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here is an example making sixty five hundred dollars a month another one making twenty three thousand dollars a month this one is making thirty two thousand dollars a month and the Big Kahuna here yep that bad boy is making over 20 million dollars a month and today we're gonna walk through a method that is super simple free to start doesn't take a lot of skills Tech stuff or know-how and yeah it's something that you can start right now in fact using AI tools like chat GPT and Google bard is going to make this super simple all you got to do is follow along and watch this entire video because what you're about to learn is based on my personal experience making money with this exact same method a little story of how I first came across this method it was 2008 I had made millions of dollars online in various different markets one of them was the Myspace craze and Facebook decided to start coming out Myspace was dwindling and my money was kind of dwindling with it and so I thought to myself I need a way to drum up sales really fast and don't worry if you're thinking that you have to sell stuff this works by giving things away too more about that in just a minute so there I was trying to drum up sales and I came across this website that ranked for all kinds of keywords in my specific niche and not only that but it was ranking for questions people had about this particular Niche so they would go in here and say they wanted to buy a new car they would ask what is the invoice price and how do you find it on a new vehicle and then someone would answer the question and that would be the end of it or so most people would think but in fact what most people miss when coming across websites like this is the huge glaringly obvious way to make money online and now with Chachi PT Bard and other AI tools you really have no excuse but to go out there and try this and make money for yourself so there I was 2008 trying to make some money our sales were low it was around Thanksgiving time so I wanted to make money for the holidays and I decided to test this out and go answer one of the questions on these websites and I didn't really know what was going to happen I figured you know hey maybe someone will get some value maybe I'll make a few dollars but I did know that this website had lots of traffic and being in front of traffic is the key to making money so I fired up my computer answered the question hit submit and then decided to take the kids shopping for Christmas gifts for mom only it takes a while to get ready to go anywhere when you have kids so 10 minutes later I'm ready to go the kids are off doing their own thing I log into my computer that just 12 minutes after implementing this method I had made 1300 dollars in profit and this works because you're going to be in front of instant traffic I mean years ago here on YouTube they used to have this feature where you could comment on another video by posting a video so imagine the power if you were able to comment on this video with your own video and get traffic yeah it was pretty powerful but since then they discontinued it because so many people were abusing the feature however that's not to say that this doesn't work on the types of websites I'm about to show you in just a minute and these websites drive so much traffic it's gonna make your head spin metaphorically and I want you to remember that what you're about to learn is powerful don't abuse it always follow the rules focus on creating value and focus on the end user and in doing so you'll actually make more money so if you're excited to learn this method and see the websites that you can use to get instant traffic that'll put money in your pocket make sure you smash that like button because we're starting right now all right everyone welcome to the show we got a lot to cover today so get ready this is going to be a doozy and yes this is going to be something that you can actually use straight out of the gate it's going to be something that I mean it's actually very simple to do now I want you to remember at the outset that the results are not typical implied or guaranteed the average person trying to make money online makes nothing so we need to understand this and we need to look at exactly what's going on because I think that you guys are going to look at this like a business and understand this in a way that very few people do and if that's you if you're in it to win it and you're like I'm going to understand this I'm going to do the work I'm going to make it happen smash that like button and we're going to show you exactly what's going on because I think this is super important and this is a method that is completely overlooked by 99 of people out there and even the one percent that do look at it don't do it the correct way because what we have to do is we have to look at the data and understand exactly where the loopholes are and where we can get in on instant traffic much like the example I mentioned at the beginning where they talked about the YouTube reaction videos that actually showed right on the video that was a method people use to make lots of money however since then it went out but there is something that's been working since the dawn of the internet that works like crazy and that's what we're going to talk about here today now on the screenshot you are going to see the ones that we mentioned earlier in the video sixty five hundred dollars a month from this one another one twenty three thousand dollars a month another one thirty two and we have to look at this and understand that the backlinks and all that stuff doesn't matter here because what we're using is what I call the piggyback method now the piggyback method is something where you can actually get a piggyback ride on something that's already ranking on Google something that's already getting traffic much like we mentioned earlier where it's like hey yeah if you could be on a video that's popular and getting views that's going to work right that's why you see all those spam comments and all that junk because unfortunately that stuff does work now the way that they're doing is unethical and wrong and spam but the method behind it is like oh okay I see how piggybacking on something that already Works can work in a really good way and we're going to show you that in real time now the last example we had was 20 million dollars a month in free traffic which if equates to about 107 million visitors a month now we got to look at this and again the disclaimer obviously using this method or any other method does not guarantee that you're going to make money nothing in life is guaranteed the average person watching these videos makes nothing because the average person does nothing and even when they do stuff there are variables in a business business is business and if you're here and you're in It to Win It smash a like button because I'm going to show you exactly what to do this is something that I use to Pivot into something bigger what you are going to learn here is something step by step something simple that you can start right now and get results pretty quickly like you saw my example I was able to make about 1200 I think it was thirteen hundred dollars in 12 minutes I always get that backwards for some reason 1312 or 12 and 13.

But you get the idea right and we start to look at that and say okay well how does that work and can I make that kind of money well it is possible it's also extremely rare and not typical but could you do something today that would get you a little bit of results maybe one sale maybe a five dollar Commission and when we start to understand this we see where this works now first of all what we need to do is we need to break this down into a real world way okay so what we're going to do here is get our fancy white board or chalkboard or whatever it is right our marker board and we're going to break down these things that we have to look at so number one what we are going to do is we are going to take a look at our niche okay Niche is number one we got to take a look at the niche and say what is it that we are going to do who are we going to reach and where is the money going to come from this is super super important now number two what we are going to do is we are going to look at the research okay research is key because this is where you are going to find instant traffic opportunities okay instant traffic opportunities now looking at these instant traffic opportunities is super important because if I could bridge the gap and piggyback on something that is getting traffic right now right this is what the news does they're like hey this thing is getting traffic right now we're going to put up some content and we're going to get that instant traffic that's why they're like standing by with a thousand news Vans and they're like hey let's go figure out you know how we can film this thing right away the third thing we're going to do right here is find questions questions are one of the easiest ways to make sales right because if someone is asking a question about a product or service or something that's out there we can piggyback on it answer the question and get the sale now you might be saying to yourself well you know Marcus Adam no I don't know much about this stuff so how do I get in there and and get the info well what we're going to do is we are actually going to look at chat gbt and other stuff like that now first of all I want you to understand that I know what works I know what I'm talking about we're going to give you some proof here right here first of all there were two videos that I did in 2021 one video was a joke video where I did a post about how many calories are in a Cheesy Gordita Crunch now the reason I did that if we go over to uh ahrefs right like this and sign in again apparently we'll go to the keyword Explorer we'll type in calories gordita it's like some Taco Bell thing I don't know it looks pretty funny but at any rate there are lots of people searching for how many calories are in a gordita crunch in 2021 I believe it was might have been 2020.

I put a post up as a joke on one of my videos to show you guys that this stuff works and lo and behold if you go and type in cheesy calories in a Cheesy Gordita Crunch scroll down here we are actually still showing up with my joke Post Number 10. okay there's another one I did you guys probably have seen my Google Maps video where we did a post about hotels near Cotton Eye Joe uh Knoxville Tennessee and we can see here again there are I think it was like let's see there's a variation of the keywords but they do actually get traffic there it is there with 250 searches a month again this one did better it was a little simple joke post there's no content on it just a little bit of stuff and we could see that we are ranking number three and there's a couple of my students also ranking because they did the same kind of thing so what we need to understand here is that search traffic can be worth money if you look at it the right way now imagine if you didn't have to have a Blog if you didn't need a website if you didn't need to create a video and you could somehow maybe not rank at the top of Google but what if you could be on my web page right how many of you guys would be like oh yeah if I could be on this website I mean that's the next best thing right like it doesn't really matter if I could be on this website then technically I would be at the top of Google which is super important and we're going to start to look at this and under stand exactly what is going on all right so we're going to go through and we're going to take a look at this here and say hey check this out here are the rankings now another thing that we want to do here is take a look at the different things in our Niche right so we're going to go through and I'm going to say I need to find a product so step number one I'm going to go to offer Vault right like this and I'm going to find different products maybe maybe you pick something that pays a lot maybe you do the Bath Fitter maybe you do something in Garden maybe there's something in the gardening stuff or maybe you're going to do something for let's say auto loans or something like that okay so what I'm going to do is I'm going to look at this and say okay I have this thing here which is basically an auto loan offer that pays 35 okay this is what we call our constant I know that at the end of the day if I drive people there and they fill out the form I get thirty dollars okay you could also do stuff like maybe the shopping extension I think there's like a shopping browser extension something like that okay and we're looking at this where is I think it's called Capital One capital capital there we go right Capital One and we look at Capital One this shopping extension pays eight dollars now we can also go if you're like I'm new I'm a little worried about getting accepted at offer Vault don't worry about it um there's lots of networks on offer Vault those are the ones you get accepted to it's actually pretty easy I mean you want to get easy there you could use like Max Bounty or something like that now this one here uh if we use ClickBank we could do something like cleaning okay let's say we do a cleaning product okay here's how to start a cleaning business um some kind of whatever this is or we could do something like I think it was towels there was some kind of like towels that I got the fabric towels there they are it's some kind of magic fabric towel that makes all paper towels obsolete or something like that pays me twenty four dollars again this is our constant 24 bucks if I get people to buy those towels I get twenty four dollars and I actually did buy those towels that I could show you how this works and make a channel and everything like that okay so first what we're going to do is we're going to find an offer and a niche now the next thing we're going to do as I mentioned in our little chart over there right uh is Forum research so I'm going to go to chat GPT and I'm going to say something like find me 25 forums based on how to clean a house and cars and things like that all things cleaning so what I'm doing is I'm like hey I want you to find me some forums that are about cleaning why because I know that people that are on forums about cleaning are interested in cleaning hence they would probably want the product now here is the caveat when we go out there and we look at these forums all right this is from a recent result I looked at this morning I got to about 106 keywords then I needed more coffee and I had to get ready for the training however I'm gonna get about a thousand keywords in this list which are all keywords that forums are ranking for I'll make that available for you the big version will be in blog profit Network the small version will be at download my notes to downloadmynotes.com one will be free but what we're looking at here is different things that forums rank for now I want you to pay attention to this list because I actually sorted it by ones that had a very high cost per click right so we went through and I was like okay I have something like is Primerica a pyramid scheme okay now this one here actually had different forums that were ranking I think this one was from what's that big Forum Cora Cora was a big one um and we can see that they act there it is it ranks right there okay so quora is a forum so technically and emphatically if I was to have an answer on quora here I would actually be ranking in Google right how many of you guys see that type ranking if you're like oh that totally makes sense to me I would totally rank because it's it's there so all I would need to do is come up with some some info about this Primerica stuff now core is a little bit different it is a forum and it can work but we have to look at it in a different kind of way okay so we got to look at this and say hey here we go let's take a look now some other keywords that I found was storage with first free month we got um 15 body fat this was on a bodybuilding Forum Zoom info pricing an interesting one I found was universities in Silicon Valley and then we also found there was like Harvard versus Yale this college versus that college and all kinds of things like that now my job is going to be to look at this in a very simple way and say to myself okay this is kind of like when we were in school and what we did was you would have a picture of a car I'm going to try to draw a car here I apologize but here's our car looks like a Volkswagen Beetle actually that ain't that bad there we go I get a the award for the day of drawing right and then you'd have a house over here okay here's your house and then you'd have I was gonna draw a whale but maybe we could try to draw a whale I don't know here's our whale he's got a flipper and an eye and a happy right and I think do whales have yeah they get like a big flipper here too there you go there's our whale and then down here you would have like a flower or something like that okay and then the job would be when you were in school you'd be like oh over here it says flower and then it says you know whale house and car and your job when you were in school was like oh hey hey yeah yeah that's the car and you draw that there how many of you guys remember this let me know in the comments below if you're like yeah I totally remember this right it was easy and then you're like oh hey the flower goes here the whale goes here and the house goes here and then you you take this to the teacher and she'd be like hey excellent job you got yourself an A plus now if you remember this and you see how it works it's very simple right now that is what we are doing on the interwebs all right very simple I take these keywords and I link them to what makes money so I'm like okay I got something like Primerica scam flash reward scam okay good so I could go out there and I maybe I could find like a home business that is legit right or did I spell that right business there we go right and we can find different businesses and things like that that are actually legit and then we would answer the questions on the Forum and then boom there we go right so very simple so my job is to look at that or maybe we would go for like can cashiers checks be canceled or different things like that um does Target offer cash back right I found lots of keywords about cash back I could go out there and I could do something like Short Term Loan right these people want cash back maybe they would like a a short-term loan and you would see uh let's do payday loan I wouldn't or maybe credit card I wouldn't promote payday loans because sometimes there's some shady ones but credit card might work like here's one that a mission Lane credit card good for bad credit pays me fifty dollars so maybe those people looking for like do all these places offer cash back I could link to that or or maybe have like something that I could give them that would be like oh hey check this out here's a way to manage your finances better okay and we're going to talk about that in a minute that is going to be when we get into the bonus big method okay because I want to show you a method right now that you can use for free go do it and you know have fun with it and then come back and and maybe do something bigger okay and again the the method that I show you will be free the cost method it's not like you're giving it to me or nothing you just go get web hosting wherever you want to get web hosting and and there you go so we're going to look at that we're like okay we'll do the Forum research and looking at this I actually found several different things there was this Warrior Forum one and this one actually ranked let me make sure that it's clean because some of these sites rank for some things that are not safe to look at on on the public here right and so I think this one looks okay yeah okay so this one looked okay so we'll go to this one here and we can see here Warrior Forum um this one ranks for domain appraisal GoDaddy right so I was like oh hey cool check this out domain appraisal GoDaddy the guy's looking for domains he's probably gonna need web hosting he's got probably gonna need all this other stuff lots of things I can make money if you're like yeah I get it I could make money off this and we can see that in fact there's quora interesting so there's quora outranking some of the gurus that are are the SEO gurus then we have um different domain wires some of those are forums and then of course we have I believe it was Warrior Forum ranked down here somewhere now where is it there he is right there okay so now literally what I could do and there's Reddit there okay now here is the problem the problem is everyone is going to be tempted to go out there and be like hey [Applause] here is your answer right so you'd go over and be like oh hey here's how to look at the GoDaddy appraisal tool okay and everyone's gonna be tempted to say here's your answer now buy this stuff go to my website and buy this stuff money money money money that is called spam if you are not focusing on helping the end user like I want to go out there and I want to help this guy looking for this info on the Forum about domains and I can literally do that now now some forums do have a timeout like you can see this one says the threat is closed but we actually know that this forum ranks for that so we might be able to make a thread that's like better that ranks even higher pretty cool right smash the like button if you're digging this so we go out there and we can create that now you might say Marcus I've watched a lot of your videos but I still don't know if the godaddy domain appraisal is accurate enter chat gbt or whatever your favorite AI is I could go here and say and and this is actually really cool because I could go out there and I can look at the page where's the page it was over here somewhere I had to pay everybody well we'll go and search for it there right here right so I could go through and I can actually take the content from this page right like that and I can go to chat GPT and say please summarize the questions and answers in this text literally takes minutes boom it's going to go through it's going to summarize what's going on and it says the author is skeptical about godaddy's domain appraisal okay great now tell me why godaddy domain appraisal would not be accurate okay excellent so what I want to do is I want to use chat GPT to get the information think about it and make a good post now I'm going to say now please tell me five alternatives to the GoDaddy appraisal tool there we go excellent it does the work and now we say now please take your responses here and turn them into a simple Forum answer for the content I gave you above boom now it's going to go through and it says godaddies may not provide accurate things here's some other stuff there you go pretty simple right and I can actually go through and tweak it and say well I'd like that well it actually does there they are estebot named Bio so that's actually pretty good like how many of you guys if you went to a forum and you're like hey I want to learn about why godaddy's appraisal tool isn't super accurate and some other stuff this would be something that could work really really really well right how many of you guys see that type really well or smash the like button or something to let me know that you guys see this and now we're looking at this and we're like okay I get it that can work right and we're starting to see that there's lots and lots of traffic that we can utilize here's a bodybuilding Forum we looked at um here's more stuff on this forum and a lot of this is very very easy to do and what we're doing is we're using our keyword tools now a lot of you guys might say well Marcus I don't have money for keyword tools I don't have money for anything I can't even pay attention calm down the jokes are free but what we're going to do is we're going to take a look at if we can do this in other keyword tools so I was using semrush which is I think there's a cheaper plan for that one I think I'm not positive but you can do the same thing you put the domain in here it'll go through it'll give you the keywords and show you what is getting traffic which is pretty cool and I'm going to go in provide good value on these things and then boom there we go right this one looks like it's primarily about cars so I would go through and say okay well what kind of offers can I have maybe something like auto warranty there we go we got Olive auto warranty eighty five dollars a sale or I think it's even a lead bundle paper call Car Shield so there's lots of stuff here so I could literally go out there and I could make my affiliate link and what you're going to do is you're going to put that affiliate Link in your footer much like here if you look at how a forum works you go to The Forum you look at the stuff and you can actually see some of the forums show you how many people are there every day so you want to make sure it's a forum that is ranking and if you use the methods I'm teaching you here you will get that but what's going to happen is you're going to see that some of these some of these forums will allow you to have a footer a footer is everything below this line and in your footer like this guy you could actually put a link who'da thought right so I could literally do a good job have chat GPT help me answer the question and put a link to whatever website or whatever it is I want right there on the Forum okay how many of you guys are like this this is cool I like this this is very simple and again we're not doing it like the other people talk about which is go to forums and post all your links no no no we're strategically looking at the keywords it ranks for that have to do with the stuff that we want to sell this is a method that I've used time and time again I used it when I first started my alcohol addiction recovery site did really well boosted up our videos boosted up our traffic worked extremely well but again I didn't want to go out there and just throw some you know half cocked answers I wanted to do a good job and focus now with chat GPT it makes it super easy and it makes you able to scale in a really simple way and then all we would have to do is go through and say okay uh what are the what are the different things here that are related right so how should new struts feel or what kind of shocks or why does my car feel this way right and we're like okay well let's take a look maybe we can go and say uh speed rating okay car jerks when AC is on interesting okay we could even go through and say okay well what about car jerks or car won't or car stops so if we look at this we could say new chat tell me five reasons a car would jerk when the AC is on okay so we could go through and we could do this and now we're getting good info and you can even go have it read the the site and say okay now get me an answer that's not on the site yet or summarize it or whatever John says do you have an example of a footer that converts yes when I was doing this what I did is do you find my posts helpful click here to go to my website to get more help now that was the example of me actually having a website so if you didn't want to do it you could just say something like um if you're on a car form and that's why it's so important that first we're going to pick an offer in a niche because I don't want to just be oh I'm going to go on this car forum I'm going to go on the elephant Forum I'm going to go on this forum and that for no we want to be strategic because if I'm on a car forum then my footer says do you have trouble with your car so did I I found that an extended warranty was a great way to get my car fixed without having to pay an arm and a leg so we want to keep it very simple we want to keep it in line with what your answers are about remember when you're marketing you don't want to shift gears right I don't want to be like hey I hope you like my answers on how to fix your car have you thought about refinancing your house no that doesn't fit or if I'm talking about GoDaddy appraisal I don't want to be like hey you want to learn to make money online no no they're there for GoDaddy domains tighten it very simple or you could go out there to like a cpanel or a web hosting Forum right web hosting offers there's some web hosting affiliate offers that pay 300 a sale I myself have personally made I think I think it's over 300 000 now but I know it's in like the 290 range on web hosting myself right there's lots of other offers I've made hundreds of thousands of dollars with ClickBank Millions with other stuff and when we start to realize that it has to do with keeping things in line keeping things very simple keeping things very straightforward and looking at what is out there now again we talked about ahrefs which a lot of people it is a little bit expensive semrush a little bit expensive there is another tool that I'll have on my blog so when you go to downloadmynotes.com to get the notes I'll put this tool on there um this one is actually I think it's like 200 bucks a year so it's pretty inexpensive or twenty dollars a month um but you know this does give you good info if you don't want to spend money on anything and you're like Margaret so I thought you were going to show me everything free don't worry we're going to come over to the Hoth free keyword tool and as you can see I put that Community car talk in here and we can see exactly what's going on so best place to buy tires you could see it ranks for that it actually ranks number one right there okay so pretty cool like if it is a forum post and we can make it work it's very very simple and what's happening is we're utilizing traffic that is already there instantly which means we're going to be in front of people right now and people ask me all the time this is probably the biggest question I've been asked over the last 20 yeah I've only been teaching for like 10 or 12 years 12 years maybe 15.

um but over the last call it 15 years of teaching I started this business back 23 years ago 24 years ago now um the biggest question is how fast can I make money now that question is a loaded question because what what they really want is oh you could make five thousand dollars next week if you want well I don't know you I don't know what you're gonna make so this is how I answer it how fast can I make money with affiliate marketing or internet marketing or whatever these things are you're teaching the answer is as fast as you can get traffic because once you get traffic you can get sales so if you can get traffic instantly then guess what you could potentially get sales instantly get conversions instantly and if you understand this now it's a game of like okay well how do I get the traffic instantly well this forum method is a really good way to go about it now when we're looking at this we're going to look at this and say okay we're going to find our offer in our Niche by looking at different forums we're going to go out there we're going to see what those forums actually rank for we're going to use our keyword tools if you need a free tool the Hoth has a pretty good one it is a little Limited goes to like 50.

But you you could get by with it it's enough to get started okay so then we are going to go through and we're going to find the questions we want to have answered okay and we could say okay well what are the best places to buy tires in you know uh the East Coast the West Coast New York Orlando right we're going to look at all these different things because it is subjective like buy tires on Amazon okay well I don't know I didn't even know you could buy tires on Amazon but hey there's another offer to uh have an affiliate link there for the old Amazon but when we start to look at this and we say okay I see exactly what's going on I see how this works and now I can come over to chat GPT maybe I'm not an expert if you have a topic you're an expert and maybe you're like that person who who uh loves cleaning right look at all these cleaning forums again we're going to go through we're going to look at the Forum so here's a little tip okay you can take this list and you can go over to theprofitscoop.com right like this you can click on domain extractor put this whole thing in there just copy and paste it submit that's going to strip out the domains just run those through a bulk domain tool and it's going to show you the ones that have the rankings right so it's like wow wait a minute Marcus that is super simple like I go through these are the ones I can do then I say um DIY floor cleaner how to clean Converse so here's people that want to clean Converse shoes um how to clean with this stuff silver cleaner on and on we go right so now we could say Okay uses for OxiClean all right very simple how to clean a self-cleaning oven there you go this is a good one so we see here this thing it's got forums ranking it's got some YouTube and again we're going to look at this and we're going to stack on top of the other stuff because if we can comment on the Forum then we got content we can make a little video and you don't have to be on video I talk to you about this in our last video you could do a voice over or AI Voice or whatever and make a video about how to clean a self-cleaning oven new chat please tell me five ways and step by step how to clean a self-cleaning oven okay very simple and we can go through and start to get content that's going to work and then we're like oh hey now I can go to ClickBank maybe I can sell these these fabric towels or whatever um and we start to see that this is actually extremely easy to do again remember it is about focusing on good content because if you just go out there and give bad content you're going to be like spamming and you don't want to do that that's going to get you in hot water what we want to do is focus on good stuff because if you focus on good stuff like take a look at this how many of you guys enjoy this training smash the like button right you're like I enjoy this you're teaching me some free stuff I really like it type in joy in the comments type enjoy in uh the comments below all that fancy stuff right I want to know if you guys are liking this are you getting good value out of this training if you are you are highly more likely to buy one of our websites or or training or whatever it is because I'm giving good value if I just came on here and gave bad value you're gonna be like I don't like this guy he doesn't help me out right but I give enough good value to where people can go and use it without buying stuff right I don't have to buy my stuff you go watch this we have people all the time that are like I watch your free videos and I make some money and I'm like hey that's pretty cool right and that's what you want to do hey I want to teach someone at the end of the day it takes me five minutes to answer a question like this that's pretty easy and it shows you what to do with stubborn stuff and and all that and again what you're going to do is you're going to have your your footer which is going to say you know hey you want to you want to get these towels or are you tired of spending money on paper towels or say okay well how much does the average USA household household spend on paper towels right and we go through and we're like okay so the average person it's more like 40 to 60 dollars a month at which you can look up other places but now we're looking at this and we're like yeah I get this this is making sense now I can go through and maybe in my footer I say something like hey the average U.S household spends 500 a year on paper towels what if I could show you how to save 450.

what would you be able to buy click this and and go from there and we start to understand okay I'm seeing how that works now what we're going to do is we're going to look at some other methods because the no cost method would be just put your affiliate Link in the footer that'll be the end of it okay that's good it might work now again like I said results not typical implied or guaranteed you might have to have a lot of these I would prefer for me going on one like this where there's really only one page of results okay that's something where it's like okay I could utilize that now if it's closed or it doesn't have other results you could share your own stuff right go out there and clean your oven and be like hey here's what happened here's how it looked here's some tips I learned on on how to do this do you guys have others share them below right and what's going to happen is it'll get picked up and there you go very simple and we're going to start to look at this and say okay I get this this makes sense then we could say well that's the no cost method what about if I want to make this even better well what I would do because if you want a better hook right a hook is something that's like okay we're going to utilize this to get into the other stuff so if you want a better hook okay so instead of hey hook there we go right um instead of hey check out these paper towels save some money I could do something like like my comments or posts or whatever okay check out my website www dot clean whatever.com okay that's gonna get a lot more people and then you could build a mailing list and I'll show you the tip that made me the 1200 or the Thirteen hundred dollars in 12 minutes I will be able to say that correctly by the end of this training right and the tip there was to go out there and build a site okay I put a mailing list box on there that way people that liked my Forum post would actually go and opt in and then I'd send them more good stuff again this is about good content what you're doing is you're sharing good stuff right stuff that people that clean ovens would be interested in stuff that people that are wondering why their car is rocking back and forth when their air conditioner comes on stuff that people would like if they're interested in basketball shooting tips or whatever it is okay then we get them in and we say okay well I could set up a web site pretty easily I could build a mailing list then if you want to make this work what you're going to need is the double Zinger live live method okay so these people are coming to you live on the Forum what if you could get them to click your link here and then have live chat alright so they come to your site they're like hey I've been reading your stuff I know you know about these cars I know you know about this stuff much like if they were to go to my website which this is where the notes of this training will be lots of people will go there that's downloadmynotes.com what's going to happen is they're going to scroll down and be like oh wait a minute I can actually talk to this guy who's been commenting and they could go in here they can talk and we can answer their questions this is a fantastic way to make money it is so simple that most people are going to overlook it and say well Marcus I don't know about that I'm not sure but the fact of the matter is is it is something that works right now because if you could get traffic right now from a forum and then you can get traffic to a page where you're talking to them live bada bing bada bang it's game over you win now Leslie says so you did a blog or a website um they are those terms are interchangeable a blog is a website and a website can be a Blog so whatever you want to do personally I would do a Blog because they're easier to manage and easy to set up and everything like that and what will happen is eventually when you have good content your blog will start to rank right and that's the bonus method if you guys are like hey I really want to do this and and build something up over time this is what I did when I first started my alcohol addiction Channel is I went in forums and I looked at what people struggled with and I myself being a recovered alcoholic is it was helpful because I could help people with with what I was going through and if you find a niche where you know something about it or you've tried it or you've struggled in it this can be one that can work extremely well on those forums where you can go and you can help people and use chat GPT to kind of help you and speed up the process and I can answer lots of things very very quickly again we don't want to spam or be annoying you know limit it to really focusing on the ones that are ranking because if you focus on the ones that are ranking bada bing bada boom you will rank like it's not a matter of of if it's a matter of when and the when is instantly because if your post is on something that ranks boom you get the instant traffic that's already there and when you start to understand that this is all about strategy right A lot of people are like why don't you teach every step it's like well you really can't I mean what are we going to do are we going to start out with a video about you know here's how to turn on your computer oh wait first here's how to take your computer out of the box oh wait first here's where you buy your compute I mean come on you got to look at the strategy the strategy is what is worth money and if you understand this you can go and you can start to look at places where you can put your content to help people that's going to rank or already ranks and you're going to start to get that and it will be a Snowball Effect now where you get rich overnight probably not I think there's one guarantee and that's that most people on this training won't make anything most people don't that is the sad fact but I think if you look at it strategically like I have and you say oh hey here are the things that are ranking how do I look at this and say okay this one's about uh car detailing okay maybe those people would like auto loans or buy a new car or whatever it is maybe we could go out there and we could strategically look at this because it's all about strategy it's all about understanding where to place your stuff that's actually going to work right I'm not going to go out there and say oh well let's rank let's get one that doesn't even rank right I'm going to go out there and I'm going to do something that actually does work I'm going to do something that does Rank and something that is going to work like what to do with candle jars okay unless I have like a recycling offer that's probably not going to be a good fit how to vacuum a rug that could work right and and then you could sell them a Roomba or something I don't know right or cleaning with essential oils or something like that and we could start to understand oh hey there is a way to utilize this stuff to get in front of people right now and when you understand that you go test it out and you'll be persistent and the key is just keep being persistent keep building keep growing keep learning from what you do and focus more on strategy it's like I learned in rehab a guy says you want to you want to measure once or measure twice cut once right but most people are just I'm gonna cut you know and instead of looking at it and saying I'm going to strategically look at what I want to do instead of getting chat gbt to write a bunch of content about a bunch of things with no aim and no Direction I'm going to find a site that ranks I'm going to answer a question that people are asking and I'm going to point them to something that makes money and when we start to look at it and start to understand hey I get it That's Where It's At we find the offers we put them in front of them if you want to do the bonus method get yourself a website and what you're going to see is this can work really really well and the more people you drive to your answers the more people going to come to your affiliate link or your website and then at that time it's really just a numbers game now when I made the Thirteen hundred dollars in 12 minutes I did it via live chat I actually talked to the person on my website via the live chat and said hey this is how you sign up and this is how you do it which we can do too right you can go on there you don't have to use your voice or anything you just type and and they say oh is this the best cleaning thing say yeah I have these these towels and obviously be be honest about it I have these magic green towels and they work really well I like them I thought I wasn't going to like them because I like paper towels and throwing them away but these actually worked really good and here's why or you know hey if you have this problem with your car when I had that problem with my car or when 50 other people and I research had that problem it turned out to be the engine block you might want to check into getting an extended warranty or a new car or something like that and when you understand how this works it's very very easy pretty simple right if you guys want to get the list that I'm working on of the Forum keywords just head over to downloadmynotes.com if you guys want to work with me or anything like that the instructions are also there after you get your notes so smash the like button hopefully you enjoyed this go forth answer some questions and hopefully get some money thanks for watching

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