I Made $2,300 The First Day – Simple Method Exposed!

here is a screenshot where I made over twenty three hundred dollars the first day this method went live and it was funny because it didn't take a whole lot of work I wasn't super smart I only invested about nine dollars to set this up and it just kept making money day after day month after month even when I wasn't working So today we're gonna do something a little different we're going to take a look at some of the top website examples from affiliate marketers that are making huge money I'm not talking a hundred dollars a day or two hundred dollars a day I'm talking people that are making upwards of a million dollars a month or more because I believe that if we can take a look at these examples and see what's working then we could find out exactly what's going to work for us because let's face it every success story can be reverse engineered and that's exactly how I've started all of my businesses by looking at something that's actually working finding a different way to do it setting it up and putting money in my pocket there we go but first a little story back when I first started this method it was around 2003.

I was renting an apartment for my family and I rented one down the street about a hundred yards away for my work and I'd go there every day and work and sometimes I would have friends over and we would work and we came across this strategy where we could buy something and utilize it in a way that it would make money basically the next day so we were excited I stay up all night I'd work on these things and then we'd wake up at the crack of dawn after giving only like two hours of sleep and all of a sudden we check our bank accounts and be like wait a minute is this even real because it didn't feel real at that time I was only 23 years old I had two kids a wife mouths to feed and all of a sudden this thing just starts piling money into my bank account I remember one time I asked my dad for a loan on a car and I paid it back before his money even hit my account that that's how much money this made and that's how fast it was so there I was staying up all night building these little simple websites that got ranked on Google pretty much instantly and at that time I think my best day was about three hundred dollars but one day it's something amazing happened something that I wouldn't even believed if you told me it happened to you and that was when one of my websites ranked overnight for a keyword related to dental insurance that's right when people went to Google and looked up something related to dental insurance my website popped up and you might be thinking well Marcus I've heard all about these search engine rankings but how do they actually make money well if you understand the mechanics behind them which I'm going to show you in this training you're going to start to see how that works because back then I didn't even know what I was doing now the same search engine rankings I got back then make way more money because I know how to monetize them properly and let's face it back when I was a kid we had these giant books and they were dominating the industry and companies would pay thousands and thousands of dollars to be shown in these books and that is exactly what Google is today only they're paying a lot more and they're not paying for an ad they're paying for clicks to their websites and some of these people in the dental insurance field are paying upwards of 10 15 20 sometimes even forty dollars for one click to their website and today what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you how simple this is how it works tons of site examples you can glean from plus a secret method that I use to find niches that are actually working I mean imagine if at any time you could go out there and find profitable sites reverse engineer them and make your own profitable sites yep that's what this training is about so get ready smash the like button because we're starting right now all right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show today what we're going to do is we're going to go through a list of top affiliate marketing websites we're talking about websites that are making lots and lots of money including some that I actually did case studies on which you'll find in the description uh the honey app was one that got sold for like four billion dollars we're gonna talk about another one that was sold for over 104 million dollars and we're gonna see some very very interesting things here inside the affiliate marketing industry that a lot of other people aren't talking about that can really help you get the results that you want so forget about what all the gurus say forget about what I say and let's just open this up and look at data and you can figure out what you think about this data based on what I'm showing you because it doesn't matter who you listen to it matters what the actual data says and I don't care whether you buy something from me or whatever it is it doesn't really matter to me what matters is that you pay close attention because what you're about to learn has changed the lives of so many people that it's it's not even funny I mean this is something that is literally crazy so we're going to go through and we're going to take a look at this and understand exactly what's going on now before I prepared for this training I actually went out there and found over 300 different websites that are making lots of money as affiliate marketers so when you hear the gurus talk about affiliate marketing I don't want you to throw the baby out with the bath water I want you to look at these and understand that hey wait a minute even though someone might be touting weird numbers that don't make sense these are people that are actually making money and what I'm going to do today is show you some of these sites and show you how to reverse engineer them and show you how to use this concept to make money because a lot of you guys remember and if you do type it in the in the comments below how many of you guys remember the old yellow pages right we would go and try to find so I'm gonna be like hey our you know faucet broke we need to go and find a plumber here or maybe this guy you know is going to help us with our floors and I've actually become an avid collector of these because this is kind of where the advertising industry started and here's one I found from uh tooth this one was from 1902 and cost me a small fortune to get some of these this one was from the 1800s and what we would see is that you know you would have businesses and ads run in these old phone books now this is kind of interesting because this is where the market started this is where the industry started before the internet we had all this stuff where you know you would go and look this stuff up now we have websites and we have information and the engagement with the Internet is so much different than the engagement with a phone book because now I'm able to ask questions and that's what we're going to look at and see how this stuff works I think it's super super important to understand now if you want a copy of this list I'm going to have a small copy of this list listed on my website here and you guys can see the links right there down below me right there right and then there's going to be a giant list of over 500 different websites that I'm going to be close posting in blog profit Network okay so very important we're going to take a look at this now I want you to really follow along with me because there's a lot we have to unpack today what we're going to do is we're going to look at how affiliate marketing Works what is a far affiliate marketing and how does it have to do with you because we're going to take a look at sites like this one here the points guy who is a very popular travel site now he started like you with just a Blog I think this was the one that actually started uh with like a hub site or one of those shared blogging sites and he built this into a multi-multi-million dollar a year business and it's something that's very very doable this is something that you can reverse engineer you can see how it works now are you going to go out there and put up a couple blog posts to make a million dollars no probably not the average person trying to make money online makes nothing but we are seeing here that these are real world results so if this guy can make a million dollars with the whole team maybe I can make a couple thousand a month or maybe I could make maybe a thousand dollars a day or whatever it is and if we can take a look at this and understand the numbers because I know a lot of people that watch my channel they say Marcus you know I hear four thousand dollars a day I hear a hundred and twenty thousand dollars a month and it seems unreal right how many of you guys are again those numbers seem unreal to me it seems crazy when you say that a website was sold for a hundred and four million dollars that seems insane but when we're dealing with the internet you need to understand that there's a lot of money right those numbers we just talked about like the owner of Amazon makes those in a day right so there's there's a lot of money here at stake and guess what the owner of Amazon has a website that's literally all it is is a website and if you understand how this works and and how the strategy fits together which I'm going to show you today this is where the rubber meets the road so what we want to do is want to understand how affiliate marketing works a lot of people think affiliate marketing is some pie in the sky pyramidy type thing it's not affiliate marketing is a product owner or a business going to Someone Like You and saying hey if you sell this product we are going to give you commission Amazon has an affiliate program there's lots of influencer affiliate programs Google has affiliate programs you name it most of the stores that you visit have affiliate programs so once we understand that we need to understand how that works bamboo publishing says my grandma still uses the Yellow Pages she sits on them to to see over the steering wheel well I'm not that far off luckily my car has power seats but if it didn't I would probably be in the same boat there so we're looking at this and we're understanding exactly okay affiliate marketing is something that works really really well okay we are going to promote stuff and we're going to look at how affiliate marketing works now I've got other videos where we talk about offer Vault where you could get paid per sale per click per lead different things like that now what we need to do is we need to take a look and say well how are these people getting paid how are they making money and when we start to understand this and say hey now I know where the sites are like imagine if you were here on this training today and I showed you a guaranteed way whenever you want to go and find profitable sites that you can glean from and find niches how many of you guys think that this would be worthwhile you're like hey if I spend 90 minutes or an hour here with you today and you teach me how to go out there and find profitable sites at the drop of a hat I think this would be an hour or an hour and a half well spent if you think that's the case smash the like button so that I know to teach you that strategy very important because I think if you get this you can't un-get it right there's certain things in life where if you get it you don't it doesn't go away right I know certain things that make me a lot of money and it doesn't go away it's still there and and that's what we're going to look at so let's take a look at this and understand what's going on now some of the sites that we looked at which a lot of other people talk about are like wire cutter the Points Guy and different things like this but what we need to do is we need to find stuff that's kind of off the beaten path and the way that we're going to do that is by looking at a list that I came up with here okay now the estimated earnings I'm not sure how accurate they are like some of them are very accurate some of them I don't know like this one here estimated early earning 7 billion it was sold for 7 billion so we know it was worth that and guess what ladies and gentlemen Credit Karma is an affiliate marketing website so when people come there and say oh well you know does affiliate marketing work well it it does work for Credit Karma because what are they doing they basically have a a software okay this is a little bit more robust but I'm going to show you how to do it in an easy way they have a software that checks your credit and all that fancy stuff okay they offer that software or the credit check rather for free okay so somehow they got an API and they're able to scrape data and and put this together in a safe way that people can use okay great wonderful now how are they able to offer this for free a lot of people don't realize this a lot of people think that oh Credit Karma is just a friendly guy that wants to help you out and give you recommendations and credit score how kind of them how wonderful but that's actually not the case at all in fact if you look up some of credit Karma's lawsuits you'll see that they actually have a little bit of aggressive and Sly ways of marketing one of them was the idea of hey this credit card has 100 percent approval odds and later they found out that that was actually an affiliate marketing link which was cleverly disguised which is why we're going back to looking at the old yellow pages from the 1800s or I think this was more white pages than Yellow Pages although they're kind of old maybe there was a smoker that made them uh Yellow Pages but at any rate we went out there and we started to understand okay what happened here is there was a thing called advertorials and they would make an ad and basically these advertorials were so effective that the government and the regulatory companies came out and said you need to write advertorial above it because it's so effective people think it's content in a magazine and that's what Credit Karma did is they were like oh well you know this is a hundred percent approval odds and basically they would funnel you to affiliate offers right and I know I've done this myself on my websites about gas prices and different things like that where I would promote different credit card affiliate offers and those companies would pay me 100 to 250 dollars when someone applies for a credit card right so all I do is get them to apply it doesn't matter if they get the card doesn't matter if they spend money I just get the 100 to 200 just for getting them in there right so very simple and these companies like Amex and all these are are making this work and lots of people are getting lots of money now while you might be sitting there saying well you know this Guru said this or I don't believe that or I don't believe this that is irrelevant because what we need to do is look at the fact that websites like the Points Guy are making money with these offers and and not just money but we're talking some of these sites are making hundreds of millions of dollars a year okay and and here's the cool thing the playing field is leveled right we don't have to worry about like oh I need to go set up a high-rise building and get a thousand employees what we need to do is go through and set something up that's going to work what if I could take a look at this right we go to the point sky and we say okay well what what does he rank for how is he getting traffic okay well let's take a look here he is getting traffic if we were to use this keyword tool again I'll have a link download the notes and we'll have links to all this stuff on the notes for you okay so we see here uh hotels with a water park Royal Caribbean ship class best cruise to Alaska these are all things that he ranks for now notice down here one two three four five I think it's number six I don't know my eyes are getting older as I go along and I need bigger font but at any rate I think it's number six here we could see he ranks for chess uh Chase Sapphire preferred versus Reserve okay so this is a credit card Chase Sapphire preferred versus uh Reserve now we could see here that he actually outranks Chase so like if I search for the Chase credit card I don't get him or I don't get Chase I get him and we could see that that's how that ranks now according to the stats here this keyword Chase Sapphire preferred versus Reserve okay this keyword term in addition to my search I just did 4399 other people each and every month search for that so like four thousand people are searching for this keyword every month to find out if the credit cards are good and we start to look at this and say wait a minute so this one blog post could potentially be worth 10.

20 30 000 a month or more for one blog post and again I know this seems crazy which is why I need to say again the results are not typical implied or guaranteed the average person makes nothing but if you start to understand oh wait a minute this works now we see okay well what if I go even deeper what if I open up another keyword tool and I do something like Chase Sapphire okay this is the keyword so now we have Chase Sapphire preferred Reserve preferred benefits so now we have these keywords here right this one has a hundred and eighty nine thousand searches a month now if you look over here you can see what the advertisers are paying for it so Chase Sapphire preferred we got Chase up top Chase again then we have nerd wallet which is another site we're going to be looking at we also see that there is a YouTube video and we can see what kind of views the YouTube video is getting so this one has 53 000 views so how many of you guys you're like Marcus I saw your video on credit cards I saw that you did it as a test and I saw that it was one of your highest earning videos to date because it was about credit cards so how many of you guys are like wait a minute so this guy does a video or gal about Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and whether it's worth it they get 50 000 views and they make money exactly that's why here they have like card picks they have here's where to get the the sapphired preferred right how many of you guys are like okay I'm seeing behind the curtain I'm I'm seeing how this works here and we've only looked at a couple sites how many of you guys are getting this smash the like button if you're like okay I see where this is going I see where the money's at this is something that I can literally track here's their their page here's the keyword here's the offers here's the business making lots of money right and if you were to take a look at these and do a Google search for the points guy or whatever it is you're gonna see this is where the money is here's another one skyscanner.com skyscanner.com actually has rankings for all these terms so we see here that the estimated earning of his site the traffic value is approximately 2 million dollars a month how many of you guys are like 2 million a month I'd be happy with 2 million every 10 years right that'd be cool so if I could do one 120th of what he's doing I'd be happy right that's 200 Grand a year that's pretty cool so now we're looking at this and we're like okay check this out check this out we got keywords 1.4 million if we look at this he's ranking for cheap flights scanner flights JetBlue flights all kinds of flights now again he could go over to offer Vault and say well you know I can get some kind of flight affiliate program I could go out there and and and do flight credit cards right what kind of credit cards I know there's a American Airlines JetBlue card and and all these other things that give you flight Reward Points again what they're doing now this guy like we had Credit Karma Credit Karma was a seven billion dollar site okay you ain't gonna do that I ain't gonna do that I'm nowhere close to that not gonna happen why because I don't know how to make software that's safe I don't want the the legal attention and all the stuff with that but could I make a website or Channel just like a buddy of mine that I met a couple years ago where he talks about here's some some travel ideas travel points cards could I do that I could now Ivor says well if you build it they will come not exactly all right we're not talking about the Field of Dreams stuff here because if you were to build a post about cheap flights I I guarantee you here's a guarantee from Marcus right I guarantee you if you make a blog post about cheap flights you will not rank why it's too competitive so what we're going to have to do is we're gonna have to do a different strategy which is why I want to bring these sites up because if we can look at the strategy and see how things are working like this one here Chase Sapphire that's not as competitive okay so what we're going to do is strategy okay a lot of other gurus talk about stuff hardly anyone talks about strategy what they're going to do is they're going to teach you a tactic okay a tactic might make you 50 bucks it might make you a little bit more but the real money the stuff that's going to make you a living has to do with a strategy and guess what ladies and gentlemen it's strategies can be 100 percent reverse engineered 100 percent and I'm going to show you how to do it in this call training witty webinar thing whatever this is okay and we're going to take a look here and we're going to see okay Royal Caribbean and we see all this other stuff now when we take a look at sites like this we could go to Skyscanner we could use a hrefs if you don't have any money to get fancy keyword tools you can use the Hoth keyword tool right here where I was looking up the outdoor gear lab we could say Skype scanner sky scanner here okay now if you are going to use the free keyword tool let me give you a little tip okay step one we're gonna do some step by step here all right if you want to use this okay and the travel Point guy a friend of mine who does YouTube stuff last I talked to him about three years ago he was doing 10K a month based on my estimates I would say he's probably closer to 30 to 50 now maybe even more okay so what we're going to do here's what we're gonna do we are going to step one take list of sites that Marcus gives you okay if you're following along smash that like button that tells me you're following along step one gonna take the list of sites so let's say we go and we say okay well let's do sky scanner good what we're gonna do is we're going to find something non-competitive okay so a lot of this stuff is going to be competitive we're going to try to find something less competitive okay so maybe I can do cheap flights to New York or uh last minute flights or whatever it is okay last minute flight deals let's try this one what we're going to do is we're going to find this last minute flight deals like this okay then I am going to find a cup of coffee found it and we are going to find a less big site okay if you're using free keyword tools or you're new we want to find a less competitive site okay so like maybe CheapOair or something else I'll just drive way down to the bottom here and we're going to find a site now it's very important that you find a site that is only about flights right so travel Supermarket that's probably a little too broad I want something like um let's see what was it alternative Airlines okay this is something that I I can use alternativeairlines.com okay so this is a little bit smaller of a site and I can put this into our Hoth keyword tool and what's going to happen is I'm now going to get less competitive keywords I can build a strategy around okay so we got alternative Airlines Allegiant Airlines and we can see now it's a lot less competitive and to show you what it looks like on the competition see how Skyscanner there's very few greens okay when we go alternative Airlines we got a lot more greens okay type it in the Box Type green smash the like button if you see that that's that's basically what's going to correlate when you're using the free keyword tool and I don't know why this little guy's mad at me do you guys see that where is he there's like a little mad icon there he is see how he's mad at me I don't know what his what his deal is but I don't know maybe he doesn't like me using his keyword tool but at any rate calm down the jokes are free right and so we're going to look at this and say okay now we have something that we can use and we can get traffic using this method now when we go through and we take a look at this it's like okay I can reverse engineer this now if you guys have the money and you want to do this I would highly recommend getting a good keyword tool okay just I mean don't go out to eat twice a month and then pay for a keyword tool now this one here um we have a link too I think it's like a hundred dollars a year so it's pretty cheap is it as good as the others it takes longer to get the results but it's decent um some of them like I use a hrefs or semrush those work pretty good if you're doing this it's very important now one of the things that I did in prepping for this training is I went over to the old chat GPT and Bard and the reason I did chat GPT and Bard is because I wanted up-to-date info using Bard and I asked it to find me some websites that are making 10 million dollars a year or more with affiliate marketing and I went through and I got all kinds of different things and this is where I got my list from and so when we look at this we can take a look and say well what am I into maybe you're you know maybe you're an expert on on stuff for pregnant people for the baby gear lab or maybe you're like reviewing things or Investments or whatever it is and we can use these to kind of reverse engineer and see what's going not if I was to go outdoor gear lab okay what you're going to see is that these sites aren't super complicated it's literally just ranking for things that get traffic that's that's what it is right like we said before the Yellow Pages let me get the yellow page one here right not the old 1800s ones like I said before the Yellow Pages which probably set in your house for years right how many of you guys had one of these in your house for literally years and you didn't realize it was a money-making gold mine until it wasn't and now the internet is the money making Goldmine but if you were there back in the day and you could help people write ads for the Yellow Pages you had a pretty darn good job you could make lots of money now what we're looking at is okay now people are looking up info and things like best sunglasses for men which isn't that competitive and we're seeing exactly what works right here's something about a portable shower best electric bikes and we can start to see oh I get it now while this site is probably making millions of dollars a year maybe I could go out there and say well let's get the stuff that that maybe is a competition three or less all right let's go for stuff that's super non-competitive and then we start to look at this and say oh now I see all this stuff that they're ranking for and guess what some of the non-competitive words are the ones that are making lots of money a lot of people don't get this because they look at a big site and they say oh well you know um this is a big site it's it's huge but we don't realize that everything's broken down like I go into the grocery store where most people are like look at all this food right I go on the shelf and I'm like let me get something I need to get a prop here so you can see what I'm talking about so when I go to the grocery store I go out there and I see like something like this on the shelf right and I'm like oh hey there's some lemon pepper pretty good and I think to myself well out of this grocery store that probably makes a hundred to a hundred and twenty thousand dollars a day yes ladies and gentlemen your local grocery store is raking it in but they don't just make 120 million a year this or a day 100 120 000 a day hopefully I said that right so the local grocery store 120 000 a day they don't just make 120 Grand a day they have something like this that's probably making you know I don't know 47 a day and they times that by a bunch of products like they sell a bunch of milk and eggs and stuff like that and boom the rest is history now websites are no different here he might be selling thousand visitors a month best snowboard gloves he's getting traffic there that might make him 700 a month two thousand dollars a month how many of you guys are getting this smash the like button if you're like oh so all I would need to do is try to in the snowboard I could probably make some decent cash and we start to understand oh now I'm starting to see that this is about stuff adding up and we go through and we look at some others like creditkarma.com they started somewhere right they started just like you it was a guy who started a site he's like I want to do some something with the credit stuff and here's this idea and you can see here Credit Karma they actually have lots of like look at this reprise Financial they're literally ranking for other Financial companies wait a minute strike that tell me that again they are literally ranking for other companies so what they're doing is they're like oh hey you know what how many credit companies are there like Sapphire like the guy who's ranking for Sapphire Reserve okay that's some other company that's not something he made up that's some other company just like um right now I have a a training course with a buddy of mine and what we're doing is we're teaching people to make money with reaction videos there's a friend of mine he makes like 15 000 a month doing reaction videos and I don't get it because I don't watch reaction videos but he's making money with it and so he came out with this course and I'm like well what would be a good way to sell the course I could go out there and I could do like okay make money with reaction videos okay so nobody searches for that how about make money reaction Maybe okay 40 people search for that how about make money videos okay maybe that right and we take a look and we're like okay that's okay sixteen hundred it's a little competitive how many of you guys are like okay that that would be the obvious way to make money okay type obvious if you get it smash the like button if you're digging this okay now what I did as I said uh let's see I can see if I can spell it right I said well what if what if instead of going for the people looking up how to make money with reaction videos which is going to get me like I don't know a couple of people a month what if I ranked four each person who has a reaction video and did net worth so I said well what if I what if I wrote a post about Sniper Wolf net worth right she's a popular reaction video channel and so what I did is I said well what if I could make a little blog post and rank on Google all right how many of you guys are like okay so then you could do Sniper Wolf then you could do this other guy then you could do copy lame then you could do literally anyone and and Watch What Happens so sniperwolf net worth we were looking at keywords for make money with videos Sniper Wolf net worth gets more traffic than all of those other words combined and guess what it's the same concept they're looking for how much these people are making with reaction videos I'm like hey she makes like six million a year would you like to make money with reaction videos why don't you check this out right and we go through and it works am I not showing my screen let's see so let me show you that again right so we can see sniperwolf net worth very simple okay so we go through and we're like okay this is looking really really good and we see guess what you search Google for that term and my AI written content is actually showing up right here right how many of you guys are like oh I'm starting to get it I see how this works it's basically you're putting stuff in front of people who are searching for it in a way that is going to make money and then we take a look at these and a lot of these are doing the same thing like we saw a coupon cabin okay we see a Credit Karma and what credit karma is doing is the same thing I'm doing so instead of going for the obvious which is like best credit card four or chase whatever what they're doing is Credit Karma said what if we had a page on every bank and every financial institution in the United States or world or whatever they do what if we had that well first we'd be getting a lot of traffic because here's 22 000 people a month here's another one 12 uh two four hundred prosper um in-house Finance like how many of you guys are starting to get this you're like oh I see how it works like basically these websites are huge but they're built on little things that built them up right what we're doing and what most people try to do is they see something like this and like whoa Credit Karma is making so much money they were sold for seven billion that's insane the internet is rigged and there's no way for me to make money how many of you guys feel like that like it doesn't feel like there's a way for me to make money it feels like credit Karma's Credit Karma and there's other banks these are the king how am I going to do that I'm not going to get the King hat all right let's draw a little King hat there's the King hat he's got little fancy King hat stuff there you go bet you no other Guru drew a King hat for you I mean come on but this is what most people see and they say this is Out Of Reach I can't do this but what they don't realize is this part just didn't start up here they started down here and they said well what if we ranked for little keywords that we could rank for and maybe one of them made a hundred dollars a month maybe another one made 500 maybe in the process of finding these I hit the jackpot and get one that does 5 000 a month been there done that you guys saw the dental example in the beginning and we start to realize oh there you go then they said well now we can go for better words and better words and better stuff and here we go now we basically rank for anything related to to credit okay but what about down here where he was making fifty a hundred two hundred thousand dollars a month wait a minute that's where I could be right what about if we got rid of all the stuff that's like oh here's how to make money and we just looked at how people are actually making money how are they actually doing this because we can see exactly how this is working right and then I could say okay well let's rank for uh in-house financing dealerships interesting so we look at this uh carvana's got an ad whatever the heck this is okay um in-house so there's credit card so what is Credit Karma doing they're doing the same thing these other sites are doing what are in-house financing dealerships what are I mean how many of you guys are like okay I see it doesn't matter if I like markets or not what matters is are these working yes they are like company got sold for seven billion does doing something right and this ranking here is probably worth a lot of money if I had this ranking I could go over to offervault and I could find some affiliate offers or I could even just do AdSense or ezoic and we go through and we're like hey wait a minute so I can go here and I could do car loan okay eye lending car loan refinancing 185 dollars a lead again you don't even have to say anything you get a hundred and you don't even have to sell anything you get 184.

how many of these 184 dollars could I get from this ranking so there's 2 900 people a month looking for in-house financing dealerships now you guys want another story time uh just last week I was helping my daughter get a car and we went to the dealership and this guy was more crooked than crooked can be and we look at this this this thing hold on a second can't have background noise there um and so we go into this car dealership and this guy's so crooked and he the car says you know this is nineteen thousand dollars and we go in and he gives us the printout and all of a sudden the nineteen thousand dollars became thirty two thousand I'm like I I think your calculator is broken I don't know and you know what your old buddy Marcus has I don't care if people try to to mess with me because I can see through financing but you mess with my kids and you know you mess with the bowl and you're gonna get the horns that's what that's how that works and so we get in there and I'm like okay um here's this here's that and they have a fee get this this is a fee and it says discount plus two thousand and I don't know I don't know where you're from but where I'm from a discount means the money comes off not more money is added on right if you guys are like yeah I'm with you let me know in the comments below because some of these dealers are shadier than shade right they are just so shady it looks like it's it's dark out and so we look at this and we're like okay in-house financing dealer so I could talk about my personal experience talk about that story and then say you know the best thing to do would be apply for financing before you go to the dealer so you know what's out there ah okay I'm seeing how it works and here's one where you can apply and sign up and I get 185 so how many of those could I get with this 10 a month it's 1800 a month for most of you guys that's your mortgage I mean you think about that and you're like wait a minute this keyword could pay my mortgage and Bob says wow pay for this guy don't even get me into the Loyalty fee he wanted five grand for a loyalty fee and I'm like I'm not loyal to you I just want to buy that car he's all well next time we're going to give you a deal I'm like it's not a deal I paid for it and so we walked out of there and they were not very happy that I visited there but uh you know ended up getting her a pretty good car without all those junk fees but we look at this and we're like hey wait a minute right wait a minute we could go through and what if I do something like okay Finance dealership now I can go out there and what if all I did was make a damn good website with good info and maybe even some videos about car dealer financing how many of you guys just had a light bulb go off and you're like Marcus I get it I see how it works because then I could pivot to other stuff but starting here can make me some money and it's actually not that competitive it's not that difficult at all and so we start to understand all right I see how it works how many of you guys are like that's a that's a pretty darn good Niche that one there that's a good Niche in-house car stuff fifteen thousand searches a month it's a good Niche I think if I was to do this Niche properly I could probably make three to ten thousand dollars a month if I did it properly it's going to take some work but if I did it properly this could be something that could work really well so we're going to go ahead and look at it and say okay what are we going to do here well what we're going to do is realize that I found that Niche looking at these top affiliate sites because I know if the affiliate sites work and they they get money then I can look at it here's another one truth about cars estimated 50 million a year again I don't know if it's super accurate that was found by AI but doing some research I think it's pretty good and we can see here they are ranking for different types of cars right there you go Ford Ranger Thunderbolt that's a Ford Ranger Thunderbolt a Camaro and then all these other things best oil drain pan right and we start to realize oh wait a minute this is something that can absolutely work here's another one for pets petkeen.com this is a huge affiliate driven website and we look at this and we're like oh hey check this out we have some kind of dog for sale I don't know what what kind of dog that is I never heard of those um how much do puppy shots cost at PetSmart how many of you guys look at that and you're like that is a pretty darn good keyword because if they're interested in puppy shots I know they got a puppy and I know they want to get them all the the stuff there and so we're seeing all this you can even see the fluffy chicken there you go and we go through and we're like hey what about a keyword like this what if I went back to the Olaf Revolt where I could find affiliate offers and I did something like puppy training or even pet insurance and what you're going to realize is that we could go out there and make twenty dollars every time someone signs up for pet insurance or this one this is SOI what does that mean that means single opt-in what does that mean that means if I get all these people and I'm like hey how much are pet shots at you know PetSmart or whatever that that keyword was I could just get them here and say are you tired of paying for this stuff why don't you get pet insurance it'll save you money and if something major happens you're covered this pays ladies and gentlemen two dollars and fifty cents for what oh Marcus you know the other one paid twenty dollars isn't that but this one all you got to do is get them to put their email in you're paid when they put their email in and hit submit if they're interested in this stuff right and they are because they're interested in the the pet stuff there right and we're going there we're like oh I see exactly what's going on and that kind of keyword with two thousand now from my experience promoting single opt-in offers I usually get a 30 conversion rate so we would go and say okay and again results not typical implied or guaranteed the average person makes nothing but if we go through and we're like this over 30 equals is that the right way or thirty percent times thirty percent times thirty percent boom there we go uh so 793 okay that's cool 793 times two dollars and fifty cents per conversion let's do times would be 1900 a month how many of you guys are like 1900 bucks a month from from one ranking this is how these companies make a lot of money because there's 1900 there's another 1900 there's another 1900 and you start to realize how this stuff works in a very simple way here's another one this camel site is ranking for all kinds of things about how to track Amazon stuff right I'm like hey wait a minute so they're looking oh where I got this on so we're looking for this stuff Amazon price tracker all they do is track Amazon prices literally something I can do now are you going to be be as big as the camel site no but could you just track prices for maybe cameras or uh lighting or coffee or something like that and when you start to realize hey wait a minute that's where the money's coming from let's do pet Keen again uh with that filter off because I had that filter I want to see what their actual stuff is and we could see lots of different things there's goldfish um cane Huskies goldfish stuff and and I actually made money the Goldfish site I made money with goldfish site a pet site with dogs made one with a guinea pig site I think we had a chinchilla one but I'm not sure but we're starting to look at this and say oh I see how this works here's one for books right and you say well Mark is you know books that's Amazon's deal well why was it their deal why was why did Jeff Bezos say I want to do books because books have lots of books like if I go and I do coffee cups there's not as many coffee cups as there are different types of books if I go for lighting there's not as many lights as there are for different types of books and he said I want the traffic he went to Google he was like Hey I want to do a book about whatever okay and then he went through and got the traffic now here's one that's about books and they're promoting Audible and different things like that in Amazon books and we start to realize hey wait a minute these guys are making lots of money because of the strategy here's one minimalist Baker so if you love cooking here's where you go and what you can do is you could take a look at a site that's making a hundred million a year and you could say well maybe I could just expert in a rapist recipe I actually have a really good rapist uh recipe really good one uh there's a curry recipe and on and on we go now each of these is making a certain amount but see again most people are going to look at it as a whole and say oh you know it's just this stuff up here that's the important no this down here is what I want you to look at where did they grow Amazon you could look at oh they got trucks everywhere yeah but how did they start they started by ranking for different books that got traffic and boom there they went and what you're gonna see is that if I take this entire list which is going to be available at downloadmynotes.com we can put this into a bulk tool and I think the only one that has bulk tools is semrush nahrefs put that in here and you could literally see how these companies are making their money and you could go out there and say well what if I could be a smaller version what if I could go out there and instead a Trip Advisor maybe I'll be an expert like for me I live in Orlando maybe I can be an expert on people taking trips to Orlando I mean I know that Disney makes more than a couple of dollars I know that the other universals and the place with the whales makes more than a couple dollars what if I just made an expert site in this stuff right and that's what we did like I go out there I buy a domain like uh one theme park at a time was one we bought and then there was another one I think it was Orlando pass or something and it ranks for stuff all right what was it Orlando Orlando Pass Holder right I bought this domain because I'm like hey wait I can rank for all this stuff and what are they doing like I don't know about you but last time I went to Disneyland it's right down the road it was like a thousand dollars like I think it's a thousand dollars to look at Disney from the freeway right you look at it and they're like oh here's your bill calm down the jokes are free but if you've ever been to Disney you know that it's like Hey sir would you like to actually walk in the park that's going to be an extra 900 oh you want to go on a ride well you know that's gonna be a little bit but you start to look at this and you know these people are paying lots and lots of money and for those that are serious about making a living right if I wanted to do this what I would do is I would spend a couple thousand dollars I would get a pass to one of the places and I'd try out some hotels and I'd try out some stuff and I'd make the best Orlando site I could possibly make and if you do that right there are people that are making probably hundreds of thousands I know there's people making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month with that kind of stuff right and you start to understand oh is how it works here's another one for best products this is basically a review site now review sites are a little tough to get traffic to but this one I mean you look at this and it's like it's already getting traffic like my website ranks for this and guess how much I bought this domain for I mean and let me let me double check and I might have to go to the other computer to double check it or actually I don't know if I can let's see I don't know how long ago I bought it Orlando oh there it is cool so anyone want to take a guess how much I I bought this look at it I'm ranking number two and I haven't even set up a site yet still the GoDaddy page how many of you guys are like wait a minute wait a minute Marcus like all you got to do is say well you found that travel site here's another travel site by the way it's a bazillion dollars to go to Disney but if you use this credit card with rewards you'll get like five percent back or whatever it is or if you use this website to buy your tickets that's my affiliate link boom how many of you guys are like oh wait a minute wait a minute uh my world Ecom says can you buy a domain from auction that has great keywords and backlinks and Link them to a current domain I wouldn't do that because I mean I want to build this site up like if I bought this site and I rank for City Walk clubs City Walk pass Universal all this stuff I want to build this site up I don't want to link them so this one cost me a whopping are you are you ready for it so this site Orlando pass holder and I think uh I'll bet GoDaddy is like hey this is probably worth more let's do Go Daddy appraisal and again take the GoDaddy appraisal with a grain of salt but let's do like this see what they say it's worth so they're saying it's worth like 800 bucks and yeah that's pretty close I mean there you go pretty close stuff so I got this one here with backlinks and rankings like I literally put a site on it I'll put a site on it and it'll rank you can go and Google this in a couple of months when we put a site on it and it ranks it's got backlinks from all this stuff coupons and different things like that and all I got to do is build it up and say okay I'm going to be the best Orlando site so this one cost me a whopping thirty dollars wait what yeah and we start to look at this and say okay now it's go time now I go through I say okay TripAdvisor go in here and I say keyword or is it keyword keyword keyword there it is and I could say Orlando all right let's see what it ranks for with Orlando Mal says can you start a website from scratch absolutely all these websites were started from scratch for me personally I'm gonna get this one because one it has Orlando in the name two it only cost me thirty dollars plus the fee so it was less than 50 bucks and now I can rank right away look at this here you go how much do you think TripAdvisor makes from Orlando a lot right you look at that and you're like TripAdvisor is probably making let's look it up TripAdvisor earnings so TripAdvisor is making 1.4 billion last year 1.4 billion and guess what it is ladies and gentlemen it's a website making 1.4 billion or 1.3 or 130 million a month how much of that is coming from Orlando keywords probably quite a bit I mean here we got Orlando hundred thousand keywords 108 000 if you round up the entire site has 23 million so a decent amount is coming from Orlando stuff how many of you guys are like oh I get it mine I get it right my world says what if you find an auction site that you can build up that is parallel to a niche website you currently have does that make sense no have to build this one up have your other one and you can link up to each other if you want but it's kind of redundant like I want my Orlando one to rank for the Orlando stuff that's what I'm going to do right plain and simple I'm just going to focus on that because I know that if I have a site about Orlando travel if I was to go all in on it yes I could probably make Thirty to a hundred thousand dollars a month or maybe even more again results not typical implied or guaranteed the average person makes nothing but hey look at this list these guys are making something right we look at this list and we're like wow I could use this to find all kinds of stuff and you can see what they're ranking for here's one for investing recipes Rakuten which is formerly link share which started in 1999 as an affiliate company I've made lots of money with them a nerd wallet again started very small now he's ranking for all kinds of things and you start to understand well what if I just major in the minors this is a strategy I use all the time where I'm like I want to major in the minors well this one here like that ranking high yield savings account is like a 250 000 a month keyword maybe even more wait a minute Mark did you just say that Google keywords are worth money yeah it's like when you go into a store and you see inventory or you use your Yellow Pages right there okay each of these Pages was like back in the Yellow Page day they were like all right most of our money comes from the plumbers or whatever it is or the banks that's how it works each page is inventory each search on Google is inventory and you start to realize oh I see how this works very very simple and we go through and make it work in a very simple way and I'm like okay now I can do results for non-competitive keywords how to invest Chase Trifecta Social Security Rule and on and on we go I mean you think about this and it's like there is literally money that you're looking at that you can get in front of it's right there all you have to do is be willing to do the work be willing to look at the people who came before you and look at what they're doing here's Authority nutrition one day that was a site that didn't exist now it's a site that makes all kinds of money here's Apartment Therapy the Points Guy uh where was that one there's Credit Karma so the the biggest earning one isn't even the one with the most keywords and that's the biggest earner by far Right coupon cab and gadget review gear lab you fit small business interesting so this is about small businesses I mean like it's pretty low comp stuff there's some good stuff we can get it's all about Banks which is super expensive penny hoarder that one was sold for a hundred and four million dollars imagine having a hundred million dollar payout that'd be pretty good I'm not there yet but I've made some Millions there and you start to look at it you're like hey I see how this works and now that there's AI it can actually help you make content actually this training here a lot of it was helped with AI I didn't go out and search for all these sites I knew what I was looking for I asked the AI to get it and then I went through and made all this stuff work and you start to understand this is reverse engineerable this is something you can do now don't copy don't plagiarize do your own thing when I do the Orlando site we're going to focus on my take my experience and when you realize how this stuff works it's game over you win and if you want notes from this training downloadmynotes.com we will have a list of the websites I will put a version of this there too that you can actually use and look at the keywords and stuff like that and then I will also have in blog profit network if you're not yet a member you can go to blogprofittnetwork.com sign up it's like 37 a month which is nothing but we put all these reports and tools and you can be on a call with me every Tuesday that's right yesterday three to five you come on you ask your questions we answer you live we can take a look at your websites domains pretty much everything and we start to look at this and say hey this is cool David says why don't you retire I absolutely love this industry I love everything about it I love teaching I love making websites um and yes I don't think my wife wants me home all day every day which is why I got an office house right so it's pretty cool I actually love this it's it's uh challenging it's fun and I get to see different things and and stretch my brain and and learn about stuff which is really cool and we start to understand ah this is where it works so check out blogprofitnetwork.com check out the notes let's make some money let's have some fun look at what worked reverse engineer it build it in your own way and make some profit smash the like button if you dug this and we'll see you next time

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