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my site wasn't doing well I had no traffic and my keywords were dropping off like crazy I was losing a lot of keywords that I need to make money but ever since I started using this edge browser technique of making new content things have turned around incredibly fast I've gained back all those lost keywords and more and my traffic is going through the roof it's been a huge week in the world of AI however I think a lot of people are missing the elephant in the room while everyone's talking about tools that cost 20 bucks a month 10 bucks a month it basically adds up to a small fortune and in the world of AI the right tools mean everything but what if you don't have thousands of dollars each and every month to spend on some new tool that you have to have that basically comes out every day and that's why I said a lot of people are missing something that's going on right under their noses and that is the Microsoft Bing AI platform not only is this platform completely free it now runs on chat GPT version four and not only that but it's also incorporating Dolly a robust 3D AI image creator and not only that but now it's giving us instant live summaries from any web page we visit if you see the power in this type powerful in the comments below because if you're like me and you want to make money online using AI well I think a lot of people are missing something that's hiding in plain sight and while all the tools and new stuff is fun and interesting to look at where AI is going to make us money is in productivity can I use these tools to be more productive for an end goal that's actually going to make me money for example if I want to go out there and just create interesting images yeah yesterday I saw some guy on a webinar showing how he was making himself look like a cowboy and I don't know what planet you're living on but I fail to see how a picture of me looking like a cowboy is going to make anyone any money however if I'm creating a website about a certain topic or maybe a new Tech Gadget or new books blogs news reports or anything that's updated and time sensitive well then I could use AI to do research that used to take hours days and sometimes even week to create content and put it on the web in the blink of an eye and it used to be that I needed to have four or five employees on staff costing me money every single day but now ai makes it to where I can do that all by myself and put the money in my pocket and if you focus on productivity I think you're going to find that my AI tool update this week is going to help you put money in your pocket smash the like button let's dive in okay so first of all let's get the lay of the land and see exactly how this Bing AI tool works first of all we are going to see that over here you have the Bing Edge copilot you can get here by clicking the B up in the top right hand corner of your browser and that'll pop up I'm going to show you why this is important in just a minute secondly what you can do on the main MSN Bing home page is you can click the B up here in the search box and it'll actually take you to the AI Control Panel dashboard thing and not only is this extremely powerful but it's only going to cost you zero dollars and zero cents yes ladies and gentlemen it is a hundred percent free not only that but it's actually using chat GPT version four so this is very powerful but how is this going to make us money and in order to understand that we need to go back to how search engines make money I mean after all Microsoft Bing Google Yahoo those are all search engines and they make money because people search for different things and then they click on advertisements that companies are paying lots and lots of money for so if I was to type something in like mortgage you could see here this is an ad another ad then some free results down here some map results and then down at the bottom you're going to see some more ads and these companies are paying hundreds of billions of dollars each and every year for traffic that's coming from the search engines and while I might not be able to get ranked at the top for the word mortgage I might be able to go for other words using AI content for example if I was in the SUV Market maybe I could rank for something like best SUVs for visibility we can see here on Microsoft Bing we're ranking right here number three or so or over here on Google we're ranking number four and this is one hundred percent AI written content so the question is what new features are added to the Bing AI chat bot that are going to make you money first of all when using the copilot over here we can actually go to any web page in fact right here on the home page of MSN is my friend Christina we actually have a video coming out shortly talking about exactly how she built that business so congrats for being on the MSN homepage that is awesome but if I wanted to go through and make an article about side hustles I could simply click on the article and then ask the Bing co-pilot to summarize exactly what she's doing for a living then once it summarizes it right here in a split second I could even ask it now please find other articles like this where women are making money with side hustles online it's going to go to work and find other articles that are related to this now what we can do once this is created is we can take each and every article it links to and put together a master list with a little brief summary that is created in the Bing co-pilot that is going to talk about women with side hustles and how they make money and we could see here it's going to work finding tons of different articles all I need to do is open each one right like this then have it summarize each page this is going to allow me to break down information at lightning speed which is going to help me make money I can then turn these into articles videos reports pretty much anything related to side hustles or different things like that and if we were to look at the keyword side hustles in the ahrefs keyword tool you can see right here side hustles for women is one of the lowest competition keywords and it gets over 3 000 searches a month yep that's right over 3 000 people come to Google MSN and other search engines each and every month and type in side hustles for women to get information about various side hustles that make money then we can use the compose tab to actually use this information to write a blog post and email generate a list of ideas create a paragraph the sky is literally the limit but wait there's more as if that wasn't enough the Microsoft AI browser actually allows you to download and upload files so I could actually go through upload an image ask it information about the image or tell it to change the image in some different way create a derivative image change the color remove the background pretty much anything I want to do I can even make myself a cartoon or I can upload a text file or I can open a Word document and over here in the sidebar copilot I can even click this little export button create a PDF or text file based on the information I just got see how quick this is to download tons and tons of information I can then take these pages right like this and then have it write a blog post about this and 10 other side hustles for women it's going to go to work and create content in a snap and we can see here it's actually even formatting our content to look really good on a web page a PDF for whatever it is we want to use my name is Matt F and I'm a student of Marcus I've been using his services for about a year now and I want to talk about his new stack method of AI using the Bing tool in edge browser it's a newer video that came out and it is killing it right now because it uses the live internet and live articles to actually help you write new content with it that is fresh and it passes the plagiarism test and everything what he's doing and what he's showing and helping me with is turning my tattoo site around I was starting to trickle down and lose a lot of traffic I was going down to about 100 or below people a month coming to my site in the last four or five days since I've made changes and how I'm making the content it has tripled or quadrupled my traffic every day I'm gaining about 100 or more keywords and things are just moving in the right direction using his method his method essentially allows me to find relevant content that is similar to what I'm looking to create I'm using it to break down the information feed it to chat gbt and create something new and more informative with it I'm actually able to make better articles with the content just by doing it his way and not only that but when I copy this text right here you can see it's adding it right here into the co-pilot so I can ask more questions I can have it expand on it create references pretty much whatever I want to do I can even say now create an image based on side hustles like this it's going to go through and create an image right here in real time based on the data it's been learning about which in this case is side hustles and we could see these look pretty good and the cool thing about this is it's actually live in real time asking follow-up questions that I can add to my article and make it even better this is super valuable and from what I've seen so far the Bing AI tool is passing the copyscape content plagiarism detector with flying colors and this just gets super powerful because if I have a Blog about a certain topic and I go through and create an article I can then hit the compose button and say write me an email to drive traffic to this post it's going to go through and create an email designed to get people to go to the post that we just had AI create thus creating a traffic circle Powerhouse and not only that but I can even say now write me a video script for this content it's going to go through and create a video script telling me all the scenes and the different things that I can have to make a video to get tons of traffic and as you can see here these videos get hundreds and hundreds of thousands of views and using the Bing copilot is an absolute Game Changer but for some reason everyone seems to be sleeping on the fact that Microsoft is doubling tripling we'll just say a million Xing their bet on AI but why is this important well Google is a search engine their AI is going to be more based towards searching and helping their people searching for stuff to get information that's going to help them find what they're looking for however when we look at a company like Microsoft who owns Windows Excel word PowerPoint and tons of other programs and we start to think of how AI is going to be integrated in those programs and not only that but carry along with each program just like we saw in this example where it's following me from web page to video to article to email creator and it's literally taking that data with me every step of the way it's almost like having an AI virtual assistant browsing the web with me getting content and helping me make money and if you want to learn more about how AI is going to help you make money subscribe and check out the videos in the description those are going to teach you how to use this tool in a more detailed way to make tons of money super fast

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