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today I'm going to show you a very simple way to make as much as three dollars every six minutes over and over again and it's actually extremely simple but you might be thinking Marcus does this actually work and your right to be skeptical in fact if I didn't personally use this method on my tattoo website video game website mortgage website and even some website I made about Mario Brothers then I wouldn't even believe it myself so sit back and relax because today I'm going to show you a super simple way that you can start making money online right now okay so in order to make this work and make lots of money we need to do something very simple that doesn't involve a bunch of traffic a bunch of sales setting up some elaborate website or anything like that yes this can actually be done without a website and it's super simple but what we need to do is focus on something easy so we're going to go over here to offer vault offervault is a major search engine where you can go and find different offers that pay you money when people complete certain tasks yep that's right all we got to do is get a secret link from the companies at offer Vault promote it get people to fill out forms put their email in a box download Little tools and we can get paid now when you get to offer Vault you're going to see all kinds of offers from different things that pay you fourteen hundred dollars a sale to loans and money and installments and all kinds of things so what we're going to do is we're going to sort these by the simplest offer first and to do that we're going to click on categories scroll down to email submit and this is going to give us the email submit offers these are offers where we get paid every time someone puts their email in a box to receive something usually for free so if we look down here at the bottom we can see car insurance we can see pet insurance this one down here pays two dollars and eighty cents every time someone puts their email address to get information about pet insurance and when you think of all the people who own pets this can get really lucrative really fast because quite literally all I need to do is get people to come to this page and put their email in the Box to be interested in pet insurance they don't have to buy anything they don't have to get their credit cards out all they got to do is put their email in the box and I get two dollars and eighty cents and as you can see there's all kinds of different offers and all kinds of different niches where we're getting paid for people just to put their email in a box and get something free here's one for bad credit dollar sixty on a valid email submit here's another one about a Disney cruise different surveys soap here's one that pays us two dollars and forty cents when people sign up to get free samples of baby stuff and cleaning supplies Pizza horoscopes and on and on we go another tip is to use this box here and then scroll down to CPL this is a lot like the email submit but it's called cost per lead so sometimes it'll be a little bit more info like maybe name email and phone number or name and email or something like that sometimes it'll be something big sometimes it'll be small and usually the amount you get paid is based on how big the form is so if it's just an email I might get two dollars and eighty cents if it's email name and phone number I might get like five or seven dollars here are the ones that are CPL here's one about a tiny home free baby samples groceries win a free Fitbit two dollars and forty cents on that one and on and on we go we can also type in SOI or single opt-in that means all they need to do is put their email in hit submit we get paid single opt-in very simple and again we can see all kinds of different offers that pay on a lead it's actually extremely simple and in order to make this work it's actually very easy all we need to do is go into our affiliate campaign right like this we're going to choose the offer this one here pays two dollars and forty cents you're going to notice that it has about 200 actions per day we are approved to run it as I think anyone who's part of Max Bounty can run it and all we're going to do here is scroll down we see no brand or trademark bidding so we can't bid on their brand or trademark we need to get traffic a different way what we're going to do is we're going to say what type of traffic are we sending we're going to do display or native very important we can also choose contextual because this means we're actually putting it somewhere on the web not necessarily like on a paid search engine or anything like that we're just going to put it on the web and I'm going to show you how in just a minute so what we're going to do is choose display then we're going to do raw link right like this choose our landing page and we're going to go ahead and click generate link this is our link right here so when we send people to this link to the offer and they put their email in the Box we get paid and make sure you pay attention to the little terms here it looks like this one might require a little bit more information like an actual sign up but you get the idea the link is the same for anything so here's one you can see that converts on a first page email submit that means all we got to do is get the email so we go ahead and build our tracking link the same exact way and boom Now We're Off to the Races we are going to get paid when people come here through our affiliate link and put their email in the Box to get some kind of free paid survey guide or whatever it is now you might be saying yeah Marcus but three dollars doesn't seem like all that much money however when we start to build new things this adds up very fast for example let's say you put a social media post about the pet insurance and that one makes you three dollars a day or you post a free report on Pinterest about how to take care of your dog and that gets you another three dollars a day every day or maybe you put something up on Facebook about these free samples people can get that one makes you five or six dollars a day or a post helping people save money on car insurance that one might make you ten dollars a day and over and over again this money is going to start to add up like crazy so if we're using something like this insurance one here that pays two dollars and eighty cents for an email all we need to do is get traffic of people who have pets and it's actually a lot easier than you might think in fact here is a website from one of my high ticket Niche people and don't worry you don't need a website you don't need a high ticket Niche but it does help and this guy here has all kinds of traffic and keywords ranking in Google getting daily visitors for all kinds of things about lizards and bearded dragons and all kinds of issues like that here's another high ticket Niche owner who's got over 415 keywords ranking in Google related to how to take care of your dog as you can see here he ranks for like pit bulls and can dogs eat Twinkies why would someone want to give their dog a Twinkie add on out not recommended but as you can see over 150 people each and every month are searching for this and my student is right here on the front page of Google getting traffic each and every day and as you can see each of these blog posts including some that get lots of traffic and lots of searches rank very easily in Google because all we're doing is answering the question and if you don't know that much about dogs don't worry you can find a different offer that'll work just as well maybe you're going to go out there and talk about different cleaning supplies and use that free giveaway or maybe something about how to lower your auto insurance or unemployment tips for how to get unemployment that one pays a dollar a lead and what's going to happen is each of these rankings is going to drive traffic to your website and on your website you would quite simply just have a link to that offer that pays you when they put their email in the Box you could just say something like click here to learn about pet insurance or click here to see why pet insurance is a good idea for your dog or whatever whatever it is it's actually very simple and again just to show you that this works on multiple sites here's another student of mine who got a high ticket Niche who ranks for all different things about what dogs can and cannot eat here's one for dog allergic to Turkey we could see they are ranking right here with dog allergy advisor and this post has been up since July 6 and it looks like the post is the exact same as when we gave it to them so it's still ranking and they haven't even done anything or you can post a simple YouTube video about how to take care of your dog as you can see these get tons and tons and tons of views and if you could get some of those people to go over to your website or your free post or a Facebook group and teach them about how to take care of their dog and then drive them to the link that gets pet insurance then you can make money it's actually super easy follow along here's an example I'm using on Pinterest that we just started a little bit ago and it's already getting almost 3 000 Impressions a month it's getting engagement our audience is growing and it's actually very simple I don't even post the pins myself I have someone else do it just to prove that anyone can do this and if you want to take this a step further let me show you the bridge the gap method that is going to make this seamless it's going to get versions like crazy and it's going to put a lot more money in your pocket what you're going to do is you're going to have your blog posts your YouTube videos your Facebook or your Pinterest or whatever it is you're using to get traffic and each of those posts pins or videos you're gonna say go to my website to download a free guide on how to take care of your pet or the best cleaning products to use or ways to save money on car insurance or top ways to get unemployment after you lose your job then they are going to go to your website on your website you are going to have a little picture of the guide and then a box where they can put their name and email to join your mailing list what's going to happen is these people are going to go into your aweber or whatever your autoresponder is as a lead which means you can follow up with them email them and give them other tips about whatever it is they signed up for dogs unemployment yeah you get the picture then once they put their name and email in the Box you're going to send them to the offer page that pays you the 2.80 or whatever it is thus getting you money for generating a mailing list for free so wait a minute I actually get paid to generate a mailing list which gives me more money exactly and it's actually super simple to set up I'm going to put a link in the description to a video that walks you through this entire thing now if you don't want to pay for web hosting or websites or autoresponders you can do this for free using different platforms you can use a Facebook group a simple affiliate Link in your video post or profile or you could use a link shortening service or something like linktree or just set up a free blog at one of the many free blog platforms don't let anything stop you from making money in this super simple way oops I spilled my coffee I know we simply clean the coffee right like this okay so I thought I'd give you another example to show you how simple this is those cleaning towels that I actually used are over here at ClickBank if we go into the marketplace like this and do cleaning towel right like this you can see that these Nano towels right here are on ClickBank and they actually pay twenty dollars and 64 cents per sale not only that but Affiliates are promoting it making money as we can see here from the gravity score that means over 22 Affiliates have promoted this in the last 30 days and made a sale and it says here the earnings per click meaning for every person you send to their site can be as high as three dollars and fifteen cents but wait there's more if we go over to offer Vault again and type in cleaning you can see all different types of cleaning stuff like 250 a lead for this one two dollars and fifty cents a lead for this free Mega cleaning bundle worth a hundred dollars samples Avenue free sample cleaning products here's one for the UK and on and on we go and if we use our keyword tool here we can see exactly what people are looking to clean and we can make simple little videos or tutorial images or whatever it is you don't even have to use your face you just simply show what you're cleaning and you can see here there's over 6.6 million people each and every month searching for how to clean different stuff not only that but if you search on YouTube for how to clean 3.1 million views two hundred and seven thousand 5.4 million and on and on we go People are cleaning stuff like crazy and over here on Tick Tock same kind of thing here's a lady spraying down a counter and cleaning it up 1.4 million views and this entire channel is dedicated to cleaning your house here's another one where they're cleaning a toilet and some kind of blue stuff and as you can see millions and millions of views that could be going to your link making you a dollar twenty two forty 250 or even twenty dollars to sell the cleaning towels this business is super easy don't over complicate it don't overthink it just do the work create the content and point to stuff that makes you money and a couple of quick things you're going to want to pay attention to is the guide on the offer make sure that you follow all the rules on the offer also make sure that you do the due diligence to make sure that the offer is actually legit some of the offers might be Shady or might not give people what they promise or might be straight up scams you want to watch out for those and use a trusted Network and use trusted ones that maybe you've tested yourself and actually found out that they do work as affiliate marketers it's our job to be ethical it's our job to follow the affiliate rules and it's also our job to follow the rules on whatever platform we're using whether it's Pinterest YouTube Tick Tock or whatever it is make sure you're always doing the right thing focusing on what each platform wants don't plagiarize don't copy don't lie don't do any Shady stuff just focus on helping people out and I think if you did this with cleaning or whatever it is I think you could get some really good results just by showing people how you clean different stuff and then say go over here and check out these free samples or check out these Nano towels or whatever it is it really is as simple as that you don't need to do anything else you don't need to do anything funny just follow the rules follow along and make it work and remember well I've made as much as five thousand dollars a day using this exact same method that is not a guarantee you're gonna make anything in fact the vast majority of people trying to make money online actually make nothing but if you start looking at this like an actual business following the steps and commit to not giving up I think you could probably make this work and if you appreciate this video smash the like button and check out the links in the description

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