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about five days ago Google bard came out with an amazing update that is the ability to use plugins and Google tool Suites within Ai and yes the YouTube Community has been going nuts with information on how to use the new Google bard updates to be more productive but today we're going to talk about something a little different yes ladies and gentlemen that's right we're going to talk about how to use Google bard to make tons of money and it's actually super simple and since Google bard is free you can use this method right now to start putting money in your pocket but first let's talk about what these updates are how they affect your productivity and how you're going to use them to make tons of money first of all here is a giant list of all the updates but what does all this mean and how does it work and how are we going to use it to make money well first of all let's take a look at Bard and see what it is right here we can see the main Google bard home page this is where you go to basically prompt it it's like chat gbt or Microsoft Bing which we've talked about in many other videos and much like those tools you can come in here and say give me a list of the top new bard add-ons in the last seven days and it's going to go through and it'll do all the research and find all the information for you you can also ask it to find news reports summarize documents articles all different kinds of things like that but up until now you basically had to ask it for things that are already on the internet anyway and within its database but that all changed just a few days ago and very few people are seeing the power of what's going on with Google bard and the ability to make money online so smash the like button and let's take a look at those right now first of all Google has embedded a lot of their own properties and tools in The Bard platform starting with some of their more basic ones and then getting down to the bottom where I'm going to show you a Zinger that's almost guaranteed to make you money if you're paying attention so first off we have Google flights as we know if we were to go to Google and type something in like MCO to SFO we can see different flights for for this trip Frontier non-stop different things like that now we want to take this a step further and maybe you're creating a website about flights and you want to list out all the flights for example I have family in Alabama and unfortunately Alabama's not that popular so there's only about two flights per week so I could go through on Google bard and I can say something like please find me and make a table of all the flights from MCO to to BHM Non-Stop and make the table weekly this is going to go through and make a table of all the flights from Orlando to Birmingham that happen each and every week and you can see here it does a nice job of listing out all the different flights that are happening each and every week not only that but we can export this to a Google sheet and make a document out of it this is very very important and this update is unlike anything we've ever seen and just to show you exactly how this works if you were to look up hotels near Cotton-Eyed Joe's Knoxville Tennessee which surprisingly has looked up over 200 times a month you can scroll down and actually see that one of the rankings is none other then Yours Truly the affiliate marketing dude and this is a post I put up over two years ago as a joke on one of my trainings to show people how easy it is to rank for terms like this and the key is providing good content which up until now was fairly difficult to do because we had to do all the research write the thing out and then post it and hope we can rank but now as you can see here BHM to MCO and MCO to BHM is looked up hundreds and hundreds of times each and every month and having a nice little table like this that shows all the flights the non-stop the different options and things like that is super helpful content that you can put on a website and start to rank for these terms and since most other sites are literally just putting flights that are like two or three months out I think it's a lot more helpful for someone to see at a glance hey here are the flights each and every week the times the cost and all that jazz and utilizing Google Bard and other AI tools makes this super simple the next add-on that's going to help you make money is none other than the YouTube add-on and if you want to use these different tools all we need to do is say at YouTube and I can say please find videos about these different flights options and this will go through and find different videos related to United first class or Southwest legroom or something like that and we can see here all the different things that would be very very useful that we can put on our blog alongside the other content and not only that but we can use this to get transcripts create notes compilations pretty much anything related to our topic in fact between you me and the wall that's how I came up with a lot of the notes for this exact video you're watching right now and I gotta tell you the YouTube plugin isn't yet fully developed as a lot of these tools are not yet completely mature but over the next coming months and years these are going to be game changers in the world of making money being productive and pretty much anything which means more chances for you to make money make sure you smash a like button and the next plugin we're going to take a look at is the Google Docs plugin now this is a game changer because up until now the only files we could really upload into Bard are image files however utilizing Google Drive and Google Docs I can actually ask Bard to take a look at a file within my Google Google drive or Google Docs so let's say I choose a new chat and I say at docs please find the file named supercontentmasterclass.doc and summarize it this is now going to read the entire 27-page document and make notes in the blink of an eye and we could see here it does a good job of summarizing the documents and then showing the documents right there in an easy to find manner now just imagine what would happen if you were able to upload 5 10 20 or even 50 different documents maybe plr or notes from videos or transcripts load them up and get a table of contents notes Pages a brief overview or even create your own video script based on content that's already available this is going to make you much more productive and way more profitable and another little doozy they added to The Bard platform is this little button right here where we can actually have Google bard fact check itself to make sure that the data is accurate this is a game changer and quite frankly it's the only one on the market of its kind so if you're creating content using chat GPT or any other AI program and you want to fact check it I can literally just go put the content in here have it summarize it click the fact check button and Boom at a glance I know whether it's talking out of its mouth or yeah next Point here and the key here is in using multiple tools we want to use Google bard we want to use chat gbt we want to use MSN Bing and many Tools in conjunction with googlebard because each and every tool has its own shining element and some of The Shining elements that Google bar just added are just the tip of the iceberg in fact just imagine when this rolls out to Google analytics YouTube YouTube YouTube analytics and various other Google properties and don't worry I'll be updating you on those as well and if you want those updates smash the like button but for now let's go ahead and dive into the next one which is Google Maps using Google Maps I can come in here and say something like at maps please find all the hotels near Amway Center Orlando this will go through and it'll find all the hotels that'll put them on a map it'll create content that I can use much like the hotel example that surprisingly still gets traffic two years later but we can see here it's actually doing a really good job of creating custom content we can even go through and say now find some that are dog friendly and we can create an entire website blog YouTube channel Instagram Tick Tock all around different hotels that are dog friendly around Amway Center or maybe even Animal Kingdom or Magic Kingdom or Universal Studios or whatever it is you're trying to do and since we know travel is a huge part of internet searches this is going to allow you to make money in some of these markets in a different way that you might not have thought of before in fact if you were to look up hotels near Magic Kingdom you can see that hotels Expedia TripAdvisor but then we start to get into other smaller blogs that are just talking about Disney vacations and we could see here that according to ahrefs who is doing this exact same thing with different keywords related to theme parks in Orlando is actually getting over 93 000 a month worth of free traffic to their website and all we need to do is think a little different use AI with Google Maps to help and we can create an amazing experience for the people visiting our blog that's going to help them understand maybe when the most busy times or non-busy times are to visit the best way to time your vacation the best hotels what opens when pretty much anything you can imagine and this is super profitable now the last update plugin we're going to look at for googlebard today is actually the most profitable this is the Gmail plugin which allows Google bard to look at your email and actually work on things within the email which is really cool that means I can actually go here and ask it what emails are about and how to summarize things or categorize and do this in a really cool way now most people are going to look at this plugin and use it as a utility meaning find an email from 1902 or find this or find that or figure out how much this cost or how many times these people talked about X Y or Z what we're going to do is something a little bit different now using this example I'm not in my main email but I am in one of my emails so you can see how this works and what I did is I said go ahead and look at my emails from Bluehost and tell me what their marketing strategy is now this is super super important because it actually goes through and looks at the emails in depth so we could see exactly what's going on this is super cool because what we can do is actually get a new email account or use your existing email and categorize Things based on offers for example I could go over here to ClickBank and I can find different offers that have mailing lists maybe something like this one here about 300 creative date ideas if we were to look at this offer here no doubt they have a mailing list that we can join to get more updates and different things like that and there it is there get the free seven creative date ideas straight from my book now utilizing this strategy I could actually sign up for the mailing list of various different affiliate offers and kind of see what they're doing to promote the different things that we get paid to sell this is super easy so if I was going to go through and figure out what Bluehost is emailing people what kind of tips they're doing I can follow along and make my own content using AI about what their emails are about and actually follow up with my customers alongside what my affiliate offer is doing so that I can make money for example let's say for the dating one we find out that their email list maybe has 10 or 12 different tips on how to find the girl or guy of your dreams we can then go through and create that content for our blog send emails to our own mailing list get them to the content which points to the offer which makes us even more money not only that but we can actually dissect people's marketing strategy for example one of my favorite marketing examples online is the Motley Fool this is a stock advice newsletter and they do all kinds of cool stuff and tips and advice on financial things we can actually go through and say well tell me what these emails look like what their strategy is what their 10 tips are and how I can follow along then I can take this even a step further I can say now make me some subject lines and a follow up series to sell hosting just like this it's going to go through and create the entire campaign based on something we already know works and you can see here it goes to town and creates the entire thing for us now this is a super profitable strategy but we're going to want to use it with multiple different methods those methods are linked in the description below and if you're a subscriber smash the like button and stay tuned for Wednesday's live stream where we're going to go into detail on this method using Bard to make money online

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