Make Money Today – [Black Friday] – Do This Now!

listen up because in this training I'm going to show you how to make money online today $9 billion that's the amount of money that was made by online retailers last Black Friday alone and I know we talk a lot about big numbers here on the channel but I wanted to make something super clear have you ever thought about how much money $9 billion is well for starters this stack right here represents $90,000 which is1 $100,000 of 9 billion which means if I put another 10,000 on top of this stack each $100 bill would represent 100,000 wait a minute so each of these bills would equal 100,000 for this stack to be $9 billion yeah exactly so that means that on Black Friday theoretically if you were to split it between 100,000 people they'd all get yeah like 90 grand and you might be saying well Marcus yeah that's a pretty good annual income and that is where you'd be mistaken because this would be the amount of money made in one day and while there are lots of people people making hundreds of thousands of dollars on Black Friday as affiliate marketers business owners and Shopify Sellers and and all that easy money stuff I think we need to look at the cold hard facts because today I am going to teach you how to make money online today that's right not tomorrow not next week not in 18 months when your site ranks on Google nope we're talking how to get paid today and it's actually very simple and if you're saying well I don't know if I can do that today don't worry because this strategy works all year round but since Black Friday is so powerful I want to use this time to illustrate a very simple process that you can go through to make money on demand and it's actually very simple but first a story back in November of the year 2002 I was first starting my internet business and I had several different websites one of the websites I built was about fake Christmas trees how to buy them how they work different types prices yeah you name it and at that time I was just getting my feet wet in this affiliate marketing industry and learning how to rank sites on Google and get traffic very fast but I never expected my little Christmas tree website to make thousands of dollars within a couple short months and it's actually a very simple website that I set up in a couple of hours but this website went on to make lots of money and that taught me something very important that if you can get in front of the right people with the right offer you can make money right now and this was years ago before we had Twitter Facebook Facebook YouTube heck back then Google was even new and since then I've been using online instant strategies to make tons of money and today we're going to put them all together and I'm going to show you exactly what you need to do to start getting results right now so if you're excited smash a like button and let's get to it all right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show today on this wonderful Black Friday hopefully you guys had plenty of turkey and good times today what we're going to do is we're going to talk about Black Friday how it works and how you are going to be able to make money in a very very simple way now don't over complicate this don't overthink this this works like crazy if you are willing to do the work and pay attention and hopefully our lighting is going to be okay here we're testing a new camera that's like right in my face so we are we're going to get this show on the road but what we're going to do today is talk about how to get guaranteed need money right now this is something that is so simple anyone can do it you don't need a lot of skills and I decided to show this on Black Friday so that you could see how this works in real time right this is something where you're going to be able to see the results live you're going to be able to look at them and you can't really argue with them because there they are right in front of us this is super important so smash a like button if you're ready we got lots of notes to go over these notes again will be available at download my notes so sit tight for those we'll have them ready for you at the end of the training and again what you're going to learn today doesn't just work on Black Friday this will work any day of the year and even next year so if you're getting ahead of the game this is going to be something really good now before we get started I yes I am having a Black Friday sale it is over at affiliatemarketing you can check that out we're going to have information about how that works uh towards the end of this call we're also going to do Q&A so we got you covered here now what we have to do is understand first and foremost what we are going to be doing and understanding how real time marketing Works type real time if you're paying attention because what we're going to be talking about here is how to get this in a real quick easy manner because here's the deal right if you're out there and you are looking to make money how many of you guys want to make money online today and you're like okay I want to do this now again disclaimer results not typical implied or guaranteed the average person trying to quote unquote make money online makes nothing but I think if we understand hey let's look at the data let's look at the stats let's forget about everything else okay if we want to make money online today let me know in the Box because if we can do this in real time what you're going to is something very very important now one of the things that's kind of interesting is when Elon Musk bought Twitter why would he buy Twitter well Twitter is an instant real-time data generator and not only that but it gets traffic instantly if someone posts on Twitter it's going to be available live and if we were to look at it and say I want to make money right now well the question is are there people online right now right let me let me ask you this are your customers are people that can buy affiliate products are people right now spending like bazillion Dollar online right now okay is that a fact or do you disagree with that how many of you guys agree with this and you're like yes right now people are are there right now I have a couple hundred of my students on this live stream so they are here live there's also hundreds of billions of zillions of other other views on other videos there's thousands of people watching other things and if you understand that right now people are online and right now there are products to sell well then bada bing bada boom you are going to be able to make money now as we go through as we progress in today's training we are going to look at the number $9 billion this is last year's we might actually do more than that uh this here on Black Friday as the internet money-making Community a lot of this goes to Amazon and other companies I think like 48% or 50% is Amazon and then the rest is you know best buying other companies and stuff like that now we talked earlier about how big this number is but let's divide this by 24 which you're going to get an average of about what would that be like 300 million an hour or something like that if my math is correct I think I'm pretty close right and we're we're looking at it we're like okay that is a lot of money right 300 million every couple hours or whatever the number would look like is going to be a lot of num of money and what's happening is this is going on right now so if you want to learn how to get in this flow not tomorrow not next week today to put money in your pocket type get in the flow in the comments smash a like button let's dive in and let's talk about how this whole thing Works in a real world way now first of all what we need to do is we need to get a lay of the land and we need to understand what where where are these people okay now a lot of people if we were to go here and search for like Black Friday uh deals you're going to see here we got blackf who is someone who set this up brilliantly and now makes lots of money you got 147 Black Friday deals you got top stories with a bunch of news results which is something that a lot of my students are doing they are following the press release strategy and they are actually getting traffic and some of them are making money right here right now and there's lots of people using this strategy okay we also have perspectives which is something new on Google which is going to tap into um right now things on Twitter uh Facebook different stuff like that Target Forbes all this stuff okay so now we're seeing okay this is what it looks like people are searching and and this is Black Friday deals now what we're going to do is we are going to take a look at our notes here and we're going to look at free Trends tools we want to find the trends of what are people searching for the first place we're going to look is Google Trends you can go over to trends. and you can navigate to this page now what this page is going to show is the exact searches that are breaking out today this is right now in real time today right while you are watching this right right while you are watching me people are searching for this stuff and what this means is that so far on Friday today we got 50,000 people looking up college football 50,000 or more looking at Walmart Black Friday Apple watch Nintendo Black Friday TV deals and some other stuff okay so we can look at that you can refresh it or you could go to real time and it'll show you the real time uh searches as well okay a lot of football stuff something about lineman something about football football apparently people are obsessed with the old football um and we're looking at this we're like okay now I see what's going on if you're getting this type Trends in the Box because what we're seeing is real time now there's another place you can get Trends which is over at yahoo and they will have the box over in the corner over here okay so let's uh let's see if we can reload this yeah so that's going to be right here uh in the corner of your Yahoo right here okay so very simple very easy let me see here I got that on a different screen but yeah it's over here on the side um right here okay and you could do holiday gifts trending and different things like that so what we're going to do is we're going to look at this and understand that yes this is stuff that's going on right now some other places you can find Trends are Twitter Trends right you can go out there and figure out what people are are looking up right now and these are people that are looking to stuff right now which means we can make money right here right now pass go put the money in our pocket have a celebration there we go and apparently the money just stays that's what happens right and so we're going to look at this and say Google Trends Twitter Trends and if I could get in front of people on Twitter I can make money there are people out there with Twitter followers that do this really well there's people that do uh hashtags and things like that and get in front of them now we're going to talk about what to do if you have no audience because I know a lot of people are going to be like oh well you know I'm just starting I don't know what I'm doing and I want to make money this training ladies and gentlemen is for you if you just started you don't know what you're doing and you want to make money and you want to make it fast this is the training to watch so we got Google Trends we got Twitter Trends we have this site which I just found out about recently it's exploding topics now you do have to pay for some of them but it does give you a little overview of what's going on um and and Real Time stuff there that you can see you know what's trending and things like that like AI generator prompt engineering AI it's interesting stuff okay so that's another one we can look at um again we have exploding answer the public which has some as well social Searcher which allows you uh to search social stuff right so I could search hashtags here I could see what people are looking at this is real time real world data another one is YouTube trends okay we also have Tik talk and things like that social Searcher will I believe it it it pings Tik Tok as well but what we're going to do is we're going to look at the lay of the land and get the big stuff because if we have the big stuff according to Google Trends then we're going to be okay I know Apple watch Black Friday is a Zinger it just broke out an hour ago the searches are going up like crazy now if I was to go through and go to something like the old YouTube here and let's do Apple watch Black Friday okay check this out Apple watch Black Friday 17 hours ago this guy put a video up 17 hours ago he's already had 70,000 people searching now notice some of these like this one isn't really about the black the the Apple watch this one is here's some apple watch Amazon so here's one two hours ago he put this up two hours ago he got 60,000 views an hour again Black Friday so what is he doing he's just hitting this stuff now can we do this with a no face YouTube channel we can you want to talk about faceless YouTube channels and how to make money without showing your face you got it right here in this video and it's very simple we're going to show you how to follow along and do that in a real world way so we have Walmart Black Friday and on and on we go so what are they doing they're using the trends they're getting in front of them with an instant strategy and we're going to talk about all these instant strategies they are not difficult it's not that hard to do we're going to use AI we're going to go out there and find stuff in a very very simple way so now we have this and we're like okay so I'm going to search the trend sites I'm going to see what's trending and I'm going to see what people are doing because right now Black Friday is going to do this in a very simple strategic way because the traffic is there right now and you could see it in real time and if you can keep your finger on the pulse of what's going on you can go out there and make Pinterest you can make Tik toks you can make little videos you can do uh press releases so we could take a look and say Apple watch Black Friday Apple watch Black Friday notice here how right under the like actual links to buy we got all this other stuff now Usama says the real problem is getting their affiliate programs well after this video that is no longer going to be your problem because we're going to show you something that is very strategic and very easy because a lot of people think oh well Marcus I know where you're going with this this training you're going to put some products up and you're going to get some traffic for a press release or a Black Friday whatever now that's one side of the equation coin flip thing there's another one that I just got something from my outsourcer right here and that is going to show us another strategy because a lot of people might be saying well Marcus dude like 1 2 21 minutes 12 hours even if if I did a good press releasee I'm probably not going to show up there that long right and so we're going to see how this works and I'm going to show you a stealth tactic if you have no money if you have no website if you don't know what you're doing and you are struggling to make this work this is for you doesn't cost anything it's very simple but you got to be willing to do it cuz a lot of people are not going to be willing to do the work they're going to say well Markus it probably doesn't work therefore I'm just going to go and eat some more turkey and and watch some football or whatever people do so we're going to look at this and we're going to be like okay Trends find data good yay wonderful what data is going to do is twofold okay one we're going to go over here and we're gonna say one the data is going to show us uh what people search okay excellent great wonderful we could see what they search two we are going to see what people buy all right because if I know that like one in every 10 people on the planet or on in America are going to buy an Apple Watch well that's good info to know if I know that you know like last year uh the instapot in that says instapot last year the we'll draw one there there's our instapot right last year the instapot was the big breakout seller and people have these tons of them have it so if we know what they're going to buy this is important especially if we're not necessarily going for search traffic okay a lot of people they think search and SEO is the only way to get traffic today which guess what you're probably not going to unless you like have a lot of money to do press releases and stuff like that but you can get traffic in other ways and we're going to talk about that but first we need to get the data of what are people buying how does it work okay so now we're going to go through and look at this all right now I highly recommend that you get web hosting and build a website if you can't afford this don't worry it'll cost you about $100 a year if you can and I think right now the one that we recommend over at gohub um I think they have some ridiculous Black Friday offer so if you want to start you a what better time than saving money again we're going to have my instructions for my Black Friday offer over at affiliate marketing in just a second but first let's take a look at some of the things that we can do to get people into our products into our affiliate links and stuff like that and again when we're looking at this all you have to do is go to sign up for their affiliate program right get a piece of the pie there's a lot of money there it converts like crazy their payouts are a little low so you're going to need a lot of traffic but hey you can get a lot of traffic today that's not a problem all right next up we're going to look at other things so like the gohub site I have an affiliate link for my web host company I go to impact radius I get my link or I go to offr Vault I get my link or maybe you're going to promote you know some other software or product okay so what we're going to do is we are going to look at the things that we want now I would highly recommend that before you get started what you want to do is figure out something that you can do very good okay we're going to isolate we're not just going to be the Black Friday guy I mean that would be fantastic because this Black Friday guy here is kicking major butt but I mean to get in there with him is going to be very difficult unless you're super entertaining you're good you've been doing this a while so what we need is we need a way to what I call there we go we need to do what I call majoring in the miners when we major in the minors what we are going to do is we're going to say well you know maybe I can't just be the Black Friday guy but maybe I could be the Black Friday guy for the instapots or or kitchen stuff or maybe for drones or maybe video games or computers or whatever it is you are going to take and you are going to one select group of products okay that's going to make it a lot easier for you all right so you want an easy way to do it go walk around your house and be like oh the other day I bought this thing okay so go look at some things that you bought what do you want for Christmas right it sound like Santa Claus there but what we're going to do is we're going to look at a select group of products whether it's kitchens whether it's TVs TVs are huge apparently on Black Friday everyone wants a new TV all right maybe CU all that football they're watching you know you got to watch the football on a on a big TV so they can be real siiz but now we're going to look at it and be like okay maybe I'll do TVs maybe I'll do a Crockpot maybe I'll do insta poot maybe we'll do some pans uh drones maybe you could even be um gifts for your wife gifts for your husband gifts for your kids whatever it is maybe you could do this stuff so we're going to look at this and we are going to pick something that we are going to major in okay then what we are going to do okay are you ready how many of you guys are ready and you're like Marcus tell me my job I want to know what my job is so that I can get paid today and that's what we're going to do we're going to talk about this in a real world way so if you want to know what your job is and what is going to pay you it is going to be to become the deal finder your job ladies and gentlemen with the help of AI is to go out there and find deals on whatever it is your group is right so if you're going for the kitchen stuff you're going to go find them now you can use AI we've been using AI uh to find a lot of stuff that that we're talking about here today and we're going to go through and use it to find deals right it's not hard to do it could go to this here um and I can say okay well uh what is the product here and what's the best price what is the product and this is the Bing co-pilot by the way product here and can you find the best price and similar other products okay so it'll go through and it'll actually um look at the page and it'll read the page and then it'll go out and find other stuff for this okay pleas is use the product on the page I am on okay so we'll go like this and it'll search the product it'll find the prices and then we're good to go so your job find the prices right that's all you're going to do okay now it's having a little trouble answer from okay so I could say this one okay and it'll actually go through and it'll talk about uh the product and things like that okay I buy power gaming he's got a discount great so now it's going to tell us some similar products that have uh other stuff and then I could say now please find some deals on those products and it'll go through and it'll find some deals on those products for Black Friday now what we're going to do is we're going to start to compile this in a really really easy way okay we're going to go through and we're going to say I'm going to get my keywords I'm going to get my group of people and now I am going to do something that this is something we're going to be revealing uh next year and for the people who get in on uh today's Black Friday offer from me this is something I am calling the Full Assault method okay you want to make money you need to start acting like it and what we're going to do is we are going to do a Full Assault method me I am going to find the stuff I'm going to use AI to find the prices and then I'm going to make very simple content and I'm going to put it everywhere and I'm going to get all kinds of sales this is something we do all the time here at the affiliate marketing dude I haven't really taught this as a strategy because up until AI who wants to do all this work right so what we're going to do is we're going to look at this and say now I'm going to find out even deeper what these people want okay so I could go through use my Trends right over here and say Black Friday uh Black Friday TV deals okay so what I would do is I would go over to a keyword tool you could use the Hoth ahr free tool I'm going to use the ah paid tool just because I mean I pay for it so I might as well use it right there you go I pay a lot for that but we're going to go in here and we're going to take a look under keywords Explorer and we're going to do Black Friday TV okay right like this so now what we're going to have is a bunch of keywords related to Black Friday TVs and we're going to have like uh we'll get rid of the the ones with the dates we got 65 in so this one here has 6,000 searches a month on average now notice how there's like that little Spike right there that's Black Friday that's today it's spiking today how many of you guys you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you were able to be in front of all these people that are searching for TVs today you would literally be like dude I need Bigger Pockets because the amount of money I'm making doesn't fit in these Pockets right you would be it is very simple because right now we could see 312,000 searches a month for Black Friday TV deals however today it's breaking out it's over 20,000 so far it's going to grow as the day goes on and so now we're looking at this we're like okay now I see I could literally just be the Black Friday TV guy right so Black Friday TV Black Friday okay best Black Friday deals updated hourly Black Friday TV deals okay 177,000 that ain't bad uh Tech deals so there's not a whole lot for TVs okay here's one looks like this guy's doing pretty good so there's not a ton here here's a good one that guy did a short he literally went out and filmed Walmart filmed that and there's probably like an AI voiceover here's another one probably the same guy like literally walking around Walmart now again you know I don't want to go to the Walmart today that's the last thing I want to do but what I can do is I can use a screen capture software to make this work so what we're going to do is we're going to use several softwares to put this together one we can use canva can actually is a big player which I'm going to ask uh one of my helpers here to help me with this one cuz I just am not that great with canva but it does have a lot of AI and more creation tools like I can create a video I started making a video uh last night just to test this out and it's actually very simple right we can go through and this was the video I was working on last night it's very very simple it's like breaking news Black Friday deals I can just do Black Friday TV deals right and then I can go through and I can actually paste the picture of the product so I went through I took a screen capture right like this so Black Friday news breaking news and then you know you could trim it up have like a little stuff like this and this is all stuff that was in canva anyway and then I took a screenshot added a little animation to it and I can show the product so I could go through and be like okay let's go over to uh Amazon okay and I can do let's do TV 65 in cuz that's what they were searching for okay and it's so easy because all I got to do is be like oh hey here's some Black Friday deals right I could even go into the the the uh co-pilot open this up here and be like um let make a table of the top TV deals on this page with prices and specs boom this will go through and it'll literally do the work for me like how many of you guys are like dude are you are you are you kidding me right and now we can go through and here's a table of the TV deals on the page on Amazon item price display let's see how this looks watch how easy this is okay maybe we'll have a little less specs on the next one there's a lot of specs there okay and then I could say now please list them without specs and have was prices and what the price is now okay so it's going through and it's doing this now what I can do here and the reason I don't want all this info is because I'm going to take a screenshot of this I'm going to put it into Pinterest I'm going to make it a little screenshot thing hey Black Friday TV deals here's a screenshot click here to get them and then all I need to do if I have an Amazon affiliate account which like most people do right if not I'm pretty sure you could sign up today it's all I would need to do is get a text link there's my link if they order through that link I get a piece of the action now again Amazon is not the biggest biggest payer but it does make the most money today which means that we can make a lot so now we'll do we'll wait for this to be done how many of you guys diing this smash the like button there you guys digging it so now it's G through with all the TVs I can get little pictures of them and I can go and I could be like okay well while we're waiting for this let's do a uh let's see design we can make a photo create a design there we go let's make a um Instagram or a Pinterest right so let's do Pinterest where's Pinterest let's see all pro back to home there we go projects and we'll go to up back there there we go right here and you could do Tik Tok you can do whatever you want let's see social media there we go we will figure this out here right um I usually use a different program but I know a lot of people like this one because it's it's super inexpensive I think they even have uh free stuff as well so there we go Pinterest pin all right so now we'll create the old Pinterest pin here and we could add some text add a heading Black Friday TV Busters or whatever I don't know what do people say nowadays that's like door busters or something like that okay so we can have that there uh you can have this little sale thing right we'll have the sale thing and we'll post our image over the sale and then what we're going to do is we are going to link to hopefully if you have a website if you're going to do um what I recommend which is go to gohub and start your your website that's highly recommended but if if you're not doing that that's fine you can have a link in the bio okay and that's where your affiliate link would be but here I would have affiliat or whatever okay shrink it down a smidge I'm very picky about how things look because if they're going to get it wrong I'm not going to make money so I want to make sure it's very specific all right then I'm going to go through and I'm going to be like okay now let's get the prices and without the specs okay so we'll have this here and it should just say like 65 in this equals this much and whatever okay and let's see how it does and watch how easy this is like anyone can do this there you go look at that that's like 600 bucks off that bad boy there you go and then I'm going to say now put them in a table okay hey look at that there's thousand bucks off that one right and they'll be like whoa this is cool and then all I need to do is I'm going to go to this page here see the cool thing about Amazon's affiliate program and don't worry if you can't do Amazon there's tons of other stuff we're going to get to in just a minute but the cool thing about this is it has what's called Deep linking deep linking allows me to link to a page so watch this right I'm in um Chrome here but if I take this and put this into the other browser it is going to take me to that page right so that is the page it takes me to that's the affiliate link so now boom they're cooking to me if they buy within 24 hours bada bing bada boom I get the commission on everything that's in their cart and we can do the same thing with um other affiliate off as well now again if you're excited smash a like button because we're going to get to some stuff that is so stealthy awesome that it's going to make your head spit metaphorically not not truthfully metaphorically right um but it's going to be very very simple and um easy to follow okay so now let's see where we're at here okay okay so now what we're going to do is we are going to put these in a table right like this okay and while we're waiting for this we want to remember provide value now with Black Friday it's easy to provide value this little list here is value they could see at a glance ah the best deal is probably that Vio one or maybe even this one here that was 1997 and now it's less so now all I need to do is come over here and I am going to use a Snipping tool for me I like to use snag it I think it's extremely easy so techsmith we'll use snag it and let's see here we're going to capture right like this okay and I'll just get the ones that I want okay let's do with the prices up here right like that Boop okay and if you're doing this with TVs you could do a bunch of them just make sure you're providing value so now what I would want to do is file save as TV prices put this on the desktop make it easy okay and then on canva I just go through and I'm like okay let's go ahead and upload an image okay where was it it was in uh let's see desktop so just get it from the desktop right there put it right there it's going to load it right here then I can just drag it right here put it on top of the sail thing and I should be able to bring it to the front pretty sure we could do that uh let's see layer send backward bring to front bring to front we'll we'll send this one backward I think it's this one here yeah there we go it looks like they're all one okay so send layer send to back boom now our image is on top of it and now we have these and they can come in and be like oh hey cool you can even put a picture of a a TV on there if you want or you could go through and say okay great um which are the best 4K TVs or whatever right which are the best ones with WiFi then you could do oh hey here's the Wi-Fi tv offers for Black Friday how many of you guys are like oh this pretty simple like I don't think this should be difficult to do it all all right and then all I would need to do is post that on Pinterest and then start getting people to this stuff very very simple and again the idea is what are the benefit stuff right like when I went through last night and I created uh this page we had the Black Friday offers and then I had hey here's some top things that I have for Black Friday and I was like hey check this out you know um here's the Elgato stuff I use a lot of Elgato stuff or laptops a lot of people ask me what types of laptops I use right there it is right there and so your job is to go through and compile the info now when you compile this info and you're like okay let's see the best ones for this okay all of the TVs and the results have built in Wi-Fi okay uh which are best for football apparently people like the the football so let's see here right and now we're like okay how is this working and then we can go and look at that now again what we're going to do is we're going to look at our data here and say okay um maybe there's Nintendo switch right that's a pretty selective one right if I run that in here Nintendo switch Black Friday okay the competition is going to be a lot less okay but the searches are still there so this is looking pretty good Nintendo switch o lead Black Friday that's pretty specific pretty darn specific and we're like oh hey there we go that's pretty cool now again when we look at this we can do um Black Friday Nintendo switch here okay and we can see some newses now the news is a little bit less on this one and I'm seeing that there are some smaller sites in here okay so this is looking pretty good right you got this guy uh CNBC some others YouTube so see this this guy literally put this up 6 hours ago and it's ranking and if you do it correctly you can get ranking very quick again we have to be very specific because all we care about is a bunch of traffic ordering a bunch of stuff it doesn't even matter if they buy the Nintendo switch right then and there what matters is you're firing a bunch of people at Amazon with your affiliate link right that's where we get into this part here where we say cookie early cookie often okay and again your job is to find those trending keywords now there is ladies and gentlemen a very specific different method as well because here's the deal okay there is a debate going on it's been going on for a long time and it mostly involves other people and me and my side of the debate says this one thing any keyword can be profitable okay and I feel like that guy with the meme where he's like sitting outside and he's like hey you want to argue about this this is the deal a lot of people say well Marcus you know you've talked a lot about buyer keywords and those make sense someone wants to buy a TV I give them a TV it's a little competitive it's a little difficult but I think I can do it okay I can go on Pinterest and maybe get some people I could go on Instagram I can make a video I can do that but what do you mean by any keyword can be profitable I mean can I take turkey leftovers and make money with it like like they're looking for tury leftovers they're literally looking for something to do with what's in their fridge and it they want it free right they already got the turkey leftovers they not going to buy anything and a lot of people might say well Marcus how is this going to make money and if that's you let me know say Marcus I I don't know how that's going to make money that don't make any sense how would that make money well when we look at different things what we have to do is we have to focus on the fact that people are buying stuff like everyone who looks up turkey leftovers has probably bought something on Amazon before and they're already thinking about holidays because they got their leftovers in the fridge so if I went through and I actually did right I went through and I had one of my outsourcers who does our content here write me a giant report about the best leftover turkey recipes how many of you guys would be like yeah I got a bunch of leftover turkey recipes and I'd like to know the best one and I will tell you the best one and is probably not on this list let's see yeah I don't think it's on this list but there's lots of stuff here um that works really really well like how many of you guys would be like yeah that would be valuable I'd stick it on my fridge and be like hey here's what you guys can make for the next 900 years because we have so much turkey left over right we look at that we're like okay this would be something of value now this would also be something where I can go through and I could be like okay well let's go over here someone says my turkey enchiladas are bomb turkey enchiladas are pretty good but I will say again another another debate we're going to have is I mean turkey gumbo you can't beat turkey gumbo when it's made properly that's like the whole reason to have Thanksgiving in my opinion is so that you can have the turkey gumbo but what we can do is we can actually go through we can make a a new post so we'll go over here and we'll do home we'll do a new project let's call it um Instagram okay or you can do a Facebook let's do Facebook everyone's got Facebook okay and we go over here and we're like okay so I'm going to do let's see if we can find turkey turkey dinner turkey re turkey we'll do turkey okay so we'll go here and we're going to find an image for the turkey right like this and then I could say 100 free turkey leftover recipes or ideas okay trim it up a little bit free leftover trim that up a bit Boop ideas all right and then you do whatever your website is or you can even have a link in the comment now if you're posting on Facebook the best thing to do is has have a link in the comment right or you want to get creative okay let let's let's see here some people are saying turkey gumbo tell me your favorite way to have turkey right this is going to be a little test here and you're going to see something cool someone says Turkey Meatloaf uh gumbo yeah gumbo is I mean you got to make uh the r out of the turkey gravy is there's a specific way to do it but it comes out really good I could pour the whole gravy in there with it but it's really good okay so now we can go through you can have your website here whatever and when you're doing this on Facebook it's best to have your link in the first comment versus in um in the actual post okay otherwise you could go through and you can get a domain like leftover turkeys or or whatever it is okay you could build a mailing list yes I wasn't thinking that far ahead I was just going to give it to them um if you want to do a list maybe for next year or whatever uh what I'm going to do is I'm going to go through and I'm going to take this report right this is something my outsourcer did and I don't think he's like a turkey Enthusiast right he just did this for me in a couple of hours and came up with all these different things okay pretty cool wait there was a Cajun one on there jumalia that'd be pretty good right and so now we're looking at this and we're like okay now we have all these different uh turkey recipes for leftovers and I could give that away so what I'm going to do is I going to take and open a Microsoft Word and hopefully this doesn't open a thousand of them as it sometimes does where did it go okay so we're going to do new blank document so what I'm going to do here is I'm going to try to get my turkey recipes okay I'm going to put them in here obviously format them it's being a pain for formatting because it was a PDF but if we did it from a word it'd be fine and you won't have to format it or anything like that then what we're going to do is we're going to say 100 free turkey leftover recipes reppies okay cool and then we'll fancy it up again I'm going to do the concept here because I mean the fancy part is not what makes money if you need help making word fancy you know there's other videos on that that's not what this is about this is about making money so we're going to do 100 free turkey leftover recipes now I would go through and I'd brand it my turkey whatever right so we're going to Brand it like that now what I would also do okay how many of you guys are ready for the money say Marcus show me the money let's get to the old money there because I mean how many of you guys right now think that this you I could give this away on Facebook yeah if I had a PDF report of 100 killer turkey recipes or even 10 of them I could get people like how many of you can do that type giveaway or type um type PDF turkey if you're like okay I get it this makes sense I get it I could give that away I can go on Facebook I I give that to a couple hundred people I could go find people I could make a press release new cooking website shows hundred ways to use your leftover turkey boom that's G to rank watch this pay attention what you're learning here is stuff that other people don't teach because they haven't been doing this as long as your old buddy Marcus has where's our Mouse come on Mouse there we go all right watch this so we're going to go through we look at the competition on stuff like this let's do left over turkey recipes okay we got very little traffic very little competition okay it's not super crazy but if we were to do the press release method on this okay nobody Twitter ladies and gentlemen that's what I said I like hey Twitter shows some real live stuff there you go no press releases I could dominate with something like this right new site introduces uh Pressly or introduces a way to do turkey or whatever or watch this Black Friday deals okay this is going to be pretty competitive okay it's not terrible but it's there but what if I did leftover turkey recipes aha now 2,000 views 25 uh 139 33 and guess what a lot of these are actually fairly old so new stuff would probably let let's see what it looks like for new stuff let's do uh recently uploaded okay 2 hours ago 2 days ago six so in the last 6 days only three videos I need to share my screen because you guys aren't even seeing this come on Mouse there you go all right there we go there it is right there but if we do Black Friday deals okay now you're going to see recently uploaded 17 3 hours 6 hours 4 hour I mean there's a lot versus the recipe one now we're getting somewhere and with the recipe one it is a breakout search right we had this as a a breakout search uh where'd it go real time right and they were looking up the um leftover turkey recipes it's probably in here somewhere but it's only letting me do like two at a time uh but now we're looking at it we're like oh hey check it out I can do this this is something I can do then I give this away and what I do is right up here I say first check out these deals this is where I put my links for the instapot or whatever it is the top things purchased are why do I want the top things because that has a better chance of random turkey recipe people wanting it right how many you guys are like whoa wait a minute that totally makes sense and then I just just go in and I could say Okay um let's go over here let's do um let's see over here what were the top products for Black Friday 2022 okay this will give me the top products all right this will do the research top products for Black Friday 2022 may vary blah blah blah blah blah here are the best ones Apple okay so all I would do is I'm going to be like okay cool so we got Apple gaming check out these deals I would go through and I could say now make a table of the product categories okay smart home obviously you'd make sure you're not plagiarizing or anything you could use grammar leaf or something like that okay and let's see do we create a fresh website to get ranking faster with Trends it's definitely a good idea you have to you could do free methods but it's a good idea to have this so now we're seeing all the different things here you can put it in a table with the categories and use that on your PDF so I would just go through and have those uh listed there right and just to show you so we don't have to wait for all this I could literally just go through and be like here's that did the turkey um I could paste them in here and be like okay best TV Black Friday deals click here best instapot Black Friday deals click here right and what's going to happen is your PDF is now going to contain links that are going to pay you then you just give away right that's easier how many of you guys are like well that's easier so I don't even have to sell anything I just need to be like hey everyone I got a free uh turkey recipe book thing right and there you go now some of the tools you can use is canva you can use chat GPT to uh outline it let's say we want to do Black Friday 2022 sales what were the top sold items for 2022 Black Friday okay and it'll go through and it'll do them might take a minute or so but I mean how many of you guys are getting this and you're like oh my gosh so literally my job is to just go create helpful stuff right Turkey right recipes um you can even do like other stuff how to put up Christmas lights all right um Christmas light guide so it' be like okay Christmas light guide or decoration okay how do you get word for free uh there's an open source version did I spell that right Christmas light lights um and now we have this here or Christmas I ideas there you go ideas Christmas ideas Christmas dinner ideas Christmas decoration ideas all of these people are buying Christmas stuff and might say well Marcus you know Christmas game ideas they just want to play Charades with their family they're not looking to buy stuff I don't care they're going to buy stuff whether they're looking or not because that's what you do at Christmas time right that's what you do should just call it like the Festival of buying stuff um and we're starting to look at it now Maria says I'm not quite seeing where the money comes in well what what you're going to do is you are going to do affiliate offers for the different products so if you go out there and become an Amazon affiliate they will pay you when they buy the stuff or you can go out there let's say you're going to do Tech BH photo affiliate program right bhoto has an affiliate program and I think they pay yeah like 8% or you can do uh Best Buy affiliate program and this one pays um I'm not exactly sure I think it's like up to 10% or something um for people that buy stuff at Best Buy right and you could go through and be like here's the top things at Best Buy this year here's the top things at Amazon this year and using the affiliate program all you have to do is share your affiliate link to get paid so quite literally I go to Amazon I sign up for a affiliate account or an associate account okay so I would go let's do TVs okay and if I wanted to link to this page so all I need to do is be like hey guys I found the best so check it out how many of you guys want to see this in real time type real time if you get it okay if if you if you're like dude show me the money show me in real time I want to see how this works okay how many of you guys want want to see that we're going to give you a live demo right here right now of how to make money live right now okay and Amazon they're going to make billion do over the next couple days whether you do anything or not you might as well get a piece of the pie right even if they pay one or two% we're going to play the numbers and hopefully build a list and find some other stuff as well okay let's do this in real time how many of you guys would be interested in laptops that I buy time and time again for my business because they kick butt right I'm not talking overpriced junky laptops I'm talking good stuff that I continuously Buy for my employees my outsourcers stuff that we buy right you want to see like type laptop if you're like dude I would love to know what laptops you use for video editing because I'd probably go buy one okay check it out what we're going to do is we are going to search for Lenovo 16 gigabyte I want to have at least 16 gigs of ram in my Lenovo laptop okay so check this out now we got okay 8% okay let's see if there's Black Friday deals okay Black Friday Dell Dell's pretty good Lenovo there's one let's see if we can find one that's a really good deal is there a way to do like Black Friday uh let's see overnight Black Friday deals H there you go it does it for you right so we're going to go here we got 16 gigs of RAM that there Acer okay is there a Lenovo MSI that's a good one so this one here damn that's got a good video card too that's a pretty good laptop uh here's a Black Friday deal 200 bucks off 100 bucks off Lenovo okay Chromebook don't want a Chromebook though Let's do let's see how it did this Black Friday or you know what let's just do Lenovo laptop this will make it easy okay now if you don't know about laptops let's share the screen again I keep forgetting to do this all right so we'll go here we got the Lenovo here um I did Lenovo laptop we're going to do Black Friday deals and we're going to see what Lenovo laptops come up so let's say this think pad here it's like 200 bucks off or something like that 100 bucks off uh idea pad okay here's one Lenovo Idea pad Flex 2 in one 4 gig ram that's it's a little low on the ram let's see if there's a better one 8 gig memory that's that's actually that's a pretty solid deal right there um here's another one so what we would do is we'd find them and' be like okay here's a touchcreen it's got the ryzen processor 4 gigs Ram maybe I can get it with more 8 gig ram something like that okay let's try idea pad Lenovo Idea pad okay uh I have a Chromebook by Lenovo it's better than nothing uh 64 gig memory that's good you want the um Ram to be big for video editing so what I'm going to do 16 lightweight so this is a good one here there you go boom that's the jackpot LG whatever okay we can find a Lenovo but I think this is pretty good one with the ram there and LG I don't think has a lot of junk wear on it so this would be a good one so $88.99 this would be great so now how many of you guys would be interested in like okay I want to know what Marcus uses for this okay so what I did is last night I went through and I actually made some lists of black Fridays so you could see it Marcus's pick of laptops all I did was link to my Amazon and here's the lovos right and boom there you go very simple so what you're going to do is make this in a simple way and you can see people are in fact interested in it now I don't sell laptops that's not what I do but people are interested in the stuff that I use because they're interested in the way that I make money we also did the same with um you know all kinds of different things and so now I could put this together in an easy way or I could go through again do the same thing with the leftover recipes do the same thing with Christmas dinner ideas Christmas uh decorating or you could even do after Thanksgiving right what do people do after after Thanksgiving there we go our bank's open after Thanksgiving there you go I can write a report uh a news thing here are the banks that are open after Thanksgiving by the way if you want more money in your bank click here for the best Black Friday things our banks open on Black Friday 2023 he's got his news there uh 50% of them intending to buy a holiday present okay um major retails get the Shoppers and they're going through and they have all the different things that you can buy that's what they are doing it's very simple uh where are you syndicating your links great question we're going to get into that in just a minute so what we went over so far is how to how to make this stuff now another thing you can do which I've done on black Fridays before is have a zoom meeting right you could literally get a zoom account for 19 bucks or whatever you can have a webinar where you just you hey you guys looking for a laptop I'm going to be on the webinar showing you the best laptop to buy right and you're like okay let's let's figure it out you say Markus I don't really know about this stuff no problem we're going to go through and do please tell me the top reasons or groups that buy laptops watch watch how easy it is like tell me stuff and we'll go here Colleen says the links got me to his affiliate page exactly students professionals Gamers creative it great now what watch how easy this is guys AI has made this so much easier there's literally no excuse other than you just don't want to do it right you just want an excuse to not make money but if you want to do this all I need to do is say now please find three laptops for each and include specs why they should get them and prices now it's going to go through and it's going to be like okay here's the best ones for gamers here's the best for travelers here's the best for government blah blah blah blah blah and it's going to go and do that you can have a webinar called how to choose the right laptop on Black Friday plus I will find you the best deal right very very simple and we at it we're like okay this is going to do the work how do you think we got the um the list of the turkey recipes we used AI little bit of prompting got some good stuff now as we go along we can even make reports like this one okay this is a report I had created on Black Friday shopping Trends so it's going to show what people want the tips the trends and I could give this away hey you want a free guide on how how to save more money than ever with this Black Friday get this guide boom you pack it with your affiliate links there you go very simple very easy and again this is something that people on social media are going to want right they're not like if you're like hey just uh check this out buy some stuff so I can make money right that ain't going to work but if we go out and we this is what providing value is I am providing value based on oh what banks are open well here's a guide of the banks are open here also the stores that have the best money also hey check it out maybe I just want to make money per click and I get an article of the best Black Friday credit cards to save money right how many you guys are like well wait a minute so you could literally flip them into buying or or getting rewards credit cards which pays a fortune right how many you guys are like dude this is this is where the rubber beats the road I'm starting to get this right does that make sense okay pretty cool so we're looking at it and we are ready to go so now we have this and we have this report again that report was made with AI um here's another one maximizing Black Friday savings so I had them go through and make a report and and make these guides Stella said no one ever wanted my guides you need to position them correctly you need to give them based on what people want based on what they're searching for and based on how you can get in front of them here's another one how to maximize Black Friday savings here you go research sign up for alerts create accounts and this is the kind of thing you can have a webinar you can make a video you can come on a live stream and say hey today what we're going to do is we are going to show you how to uh get the most out of black fry Friday deals and we can go through and be like okay well let's take a look at some of the tools we can use we can use 11 labs and create a voiceover make an AI voiceover boom there you go if you don't want to use that use your own voice uh you could use pictory pictory I could go through I could put my entire text in here and I can start making videos in a super simple way script to video proceed I'll take some of my stuff here where' we go uh where did we go we had it oh it a PDF so we could go in here and take this info right and turn this into a video and what I do with with pictory which is pretty simple um is I want everything on a new line so every new thought should be on a new line and you'll see why in just a minute but we can go through and this will actually do a lot of the work for us all right and then you could do uh both I'll just do this part so you can see how it works for sake of time I can hit proceed and this will actually create an AI video that you could here we go marketing I I don't really think the templates matter but I mean so this would be YouTube this would be like Pinterest Instagram you know you just use the one you want but what it'll do is it's going to take my text it's going to parse it and they even have a sale we we have a special link to this um I'll have on my blog as well so um check that out when you get your notes at download and then what it'll do is it'll actually create it now this isn't my favorite way like if it was up to me I'm going to create the video on my own because it'll be way better and I can include things that I want now again you can create videos like I showed you in um canva as well right we started using this one where it's like okay here's our video in canva Black Friday I can add you know if I wanted to add my my table here I can add that table like created of the products right like that right super simple so there's a lot of things you can do if you want to animate it o let's make it uh pop woohoo there we go and then when they get to it it's like oh here's my video and then all you do is when you're done here's what your video looks like you can put a voice over that's what we'd use 11 Labs or whatever or you could use your own okay and you're like okay here we go and then it'll make that pop in be all right super simple then you just download your video you could upload it where you want or if you're using something like pictory again um I'll get you guys a special link I have a special discount code on my site for some of these things I am an affiliate of them so I do make uh a little bit of money when you sign up uh which is pretty cool but we're going to go through and be like okay where did our pictory go okay and see how it it does digging up the secrets Black Friday sales right so it actually went went through and it took each piece and got a video for it now these are okay I mean in my opinion I would rather do it on my own and do a really good job so I can put in video of you know uh here's the best deal for the laptop or whatever right I would want to do that so I could go to like 11 labs and I can put in my text and it will go through and it will make the voice to the text right super simple AI voice not difficult at all I could put that into my timeline and then I can create a video now what I like to do is I like to use uh a program like Camtasia because then I can go and I can do this myself right and that's what I want it doesn't take long Black Friday right like this okay and we have this and there you go uh living your be best health says you have the following to push these lists on webinars Facebook groups and whatnot when you put out a video it'll get of eyes looking at it none of that will work for me well here's the deal you got two things okay you can make excuses or you can make money because everyone who has a big following started with nothing and to make a big following is not hard I just showed you how to do it where you're like okay I'm going to do the recipes I'm going to go out there and find the things and I'm going to be consistent and I'm going to do a good job and I'm going to be known as the person who finds the deals heck how many of you guys want a tip that would be so easy it's not even funny right I'll give you a tip that that's so easy you literally go on Facebook you go in groups where people are saving money and you're like tell me the product you want I'll find you the lowest price and all you do is you go find the lowest price and Link them to it I mean is there anyone that's like I can't do that that is too hard to do I hope not because that's like the easiest thing in the world um but I can go through and I can make good videos on this stuff yes you exactly you can do this today and make money today there are people on Facebook today there are people on YouTube today if you get in there and you use data you have to use data our banks open the day after Thanksgiving people are looking that up our banks open the day after Thanksgiving here's which stores are open and closed open and closed they put that up a day ago they got a th000 views uh here's a preview of The Thing our banks open the day after Christmas and you can see all the different things and it's not hard you just have to go and do it you have to be willing to say I'm going to look at the data I'm going to see what people are searching for and I'm going to get in front of them right of course always be ethical always be truthful always good give good value check for plagiarism follow the rules and uh Matt there you go Matt's here he's one of our blog profit Network students he says he's using these methods and he's made money today and was that on something you did like a year ago or is that something you just put up right like a press release you could do right now it will rank you don't need a following guys this is something where you don't need that much stuff it's not hard to do when we get into the full out assault plan we're going to be like okay Black Friday TV if I had to sell TVs on Black Friday I'm going to go out there and I am going to consistently do it I'm going to do one watch this okay you go for the chat GPT we already had it go through and it made the different things right it made all the look for laptops that are affordable best laptops for students Black Friday bless best laptops for professional business Black Friday best laptops for gamers Black Friday they are looking this stuff up right now you can either choose to say well Marcus I don't think anyone can make money online the internet doesn't really exist it's a conspiracy I tell you okay you could do that if you want but I'm going to make money and I'm going to say hey check it out I'm GNA find affiliate programs for gamers or laptops for gamers laptop Black Friday Gamers let's get rid of that little thing there Black Friday Gamers all right so Black Friday gamer maybe we'll do gamer black okay so Black Friday gamer this one does have a volume Black Friday PC Gamer Black Friday PC Gamer gamer laptop Black Friday okay let's take a look at this okay Black Friday gaming laptop or gaming maybe that's the right word uh gaming laptop so cheap Black Friday laptop deals that's just deals that's not gamer deals so I could do a good job and I can do gaming best gaming laptop so this guy Black Friday 2023 PC gaming deals gaming monitor laptop component deals not bad okay um 91,000 views in two days dude selling some stuff I tell you right now all right we got Black Friday Lenovo deals popular gaming laptops you bought so that again there's not that many for Black Friday right we can go through let's see let's see if people are doing it and bombing I don't know let's see um let's do upload date today okay gamer laptop Black Friday today that guy did it 5.8 th000 uh 27,000 so see how we're not really seeing a lot for gaming laptops Black Friday right there's not a whole lot there's a lot of people doing generic but that's why I said don't do generic don't do generic right very very simple okay let's see what else we got here we got a lot of comments coming in um let's see okay yeah live streaming also you can do um you can do all kinds of things you can do live streaming you can do we actually have a list of free methods so let's go here let's talk about these free methods again my Black Friday offer is going to be at affiliatemarketing it's an amazing offer for something we call the fully loaded niche where we build a niche with you make it work make it happen super simple Anthony I'm on break at Costco LG 65 in TVs are moving like hot cakes working on my credit card site when I get off work there you go they are buying it right now and you could just sit here and make good content about stuff that worked you can do Facebook Live Events I have a friend who does Facebook Live Events um I had another friend back in 2018 she came to me and wanted to do Facebook Live Events and I'm like okay let's do it I thought it was gonna I thought we were gonna make like five grand we made 90 grand in one month off of Facebook Live Events it was simple we just went into groups and we're like hey we'll help you out we're going to share you some stuff uh Facebook Live Events if you go on Facebook live you will see that people are doing this stuff right now webinars Instagram live and guess what if you do YouTube Facebook and these other live platforms you get paid to do the show through monetization like right now now I am selling my Black Friday offer and monetization will pay me as well now is it going to be a ton probably not but is it some I mean how many of you guys would be like yeah if I could make you know a couple hundred bucks today on monetization that'd be pretty cool and then a couple thousand on the stuff I sell that'd be pretty cool again results not typical implier guaranteed but look at this you could do YouTube product reveals virtual shopping parties you can have a little hey let's go shopping let's find the best deals you can do um Twitter chats go out there and talk to people on Twitter you can do a Black Friday Pinterest pin party where you go through and make it work and and very very simple um living your best health says you said make money today yes go go do it like you go on the Facebook and you talk to the people they're there right now again we talked in the beginning about how how all you need is people right now you do a uh press release you do this you do that very very simple okay now some of the places might have different monetization but again we are monetizing by selling the Black Friday stuff very simple okay so Pinterest pin party uh Reddit and also um if you guys are wondering Matt's here he did the stuff he got traffic and made money today and he doesn't have a big following very simple okay uh redit ask me anything you can go and hey ask me anything about the best Black Friday deals Tik Tock challenges online contests and giveaway another thing you can do if you want traffic right now go buy ads you could buy ads on Facebook Dirt Cheap now be careful because the amount you make per click on Black Friday isn't always enough to justify an expensive ad so if I was doing it I'd try to stay under three cents a click right you can make it very easy and you could do that like three cents a click for leftover turkey recipes you'll get traffic like that is not hard to do right uh Matt did that with a press release very very simple uh virtual flash sales email campaign countdowns affiliate live streams go out there and you want it do it easy all right how many of you guys want to do this like you're like Marcus I don't want to do anything I don't believe you and this webinar like nobody makes money okay well we'll prove you wrong how many of you guys are like dude prove me wrong make it even easier here Marcus I need it to be so easy that you literally just throw money at me all right here we go check this out okay no following no nothing anyone can do this right now okay no money no following no nothing okay but we'll probably still get some people that are like well Marcus you know you do have to pay for Internet it's not really free you got to pay for internet yes I know that but you wouldn't have you wouldn't be here if you didn't have internet so check this out all right drum roll please how would you do this well over here on pictory they had a little thing that said Black Friday offer all right they had a Black Friday okay pictory Black Friday sale okay I've actually made money with this is not hard pictory Black Friday sale here we go they have it on their blog so here's the deal here's a guy on LinkedIn with no following he ranks on Google for pictory Black Friday sale he doesn't have that many followers so if you're like Oh Marcus you need to have a 100 million followers well he only got 694 and that's not the reason he ranks it ranks because it's LinkedIn here's pictory they tell you offer so 40% off for Black Friday watch this you go over here and you go YouTube and you go pictory pictory Black Friday okay next what you're going to do is you're going to go over here and you go pictory affiliate program all right it's so easy it's not hard so here we got this we go here we sign up they're like okay cool pays 50% there you go 50% that's pretty good all right pictory Black Friday 12 days ago 11 days ago 10 days ago 9 days ago so what you're going to do is you are going to do a good video about pictory discount code this guy ain't even on screen it's a one minute video he got 2200 visitors like how many you guys are like wait a minute now next what you're going to do there's some shorts here too there you go pictory Black Friday now some of them have no views some of them do have views what we're going to do is we're going to focus on making a really really good video right we want to make a really good one here's a buddy of mine he's doing the same thing there he is right so we're going to look at this and we're gonna be like okay now what I do is I find the details okay and I'm like okay I'm going to do this and I'm going to do a good job so I need a good thumbnail so I'll go to canva create a good thumbnail then I'll go through there's another one inid is doing this as well so you do in video pictory and you show all the Black Friday stuff again make it good this guy did a 5minute video doesn't even look like he's on screen it just he's showing the screen yeah he's not on screen at all talking about the deals here's the different things you get talks about the prices anybody can do this it is so simple it's not that different difficult and so what I'll do is I'll go make a video and I don't need a following or anything all I do is post up there now you can also go out there and you can find Facebook groups that are video creators and you say hey guys check it out I just found the top affiliate offers best deals for Black Friday for video creators again remember how I told you in the beginning what we want to do yep is our transition there we go what we want to do is make sure that we narrow our group select a group of products this is key because if you know who you're talking to then you can go and buy ads you can go make videos you can put it all in front of them in a simple way or you can do a press release top video maker tools Black Friday sales how you guys are like dude come on is there anyone that's still like hey I don't think this works I don't know Marcus you know the internet uh I don't know if the internet's online all right well I can't I can't fix that but I can show you how to make a lot of money you can do LinkedIn networking events um you can rank blog posts social media platforms you can use Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest deal and coupon sites there's forums out there where you can post coupons there's all kinds of different things that you can use Tik Tok videos like just start making them start making them now you might have to make a 100 Tik Tok videos but it's not that hard guys we have ai I could do these very quick here's a top laptop deal for Lenovo here's a top one for HP here's a top one here here's a top one for students the top one for executives the top one with the longest battery with the biggest screen with the biggest that with the biggest this and there's people looking at these things in a simple way and we're like okay best laptops for okay okay best laptops for college students boom boom boom there we go do you not think that these people are looking for Black Friday deals of course they are everybody loves to say money save money and so now we're like okay best laptops for this group best laptops for engineering students Marcus I need a following no you don't like nobody's talking about this best laptop for engineering student student there's one guy two guy three and it's working this guy right here does AI videos 70,000 best five laptops for engineering students like there it is right there make sure that you do good quality stuff okay now uh Maria says so I make the video where does the money come from what you're going to do is you are going to link to your stuff so you'll see here these are his Amazon links he gets paid when you click them and buy there it is super simple right how many you guys are like dude are you kidding me like that's what they're doing and yes I have friends now I'm not a big Amazon affiliate because I like to get paid a lot right like if I sell pictory I get 50% if I sell something on Amazon I get like 2% so I like the 50% but I will still some on Amazon I have done it I've made some money with it I have friends that do this just like you see here and they're makinging $100,000 a month with Amazon why because Amazon sells a lot of stuff and all you have to do is is point them to things that work Point them to things that help them hey we're going to organize it we're going to organize the best laptops we're going to organize the best deals and you start to understand hey this affiliate thing isn't really that difficult okay now again results not typical implied or guaranteed you get the drill most people make nothing but if you understand that okay I can go and I can best Dell deals best these deals I'm not going to comp everyone's trying to compete with best laptops you're not going to do it that top five guy probably doesn't show up here nope he ain't there but he does show up on the engineer one how many of you guys are like oh that's pretty cool uh Robin says Amazon pays too little that's the only issue let me tell you okay there is a reason to use Amazon because if you're focused on the amount they pay you're missing the big picture what does Amazon allow me to do that I wouldn't otherwise be able to do it allows me to tap into a bunch of products there there's a bunch they're all over the place I wouldn't be able to market the best laptop tops if I didn't have something like Amazon or maybe I can Market a little trinket that only can be found on Amazon this opens the traffic Floodgate you can now tackle other traffic that you wouldn't be able to because using Amazon now I can do this and if I get all the people that are interested in video editing laptops I can figure out what kind of video editing stuff they want and sell them software too right how many of you guys are like oh I get it it's not about the 1% now you will make some money I got some friends they make a lot of money with the old Amazon affiliate program but what we're looking at is letting this get us into more traffic traffic traffic traffic traffic that's what we care about that's why old Jeff Bezos said I'm going to make uh a book site cuz he's like okay well you know books have a lot of different SKS a lot of products and they're easy to rank for boom we're going to follow that method now they will pay you which is good but we're going to look at the traffic and the deals and stuff like that and it will make money I mean a lot of you guys can do this and get results today if you want to again are you going to make a million dollars today of course not are you going to make a dollar today I have no idea we want to go through and make it work does YouTube pay or for what no you're going to do so you can do YouTube monetization like if you've seen ads while I've been talking um you can do that and get paid by YouTube but it's actually fairly small like I think you'd make more if you were pointing to this other stuff like how they are with the links but again this is not hard you don't need a big following you need the right Niche is what you need right there he is there best five laptops and that's what he did you start and you start and this is all stock footage and it's working but you want to provide good quality information you don't have to be on screen Pinterest like a lot of people let let's do a little test on the old Pinterest let's see um let's go to a h I'm just going to do this off screen um so that you can see in real world and then I'm supposed to sell my Black Friday offer but I'm I'm having a little too much fun here so we'll get to that in a minute so if you're excited about my Black Friday offer uh type it in the box if you guys are like dude Marcus I need I want to work with you this something I want to do right we show you how to do it all day every day that's what we do here that's what I've done for uh 23 years um and that's a deal Maria yep Niche down you got to get the right Niche you got to Niche down so if I go here and I look at Pinterest let's type in keyword Black Friday so watch this so right now in real time okay in real time right now Black Friday memes so memes you can make memes of Black Friday there you go um LV Black Friday embroidery machine Black come on seriously embroidery machine so there's like those little machines people use for embroidery Pinterest is ranking there's not a lot of people doing this on YouTube sewing machine like do you guys see how narrow this can be right very very simple um do you need to meet the requirements before you get paid by YouTube yes if you're going to do YouTube you do need to meet the requirements to get paid by YouTube however if you're doing affiliate links in your description you can make money today okay very simple so we're going to go through here's the different things here there's Pinterest all right hold on one second okay so you see here Pinterest all right they got DIY crafts uh sewing machine different things like that Black Friday sewing um this one's not that difficult so like you could do arts and crafts best Black Friday offers and these are expensive like if you sold one of these that's some bucks that's a good one right there you go um and these are on Amazon as well so you would make more um depending on where you're at like I would probably try to find like big guys here and try to find like maybe this guy has an affiliate site or something where I can make more um this is you Yahoo finance um there's Pinterest there so when we look at it we can see what it looks like craft not very many followers and he literally just put Black Friday embroidery machine it's all they put uh embroidery small business and um all kinds of different things there right super super simple super super easy does that make sense to everyone okay do I ever do Target Walmart or Ebay yeah i' I've done those sometimes definitely uh walm Walmart affiliate is at capacity Walmart I don't really care for that much uh have you monetized on Twitter yeah you can monetize on Twitter for sure okay cool um yes so if you guys are interested in my Black Friday deal if you want to work with me um we have a special offer at affiliatemarketing things here so the Black Friday offer is here okay you could submit your Black Friday offer there and then we do have a page that I just put up which is about that let's see yeah so if you click this big button on the bottom right here that'll take you to the Black Friday sales page and then this is going to show you um this offer right here is the best one this big Arrow that's our fully loaded High ticket Niche it is only going to be that price for the next hour hour or so so if you are interested in getting a high ticket Niche with 25 pieces of content a good domain all kinds of good stuff that is going to help you make money what we do is we find a domain name that has rankings we pair it with you so you say hey I like sewing or I like a home decor or incense or whatever it is we find a domain that has backlinks rankings and different things like that right we're going to go through and we are going to build that site up based on the rankings it has we're going to get you cont content we give you 25 pieces of content in this offer usually you would only get four now you get 25 which is good we're going to give you a giveaway guide much like the turkey one or the savings one or whatever it is we're going to put it all together find your affiliate offers and help you run it so at the end of the day unlike courses there's blogging courses out there that are like 2,000 3,000 $1,000 and they're just training courses which is good some of them are great but what this is is work giving you the hulkk it and Kabuto we're giving you the platform to start with the niche to start with the instructions to start with and all you got to do is build it up and show up every week and say Marcus help me out we will help you with it a lot of the domains that we have are actually valued according to GoDaddy which you know you got to take it with a grain of salt um but they're usually valued at way more than the offer today which is really crazy um and I think right now if you use this link here you can actually get the offer I think it's like yeah so here it is here you can get that and it'll it'll uh give you that offer it's a really good deal if you have any questions about it Lauren's on live chat uh Tina's on tickets and you could just go to affiliatemarketing and you can ask about the uh Black Friday sale I think it's right here if you click this one and then also um if you guys have questions click this button here and you can talk to our support and stuff like that and that is one of the other things um that I really want to drive home is the fact that if you were able to get a lot of traffic you could put live chat on your site and you know boom there you go it'll go there and you could actually talk to your audience and sell stuff right then and there which is very simple and I don't want you guys to over complicate this because there are people making money with this stuff right now right now while you were watching this people are making money and you guys saw hey Pinterest is ranking for all kinds of things um other sites are ranking for all kinds of things and if we can go there there's a elf shelf thing um all kinds of different things that that they are ranking for that works really really cool Kohl's Black Friday um LL Bean Black Friday they rank number eight for that Black Friday Walmart they ranked number 100 so maybe I can do better and we start to realize hey wait a minute kitchen a Black Friday uh mixer okay um maybe we could do better than they got a 46 I could probably do better than that and we start to realize hey this is pretty cool and then when you start to realize well wait a minute with Marcus's deal he's actually going to give us a niche he's going to give us content right he's going to help us build it out he's going to give us the affiliate offers he's going to show us exactly how it works guys that's kind of like giving you the keys to the kingdom there and as Jim says this is an excellent price on the high ticket nich and I I I agree it's not going to be this low ever again this is the first time we've offered it with 25 content and the giveaway which is crazy um and I mean this is the last time it will be at that as well so even if you're getting a second or a third Niche um it's really good and then there's also domains you can check out uh like right now I'm also selling a um AI logo generating business and to show you what they look like like this here logos.

Me uh is one of the domains for that is let's see um GoDaddy appraisal and if there's any that you see that you like you could submit a Black Friday offer as well um GoDaddy appraisal there we go but what you can see is we are actually doing very fair pricing because like if you were to sell the domain on its own where's our appraisal domain appraisal come on now there we go um if I was to sell that domain on its own without the content without the business without the help that domain is that's got a worth of 4,000 bucks right and then we can do another one let's say this okay um a time as this drive drive Coastal right and you'll see that a lot of these do have a decent value attached to them um that usually exceeds what the price is on the course now again we're going to try to find something like if there's a crochet person right that's a good crochet domain there um and there's all kinds of different things and rankings and stuff like that where where we build it I'm trying to find where you said was the best deal on mobile I don't so just go to affiliat marketing affiliatemarketing and click on uh let's see home you're going to click on high ticket niches that's going to have the offer there for you okay and if you have questions just get her on live chat um and Lauren can help you on live chat help you get that deal as well okay really cool but affiliate marketing or you can go to hiti over on high ticket that'll take you directly to that specific offer if that's what you're looking for okay so really good stuff uh ahfs is a 10 semrush is how much AHF I don't know if it's a 10 um SE semrush gives you pretty similar uh stuff so I I wouldn't worry too much about that either whatever one you like best okay but that's where you're going to do it and make it work are there any deals on The Simple Sites package yes so Charles if you're looking for a deal on any of the stuff um you can actually submit a Black Friday offer you just go here click submit and then you can do submit a ticket and it should have Black Friday sale you can say you put your name all your info in here okay and then you can say what product do I want I want the fully loaded niche or Simple Sites or you could say oh hey I want that logo domain you would just go here and say Hey I want Simple Sites here's my offer right so I'd say hi my offer is 296 right obviously you want more than dollar off but that's what you do and if we accept your offer we'll take it right then and there uh you could do the same thing with high ticket niches um any domains and stuff like that uh but we have a great support team that's there to help you you can even submit an offer um on live chat with Lauren she'll help you right then and there as well um but go over to affiliate marketing or high tiet and uh we will help you get the best offer that's right for you again you know don't let anything stop you go ask us say Hey you know I'm I'm starting in this what's the best offer what's the best deal um and they will help you with it and help you understand that hey we can go through and and make this work in a very very simple way okay okay okay cool all right guys I think uh any questions on what we went over again if you want the notes from this video uh check out download myy and um you know follow along there's all you want to do is provide value based on what's going on and if you were to go out there and do you know pictory uh deals or whatever pictory coupon code or whatever it is you could be an affiliate and make lots of money always disclose that you are an affiliate always be eth the always make things that are helpful uh and good and I think you'll do uh pretty well there but again affiliatemarketing um and let's uh let's take a couple seconds for questions and uh yeah we could be right back uh let's see when's the Black Friday deal going to end uh we usually go through Monday um but for the 997 if you want that you need to do it now that's going to end in about an hour okay and then I mean if you if you wait it'll be about $300 more but if you want to now there you go um let me see if I can change that link okay cool all right let's see here and let's see all right Dwayne good yeah that'll be good to have you uh on board there I don't know if this going to let me log in here but we'll try to change it so the high ticket Niche one will work bear with me one second you guys can type your questions in as well do you need to capture emails you do not no that's optional okay all right I'm going to try to change so what we're going to do is I'm going to change this link here for the special deal so just bear with me one second and then you'll be able to go to hiti to to get that one let's see hiti that is domain name okay so domain cool so that's going to be changed right here so what you'll see is I'm going to change uh let's see here this one here there we go so if you go hiti come on there we go hiti right like this you're going to see that this is the price now for the next hour for Black Friday if you want that fully loaded High ticket Niche deal this is going to be 9.97 there you go um if you want we don't have any deals on blog profit Network because that's a hardcoded uh offer um but yeah you can get this now this will be available just High ticket and um that'll get you rocking and rolling there let's see that thing there's high now if I could just move that down that would be great let's see did that work there we go um that should have it so high tick ises for affiliate marketing dude what is latest year 2020 yeah so it's a dynamic program so it isn't there if we work with you do you help us with keywords from HRS we help you with all of our tools so like I literally spend thousands of dollars every month on tools we get you all kinds of reports and stuff okay all right Jackson says that's the best training ever do we need to buy our own hosting plan yes we do have that um again what I would do I'm going to put a link here I I'll switch this one over to give you guys the notes from here um but there's the hosting we have is gohub over at gohub they actually they have a Black Friday deal um let's see where's our notes my mouse is being funny here I know I had my notes somewhere here here we go um so go I think they have a really good deal right now on hosting where you can get it for like less than 100 bucks a year or something like that um and that's a new host we've been trying that's actually a really good one um so gohub okay uh do we have a payment plan available we do not uh not on that one the price is too low for that and one of the things that a lot of people don't realize is with our high ticket Niche product I actually have cost on that it's not like something where it's a course where it's just hey it's all profit um we're buying a domain we're getting the content from our outsourcers uh we have a team that puts this together for you um the notes yeah if you go to download my we have all of our notes there okay and then affiliatemarketing I'll be changing that link here in just a little bit so if you do want that we'll be good to go great training chat gp4 only available on waiting list is there a way to jump the waiting list not that I know of but you can use Google bard and um the Bing browser those will both help you out quite a bit okay and then again for that offer the special one high ticket niches Doom that has the price on it um I believe let's just make sure hi yeah so yep so you're good so that price will be there uh for the next hour or so are there any keyword tools we can use inside your program we have a a version that I created it's a little bit different it's the word sniffer Tool uh but it's pretty cool okay all right guys so I think that's about it for today uh how long does it take once we purchase the 997 from the time we build it it's usually around 4 to 6 weeks um sometime sooner I know like right now I think we're right around four to six weeks but yeah but from the time we pick your domain it's it's a lot quicker um but again this is custom this is something where you're coming to us we pick a domain based on what you you want we don't build it until you're like yes that's the domain that's the niche that's the one I want um then once you give us the go-ahead we start building it we get your content we walk you through all the stuff um it's a really good offer I have a lot of people who have gone through that one with me okay all right any other questions let me know you vote for me for trainer for the year all right well thank you for that all right cool deal so um let's see I think that answers about everything and um again use this stuff it works it works if you do it now is it guaranteed are you going to make a million dollars the first crappy video you put up or the first Pinterest you put up no of course not but can you use it to build and grow and could you get fast results yes I will tell you um I used the Forum example that I talked about first right so I used the the um Forum example and I made $1,300 within 12 minutes which was crazy I was like oh my gosh that actually does work now I had my own product so was a little bit different but it shows I could go do something on a forum and get traffic instantly um any Black Friday offers on my articles yes so right now um we are in beta testing for my human directed AI content business if you're interested in that right now it is at $20 per piece of content that is going to go up um so for Black Friday we are keeping it at 20 bucks if you want to get that just go here and click on the Y the big red button and then you have your options right here okay so it's 20 bucks each which is a phenomenal deal it's probably going to be 40 maybe a little bit more about 40 per piece of content one question here at YouTube you advertising company business model only because I didn't make money from your ideas except some dollars I didn't afford uh can you restate your question I don't know what that means uh can we use any other 100% free web hosting sites for what I taught you today you do not need web hosting I'll show you like a lot of people they argue with things not working and working uh one of my students there's someone here that says um they use the Pinterest m method he's at one uh 1,200 views per post that's pretty cool Mike there's another guy we have um Pinterest tiny house Heaven this guy is over a million monthly views and he started with just the free St strategies like this crazy like if there was Tiny House Black Friday deals this guy would be crushing it um and it works like you just you just have to do it and if you focus on datadriven strategies like we're not going to go out there and just post or whatever we're going to have data driven strategies I actually have uh my Pinterest here which I don't use I have an outsourcer um I think we are getting um let's see where how do we get to that LOL bid pretty sure that's what it is what is ours something I mean let me find it real quick because I actually have an outsourcer that's doing our Pinterest and it's it's super simple my LOL Biz that's it okay cool so um on my Pinterest we have all these products and we're getting 12200 views a month in the Drop Shipping Niche and I didn't do this this is all outsourced super simple um and all they're doing is talking about simple products that people are are making money with with Drop Shipping I mean do you guys understand that very simple uh Wendy I don't understand Amazon's requirements to be an associate have to look it up just sign up and you know they reject you sign up again and maybe get a a website or something like that um but we start to to look at that and it's like hey this stuff is getting traction I mean it's not huge that guy there says he's getting 1,200 each but it's very simple um let's see I want to start a Content marketing and web design business Stella check out um that uh domains.

Blogr because I have a logo business that we're selling uh um an AI logo business that would be perfect for that and uh we have Black Friday alfers on that how many content do you Pro produce so for Black Friday you're going to get 25 yes the site says four I haven't updated yet but you will get uh 25 okay that's the best deal ever because like I mean even at automated places I'm paying more than that for automated content like if I was to get 25 pieces of content 25 time 40 I think is what they're at yeah it's $1,000 just for the content at an automated site what we're doing is we're actually doing it human AI so there's a human element which is in my opinion better than just straight up AI all right um yeah so you get 25 there I added links inside do I get paid by the clicks I don't receive any click money can you help me with that again like like this is why you would want to join blog profit Network because here I can't see your website there's not I mean there's a lot of questions that go into like what links did you add how did you do it what's your website um I mean yeah we need to know what you're doing you can't just be like oh I made site got click why no money I mean you got to go out there and like I need to know what your website is and stuff like that um it's got to be very very specific uh with what you're doing there uh do I have any domains for herbs yeah I do I actually have lots of uh gardening ones I do all the time um but yeah we need very specific stuff to help you can you tell me more about the high ticket nighttime videos so in high ticket um in high ticket niches we have Tuesday calls or I'm sorry we have Tuesday calls and Thursday calls the Thursday call is a small group just for high ticket Niche owners and on that one you get those Thursday calls as long as I do them so as long as I'm in business and I'm doing those calls you get to be on them and get help and you know that's the best one because we can log in and help you out and get your links and see progress and different things like that um and it works really really well okay all right um miss the class today okay so I think that's about it for today again um High ticket is where the best offer is there and you can check us out at affiliatemarketing if you just want to reach out to the team um but again there's a lot of stuff that we went through today that uh you could go and you can start making money with this right away it doesn't have to be Black Friday it doesn't have to be today you just have to go out there and make it work now can you use this and get results today yes we have lots of students that are again follow the rules be ethical always disclose that you're an affiliate always make it work is a lifetime High ticket Niche different from the blog profit Network support yes that's the Thursday call blog profit network is the Tuesday call um that's the difference now I will say blog profit Network we have a lot more people on it so the Thursday call you're going to get more personalized help from me okay as long as the method can be used in the Philippines I'm going to follow it there's no reason it can't be used in the Philippines I mean it works anywhere as long as you can get an affiliate account um it will work everywhere and again you know make it good do good quality stuff um and make it happen I'm going to watch your last video two times I already watched three times yesterday awesome yeah we got a lot of good content I mean I my motto is I'm going to give you all the information free I'm just going to teach you what I know and if you want to work with me then you can buy something um but that's like you could watch my there are people that watch my free stuff and they get res results and that's what I wanted to do is change the way the guru industry is because it's so secretive and people are hiding things and it's all about high priced high pressure instead of teaching you guys what works but if I teach you guys what works like here and the people that are serious who are like oh I get it I want to work with Marcus they're going to they're going to do that people who can't afford to work with me which I mean we got some pretty inexpensive options but the people who can't afford to work with me um you know they can do their own thing and watch that but I my goal and my method is to strive to give you guys good stuff and for those of you that do want to work with me hi for that offer um I'll leave that up for another hour so if you want to join that um hop on over there I think uh where' the link go it'll probably pop up down there as well uh Ramone not not yet the new one should come out probably after the first of the year okay so blog profit that's our cheap offer and then High ticket uh as well best way to promote is teaching yeah absolutely you know if you teach people hey here's how to select the right laptop uh here's how to do this here's how to do that I I can teach people here's how to get uh what if you did the I I did an article that I had my outsourcers do I don't know if it was done yet but it was the best Black Friday yeah here it is maximizing Black Friday apps so this was about apps that helped save money and watch this you say well Marcus what about selling stuff there is an offer on offervault right now that is the Capital One Shopping offer and this pays $7 a download all they do is download it you get seven bucks and there you go again you have to apply and get accepted and stuff but there's the offer right there it is a payer download offer 688 um and and all this other stuff where you get paid and that would be perfect right I go out there and I'm like new website uh shows how to make money or how to save money with free apps there you go there it is I got this I didn't even write this right and there we go right what if you did this how many of you guys want a really I'm I'm I'm going today how many of you guys want a really cool strategy okay here's a really cool strategy what if you did a report on how to use Bing AI to save money on Black Friday right that's going to get some views you be like oh my gosh that's that's amazing so literally all I do is I'm like okay uh let's go to chat GPT or even this one here how could someone use AI like this co-pilot to save money and find deals on Black Friday people love watching AI stuff right so now we go through and it's like okay it's going to teach me how people could use co-pilot to save money I mean you could do a live stream right now and you could be like dude I'm just going to go find deals with AI this will go through one possible way to use AI like this co-pilot save money find deals is create a script that can automatically search for the best prices okay cool um can you make that script for me oh it's going to do it anyway so this is going to create a script that'll literally find the deals I mean how many you guys are like dude are you kidding me like come on I could literally make a site that uses AI to find deals uses my affiliate link and and I get paid like Marcus the seems too easy which is why I throw money that way I got to clean the office that way it's not that simple it's got to be difficult right and there you go it's going through it's going to print the results and I can make my own little AI driven deal finder on AI on on my website right this is what we do like you guys are like Oh Marcus I don't know about that the profit is a site where I have free tools these a lot of these tools were made with AI right simple simple tools there's a QR code generator an iframe generator a uh video caption a lot of these were made with AI and I can have a site called the AI Black Friday deal finder right use AI to find your your money people would go nuts over that and that would get views if you did it right um and these are the kind of things where you got to be creative and you got to think outside the box so hopefully you guys enjoyed this hopefully you got a lot of good value out of it um again if you want to check out the Black Friday offer we have for you it is over at um high tiet and you can go right there there's a link High um I'll leave that open for the next hour if you guys got questions or want to submit an offer just use any of my websites and if you want notes from this download myot go out there use these strategies make some money make it happen it's not hard to do I think too many people are over complicating this because a lot of the gurus just want to sound so smart and I don't care if I sound smart I'm here to make money not you know get people to like me right I'm here to make money I'm here to make it work and if we focus on things that actually work and get away from this Guru culture of of toxic thinking and and get into hey there's real world stuff out there that real world people can use and make money in an easy way and it's not difficult um again it takes work it's not guaranteed you might have to do a lot of videos right you might have to do a lot of Pinterest you might have to go out there but if you look at the data and you do it strategic and you focus on things that are not that crowded I think you can get some pretty good results as we've seen here uh today um and there you go there's a link there go over there you got an hour

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