New ChatGPT 4o AGI Updates Will Create Millionaires And Billionaires Overnight!

chat GPT 4 the updates that were just released nobody's talking about however they have the potential to make you a lot of money in fact some of the AI updates that we've been hearing about recently have the potential to make lots of people Millionaires and even billionaires when used correctly and while I don't think I'm ever going to be a billionaire and most people watching this won't maybe I can teach you some things to put some extra money in your pocket or even start a full-on business whether you're looking to do a side hustle or a business or a startup or get involved in blogging or use AI to help you make money this video is for you these updates are game changers and you can use these to make money online unlike ever before over the last 25 years I've been making money online in many different niches with blogs and affiliate income and having my own software tools and all kinds of things and I've made millions of dollars online but I've never seen something as easy and straightforward as what you're about to see today this AI news update is huge if you want to make money online and what we're going to do today is talk about the hidden money tools that nobody else is talking to that are included in chat GPT 40 Google Gemini and some other tools as well now I got to tell you this video is twofold it has two purposes number one is to educate you on things that are coming out in the near future in just a couple of days months maybe a couple of years we're going to see some major changes with AI AGI chat GPT 5 and all kinds of crazy things and I want you to be prepared over the last 18 months AI has gone crazy and I've been able to personally make hundreds of thousands of dollars because I was prepared for what was coming out and I wasn't even a pro I just kind of floundered around and used things I already knew I wish back then I had a video like this which is why I'm making it because I want you to be prepared so that you can make money with what's about to come this stuff is going to be game-changing lifechanging and for those who are paying attention can put tons of money in your pocket and the second purpose of this video is to show you some tools that are right now embedded in chat GPT 40 that can help you make money right now yes ladies and gentlemen I'm going to cover some tools and strategies that can work right now you can use them right now with a $20 chat GPT subscription or if you don't have $20 you could probably do it with the free one although it is limited but don't worry I'll show you how all that works in just a minute all you got to do is smash a like button and subscribe because if you're looking to make money with AI I promise to tell you the truth and give you all the updates as soon as I get them so let's go ahead and dive into the notable differences that came out with Google Gemini and chat GPT for Omni first of all we see text image and audio what we're seeing in this one is a little bit of changing around videos we'll get into that in a minute where it'll handle video files differently be able to interpret them and look at aemotion and look at both the video images and the audio and kind of put them together and understand it this is pretty big it's not quite there yet this is one of the things we're going to keep on the back burner for later one of the things we're to look at today is character consistency and object generation what this is going to do is it's going to go through and do a character consistency so if I create like a giraffe superhero right like this you can see that no matter what I tell it to do it is more or less keeping the same giraffe in the same way so if I say now have him in the desert it's going to go through and create the same giraffe in the desert with the same super superhero outfit and we can see right here it's doing a fantastic job now this might be simple and you might think oh wow that's cute whatever but there is a hidden money property being able to do this I'll get to that in just a minute one of the next things we see here is voice interaction when we get to voice interaction we have natural improved language understanding that's in Google Gemini chat GPT for Omni kind of knocked it out of the park with this one and they actually have realtime translation expressive speech synthesis and all kinds of crazy things what that means is I can take my phone I can speak into it it's going to understand any language I speak like that it'll understand what I'm saying and it'll do the command so instead of typing something I talk to it and now it's going to say well you know you sound angry Your Voice Sounds labored were you working out have you taken your vitamins today or something like that now this is important for us to make money in a couple different things not so much me talking into my phone as fun and cute as that is there are actually ways to make money with this right now the way it is more about that in just a minute next up we have content creation and editing Google gem has better text and image generation and chat GPT Omni 4 has advanced editing including video so this is big the first thing we want to look at is the ab ility to understand and create pictures with letters we have seen in the past that AI tools they fumbled all around when it came to letters and they wouldn't spell things right and infographics were basically useless now we're at like 90% meaning I can almost create an infographic in chat GPT 40 without any extra touchup and not only that but if I was to take an image from the internet right like this paste sit right in here and ask it about that image it's going to go through and give me information on that image in real time super fast no editing no extra stuff bada bing bada boom it's going to work we can also ask it to create a new infographic since that one's a little older it can go find the data make the infographic and boom in minutes we have something that we can use on our websites now this is one of my favorite new additions for reasons I'm not going to go into just yet stay tuned this is a money tip you won't want to miss but for right now we can kind of see okay it handles images and the text on the images and understands what's going on which is great that's super powerful in and of itself next up we see there has been changes to accessibility for hearing and visual and different things like that we also have extensive API support where we can go through and get full API access Advanced content manipulation and more now this is important it's not a huge step up yet that I've seen but they are adding to it this next one is a game Cher and that is the automated posting and scheduling now Google Gemini has not talked about that yet although Google does have this capability in its API agents or AI agents rather where they go through and there's like this whole program for businesses to use which is a little bit highbrow for most of us people for those of us who just want to make money and not run the next Amazon maybe we can get in there and start using it right away with this next thing we're going to talk about which is automated posting and scheduling where we can go through and we can actually use AI to automatically post and schedule on our behalf we can post on Facebook and Twitter and all kinds of crazy things like that it's actually a super game Cher it's going to help us make money and I'm going to show you exactly how and if you appreciate these videos and you like all the effort put into them and you want to follow me for all the AI money getting updates make sure you smash a like button and subscribe because what you're about to learn will knock your socks off and as always I promise to bring you upto-date information and show you how you can make money using Ai and now drum roll please the seven big money tools the first one we're going to look at is pretty obvious that's the automated posting and scheduling and don't worry in just a minute we're going to break down exactly how these will make you money so the automated posting and scheduling is a big big deal this allows you to post things schedule things automatically get information parse information create it in your own way and post it on your websites your blogs your Twitter your Tik Tok your YouTube or whatever it is Big Game Changer number two it is is Advanced editing including video that means we can edit images and video and actually interpret video with the image and the audio together where it's it understanding it like a human this is a big deal more about this in just a minute number three is voice interaction this is where it's going to understand our voice our feelings our emotions the speed the inflection a lot of people say that communication is 80% Visual and 20% the audible text part whereas you know up until now ai only got the 20% now it's going to understand my inflections my voice my face all kinds of crazy things awesome stuff next up number four is character consistency more with images number five is multi-image processing this is big I'm I'm going to show you a live example how I'm using this to make money literally right now this is a game Cher next up number six is video processing which is going to be huge right now we're about 90% there we can use this tool to make money now but in the up and coming months if you follow what I'm teaching in this video it's going to stack on top of it and that's one of the things with AI that a lot of people don't realize is the stacking capability where I can learn one thing and stck it with these other five and now I'm way more powerful and understand way more than I did just doing one thing at a time or reading one book or whatever it is this is going to make you a Powerhouse if you're paying attention and then lastly we have ai screen shares which is going to help us make money in ways you probably can't even fathom right now but watching this video you're going to be prepared when it comes out so get ready because now I'm going to show you how these make money I'm going to show you some ways to make money now some ways to make money down the road and how to be ready to make big money when this stuff comes out but again remember while these tactics and strategies are powerful you want to use them ethically you want to make sure that you always follow all the rules always do things that are in your visitors best interest and always put out good content as you've seen from my channel you can be both ethical and make lots of money at the same time and using AI makes it easier than ever before so let's dive into number one automated posting and scheduling this is a big big game Cher because what we can do is tap into apis or tap into content or even like RSS feeds and things like that which I've covered before where we can have it find content and post it automatically so imagine this let's say you want to create an audience around how to buy a car how buy car right and we go go through and we're talking about how to buy a car scams ripoffs loans what to watch out for should I get extra warranties do I need the protection plan or the clear coat what are all these things okay what I can do is I can actually have ai go out there and find all the information about this topic it can find a news report it can find this it can find that and it'll put it together and make it in my specific way so I could say step one when you find this information do this then create an article according to these rules about this let me show you another example of how this could work this is a game changer so I'm going to spend a little time on it so that you get it because it's big let's say you wanted to go out there and you wanted to find uh info about crypto maybe you're into crypto marketing or crypto coins and things like that what we can do is we can set up a job okay all of these have a job it's like in the old days with web hosting you would have a Cron job and it would run the Cron job to get all the data and put it somewhere else that's basically what we're doing here it's a computer it's one two three boom bang done very simple so we set up the job and we say find all new crypto okay and you can give it news reports or whatever for those new cryptocoins then we say compare each to bitcoin the stock market and ethereum right so it's going to go through it it'll say okay here's this new crypto how does it compare against this this and this Security Financial stability backing whatever then we say now create an article according to this template step one title step two here's the coin step three how much does it cost now compare it with this now compare it with that then say based on our judgment is it a good investment or a bad investment and you provide this information you can put it on your website obviously always fact check and make sure it's up and up and everything like that but then we can go through and say now post it on my blog and create an email and send it to my list on aweber and all of this stuff can be done automatically completely hands off so like back in the day where you would have those silly Auto blogging softwares that would make regurgitated Spam garbage now you can actually program the robot the chat GPT 40 to do all this for you and schedule it so it's literally a GameChanger but be careful a lot of people are going to come out with a bunch of junk software that doesn't really do a good job I'm a big advocate of creating my own systems which is not hard to do you literally Lally just set it up I've showed you in other videos I'll put those in the description so you can follow those as well so that's the first Money Getting method number two is Advanced editing including video so what we can do with this is I can take a video a podcast or whatever it is and I can chop it into little Clips so let's say I gave it this video it could go through and say part one is about automated posting and scheduling then I could say great now find all the times I referenced part one and put that into its own video it'll put it in its own video it'll get text from the video I can use that to create another video and again this is one that's in early stages when it comes out big time it's going to be a GameChanger because now what we're doing is we're able to take other things out there and compile them in a custom way that makes sense for us which is a game changer if you guys see this type game Cher make money in the comments below because this is huge so we can go through and we can edit video and text and different things like that we can chop up a podcast we can chop up audio we can only include mentions of X Y and Z and everything is all understood which is huge for the money-making world because now I don't have to do all this work which used to take me hours number three is voice interaction this is where the AI is going to understand and create voice with emotion and understand the emotion so I could go through and say does this guy sound angry does he sound Shifty does he sound like he's telling the truth or whatever it is and it'll kind of know right it's like a built-in polygraph or something like that but it'll also understand all this other stuff because as I mentioned earlier 80% of our communication is visual not verbal so now ai can understand both which is going to change the game completely when it comes to giving it commands and understanding things this is going to be huge it'll be able to tell what's going on if your breathing's labored whatever it is and the way that we can make money with this is by understanding videos on a different level so where I used to have to watch 10 or 20 videos to understand a topic now I can throw it into Ai and it'll spit out a report and I can understand them super fast and where before we would be missing out on the nonverbal cues now we're going to get all that stuff in a super simple way and I've actually seen some apps out there that'll take a screenshot of a whiteboard when people are writing on the Whiteboard or something like that and it actually helps us understand and we can build our own content around things that other people have said which is really cool that's a hidden way to make money that not a lot of people are looking at is the ability to parse information in a specific way in just a minute I'm going to show you how we're doing this with images and the scanner yes ladies and gentlemen I still use a scanner here at the affiliate marketing dude but if you don't have a scanner don't worry your phone camera will do just fine again I'm going to show you an example that will blow your socks off so make sure you're sitting down number four is the character consistency where we talked about the giraffe earlier where it's like okay I can make the giraffe and it makes it completely consistent across all things now where does this come in handy and how is this going to make us money well using this we can create company mascots logos images intros YouTube channels Instagram and all these other things we can actually go out there and create a Persona or a character around a certain thing I mean if you think about it Mickey Mouse made a little bit of money for Disney and it probably wouldn't if it wasn't consistent people like that character they understood that character are you going to make a mouse and make billions of dollars a year probably not but can you use this and actually sell this as a side hustle where you create a mascot or a company logo or something like that and you create all kinds of things I remember back in the day when I ordered logos they would always ask me hey you paid for this logo would you like it on the letterhead would you like it for websites do you want the download in high definition do you want a 3D version do you want some business cards and literally anything and what this is going to do is it's going to allow you to do that across all platforms we can change it we can add it we can add Expressions we can do all kinds of things I mean I can go in here and say now make him angry and it'll go through and it'll make him angry and I mean we could literally create our own comic book or our own video our own cartoon all kinds of crazy stuff this software is getting so inexpensive and some of it's even free that it's not even funny this is stuff that companies used to pay millions of dollars for and now it's at your fingertips ladies and gentlemen if you're there at home trying to make money this is like having employees work for you for next to nothing I mean look there it goes I used to have to pay a bunch of money I'd have to edit I'd have to tell him oh he's not angry enough I don't like his eye now I just say oh well now make him on a roller coaster and bada bing bada boom this does all the work for us it's going to create the graphics it's going to create the stuff it'll make the video it'll understand the info and you can use this in a crazy crazy way now the key is we want to use this with the extra added something you don't want to just go out there and say make a logo for Bob no you want to think a little bit different think about the marketing think about how this makes sense and using chat GPT you can learn all these things and that's actually pretty cute I mean if I was going to go through and promote some kind of theme park in my area that might actually work really good or I could do a book about how to not Be Afraid on roller coasters and fun fact I can't stand roller coasters they make me terrified and sick but at any rate the little giraffe can handle it so we're good to go but we can go through and we can have character consistency all across away now I could say now make that exact same character at the zoo and it'll go through and put them at the zoo and I could literally create a children's book or whatever and then I could say now please make a coloring page of this character and again when you look at this you don't have to do a gigantic business we're not trying to create the next Mickey Mouse but could I fit that's a little weird but could I fit a coloring book about how to not be afraid right the little giraffe who was afraid of this who was afraid of that who conquered his fears and challenged life and got rid of anxiety or whatever it is these are the of things that work in a very very cool way and it's like oh hey now you have this this whole thing and now we can make a coloring page of that character so what we're seeing here is consistency across the board I can make an Instagram account where this giraff teaches people self-help skills or whatever it is then you can get the coloring page and whatnot so there's lots of things you can do with the character consistency logos images YouTube intros I mean I could go through and say uh now please make a 3D logo for him right and it'll go through and it'll be like super giraffe or whatever it is and it's very simple and very easy to do all you have to do is have that little extra way of thinking about this stuff in a system we want to make a system where we're getting unique content what is the giraffe doing we can create giraffes and elephants all day long but if you don't have that extra something like hey this giraffe is helping you get through this or this giraffe will help you with math or this giraffe is going to teach you to make money or whatever it is we want to do that in a cool way now we can also go through and we can animate the face of this character and make videos with it and you can do a faceless YouTube channel um on whatever topic you want which is really cool so number four is a game changer that will help you make money and number five is one of my favorites this is one I'm using right now to help me make money in a super unique way a lot of people don't talk about this but I think this is a big one and it is simple and easy to use this is one of the easiest we're going to go through today and it is multi-image processing with multiple image processing what we can do is we could take multiple images and put them into chat gbt so if I go through like this and I say well you know what let's take some images over here right like this and drag them right in here it's it's going to take those images right like this and as you can see these images are about a slingshot product from back in the day I can say please tell me about this product and it's going to go through and it's going to look at the images and tell me about the product this is a game Cher for people that are selling things online or want to start a store or Shopify or Drop Shipping or whatever it is this is a game changer and I can't get excited enough to show you how big this is as we could see here it says the wh hunting slingshot set which includes this that and the other okay great it's telling me about the company and it's showing me included in the set are this and it's literally talking about the product and when it was made now I can say now please based on the images you see write an eBay listing for for this product and also find prices of the same product for me include the quality and condition of my product be very thorough and it's going to go through and it's going to look at those images and understand oh hey there's a little tear in the Box this thing doesn't doesn't work maybe you need to fix this here's the prices of similar ones and bada bing bada bang it is writing out the description right like that we can see the features the condition very cool uh box shows signs of wear consistent with age I mean you look at this and this thing is a game Cher and if I had the web browser enabled it would actually go through and find the prices for me which is crazy I mean this is something that can save hundreds and hundreds of hours for people that are selling lots of products or if you wanted to do that for them I actually have a neighbor who does eBay and he does a really like sells tons of stuff he's been doing it for like 30 years and he just hired someone recently to help him with these product descriptions and using AI you can actually do that job for him and get paid in a super simple way and not only that but I'm actually using my scanner over here like this where we can actually go through and scan images if I was to just go ahead and copy this right like that I can go through and take some ad maybe something like this take this little ad from the page contrl C to copy contrl V to paste and say tell me about this ad this is a game changer because there's actually lots of websites out there that review old ads and talk about old ads and one of the things I do here because I love advertising and I love marketing is I actually collect old ads I have tons of them all over the place I bought a lot of them on eBay and I went nuts one year and bought thousands of dollars worth and what this is going to do is actually going to take them and make a description for me so I could literally make a website about ads and I could say what are the ad principles used in this ad and it'll go through and it'll say oh hey you know this is using direct response it's using a pck picture or whatever it is attention grabbing headline um and then it'll dissect the ad in a really czy crazy way use of testimonials and on and on we go and one of the things that I use all the time are websites that talk about these ads and show hey this is how this works or this is how this ad did or whatever it is and now I could literally fire up the scanner right like this import from my scanner right like this and I can scan ads all day and what used to take me hours and hours and hours now just takes me seconds and I could see here it's doing a preview of the ads right like this and we can hit scan and we could see it scanned all these products now I can go through right like this take a selection of the entire page contrl C to copy paste it in here like this and say tell me about this image and it's going to go through and tell me all about this image then I can say which of these products was most successful and why it'll tell me all that info then I could go through and say which of these would be best for Drop Shipping or whatever it is it's literally so simple and it's listing all of the different products right like this and then I can say now list all products and tell me which ones were the most successful and this will go through and find all kinds of crazy products and different things like that now again remember you don't have to do this with a scanner you can use your phone and also you can take images of other pages that are selling different things and use this to get products that'll work and write and make writeups of the products and everything like that and it's actually going through and it's finding the ones that were the most successful so now I can see okay portable sewing machine all right well this might actually be a good Drop Shipping product or whatever it is and I can go over here and say something like portable sewing machine and we could see this is actually a viable product that is selling right now so now boom I could be in the Drop Shipping niche in minutes drop ship these things it probably cost like two bucks on Alibaba and We're Off to the Races and we can see it's actually using these images in a really cool way now one of my favorite things to do is multiple images like I showed over here with the slingshot product right we uploaded multiple images it understood them and one of the cool things about this is not only can we do multiple images but if you have a screen share program like snagit I can actually take a screenshot right like this and when I go through all I need to do is capture copy and paste let's get the Bitcoin we can do capture right like this copy and paste then I can go through and do something like eth for ethereum let's do 5 years on that as well and we could go through and do capture copy and paste now the key to this is again in having that little extra something I want to think about this info in a different way because this is publicly available info stock prices I can say what do you gather from these images make sure it understands them and then what we're going to do is is we're going to ask it more data about them because now I could go through and I can make an infographic about these different ones I can ask it which one was the best investment over the years and then I can ask it what would we understand from this stuff so we could see here well most people would think that Bitcoin was the biggest investment one it looks like Nvidia is actually doing a better job now disclaimer I don't know anything about the stock market and this is not stock advice but we are using AI to get good data you can do this all day long you can make a a Channel about stocks and talk about the different upticks like here we see Bitcoin went up this much so if you invested a dollar in Bitcoin back in 2021 here's what you'd be at today or whatever it is and you're going to see like oh wait a minute this is pretty cool now write an article about these Investments and which was best over all and it's going to go through and it's going to write an article and remember this is going to be a custom unique article and when we're dealing with Google traffic they want unique good information so if we're unique by saying here's these three things compare them or maybe we could say how would this compare to buying your own business or maybe you give it some info about different franchises and you say compare McDonald's to to these two or McDonald's to these three or you can make an entire site about how to buy franchises compared to McDonald's that are like 10 grand instead of $1 million or whatever it is and you can see here we're getting custom data based on real world info just by copying and pasting three images and this literally takes seconds and the major update is that AI understands this stuff in a crazy way all I did was give it the images and no other info all I said was what do you gather from these images now again remember this is a game Cher it can make money right now and it's positioning you for the next step which is when we get into video processing guys if you learn this now and you practice this now and make money with it hopefully now again results not typical implier guaranteed the average person trying to make money online makes nothing but I think you get the idea that AI is making people like of money so if you treat this like a business and you don't expect to get rich overnight and you really really work at it I think you can get some decent traction and we can see here it's creating the article now please make an infographic comparing these stocks and it's going to go through and it'll make an infographic comparing these stocks that you can use on your Instagram your Pinterest your Tik Tok you can make a video about it with some AI voices I mean the sky is literally the limit if you understand what's going on but most people have their head in the sand and they get excited about AI but they don't really do anything with it but I know you're different and if you plan on doing something type let's make money as a comment below and we can see here again it's actually doing a pretty good job there are some little problems and things like that with the text which is being worked out I can replace them I mean all I would have to do is rep replace these little things here with the actual data that it told me above and bada bang bada bang we're seeing which one is best and you know it's pretty cool we can actually go through and have it make a chart now please make a chart and it'll make a chart in a super simple way and understanding images and being able to have the text on there because this is light years ahead of where it was like a year ago we're now seeing that hey this actually has the ability to make us money in ways we never thought possible and chat GPD 40 is a GameChanger and we could see here it's doing pretty good we could just change Bitcoin and stuff like that it's getting there it's not super perfect I would actually use this one because it's more visually stimulating but maybe just change the numbers or something like that game Cher super important and again you could see there are sites out there critiquing ads and doing all kinds of crazy things like this so this stuff works now with multi-image processing we can also do other things like let's say we wanted to get a picture of company logos we can put that in here let's go to a new one and say tell me the color psychology behind behind each logo and again it's going to go through and it's going to show the color psychology behind each logo we can also say now find some similar logos Now find this now find that that and again the key is getting custom information because as I've said many times throughout my 25 years of making money online information structured differently can make you rich think about it what does Google do it structures information differently what does the news do they take information and they put it on TV information structured differently what do documentary people do information structured differently what do all these people with blogs and websites that make millions of dollars due information structured differently and on Wednesday's live stream we're going to show you an example of a billion dooll a year content company that's literally making a fortune off the back of free Google traffic and we could see here it went through and it did the color psychology of all this other stuff and I could say now based on that I have a bank company called Metro bankman please make a logo and tell me why you used the colors you used and it'll go through and do this and again again adding that little something extra anyone can create a logo but using this to get a logo based on color psychology that's a GameChanger that just upped the amount you could make doing this as a side hustle like a hundredfold and literally anyone can do this stuff now with AI and we can see here our Metro bankman and there he is and it's going to go through and say dark blue to symbolize trust green for prosperity and it did the whole nine yards and you could send this to the client and say Here's why we made this the way we did go forth and make money and you can use this to compare advertisements compare different sales letters whatever it is and multi-image processing I don't know if you understand how big this is we going to cover this in some upcoming videos and if you want me to cover this in more detail please let me know as a comment next up we're going to look at video processing again video processing is in the infant stage but we are able to now go over here and upload a video to chat gbt so let's say I wanted to go over here and put this little countdown image in here does take a minute to upload I could say please describe this video and it's go through and it'll actually describe the video now it looks like it is in the infancy stage but very soon we are going to be able to look at video data which is going to be a GameChanger because if I could take a bunch of news clips about Bitcoin or stocks or recessions or whatever it is throw them in here and boom get an output instantly that's going to be a GameChanger um I did try it earlier where I was able to chop a video up I think that was down here somewhere I was messing around with the file types and different things like that and it was actually able to chop it up and here's a little list of the file types as well I'll include these on download too so that you can get those and all the notes from this video and video is something it's going to work on uh in the very very very near future so be ready for that what we're going to do here when video comes out and testing it now is understanding video that's a big game changer it's going to understand the text what's being seen on the screen put them together give you an output also the ability to chop videos into short clips and say hey take all the instances where they mentioned giraffe put those in a video by themselves again game changer for podcasts and businesses that have long form content even churches right like if you were to study how Joel ostein took his church from zero to like a bazillion dollars it's actually very fascinating now while you might not agree with his tactics or whatever he's more or less like a self-help guy I think um he actually marketed in a very good way he was able to take and Syndicate his content put it on social media put it on the TV and all kinds of crazy things and now he makes a lot of money right and this is the kind of thing you can do with anything and I guarantee he's not the one behind the camera going through and editing all this stuff he has a team that does it and now using AI you can be that team for maybe a smaller Pastor that wants to grow his congregation or a band or someone who wants to grow a YouTube channel or whatever it is any business the sky is literally the limit and we can go through and find and extract clips about a specific topic create compilation videos and even create our own content based on many different videos so think of this as like the image processing to the next level with video game changer and the next thing we're going to talk about that you need to be ready for it's not yet out but it's it's teasing on being out very soon that is AI screen sharing pretty soon we are going to have the ability to turn on chat GPT click a button and have it help us with our screen much like we saw with Google where they have the circle to search you could be on a page Circle something boom it's going to search it instantly without any other steps we're going to see with screen sharing I could say well hey what is this what is it mean how do I learn more about it or if you're in Excel how can I fix this formula and make it a website this is going to be a GameChanger if you're a coder you can go through and look at the code it'll parse the code fix it and everything like that this is going to be the ability to get help in real time if you're struggling with something on a Blog you no longer need to book a big fancy call Bada Bing AI is going to do that for you again we're going to have like the watch with me where you'll watch you do what you're doing it'll be able to create content based on what's on your screen notes open searches and more it could even make videos this is going to be a GameChanger but what I want you to do in addition to smashing the like button and leaving a comment below is be ready for this by starting to use the tools I mentioned that are available now so that you can make a little bit of money and and start building and growing so that when the big stuff comes out you're ready to cash in big time preparation is the key to making money if you're prepared for when things come out you can literally call the shots and make money on demand case in point I wasn't exactly ready for the news of chat gbt in 2022 but because I've been doing business for 25 years and understanding the internet in a unique way to make money that was a game Cher for my business and maybe a lot of you guys are out there and you're like hey ai's been out for 18 months I haven't really made money with it this is going to help you so smash a like button subscribe check out the videos in the description and go to download to download the notes and be prepared to make money with AI thanks again for watching

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