like that and I noticed that as we were starting someone was saying well it's far too expensive for keyword tools when in actuality the one that I recommend is only about six dollars a day so if you think you can use the methods to make at least six dollars a day I think it's important that you invest in the tools this is something that you either are in it to win it or you're messing around right now I understand the idea of no money the idea of starting with nothing I get it I've been there I've done that when I first started out I remember I invested my last sixty dollars in something that I was hoping would work now it didn't work the way I wanted but I was able to make at least sixty dollars from it so that I can invest in something else and I think it's super important to look at this mindset and understand that we need to do what we need to do right we need to invest in the things we need to invest in and we need to understand stuff the way we need to understand it because when we go out there and we look at businesses that we want to do I think it's super important again if you're looking for side hustles and things like that check out my other videos if you're completely broke and everything like that my other videos will help you with that this video is about understanding real world businesses that we can basically take the charging paddles to and revive in a very simple way just yesterday I bought one of these businesses for two thousand and nine dollars two thousand nine dollars which is why the example today which which shows you okay I'm actually practicing what I preach I'm out there buying stuff we're going to reveal what that business was uh what that business is on Friday and it actually hinges on something that made me millions of dollars years before okay so this is real world stuff this is for people that actually want to start and run a business and with this I believe that there is a inevitable guaranteed profit strategy for those that are willing to do it and if you're willing to do it smash the like button because I'm going to show you some things here that that are going to blow your mind this is going to show you how business works as if I was to come to you and say hey look I have this successful restaurant why don't you come back here in the office in the Cook Station and I'll show you how it works right you'd be able to say well now that I know how it works I can go and duplicate this on my own now the difference is when dealing with online businesses it's basically mapped out to an exact science I mean it's a science it's not something that's like I hope this works or whatever this is something that is an exact science and I'm going to show you today how to find that science now again this is something where you can start super inexpensively if you don't mind you know putting in the legwork in in the time and stuff like that or you can shortcut it and cut to the Chase and get something that's already working for pennies on the dollar now let me know which of those in the comments below and in the chat box which of those you like if you're like hey I need to start from zero or if you're like hey I got a little bit of money I'm willing to buy something that already exists like you're going to show us now it's very important to look at this because what we're going to do is we're going to take a look at businesses that are out there that are already working now one of the ways that you can do this we hinted at and alluded to last week and that was to use what I call my keyword joggers now these joggers are available for you at you can see the link they will have those there now what we're going to do is we can use these keyword joggers to find things in Google to find different affiliate programs and things like that where we're looking at it we're like okay here are businesses that already exist that are on Google and we could see here's one for crafts here's one for I don't know what this is some kind of embedding thing themes art exploring and we could see all different kinds of businesses that are using Amazon and other affiliate markets now what we need to do is we need to build on top of this idea the idea is okay if we search for things that people are using that are affiliate programs or businesses or Shopify it's much like a video I did years ago on the built with platform that shows you different sites that are built with different platforms we can look at Shopify we could look at click funnels you could look at ClickBank you can look at people who use AdSense right again this all has Clues and everything and this is going to come together if you sit here or stand here like I'm doing for the next hour I guarantee that you are going to learn something that is going to be valuable to you at the end you'll be like hey wait a minute yeah I could have gone and and watched other stuff or or whatever but this is something that I can take with me and now that I have the skill to reverse engineer I can either build a business or buy a business or even you know do a combination of the both and we start to understand this in a real world Way by saying okay here's some sites that work now I could go through here and I can just keep scrolling and get a bunch of things that uh listed in Google that are actually sites that use the um Amazon affiliate program okay so we can go through I can scrape those sites using my little URL scraper here I could go to a program like ahrefs again I realize that some of the tools I use are a little pricey but you know what you have to look at it and say well I guarantee you probably spent more going out to eat last month than ahrefs cost so like eat at home and there you go and we got to understand exactly how this works because you can do it right a couple uh months ago I was like I'm gonna ride my bike to work and I'm going to have the same lunch every day now it wasn't so much to save money it was more to like be healthy and kind of slim down a little bit but if if I can make that sacrifice anyone can and that saved me like 500 a month I'm not eating out for lunch or maybe even more than that yeah I think it's like probably over a thousand dollars a month which now I can use for tools and things like that and you start to understand that you make the sacrifices that you need to make to get where you want to go obviously you pay your bills first but then you look at it and say okay well how can I make this work because a lot of people who say they're broke are driving around in fancy cars some of you guys got fancier cards than I got because quite frankly I don't drive anywhere my bike is my favorite car and it's got a little electric thing so that it helps me pedal when I get tired but at any rate we're going to take this list here and we're going to look at the sites that have the Amazon Associates program on them and we are going to take a look at what's actually working now this is step one make a note if you're taking notes if you're not you should be taking notes right go in there and say number one we are going to look at sites that are affiliate sites we're going to take a look at what they're doing now this is being a little slow but it did come up and what we're going to do is we're going to sort these now you could do this in ahrefs and you could do this in semrush semrush also has a bulk tool let's see I think it's called the yeah the bulk analysis tool okay and this will show you the same kind of thing now I like ahrefs better because it has better sorting capabilities and I can go in here and say okay well let's sort these by keywords let's see the ones that rank because obviously I don't care about whatever this Boswell guy is because he gets no traffic he has no keywords however up here I can see that there are people that are actually getting quite a bit of traffic here's a guy called Hub guitar okay Hub guitar right like this and we can see he has 35 000 keywords in Google we can see what the keywords are how long does it learn take to learn guitar replacing guitar strings how long to learn guitar so now we're seeing that okay this is actually a business that's getting traffic and we can go through all right so first tool is ahrefs you could use semrush you could use other tools we have some cheaper tools that I list on my site but we have to look at this okay so we're gonna go and take a look and say okay next we're going to use to see if the traffic holds water because sometimes they might get extra traffic in addition to their search traffic so this one here if we look at HUB guitar and we go to overview okay this is going to show us what the overview of the site is and we could see here learn guitar for free at HUB guitar 80 000 keywords traffic value of about thirteen thousand dollars a month so now I can see here's a site in the guitar niche making thirty five thousand now notice ladies and gentlemen notice how we started this training and I had no idea what niche market I wanted to go into that that's how I roll a lot of people say you know go find your passion all right well you know I'm passionate about making sites that make money so I either go into the make money Niche which I am into or I figure out what's working right when you look at people like like I was watching a video today on the Shark Tank guys they're not exactly going out there saying well I don't eat cookies so I won't invest no they're like hey does it make money then I'll invest in it that's what we want to look at here your passion is good great wonderful but put that on the side burner unless you find like if you are passionate about Guitar by all means use this but we need to understand this and go through and say okay he's got traffic good I'm seeing that According to ahrefs which shows search traffic okay this is showing search traffic 35 000 visitors a month now we're gonna go to similar web and we're going to see if that number is bigger and yes it is right so 151 000 visitors a month we could see where they're coming from down here and you can see the breakdown of like okay organic search is 70 there's direct people typing it in there's paid search doesn't have any social media and stuff like that now a lot of it's probably repeat stuff and so we start to understand okay this can be an edge now how many of you guys right now you're like okay we're a couple minutes into this training I get it I could duplicate the guitar Niche or I could buy a site in the guitar Niche and I can make money with this because it's something that is working like you can argue with me it could be like Marcus I don't like you I don't like what you got to say but you can't argue with actual stats that's you can't argue with that so forget about gurus and whatever don't even listen to me listen to the stats okay because you never know who you're who you're listening to but the stats will not lie the stats tell us this site is making 12 Grand a month I would venture to say he's probably making more than that okay because look this is based on 35 000 visitors he's getting 150 right so we look at that and we're like okay this this is making sense I see this do you see it type see it in the Box smash a like button if you see it because we are about to unleash the floodgates of this strategy to show you how to do this on demand imagine if you could wake up tomorrow or or like in a half hour after this Call's over and you're like hey wait a minute now I can go find these whenever I want at the drop of a hat and some of them I can purchase for pennies on the dollar right some of them I can get something that's already going it's already started all I got to do is color in the the lines or whatever paint by numbers right that's all I got to do and this is the kind of business I love because this is what I do I do this all the time um I actually got a call from GoDaddy a couple years ago and they said you I was one of their top domain buyers and I was kind of dumbfounded because I'm like little old me I'm like up until six months ago I was working in my backyard office right and then we start to look at this and say okay this is this is something that's actually a big deal and this is something that I actually do on a daily basis so the first thing we're going to do is we're going to use these keyword joggers again the notes page is down there there it is the notes page right and you can get these on the notes Pages go in there fill it out you can search and find these notes and there's going to be some other stuff for you as well all right now what we're going to do is we're going to keep that in mind but we're going to take this to the next level we're going to look for markets and businesses and niches the way Marcus does right so I'm not going to hold anything back I'm going to show you what I do why because I think you can get some good value and I think eventually you'll be like well Marcus you've been doing this 23 years why don't you just do it for me right so I'm not trying to get you to buy some coaching or whatever if you want to work with me you can get one of the businesses I buy and we'll work on it together if not you can take what you learn here and use it for yourself and go get results and all you got to do is smash the like button and say thanks for the video and I will probably make around 900 off of this video so if you're like well Marcus you just yeah I'm gonna make about 900 bucks on this video that's the average of what my live streams make actually some of them are less a really good one might do like five thousand dollars which again is about what I make in a day on all my other stuff so we're gonna understand this we're gonna look at this we're gonna say Marcus show me the money how many of you guys want me to show you the money show you exactly what I do okay this is very important because if you get it it's game over now number one what I'm gonna do to find niches which no one talks about no one when they talk about finding niches says go to GoDaddy right that's where you go find domains not niches however this is where I find niches watch this all right and if you guys like one of the benefits of being in my stuff is you get the tools like this tool here is pretty cool it allows me to scrape all the domains at a glance throw them in here like this so we have that list here where we found the guitar one let's take a look at what happens with GoDaddy now with GoDaddy it's a little bit different because GoDaddy our domains and sites I can actually purchase I do this all the time I purchase like a thousand in the last year we're gonna go through we're going to take a look at what is out there okay and again you can do this with semrush I think those are the only two that have the bulk analysis and then also you can use spamzilla which I have a training on as well so we're going to look at this and we're going to say okay so on GoDaddy here are the top domains that are selling now now I am completely impatient I don't like to wait which is why I sorted these by time left okay I wanted to like I want the ones that are ending today I don't want to bid on something that you know I spend a month and then I get outbid no no yesterday I found the one I got I was like I will go two thousand dollars on it and boom I was ready to go and we got it so we start to look at this and say okay these are the ones that are ending in the next four hours or so now what you're going to find on GoDaddy is there's a a time period right so you're going to see four hours and then you might see like five and six and then there's going to be a big gap see that Gap there right so five hours nine hours thirteen twenty one so it's going to start over again so it's like between I don't know 11 A.M eastern time and 3 P.M Eastern Time right so there's like a block and that's the block I'm looking at so I'm looking at this I'm like okay we got car okay don't know what this is let's take a look that's Thailand traffic okay is there any U.S traffic no probably don't want that all right let's take a look at the next one pan whatever don't know what that is hello intern this is an intern site India traffic any U.S traffic a little bit anything good no all right we keep going and what I'm going to do is I'm going to go down this list and I'm going to try to find one that has a business here's some skin care one obviously I'd want to be careful of trademarks we can see some kind of enzyme cleaner and now what I'm looking at is the traffic here in the position right is there something I can work with I could go through and say well let's go for volume okay the highest volume is 500.

it's okay right I might be able to get this one inexpensively can I build it up well that's where you look at your backlinks and say okay well what do we got going on there now for this one I have to go through and say is this going to be worthwhile I would say if there's no trademark I might I might spend you know 80 bucks on it because there's not a whole lot to it so 57 that that might work okay so we're going to take a look there now as I go through we're going to see if there's anything else because a lot of times if you do this on a daily basis you will find stuff that is very very good here's something first copy Club okay let's see what that's about and we're going to go through and look for things that are here there's India again not really interested in that um here's Affinity okay and an easy way to do this is if you have ahrefs and you have the spamzilla tool I could actually go through here and I could go with a GoDaddy filter this is just showing the GoDaddy auctions very simple and then I'm going to go through and do ahrefs position nahrefs cost and you will see stuff at a glance that's actually got traffic right so we have traffic positions and you can kind of see exactly what's going on here's one run like never before in turn some kind of Orlando thing and it looks like that has a lot of traffic let's see if it's any good so it looks like some kind of pet supplies Orlando so here here's an example right here's one that is a pet supply store in Orlando now this is a local business which means it's much like the example we talked about earlier where it's got backlinks and it's got a business and we could see that it ranks for different things puppy store Petland we want to get away from the Branded stuff and maybe go for something like these where they're actually looking for pets and different things like this now what we're looking at is because this is a pet site this would be very easy to get traffic for and and and do pet insurance or pet supplies or something like that so this could be something that's pretty good and when we look at this obviously we want to make sure that Petland is not a trademark term and then we go through and see if it's actually available and it is so this is something where for a couple of hundred dollars I can get this turn it into a pet website and boom there we go how many of you guys are like okay this makes sense I I get this right type get it if I get it or if you get it smash the like button I know I get it but do you get it smash the like button if you get it let me know and and we're taking a look and saying okay cool now we can utilize this and make it work here's one called rust cleaner right maybe this is something about like some kind of rust cleaner and what I want to do is keep an open mind to what is out there okay and hopefully this is clean let's make sure okay that's Taiwanese traffic not interested in that because I don't speak that language and um I would want something I can actually work in right so we're going to take a look at this and then what we're going to do is we're going to think about how it's going to work now Cora says how do you get traffic it's built in the site you're going to see on Friday is a domain I bought with 81 000 visitors a month right now 81 000 visitors a month right now how many of you guys are like 81 000 visitors dude that's gonna make some money like it's a site that gets 81 000 visitors right now it's got I think it was over five thousand four or five thousand rankings in Google getting 85 000 searches or visitors a month and it was according to similar web and everything how many of you guys are like 85 000 visitors a month you only paid two thousand nine dollars I want to see how that works because that's a business and it's based on a business that made me millions of dollars in the past so I know it works and so we start to understand how this works here's a dental care one right could I turn this into a dental website could I turn this into uh this type of stuff and we start to understand that we are buying businesses here okay very important we're going to show you the website on um on Friday so if you're not subscribed smash the like button subscribe Friday it's going to be a big big event it's gonna be fun so we're going to talk about that so this one is for dentist in San Francisco now I like this one because Union Street Dental Care is probably not a trademark term it's not specific to anything like there's probably a Union Street in every city and so we look at this we're like okay does it rank for stuff we can use well Union Street okay so we got like San Francisco emergency dentist that's money right there that's money if you go and you search for this there are companies that are doing Urgent Dental I actually have a student of mine who bought one of my sites in this Niche and it was a generic site about emergency dentist and you'll see them let's see where they're at you'll see them in there somewhere emergency dental Pros like this here emergency dentist USA how many of you guys see these and you're like oh I get it right that's how it works and you're going to start to notice that on this list here those are the ones getting lots of traffic so we do batch analysis and how many of you guys are digging this you're like dude mark this is this is a real deal here because I could actually take this and use it now some people are saying uh do you need to pay for hosting yes you would want to pay for web hosting if that's the case if you're new like that just go to go hub that is my instructions on how to get hosting it'll cost about six dollars a month and you can have as many sites as you want yeah I'm talking like for the same six dollars a month you can have 100 websites on the same thing and it's it's still only six dollars a month right so very simple very easy very well and and this is something where yes you are going to have to invest some money you're gonna have to go out there and do this like if you want side hustle stuff go watch my side hustle videos this is about serious businesses this is very similar to like buying a franchise only you don't have to pay 3 million for it as you guys saw I was able to pay 2 000 for one I've bought many others over the years this method works so we go here we look at the keywords and what you're going to see is that in addition to Yelp obviously which again that's what this business model is based on we see that the top of the five top ones two of them are generic what does that mean that means they're not Yelp well yelp's generic but they're they're just for emergency dentist USA so what you're going to see is it's going to rank for all the stuff dentists open on Saturday emergency dentist now this here how many of you guys you look at this you're like Marcus to be honest I don't know what that means and I don't know what that means like okay this looks good like there's a lot of volume there's a lot of traffic but how do I know that that equates to money well you know that equates to money because if I do emergency dentists near me these guys Dental Amante or whatever Oviedo Dental these guys here are ads and they are paying money okay this guy here the the one that we looked up where'd he go he's probably in here as well emergency dentist USA he is not paying so if he's getting traffic free and these guys are paying I want to know what they're paying right so let's see what they're paying on average the traffic for emergency dentist USA he's got 107 000 visitors a month with a traffic value of 362 000 a month and guess how he gets that money does anyone know how he gets that money free Google rankings and I'll never forget years ago when one of my sites ranked for the word dental insurance it was for about a day right we had the ranking for one day because that was the Big Kahuna word I think we might have had it for like three days but I remember waking up and seeing that ranking and to most people you'd be like hey cool we're on Google great to me I was like hey cool we're on Google that ranking is now making me five thousand dollars a day or three thousand it was a long time ago uh but three thousand dollars a day from one free ring like like you look at it and we go to Google every day but we don't realize that according to Google this is money this is how Google makes hundreds of billions of dollars in fact dare I say this is how Amazon got big Amazon would be nowhere without free Google rankings fact so we look at this and we're like wait a minute so you're telling me I could go and look at these sites like the dentist one right and this dentist one right now is okay looks like that auction closed but it's probably I don't know 500 bucks at the most and we start to realize that wait a minute all this stuff that links to these things that make money I can do that like I mean shoot you could get that domain build up the content as it was in a simple way and sell it to some San Francisco dentist like there you go you probably sell for like ten thousand bucks you're like hey we rank for this dentist term right how many of you guys get that smash the like button if you get it okay so we're going through we're looking at this we're looking at niches based on the the the GoDaddy appraisal or GoDaddy auctions okay and we're looking at it we're like okay what is that so that's step two step one utilize your keyword jogger step two utilize GoDaddy auctions see what's out there see what ranks now when you take over a site like this like here's Barefoot greens right that probably has to do with like some kind of healthy shake or something like that or the pet one or whatever when you take this over you are literally taking over the rankings that already exist right so like if I was to take over uh let's see where'd it go if I was to take over the guitar one right I would take over the rankings that already exist that traffic value would now belong to me now here's the thing when you have a business out in the real world things cost money right like I I gotta get rent I gotta get this and people know the value they're like I have a restaurant here on Union and first and it's worth money online people are asleep at the wheel right like they don't know the value of their traffic there are social media influencers get millions of followers and they make pennies some of them are friends of mine I look at their stats and I'm like why don't you let me help you make money and so we start to understand okay this might be a sleeper there might be some sleepers in here where we go through and we're like hey I can build this up and I can make this work just like we've done with so many other sites I've been doing this for a long time it works like crazy now the third method we are going to look at today and then we're going to put them all together is the Flippa method all right is a place where you could go and buy websites okay now even if you're not in the market for websites flippa's a good place to go and find niches and do Niche research for example if I was to go out there and say well I want to see the dental thing looked good there was that that Dental one uh maybe there's this one or whatever I want to see if there's something out there or maybe we're going to go out there and say okay and there's reptile point he got a sale a couple weeks ago using one of these methods which is cool I haven't talked to him about how he's doing recently but we're going to take a look and say well maybe we can go through and look at guitar okay and we're going to take a look at Guitar sites now here we have online businesses for sale with the word guitar in them learn music manuals that's a dollar not interested in that here's one making less than twenty dollars a month yeah not really interested in that guitar best tutorial all right what we want is ones that are actually making money and if you're starting here and you don't know what Niche you're in or want to be in we can just go here and say let's go browse websites all websites and what we're going to do is we're going to take a look at ones that are making money now some of these you won't be able to see because they have some NDA but a lot of them you will so like here's one about whatever these are okay and I can see he's asking 300 Grand come on get out of there uh 300 Grand or something like that 250.

All right and I can go through and I can actually find that site here's another one that's making 1300 so what you're seeing here is sites that are making money so you are like oh well you know Guru said I need to be in this niche well forget what the guru said I want to see people in the niche making money that's what I want to see that's what matters to me because if I can duplicate it and make it work bada bing there we go okay so we're going to take a look and I could say okay well what about this uh Pocket Change Gourmet guy right we can go through and say well he's making thirteen hundred dollars a month what's he doing and we can actually go through get a site put him into our keyword tool and see exactly what he's doing and we could duplicate it because a lot of times these are going to be non-competitive keywords right so we see that he's he's more or less getting a lot of traffic right he's got a lot of traffic from search alone he is getting uh 13 000 visitors a month okay now this says he's making 3600 which that's the traffic value he says he's making 12.

can I bridge that Gap right how many of you guys look at that and you're like okay ahref says the traffic's worth 3 600. he's making 12. what if I could get closer to the ahrefs number then I could triple the income put it in my pocket buy a business that's already working now this one's a little expensive right I mean for the right person it might work but 55 000 49 000 page views a month let's see if the page views actually match so all I need to do is say well okay 34 000.

So 34 000 if I can get three cents a click I mean I think that's like 1200 bucks or something like that I don't know I'd sit a little early for Math and I haven't had my 15th cup of coffee yet so we have to take a look here and say what is this worth but if I can bridge the gap and make it better there we go or if I don't want to invest in a business because that you know is kind of expensive I can come over to my spamzilla or my GoDaddy and type in something like food maybe there's a site that already has positions for food or recipes or something like that and I can go through and find something so here we have recipes looks like it had some stuff this could be something I can build up and it's probably pretty inexpensive and so it's got some backlinks I don't know if they're good backlinks they're okay right and we can take a look and see what we can do with it and build it up because it looks like he had some stuff going on there we can do that right or we could go through and do something like cooking or whatever right and we go through and find it so it's sweet spicy cooking it's got a couple of rankings looks like it ends in two hours we can see if it has some rankings there okay it had some so this would be one that that we could probably build pretty inexpensively had some rankings there and we could see it's probably really inexpensive okay but it is a starting point right it's probably going to be a lot better than just starting from nothing okay and we're going to start to look at these and say okay what is it we can do with them how can we make it work very very cool okay the pocket one we can see what they're ranking for or you can go through and find other stuff right let's see what else we got something about candy making two thousand dollars a month another Chef one four thousand dollars a month some kind of car store making 239 a month I can go through and say okay how can I make that better because a lot of times if you understand how to make this better it works very very very very very well okay um here's another one About Wigs I wouldn't have known wigs were a big Market unless I saw this here's another one for hair right so this one six thousand dollars a month hair motive hair motive right and we see here you can go through take a look at what the rankings are and then all I would need to do is reverse engineer it and again you could start from from Square One and you can build this up and this has a lot of traffic look at look at your traffic value versus what it's saying here so here six thousand a month he's got uh where'd he go over here there he is um 300 000 keywords 246 000 visitors this is saying the traffic value is fifty four thousand and we can see here he started in in 2020 it peaked he's got lots of stuff bada boom bada bang now I know okay if I go into the Hair Market 246 over let's call it 6500 246 thousand over uh what was it 6400 yeah 6500 right like that we can see or do we need to do it the other way I think we need to do it the other way 6500.

over that and we're going to get our average which is about two and a half cents per visitor so if I can do better right that this is where the magic happens and this is what people don't think right so if I had a site like this okay let's say I don't need to spend 300 Grand on it but let's say I could build a site like this and get a tenth of the traffic they're getting what if I could average 10 cents a click okay well how am I going to do that well what you're going to do is you're going to think about offers that are going to work all right we go in here we type hair and we could do hair loss we could do all kinds of here's another hair dryer or something like that and this one here is s-o-i which means single opt-in all they got to do is put their email to win a free hair dryer I get two dollars and eighty cents that's the kind of thing where if you pair that with the right traffic and you make it work which is like this right we're like okay what kind of traffic they got and you go through and you're going to see that it's very low competition stuff very low there you go very simple all right now I can go here and I can say okay well maybe I'm not going to rank for that but maybe I can buy a site in the niche like this this is one I bought um a couple weeks ago how many of you guys think that I can turn this into a hair site like this one with a little bit of work right I can make some AI content like get some maybe you know have a hair person uh make content with me or if I'm in the hair Niche how many of you guys see that type jackpot and smash a like button if you see that because now instead of spending a bunch of money I'm gonna go out there and I am going to reverse engineer it and say okay this has back links for some kind of salon it's a good domain I know I could sell that domain for a thousand dollars or more just the domain alone but it also has backlinks for Salon stuff which tells Google hey this is about hair pretty cool right how many of you guys are getting it it should be lighten up the like button should be like is broken right the like button shouldn't even work anymore because this is stuff where it is a business and we are relying on data again forget about me I don't matter what matters is data all right can I turn this into a salon site yeah I can I can go out there and I can make it work and we do this all the time uh we had our buddy on there that had his reptile site right he got the reptile domain from me as part of our high ticket niches program well I got to put it in site Explorer right and all he's doing and he's getting sales all he's doing is going down the list and making content for different things about bearded dragons and mealworms and how they eat and different things like that and he's pointing them to a book it's very simple right we did this with uh dog allergies dog allergies tons of keyword rankings we did this with the termite site right you go through this is stuff that actually works and you start to realize wait a minute where other people didn't see the value like this one I bought this domain here for I think it was 1300 bucks we put about 500 worth of content on it and boom it's starting to rank but when you understand I don't need that much traffic to make money right I I can make money because I know the termite stuff they pay a fortune for this stuff and we start to understand wait a minute so I can make this work by utilizing these three things again we're gonna go we're gonna look up the um Amazon affiliate people then we're going to go out there we're going to look at GoDaddy godaddy's great because I can find different stuff you can also use namecheap as well namecheap's good it's a little bit slower but I will tell you there is a benefit to buying domains on namecheap at auction and it's a benefit that if they had the volume GoDaddy had I'd probably exclusively use them and the benefit to namecheap is I get that thing in my account the minute I pay GoDaddy sometimes there's like a 10-day delay and the domain sits a little bit okay so we have to look at that here's one I was looking at here for uh some kind of yachts and I'm thinking to myself Yachts cost a lot of money yacht ads cost a lot of money I can take this and I can rank for all different kinds of Yachts run yacht ads and make money and what we're looking at is okay see change yacht sellers okay see how it's right there so if I bought this domain it's a closed business permanently closed business I buy the domain let's let's see how much it is right now anyone want to take a guess how much the yacht site is right now and it ranks for stuff it's it's there like there it is in Google right there right there there it is right and we're like hey that's pretty cool and so we understand okay I can buy this obviously check your trademarks and everything but I could buy this I could rank for all these boat terms I can point them to AdSense or boat loans or whatever it is and we start to realize wait a minute wait a minute here so I could literally take this wherever it went there it is I could literally take this and make money so someone says two hundred dollars Moonlight says 1500 how much do you guys think this domain is someone says five thousand dollars okay and while you guys are putting your guesses in uh defore says after purchasing the domain and hosting it then adding content do you lose some of the search volume usually it'll go up if you're following the way that we do it usually it'll go up more okay there might be a period where it drops for a little because it's re-indexing but it will bump back up all right so we got two hundred fifteen hundred five thousand one fifty Seven fifty let's see how much it is this is on GoDaddy right now for a whopping eight een dollars 18 bucks I've seen these in they work right I've bought lots of them using this method just last a couple weeks ago I bought this one for AI art which we're going to do a video on it was called and it was for all this stuff about different art related to like different art stuff right and we look at that we're like okay well let's look at the GoDaddy appraisal okay and we look at drippy art okay so this domain alone GoDaddy says it's worth 900 I think it's worth more because drippy art when you look at the keywords this this is a good word and we rank for that word it's starting to fluctuate because I haven't had time to build it out but when we look at this drippy art is looked up quite a bit right you look at the the traffic it's pretty good okay or even drip art stuff like that so I think this domain's worth quite a bit it also has rankings what do you guys think that's worth I was able to get it if I remember correctly I think it was four hundred and eleven dollars here's some others Java code right so you want like you want something for uh AI Java by code this is like a Java coding site to teach them how to do Java coding with AI here you go you got 1200 keywords related to AI this is something I can build this is something driver or whatever all different things related to that now this isn't that great but it's probably pretty cheap right here's here's uh yeah 15 bucks pretty cheap here's another one uh we got campfire we got whatever this is I don't know what that is hopefully it's nothing weird but we'll all take a look here let's put it up here in case it's something weird it's slow whatever it is okay so 1100 keywords on that one okay so it looks like fertility stuff oh okay so this is a fertility type site interesting so fertility stuff 713 keywords and let's see what else we got so he had 1600 keywords traffic value looks like it spiked good so that's one where like there's ClickBank offers for fertility stuff and uh you know choosing your baby and things like that all kinds of cool stuff right and we start to look at it and say okay now we got lots of stuff how much is this one 15 bucks right now it's got 13 days to go so it might go up to a couple hundred but we start to look at this and what we want to do is we want to look at this like a business right what are the odds if I was to pay for the word for the what are the odds I could get my money back let's try I think that was the actual thing so if I got it less than 7.99 I'm probably doing okay let's see if it does this one here likes to be slow today but we have to look at like what are the odds I can get my money back and can I build this over time so we're looking at sites that rank on Google using our jogger method Again download my notes we'll show you that then we're looking at GoDaddy to see what's available namecheap to see what's available we're looking at offer Vault to find offers that are available right you could do fertility or pregnancy pregnancy different stuff like that I'm sure there's all kinds of women's health things and stuff like that and we start to look at this and realize okay this is a site I can build up and this isn't a niche you would normally look at right you wouldn't normally be like oh hey let's do this Niche unless you did this method right here's one for 3D printing guitar and we start to realize oh these are things that are actually right now making money right and we start to understand that um and so we look at it and say okay here's what we got now someone says they were in my domain training years ago and they bought a jewelry site and some kind of Hotel so in order to monetize them like you're asking about monetization you would need traffic so first build traffic that's what you got to do that's that's number one without traffic these sites would not be making anything so what we have to do is understand exactly what's going on and like this one let's say I think my student bought that from us with content with everything for like four thousand dollars what are the odds she could build that up and make more than four grand like I don't know disclaimer results not typical implied or guaranteed but I would think like a hundred percent because termite companies pay lots of money and we can go by volume and see exactly oh hey termite larvae yeah if I can get a top 10 on that game over 3 600 searches a month termite damage would and we start to realize that this is all about specific stuff and we understand okay they're they're actually making money here so forget about gurus forget what other people are saying and look at what's making money right like when you watch gurus like let's say you watch uh hormozy or um any of them right uh Horizon's out there and he's talking about business and stuff and I'm like okay I want to reverse engineer how he did the gym thing not the other stuff you listen to uh garyvee who hopefully you don't listen to him too much because that stuff gets in your head and it doesn't it's just not good but I don't look at what he's talking about now because now he's unrelatable he's making nfts that I don't know what the heck he's doing there he's making other stuff that I don't know what the heck he's doing there I want to look at what he started with he started by making a site about wine and ranking for different terms about wine that's what he started with that I can do that works that I can reverse engineer nft stuff you need a big following you need a big crowd and people ask me all the time they're like Marcus how can I do this without a big following okay well this cake guy here cake prices does not have a big following and let's make sure what's going on here cake prices all right we'd have to find the exact site but he doesn't have a big following right A lot of these don't have anything this mom with a prep so there's a prepper niche right headphones so you look at this headphones Pro right and if you want to do this you guys you guys want a little secret you know a little secret here right you can actually go and scrape this content right check this out so if I go Ctrl a control C and then I go over to the profit scoop the go down to domain extractor put this in here it'll extract all the domains and you can get the domains at a glance put them into your keyword tool and say okay how the heck is this site making nine thousand dollars a month well let's take a look Beats Studio let's go by traffic okay so multi-channel home theater some kind of receipt thing how to find air pods all this stuff related to headphones so like I could how many of you guys see the value of when I don't show the screen well here's the screen here right we went to the profit scoop and we did all that but I'm going through and I'm looking at this headphone one right ninety eight hundred dollars a month how's he doing it there it is there it is now the 80 20 rule says that eighty percent of these keyword or twenty percent of the keywords are making eighty percent of the profit so then all I got to do is figure out which ones are making the money best wireless earbuds for small ears low competition not much at all and we start to see where he's at here headphone Pro review that's what he's doing that's where the money is coming from and we start to understand exactly how this is working uh Jet Set says Flippa needs you to provide 12 months of profitable financial statements before you can sell on their Platform One that's only true if you're using income and two that's not bad that's good that means this is verified are you guys are you guys getting it because like if you're looking at this training and you're like well I can't sell on Flippa because I that's not what this is about this is about using Flippa to find our niches does everyone Get It smash the like button if you get it because this is where it's at right you're like here it is they had to verify it right so where you looked at that as oh well you know that's bad that's terrible unfortunate that's not unfortunate that's good because now I know that the income's actually somewhat verified right and I could see okay something about whatever these bags are this is stuff that is making money right now here's one I found okay this one was for insurance stuff right watch this watch this East insurance group okay so East Insurance Group like this okay let's see what he ranks for and he's making money there it is he's making uh 1400 a month so if you can do better which I know you can we're going to go through and take a look here at what's here and just last week I bought a domain name I don't remember what it was let me see if I'm still logged into my GoDaddy but it was about motorcycle insurance and I was like dude that domain is a Zinger because motorcycle insurance pays a lot how many of you guys are understanding smash that like button let's see here uh what is auctions auctions um and if you guys ever want to see what domains I buy you can go to um and you can check out our high ticket niches where we sell these all the time as part of that program because what we want to do is set you up for Success using a site that's already got something but we can see here again pretty low competition how much is insurance on a semi truck how much is Cargo insurance and we start to understand exactly how it works uh Cora says do we have to pay monthly to keep the domains yearly so once you buy the domain so let's say I buy a domain at auction for uh I don't know 15 bucks like this one at the end of the year I have to pay another uh eight dollars to renew it or if I bought it for a thousand at the end of the year I pay eight dollars so you're only paying the registration fee every year okay and you look at it and you're like okay well can I make more than x amount on this that's the key right like if I was to buy this 15 bucks can I do it if I was to buy a salon for I think I bought it for 300 or 400 can I make the money with it if I was to buy the one like I mentioned earlier for two thousand nine dollars can I make money with it that's what we're looking at and this kind of thing we go through in blog profit Network all the time where every Tuesday we hop on a call and we talk about this stuff and we go through domains and you see exactly what we're doing there and you see how it works because this is something that is so reverse engineerable it's not even funny like you're just like okay here it is here's here's the business here's how it makes money how do I do the same thing right and a lot of times you can go out there and buy some of these like sometimes you can go through and say well are there any sites that are less than five thousand dollars right and you could sort these by five thousand and see okay here's some kind of captions for social media and you could go through and say well are there things I can do if I can get this for 600 bucks or this one for 300 or going fit whatever so we know this has some money it's a five-year-old domain and the difference buying on Flippa is you actually get the content now this one is fifty one hundred dollars is it worth it I mean that's kind of a high it's kind of a high turnaround for 100 bucks a month I mean you'd have to have this site for five years to make the money back but is it a sleeper can I do something with it understanding what I know about marketing that'll work right is Mongoose a good bike number seven let's see if it's still there always verify before you buy them okay so he is what's he going fit unfit number seven going fit unfit there he is there okay so our Mongoose bikes good brand review so if I can do better because he's just doing a zoic so if I can do better than him with the bike stuff then I I could make some good money right you can go through again we're going to look at a similar web see what the traffic is so traffic for people looking to buy bikes 19 000.

Now he's got a pretty bad bounce rate problem like people leave after four seconds of being on his site that's not great can we do better can we do better if you can do better let's say you could get it up to twelve hundred dollars a month I don't think that'd be too difficult right again results not typical implied or guaranteed don't invest in these if you don't have money and if even if you do have money go buy them on auction on the domain site for cheaper because you could build them up and I could probably get a site like this at auction with these rankings I've seen stuff like this go for less than a thousand yeah the Mongoose that was a good bike I remember we had Dino we had GT and we had Mongoose because we were I was big into uh BMX and ramp biking when I was a kid and it was fun it's good stuff but you could see here this is where it works and I mean all you would have to do is like go get a good ad that'll pay a thousand dollars to be on your site and it's not that hard to do and even if you're like well Marcus I don't have money to buy a site I don't have money to buy these domains all right well then you start from squat Ground Zero and you're like okay I'll get a domain about bikes and it'll follow the path of the keywords that wreck like I know worst case scenario even if I'm doing just ezoic ads this should make about 120 a month now I know I can do better that's what's gonna happen the Huffy we always made fun of the kids who had Hobbies I don't know why I don't know why it was just a funny name but they were good bikes yes but those are the ones that were like oh you got a huffy I got a I got a mongoose but you know Annie into each his own I think now I have a giant and some kind of electric bike but I like it um but that thing was like 2500 bucks and you think about that and it's like how many of those would I need to sell to make a good living not many 2 500 bucks let's say I make 500 Commission on it that would work and here's Giant versus specialized there you go I can make um a thing about this Viking universe and then what you do is you look a step up so fit unfit could I turn it into a site like biking Universe like this this would be the goal going from this to something bigger this and now we see ah there we go shock absorbers on the seats was that the Huffy I don't remember we didn't we I think we had the plastic seats they were like not friendly but here you have a bunch of keywords right again he only started three years ago right and this is something where it's like oh I'm totally getting it this completely makes sense this is a business and it's reverse engineerable and it's something I can do and it works and you start to understand okay there we go again I didn't wake up today say I was going to the bike Niche there was something I found here and here's the earbud Niche and we start to realize that these niches are pretty much everywhere and there's all kinds of stuff and sometimes we can get stuff like this a sleeping site so sleep bamboo so like this here sleep bamboo he's making 1200 or 1900 a month all right let's see if we can find the site okay go to ahrefs and we start to look at this and say okay so he's making nineteen hundred dollars a month and he's got oh he doesn't have much traffic maybe I looked at the wrong site but not a whole lot of traffic there let's see sleep bamboo yeah I don't know about that one let's see he might be getting social traffic let's see bamboo yeah I don't know where he's getting you maybe it's the without the W's sometimes without the W's is what does it nah okay but I would take a look and say okay how would this work because these type of sites I get these at auction all the time for pennies on the dollar and we look at this and we're like okay Bamboo sleep whatever what I'm thinking is okay can I go to offer Vault and find something like mattress this pays 160 dollars a sale literally sell 12 of those a month and I'm making what he's making and so we start to understand exactly what's going on and say oh okay I get it take a look at some others um some kind of jewelry whatever that is dog blog a dog blog all right so here's one 205 dog Niche blog and then if you ever want to see them just look at this and you can like just Google this how to take care of your Airedale whatever right and if you're lazy like me you could just use snagit all right let's see we're snake do I have snag it on this computer I think I do right so I would just do this go to snagit do you put that in there and then what comes up I'll just do grab text Boop that way I don't have to worry about spelling stuff wrong or whatever and there we go and I can find the site in literally two seconds put it in quotes because that's what's going to come up look for the site that look there he is right there there it is go to ahrefs see what he's got going on for this here I'm like okay can I do uh pet insurance pet insurance there you go pet insurance two dollars on an SOI that's pretty darn good oh we had to we have a filter on here there you go let's get rid of that um so pet insurance 20 bucks or 280 on SOI is it 340 SOI that means they literally come here put their email in the Box to compare insurance I get two dollars and eighty cents so we look at that we're like okay okay where are you going with this old buddy let's take a look I got way too many tabs open it's funny my programmer told me uh one time he's like Marcus you're the only person I know that can crash your computer with chrome tabs alone right and we can go through and see okay well can I utilize that traffic and then you know now I know there's dogs uh that that's a good Niche and it's making money I can go through and do pet or Dot and I can find stuff at a glance okay that's a trademark Spruce pets Scottish whatever likeable pets okay okay likable it's a nice domain um pet approved 13 keywords okay so this this is somewhat there right it's it's buildable and it's fifteen dollars I mean there you go and then we could go and say okay well what about uh go day actually did we not look at a pet site earlier in this call I think we looked at an Orlando pet site and it's like hey there it is how many of you guys are putting this together but smash that like button we need to get like a bunch of likes on this if you guys are digging it but we went through in fact there it is Petland Orlando there we go let's see it's uh how much time has it got so Petland Orlando this I can turn into I mean it's got traffic it's got 830 visitors right now 411 traffic value throw it to the the pet stuff 400 bucks not bad I would I would definitely see if it's a trademark trade mark Petland so it does have a trademark I would want to see if it's active or if it's something I can do with it but that would be an example of a domain that would work really well right how many of you guys get it type pets or something or or whatever in the Box let me know um and we start to see oh hey this is how it works it's pretty cool and we see okay uh what's this some kind of nail salon here's a fashion thing and what we're doing is we're looking at this you could go by traffic I like this and you can see the traffic running speeches that would be good for like wedding speeches and stuff like that that would be fantastic and there you go uh Jet Set says I just don't understand which site do I need to use because all required to purchase the business plan to upload Astra theme no one said anything about an Astra theme you want if you go to go it'll walk you through it should be like a seven dollar or six dollar a month plan and it's very simple you just go through and you're like okay seven dollars a month for hosting and it's very simple to do like just follow those directions and it'll be the same plan that we use our examples which makes it way easier and that's I like that I think I can type it there you go go make it nice and big right that'll show you where to get the hosting it's a little video that'll walk you through it and then it's got an affiliate link there and everything like that um very simple but when we go through we can see what is out there um another one I bought a couple weeks ago was um just right this is for people that want to do mock-ups on like Etsy and stuff and I'm like okay this is a simple business I turn it into a mock-up thing it's got 1600 keywords related to mock-ups free business card mock-up business card and you look at this it's like okay there's a business card mock-up I could literally go over here and take a look oh we got Hearts click the heart that looked kind of cool somebody clicked the heart and it made all kinds of Hearts all over the place and that makes me feel nice but we're going to go through and we'll do um let's do uh what were we doing mock-ups so we could do business cards all right like this uh got print seven dollars for custom business cards probably has a mock-up on it right and there you go it's like okay I could turn that in how many of you guys see that I could turn just into a business like that's a full-on business hey there's those hearts again our Google blog spot not work for SEO you can use Google if you want Google Blogspot however you're not going to get the jump start that I have here like me having this site on its own hosting I'm going to be like like you're going to be working on your your Blogspot site for years before you get where this is right does that make sense how we're we're getting something that's already working there it is Boom done follow the plan I'm good I got backlinks I got rankings I skate to the top very simple the same thing we did with new new I bought this domain it's ranking like if I started out with a Google site or a a blog spot or a free site I'm not gonna rank for these SEO these SUV terms not going to happen but because I have this it's like oh it already ranked for that I put up an AI content about SUVs with the best visibility here we are on the front page of Google right there how many of you guys are like oh that's it you literally just showed me how to build a business debt is based on what you've done to make millions of dollars again disclaimer results not typical implied or guaranteed most people watching this and most people trying to make money make nothing most people make nothing because they don't get this and even if you do get this it takes work some of you guys will go in there and be like well I got the rankings and uh you know I didn't get approved for an affiliate offer so I'm just going to quit not me I haven't quit for 23 years I don't plan on quitting anytime soon you got to stick with it you got to make it work but this is something where you could get a taste of it very quick I got this ranking do you know how long it took me to get this ranking after I got the domain name in my possession how many guys want to guess how long it took me we did this live you can go back and watch the video I think we bought this live on a video I'm pretty sure I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure I bought this domain live on a video cost me 700 which again like okay new SUV dot org okay um it says it's worth twelve hundred dollars New Deal new cars yes I think this is probably worth twelve hundred bucks so I bought it for 700.

I'm already ahead of the game all right uh William says four days Kurt says 72 hours Jerry says 24 hours learning says 13 hours you guys are all wrong instantly the ranking never dropped I had that ranking the minute I bought that domain I had it the minute I put content on the site I had it before I put content on the site it was instant people say how long does it take to make money well if you ranked number one for a term that gets traffic like dental insurance or something right you could get hypothetically instant money right and we we had one I forgot what the dental one was I don't know if she's still running it let me see if I can find it but it was a really good domain and again I'm looking at it like okay if I had to sell the domain could I get my money back yeah probably good so there we go uh win-win let's see I think it was urgent dental Urgent Dental something or other I'd have to find it but it was it was something about Urgent Dental Care Urgent let's try Dental okay yeah I looked it up a long time ago so I'm not sure which one it was but it ranked for all kinds of stuff and it was really good good luck says if I have Facebook traffic with 1 000 followers will I get accepted by affiliate networks it depends on what network I I have no idea like I don't know what your Facebook traffic is about I don't know what you're doing there's no way to tell but we have to look at this and understand how it's working jet set said how did you get the ranking be easy on me um the site has the ranking so I just put up relevant content and boom there we go very simple right and that's what we have to do is look at it and say okay there's businesses here that are actually getting something and see this is why this this is why in the beginning I told you to look up those keyword joggers because you will find these people and it's very very simple to do so if you're interested in learning more about this check out my other videos smash the like button also um check out we're going to have notes for this at and as always I'm buying these domains all the time we have them available if that's what you want to do and all kinds of stuff uh Dean I sold the dental site to a student of mine how did I know I ranked it ranked before I use my keyword tool and I looked it up right so like when you're going out and you're looking at these sites all right you'll see what ranks so like if I was going to go through and say okay here's Affinity skin care or um let's see mid-fly I don't know what this is hopefully it's okay that's India traffic not too interested in that let's see where'd that one go I had the the pet one but basically what you'll see is that they rank right now so if we do steel safe shelters there we go okay so this one here steel safe shelters storm shelters Chattanooga okay how do I know it ranks I Google it and we're looking for steel safe shelters and sometimes they fluctuate there it is there that's how I know it ranked okay and see it's it's the it's the GoDaddy page that ranked so if you took this over right now you're there very simple Don says if there was one thing to try starting from nothing what would you recommend buying domain names that actually have rankings and building them up that is the fastest path to making it work like hands down if you're looking for a way to get results taking over like starting a restaurant from scratch you're gonna have to get permits you're gonna have to get wood you're gonna have to get boots you're gonna have to get Forks you're gonna have to get chefs you're gonna have to figure out a menu if I buy a place that's already there like why do you think people buy McDonald's franchises because it's like oh what do I do well I follow the guide and and there's already customers and they already know what to order is done with this I'm going to follow the guide I'm going to follow what already works because starting from scratch is way more difficult right how many of you guys are like yeah starting with this if I could spend 500 a thousand maybe two thousand dollars and start here then that would work like there it is I start ahead how many of you guys you you see the value in oh I spend a couple hundred bucks maybe a couple thousand dollars I get something I build it up now I got a business that's based on something that already works right very very important if you do that if you understand that forget about the latest Guru courses all right those are good they'll teach you stuff some of them are good some of them are complete crap I was watching One Yesterday by a very famous business guy and I was like this needs to be thrown in the garbage it was terrible right I got through like two hours of it just out of sheer curiosity of why people follow this guy and it was like wow this is terrible instead go find a business so SD says emergency survival Niche will work don't make a website for it find a business that already find somebody already does you go out here and I think there was one wasn't there one on Flippa for like the prepper mom or something I think it was I don't know where Flippo went we got a lot of tabs open and this is just one of many screens but you go through and you're like ah okay cool there we go so I save a little bit of money save up get a site that works make it happen here's the insurance one that's why I bought the uh the one about motorcycle insurance and you start to understand hey maybe I can go like this yacht one okay there there's ads all the time for yacht stuff that that makes lots of money and this gets traffic and there are ads you go here and you're like okay um spy Foo go to Old spyfu here and we're like Okay um C Ray boat okay see Ray boat advertisers are paying money for this traffic or maybe we do like boat loan four dollars a click boom jackpot if I could take them from all those boats that the yacht one ranked for right where'd he go where'd the yacht guy go come on yacht guy I know the yacht guys around here somewhere there he is so if I could take all this traffic that already exists for the yacht guy okay we're gonna do this the easy way all right so all I do is improve it I make better content I do better stuff I make it work so I got nine I got a thousand keywords that come with this domain for different Yachts I'll go volume see what's good sea race on Deck I rank 69 could I rank higher probably amberjack could I rank higher yeah what other stuff so now I go and I'm like okay well let's go to uh yacht sellers right here and we see Yacht World United yacht let's try boat trader or the yacht Trader hit how do you spell yacht did I spell it right hey good me you're gonna Pat myself on the back I'm the world's worst speller yacht uh Trader okay so let's go to yacht Trader I like this see what he ranks for see if there's any gaps Build It Up make it work and we go through and we're like okay can I rank for whatever this is whatever this is and we start to realize hey wait a minute there's lots of keywords I can use I can even rank for yacht Trader and do a little review on it there you go and these people pay lots of money you go to Miami the places that sell Yachts like they give you free drinks they take you out to lunch they wine and dine you because they make a lot of money and you could go out there and be like hey wait a minute so you're telling me that guy that makes a lot of money they get you the drinks and everything needs traffic yeah and he's paying a ton a ton and you start to look at it uh origami Niche yeah origami is a an interesting Niche that one it's gonna be a lot like the one I'm gonna tell you guys about Friday um so I mean take it with a grain of salt because it's it does take some some upkeep because what are you going to sell right that's a it's a little bit tough like that's the kind of thing where you could do like Etsy uh which we'll talk about too because the one I'm going to reveal on Friday is a jump start to an Etsy Niche like the dripping art one but times a thousand this thing will blow your mind I actually heard the um delivery guy just deliver the stuff for Friday's video see I I do a lot of there's a lot of work in these videos so that's why you gotta at least smash the like button and maybe buy something you know um but it's actually a bunch of stuff that I ordered for Friday's video about this Niche to show you that this stuff is selling and how it works and what it does which is very simple and when you look at it you have to really look at the fact right origami origami do I spell that right origami here um I probably spelled it wrong origami origami there we go I told you if I can spell something wrong I I will it is like the the way to go so here's one origami way uh fifty four hundred dollars a month uh 275 and what they're going to do is they literally tell you um how they're making money now he's got a Facebook and this is what we teach you is do all this stuff build it all together here's origami instructions and we start to understand oh wow this this is something that can work right and you're like so there's someone making four or five thousand dollars a month in the origami Niche right here's here's another one that's smaller for origami instructions and we go through and we start to look at it and see exactly what they're doing and then here's the deal ladies and gentlemen if you're picking up wait no he's not that small fifty nine thousand dollars a month here's the deal though if you get what I'm putting down there are people in the origami Niche that have cute origami sites that don't make money but they have the traffic that makes money and if you get that I could go buy those for nothing literally like hundreds of dollars maybe a couple thousand bucks and boom there we go and you start to understand oh how are these guys making money well we could look at their site and see it and stuff's not that competitive right go over here let's see if there's anything for origami origami and if you here's the key this is why people join oh there we go I keep forgetting to show the screen but the origami one um had a lot let's see where'd he go Oregon yeah there was there origami way here he was here I looked up this guy this guy had uh what was it origami there he is there um this one here 135 000 visitors a month 59 000 in traffic and we start to realize okay this is pretty cool um and we're like okay origami maybe we could do crafts and the cool thing about it and this is why people buy my high ticket niches and my domains all the time because I've been doing this a long time I know what niches are good and so when I'm on GoDaddy I'm not sitting there I wonder if it's good by the time you research it it's probably gone and even then you don't know what to pay for it would you pay 404 for this how many of you guys say yes type 404 if you would pay 404 for this okay you're like hey they say ranked for pet stuff Marcus is talking about pet insurance it kind of makes sense that I would pay 404 for it right type 404 if you would and it doesn't matter if you have it or not I just want to know if you would because this is a very pivotal important question so type 404 if it's a yes or yes if it's a yes and no if it's a no all right and we'll wait for that and while we're waiting for that one of the benefits to me being able to do this is I know the niches I know the monetization strategies and I kind of know what's going on now Carl says he'd pay double so he'd pay 808 right um how many other people have have a very clean answer on that yes you'd pay or whatever okay and my answer is no I would not I would not pay 404 because it has a trademark that'll probably shock a lot of people because everyone's telling me they'd pay 404.

I would not ice I'm not bidding on it right um also there's there's dashes in between so the sellability of that domain is not that great so I'd buy it just for the rankings and the rankings were mostly about Petland which I probably wouldn't do so I probably would not buy this one now others I will right I'm going to go through and I'm going to look at what else is out here and there might be some that are really good like here's one for American pain Society now that's getting into you know medical stuff which I probably wouldn't do um here's one engineer success Engineers success if this okay so here's the pain one that's got traffic for pain stuff okay I'm I wouldn't do Health stuff because I'm not a doctor and I don't want to advise things and people I don't know about uh with stuff I don't know about uh engineer success though if this was about like how to be an engineer and be successful that might be kind of cool but again I'm going to go through and I'm going to find something that is going to be more specific no trademark and something that here's one Quincy toe that's probably like a towing company so that's something if I wanted to flip it into a local business I could probably do it here's that engineer one and I just go through and and look at it very simple right and again don't over complicate it like it works you don't have to be like there's Marcus Taylor look at that look at the numbers there right this kind of thing I've been doing for a long time and if it if you see the stats there that's where it makes sense and then like Union Street Dental Care yeah that one I'll buy if it's available I think it might have been uh already ended yeah it ended already um but that's what you're going to do is start to look at this stuff and say okay how can I build it up so hopefully you like this smash the like button if you did check out the videos in the description I very specifically went through and got videos that were very related to to this topic go watch those I think it's super important and as always check out smash the like button comment all that fancy stuff

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