Make $27,031 Selling Ai Mugs On Etsy – How It REALLY Works!

all right let's see here make 21 613 per month selling AI mugs on Etsy a million dollars a hundred thousand twenty five thousand in the last 30 days all right I gotta check this out make image sell on Etsy let's try the next one make image sell on Etsy that's it it's like they're deliberately leaving something out no wonder you guys aren't making any money all right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show today what we're going to do is talk about the real world method to make AI mugs using Ai and sell them on Etsy and other platforms smash the like button if you're excited about this we have a deep dive to go through because over the last couple days I have been combing through tons of these videos that are promising 300 000 a hundred thousand twenty five thousand a month here's another one forty eight thousand a month and on and on we go promising this money just for making AI mugs posting them and getting rich now a lot of you guys might have tried this method because it is pretty popular there's a lot of videos out there talking about using AI mugs on Etsy now what most of them are going to tell you is just go over to something like mid-journey over here and maybe make a cactus mug or a floral mug or something like that put it on Etsy and you know tomorrow you're going to be rich that is the promise if you've heard that promise smash a like button and if that promise has made you kind of disheartened and disillusioned about the possibility of making money online let me know in the comments below let me know uh in the chat box as well because what I want to do today is give you a real world method that actually works I want to give you something that if you do it you'll actually get results this is super important because you're going to see all kinds of stuff out there when talking about making money with patterns and AI designs and Etsy mugs and different things like that and it looks like it's really easy and for the most part A lot of it is pretty simple but easy maybe not let's take a look at this because I think this is something anyone can do if you're serious about making it work so today we are going to go through how to make money online with AI mugs on Etsy and other platforms this is the truth this is the real deal I guarantee if you watch this to the entire end at least one time through you are going to learn exactly how this works which I think is going to be better than watching you know 50 other videos that only teach you half truths or leave something out intentionally so we can see here here is one that is called amendable mugs this one has an average revenue or the revenue of three hundred and seventy eight thousand dollars now this store was started in 2016 that means it's roughly four seven years old if my math is correct it's a little early to do math but it's about seven years old if you were to divide 300 000 by seven you're gonna get approximately fifty thousand dollars a year and that doesn't even include how much it costs to ship them now keep in mind there are people doing this it can be done in a very simple way here's another one with Bluefish mugs they have 30 31 000 sales again just focusing on mugs we're going to show you how to build these we're going to show you the ins and outs of how this works there's the amendable one again and on and on we go now let's talk about how this works let's go through the real world stuff how do we get started okay very very important now Steve says whenever I see the gurus rush to give their spin on an AI project I know it's a matter of time before you give us the real deal exactly that's why you guys keep coming back here because we're going to give you the real deal actual stuff as you can see I don't even have links anywhere we are just going to give you the real world stuff the real world answers and if you like it smash the like button watch my other videos that's all I ask now first of all what we're going to do is we're going to look at how it works with the niche research if you were to go to a keyword tool like ahrefs here you would see that the word mugs and coffee mugs actually gets a lot of traffic now I went through and looked up also like coffee cup that didn't yield very many results as well at all so looking at Mugs is the key number one now we can see here a couple of outliers like um travel mugs Dugout mugs personalized uh whatever this is I think that's a town in Montana or something like that or Missoula one of those is a town in Montana and so we can see exactly how this is working and like okay we got the lay of the land we see there's about a million people a month going to Google typing in different various mugs all right great wonderful now if we were to go over here and do a search on the Etsy domain name all right so Etsy ranks for tons of stuff I'm not going to pull it up here because sometimes you get some some weird searches but we're going to look at Etsy and we're gonna isolate etsy's keywords this is the keywords that Etsy ranks for in Google right so if we were to type in like Missoula mugs Etsy is ranking number three because of that they're getting lots of traffic also custom coffee mugs cute mugs personalized Etc now what this tells us is that these mugs are actually getting traffic from Google which is off the Etsy site okay interesting keep this in mind make a note of this it's super important and smash that like button we can also see like Valentine's Ceramics and stuff like that now what we want to do is we want to keep in mind the dynamic inventory that's going on online now this is super important because what we're going to do here is we are going to look at Dynamic inventory now Dynamic inventory means that it's always constantly changing okay so it's always changing so what happens is you have people that are searching and during Valentine's Day they searched for Valentine's Day during Father's Day hint that's coming up they're going to search for Father's Day right they're going to search for all different kinds of things and this is going to drive traffic to Etsy and the sales are going to go through the roof now what's happening is everyone's relying on Etsy for their traffic which I think is a mistake in the beginning we're going to get to in just a minute but remember this term which is talking about Dynamic inventory okay I want you to write that down let's put that in a darker color so you can see it here dynamic inventory okay write that down super super important okay let's fix this light here for some reason this light likes to just do whatever it wants to do rather than what I want it to do all right so what we're going to do is we're going to look at this Dynamic uh inventory here now number two for those taking notes we're going to go through and we're going to find ideas for our mugs this isn't very important okay now when we're going to use AI to get ideas obviously we could go over to something like a ahrefs we can look up different mugs we can go to like semrush you can see what they rank for all different things like that now what we want to do is we want to make this easy right how many of you guys came here because you're like okay I've watched these other videos they didn't teach me anything and now I want the real deal like how can I make this work now what I did is I went through to chat GPT and I asked it come up with some clever designs I could use on a coffee mug that will sell well okay now what this is going to do is it's going to get your mind going in a different way because right now your mind is trained to think like the gurus which are more or less doing what everyone else is doing which is going to get a lot of competition very important so what we want to do is we want to think different so instead of just hey I'm going to put a heart on a bug and hope it sells on Valentine's Day what we're going to do is we're going to say what is something that we can specifically do maybe romantic coffee mugs for couples maybe we're going to do personalized zodiac signs and we're going to go through and look at this and say okay now this makes sense then we're going to go over to Mid Journey right like this and we're going to type something in like I did what the guru said and I I put the flowers and then I put the cactuses and the cactuses were kind of cute will they sell a bazillion of them maybe maybe not again we have to look at this in terms of what is our time spent actually worth what are we gonna get because I watched other people who were doing this stuff they were averaging two dollars an hour and they knew what they were doing so what's going to happen if there's someone that's just stumbling on this they want to side hustle whether they're going to make a penny an hour we went through we looked at the real deal here and we saw that a lot of the results were less than Stellar okay more about that in just a minute but we were going out there and I'm like okay personalized zodiac signs let's type this in we got this image here okay this is cool this is something we can put on a coffee cup and this is something where I instantly get 12 ideas 12 ideas so I go through and I'm like okay now I could go through and say something like in mid-journey you'll just do imagine and I'll do something like imagine prompt create a cool detailed graphic for the let's call it uh Gemini zodiac sign okay this is something that we could go through and we could put on a coffee mug very quick I could also do that for other science Aquarius and Libras and whatever the other ones are now what this is doing is something super important remember how over here I was talking about Dynamic inventory all right well people are looking up horoscopes pretty much every day all the time so what this is going to do is it's going to give us 12 chances 12 different categories within one category now wait a minute so instead of just guessing what Cactus I think is cute what pattern I think is going to work I could literally rig the game in my favor by just taking this and saying okay maybe I can do zodiac signs now don't worry we're going to get into some other examples as well because obviously not everyone can do zodiac signs but now what's going to happen is let's say you got 20 000 people every month searching for zodiac one okay and then zodiac two maybe that's the Libra zodiac three all right and this is going to start to add up in your Dynamic inventory is working really well now notice what we're not doing what I am not doing is trying to sell a coffee mug for the coffee Mug's sake right nobody wants a coffee mug to hold coffee they want a coffee mug to make a statement like this coffee cup here that I got which was very simple the that's what she said coffee mug or maybe this one here with the meme on it okay these people probably didn't wake up that day saying hey I really want to buy a coffee mug they went out there looking for something else and I think this is super super important okay everyone following with me Smash the like button if you are following with me now we can do the same thing with like Landscapes interactive art and what you're going to notice is that some of these are not going to be what you want like cityscape maybe maybe I could you know go out there geo-target people who live in San Francisco and and do San Francisco mugs or something like that now another one that stood out to me so we have zodiac and we have personal growth again we're going to go to mid-journey we have some pretty cool zodiac one this looks like uh Gemini right the two faces I think is what the Gemini one's about so this is fitting pretty good now I got this for free it's pretty easy we can tweak it a little bit put it on a mug and be good to go but again we're gonna have to do a little bit more leg work than that and if you're not afraid of work smash a like button if you're like Marcus I've been watching everything that says you're going to get rich overnight without doing anything I realize I gotta work I understand it's going to take a little bit of effort now we could take a look here and say maybe we're gonna go for something like personal growth quotes now this is where we're gonna get a step further and we can go to a new chat go to gpd4 or three whichever you fancy and we could type something in like come up with let's actually tight there we go come and say please please come up with 25 personal growth quotes that would work well on a coffee mug boom this is going to go through and and find those for us which you know I don't have to do it so here's one sip in the moment brew a better tomorrow growth happens one cup of a cup at a time life is a blend of challenges and growth these are actually pretty good and would probably get a good chance of selling now again putting the just putting this on a cup putting on itsy I don't think that is the best use of your time we're going to talk about how to make this work in a specific way okay very important when we look at patterns and we look at Etsy cups and things like that we have to understand how this works we have to make data driven decisions and data-driven decisions are super important when we're looking at this here's another one that's each sip is a step to your path of greatness or whatever all right so now what we would do is we go ahead and take a look at the different ones here and say okay what can we use okay very important if you want to get better images out of mid-journey you could simply hit the upscale button and that should be plenty good enough to put on a coffee mug or you can even use an upscaler there's plenty of upscalers stuff like that very simple okay then what we're going to do is we're going to go ahead and and use these things okay so we got personalized zodiac we got cute animals definitely a good one we got cityscapes we got Book Lovers right are there certain mugs for people who drink tea or coffee and read books food pairings language mugs mindfulness these are looking pretty good okay a couple of them are like I don't know if I want to do puzzle mugs I don't know if that's that popular again we're going to utilize our tools to figure out what is actually popular so I could go over here I can use everbee and say something like puzzle mug okay is that something people search for well we have a competition of three thousand which for Etsy is pretty low and we have a volume of 23.

So again we have to look at this and look at the data if 23 people are searching for it on Etsy every month chances are it's probably not selling well all right so let's let's take a look we can go over to Etsy and we can type something in like puzzle mug okay let's see if they're getting any traction here so we have king of Sudoku that's an ad ad um this guy here he's got some sales but again that's an ad here's a word search so not a ton I mean there's a couple that are not puzzle mugs like it's not an actual puzzle but it's for people who like uh puzzles and things like that okay so we look at that we're like okay that that's looking pretty interesting okay so we can look at these and do the research you want to dig in and see what's out there now the tools we're going to use are ever beat I like to use jungle Scout because if it's selling on um Amazon then that probably means it's selling somewhere else too and then I also use Allura right and we could go in type in mug we could see that the keyword mug has about 2.4 million views I believe this is monthly I believe so doesn't say but I think so um and and we could see that an average of 44 000 are being sold now this is very important okay because if you look at 44 000 mug sales a month on Etsy okay is that enough for everyone to go around right that means if there's a thousand people doing it which I know there's more than that that means you're only going to get 44 sales a month which if you look at the 90 20 rule one guy's gonna get 30 000 the rest are going to fight for the rest so we have to look at this and start to understand okay how are we going to do this how am I going to make a living because I do believe there is enough here for you to make money there's plenty here but you got to know what you're looking for and if you're ready to learn exactly what I look for smash that like button let's go through this and let's hash it out because at the end of this training I want you to say Marcus I'm glad I spent an hour hour and a half with you today because now I know what to do and it's actually extremely simple it's funny because I I have this debate with myself where I'm like okay these other people with the videos they're either being intentionally vague or they just don't know and I'm not sure which it is maybe they just don't know maybe they just haven't been doing this long enough or whatever it is so we have to understand and you need to realize that in this business you are in charge of what you learn and what you do and if you want something that's really going to work this is where it's at and we're going to take a look at this and say okay we're looking at this and saying now to use the designs again we're going to use mid-journey I'm going to use clipart or I could create my own in something like snagit or whatever it is it's the creation of it's pretty easy next in order to get the product I'm going to use printify or printful they're going to print it on demand ship it to the customer and as you can see this is what we're looking at now straight up on one of these sites they are saying that if I sell my mug for thirteen dollars my average annual profit selling 42 a day is seventy six thousand dollars now I don't know about you but sometimes it's a little difficult to sell 42 of anything a day how many of you guys are with me type 42 in the box if you're like Marcus yeah it's difficult I put Mugs Up I'm like these people and we're going to go through and we're going to look at some of these examples and we're going to show you hey what does the run-of-the-mill advice get you versus what is this real advice going to get you from someone who's actually done it now when we look at this here we could see um there was one of the stores I found I think it was digibi custom prints or something they had 3 800 sales but that was over three years another one 9.93 sales now when I looked at these okay there's something very important because we're going to look at this one and and these gurus would be like look at this guy he's selling tons of bugs but but but is he let's look at the data 264 sales across 400 so this person uploaded 439 different mugs and different things 439 and they didn't all even sell right we're seeing that they sold 264.

to me that sounds like a lot of work here's another one 86 000 sales okay now now we're getting somewhere 86 000 sales that's good I I could live off that but again 500 different uh products okay let's look even deeper because there are some good there are some bad now on this one that had uh 86 000 sales they opened their store I went back they opened their store before 2016 because this was the first review so it was before that which means again we're looking at four years plus three years we're looking at uh seven years eighty thousand that's about ten thousand sales a year and again look at that screenshot up there are they are they making three hundred and nine thousand dollars just going to Mid journey and making a cup I don't think so I think there's more to it can you do this in a different way that actually works I believe you can which we're going to get to in just a minute now some other stores we looked at here was this one here um hippo something about a hippo right he's got 2100 product listings I don't care who you are that takes a while 2100 listings I don't know if I could find where yeah they they were started in 2017 so again they're about six years old and the 2100 products which means the average product sold one or ten the average product sold 10.

Now again the 90 20 we got to look at that and understand that it's probably one of them selling a bunch and the rest are kind of floundering now this doesn't mention the countless other Etsy stores that literally had 500 to a thousand products and zero sales how many of you guys feel like this you feel like everything I try online no matter what it is doesn't seem to work I watched the guru videos I uploaded some mugs I even did a cactus one like this guy here he said do a cactus or put a cactus on it damn thing didn't sell Why didn't it sell ladies and gentlemen I am a student of the word why why very very important now again we're going to look at what Etsy ranks for Etsy ranks for 26 million keywords with a traffic cost average of 40 million dollars a month of those if we isolate just the word mug that's a traffic cost of about a hundred and four thousand dollars a month and they rank for approximately 34 000 keywords so when we go through I also did cup and some others as well now here's a site where I looked at why did I look up I'm actually on the wrong screen here we go let's do this the right way there we go um you can see here there's those are the screenshots I was talking about right the cactus 26 million uh visitors 40 million dollars a month in traffic value if you isolate just the word mug you got a hundred thousand dollars traffic value if you uh isolate the word cup 117 and then of course with twelve thousand dollars a month worth of mug traffic very important because if we start to understand this we're going to start to see where the traffic comes from how it works now I also went through and did um a search on certain isolated stuff one of the things we're going to look at here today is isolating what you want so maybe I could go for stackable coffee mugs I thought that was a pretty good idea because you know when I go in the the cupboard the coffee mugs try to attack me because they don't stack so it'd be nice to have stackable coffee mugs and I thought that was kind of interesting that a thousand people a month were looking up stackable coffee mugs interesting now when we look at this again we are seeing the different things now what we need here is two things okay we need two things first of all what we need let's see if we can go to the other one here one second let's see what we got okay first of all what we need is a group okay a group is very very important because if we can find a group of people that isn't necessarily looking up coffee mugs but they like something they have something in common maybe they are programmers maybe they are computer people maybe they like certain cartoons or sayings or movies or ideas right maybe they're a bunch of dads that like you know funny stuff dad jokes I know my kids the other day were saying you know what happens like when you become a dad you get the dad jokes automatically I'm like I don't know they just they were they were automatic but there you go all right so they're not necessarily looking up a mug right here's our mug here but what they are is they're looking at a group much like the Zodiac people are looking up zodiac so what that does is it gives us traffic that might not necessarily want this what most gurus are saying to do is to go out there and find mugs that people are buying and throw your hat in the ring and hope that someone wants to buy your mug I say no I say start with a group maybe it's a group of people who are in sobriety maybe it's a group of people who like love poems maybe it's a group of people who like funny sayings or happy faces or whatever it is what we're going to do is we're going to find this group and we're gonna find out where they're at so we can give them what it is we got and when you do this it's very simple so when we do this we are going to go through here and we're going to look at what's going on maybe we'll go to our keyword tool like this we'll use ahrefs over here okay and we could do something like we'll go to the keywords Explorer like this and we could do something like sobriety quotes or sayings okay very cool now for sobriety quotes we got 5600 people a month looking up sobriety quotes now I'm in sobriety and I'm I think I'll be actually I think I'm nine years today I didn't even pay attention to that but I think I'm nine years sober today and um in sobriety you know every year that I have a milestone my wife will get me like a coffee cup or something like that as saying hey this is pretty cool now this is easy to Market to because now all I need to go do is go over to chatgpt and say please list out 50 short sayings that help people stay sober or something like that okay it's going to go out there and it's going to do all this stuff the strongest drug that exists is human will freedom is a sober mind and a clear conscience today's struggle is tomorrow's strength this is actually pretty good one day at a time one victory at a time sober is the you know all kinds of stuff here and we see that okay this is working very very well and congratulations to um e gilvery with 36 years awesome this would be a pretty good Niche for you and we start to look at this and say okay now instead of going out there because most people are going to go out there and be like sobriety mug okay yeah nothing there's nothing so most people would say this markets you don't know what you're talking about this ain't gonna work however if you were to go out there and let's say we we went to Etsy let me open this in a new tab because sometimes on Etsy you get some things that are not user friendly so we'll go here and we'll do sobriety mug so what's going to happen is the conventional wisdom is going to say that these do not sell however we could probably find people who have sobriety stuff and actually reverse engineer what's going on okay very very important so we could go here and do maybe Etsy like this and do sobriety mug and you'll see that these things do sell right we saw up there there was a lot of stuff that was working and take a look at the competition right so we got sobriety mug with very little and if we do something like cactus you got a lot way lower volume and you got a lot and there's nothing on Google people searching for cactus mug are probably just the people who watch the video and they're trying to make a living with it right how many of you guys are having aha moments and you're like okay I get this congratulations to all those that are sober I think that is awesome okay so we're gonna go ahead and look at this and say wait a minute there you go uh life hustles yes congrats to your 30 years as well and and everyone else too if I miss yours um you know sorry about that but the comments do come pretty quick but we're looking at this and now we're like okay this is working really well now we're saying hey check this out now I can get these sayings and now I can look at them in a better way now you can also go a step further and say well what about sayings in AAA or or whatever it is you could do okay what are some popular AAA sayings okay yeah like life hustle says I wish to do such things uh lower grade bit creative and less competition exactly that's the key here um so we're going to look at this and we're like okay AA sayings one day at a time guess what ladies and gentlemen these things are actually searched for right one day at a time 66 000 searches now that looks like it's a TV show but you can isolate it and say um a a or or recovery right there you go 500 people a month now that is a specific audience that likes specific things okay how many of you guys are getting this type aha smash the like button if you're getting it and it's it's going to go along with everything right 90 meetings in 90 days hey that could be a mug that'd be a pretty good mug take it to your 90 meetings in 90 days maybe you can have a little uh check box tell them to use a Sharpie right hey I just gave you an idea and that would actually work 90 meetings in 90 days is looked up 250 times a month and again don't worry just about the searches because this is going to go even bigger it's going to go even bigger when you start to look at okay maybe we'll go to YouTube and there's people doing videos on 90 meetings in 90 days there you go there you go and people say well Marcus I don't know if this works well for those that don't know I actually have a channel in this Niche talking about sobriety uh called Talk sober this is our channel here and it actually does get some traction I have badly neglected it um but it has made a little bit of money we're trying not to be too salesy in that one um but this stuff works if you pay attention and you understand it right like Tony says it's getting clearer and clearer and by the end of this training you will understand this in a very simple way and you'll realize that it's not just about 90 meetings in 90 days what if you had a checklist one right like for me I don't know if you guys could see my office do you guys want to see the office here I think I could probably get you guys a little tour uh with this one I still haven't done the big office tour but you guys can see my office is quite crazy over here and I got lists of all kinds of things uh all over the place right I got checklist upon checklist upon checklist and this is my regular desk and then this is where we do our podcast but you can see that I literally have checklists everywhere so what if I had a coffee cup that was like my reminder coffee cup hey wait a minute you can actually make a reminder coffee cup yeah exactly very very simple and you start to think differently you stop thinking like the run-of-the-mill just give me some stuff in the AI and you start to think of like okay 90 meetings in 90 days maybe I could go out there and say um imagine a recovery mug or something like that or or maybe imagine a picture of something or whatever it is and you can create an image now I think that the strong point in AI isn't necessarily going to be having a I create images but rather having AI find the proper stuff here okay think of that very important because we're going to start to look at that and start to understand what's going on now Christine says what's the niche for people over 55 years thank you Christine I think that's a great one watch this what are some funny over the hill quotes and sayings boom here we go now again make sure they're not trademark copywritten or anything like that but we're going to get the idea of like how this works and now what did you just do you just tapped into like the baby boomer market and there's like a bazillion of those okay and you start to understand what's going on and you're like wow I can actually utilize this in a very very specific way to find what's going on and you can even ask it what are some coffee mug ideas and I actually found out the word mug shot was searched for quite quite a bit and you can make like a cute little mug shot one right like you could go a coffee let's do a design for a coffee mug called the mug shot as a play on words for a police mug shot okay very cool now I'm gonna go ahead and do this in a different browser because you never know what AI is gonna do and I want to make sure it's uh you know good for everyone to see here uh let's go ahead and do this see if it comes up and what this is going to do is it's going to give you real world ideas of stuff that actually works and this is important because I mean you can get you can make a bazillion um different uh Cactus mugs or whatever and it's going to be very difficult to do but if you start to look at this and say well now I got you know retirement quotes or growth quotes or whatever it is and now I have let's do this again over the hill quotes and now I'm tackling a different a different model and what we're going to get to in just a minute is what I call the Catalyst which is a game changer if you've been struggling to sell stuff online this is an absolute absolute Game Changer and let's see how we got these here so yeah now with a little bit of Ingenuity some of these can be used right we see here these mug shot ones I would probably use this guy but put some like um bars over him or something like that I think that could probably work but again I wouldn't try to be too creative because creativity and cuteness sometimes there's a lot of luck involved but if we're doing sayings I don't have to guess what Cactus is cute right so I could do age is a high price to pay for or maturity you know over the hill when happy hour is a nap that would be a good one that's a good one for coffee too because it's on the play of sleeping or whatever um let's see you're not over the hill you're just experience a mid-life gravity check so there's quite a few different ones here that would actually work really well and again don't take my word for it because these are cute and they sound good but at the end of the day we need to see if they're actually selling and that's where we're gonna go and take a look at some of these like this guy here 700 products he only sold 187 but if we go here and we do like uh over the hill mug okay now we're gonna see okay is it vintage so there you go there's one you could do you could Target all the years of um of birth right so like 1976 1954 1902 whatever and you're gonna go through and say hey check this out um here's all the ones for over the hill with each number on it and since it's print on demand it's pretty simple and now I just got like you know 40 different uh products there here's one over the hill influence 30 over the hill over the hills I mean do you guys see how it's working now this one's got a little low on that but this one here they got some sales here's another one about birthdays over the hill picking up speed all kinds of stuff right and we're starting to see okay these are these are looking pretty good um here's some over the hill basket here's another one so now we're seeing okay this is good this is actually working and I can see how this is going to be specific thick right how many of you guys are getting it you're like I I get it this is completely making sense now I'm starting to see how this works now um so what we're going to need is a small group again remember how I said over here that we need a small group we have to have this group whether it's over the hill whether it's people looking up zodiac signs whether it's people in sobriety whatever it is because once we have this then what's going to happen is as I mentioned earlier we don't want to just rely on Etsy to give us traffic no no because now once I have this group I could go out there and I can find different groups of people maybe there's a forum for people that are in sobriety maybe there's a Facebook group for people that are over a certain age or maybe there's people that are interested in Zodiacs that are in a Facebook group or whatever it is and all I have to do is start reaching them where they're at and then drive them to the mug and then what's going to happen is as you gain Steam and you start to get sales off platform because everyone's waiting to get sales on platform they want to just put it on Etsy go to bed and get rich and that is not going to happen I mean as once in a blue moon that's going to happen but as we saw that guy over there he's got 700 different posts he hasn't made any sales or he made like a hundred sales right how many of you guys want to go out there and do this over and over and over again and be like wait a minute this ain't gonna work this ain't gonna work so what I'm going to do is I'm going to drive sales off platform because what that's going to do is it's going to catapult the Etsy engine and then Etsy is going to be like wait a minute this guy's selling coffee mugs I think we need to put this at the top of the search result when people look up mugs then you're going to start to get the keywords that you wouldn't otherwise have because if you just go out there and do patterns and you know cactuses and things like that that's not going to work well but if we start to look at okay what is a group of people if I was going to do cactuses maybe I could do people who live in Arizona all right that I could Target maybe I could go and say hey I'm gonna put a cute Cactus I'm gonna pick a city in Arizona that has a lot of cactuses I'm gonna put that at the bottom and I'm going to put that in a bunch of Facebook groups or whatever that are specifically people in that General region is this starting to make sense to everyone right and that's how you get traffic now we can also go out there because our catalyst is going to be for multiple things so when I have my coffee mug here okay mug we're gonna go out there and say okay well how can I drive people to this well I can do Etsy ads but again your margin isn't that good all right I could go out there I could start a YouTube channel about my Niche then what this is going to do is it's going to allow you to sell other stuff too right this is where the magic happens because I don't want to just sell the mugs over and over and over again I mean that's cool but you have to sell a lot of mugs to make a living but if I have a group of people that are interested in a certain topic whether it's over the hill or whatever and I have a YouTube channel or a Facebook group and again this could be a faceless YouTube channel you can go out there and make a coffee cup and make like little sayings and little quotes and whatever you could go out there and maybe do the top coffee cups for different gift ideas or whatever it is and you start to understand and you start to think bigger this is where you are going to make money because if you think like everyone else you're going to get the results everyone else has which I mean come on let's face it if you have a video out there that has a million views which collectively a lot of these pattern uh Etsy videos have over a million views let's say ten percent of them actually try it that means a hundred thousand people trying this thing your competition just shot through the roof but if you can be creative and if you can understand hey I can go out there and ask this AI what to do and I'm going to give you another tip here in just a second and what we're going to do is we're going to go through here all right life hustles always says that I'm wasting paper I actually don't we use those for uh the barbecue so it's actually pretty good it's better than using other stuff but at any rate what we're going to do is we're going to go out there and I would ask A.I something like I think I asked it earlier where'd it go I think it was on one of these yes so I asked it um what holidays and occasions are good for giving coffee mugs as a gift and why so I can go here I can ask it this question then I can say what are some good ideas for custom coffee mugs uh to give to a father on Father's Day I was thinking one earlier maybe have like tools and have the tools for like how many kids they have and you could be like there's a nut a hammer a bolt and a ratchet and be like okay Dad you pick who's who or something like that right something kind of fun um here's one where you can do classic dad phrases so I could literally go out there open a new one say give me a hundred um Dad jokes right here's one super hero family portrait you could do stick figures all kinds of stuff I mean when you start to think of this the sky is the limit but what we're doing is very important we're thinking differently we're looking at what is out there here's one for job there you go so job Pride right you go out there and you say Okay chat gbt what are the most common um jobs fathers have as an occupation okay and it'll go through and it'll do that so sales person manager technician teacher educator engineer Healthcare so there you go all right then you go here and you're like okay create slash imagine create a doctor acute um doctor cartoon image for it we don't even need to say um for a dad on Father's Day who is a doctor boom it'll go through and it'll start to do this and then we can use this same prompt for other stuff and now what's happening is it's not like patterns or whatever we're actually dissecting what's going on and we'll do this off screen because you know got to make sure everything is clean there but you can go through and start to think about this in a different way Leslie says thank you so many videos preaching a formula with vital components missing if you just put stuff on Etsy it equal sales exactly and that's what we don't want to do here this is a channel you come to when you actually want to make this stuff work um and it came up with some interesting ones let me see if I can uh with variations of number three other people they have other people in them so I want to make sure that um you know we get the one that we want it's still working on it but they came up with some some decent ones let's see upscale number three we'll use that one because I think it was pretty good what it came up with so that is what it came up with that would be pretty cool for a mug right and then maybe you could make one with blonde hair heavy set whatever right and you can even say you know um make it that way and you can make it match each person which is pretty cool then you can go through and do all kinds of stuff life hustle says can we make a common quotes Channel on YouTube and that's exactly yeah you can and a lot of people you know they struggle with monetization on channels like that but you're gonna monetize it with your Etsy mugs right and when you start to understand okay I could like totally rig the game in my favor and make this work in a real world way um and then again it's about promoting them off platform which is pretty simple we can even go through and say Okay um Financial professional same thing right I go through and I say um imagine a cute logo for fathers day with a father who is a Financial professional with no other people in the image okay and it'll go through and it'll create that for us and those you can put on a um a coffee mug and then all you have to do is really think about like the majorities because I don't know who you are like big little Side Story um whenever we're at a store when we're on vacation or whatever my wife and kids always like to get little stickers that remind us of our our pets right so they'll see like the the Labrador and they'll be like oh hey this looks just like our Labrador and they know that that's why they made it because it looks just like everyone's Labrador and when you start to understand oh so like I can I can literally make um the dad Father's Day one and and tweak it however I want right it will maybe have a heavy set a skinnier one an older one gray hair blue hair whatever right and and it's very very simple to do and when you start to understand that now we are looking at like Father's Day that's got some searches okay and if you can Market this off platform even if you break even break even for a little bit sell the thing get a mailing list build it up and now you'll start to rank for all kinds of different stuff look at that 1.4 million searches a month um Mother's Day right and then you start to make your your stuff where it's like oh hey here you go here's the cup and then also um maybe here is uh flowers send your mom flowers or whatever and those affiliate programs pay a fortune and when you start to understand okay maybe there's like Father's Day mug or something like that and you start to realize okay yes this is something that can work and it can work extremely well if you focus the right way if you look at it and understand oh hey here we go this is what's working now you have Father's Day mug which has quite a few views on it which is good and this is less competitive than a lot of stuff out there and now we can see what's going on right very very cool and we can even go through if you want to take this a step further and we can ask AI for our catalyst I could say okay what are some good ways to Market a Father's Day coffee mug okay check this out this is going to do the trick for us and you can do a press release identify your target market okay cool let's let's go a step further let's create a gift guide develop a Father's Day gift guide that features the coffee mug that's pretty simple uh partner with local cafes there you go give them a bunch of Cups right um email marketing promotions or bundles this is something that if you're doing Amazon uh works really well you could do like a bundle right find something that sells well bundle it with your product maybe there's a certain brand of coffee bundle it with a coffee cup and when you start to understand hey wait a minute this will work well here's another one collaborate with influencers right maybe go out there and find influencers that are um like okay maybe go to the the gal who has the Excel Channel and tell her to sell these I'd be like hey I'll give you half the sales or whatever it's very simple right are you guys starting to think differently smash that like button if you're like yeah I'm getting it this is making this is making a lot of sense and this is something I can actually do rather than what other people are teaching which really doesn't do a whole lot right and once we understand like okay now I'm looking at this in a different way now I'm out there and I could literally go out there and post memes on Facebook or whatever or or dad jokes or whatever and then point to the product right this is something that is super super simple if you don't over complicate it but the problem is is people are trying to do it too simple and they think that Etsy is just magically going to give you sales and the sad fact is they're not right these places are they don't exist to serve you right that's not what they're in the business of is making you money they're in the business of making themselves money and if you can show them hey this is going to help you boom it's going to trigger the algorithm and start to sell like crazy and again always do data-driven decisions do not create things that that are not Based on data always look at data always focus on work what works always smash the like button and I'll see you in the next video

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