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today I'm going to show you a very simple way to use mid-journey and Etsy to make money online and yeah you've probably seen the other videos just fire up mid-journey they say put some designs on cups they say or make some T-shirts create some AI patterns and you are gonna get rich only they failed to teach you the strategy so today ladies and gentlemen I'm going to show you the exact strategy that I used in a very simple Niche to make as much as a hundred and thirty seven dollars a day or more and what you're about to learn is backed by data quite simply if you follow the plan it will work so in this video I'll focus a little bit on mid-journey a little bit on Etsy and a lot on the strategy it's gonna put money in your pocket but first I got to tell you the story of how this started I first came across this Niche back in 2004.

I had been making money online for about five years and I noticed that this Niche had lots and lots of traffic but all my marketing friends said it wasn't a buyer's market they tried to promote ClickBank products they tried affiliate offers some of them even tried selling their own designs but nothing seemed to work does this sound familiar maybe you've tried AI mid-journey you've created some mugs shirts cups but nothing seems to be selling well that's because you lack one important thing a strategy and back in 2004 when I came across this Niche I had a solid strategy in fact this is the website I used it's blurred out for now so you don't get ahead of yourself but I'm going to reveal it in this video so make sure you watch this entire thing at least one time all the way through because what you're about to learn can be used in any Niche and it works on Etsy Teespring print on demand Drop Shipping affiliate marketing and pretty much everything because what those other make money gurus are failing to teach you is that it's all about getting the right traffic and having the right offer which is actually surprisingly simple and it makes me wonder are the other gurus deliberately leaving stuff out so you keep watching their videos since after all that is their main income Source but doing this for over 23 years since before online video was popular since before being a YouTube guru was even a thing even before Drop Shipping click funnels Shopify and all this fancy stuff I gotta tell you the strategy has been the same for over 23 years and it's made me millions and millions of dollars and that strategy is what you're going to learn right now all right so the first thing we're going to do is come over here to Mid Journey right like this and we're going to create some designs based on demand that people are searching for this is super important because you don't want to just do what every Guru tells you to do you want to make decisions based on data so what we're going to do is go over here and type in the word tattoo design tattoo design is a very very popular keyword that is looked up millions and millions of times each and every month you can see here that the word tattoo alone gets over 1.4 million searches a month and there's lots and lots of variations from butterfly tattoos to Medusa and all kinds of different things like that so what we're going to do is come over here to Mid journey and we're going to type in this magical prompt and don't worry I'll have a list of the prompts in the description so what we're going to do is slash imagine and then we're going to do something like this we'll say butterfly tattoo design black and white no skin no background just the design and we'll do right like this now we can have like heart butterflies we can have magical butterflies we can have all kinds of different things and as we can see here we are making data driven decisions because if we go over here to the free version of the ahrefs keyword tool and type something in like butterfly tattoo right here we can see that lots and lots of people are looking up different variations of butterfly tattoos and I could simply put these into mid-journey and get different variations and then what I do next is very important because we don't want to just slap these up on Etsy and hope they sell we want to do the same strategy that I did years ago with my tattoo website when I had my tattoo website I remember it was like it was yesterday I sat down and made this website I got a domain name built the website and everything in about 45 minutes I know it was 45 minutes because I built the site before my coffee even got cold and then I put that site up and within hours it started getting traffic and then by the end of the day that little website that I set up in 45 minutes made about 50 dollars in profit and I was pretty excited I was like hey here's this little website I put up by the end of the day I actually got money in my pocket I thought it was pretty cool and that's what we're using here is the data that I used on that site and you can see here there's tons of sales and tons of money that I got from that tattoo site and it was actually very simple I didn't even really sell anything actually most of it was giveaways and then some of it was tattoos that I sold on a different website so I know that this stuff works it sells it makes money and it's something you can do so what we're going to do is take a look at the data and look at what is searched for the most and you can see here mid-journey went to work and it made these really cool butterfly tattoo designs now to show you the power of this Niche because this is super important we need to understand that there's a couple things that we need to do first we need to find our pen and what we're going to do is we're going to find the demand and we're going to find out where the demand is you see if you just go to Etsy and put up tattoo designs for butterflies you're going to be competing with all these different people here and some of them don't even have that many reviews and a lot lot of them are like temporary tattoos and different things like that however this guy here tattoo Pro looks like that's kind of what he's doing here's another one for tattoos and the inkish studio so we could see there are actually people doing this now to compete with them we're going to have to be Etsy Guru genius fancy people but luckily your old buddy Marcus has a workaround stay tuned for that first of all let's take a look at what these guys have so here we could see tattoo Pro go ahead and click on his shop right like this and you can see these are digital downloads that he's selling and we'll go ahead and put that shop into shop analyzer over at Allura right like this this will go ahead and analyze the shop and see how much money on estimate it's making now this is the all-time Revenue so we need to kind of take this with a grain of salt and see exactly what's going on now this one it looks like it is showing an error because it did get sales but it's not showing Revenue so let's try a different one this one only has 59 sales okay here's one called tatco which looks like it's got quite a few sales and it looks like they are tattoo designs so let's go ahead and put this one into our Allure shop finder here and we can see here it does actually have some Revenue we could see monthly it's averaging like twenty four hundred dollars a month in Euros which I think is like three grand a month U.S let's see here yeah so it's about 2500 2600 a month in US Dollars and that is quite simply just going out there and putting tattoos on Etsy now I'm going to show you a little work around and a hack that's going to get you lots of traffic and could potentially make you lots of money but first let's take a look here and see we know that we need to have demand so the first question is where is that demand now this demand is everywhere it just so happens that most people teaching this stuff focus on Etsy alone instead of like looking at the big pool of money that's out there so where is the demand we have the demand on search engines we can see here people searching we have the demand on Instagram you can see all kinds of tattoo ideas on Instagram Facebook groups you can see this one tattoo ideas and inspiration 723 000 members tattoo ideas with almost 400 000 designs four hundred and seventy thousand and on and on we go we could see people on Facebook are literally obsessed with tattoo designs go figure we can also see over here on Tick Tock lots and lots of views four videos about tattoo design so the traffic and the demand is literally insane even over here on YouTube people are getting lots of views for all kinds of different things about tattoos and some of these here are literally just showing different tattoo designs I mean you could literally just make a Channel about mid-journey tattoo designs and then send them to your Etsy store or your website and make tons of money when they buy the design it's actually super simple and as you can see it literally takes a couple of seconds let's take a look at some of the other Search terms that are related to tattoos we can see here we have butterfly something about a semicolon tattoo I would probably want to Google this and actually see what it is first semicolon tattoo so it looks like it literally is just a semicolon tattoo interesting so we could go in and say imagine semicolon tattoo design no skin white background and boom here we go it's going to create the design for us and that's actually going to go out there the AI is going to figure out what this stuff's about and apparently the AI has taken over our sign luckily we have a remote that makes things all better so we see here we got the semicolon we can go back to the list here and see what else we have maybe we'll do something like fonts or a rose tattoo that's got 122 000 searches a month so we could go through and we see these are kind of cool looking I don't know if semicolon people would like them but it's kind of interesting we could do imagine Rose Tattoo white background no skin vector design and again I'm going to have all these listed in the in the thing down there that description that's what we're gonna put them right and so we'll do rose tattoo design right like this and we could see exactly what's going on now it's very important that what we're going to do is we're going to use mid journey to compile lots and lots and lots of tattoo designs this is super important because once we have a bunch of tattoo designs that's what's going to attract the traffic to us because I could literally go to some of these Facebook groups and post my tattoo ideas and then all I need to do is Watermark it with my website which I'm going to show you how to do that in just a minute or you can get them into your Facebook group or your page or just send them directly to your Etsy store if that's what you want to do but that's going to cut out a lot of the money that I'm going to talk to you about in just a minute and we could see it created these little rose tattoos which are looking pretty cool as well now be sure you watch out for copyright and everything like that and make sure that you remember that the results are not typical implied or guaranteed while there are some sites out there that are making a fortune and there are people on Etsy making a fortune with tattoos the average person trying to make money online doesn't make anything now we don't really know why maybe they don't do anything or maybe they don't stick to it but that is the average so we're going to take a look here at these designs and we're going to make sure that all the designs we do are according to the keywords that are listed here because we know that that is what people are searching for in Google this is super important and we could see here that sites like inkmatch that are literally just going through and showing different tattoo designs actually get lots of traffic this one here is getting over 778 000 visitors a month for a traffic value of get this almost a quarter of a million dollars a month and take a look at some of these keywords they rank for this is stuff that you can create with mid-journey in a snap see all they're doing is showing the different tattoo designs pretty simple right and take a look at this this little chart down here says they started their website right around July of 2021 so they've only been working on this for like two years and it's already making like a quarter of a million dollars worth of free traffic and here's another one Authority again ranking for all kinds of different tattoos getting about seven hundred thousand visitors a month and banking again 242 000 a month worth of free traffic and it looks like they started in about 2017.

so step one is to go out there look at the keywords keywords and make tattoos so we are going to make tattoos basically going down the list of all the keywords of all these things that people are searching for maybe something like henna tattoos a swallow tattoo tribal anything and everything again if we just take it like this imagine tribal tattoos white background no skin vector style boom right like this it's going to go through create the images for us now you can take this a step further and go over to chat GPT right like this or your favorite AI tool and say write me a simple 1500 word article about the different types and styles of tribal tattoos it'll go through and make me some content and I can actually just go through put the content like these guys are doing put little images of the tattoos that I made in mid-journey right like this focus on the easy to rank four keywords which you could see most of these are green which means no competition and then step two we're gonna make a simple website with these tattoos very simple we can do this using WordPress and I'll link to some videos below that'll talk about that but what we're going to do is make a very simple blog about these tattoos paste the mid-journey tattoos and then to make money wait a minute before we get to that let me show you a little hack if you want to get started with this in a real world way what we can do is use my domain strategy to find a domain that already ranks for tattoos this is actually very simple and will get you ranked super fast this is the strategy I did when I bought the domain new and you can see it's ranking for all kinds of terms including this one that gets 6200 searches a month and we got tons of other keywords we're ranking for this worked because I bought this domain that had power so what we're going to do is look for a domain that has power in the spamzilla tool we're going to go here we're going to type in tattoo and we're going to organize these by positions this is going to show us the ones that actually rank in Google so here we have Park Street Tattoo right like this we can click here and see exactly what this domain ranks for and since it's got this little icon we can actually buy this at auction for like 10 bucks and we could see here Park Street Tattoo actually ranks for some keywords gets a little bit of traffic and actually has a traffic value right here too so this will be one that's super easy we could see here all these different tattoo keywords it ranks for and it has some backlinks over here like this that are related to tattoos and different local stuff and things like that and using this method we can go through and find all kinds of tattoo websites like this one here we could probably get for about nine dollars since it's in the expired domain list we can also organize these by ahrefsdr which is going to show us the ones that have the highest domain rating so this one here something about tattoo that's a pretty darn good domain tattoo there's some pretty good ones here and they actually do have backlinks and rankings and all kinds of things like that here's one here for tribal tattoos you could just focus on one type of tattoo and probably make a pretty decent living with that so what we're going to do is quite simply find the keyword words make the tattoo designs if you want a bonus you can write some content about those maybe you know have it write something like we did here with chat gbt where it's going to talk about the different types of tribal tattoos that'll help us get ranked in the search engines then we're going to make this website we're going to basically put the title which is going to be the same as whatever keyword you're going for then we're going to put that little content and we're going to add the tattoo designs then step number three this is where we're going to add the money links this is super important now obviously we're going to go through and on our tattoo website we would have links to the specific page on Etsy where we're selling the tattoo so you would say hey click here to see my tribal tattoo designs they could go through and they can pert they can go through and they can purchase the designs straight from your Etsy store so that is the number one way we are going to make money the second way is using ads you can use a program like AdSense or mediavine or any contextual ad service like ezoic and you can put these ads on your website that'll give you money every time someone clicks on the ad and then number three what we're going to do is affiliate programs this was the biggest earner on my tattoo website when I looked at affiliate offers I would go over to something like ClickBank like this I'd click on Marketplace and then I type in tattoo and you're going to see that there's several places that give you different things like tattoo uh tattoo designs Collections and resources we got geometry I don't know if that has anything to do with tattoos but we can promote this one here which is a large collection of tattoos and we basically get paid when they buy it so we're making 75 from every sale all I would have to do is put a link or a banner or whatever it is on my website that says click here to get these tattoos pretty cool right very very simple and I made a couple of sales a day on these exact types of programs in addition to that we can also come over to offervault and find different affiliate programs related to tattoos into Tech and tattoo designs or even coupons or something like that that fits exactly what we're looking for now the key here is the fact that there is so much traffic that has very little competition and you're going to do really well because you're going to have those designs on Etsy you're going to have your website driving people to those designs which when those sell Etsy is going to move you up on Etsy and get you even more sales not only that but you're going to get paid with ads you're going to make sales on ClickBank and all you have to do is follow the list of keywords create the designs make a blog post about the designs and point them to stuff that puts money in your pocket if you want to learn more about this method check out the links in the description if you want to learn more about this check out the links in this if you want to learn more about this smash the like button subscribe and check out and check out the other videos in the description

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