I Asked Ai To Find Me Free Money On Clickbank – It Did! – $7,300 So Far!

Okay Google Gemini make me some [Music] money just a couple of days ago I was going through Google Gemini to promote a product that I found on ClickBank that I knew would make money in fact this is a product that I've made as much as $600 a day with using traditional methods so I fired up Google Gemini and said what are the best ways to promote this product and that's when I noticed something very interesting Google Gemini started responding like an actual person it was almost like I had an employee sitting there I told it to do some research and it told me why it thought what it thought about my method of making money and up until now AI just pretty much spit out some answers based on some questions you asked it or wrote a report or an article or something like that it didn't really get into the actual thought process behind it and so far I've scoured the internet and nobody is talking about this however this one thing alone when used properly can make you tons of money but only if you know what you're doing so it's a good thing you found this video because I'm going to show you exactly how to use this to make money in fact we are going to go through a complete list of ClickBank products don't worry I'll give you a link to this list in just a minute and we're going to ask AI different ways to promote these products so that we can get paid and the cool thing about this it's not going to take a bunch of money you don't need a following or a bunch of experience you don't have to print a bunch of stickers build an elaborate website or anything like that this is so simple it's going to seem too good to be true only yeah this is the type of stuff that I've been doing for the last 2 years to make a living online let me show you how it works okay so first what we need to do is get our tools and websites in a row now you can do this with free tools like the Hoth uh different a refs free tools and other free keyword tools but we're going to go through and we're going to use a mix of free and paid if you don't have money don't worry I'll show you some workarounds what we're going to use first is the Hoth tool there's a bunch of tools like the keyword extraction tool where you can put a different different uh product or website in here and you can see the keywords that it ranks for and the keywords that the site is about we can also use the semrush keyword tool a hrf keyword tool and the sites we're going to use are sites like cbtrends.com which ranks different ClickBank affiliate offers and products and things like that CB engine which does the same thing and also we are going to use clickbank.com now why is this important well what we can do is take a website like CB engine.com we can put this into one of the keyword research tools over at the Hoth right like this we'll do rankings checker put the URL in right like here and it'll show us the Google rankings now this is important because what's going to happen is it's going to show us the products the volume and tell us which ones actually get a lot of traffic this is important because obviously Nike is super popular it gets a bunch of people searching for it which means if you were able to promote Nike as an affiliate and use their name which you're probably not but if you were that would be a Zinger where you could make lots of money same thing here where like body transformation blueprint that's going to get some traffic and everything like that now don't pay attention so much to the rank that doesn't matter let me show you why if we were to go over here and put CB Trends or CB engine into our AHF keyword tool we're going to see that all we really care about is the volume are people actually looking this stuff up Metabo FX Metabo fix something like that we could see that this one here is actually looked up people are searching for it it is something that we can sell now personally I try to stay away from medical stuff because I'm not a doctor but when looking at things like this write app reviews we could see 400 searches a month for write app reviews again don't worry about the position because it doesn't matter what they rank for what matters is what we're going to do and I'm going to show you how Google Gemini is going to make this super simple then of course if we were to put clickbank.com in our keyword tool and then search instead of by traffic we do these by volume you're going to see that of course they rank for like affiliate marketing and stuff like that but what we're looking for is the product names like Pro dentum is looked up 11,000 times a month care Essentials some kind of Iaria juice Alpine live pure and on and on we go so we could see that a lot of this stuff is looked up quite a bit and if we were to take it a step further and do something like write app reviews spaced apart we can see that we have like a thousand people searching for it this way so there's a lot of things there we can see that actually hey look my video on LinkedIn where I showed people to rank for LinkedIn pulse yeah this stuff actually works here's someone that posted on October 13th and their LinkedIn post is ranking for over 57 different keywords getting over 12 1,200 visitors a month for highly profitable branded keywords reviewing a ClickBank product so we could see this is super simple and you don't even need a website but how are we going to get this marketing plan well first what I did is I fired up Google Gemini and I walked through an entire process of how to Market a product I started by saying let's work on a product promotion together it went through and outlined exactly what I needed to give it to to make this work and instead of filling in all the blanks and taking all the time to do this stuff what I did is I said great let's do that for this product again we're using the write apps product I'm not commenting on the value of the product I really haven't looked it up but we are going to talk about the promotion method because what's happening now is Gemini is going through and getting a fullon marketing plan for this product and not only that but it's actually analyzing the rankings looking at the different methods I can use to promote it creating an SEO plan and everything like that so I went through and I did all this work to get the data on this stuff and you might be thinking yeah Marcus this seems a little complicated how am I going to know what to type in well I'm going to give you the report along with that other report in just a minute but I have a surprise for you and that is when I went through and asked all all this information about the product I actually went down to the bottom after all this work and I said now based on everything we did in this chat please explain why you thought the way you did about marketing and promoting this stuff also include something maybe you thought but didn't include and why you believe this marketing method will work please write in a way I can use with another product in a totally different Niche it went through and did all the work for me then this is where the magic happens please turn this guide into a prompt that I can use with any product so let's go over here and say we wanted to promote something like the dog calming code I can see right here in ClickBank this product's pretty popular pays $44 $45 per sale which is pretty good so I can now go using this magical guide that Gemini created for me and I can now say now please do the whole workup for this product then I just paste in the ClickBank info let's see what Gemini comes up with and as we can see here it's doing all the work for us giving us an entire content strategy including what to do each day of the week we could see themes different blog post SEO tool SEO op optimization and more now let's say now please make a 90day week by week content planner with titles and everything let's see how this does and now we see week one blog post YouTube social media week two I mean this just keeps going and going and going and all we need to do to really make this thing work is say now please write week one blog post in detail and it'll actually go through and write the blog post for me I can then take this and put it up on LinkedIn or my own blog or make a YouTube video a Pinterest share this on social media literally anything and then all I need to do is link to my affiliate program and get paid in fact let's try another one I used JV Notify Pro which is a popular launch website to find different products I can see here that video VI oo videos yeah whatever this one is is actually looked up quite a bit you also have scribble and other products that ClickBank pays on now upon further investig ation I found that the video product is actually moved to thrivecart which isn't a problem I've made lots of money with thrivecart as well it's super simple it works just like ClickBank only most of the time you get paid a heck of a lot faster so I can put this into the Hoth free keyword tool right like this we'll go to keyword research type this in here and then I can extract some of these top keywords then I go to Google Gemini and say now let's do the same for a product called v o and it's actually going to look up the product find the info and do the work for me check this out it's doing everything super fast and it's even making a 30-day content strategy outline and it's showing you hey what about going into different niches like video is for realtors this is super important please expand on what your thought process was behind number week three now we could see it tells us why it thought what it thought great now please find 15 more Niche specific places is to promote this product online course creators Ecom restaurants social media managers event planners nonprofits I mean the list goes on and on and on and this is telling us quite simply we can make content around how to use this product please make a blog post showing Fitness instructors how to to use [Music] videoo and bada bing bada boom we're in the money and you can see it creates the content outline for us we can then create a video a blog post a LinkedIn pulse simply showing these people how this tool is going to help them in their specific Niche then we can take it a step further now please share 25 similar products like video video this is going to get us an entire list of products that are similar that we can review and do video versus this video versus that and here it's actually listing them out for us and categorizing them then I can say now just the product names please nothing else and it'll list these out super fast and this is where the money's at we're going to take this list right here we're going to put this into our keyword tool right like this and now we're going to have a giant list of tools that are similar to the one that we're promoting that get tons and tons of traffic but wait there's more I can actually do something like we video versus and you're going to see people are actually looking this stuff up I can even do video versus Camtasia versus and what you're going to find is there's tons of traffic that is geared towards people looking at these products and if you're an affiliate of both products you can just share an unbiased review and get paid no matter which one they buy yeah it's actually super simple and if you focus on one product and do it really really well you can make a ton of money in fact I've been doing this for a long time and it works like crazy here's one little product that I only get $9 Commission on and yeah we've sold like $50,000 worth which made me over $114,000 and that's one of the smaller ones in fact using this strategy is so simple and straightforward you can just follow the template and start making money instantly but remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed while I've made millions of dollars online and countless other people have too the average person trying to make money online makes nothing so take this with a grain of salt and if you want some more videos on how to make money with ClickBank Ai and the whole nine yards check out the links in the description and I'll also put the notes and the reports I mentioned earlier

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