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so I tried this whole make money watching YouTube videos and what I found out was actually pretty shocking and it all comes down to watching The Right video let me explain exactly what I mean now first I didn't really get it why would someone pay you to watch a video online I mean isn't there millions of videos being watched every day for free so I decided to test this little strategy out and get you some solid proof of how this works in a real world way and no the methods aren't the same as the other people are teaching what they're teaching is to go use a link shortener site and drive traffic to it or watch videos on some website that's going to pay you a quarter for every 10 hours you spend so instead what I wanted to do is find you some solid proof from a friend of mine who's making as much as ten thousand dollars a month literally just watching videos online you don't need any money to get started all you need is a phone with internet access here is a screenshot that Andy sent me from his earnings and I know screenshots can be faked and there's all kinds of stuff like that so Andy you're right I did um what are you at now I know we checked this right before we started the video but what what are your earnings at right now uh let me look at it oh yeah ten thousand sixteen dollars yeah right here right there ten thousand sixteen bucks so you made 14 bucks while we're sitting here laughing about you sitting over there yep pretty much okay so now tell me about this because we have lots of screenshots we have this one here forty two thousand dollars we have this one here almost seven hundred dollars 200 bucks here so how does how does this work your your watching reels and short videos what kind of equipment do you need to actually run this business all in all you need an updated phone like one of the higher end iPhones or a higher end Android so basically if you have a phone that's not 20 years old you're probably fine yeah yeah okay cool and then do you need money to start or you just kind of start on your phone you watch the you're watching short videos yeah you just start on your phone you just you watch short videos the only thing I would definitely recommend having you a headset of Bluetooth so I had a headset so that you're you can listen to them good yeah which believe it or not most phones actually come with earphones that's all you're listening with mine didn't so maybe I got jet yeah you did you got robbed so um how long is the average video because I know a lot of people are you know a lot of these people on YouTube are talking about watching videos and you got to watch 50 hours before you make 10 bucks how long is the average video you're watching whoa 10 no all right so my my average video is between 15 and 25 seconds all right so like 17 seconds yeah give or take what's the most you've been paid on one short video on one short video the most I have made is right at six hundred dollars six hundred dollars yes for 17 seconds that one was almost a minute okay so that one was almost a minute what about the shorter guys the shorter ones they it ranges some of them I may make a couple of dollars some of them I may make a couple hundred but the most I've made was right at 600 on one video got it okay now when did you start this because I know you've been following my stuff for a long time oh yeah when did you start this business of watching videos and getting paid I would say roughly around November of 2021 so everybody got started with watching videos and did you make money right away no okay how long did it take to get your first check about three four months three or four months okay so you started watching videos yeah three or four months go by what was your first check like that was like 200 bucks 200 bucks okay uh and were you doing it full time at this point oh no okay so just watching little videos here and there you got 200 bucks okay and what was your biggest month and when so my biggest month was right around June and I majored in June of 2022.

Okay and I made just shy of ten thousand dollars ten thousand dollars in June yes watching 17 second videos yeah on your iPhone with a headset yes gotta have a headset so you started in like October November and a couple months later maybe like six months later right you get a check for ten thousand dollars okay so part of me is like okay well maybe this is a fluke maybe he got 10 grand he got lucky did it last all year what did you make in 2022 so in 2022 I made a little over 60 000 sixty thousand dollars in one year his first full year watching videos online part-time yeah so now here we are sitting in April 2023.

Yeah what are you at so far for 2023. so far now I haven't gotten paid for April yet but so far I'm hovering right around twenty five thousand dollars twenty five thousand right around eight thousand dollars a month give or take okay now here's the important part pay close attention who is paying you social media companies like Facebook Facebook YouTube YouTube and Tick Tock and Tick Tock okay so when you say that Facebook Instagram YouTube and Tick Tock are sending you checks for watching these videos yeah did you have to like drive up to Facebook and say can I please have a job or I just started watching these videos and I started posting the social media and I started getting checks okay now one of the most important things that I've seen everywhere in all these videos is ADS you get paid to watch ads online is that like are you going and watching Coca-Cola ads in Pizza Hut oh no no no okay so you're watching funny videos oh absolutely so you go on Tick Tock Twitter Facebook YouTube you find funny videos yeah you laugh at them absolutely and you get a check absolutely okay so in order to make this work you're going to come over here to tick tock or Facebook or YouTube and you can find one of these videos that's funny and and you just watch it yeah yeah kind of like the one that says I can't stop laughing something like that I'd end up doing so you'd click this one you're gonna watch it yeah and then how do you get paid actually it's very simple so first things first I grab my phone and then I watch the video after I watch the video got to make sure it's funny first then I hit the react button and then I record my reaction of the video okay so do you have to use your voice I mean I do mainly just laugh and cut up and that type of thing I'm not really doing very much like commentating or giving a play-by-play or anything on those lines I'm just enjoying the video and laughing at it so again they're like 17 seconds there's not a whole lot you could say most of the time you're just laughing yeah because they're they're hilarious now do you have to use your face I do but I know some people that do not so you could use a puppet yeah I know several people who actually use a puppet to do the exact same thing that I do so the puppet watches the video yes the puppet's using the voice that's in the video so they don't have to use their voice yes now how do you know a video is fair use for this so on the apps they have different features and if they have the reaction feature open then it's fair game so if it says react you can react yes you watch the 17 second video yep put some text laugh at it we'll put a puppet and you get paid from Facebook YouTube Tick Tock and all these other companies yes you know if you're wanting to learn exactly step by step on how I do all of this and you know what hold on a second hey Marcus I think you got something to tell them we got a link in the description to a free video that's going to show you exactly how all this works step by step I interviewed Andy at length to give you the ins and outs of how you can do this business and make a living without a bunch of money without a bunch of skills without using your face in a super easy way

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