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here is a screenshot where I made over 317 thousand dollars personally using the exact method I'm about to show you now why is it important that I made this personally because what you're about to see is going to seem unbelievable your brain is going to want to tell you that this is not true or it doesn't work or people don't make money in this Niche which is why I thought it was super important that you know this is something I've actually done actually tried and between all of my accounts this one method and this one Niche has put over one million dollars in my pocket and I gotta tell you it's kind of silly I mean if I didn't actually make this money myself and you told me about this Market I probably wouldn't believe you either so here's someone making eighteen hundred dollars a month thirty four hundred dollars a month six thousand dollars a month seventy four thousand dollars a month and the Big Kahuna 2.7 million dollars a month and we're going to talk about this Niche the market and how it makes money in just a second but first all right story time [Music] back in 2003 when I was first starting out making money online I came across this niche market that had lots of traffic but I didn't know what to do with it this traffic was non-competitive it was super easy but there wasn't anything obvious to sell or make money with but I thought to myself with all this traffic there has to be a way to profit even if it's just running ads or affiliate offers or something like that there has to be a way to profit and so I set up a simple little website that had about 10 pages on it that were pretty much auto-generated and the next day this simple little website in the silly little niche made over three hundred dollars a day in profit I mean imagine if you were able to set up a simple little page or a couple of pages and you put it out there and all of a sudden you're getting a hundred thousand dollars a year automatically and I remember going to my dad at that point because he liked business and we always talked about business and everything like that and I said hey this one little thing is making me over a hundred and twenty thousand dollars a year and he was like that is is that true Is that real is that even legal I mean how does it work and I remember it like it was yesterday it was July I set this stuff up and by the end of the year that one little thing put over seventy thousand dollars in my pocket and I had to wonder like is this real because I wasn't working and I was getting money automatically now this was back in 2003 and you might be asking yourself Marcus does this Niche still exist today well yes those screenshots I just showed you are from today and not only that but a couple days ago I actually paid two thousand nine dollars for a domain name in this exact same Niche check out all the rankings and traffic this domain has with all those rankings in traffic like yeah 80 000 visitors a month do you think this domain was worth two thousand bucks if you do type 2K in the comments below and let me know you're paying attention because this is a niche that gets tons of traffic it works on Facebook book it works on YouTube it works on Google Etsy Amazon you name it people are putting tons of money in their pocket [Music] there we go using this simple Niche and if you haven't guessed it yet the niche is smiley faces yep these little things have made so much money there have been movies made about them there has been templates and stickers that sell on Etsy like crazy little stress relieving emojis and all of this stuff makes tons of money there's even Emoji stickers Uno cards and Emoji magnets as we can see here this Emoji site is getting over 7.9 million keywords and tons and tons of traffic and you can see that these kind of sites make lots and lots of money I know I've been there done that now most of these people are utilizing Google AdWords and stuff like that to make money which is what a lot of people were doing back when I ran my big Emoji site but that didn't make that much money they were averaging like one to two cents per visitor where I was averaging like eight cents or more and I'm going to show you how in just a minute because that can be the difference between making like five bucks and like 50 bucks or 5 000 bucks and maybe 50 000 bucks it's very important to realize that the amount you get per click is super super important but as we can see here there's people looking up different meanings of emojis different types of emojis what different stuff means by typing in the actual Emoji which you can see over here on a like this you're going to see that this one actually has like the actual picture there what's this meaning what does this mean what does that mean and we could see all kinds of different things of what these mean now this is important and it has to do with how you're going to make money so keep that in mind where a lot of these searches are what does this certain emoji mean that is something we're going to take a look at now another site we're looking at here this one has 1.2 million visitors a month averaging about 74 000 in traffic again remember even though I've made Millions with this and there's lots of people making millions of dollars with this the results are not typical implied or guaranteed the average person trying to make money online it makes nothing but as we can see here there are some big players that are making money like this one here who's got all kinds of cool emojis in their title that's making forty three thousand dollars a month and on and on we go now we can also see that over on YouTube If you're looking for a faceless Channel idea where you don't have to use your face or your voice emojis are perfect you can see here there's one like Guess the Emoji Movie guess the hundred movies guess the food I mean that's got like 10 million views and all they're doing is having you guess different Emoji things it's like a little quiz or something like that and there's all kinds of videos with Emojis how to draw emojis I mean this is literally an insane Niche and if you never thought that emojis and Smileys was a big money maker type make money in the comments below and let me know if you think this one here is a Zinger because this is one where I mean I'm kind of stoked on it because I've actually made money with it which is pretty cool and we could see the videos just keep going and going and going and it's literally crazy we can also see that there are shops on Etsy that are selling pngs of emojis and different things like that if we were to go to Etsy we could see all kinds of emojis being sold uh Emoji trophy ease and I mean it it just keeps going and going and going same thing with Amazon when we look at Etsy and different things like this and then Amazon we're gonna see that some of these products like a Chia Pet emoji hundred thousand dollars a month some kind of seat with Emojis on it three hundred thousand we got Emoji water guns we got Emoji pool floats beach balls and as you can see it just keeps going people are obsessed with these smiley faces and not only that but this can actually be driven with AI I can use AI to create content about what different emojis mean for example I can say make a table chart of the top 25 flirting emojis and emojis and the code to make them this will make a little code like this and I can put this on my website for people that are looking to do flirting emojis or whatever it is and this is also important because when we know the intent behind the Emoji we can actually sell some things based on that now back when I was doing this there was an emoji program over on offervault that paid like three dollars a download or I think when I first started it was 70 cents a download now you're gonna have to be a little bit more creative but if you're thinking romance stuff and things like that there are perfect programs out there like different texts and how to get text to get your man to love you or get your girlfriend to love you or whatever it is all kinds of different things to help people spark the romance and different things like that and these are the kind of people that are typing this stuff in now not only that but you can also sell the different Emoji things run different ads the sky is literally the limit and you can even get creative and offer like a download extension and again you need to think about this traffic as generic so this kind of thing can work really well where maybe you'll get one out of ten to download it that would be 80 cents for every visitor or even one out of a hundred that's eight cents a visitor and when you start to think about this it adds up super quick because we're talking about some big numbers here where some of these keywords are getting a hundred and thirty thousand visitors a month which is literally insane these sites are getting a million visitors 800 000 visitors and on and on we go and we could see here that according to these numbers if you did a little math you could see that he's averaging according to that estimate again it's not 100 rocket science but his estimate is about six cents per visitor so I mean even if you only made one penny a visitor that's still like ten thousand dollars a month and between you me and the wall I think you can actually do a lot better than that as I have myself you just have to get a little creative and again if you think about those people that are looking for emojis for romance and text and dating and stuff like that some of these programs here like this one that pays 54.

Or forty seven dollars per sale I mean all you'd have to do is get one out of every 783 people to get that program and boom you're at six cents a click and again we're gonna combine a lot of these offers together to make this work in a very easy way and of course if you wanted to do this on Etsy there's a really cool way to do this with AI that I've been playing around with for a couple days and what I did is I actually went to mid-journey and I said hey create me some emoticons and it went and created all kinds of different emojis that are pretty cool only one of them was kind of weird looking yeah I don't know what's going on with this guy here or why he's so angry but I'll let you use your imagination I even asked it to make some emoticons of me which it didn't do too good at that and then I went on and had it make all kinds of variations the eggplant Emoji which this guy would be really cool for a video and of course doing video marketing you can do YouTube monetization you can sell stickers all kinds of different things like that I even asked it to create some romantic emojis right like this didn't really make emojis probably because I spelled it wrong so I asked it again and it did a better job but we can go here and we can say imagine Taylor Swift as an emoji and it'll actually go out there and use Taylor Swift as an emoji now if I was doing stickers or actually selling a product like a t-shirt I wouldn't use someone's picture however we can generate them and use them on our website to get traffic and then run ads and different things like that so there's lots of ways to use this stuff you just have to get a little bit creative and be willing to do the work which AI does a lot of the work for us like I said here we can go through and create posts on all this stuff we can say now please write a description of how each emoji is taken and when to use the different ones in a flirting conversation right and what this is going to do is it's going to give me a blog post that I can use here's the blowing face kiss the Winking the smiley face and it tells us exactly how to use them which is really cool so now I can use this I could get free search engine traffic lots of it because people are looking this stuff up like crazy as you can see here flirt Emoji is looked up over 2 000 times a month flirting Emoji looked up over 4 000 times a month romance Emoji emoticon which is the original name and you got hearts and different things like that and what do they mean and romance and all kinds of stuff and if we go through and we pair this up with content the table the different things we're making with AI they're really cute they're really good looking I can use them as stickers on Etsy I can build a website talking about the different emojis and then lead to my stickers on Etsy I can make this work in a very simple way and the key is to Compound on what you're doing what you want to do is have something that's going to jump start whatever it is you're trying to do imagine if you had an Etsy store or something where you had some Emoji stickers or whatever it is and you had now a video that was driving millions of people all the time to your store or maybe you had a website that had traffic for different emojis like this and you got traffic and you were able to drive them to your store drive them to ads drive them to your videos drive people from your videos back to your store this ladies and gentlemen is how you build a business and while it's emojis and it's something simple this does make lots of money for lots of people and if we take a look at this one here that ranks for all different kinds of stuff there's a number seven for the Winking meaning here's one for the eggplants and all different kinds of things you can see that this site has lots of traffic so I could go out there and I can say okay let's make a a t-shirt about Emoji cats or Emojis with eyes looking up or maybe I'm going to make content about what these different ones mean very very important and very simple and we can generate this stuff to get traffic and then drive them to the things that make us money now one of the things that's really cool about this particular example is the fact that there's lots of keywords like heart emoji it's ranking number 58 so I can come over here and say okay let's do create some heart imagine heart emoji Circle fun cute right and we could go here and it'll create the different heart emojis it already created some of them for us and we can use this in a very simple way to take advantage of the fact that 120 000 people a month are looking up heart emojis and what you're going to see is a lot of the same sites are the ones here that are showing up even have images symbols different things like that and a lot of these people are putting more money in their pocket than the average American makes in a year in like a day and the most I ever made on a site like this was right around six thousand dollars a day however I did have a student back then who was kind of learning from me he was a personal friend but he went on and he was doing like seventy thousand dollars a day so yeah the money's there it's just that the other gurus never talk about this Niche I try to only teach things I've actually used or based on something I've actually done so we could see that this website has lots of rankings that we can boost up like Saab Emoji number five and that's really cool because you could see here for Saab Emoji which is a popular one I think I got him there he is right there on my shirt and we can see here that this site actually ranks right here for Saab Emoji which is getting thirteen thousand searches a month now why is this website important to me well because your old buddy Marcus practices what he preaches this is actually the domain name that I purchased a couple days ago at auction for two thousand dollars now why did I purchase this well quite simply because I know there's money in this market I know it ranks for the terms in this market all I would need to do is go out there and say what is a blue heart emoji mean please write a table about please please write an article about blue heart emoji meaning and include a table with other heart emojis and their meanings this is going to go through and do all the work for me in a very simple way and we can see it tells us what it means it gives us a little article and then it gives us a table with all the heart emojis I could literally put this on the website I just bought and rank at the top of Google instantly and since there's so much traffic here there's tons of ways to make money and what we need to do is we need to keep in mind that we want to monetize every visitor to the maximum potential we want to make sure that we can capitalize as much as possible which is why when they're looking up hearts and Cupids and things like that we're going to point them to the ClickBank offers for romance or if they're looking for funny stuff we can link to funny stuff or if they're looking for a certain heart emoji maybe we can sell them a t-shirt or something like that and we focus on each visitor individually and we think about how we can create things that are going to help them for example I actually used AI to start a script that we're working on and it's a little creepy right now but it was a script where you can actually create your own emoji and we're having it add all kinds of different things and it's very simple this was done in a day my programmer helped me with it because I didn't know how to like upload it which cost like four bucks or something right and then we go through and we're like oh hey you could choose your eyes right like this and they can make their own emoji and save them so it's very simple very easy and they could download their emoji and there you go so this is the kind of thing that'll keep our visitors on the site for a long time and then we can even say Hey you know click here to get this as a t-shirt you're with your custom emoji or whatever it is and there's lots of things you can do from selling them to stickers to just running ads on your traffic to making videos to selling different things like this on Amazon or stickers on Etsy or little lights or whatever it is there is so much money in this market that it's not even funny and what we want to do is start with something basic this site here I bought for two thousand dollars and if you don't have two grand to spend on a site don't worry you can start from the ground up it'll just take you longer or you can get a website that's not as big as this one for you know 50 bucks or something like that this one I spent a lot of money on and I probably would have spent more on it because of the fact that it's getting 84 000 visitors a month right now so I just inherited this site that gets 84 000 visitors a month in the smiley face market now all I got to do is Build It Up put the offers on it get the content created with AI put it all together and put money in my pocket and if you dug this video smash the like button and check out the videos in the description that are going to go into even more detail on how I use this method to profit big time

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