I Ranked The BEST Side Hustles of 2024 ($1,200 A Day)

[Music] today I'm going to be ranking all the top side hustles one by one to show you exactly which ones actually turn a profit which ones are a complete waste of time and which ones could possibly make you rich but first I got to tell you I feel your pain back when I was first trying to make money online there was all kinds of information and confusing things that pretty much left me without hope yeah I tried everything set up websites did all the stuff they said to do but at the end of the day I wasn't making any money that's until I found out this one secret hack and don't worry I'm going to show you that hack in just a minute and you might be saying well Marcus if you're so successful and you make millions of dollars online why would you share this information with us and not just go hang out on some Island click your heels up and enjoy your life well in addition to enjoying my life I also enjoy helping people and I've found that online there is so much confusion around side hustles making money online starting a business online that it's completely overwhelming and that's why today I erected the side Hustle wall that's right over on the side hustle wall we're going to be going through some of these top side hustles from some videos you've probably seen before and we're going to be ranking these based on my strict criteria number one what is the cost to start two is it difficult or easy three how long does it take to actually see money hit your account four what is the earnings potential zero or Millions next does it have potential for passive income and lastly can this be done 100% online one of the frustrations I had when looking at a lot of these side hustles was that some of them required me to buy rental property do stock trading clean out people's garbage cans plug in scooters around my city and things that quite frankly I didn't want to do I wanted a side hustle that was 100% online that I could start today that was virtually guaranteed to put money in my pocket if I did the work yeah I wasn't afraid to do the work I knew that if it actually paid I wouldn't mind putting time and effort into the business if you feel the same way and you're tired of the hype and you're ready to do actual work type ready to work as the comments below smash a like button and get ready for a wild ride because today we're going to be ranking all the top side hustles to to show you not only which ones are easy and best to start but also which ones will actually turn a profit so if you're tired of wasting your time and money on side hustles that don't work pay close attention because we are about to uncover the truth about how to make money with an online side hustle now I got to pick all that up come on let's get started all right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show today we are going to be looking at the side hustles and giving you the truth about what it takes to turn a profit online yes if you stay here for about an hour that's how long we're going to go and you smash the like button I guarantee that this is going to be an eye openening view of the side hustle industry because let's face it things are crazy I mean you see all kinds of stuff from make $500 a day to 14,000 a week copying and pasting links to $736 a day $59 a day billions of dollars made I mean it is literally ridiculous out there and I understand if you're frustrated and you don't really know what to do this video is for you if you're struggling and you just kind of want a way to make money but you really don't you you don't know what you're doing you don't know what's going on and everything seems to be too good to be true or it seems like it's going to work and you try it and then it doesn't work this video will save you time and money now I got to warn you this video is kind of difficult to make as you can see we got our side hustle wall we got a bunch of different camera angles and we have an AI camera that's supposed to track me over to the wall and help us understand all this stuff so if you're excited about this let me know we're going to go through and look at this in a real world way so that you can understand the truth once and for all about how these side hustle works or how these side hustles work all right so let's see if we can do this together let's see if we can get this rocking and rolling I think I have this camera here which I believe will follow us over there with our wonderful uh side hustle stuff let's see here I think we just hit tracking and that there we go it is starting to track us this is fancy fancy stuff here right and then we'll put on this one as well so let's head over there uh let's see what we got going on and hopefully this will uh work really well and hopefully it'll track me up here I think if I do this it'll it'll find me right so pretty cool stuff um let's go through let's take a look at some of these side hustles and really look at what's going on now I'm going to have a lot of notes that I'm going through today um these are the notes that we're going to be taking a look at um these notes will go through and show you all the different side hustles what I think about them which one are going to make the most and what you can do to turn a profit with them now the first one we're going to look at is this one here which talks about making like $136,000 a year with Airbnb now an Airbnb side hustle is good but I mean it's going to take some money to start you need to have a property you need to get a loan there's all kinds of things you got to look at so that one we are going to put in the F column most people are not going to be able to do it if you're one of the people here and your goal is to get a side hustle that's going to turn you a profit but maybe you don't have a lot of money maybe you've seen things about online side hustles chat chpt and all these other things and you're struggling to figure out what's actually going to work for you smash that like button and let me let me know because we're going to go through these and look at them in a real world way now when we look at something like this where it says copy and paste all right we need to understand exactly what we are copying and pting pasting now I've seen some of the videos this guy puts out and a lot of them are basically copy and paste an affiliate link and spam it online on Facebook and things like that which at the end of the day what they're really doing is trying to get you to promote their program so you know if he gets a bazillion people sending his link out for his program and you get a commission at the end of the day he's the one getting rich not really uh you and and we have to understand how that works now another one we're looking at here uh is this gal puts out a lot of videos um and she talks about Amazon side hustles now as far as Amazon side hustles all right we're going to put this one in the maybe column because an Amazon side hustle can work but we need to understand the two things that it comes to when we're looking at Amazon side hustles all right so let's go over here and we're going to talk about how to follow the data and understand exactly what's going on because when we look at this here we need to understand what the data looks like because if we make datadriven decisions we can follow along and actually turn a profit okay so if we look at this I mean we got so many different side hustles here we don't know what to do and if you guys are overwhelmed with the videos let me know okay now when we look at this what we want to do is take a look at Amazon in a two-fold kind of way okay when we look at this we need to see okay does it actually work so if we were to go out there and look at an Amazon side hustle what does that mean all right there's two things one you can sell stuff on Amazon as a merchant that would be like you know uh sourcing things from AliExpress or Alibaba and selling it on Amazon now with this you're going to have to have a bunch of money to get inventory you're going to have to deal with shipping you're going to have to deal with all kinds of things even when dealing with fulfilled by Amazon and at the end of the day we need to understand how to find things that actually work how are we going to go out here and use something like jungle Scout or whatever it is and find out if the product's going to work now again this one is elusive right you could use these tools to find out what's going on but this one here's Elusive and you can see a lot of people are looking up make money Amazon money if we can spell correctly right all right so make money Amazon we can see here a lot lot of people do look this kind of stuff up but again at the end of the day there's two things we need to look at and that's what this training is about is showing you exactly what you need to know to make these work so that you can make an educated decision so when we're looking at the Amazon side hustle over here all right let's see if we can get the AI camera to find us excellent and this one here okay so when we're looking at the Amazon side hustle what we need to do is we need to understand how it is going to work in a real world way so when we're looking at Amazon okay one we have sourcing of products okay number two we are going to have affiliate okay Amazon affiliate marketing is probably easiest way to get started out of the Amazon side hustles but again you're going to have to find a niche you're going to have to understand a market you're going to need to get traffic and what you're going to understand is that when we go through all these side hustles there is a common theme that if you don't understand it you are forever going to struggle because a lot of these like this one here where it says make $736 a day posting faceless videos on YouTube okay this is great this is fine it's good A lot of people have gone out there and said okay I'm going to post some faceless videos on YouTube now one of the trends that I learned about a lot of Sid hustle videos which a lot of people don't like about my videos and that is that I don't teach very specific click here upload video put your title where it says title things like that and the reason I don't do that is because that's not the stuff that makes you money now a lot of the side hustle videos that I went through are very heavy on the teaching of click here download this upload this which in my opinion that's like $2 an hour kind of stuff now when we look at this what we need to learn is the strategy behind it now if I teach you something like okay let's go out there and let's make videos let's make faceless videos on YouTube and I teach you okay here's how to make a video here's how to do this here's how to do that but I don't teach you the actual nitty-gritty of how to get the traffic because at the end of the day if they're teaching you hey post a waterfall video put a Rain video up make a video about this this and this and just use Ai and you're going to get rich all right the nitty-gritty details are AI videos can't be monetized right a lot of AI videos will not be monetized a lot of Amazon you say okay oh I'm going to get rich as an Amazon affiliate well Amazon affiliate programs pay like 1 % to 2% for a sale which means that in order to make $100,000 a year right you're going to have to go out there if you do $100,000 a year okay 1% of that is $1,000 so if you made Amazon 100 Grand you're only going to get $1,000 which means in order to make big money you have to get big money in sales to make it work if you wanted to make a million dollars as an Amazon affiliate you're going to have to sell like a $100 million worth of stuff now the side hustles go out there they make this seem really easy and can it be well we need to take a look at the difference between simple versus easy all right easy is sit there eat chips watch TV and money flies out of the air conditioning vents that would be easy simple is a process that anyone can do even if you're struggling even if you don't understand Tech that you can get results with and when we understand these we say okay well both of these at the end of the day I need to get some traffic to make them work okay and and you can go out there and understand what's going on but you need to look at the niches and everything like that again at the end of the day what it is is affiliate marketing that's what you're doing both of these are affiliate marketing okay now this one here aptly uh is make $500 a day with affiliate marketing and she's got a little picture of uh YouTube and Tik Tok all right now this one here again this is is affiliate marketing a legitimate business well I do happen to be the affiliate marketing dude so my answer would be yes now affiliate marketing I'm going to put in the B category but I'm going to put it in the B category with an aster and that Aster is at the end of the day you need to be focused and you need to get traffic in an easy way now a lot of these videos are going to show you how to make a a video for Pinterest or Tik Tok okay if you don't know how to make a video for Pinterest or Tik Tok and you cannot figure it out on your own then you probably are going to struggle making money with this stuff all right now a lot of the videos will teach you hey here's how to you know get this program and upload this video and do these things which is fine and good but again at the end of the day it's about about traffic if you are not driving traffic that is not going to make you much money uh case in point I had a friend who um used to do videos and and I think he might still do videos and he was getting something like 50 million views a month and he came to me and he wouldn't listen to me which is you know it was kind of annoying because I know my stuff I've been doing this a long time and um he was getting 50 million visitors or views per month Mon and he was making less than ,000 a month which was like wait a minute what are you doing right you're getting all this traffic but you're not doing this in the right way so we need to understand that not all traffic is created equal and that 50 million visitors is extremely difficult to get on my entire Channel I've only had like 14 million okay I have other channels but they're in different markets but 14 million for me has made me millions of dollars okay not just with monetization but with other stuff as well so we need to understand that we need to get traffic and we need to get the right kind of traffic and what a lot of these people don't talk about is finding something and being specific and going the goal uh we're going to have a video up and coming probably next week where we are talking about celebrities and I had found this example of this company uh or this person influencer if you will and they were making content about the different Chef tools that they use so they'd be like here's the knives that Chef Ramsey uses here's the stuff that um you know guy fur uses here's the stuff that Emerald uses and all these different things and the cool thing about that was they just doubled down and they made money so when you're doing faceless videos or onf face videos or AI videos or whatever it is we need to make sure that we are focusing on a very very very specific thing and we are doing it all out we don't want to mess around we want to do this in a real world way and more importantly what we want to do is when we're looking at um these affiliate marketing niches and these YouTube niches and and faceless video niches we want to understand that the data matters right if we were to go out here and say okay well you know I'm going to do faceless videos and this is something that can work if you do faceless videos on something like Chef ramsy is that how you spell it knife knife there we go I am the world's worst speller right and when we look at this we're like okay can I go out there and do videos on these different things right chef knife or whatever uh you could even do like chef knife right and it'll probably say Emerald knife or whatever it is and you can even go into like pans and pots and recipes and things like that and when you start to understand that we are making datadriven decisions I am going to create videos about this stuff it's not that difficult to do it can be done but I think a lot of a lot of people don't understand that the key is in being direct right being direct is going to be what sets you apart from those who don't make money and even when you're looking at side hustles like maybe uh content creator or calligraphy business right we want to go through and we want to see if the demand is there calligraph Fe I don't know how to spell that one we got a bunch of tough words and we could see what these calligraphy guys are actually doing here and it's like okay what's the demand well this guy's only got 144 sales 284 300 so it looks kind of sparse right the ability to make money just do the math if you're like okay 50 sales times 300 all right what's that 1500 bucks something like that or maybe 15,000 I don't know my math brain is is a little tired today um but we start to look at that we're like okay this guy made 300 bucks is that something that is sustainable for us is it something that will work again whenever you look at these look at the data and I'm going to give you a little tip right here that I think is very important and that tip is when you're looking for a side hustle and you want to verify if it actually works you could actually go to resumé site or you go to whatever the the S hustle is so if it's faceless videos you put that there and then what you is put that with income report and you're going to get all kinds of info on does it work also looking at the data you could use the Hoth freaky word tool and you can do like resume Services right do the work and understand okay this is where the stuff is this is where the rubber meets the road are people searching yes resumé writing services 14,000 people a month customer service resume resumé writing service 5400 so here we see there is a lot of search volume which is great okay so could could I do that well well maybe I could right let's take a look and say resumé writing services maybe I could put my hat in the ring now again putting your hat in the ring is the number one problem people are going to have with side hustles when you're looking at a side Hustle the the idea that most people have is okay I'm just going to put this thing on Fiverr and tomorrow I'm going to be rich I'm going to be flooded with orders and how many of us have tried that and we're like well I put it on Fiverr and nothing happened again ladies and gentlemen that is why I am saying over here learning traffic is the big skill this is the skill we need to focus on is getting traffic if I can drive outside traffic to my resume service business well then I'm going to be way ahead of the game right but a lot of side hustle videos don't teach you this because it's not it's not pretty it's not exciting it's not make money in 5 seconds uh like this video here we have step bystep how to sell digital products and get rich Let's see if we can get a clearer view there right how to sell digital products and get rich and I will tell you uh this girl has some good videos and I would say her videos that are really good are the ones on how she built her business with Tik Tok uh which she did a long time ago um these types of videos I think get her more traffic which is why she goes for that but when we're looking at that how to start selling digital product step by step now looking at this I'm going to put this in the C column uh because again selling digital products you need to understand what type of product to make you need to make a good product right we don't want to just make junk now with that said could you make a pack of resume templates could you make a pack of this or that what can you do to make this work there are some simple products there's like plr that you could use with AI now um there's all kinds of different things that you can use but again at the end of the day what's it going to come down to it's going to come down to traffic why do digital products work good for people like her or him or even this one or this one here because they have a following right you notice a lot of their digital products are about the stuff they're teaching affiliate marketing uh business building things like that now what what's going to work for the general public is different than what's going to work for the gurus this is something very important because a lot of people go out there and they will look at advice that Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos says now okay and they'll look at that and they'll be like that is the Holy Grail of business that person is the richest person on the planet we need to listen to them and I would challenge that assumption because they're so far removed from what made them Rich that they probably don't even remember a lot of the stuff and the nitty-gritty things of the days of old and when I look at something like that like okay how did Jeff Bezos get rich he did the Amazon uh with books that's how he did it he did it with SEO and books which we teach here on this channel again that's about getting traffic and understanding this is super super super important because a lot of people are looking at the advice of these guys and some of them you know some of them have never built a business other than um you know a tutorial side hustle business kind of thing um teaching side hustles they haven't really been out there in the trenches some of them have right I know um this gal has um this gal definitely has not sure about these two but when we look at it we need to understand okay what is it that's going to help the general public you out there trying to make a living online what is going to help you what is going to make this work so that you can actually get results without worrying about all the other junk now another one here this one's kind of interesting which is making money with chat GPT now a lot of people talk about making money with chat GPT as if it's some like business in and of itself all right again making money with a tool this has to do with if you want to make money on Google Google Maps whatever and I make videos on this because they do get traffic and my goal is to help you guys understand how it works now uh this gal has actually some really good videos she's built her own business I think she was a blogger uh there we go we're on the wrong camera uh she was a blogger and stuff like that which was pretty cool and she's talking about ways to make money with chat gbt now again chat gbt is a tool right that's like okay make $5 million a minute with your Hammer okay well how you going to do that well the bab the best way you're going to do that is by going out there and getting a whole crew of people with hammers and build some houses or fences or something like that chat GPT is just a tool we are going to put that in the B strategy one because I like her videos um she's got some good videos out there but again we need to understand what is it we're going to do with chat GPT okay this is important because if you're out there looking for a side hustle you can do right now with no money to start in a super simple way let me show you how this works in a really easy way okay so if you were to go out there and say okay I am going to choose a side hustle with chat gbt okay what is chat GPT good at it's good at coding it's good at writing it's good at organizing it's good at all kinds of things so if I was to go out there and do something like blog post content or a report okay you can see here that people are doing SEO blog posts for anywhere from 10 to 15 to 60 or even $100 per post all right so we see yes there is demand here can I go out there with chat GPT and start writing blog post and make money yeah you could you can also see people are looking for Content writing right we see here content writing right like this pretty pretty good stuff here okay excellent so now we have SEO content writing and all kinds of stuff like that now we see that there is demand for this product we need to understand the demand we need to understand where these fit in the different places when it comes to making money this is this is crucial because if you don't understand the basics which we teach here all the time if you're new Smash a like button subscribe um we teach the basics all the time so that you understand hey this is how the internet works because a lot of people don't understand how it works and once you understand how it works you'll be able to see the little loopholes in the little places that you can get in and make a profit just like on Monday's video where I taught the side hustle where we are going to use AI tools to help people with the email um verification process this is something people are paying a lot of money if you're on any email list you're probably getting emails about it is a very very important thing and people are paying a lot for it and we start to understand okay this can be a side hustle that works it has the demand it's simple now when we do this I will give you a big strategy help and that strategy help is when you're going out there and looking for a side hustle you want to be very one focused okay if you're doing YouTube faceless videos okay you don't just go out there and say I'm going to make money with video a lot of people come to me and they say Marcus I want to make money online okay and this is very popular a lot of people want to do that but when we go through we need to say to oursel okay what am I going to do to do that and how am I going to make this work for me and this is super big because a lot of people will struggle when it comes to building that out right they're going to go out there and say okay well you know I'm going to do faceless videos okay great but what are you going to do them on that is more important than what you're going to do because once you refine and you say okay I'm going to do videos on how to clean a house this is your Niche this is your target how to clean a house how to clean floors how to clean the the kitchen how to clean the stove the whatever different cleaning products now you understand oh now I see a faceless YouTube channel and this is something anyone can do you get your camera you show how to clean things you don't even have to be on the camera just watch out if you have a a silver fridge cuz there might be a reflection you might have to you know tweak the camera angle to be truly faceless but then you start to understand oh now I get it and then you understand the strategy of patterning after what works a lot of people might be wondering why did I pivot and start doing videos on site hustles because they get traffic this is traffic in my Niche that people would want so we're looking at that and saying okay now I know what I'm going to do same with chat GPT what is it we're going to do with it and how's it going to work now here's another one which was about uh making money with a um graphic designer so how to make an income as a graphic designer I'm gonna put this one in the C D+ C minus area because in order to sell your services at a graphic designer what's going to happen with AI is everyone's going to be able to use it a lot of the designs are going to start to look the same people are going to realize okay it's time to go back to like the old school and have an actual graphic designer uh help help me with this so when looking at this I think that the skill level you need outweighs the amount you can make very fast and don't worry we're going to get to some side hustles that you can use in a very simple way and make it work here is one for eBay um again utilizing eBay is basically it's a traffic Source right when you look at eBay why would you use eBay and I have a friend of mine that makes a full-time living on eBay and he has for years I'm going to put the eBay one in the D category because again that's just a traffic Source okay and once you understand where all these categories go you're going to be able to pick side hustles like a champ and make tons of money if done correctly now disclaimer I know we're talking some big numbers the average person making money on or trying to make money online makes nothing let's look at the facts most people trying an online side hustle never make anything and if you can understand that and we can show you why I think that is going to help you be a lot further ahead than you were before just looking up side hustles all right here's another one which is earn $95 every 10 minutes I mean that sounds great that's like literally 700 bucks an hour or 600 bucks an hour 600 bucks an hour right so that sounds pretty good writing resumés all right now how is this going to work I'm going to put this in the D category because I think I think it's a little elusive when it comes to how it's actually going to work so let's go through and let's look at what happens in the data because the data doesn't lie s hustle videos they can lie but the data does not lie so if we were to go through and say something like let's say uh resume service okay if I was to look at resumé service and see how many people search for a resum service right here like this 14,900 and on and on we go so quite a few people I can also go over here and look for resume okay and I like the resumé one because they're not that hard to to do okay not that hard to do we need to look at it and say yes there you go 80 bucks 245 on and on we go so it's okay right like here you go th000 55,000 bucks 880,000 bucks there we go so it's that can be done now again the struggle is going to be if you're new you could see these guys have some some resumés they've built under their belt and you know for you to show up on this page might be a little difficult like this here is an ad so you could run ads on Fiverr or you could do a different strategy with like Facebook faceless YouTube videos so if I made faceless YouTube videos on how to create a resume and then I led them to my Fiverr which sold resumés that could be something that can work really good and I think understanding how to tie these together is key because there's so many things out there and I think a lot of people are confused about where do these tie in I mean I hear about you know um making cup designs on on Etsy or uh print on demand and all these other things we need to understand okay where do these fit on the grand scheme of things are they as easy and as simple as people are making them out to be so when we go through and we look at these we've gone through quite a few already let's see where's our camera are we on the right one it's not finding me let's see if it'll find me oh you know what I'm not on tracking there we go we got to hit tracking there let's see all right let's see if it'll track us over here there we go fancy stuff okay so there we go we have that there um let's take a look at the next one here and if you guys are appreciating this smash the like button these types of videos are very difficult to do because there's just so much data and I want to make sure that I I do a good job uh helping you understand these here's another one um on faceless videos make $15,000 in 60 days uh with faceless videos okay that would be nice can you do that I think eventually yeah that's not you know too far off there's lots of people who make money with videos but again you're going to have to understand um the basics of Niche marketing and how it works and a lot of people don't teach this right like how do you go out there most people out there with you know the amount of views let's look at my channel for an example I don't get a lot of views it's not huge I mean I get some we got you know a couple hundred people watching this live couple thousand that'll watch on the replay but for the most part most people getting a couple thousand views on YouTube they don't make anything now because of my monetization strategies and and what I'm doing on the back end makes a lot of money so understanding this and saying okay again it's all about the niche you can't just go out there and throw up a bunch of faceless videos and hope to get rich you need to have a strategy and if you're new here that's what we teach we are all about strategy we're all about focusing on things that actually work based on strategies that I've personally tried a lot of people comment on my thumbnails and they're like Marcus that seems outlandish my thumbnails are based on things that I can actually back up that I've done myself or things that other people have done that we're looking at and saying oh hey take a look at this one here um and again it all has to do with strategy if you have ideas ideas ideas and I have strategy I'm going to win if you have everything else but a good strategy I'm going to win even if you have persistence if you persistently do the wrong thing I'm going to win cuz I have the right strategy and learning the strategy to each of these things is absolutely crucial when we're looking at stuff like make $340 a day posting videos on Tik Tok okay again what are my videos going to be about and how am I going to monetize it okay again we need to look at the difference when it comes to making money online we need to look at the difference between traffic and money okay a lot of people get this mixed up because you're going to see when you get into the Drop Shipping stuff here see I know I have a Drop Shipping one in here somewhere let's see if we can find it uh let's see okay drop shiing oh here we go cool here it is here right we have this one which let's see if we get a closeup of it for you guys there you go this one about Drop Shipping okay uh $31,000 in Drop Shipping okay in one month so you look at that and you're like dude 31 Grand in one month and and he's got his little picture of of Shopify there right there you go and again a lot of people aren't teaching what this is for and I don't know I didn't watch this one but um a lot of people are teach aren't teaching the basics of what what is Shopify right where does it fit in the grand scheme of things all right is Shopify traffic or money okay and and understanding this is going to be key because is it traffic well a lot of people think that Shopify has a built-in traffic Source it does not it's a money Source what it is it's it's similar to PayPal right it's a way to collect money for your goods now does it have an easy shopping cart Builder that non- Tey people can use yes it does that's that's the big draw to it it's why people use it but to say make money on Shopify is to it's it's it's like saying make money on the bank it's like okay well are you yeah technically you do deposit your checks in the bank but are we making money on the bank no you're making money because you're driving traffic to an offer that's what's happening right when you're talking about Drop Shipping or print on demand or whatever it is you are making money with traffic so if you're out there and you're saying well I'm just going to set this up on Etsy or whatever and this is why people like Etsy for side hustles the reason they like Etsy is because it's kind of both if if you crack the code and you get something where Etsy will send you traffic and then you're selling it on Etsy it is both a traffic source and a money Source allinone much like YouTube YouTube can be both again I highly recommend other monetization methods other than um just ads and stuff like that but then we go and we say hey what is it is it going to be both and it can be right so some of these platforms can be both Shopify not really Shopify you got to get your own traffic okay and again a lot of these built-in traffic money makers they get really saturated cuz they're so easy um here's another one for real estate side hustles I'm going to throw that hopefully we have enough magnets here ordered a bunch of magnets for this video right so we got um real estate I think again most people are going to be priced out of that it's going to be pretty difficult here's one um let's see this one here is make uh $10,000 per month as a content creator and this gal has some really good videos out too um content creator again let's let's talk about that to make $10,000 a month as a content creator you're going to put yourself in the top probably 1% maybe even less than that of content creators is it difficult to do it takes a lot of work I will tell you that right I'm a content creator it takes a lot of work especially with me now some people for me I'm very particular about my videos I want to make sure that I always give you stuff that's ethical uh that actually works something that you can use I I I put a lot of work into my videos um unfortunately some side hustle videos don't put that much work into it um but hey you know what they're probably uh making a good good bit of money but um again it's up to your personal stuff my my say is let's always be ethical let's always be upfront you don't have to be Shady or or sinc nationalized to make money right you can make money and cool like cleaning the floor you're like hey I found this thing that makes the the floor shiny or whatever um but as far as making money um $10,000 a month as a content creator it's going to take a lot of work now is this one that does passive income yes I'm going to put content creator over here but again we're going to put an aster bu it because it is it is going to take work it is going to take effort but at the end of the day it can be passive and it can make a lot more than $10,000 a month um again you need to learn the strategy it's more about strategy than it is the idea a lot of people get wrapped up in the idea and it's like the idea isn't really going to do a whole lot for you here's another one get paid to send emails $30 per email mean you look at that and you're like dude I sent an email to grandma yesterday where's my 30 bucks right and you're like wait a minute how does this actually work well what this is talking about is affiliate marketing through email okay is it hard to build a mailing list and do that no not really um are you going to get $30 an email well that depends I mean you know some people send a million emails and make 50 bucks they're called spammers don't do that some people uh you know make maybe if you had a really cultivated email list of people that are interested in a high ticket product ethical High ticket product more about that in a little bit um there are a lot of high ticket products that you can sell as an affiliate that are very shady be careful of it uh there was one years ago with the mob my online business Empire and uh it was a pyramid scheme I saw it was a pyramid scheme people wanted me to promote it and I'm like not with a 10-ft pole case in point they got shut down a couple years later could you have made a lot of money promoting that probably would you be able to sleep at night I wouldn't um but it's up to you so with this one getting paid to build a mailing list Ma I'm going to put this in the a category but we're going to put an aster because we're going to do it my way um a lot of people you know when you look at these side hustles they're going to teach you half truths and and they're going to leave stuff out uh when we do it our way we're going to say okay what are we going to do to C cultivate that email list maybe maybe what I could do is the example of all right maybe I will take and make Facebook video or YouTube videos or whatever about resumés okay it's going to be big because a lot of people are probably going to be downsized due to AI doing their job okay and if you were to make videos on hey here's how to get out there and and put your resume out there and you build a good following let's say you get uh you know 10,000 views a month on your resume videos that's not too difficult to do of those 10,000 you can probably get 1,000 on an email list if you do a really good job of helping them like I'm talking actually email them personally and be like hey how can I help you with your resume focus on helping I did this back um in 2021 when I was a little worried about where business was going as everyone was and in 2021 I started doing this in a real world way and I said well what if I just got on a call with some of my students and so I said look you can get on a call with me it's $97 and if you don't like the call I'll give you your 97 bucks back if you like the call then you can order something else and I'll apply the 97 to it either way you're out nothing I spend time with you we had a 90% upgrade rate at over $1,000 90% of the people I talk to personally upgraded for more than $1,000 and so now we look at that we're like oh that's where you can get the $30 an email that's where that number will come from but you need to focus on the niche you need to focus on um how it's going to work maybe right now like the example I did for the S hustle video Monday maybe you can help people with email stuff right A lot of people don't know what's going on and it's going to be huge and with email marketing things are changing big time time I'm talking more than I've seen in 23 years of doing internet business and with this you can do webinars you can do a private email and say Hey you send me your your link and I will check it to make sure your stuff is right and if it's not right I'll help you with it and the key is help first help them out right the money is going to be in the numbers if you do it right um very cool now a lot of people are like well I don't want to do the Personal Touch I just want to get paid $30 to email whoever right and it's like that's see yeah that's not going to happen that's why we have our asri here but if you understand how email marketing works and how cultivating a business works then yes you can build this and you could probably get paid more than $30 for every person that's on your list if done correctly again results not typical obler guaranteed there are no guarantees most people trying to make money online make nothing let's take a look at another one here uh this one touts it as passive income how I started print on demand passive income how I started print on demand now this one here I know this guy's got a lot of videos I I've seen a couple of them they were all right um this one here he's talking about print on demand now print on demand as a side hustle we're going to put in the c c minus area okay but as a business structure again what is print on demand well let's go back over here print on demand is a money source so what we have again I I'll write it in a different way maybe you'll you'll get it a little bit different we'll put traffic versus offer okay the traffic is how you get the people are they watching videos are you doing Tik Tok are you getting emails what are you doing to get the people the offer is what are you going to give them okay so what's happening with print on demand is a lot of people are leading with the offer hey you know what if you put a cactus on a cup you're going to get rich how many guys have seen that video get rich with the cacti Cup right whatever it is and maybe some people got lucky with it maybe it did work but I have a better strategy for you and that is to focus on the traffic first this is the heart of online business and affiliate marketing this is what Oprah did right Oprah really never had her own product I mean she's had books and things but as far as like a course or her own product like her own you know whatever she has some don't get me wrong but how did she build her business by talking about other stuff so she was the traffic Source she was like hey come watch my show and I'll give you this and I'll give you that great wonderful okay but at the end of the day she was pointing to other products like look at it go look at books that Oprah recommended they're probably still bestsellers right Industries have been created like she was responsible for making the secret movie The phenomenon it is terrible but it is a phenomenon I'm not a fan of that movie um but we look at this we're like okay it is the traffic Source Oprah has a traffic source which means she can write her own billion dooll check because she knows how to get people there so what if instead of just saying hey I'm going to do print on demand because some guy said make a cactus cup what if I said instead I'm going to do a traffic Source oh wait a minute so I can pair this with a faceless YouTube channel yeah make a faceless YouTube channel case in point right now I have a YouTube channel in the alcohol recovery Niche okay I'm very delicate about what I promote in that one because it's a delicate market and I myself being an alcoholic uh recovered uh almost 10 years now I I I know that that's a delicate Niche however if I wanted to do print on demand I could take some of the quotes that we talk about on that channel I can put them on cups t-shirts open a print on demand store send the people from those videos over to that that'll work or you want to do it faceless you can do a video about the top AA quotes or the top quotes of self-help or whatever it is obviously make sure you have the rights if you're going to put this stuff on a cup which usually is okay um but if you understand oh I get it so so the actual cup is the monetization but I need to get traffic still okay now you can hope that Etsy will promote it you're you're doing hope marketing we're not hope marketers we're strategy marketers and when you understand oh that's where that fits in I get that so traffic money where does it fit when I look at a side hustle where does it fit when I did the one about using Google Maps to make money video that did really well Google Maps was the traffic method the offers were affiliate offers and now when we understand that it it works in a real world way and you can make it happen here's another one voices.com how to do voiceover work this one's going to get a lot more difficult now that we have ai um because I mean I can go get a an AI voice for $100 a month and I can make as many as I want that one I'm going to put in a d category because most people don't want to use their own voice um can it be done if you have a good voice can you be a voiceover actor absolutely absolutely uh let's take a look at another one this is one that people are going nuts about it's a buzzword and what you're going to find out is your old buddy Marcus even though you can't see the gray hairs very well I've been around a long time I've seen a lot of things and when you're around a long time and you see a lot of things you hear a lot of buzzwords and you realize that there nothing more than overinflated words that explain the same exact thing that's been going on since the dawn of time and when we start to understand okay something like this oo ghost Commerce what is ghost Commerce I mean come on I've heard about Shopify I've heard about Drop Shipping but Marcus I ain't never heard about ghost Commerce well ghost Commerce is basically Drop Shipping SL drop servicing it comes from the idea and the buzzword comes from Ghost kitchens about a year ago I did a video uh my assistant Lauren helped me with it uh making that one and uh it was about Mr Beast Burger which is got all kinds of lawsuits and stuff right now and the idea behind Mr Beast Burger was you have a celebrity like Mr Beast he says we're going to make some hamburgers the way I like them and we're going to start a store dude made millions of dollars selling them but guess what Mr Beast didn't have a kitchen he didn't cook the hamburgers he didn't even run the show what it was what's called a ghost kitchen a ghost kitchen is a commercial kitchen that prepares things for like 20 different outlets right they'll be like hey today we're going to do the Mr Beast and the pizza and this and that and Guy fur's chicken and whatever and they ship it via door Dash or whatever it is you can't actually go there and eat but they do a what's called a ghost kitchen you don't know the kitchen exists but they're preparing the food that you bought on the website um same kind of thing with drop servicing now drop servicing is one I have not heard yet on this list it's probably the most similar one is probably this ghost Commerce drop servicing is extremely extremely profitable drop servicing is similar to drop shipping only you guessed it it's a service right so I would go out there I would sell people right now we have a lot of people in my blog profit Network that are starting to do this with our content business uh I have a Content business where we charge uh $20 per piece of content and we make it with AI and people it's human uh human directed Ai and a lot of people are buying content from us selling it to customers at a bigger charge and pocketing the difference that would be an example of drop servicing I have several people uh who are doing that regularly and they do very well with it why because my price on the content is low enough to where it will work years ago when I first started my business we would do this with SEO pages I would sell the customer on a Content strategy I would do the strategy that was my part I would Outsource the create creation of the content which was someone else I pocket the difference it works really really really well um and when you get big enough you can actually do this on your own with your own outsourcers cut out the middleman keep all the profit uh which works in a really good way we're doing this right now with uh AI videos which our video creation person just came in here that's why you heard the door um she makes the AI videos for us in a really good way and she's teaching our outsourcers how to do it as well and the cool thing about this is you know when you go out there and you look at uh what's available again we need to look at the data and understand the data so if I was to go out here and take a look at uh what is available right I could go here and do something like um explainer video or video or something like that right and when you look at video here we could see okay they're going to make you three Tik Tok video ads in 24 hours for 50 bucks all right a Tik Tok video adds like 60 seconds so you know you can theoretically like the the thumbnail on that one would say make $50 every three minutes or something or however long it takes half hour or whatever um here's another one create a brand video for 245 video ad 310 uh presenter explainer video and on and on we go so we could see that these these are in high demand now um again with mine our price is pretty good on them and we're making a profit still uh which is cool and then we can do like okay uh video creation and a lot of these are going to get really popular because you know the sites like in video or pictur they're good but they're not like it's not something I just go put out there and when people are telling you get pictory or in video and you're going to get rich um those videos probably aren't going to cut the mustard they're not going to do what you think they're that that they're they're going to do um now can you do this on Fiverr and and build a business drop servicing skills and things like that yeah you can now again you're probably going to have to go out there and get a camera that Zooms in on you right um and and and learn editing or learn AI or learn Outsourcing or something like that but it is something that can absolutely be done and it can be profitable and I think when you start to understand the difference between side hustles that work and side hustles that don't this is really going to give you a leg up because you need to be asking yourself okay when I'm looking at the side hustle which part of the equation is it on is it on the traffic or the money right so um genius ways to make money with chat gbt okay chat gbt can be it could be kind of both but with work right so like Etsy I could list something on there it's going to give me traffic if done right chat gbt I need to make something right so am I making that something for getting traffic or for money okay if I'm selling it maybe I can do content or resumes or whatever the traffic part maybe I'm using it to help me create a video to get traffic to that or looking at something like affiliate marketing videos okay affiliate marketing videos again what's happening here I don't know if I can flip this over I think we paid for the fancy whiteboard but I don't know I might not things over here we will try to flip this or maybe we'll just get this other uh board over here but when we're looking at this we need to understand exactly where these things fit and say okay um am I going to use the built-in traffic am I going to uh make this into work and and what's happening here is you are looking at with the side hustles right here's your water you are literally looking at the tip of the iceberg okay there 's a lot of stuff down here that makes it work or actually makes it work better and when we understand how these work in a real world way uh then things start to change for us and we're like oh hey this is something that I can do um another one here which I really love is this one uh start a blog and make money a lot of people underrate blogging I think blogging is one of the easiest fastest ways to make money when done correctly uh this is something that we do all the time in our high ticket Niche program where we go through and we we help people build a Blog right now we're building one up for uh colleges in Southern California I got this domain name for 500 bucks we're going to build it out upsell it and and help someone make this in a really World way because can you make money talking about different colleges in Southern California yeah like the student don't loan the college industry is huge uh someone's talking about the Emojis right when we went through emojis check out Emoji edit.com that's a a client of ours that um you know he made an emoji site that's that's crazy it works like crazy and it's getting so much traffic it's not even funny uh the rankings are off the chart here's another one we looked at earlier the calligraphy business uh to see if that's there I'm going to put the calligraphy business because you actually do have to learn calligraphy however you could probably do a calligraphy bit business with mid Journey so put that in the D another one how to turn your hobby into a travel business drop the magnet there let's say we'll use this magnet up here he's pretty happy that'll be a good one um growing into a travel business I like the idea of a travel business but again a lot of people don't understand the strategy behind how to make this work and when we're looking at all these side hustles and we're understanding where they're at um we need to understand okay what is really going on behind the scenes with an Airbnb side hustle or photography right um is that 100% online I don't think so eBay okay well what's eBay that's our traffic Source Amazon all right are we using Amazon for getting traffic and selling a a product or are we using Amazon to be an affiliate okay lots of things you can do video editor side hustle again we're going to have to learn uh email marketing ghost Commerce so when we look at these what I'm going to do is I'm going to organize these in level of what I would would recommend and what I would do um because when you look at these and again if you check out blog profit network.com we are literally changing the whole program this year to help people that want to make money online the whole idea behind blog profit network.com is you're not alone anymore if you're tired of struggling with side hustles you want someone that's going to help you and not blow leaves around apparently the uh gardeners are here um but if you want someone that's going to help you with this and you don't want to be loone anymore blog profit network is definitely the place to be and it looks like I'm on the wrong camera but we will try to get the right camera going there U but you can see that link down there so when we look at this let's take a look at what I really like so the copy and paste thing is it going to work probably not real estate Airbnb difficult over here we have um Tik Tok videos or content creator we have emails and we have a Blog so if you do these these are real legit businesses when we talk about stuff like doing surveys online and things like that those side hustles very seldom pay well um making money with chat GPT I'm going to put this in the a market but I'm going to say watch my videos on it because there's a lot of strategies that you need to focus on affiliate marketing I'm going to put that in the a strategy as well now notice how the stuff in the a Content we are looking at actual real businesses can you build passive income with affiliate marketing yeah you can last night I made money while I was sleeping I pretty much make money every night while I'm sleeping it is passive a lot of people when we talk about side hustles they they go out there and they think that passive income does not exist you hear Gary Vee and all these other gurus talking about how passive income doesn't exist yeah tell that to Jeff Bezos Elon Musk and other people that could literally disappear and they will still make a bunch of money right we need to look at this in a real world way and say well how does passive income work and what we need to understand is when it comes to side hustles there is a tradeoff there's a trade-off between time and money can I invest my time and get money now a lot of people want to invest an hour and get 500 bucks that's a good trade very few people will invest an hour and maybe make a dollar a day every day okay what if I could do one thing today that'll make me $1 a day every day most people won't do that because a dollar doesn't sound fun it doesn't sound great it doesn't make a good thumbnail right if I made a thumbnail that says do this and get a dollar a day every day nobody's going to click on it nobody cares they want the sensationalized $500 a day doing nothing but the fact of the matter is is while you're out there trying to make $500 doing nothing I'm secretly setting up little things that make me a dollar $2 $10 or even $100 a day and that's the kind of stuff we teach in blog profit Network where you're going to go through and if you want it done for you you can go to high tiet nit.com but we're teaching this in a way that it's not hard to do it just takes persistence strategy and you got to stick to it right having the right strategy and knowing what to do is key knowing what videos to make knowing what content to put out there knowing what to use chat GPT for knowing how to build on stuff you did on Fiverr over and over and over again knowing that if you're looking at a side hustle we need to look at it for the long haul because I don't just want a side hustle I want a business and I think a lot of you guys to too I think a lot of people looking at side hus is like okay am I G to do Uber do you want to do you really want to do that do you really want to clean out people's trash cans I mean maybe you could turn that into a business later um but that's not really something that I'm interested in doing what I want is something I can do 100% online that doesn't take a lot of money doesn't take a lot of really really hard work and effort but I can get the best bang for my buck what is it that's going to get me the best bang for my buck is it going out there and putting a thousand things on red bubble maybe maybe not what is red bubble red bubble is a money method right it's a place to sell things can it give you traffic it can but again there's a lot of people on red bubble that's a lot of traffic spread out and you know it's been out a while the top guys are going to get the top traffic that's just a fact and we start to understand okay I need to look at these in a very very specific way um going out there saying okay what am I going to look at for traffic versus offer how do I get away from things like oh hey here's all these side hustles that are guaranteed to work $700 a day $500 a day how do I look at things that are actually going to make money for me and again I would point you to looking at let see here looking at the data the data will will not lie and if you know how to look at data properly as see here come on over here little camera there we go um when you look at the data properly we could say okay yeah what are people doing on Fiverr what are is there traffic on Etsy does this stuff work um how do I sell a $155,000 bar or whatever it is on Etsy right how do I make this work in a real world way looking at your tools saying okay what are people searching for what does the competition look like instead of rather than just looking at you know getting paid per email or tur the dollar into zero into 4,000 or whatever um can it be done yeah a lot of these things can be done but what we have to watch out for is look a lot of times the stories you will see are luck hey I set this up I got the traffic bada bing bada bang they try to teach it but it's not something that can be duplicated we need to look at something that can be duplicated and replicated and if you notice is in the list over here let's see are we still tracking I think we're still tracking hopefully in the list in the a column these are things that can be duplicated can you go out there and get a niche let see there we go can you go out there and get a niche with chachy BT and make it work yes that's something that's duplicatable it's something that's scalable can you do that with um being a content creator yes it's scalable anyone can do that there's so many niches out there it can be done can everyone make a cactus cup on Etsy and make a million dollars no there's not that many people buying Cactus cups I'm sorry to break it to you it's not that popular um can one guy get rich with it and probably get lucky and then start a Channel about it because the luck ran out yeah they probably can but we want to look at this and say okay well maybe maybe this um affiliate marketing videos could that work could I review products yes you can do that there's something right now as a side hustle a lot of people are doing where they will review Amazon products on Amazon there's a there's a program out there we'll put in the notes over at download myn notes.com where um you can go on Amazon and use the Amazon uh I don't know if it's the influencer program or product review one where you could review products on the actual product page and get a cut if they order because of your review that's pretty cool right how of us have a bunch of stuff from Amazon in our house that we can use that for that's something that could work but again I would say go out there and have a bigger plan have a bigger plan to you know you're making the videos anyway might as well make a YouTube might as well build a niche site out of it might as well do this this and this Tik Tok whatever it is and if you understand oh hey I can duplicate my efforts and I can build something that actually works then you'll be able to make a side hustle on a very good straight decision and what you have to ask yourself is the side hustle I'm looking for is it a job right do I want a job okay what is a job a job is where you do work in direct correlation for money you get come work here you get x amount per hour that's a job okay or do I want a business a business is where you could start getting into something where you're going to have passive income and you're going to start to build and grow over time and when we look at this we've talked about a lot of things here like the um the incense waterfall business that we set up where it's like hey that's something you can get traffic over and over again the problem is is the videos that I watch about side hustles most the videos are going to tell you hey just put a couple videos up and you'll be rich okay well if I wanted to make $10,000 a month with the incense waterfall business I'm probably going to need eventually a thousand videos on my channel some will work good some will fall flat but at the end of the day can I do a th000 videos yeah is it going to cost money I might have to buy the incense waterfalls so yeah but I mean we bought what 80 different waterfalls and I think it was right around $1,000 or something like that so it can be done but you need to look at it strategically and with a level head and if you're tired of being alone and struggling in the side hustle World check out blog profit network.com we have a call every Tuesday where we help you guys out and you can bring a side hustle and say how would you do this and I'll tell you how I do it and I'd show you exactly what to do those are some of the most valuable calls that are out there in the affiliate marketing world because we're just we're just trying to help you out it's super inexpensive and it'll get you the stuff now if you want the notes from this video make sure you check out download my notes.com you can get all the notes and the rankings that we had we'll take a picture of the Whiteboard there and show you how that works as well but I would say if you're looking for a truly legit side hustle that you want to make money with start to put these in categories when you watch a video about make bazillion dollars with a cup whatever right put that in the category is it traffic or are they teaching you the money stuff and if they're teaching the money stuff are they teaching you conversion because we need these things to convert I can't just have a page with a cup on it and expect people to get rich however if I had a page with the order button on it that's all I need I don't even need Shopify put the cup put a PayPal there you go or link them to your your Etsy where the cup is or your red bubble or whatever it is and you start to realize okay now what so I got the cup now what now I need to make content for the cup all right maybe I could do X Y and Z uh case in point this gal's videoos here um again if you watch hers she got some interesting stuff I think it gets a little repetitive but there is some good stuff here um she talks about how she did her um I think it was like Tick Tock trinkets there like keychains and stuffed Boba te animals or something like that um and she went out there and she did that and it's like okay that's the story I want to listen to because that's something that's duplicatable that's something that can work I just find a different Niche like I read uh yesterday about a side hustle where a gal made like a play pen for guinea pigs or hamsters or something like that making 400 Grand a month um like Phil says Tuesday calls are fire a lot of people that are on the Tuesday calls uh absolutely love them um I like doing them I think they're fun we just open it up for everyone and that's at blog profit network.com um I think that's probably the best place you can be um if you're looking for hey I just want to make money online and I need help um we are big Believers that you're not alone anymore you don't have to struggle you don't have to watch countless videos trying to do it yourself you can get in there and get the help that you need um very important but when we start to understand hey this isn't that hard to do like it's not I think the problem with side hustle videos is they're confusing people it's like hey what about this what about that okay well we need to come back down to earth and we need to teach the basics of marketing what are the basics of marketing let's see if we can do this here I'm going to attempt to do this if my whiteboard Falls I apologize but we're going to try to flip the Whiteboard over here and see if it'll work let's see I got this fancy whiteboard just for this video so let's let let's hope it works properly a lot of people think internet marketing is glit and glamour but you know some of it is making whiteboards flip over hey there we go what do you know we did it with no injuries that that's that's definitely a plus all right let's see here so now we have our our whiteboard here and let's see put it back in the spot it was in how we looking all right so what we need to look at here is understanding where this stuff Falls in and what we're going to do if we want to make a business okay if we want to make a business I need to go out there and I say okay what am I going to do well first of all I need to get people traffic okay how are we going to get traffic well that's going to be your faceless YouTube that's going to be your regular YouTube that's going to be your Tik Tok that's going to be your email marketing that's going to be your solo ads that's going to be blogging that's going to be pay-per-click marketing that's going to be all this stuff okay now over here if I look at this and I say now I need the money all right the money now in order to do this properly what you need is you need a direction let's see if we can get this over here so you guys can zoom in a little little what we need to do this properly is Direction okay what is your direction going to be when we look at our high ticket Niche program which a lot of my students go through what we're doing is we're trying to give you a Direction so you can stick with it information overload struggling and floundering to make money online is because you have no Direction but once I say like a gal who came to us I said here's one about um feeding kids right it was about uh how to how to take care of your newborn and stuff like that okay very good site bought the site built it up for now she knows hey now I just go out there yeah I could use chat GPT to make some content about this I could go out there and I can make videos Tik toks I can make a Facebook group whatever it is or uh the one that we did recently for wp.com or even for a podcast and Matt got the podcast one right podcast pontifications which had a bunch of rankings in Google about podcasts and I'm like dude all you have to do is point them to hosting and podcast services and you can make money is it guaranteed of course not nothing in life is guaranteed but this site just so happens to have like 3,000 rankings in Google I think we'll be able to make something happen right or uh the one about formula baby formula um stuff like that okay lots and lots of different sites that we build and sadly most people do nothing like I I look at them I look at the sites that we build a year later two years later people haven't even logged into them hey I can't help that I can only show you what to do give you the stuff and lead you on your way it does take work but if you were to have a blog or a website that already ranks that's getting stuff happening like yesterday uh we were looking at the one for college in SoCal okay and let me show you what it look looks like so if I go over here and we look at colleges in let's see here there we go and we look at the colleges in Southern California one let's see where do we go right here like this so if we do let's just do ahfs because I know I have it in there and we look at something like colleges in Southern California or stuff stuff like that have you abandoned smash the like button you can smash the like button if you want we're not stopping yet if you think this is worthy of a like let me know by hting the like button um but if we go over here and we do like Matt's podcast pontifications right this is a domain um he got with as part of our high ticket Niche with uh the content on it and when you look at keyword so what we're going to do is we're going to go keywords go USA and we're going to go like uh six months ago so we had let's do USA 1500 ranking six months ago we're buying these domains we're building them back up and making them rank for stuff but if you do like um how to sell a podcast okay that's buyer Stuff how to sell a podcast um can I play music on my podcast that'd be perfect for an affiliate for like uh story blocks where they give you music that's that's ready to go uh Nicholas says how do I find a domain name that's ranking with keywords we have some videos on domaining um a lot of good videos here on domaining where we talk about that um like this one I got uh at GoDaddy auctions uh the one that we talked about yesterday for colleges let a colleges in SoCal colleges colleges there we go if I went to college I might actually know how to spell college but I didn't so we digress but we could see here colleges in Southern California look at this domain I mean this thing is a Zinger and it ranks for colleges in Southern California Southern California colleges and this is the kind of stuff where look at the cost per click 147 147 341 some of these like for student loan loans are absurd in in profit and so we look at this and we're like wow this is something that can work and this is something where if you were to go to uh domains.

blogr you could see this is where we sell them all and show people how to make them work and it's it's so simple and straightforward again is it 100% guaranteed of course not you got to do the work you got to make it happen you got to be willing to take the effort but I think like if you look at it okay that's a domain that is worth its weight and gold it's got the rankings all we do is build up the content make it work and look at the competition this thing's ranking for ones that are that are um crazy competitive yet it's still ranking which is key again so what is this well this again is traffic right so this is traffic what am I going to do I'm going to use podcast pontifications I'm going to use this other stuff uh to do traffic okay then I got to do sales how am I going to make make money well if I had a pen that would probably help let's see hopefully you don't get too dizzy we'll go slowly reach the pen there we go all right um for colleges I could do student loans I could do uh edu offers where they apply uh to join a college um the formula one I can do all kinds of you know what to do for your newborn and stuff like that or a podcast I mean you got hosting you got podcast services P City you got um how to make money ClickBank all kinds of stuff or think about this okay if you're going to do meditation videos on YouTube okay great wonderful you need a strategy that's what we teach you blog profit network uh High ticket itches we teach you the strategy once you get the strategy what are you going to sell them well maybe I can find some meditation stuff on uh ClickBank or um JV zoo or uh digistore 24 four or something like that and you start to realize oh okay now I'm starting this how many of you guys right now smash that like button and let me know are seeing this and you're like wow this is kind of a an eye opener because up until now I thought you know side hustle this side hustle that where does it all fit and what you're learning is how it fits and if you like this check out blog profit network.com so we have all this here we have all the stuff that we can sell all we got to do is put it together and when we start to understand that it all comes down to hey what we're going to do is we're going to put these side hustles in different categories that is the key when you understand everything has its place and in its place has everything right that's why we made the side hustle wall so that you can see all right what are we talking about here how does this work how are you actually going to make money and I think it all boils down to understanding what exactly you want to do with this do you want to make videos faceless videos is that something you want to do good maybe you can do that um do you want to do something that's more job oriented or something that's a business are you okay with creating content and doing blogging maybe you tried blogging in the past and you're like well you know does it actually work I struggled well you probably didn't start with one of the domains like we're talking about right you probably struggled to get traffic what we're doing is built thin traffic um maybe you're looking at digital products okay great what kind of digital product are you going to make and what for for what Niche Amazon Sid hustle that will make money okay what is that about are we going to review products on Amazon are we're going to review them on our blog what are we going to do again if you want the notes check out download notes.com we're going to have the notes for you we'll have a picture of the Whiteboard that you can take with you um on there and all kinds of cool stuff and if you're looking for a way to get help in this industry check out the links that are in the description and um we'll see you there so I hope you enjoyed this I hope it helped clear up the whole side hustle mess of an industry I think it's getting crazy even with AI there's some new side hustle video and a lot of times I I'll tell you about this story uh last year I was working with a friend of mine and he had come in here and we were watching a side hustle video and and um I was watching it and he was kind of watching it over my shoulder and he was like Hey man that sounds pretty good I'm like okay you tell me when you spot the flaw because I've been doing this a long time I can spot flaws in methods very quickly and he watched the whole video and he was like I I didn't see the flaw I said let me play it again and we got to about minute two I said let me pause it here's the flaw this guy is telling you to sell these heart custom necklaces from Alibaba on Etsy and the example Le he's using give a two-day shipping time but it's going to take you 6 months to get them from Alibaba that is not going to work also the profit margin is not going to work and when you understand and I'll tell you what spend more time learning about basic business and economics than you do about side hustles and you'll win learn marketing learn strategy okay side hustles are great but if you want to be in it to win it and you want to learn how to do this stuff in a real world way listen to that because otherwise you're going to be trying things that may or may not work and you waste your time and you waste your effort and you're alone and you don't know what to do and what we're doing is we're giving you a solid strategy we're giving you the tools to understand exactly where everything fits so that if you want to make money online you can go do that thanks for watching smash that like button check out blog profit network.com below check out those domains uh we have as well and I I will see you in the next

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