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she took over $30,000 today we are diving in to the Dark World of the Tik Tok Instagram make money online influencer world and maybe you've seen these videos how I made $23,000 a week with my side hustle how I make 10 to $220,000 a month while traveling the best way to make 5 to 10,000 a month $4,000 for one photo with no feat free high tick affiliate marketing guide take the 15-day business Builder Challenge free ebook everything you need to know about affiliate marketing free ebook 0 to2 million my first year 60,000 a week click here to start the training let's check this out today in addition to showing you a massive scheme going on online designed to get your hard-earned money I'm also going to show you a guaranteed yes guaranteed way to make as much as $700 a day or more without using your voice without any fancy selling no website yeah basically it's like free money but pay close attention because things aren't always what they seem in fact the truth is if you can make a simple little video like the one I'm making right here on my phone well then you can get filthy rich more about that in just a minute so recently I came across a ton of ticktockers instagrammers and Facebook people talking about an amazing business opportunity the idea is very simple you join the free business challenge for like $7 then the idea is for those that are serious you invest like $2500 but wait there's more in order to really make it to the top of the business you're going to need to invest $7500 $10,000 and sometimes people are in for as much as $60,000 and while the products and services might be good $60,000 is like enough to get a college degree and all they're giving you is a bunch of courses and videos designed to get other people to buy the courses in videos so that you can get paid so at the end of the day whether the product is good or bad is completely irrelevant because without the marketing scheme where you can actually get paid on each and every tier when people sign up these products wouldn't sell for anywhere close to the amount of money they're charging why because they're selling a dream and an opportunity rather than an actual business I've seen this happen tons of times in fact one popular business that used this exact business model got shut down by the FTC this was known as mob or my online business Empire the idea was simple you join at the low level for $49 then they have high pressure sales tactics to get you in at 2500 10,000 25,000 and again you guessed it as much as $6,000 now the catch was in order to get paid when someone spends the big money you have to have spent the big money yourself the FTC came down hard on this business because it was a basic scheme to buk people out of money and at the end of the day give them nothing however if it was actually very tempting because they showed pictures of people getting checks and making money like crazy what they failed the show is the thousands and thousands of people who made nothing and lost their $60,000 now don't get me wrong is this a way to make money absolutely you can sign up and take people through the exact same thing and get paid as much as $12,000 commission when they get a $25,000 product however the ethics on this are highly suspect because at the end of the day there's no real business and no real value and if you were to look into some of these companies and the people who run them you would see that they are yeah basically serial entrepreneurs that create schemes and I don't know what it is about the business entrepreneur world that worships people that rip other people people off like Jordan bort who basically got rich by scamming the stock market and elderly people out of their entire life savings or religious people who take money with the promise that they have a direct line to God to get you what you want or the law of attraction where they're literally saying you can follow their secret strategy and manifest anything your heart desires and these people on Tik Tok that are claiming to make thousands and thousands and even millions of dollars are basically Shilling the exact same programs is it illegal not yet is it ethical I'll leave you to make that call but this reminds me of something years ago when a friend of mine had said Marcus you're at this marketing meeting I need you to sit down with a friend of mine this guy has a business plan that is going to make you rich so I sat down with him had a cup of coffee and within seconds I knew this was not a man to be trusted he later went on to make one of these pyramid scheme type businesses where the whole premise is you sign people up to sign people up to sign people up and at the end of the day who's getting rich yep you guessed it the people who started the program now of course there are people that are promoting and making money but the whole pyramid comes crashing down when people realize that at the end of the rainbow there's not a pot of gold it's a pile of you get the point and as affiliate marketers it is our job to make sure that what we promote is good ethical and fits our standard of approval and when going out there and looking at these programs like the one where I sat down with that guy that guy is now making upwards of 4 million a month basically charging people over and over so that they can go find people to charge and they can go find people to charge in fact I had two students just a couple weeks ago come to me showing me their website which I would have felt bad charging them $20 for this website I asked them how much they paid and since it was part of these online rackets Cults boss Bay businesses they paid over $30,000 for a website with no clear toine Niche the domain names were leaving a lot to be desired the business model wasn't there it was basically a copy and paste script that they had built for hundreds and hundreds of other would be affiliate marketers and at the end of the day we need to realize that affiliate marketing isn't just about recruiting in fact if you were to take a look at the FDC papers on all of these companies that have been shut down you're going to find one common theme the business model relies heavy on recruiting rather than products and services oh sure they might mask it and say well we have this online coaching course or this in-person meeting in Tahiti that's going to show you everything you need to know about how to make money online but at the end of the day you're going to make money online by getting other people to pay to make money online you see where I'm going here it's nothing more than a glorified cash gifting program with a mediocre product at Best in fact a lot of the products and training were created by people who have only ran these schemes online I've seen it time and time again they run one get shut down start another one within years get shut down they are not marketers they're grifters and I'm going to leave you with one very important point if you are looking to make money online and you want to start a business always follow the money if you are getting paid solely on bringing new people in who are going to pay for the exact same thing that you bought and are now selling that's more of a racket than an actual business if you're investing in some Bitcoin thing that some affiliate marketer told you to buy think to yourself well if I invest $10,000 and they pay the affiliate $5,000 and they're promising me a 100x return well then they actually have to make like a 10,000x return because half of my money is already gone and if things don't make sense or you can't Define exactly who's going to pay you why they're going to pay you and what you're going to do to get that money then I would strongly advise you not to invest in a business opportunity in fact opportunities are free I've got tons of them here on my channel that you can watch and learn for free it's actually a lot like these people here that are promoting those Shady types of products what they are doing with video is actually working they are driving traffic to all sorts of different things and that's what we teach here on the channel is how to drive traffic to things that are ethical and actually make money so instead of going out there and Shilling some make money product like so many of these people are doing what if you were out there making little videos with AI about workouts or Diet plans or how to take care of your pet or just yesterday I was talking to a client about a dog barking product and different things like that Based on data and based on things that people are actually buying rather than trying to sell an opportunity over and over and over again use the same exact strategies to make money in different niches this is exactly what I've been doing for over 23 years setting up websites getting traffic and making money and a lot of these people are setting up sites like this using stan.

store which is actually how I found them stan. store right like this you can actually build a better funnel with better products and a better backend marketing strategy because at the end of the day if this person is driving all this traffic to that offer they're not making that much money per view and in fact what they're actually doing is creating all kinds of online spam about some kind of magic bizop product and I got to tell you sometimes they're actually pretty convincing because what they're going to do is they're going to play on the heartstrings hey I picked up my kids in carpool and made $10,000 today here I am my husband quit his job or I'm able to do XY and z and they're always going to play to emotions rather than logic because if you're selling to emotions you basically bypass people's logical thinking and it's a lot easier to find someone who doesn't know what they're doing and that's where they sell the $30,000 websites or the $25,000 masterminds to people who really don't know what they're doing and this bothers me as an affiliate marketer because it weakens the power of our industry as a whole it gives everything a bad name because these people often have names like Jasmine the affiliate or Bob the affiliate when when in fact what they're doing isn't affiliate marketing at all this is more like a scheme but again I'm not commenting on the validity of the products I've never tried them but when a business focuses highly on recruitment rather than actually serving the needs of a market you can be sure they're going to be pushing their opportunity down your throat like there's no tomorrow if you enjoyed this video and want to see more let me know in the comments below be sure to smash a like button and check out the other videos in the description

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