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what if you could use AI to create 70 80 even 100 YouTube shorts in a split second and Bank $99,000 a month well lately these are all the videos that have been popping up in my feed I made 70 shorts in 10 minutes how I made 90 videos with AI in just minutes tons of AI videos in 17 minutes and on and on we go and and some of these people are touting making $9,000 a month but is it actually true I mean who doesn't want to push a button on an AI dashboard and make money for doing nothing yeah it sounds a little too good to be true so I decided to put it to the test and since I've been doing affiliate marketing and making videos online for the better part of 23 years I decided to dive a little deeper and show you the real way to make good money with AI and simple little videos that you can create in minutes but first let's take a look at what the other guys are saying one of the first methods we saw was touting $9,000 a month with YouTube shorts and it looks legit because they're showing a social blade screenshot where they're making as much as $390,000 a year and yeah the videos are about daily facts and it would seem they're making lots of money however there's two glaring facts that we need to pay close attention to if we are going to make money online because making this business work is all about your strategy and if you have the wrong strategy starting off you will forever struggle in trying to get your business off the ground another video example we're going to look at took a simple little canva trick and made a template of a video that was able to spit out thousands of videos in the blink of an eye but do these actually make money I mean after all do people come to YouTube to watch AI videos tell me your thoughts in the comments below and in just a minute I'm going to show you exactly how I create legitimate videos with the help of AI to make tons and tons of money and it's actually very simple but most of these other gurus are leaving out some crucial points and in just a minute I'm going to fire up my AI software the video creator tool and show you exactly what you need to do to start making money with AI videos but first a little story back when I first started internet marketing and trying to rank on the search engines about 20002 2002 we noticed that there was a lot of junk out there these were known as content Spinners what content Spinners would do is take an article from a website spin it kind of reward it and then you'd put it on your website which was basically a glamorized form of plagiarism and because the end goal was just to get ranked on the search engines quickly Google caught on and banned all those sites like that then came along a program called traffic geyser this was supposed to get you search engine rankings by simply copying and pasting some of the stuff that was already ranking on Google again plagiarized wasn't really focused on what the end user wanted it made a lot of money really quickly but at the end of the day nobody created a real business and I'm seeing the same Trend happen again with AI only this time around Google is a lot smarter and since Google actually owns YouTube yeah I think they're going to catch on pretty quick because in my research for this video I found thousands of different videos all created with AI and one thing they all had in common they were absolute garbage information yep that's right they promised to help you with something and at the end of the day they didn't even come close leaving the viewer confused bewildered and thinking maybe YouTube's just full of a bunch of spam and this is super important because what I'm going to show you in this video is the secret hack that nobody talks about because everyone's trying to find a shortcut when in reality it's actually easier to do it the right way and a heck of a lot more profitable and when we look at YouTube channels like the example shown that does fact videos with AI they're touting over a quarter of a million views per day using nothing nothing but AI generated YouTube shorts however there's one glaring flaw and that is YouTube shorts don't pay squat yep that's right according to the analytics a YouTube short that I created in an expensive Market about web hosting that got over 107,000 views generated a whopping $7 so where this guy is talking about $9,000 a month the real number is probably closer to $600 and since he created over 4,000 videos I don't really think the time is worth the money but don't worry there's a better way and I'm going to show you that right now so smash a like button let's dive in the computer and show you exactly how this whole thing works start to finish okay so if you remember earlier I had a screenshot of a video that got over a 100,000 views now that video only made $7 here is a video I did that only got $6,000 views yet made over 100 times the revenue and we're going to ask the question why as you can see here one of my YouTube channels made over $7,600 in the last 28 days alone and it's a pretty small Channel it doesn't have that many views attached to it so what you're going to learn here is actually the profit strategy because I got to tell you most people are teaching you to do shorts they're teaching you all different kinds of things that probably aren't going to make very much money like the example we showed you earlier and just to show you that I put my money where my mouth is I actually paid to transcribe a ton of different videos about what's going on in the AI world and how to create thousands of YouTube shorts in just minutes using tools like canva and everything like that now a lot of these videos are telling you that you are going to make any where from $99,000 $10,000 a month with just 70 videos how to get work done without actually working and they're saying that you're going to get you know all kinds of money from these videos here's another one telling you to go promote digit store 24 items another one here that touts a $99,000 a month Channel and on and on we go here's one that's saying he's making over $100,000 a month now one of the things we need to pay attention to with videos like this is the fact that they're not actually talking about their own videos that they create with AI they are looking at other channels and expecting what they are going to earn now there's nothing wrong with this other than the fact that we don't really know what they're earning and if they're using short videos it's probably a lot closer to the $7 I made for the 100,000 views as opposed to getting paid lots of money for something like this one here that made almost $800 with just 16,000 views and I got to tell you getting views on YouTube isn't as easy as you might think we're not just going to click a couple of buttons and chat GPT and poof we get tons of money and Views overnight no there needs to be a strategy behind this whole system and that is what I'm going to show you right now but first let's talk about the elephant in the room and that is the crazy onslaught of tons of AI videos hitting YouTube each and every day with no real value and you can see that while some of these do actually get some views a lot of them are regurgitated rehashed information or Worse information that actually doesn't even help anyone and yes these are the same videos I paid to transcribe so I went through and looked and found that they're actually not teaching any new good information that actually works and if we were to put this in chat GPT here and say summarize this video you are going to see that it's actually very thin content and it's really not giving the information on how to make money with Google Maps or anything like that basically they're saying to go out there to Google news and plagiarize other people's content and sell it to people who buy articles which is basically yeah that's not going to work and it's not going to make you any money however these videos have popped up so much over the past few months since AI has come out that it's not even funny and that is why I told you the story in the beginning of those people trying to trick Google we don't want to do that because that is what is known as spam so instead what we are going to do is create videos based on what people search for in a real world way using AI to create these at bulk and put them out there and make money and we're going to make money in three three different ways number one the YouTube monetization Partner program this is a great way to make money however you need to realize that the amount you're paid is in direct proportion to the niche market that you're in if you're talking about how to sing to your cat that's not going to make as much money as if you're talking about credit cards and mortgages the ads on the video determine how much you're going to get paid and what determines the ads is the content of your video it's actually very simple the second way we're going to get paid is through affiliate offers and our own programs this is where you can go to ClickBank offervault or any other affiliate Network find an offer related to your content link to it in the description and get paid when people click the link and buy or do whatever it is the affiliate Network requires and this is a strategy that's made me millions of dollars over the years and number three is going to be building a mailing list and using all of the above examples if you really want to make money we want to use all three examples and actually have our own website as well I'll talk more about that in just a little bit so when we go through we need to take a look at what our formula is going to be this formula is going to help you be successful creating AI videos and creating content that people actually want to consume this is key if people aren't consuming your content then it's not going to go anywhere and you're not going to make any money however even if it's written by AI if people are enjoying it and getting value out of it then you can make tons of money so the first thing we need to do is go over and find a topic we want to make a tightnit topic that our videos are going to be around maybe we're going to go into the travel Niche weight loss workouts different types of software how to build websites whatever it is that makes money and in order to find these what we're going to do is use my trigger Word Method trigger words are words that we are going to put into the keyword tools to find out what people are interested in so we can make videos about that topic and make lots of money what we're going to do is scroll down to the main trigger word tool right here you can see that over on my website we've actually organized them by the intent and what they're about and everything like that now notice that they're not really about a specific topic it's just about something like information we don't know what type of information we just know they want a tutorial so it's going to help us find those niches where the money is at we can go through and do something like DIY if I was to go into the ahfs keyword tool or any free keyword tool you find online AHF is a paid tool however it's one I use all the time we're going to go ahead and type in the word DIY and we're going to use Google because that's where the bulk of the searches are we could see here we have diway projects Halloween deck decorations hair mask and all kinds of different things like this now I can see something very interesting which is DIY greenhouse and DIY chicken Coupe this is kind of cool we can actually go over to YouTube and see if there are videos on this topic and if those videos are actually getting views and we could see that there are lots of people looking up DIY chicken coops and things like that and we can quite simply make videos about different chicken coops and how to build them it's very simple we can do this using AI but one of the problems is is a lot of these people actually have chicken coops and they're out there filming by them so we're going to need a niche that's more AI friendly let's try the trigger word versus if we were to type verses into our keyword tool right like this you can see all kinds of different things mostly they're looking for like sports stuff however if we add other keywords maybe something like card card versus we can see passport card versus book charge card versus credit card debit card versus credit card passport versus real ID secured versus unsecured credit card now this is something we can use that actually points to a market that makes lots and lots of money and I don't think we're going to need to stand out by a chicken Coupe or even use our face or voice in this example because quite simply I can go over to YouTube and see if people are searching for something like secured versus unsecured credit card here is someone with 19,000 views we like this guy because like me he's got a banana on the wall I mean it doesn't get any better than that right we can also see some people down here with short videos 28 38,000 views 46,000 almost 300,000 and lots of these actually have quite a few views views and you might be saying but Marcus you know 26,000 22,000 views these aren't like Blockbuster Mr Beast videos with a million views a second how are you going to make any money well remember how I said that everything hinges on your Niche and how much that Niche pays well here's a little tip if we go over to spyfu which is a free tool and we type something in like secured credit card you going to see what the average advertisers are paying for this keyword right here we could see it's about $5 a click yes that's $5 yes that's $5 for one click to their website however if I did something like DIY chicken Coupe you're going to see that this one doesn't make much money at all and while this isn't an exact number of what you're going to make it does tell us that the advertisers are paying lots of money and that is who is is advertising on our videos so the chances of those ads paying a lot go up astronomically but again remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed the average person trying to make money online makes nothing however I think it's pretty obvious that if we were to take all the credit card keywords out of this list and make videos on them well then we could make some pretty good money so let's type in credit card versus here we can see we have over 9,000 different keywords with a search volume of 71,000 searches a month we have line of credit versus credit card credit versus debit card secured versus unsecured and on and on we go this is ripe for the picking for anyone to make money and it works in any Market we could do this with FHA versus this is FHA Loans again another expensive Market with lots of people searching for it we can can even do hosting versus people looking up web hosting and they're looking for all kinds of things hosting versus VPS hosting or if you're into dieting you can do Atkins versus other diets again tons and tons of traffic really easy to make content and you could see if we do keto versus Atkins even though it's only getting about 3,000 searches a month if we search that over here in YouTube you are going to see that some of these videos are getting hundreds and hundreds of thousands of views so now armed with this information all I need to do is take a keyword like this go over to chat GPT and start a new chat I'm going to say what is the intent of someone searching for and then I just copy and paste the keyword right like that it's going to go ahead and run down all the different reasons they might search for this term then the next step is where the magic happens this is where we're going to say now please write a 1,000w video script that's going to be 3 to 5 minutes just the audio parts about this term enter now it's going to write the entire script about this topic so that I can create a video like that but we're not going to stop there we're actually going to take it one step further so we can see here it did a pretty good job talking about the different types of credit cards or whatever these are and then it's going to create the video talk about the offers the requirements and all different things like that next what we're going to say now please add a table of similar types of products and it's going to go through and find different credit cards and things like that that are similar to this thing now what's very important about this is we need to use AI to get people to the things that make us money in addition to making money with ads on our videos and the way we're going to do this is by packaging something that the viewer can get from us much like in this video I have the notes over here and I also have the trigger words that we have over here and not only that but I'm going to give you some of the prompts from this video but I can't just give them to you on this video so what I do is I say go to download myn notes.com then you go on my mailing list you get all kinds of cool free stuff from me and now I get to Market to you and tell you about up andc coming videos and other things like that and hopefully sell you some stuff or get you to sign up for affiliate offers or whatever it is this is the same thing we are going to do with our video script so now we have the different table here with all the different credit cards and different things like that and then what we're going to do is say now please write a small 10c commercial about where the viewer can get a free credit guide enter so this is going to go through and show them where they can get a free credit guide and all we need to do is replace whatever this tells us with the domain name that we buy so instead of saying grab your free credit guide now I would say grab your free credit guide now at download myot notes.com it's actually very simple now all I need to do is compile this video using an AI Creator what I like to use use is the Camtasia video tool now Camtasia is a little bit more difficult because you do actually have to create the video so what we're going to do is go get an audio file from something like 11 Labs or maybe I could record it myself or even Outsource it it's actually very simple or if you're completely lazy you could use something like in video although the result I have found is not as good as creating these on my own you could also use the bulk Video Creator tool in canva as well but one thing I will mention that's very important is that if you could create a th000 videos in the click of a button with AI those videos are not going to be as good as a video you create yourself if you create the video yourself using the help of AI and maybe an outsourcer or an automated tool that is going to be a much better video and in the long run it's going to make you a lot more money and perform a lot better and the key here is to look at how our strategy works we are going to go out there and we're going to find the keywords and find our topic then we're going to make some good titles and thumbnails around what is going on so if you're doing the keto One how can you make a good video thumbnail and we can actually ask AI for help on this as well I can go ahead and take a list of these different videos I can put these into chat GPT and say please come up with a viral title like like these for the keyword Atkins versus keto and it's going to do this for me and then I can say come up with some sample thumbnails and it'll generate those as well and if you don't want to do the work yourself you can actually do this with midj journey dolly or any AI image tool and it's actually very simple so instead of creating 100 videos in 17 minutes we're going to shoot for creating maybe one or two videos every 10 or 20 minutes and we're going to work on doing a really good job in helping people out and we're going to base it on what people are searching for and if you were to go through and say okay well now let's do line of credit versus credit card and we do like this here we could see that these are getting lots and lots and lots of views again we go to chat GPT we say what is the intent of someone searching for paste keyword here so as you can see what we're doing is we're templatized a team of outsourcers to create videos on a topic I'm doing this exact same thing about it's actually based on a Pinter strategy we are using where I'm getting people into my business where I teach them how to sell things online and what we're doing is we're find all different kinds of things that they can sell online that are making money on Amazon I simply tell my outsourcer to go to Jungle Scout to find the products and then use ahrs to find out the search volume and they simply put together a video in a super simple way and as you can see here it's completely templatized the only thing that we change is the product name here and then the money the amount according to Jungle Scout how many people search for it and and the price of the product everything else is copy and paste and as you can see it created a video for us in the blink of an eye and all I need to do is go through and repeat this process on thousands of products and I will quickly be known as the guy sharing products that make lots of money and as you can see here people are watching videos on Drop Shipping products like they're going out of style some of these have millions and millions of views and all I need to do is stay the course talk about the products and boom I can make money and once we template the process we can go through and Outsource this or selfs scale it we can go over to something like onlinejobs.ph and post a job for a video creator you could see here I did the exact same thing I posted at $700 a month and I said I need someone to make templated AI video scripts and create AI videos with them so I'm actually having my outsourc create the scripts with AI create the videos use the screenshots find the products and the whole n yards the only thing I need to do because I'm a little picky is record my own voice however I could tell the outsourcer to use a text to speech AI program and create the voiceovers themselves it's actually super simple then what I want to do is make an easy duplicatable process I'm going to go through and use something like this where I can say what is the intent and then type in our line about the Thousand word video script and AI is going to go to work and make tons of these in the blink of an eye and if I wanted to do this super quick without a lot of work I could go over to something like in video go to the AI text to video link over here choose a template that looks good right like this click use template and just paste my text right in here and it'll create the video for me and you can see here it's creating the video with all the scenes and it talks about different credit card things and stuff like that now while this is a very easy way to go about it and doesn't take much work I am a big fan of doing the work yourself and making a better quality video I would rather sit down in 20 minutes and make a good video that people are actually going to enjoy consume that actually provides the information in a way that they want to watch it instead of trying to create a whole bunch of them and spam the video sites with all kinds of junk we don't want to do that what I like to do is go through and make the process as duplicatable and easy as possible make it templated so that when you go and change it from the banana phone to the crazy unicorn weapon then you could go through and make it really quickly again much like we did over here we are going to template it so we could do this with anything and right here you can see I did the same exact thing where I say there is a product on Amazon that sells for $14 called the poop emoji pillow according to Jungle Scout here's what it's making here's the searches and again since it's templated it only takes me a couple minutes to create something like this that is going to get people to watch this video they're going to be interested in seeing the crazy products that make all kinds of money in fact you can do this with any product we have Black Friday coming up and you can see that people are looking for Black Friday Amazon deals and there are people that are making tons of money on Black Friday talking about different Amazon deals and they're making tons and tons and tons of money I can even go over to chat GPT and ask it for the top sales in any category what are the top Amazon Black Friday sales categories it's going to go through and find me the categories then I say now please find 15 products in category one I can simply make a video about the top 15 Electronics products and then there we go this is something that's very very simple to do and while all your videos aren't going to be zingers what we want to do is learn and grow and build and look at how the video performs so that we can do better next time and we can understand exact exactly why people are watching what and create it with the human element and that is something that is very very important in addition to using tools like Camtasia invid canva or whatever video tool you like what we need to do is make a simple template so when you go through and you look at your video script we could say well in the beginning it shows the product so we can make something where it's like put the product here then we can have an information about the product where there's a a background of a Google search engine or whatever it is or maybe a background of Amazon and these are the kind of things you can find over at story blocks I can type in Amazon right like this and I could see all kinds of different videos that I could use in my video about Amazon and this is a kind of thing where if I download this video like this and I'm doing hundreds of videos on different Drop Shipping Amazon products I could quite simply make the template where I have text in the beginning and I say something like best Amazon Drop Shipping product right and then I can have this here add some fancy text and outline like this and again remember this is going to be the same on every single video then I could go through and drag that little Amazon clip right here like this there we go add some music to it which is going to be the same for each video and you could see here now we have Amazon and then you could talk about like Drop Shipping or whatever and have different templates so that it's very very easy to do Drop Shipping and once you have the template boom it's ready to go you can Outsource it you could pretty much do whatever you want to do here's a Drop Shipping image here and what we're going to do is we're just going to change the parts based on whatever the video is about that way we template I the process and we shrink down the editing and creation time to next to nothing once you have it built you're just dragging and dropping different images based on whatever the product is changing the audio file and boom you're ready to go but there's one other thing that we need to pay attention to that is going to make you money in the age of AI you see everyone out there is trying to Buck the system and create things at the drop of a hat with no real work effort or anything like that and everyone can do this which is leading to spam and junk and bulk content that's not really going to last for a long time however if you want to do this different what we need to do is add the secret sauce and the secret sauce is the ability to add the human element to AI because if I just go to Ai and ask it to write an article about a keyword or a topic it's not going to do the work a human would do in thinking about what a human would want to watch so what we're going to do is much like I did here where we are going to prompt it based on questions that we have about the process so as you go through be naturally curious say what are some other products like the poop emoji pillow what are some other things people buy what are some other Crazy Drop Shipping products or credit cards or Atkins diets or whatever it is and this is where you're going to make tons of money and if you want to get the notes from this video hop over to download myn notes.com and if you want to learn more about how I create videos and do search marketing that makes tons of money check out my other videos in the description

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