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in just a couple of seconds we're going to head over to the big office and I'm going to show you live how I set up a brand new website on a domain name that I got to get instant results and we're going to do all this using AI That's right I don't need to write any of the content myself we're going to let the robots take care of that yes I know a lot of people ask me Marcus how soon can someone actually make money and the answer is well instantly why does this work you ask well every 60 seconds millions and millions of people are searching Google and if you can be in front of them right now for keywords that get traffic then you can make money right now for example let's say you were able to rank for the word motorcycle insurance you can see here that lots of people are searching for it and the advertisers are paying as much as 30 dollars a click or more which means if you are able to rank there instantly you would make lots of money right now now of course the word motorcycle insurance is pretty competitive so that's probably not one we're gonna go for however that one does make like millions of dollars a year what if you could rank for something simple right now instantly that might make you 20 bucks a day 50 bucks a day 500 a day or maybe even like some of my sites that do as much as five thousand dollars a day or more yeah when I first started out I didn't believe that was possible unless I saw it with my own eyes I still wouldn't believe it's possible however that's a fact and that's how people are getting rich online each and every day people that don't talk about it on YouTube people that silently are out there building websites and putting money in their pocket as if it was nothing and today you're gonna get to see that skill live and in person that's right this is a live training in just a minute we're gonna go over to the big computer I'm gonna fire it up you're gonna see everything including the errors the mistakes yeah warts and all you're gonna see exactly how I set up a business to get traffic instantly to make money online right now so if you're excited about this smash that like button and let's get started all right guys welcome to the show today we are talking about how to get instant money now I know a lot of people talk about ways to make money and ways to get paid online and this is a little bit different because you're going to see something live that I actually do on a day-to-day basis this is not some Theory or some pie in the sky idea no this is something where this little guy here and these little guys I have magneted to my shirt for effect have actually made me millions of dollars yes emoticons and smiley faces have made me millions of dollars now what we're going to do is we're going to show you how this works and we're going to show you inside niches how I find them and how I actually build them today you're going to get to see behind the scenes you're going to get to see exactly what I do to build this stuff up and how I'm able to get instant results and I'll never forget the day that I set up my first smiley face site it had all kinds of smileys emotions and stuff like that and I was setting up this site and the next day after I built that site it made 300 and I was like wait a minute 300 bucks for something I did there's the 300 bucks there you go for something I did that was actually very easy and it was it wasn't AI but it was auto-generated content using a software and a couple of prompts that I put in so this is something that you can actually take and use for yourself now what you are going to see if you did not watch I think it was Friday's video Friday's video definitely after this entire training go watch that video it's imperative that you watch that video but in Friday's video I showed you how I bought a domain name now this domain name was kind of expensive it was two thousand nine dollars and I'm making this video today because it says it's going to arrive July 15th but I actually got the domain in my account sometimes when you buy them at GoDaddy there's like a a five day or ten day waiting period till you actually get the domain sometimes longer sometimes shorter now this one I actually got last night but I was like okay I'm tired so I'll go to bed and I'll use this in the morning and so I actually have this site set up and I was able to point the domain and name servers over to Bluehost as you can see here it's ready to go there's nothing on it now you might be asking yourself Marcus why did you spend two thousand dollars for some domain name Moji edit I mean what even is that well what we're going to do is we're going to take a look at this and see what the domain had now at the time of buying the domain you could see that some of the search rankings did taper off however a lot of them are still intact now we can also see that according to a similar web here we have 47 000 visitors a month just last month in or two months ago rather in May it hit a peak of 84 000 visitors a month now if you're out there and you're looking at this and you're like Marcus okay I get it traffic equals money therefore if you bought a site that is getting 84 000 visitors a month you ought to be able to make something right how many of you guys are like yeah okay I get it that makes sense I might not have two grand to spend on a domain but I get what you're saying Marcus now don't worry a lot of the domains I buy are quite a bit cheaper some of them are in the 40 range some of them are nine dollars and on and on we go now what I'm using here is an extreme example to show you how it works and just to let you know that this is the real deal just a week ago actually nine days to be exact nine days ago I sold tactical shooting to a um a student of mine and this is a site that's about like targets and practice and things like that and this domain cost me thirteen hundred dollars I sold it to a student of mine they set it up and they reported yesterday on our Tuesday call that they made their first money from it already so we're seeing this and we're like wait a minute this doesn't just work for Marcus this is also working for other people this is actually this is actually making money this is the real deal I don't want to skip ahead or miss any parts of this training because this is the real deal how many of you guys if you get it that it's the real deal smash that like button let's get those likes well over the couple hundred likes mark because I want to show you something that you can actually do and all you got to do is pay with a like that's it right there you go um and we're going to take a look at how this works because this is the process that I use for my high ticket niches and things like that so when I go through and buy domains we're buying them with the idea of what we're going to do with it now the person who bought the Tactical site actually went through and they were like hey you know what I got search engine rankings literally instantly and bada bing bada boom We're Off to the Races right and we're looking at it we're like okay they got the results and we get we get people like this all the time who get results again you don't need to buy a super expensive domain to make this work as you see some of the domains I get are like five dollars and a lot of the ones that are five dollars actually have rankings as well they just take a little bit more work all right so where some people might have money to invest others might need to invest time all right there's a trade-off there so we need to understand this so what we're doing is we're taking a look at the Domain now when I purchased this domain the way that I did it I'll give you a little crash course and then you can look at the uh Friday video to see exactly how I do it now and that that's for the domain today in this training I'm going to show you how I set that up okay pretty cool so we're going to go ahead and take a look at this and what I do is first I go to is where you can go to the spamzilla program this is my my tutorial on it right spamzilla will show you how I use it and then it'll have a little link where you can use the software software is like 30 bucks a month and that is my affiliate link so I think I'll make nine dollars if you sign up there you go right but what I do with spamzilla is actually go through and find domains at auction and at other places that have lots of rankings and we do that by clicking positions you just connect it to your ahrefs or you could use the other stuff as well but what you're going to see is that there are domains right now that are ranking right now so when I'm looking at the Emoji Niche okay so we could take it here in semrush we can go down to top organic keywords click view then we're going to go through then we're going to go through there we go the button does work right then we're going to go through and we can see that it ranks currently right now as of today four over two thousand keywords gets over 2 400 visitors a month and if I was to buy that traffic on the search engines it says it's worth fourteen dollars now we need to take that with a grain of salt because I know in this Niche I can make a lot more as you guys saw from my Smiley site uh earlier and we're gonna be taking from that gleaning from it and looking at what's going on but here's the deal this is why this stuff's worth money so let's take a look at Moji edit here and we're going to put that in ahrefs you could use ahrefs you can use um semrush or if you are on a budget just do the Hoth free keyword tool okay you could use the Haas free keyword tool now the Hoth tool is limited I do have some cheaper alternative tools that you can use on my website we'll have those at but what this will do is it'll give you like the first 100 keywords or something which will help right it's like okay I could see at a glance that this does rank for stuff and it's being slow right now of course there's there's always errors when you uh when you try to do stuff live but this normally will show you let's try uh one of the other domains and see if we can get some result to show you how it works all right let's see let's try this one here or actually you know what let's try Bluegrass the old bluegrass Journey right we could put this in the Hoth see if it ranks for anything currently hopefully the tools not haven't yet the tools having an error but it does show them in the event that it was not having an error yeah with It smash the like button let me know and it looks like our buddy from reptile point is uh in the chat as well he's someone who went through this got one of my high ticket niches got rankings still has rankings and got his first sale using this strategy so we go to spamzilla we find domains that have lots of rankings good great that's how I found this Emoji name then what we're going to do is we're going to find out what keywords this domain ranks for okay because this is right now live stuff like if you were able to go out there and get a ranking for motorcycle insurance like this right if you were to show up on this page on Google what do you think that would be worth right you look at this and you're like okay motorcycle and Insurance you got three sponsored ads that means they're paying these are all motorcycle insurance sites which means there's a lot of money right a lot of money there so we got to look at it and say hey this is pretty cool and there we go right pretty cool now when we look at this we're taking a look and saying okay motorcycle insurance let's let's pull this up in semrush see what that looks like here all right so we'll go I think keyword I think it'll just do a keyword here let's see keyword overview I think something like that but what we're going to do is we'll do something like motor cycle insurance and I want you guys to get this because if you don't get this you are forever going to struggle with making money online this training if you watch the whole thing info overload will be a thing of the past and all you got to do you don't need to give me any of the dollar bills right all you got to do is is pay attention that's it that's all you got to do so we're going to look at this and say okay great when we look at this we see that there is a hundred and sixty five thousand what does that mean that means 165 000 people each and every month type in motorcycle insurance in the old Google that's what that means there you go now if we were to go and look at spyfu which gives us a very accurate number of what people are paying for this traffic we're going to see that in addition to 165 000 searches a month it's saying it's worth thirty dollars a click to advertisers let me show you what I mean here let's see there we go all right fancy stuff I'm running out of paper but hey we're gonna try right let's go over here so what this means is that on Google 165 000 people search for motorcycle insurance okay they are searching for it now they're searching for it because they want motorcycle insurance now I don't know about you but every time I turn on the TV sometimes even when the TV is not even on calm down the jokes are free I get some kind of Geico or Progressive annoying insurance and I am so tired of the gecko and the weird lady with the progressive I'm just like I I and I've never switched Insurance actually I've never watched a commercial and been like yeah let me go to Geico I'm like no let me watch my show go away but at any rate we look at motorcycle insurance and these ads make money how do we know they make money because the weird lady and the gecko are paying lots of money for ads bada bing bada boom how much are they paying on Google all right well on TV they're paying multi-million probably 100 million dollars a year or more for some of these companies now when they go on TV like you you might be or like me you might be watching the show and you're like well I want to watch the show you're not thinking about insurance so they might pay like 50 cents per viewer right that's why you see the Super Bowl has a hundred million viewers and one minute of AD space is approximately 10 million bucks or something like that right so you're like 100 million 10 cents per person there we go that's basic math how many of you guys got it type basic math in the Box if you're like hey there we go basic math I get it that's basic 10 cents 10 million or 100 billion whatever it is there you go now when it comes to ads Geico and these other companies come to the old Google and they say well wait a minute I can advertise in someone in front of someone who's typing motorcycle insurance like I don't have to guess how many people in the Super Bowl stadium and at home want insurance I could literally get someone typing this in yes I will pay thirty dollars per click now you might be saying Marcus this sounds a little far-fetched and you don't even know how to spell click so how do I know right what you have to do is you have to look at this and say well if they're willing to pay 10 cents for every person who sees their commercial how many of them are going to go and buy the thing very little so thirty dollars is nothing to them nothing they they don't even think about it however to us what would your life be like I want you to imagine what would your life be like if you got a thousand clicks and made 30 bucks right 30 grand a month what would that do to your life I know for me when I was young and starting my business the smiley faces where are they I threw them over here there he is right the smiley faces were my first ticket that was the first time I had made 30 grand a month automatically without doing extra work I mean think about that there I was I was like 20 something years old I I put up this site about smiley faces and I was like dude now I'm making serious money and we actually got that one up I think the most that ever that that type of sight ever did was right around it was either 108 or 118 000 in one month and it's like wait a minute how does that work now it wasn't all profit Because by the time it was really big I started buying traffic but a lot of it was profit in the beginning it was 100 profit and on a site like this where we're looking at um these things this one would be 100 profit because I'm not buying traffic I bought the domain right and you think about it from my standpoint okay these Smileys can make me a lot of money I just purchased a domain that has 80 000 people a month all I got to do is build it up right and if you guys want to see how I build it up smash that like button I want to know I want to see that like button go crazy because I want you to look at this and say hey check this out this is pretty cool okay smash that like button let me know that you are in it to win it and you're ready to make this stuff work because this is the real deal you can reverse engineer you could go after this call and you could get a notepad and re-watch it and say well is everything true let me go search it out and you will see it is emphatically true especially when you look at like blue heart emoji meaning right blue heart emoji meaning then you're gonna see a lot of different Emoji sites emojipedia right and you're going to see all these different sites now why do these exist are they just friendly people who want to make emojis on the internet no I wasn't either I didn't even know what half these emojis mean and I still don't write I kids send me an emoji and I'm like I better go Google that I don't know what that means oh cool they're happy today or whatever it is and so we're gonna go through and understand this in a real world way all right CeCe thanks for joining us today even though you are at work this might teach you some stuff that'll help with that issue there so we're going to take a look at this and we're going to understand what's going on okay so we got the Emoji stuff now with this okay we have to look at this stuff as something important let me go over here and and write this down and if you're taking notes write this down okay I think we might have to we're gonna have to use the back of it here because we are out of paper we've got to order some new paper but in the meantime we will make do all right what I'm going to write down is in then Tori search equals inventory okay let's see there we go search equals inventory that's pretty fancy isn't it unfortunately I don't know how long that's going to stay up so we'll leave it there but search equals inventory is super important because all of this is inventory blue heart emoji gets 8 700 searches a month and that is worth a certain amount of money let's say it's worth 10 cents a click all right so that would be worth eight hundred and seventy dollars a month all right does everyone get it type 870 in the Box smash the like button if you're like I get it that could possibly now again ladies and gentlemen results not typical implied or guaranteed the average person trying to make money online makes nothing calm down prop money I got tons of prop money be kind of silly to keep all this money real there's no point there's nothing to buy in here but we're going to take a look and say okay average person makes nothing but I see how that inventory Works type inventory if you get it right very important so we look at this and we're like okay this is pretty cool now what do I need to do how do I go from here's this domain I got for two grand to actually making a living how many of you guys want to see me turn this into something that can make a living this is what we're gonna do first what we need to do is understand what's out there right I could go over to offer Vault let me pull it up over here make sure it's clean because they do have offers for all kinds of things right and it looks pretty good there we go okay what we're going to do is we're going to try to find generic stuff what we can do is we can type in SOI which is single opt-in these are offers where I could literally get paid when someone puts one puts their email in a box or maybe I could do something like um let's say I want to do something like what would we do Capital One Capital One Capital One capital capital they spell these weird I don't know Capital Capital One capital one there we go there it is it took a minute but we found it the Capital One browser extension pays eight dollars per download it costs nothing for the viewer and I get paid eight dollars when they download it that's pretty cool so all I got to do is say of all these people looking at all these emojis how many would like to save money one out of ten one out of a hundred if I get one out of a hundred that's eight cents a click now we go back and we're like oh so eight cents a click if I could get one out of whatever it is let's say we got uh what was it where's our similar web similar web where'd you go I was up here a minute ago I got too many tabs open but on similar web um I think it had like what 80 000 visitors a month so let's say let's say we do uh let's say you find a calculator here I want you guys to really get this so smash the like button if you appreciate it these types of trainings where I'm doing stuff live is extremely difficult to do uh because I I have a lot of stuff open I have to make sure everything's good make sure no sensitive information shown it's very difficult to do these so if you appreciate it let me know by Smashing like button so if we have 84 000 visitors a month coming to our site times let's say one out of every 400 okay we'll we'll play the low ball one of every 400 wants the Capital One that would be two cents a click times 0.02 equals sixteen hundred bucks all right so that's lowballing it right if we were able to get one out of every 200 right that would be four which would be 3200 and on and on we go does that make sense to everyone and then of course we're going to have offers and everything like that so when we go through like this and we take a look at our domain we're going to say okay let's set this bad boy up if you're ready type set it up in the Box I want to see that thing light up with a bunch of people saying set it up because we're going to set this thing up live in front of you show you how to do it right here right now you could go do it on your own for free you can check out and have us help you with it I buy domains and set them up for my students all the time very very cool so we're going to take a look at this all right Lizzy thanks for being here and we are going to log in so set it up here we go we're going to log into our Bluehost right like this and I gotta warn you Bluehost has been very very slow lately as you can see here I think it's run by turtles or something like that there's one of them are fast it's a tortoise fast or the turtle or something like that okay what we're going to do first and foremost is we're gonna go to domains now you'll notice that I set this domain up and I pointed the name servers at my host that's the first thing you do you buy the domain you go into your GoDaddy and you click change name servers if you're on Bluehost it's if you're on HostGator it'll be something1234.hostgator whatever your host gives you that's what you put and you will know that you did it right because if you have Bluehost you'll see the Bluehost screen if you have something else you'll see the other screen now in order to get here we're going to use spamzilla and then we're going to buy our domain on GoDaddy or wherever it is on auction if you buy it on namecheap auctions you get the domain instantly so that's kind of cool but they're kind of spare scarce then we're going to go to go that's going to teach you how to set up what you're going to see today so what we're going to do is we're going to go into our Bluehost we're going to hit a sign domain and I always like to copy and paste these just because Murphy's Law is if Marcus can spell something wrong Marcus will spell something wrong right so we're going to go through and we're going to put a signed domain we're gonna put the domain if you did it correctly it'll say verified verif there we go I told you it's a little bit slow but we're having fun here if you're having fun smash that like button ownership verified good great now what's going to happen here is we're going to do add-on and then we're going to let the computer do everything else we're going to hit assign this domain now sometimes it takes a minute to assign the domain which is good because you know we're doing all right here so we'll wait a minute and we'll get some coffee apparently everyone on the old YouTube loves when I pour coffee no contrary to popular belief I don't drink six pots of coffee a day most of it is actually for props but I do drink some coffee you know you gotta you gotta wake up and be able to make this stuff work so it looks like the domain is assigning it looks like it's being a little slow what I like to do because I'm impatient and I've done this for so long is I like to make sure it hasn't already added it and it just went to sleep or whatever so we're gonna go through and we're going to take a look and we're gonna be like okay is it added Emoji edit on a side so it's assigning it so we're getting there right I could just reload this until it says add-on it should have that little orange add-on button or whatever this thing is a little icon okay and we'll see when this thing assigns might take a minute and it might also change what you see here it should change it when we get um there we go there it goes it'll give you this page like I said Bluehost is slow which is good because that means you guys get to like see every step because it's forcing me to be slow so we have Moji edit is an add-on domain excellent it should have the little orange here UH 60 says uh can I get you as a mentor check out the links in the description there or the links in like that bar down there um you can find out how to get all this stuff okay so we're gonna go through who's no code dad I don't know are you a coder found two awesome domains using chat all right cool yeah I haven't seen that channel I'll have to check it out afterward um so we're going to see here we're good to go Emoji edit excellent does it change anything I don't know if it changed anything yet once we get the Bluehost or the WordPress it will okay so here's your steps here let me see if I can open up a Microsoft whiteboard here and again if you guys saw what this takes to do these trainings for you like if you came in here and you're like oh my God there's a lot of stuff going on you you'd probably smash the like button but let's go through here and take a look I think you can even click little hearts and stuff too there's like a little heart button I don't know that's new so I don't know someone clicked the Hearts Let's see what that does all right so what we're going to do here is find our pen okay hopefully I'm on the right screen yes we are all right so what we're going to do is we have spamzilla to find domain GoDaddy is where we own the domain or namecheap okay it could be either or you're you're not gonna own domains in name in in Bluehost right I never put my domains at Bluehost I keep them separate okay then we're gonna go to go hub to set up our site now what we're gonna do is we're gonna have our there's the hearts hey that's pretty cool all right so we're going to go through and we're gonna set this thing up all right so what I'm going to do is I'm going to go to my sites right like this and with Bluehost you can have as many sites as you want on one account that means if I have 100 sites it's still just six dollars a month wait Marcus six dollars a month per site that's like six no six dollars a month for all 100 sites now with a shared account I would limit it to like 30 just because you know you don't want to do that Mark says why not use Bluehost for domains excellent question I um it's kind of like a bank right I got my my bank of domains at GoDaddy that's where I own them right I have them all there they're all secure that is a domain company um Bluehost is a hosting company and they're I don't know how their registrar works like you have to go through them which I I'm not a big fan of and there's no benefit like it does it does nothing to have it over there there's no benefit or anything it's just you know I like to keep everything separate very very important probably why I have way too many bank accounts but at any rate we're gonna go in like this and we're gonna hit create site okay now what we're going to do is we're going to title our site when we title our site we are going to go for the keyword that we have the highest ranking on with the most volume okay so right at a glance blue heart meaning seems to be the one but I want something that has the word Emoji so we have like Saab Emoji surprised Emoji so Sab Emoji I'll get so let's do let's try to isolate this by just the domain name so we'll do exact URL let's see what the exact URL ranks for okay does it have anything here maybe not okay so let's do I think we're what we got let's do path maybe a I've never used these before so we'll have to test how they how they work but we're going to go through and try to do let's do domain there we go why is this I think I I think I broke it let's reload OG edit overview edit man the whole internet's being slow today Moji edit okay where did we go Emoji domain there we go okay that is weird maybe the slash after it does something okay so what we're going to do is we're gonna go through see if there's any on the main okay so Emoji edit online but that has no traffic Emoji edit download also one thing uh when you watch my other video be careful of trademarks when you buy domains uh let's see what's this Emoji edit app okay so it's looking okay I'm gonna do a different route and I'm going to go dashboard I'm gonna go keyword Explorer and I'm going to type in emoji or let's try emoticon emoticon emotion did I spell it right MO emo chican there we go uh about Chicago reminds me of that old song Chaka Khan right there you go but we have all these uh emoticons here so what is an emoticon so what I'm going to do is I'm going to try to find something that has low competition even though I don't have to have low competition because this domain is kind of a Powerhouse in this this market so we have like shrug emoticon shrugging emoticon okay I'm I'm gonna go for something generic because I think this will probably do good for it so I'm going to go back here and I'm going to type in um smileys not smellies Smileys there we go Smileys emoticons and emojis what they mean or whatever okay and then I can say how to use emojis in your chats or something like that okay so we're going to make this very simple there you go yeah yeah it is an old school song Good song though um so we're gonna do how to use emojis in chat you don't need to do Advanced that's just going to give you other options that'll probably be too confusing I know they confuse me I'm like I don't know database name I don't know let's just let the computer do it so we let the computer do it like this next very important we're going to click all these off we do not want the freedom of the free plugins does they're just going to slow our site down then we're going to go and we're going to find our new domain Moji edit right there leave this blank all right make sure you leave that blank unless your domain has a whole bunch of stuff on something but that's for a different thing most of the time you're gonna leave it blank we're gonna hit next and we're gonna hold tight while we set up your site and hold tight means we need to turn the air conditioner on because it's like a thousand in here all right the Google thermostat says it's 73 but it feels more like 803 I don't know but we're going to go through and and come on come on uh you don't have to get rid of the forward slash in that box um just as long as there's nothing in there it should be fine so we're waiting for this and while you're waiting again a lot of people ask me my programmer even came to me one day and he was like Marcus I I'm a programmer I know lots of computer people and you're the only person I know who can crash a computer with 128 gigs of RAM with chrome by itself he was like oh my God he like crashed it using Chrome I don't know what you do but I have a lot of tabs open and the reason is because I want to check stuff out and I don't um want to you know do anything um okay failed to create let's see if it did it anyway if not we'll have our programmer set it up hopefully he's on did it create it oh it did create it it was it talking about so it did create it this is why you gotta you gotta kind of have the multiple tabs and be able to do this on your own because most of you guys would do this and you'd just be stuck all week looking at that error when that error doesn't even exist right it's a fake error so we could go through and we can go to my sites and it should be in there let's see Emoji edit hopefully this will work if you guys dig this let me know and um we'll do more shows like this but we're going to go through see if Moji edit did show up there it is cool so it did show up as long as we have that manage site thing we are golden doesn't matter what error we get okay all we need to do is make sure we can log into WordPress that's all we got to do now make sure that when you do this you have multiple tabs open so you can toggle back and forth and see what it looks like okay see I can see what it looks like so this is what it looks like if everyone goes to Emoji this is what you're going to see great wonderful excellent now why is this powerful this is powerful because What's Happening Here is I am taking over like a member or you remember hopefully in the beginning of this training I said I'm going to get instant results all right how many of you guys are like yeah I'm here to see these instant results all right now watch this I am right now in front of you editing a site that is ranking on Google right we have Emoji edit let's find one that's actually ranking there we are there we are right there we are on Google right now for a keyword that gets 1600 searches a month in addition to all these others but how many of you guys get that you're like instant OMG type instant OMG because that when I set this up that traffic will come to me I can make money right now today right type it in type instant OMG if you're like wait a minute holy cow I get it this is this is the path to instant money most people don't get this most people are stuck they're listening to the gurus say to go do things that take forever and don't even work we're doing something that works and that's why I proved to you in the beginning that search engine rankings are inventory [Applause] inventory right search engine rankings or inventory if you get this this is where the rubber meets the road this is where the money is made this is what has made me millions and millions and millions of dollars this is what makes Google billions of dollars hundreds of billions of dollars this is what built Amazon right what did they do in the beginning he said look I'm gonna go and I'm going to rank for books remember Amazon used to be a book company we used to go get books that's what we got you're like a new book and I used to buy books like it was going out of style one so because I thought I was smart and I didn't even read them all but I felt smart you know I had them on a bookshelf like Tai Lopez and I was like look at me go I am the wisest guy and then I was like this is stupid I should probably read these and I read some of them and some of them I didn't and they're still there but at any rate in the old days Amazon was a book company why was it a book company because old Jeff Bezos said well with books there are one million different products and that's okay there's one million right there's over a million different skus million different skus and what does that mean I think I did have it right I don't know I can't count today but a million different skus what does that mean that means on Google I could rank for um I don't know whatever book I want you know uh we could rank for Gone With the Wind and you know um To Kill a Mockingbird and all this other stuff we can rank for all kinds of stuff and Google will give us traffic and so they said well if we have a million skus of books that are looked up like a thousand times a month that's like a billion visitors a month everyone get it type aha if you got an aha moment because what did Amazon do Amazon said wait a minute I know everyone's going to Google and searching stuff but we know something that's more important than what that is is search traffic is [Applause] inventory now he obviously made a good company and you know they shipped the book faster than you can even click the buy button and he patented the one click buy button and he's a master of conversion but that's how this was made if you understand that you will start to understand business in a new way and so looking at this imagine if I got a book site and it ranked for you know um Zen In The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance that is my favorite book by the way let's say I ranked for that all right we go through and be like okay do other do people type it in Zen and the Art all right Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance gets 5 000 searches a month that's inventory that will sell books that will sign people up to audible that will drive ads that will make money it will it is a fact and you know it because people advertise there's sites that are vying for the rankings that's inventory very important so type inventory smash the like button if you're digging this so far okay so what we're going to do is we're going to do that with the Emojis okay so we have our site here and we're set up let's see if we can log into WordPress right here okay and we're gonna go here do okay I think no code stock you're talking to someone else right you're not asking me a question as they say in uh in the AAA meetings no crosstalk so try to keep it try to keep it so I know what your comments are so we're going to go through and now we have this thing set up we're looking good um we can see our blog is up now the second thing we want to do uh or third thing or whatever we're on is we're going to go to over on simple we're going to download a simple theme to make our site look good you just go here put in your name and email right like this and we'll do download The Blog theme of course I got to figure out what's a motor home and what's a bike I think I got all the bikes I don't know how many of you guys also get annoyed by these these things drive me nuts okay so now now that we've figured out the motorhomes and bikes we're gonna download the simple Blog theme right like this okay we're going to go in we're going to do no problem you're good we're going to do show the the folder okay and what I have here is I downloaded a little background that we're going to use for our Smiley fight smiley face site and we're going to add that as our thing so we're going to extract this it's going to extract it in a new folder okay this sounds fancy but just follow along it's actually extremely easy all right it'll go through and ding there we go now we have this folder which is a Blog theme well Marcus I don't understand blog themes don't worry neither do I I had my programmer make this and he made it for you so that you can make it easy right so all we got to do is go here into images and we are going to create or make override a logo and a background so for the background what I'm going to do is I'm going to use this file here so I'll open this in my image editor there we go and we're going to do file save as and I'm going to save it as downloads simple Blog theme this this images and we're going to save it as page.jpeg if it does not ask you to overwrite this then you did it wrong it should ask you to overwrite it yes and then when I go in here aha there it is to see how my Smileys are there very happy I'm very pleased with the smiley then what we're going to do is we're going to open my logo or my logo large doesn't matter which one we're going to open with our favorite image editor and now what we're going to do is we're just going to make a logo for our our Smileys okay so we'll go like this there we go and then we can go and do let's see we'll go to and you can also use like mid journey and stuff like that it's very easy to do so we'll go here we'll do Emoji I think it'll know what an emoji is let's see ah it does there we go cool so we can go through and get an emoji let's see it's a good one um let's see I will use this guy okay I'll log in because in order to get the downloads you get to log in there we go and we'll download him right like this as a gif we could do a small one because this is just a small logo download and then all we got to do is just drag him right here in our logo and if you do sound effects life is so much better we'll just do this like right over here there we go so now we got him on our logo we'll make him look pretty cool right like that and then we could just put some text that says emoji edit .com Emoji edit edit we will get this correct smash the like button to help me get that correct and then we'll do uh let's get some font make it orange or whatever and you're just gonna make a little logo don't overthink it nobody really cares about your logo unless you're Coca-Cola and when you're Coca-Cola you got bigger fish to fry than worrying about your logo so there we go Emoji yet how many of you guys are like okay that's pretty cool and you can add a tagline if you want like oh let's do another text um cool Smileys and emojis right very simple shrink it down cool Smileys and emojis there we go and then we can make that something easy cool Smileys and emojis shrink it down Boop there we go all right there's our logo don't overthink it super simple all right so we're gonna do file save as you are going to override my logo yes and wait for the spinning come on spinning at least gives me an excuse to have coffee all right come on come on you can do it see if it changes it did change it it's just being slow all right we'll try this again apparently it wants to be a pain so we'll open this with we have to save it as both that's why I'm doing it open with snagit okay file save as and we're just going to save it as my logo large all right you guys with it let me know if you're with it if you get it we'll get it going all right so there we go we got a logo so all you have to do download which will be available at um we're going to have my logo my logo large and page once you're done with this you're going to go to this big confusing file place right click so select all right click Send to or send two compress that zip okay there you go Windows 11 like to change the name of things so if you compressed to zip we'll call this Emoji man one call it one that way if you change it later yeah you don't have to you'll know what your new file is because it'll be the last number all right then what we're going to do go back to our WordPress we're going to go appearance themes add new upload choose file we can go in here and we're going to choose Moji man one boom install now activate so where we had a site that looked like this now Tada yay how many of you guys are like hey that's pretty cool got your little emojis in the back got your um logo you made it's looking pretty good all right for like five seconds and you know it looks pretty good okay so there we go now we have that now what we're gonna do is we're gonna go to um we're gonna go to plugins installed plugins okay these are all the plugins that are installed on your site great wonderful we're gonna go add new let's get rid of this there we go we like clean add new we're gonna go add new and we're going to install classic editor that is going to make it to where the editing of the site is a lot easier than otherwise would be okay um Lauren are you on here okay we're gonna have to change the the webinar I have after this one so classic editor right like this okay so classic editor activate then we are going to do um classic widgets with jets okay this is going to make it because the new ones are weird let's see widgets widgets oh come on oh because that's installed okay we're gonna do add new okay so we're gonna do widgets with digits all right like that search we want classic widgets install and activate there we go install and activate there we go pretty cool now we have this and we're like good to go Frida says what size should the background image be well this one was actually very small this was 216 by 216.

So if it's duplicating like this one see how it's small there but on the site it just replicates so that could be really small if you're going for like a big theme like I have on video hacks if not videoblocks video hacks come on Eric video on see I have the big theme that one's like I think 1800 wide by 1200 tall or something like that um play around with it it should shrink it and and size it for you as much as possible but obviously if you get like the biggest picture on planet Earth no it's not going to help with that okay so now we have our our site set up we are looking good here's what we got so far okay now what I'm going to do is I'm going to go in and at download my notes what I'm going to do is I'm going to I'm gonna pay someone to make notes of this video for you for free and all you got to do is go to when they're done I'll email them to you and you'll have a nice little guide that you didn't even have to pay for that'll teach you how to do all this stuff fair enough just hop over to and we'll have that for you it'll take a couple days but we'll get that for you okay so we're going to go through and I'm going to do um appearance I think we're going to do appearance widgets okay what we're going to do is we're going to get rid of these guys over here okay so under widgets just take these blocks over and you'll see they disappear one by one when you remove the blocks there we go right super simple so we're going to do that get rid of those make sure there's none in the bottom so we got archive and category archive we're going to go through these and figure out where it is I don't know which widget area it is but it's the one with the blocks now we got a blank site okay very simple now we're ready to rock we got our blank site we got this ready to go next what we're going to do is we're going to go over to um we're gonna go over settings reading under reading we're going to do our home page displays a static page since this is a new blog All We Got Is sample page save what that's going to do is it's going to take it from Hello World which if you ever see hello world that means you are set up as a Blog rather than a website we need to be as a website slash blog money making machine that's what I'm teaching you here I know this stuff might seem basic but this setup is what makes money and you'll you'll see why in just a minute so now we have instead of hello world we have sample page Bingo here we go now what I'm going to do is I'm going to take and create a sample page but first I want to add in the bottom widget area widgets I'm going to add I think it was first bottom widget we're going to add recent blog posts recent posts right here the reason I'm going to do this is because I want Google to pick them up right so we'll have like let's say we'll put 12 in there okay we don't need date we're good so we're going to do like that and what that'll do is below this it should have recent posts so what's going to happen is as we had post they're going to go there automatically Google's going to come and say oh look a new post let's put you on the top yay there we go as they say in Tommy Boy what is he saying tell me boy he goes I make things all better there you go the jokes are free calm down so we go here and we have recent posts we have sample page next what we're going to do we're just going to edit this page up to try to rank for some keywords now this is where AI is going to come in so we can go through and say let's say we want to do something like let's take our keywords again we want to base it all on keywords and I forgot to do one thing here hopefully it doesn't mess it up but the next thing we're going to do is just add an S right here so that it's secure okay I'm going to do this later because it might change the way things look and if I do it later and it gets messed up I want my programmer to do it I should have done that first so we're going to take a look at that okay um let's see okay so we're going to do that what we're going to do is we're going to go to our keywords and we're going to base this on the way we search okay so when we look at emoticons we're going to try to hit a really big one motion con simples copy and paste blush Smiley emoticon let's try emoji Emoji not Emoji I don't know what an emoji is right so Emoji here we got him okay Emoji meanings boom that's gonna be it so we'll do Emoji meanings and okay so Emoji meanings and emoticons so we'll do like this uh where do we go okay we're gonna go Pages all pages we're going to go edit that sample page we're going to go sample edit Emoji meanings we'll put this in in caps Emoji meanings emoticons and Smileys boom there we go that's going to Encompass some of the keywords okay then what we're going to do is we're going to go over to chat GPT which I did already and I said create a table with the descriptions of the top 120 emoticons and what they mean and what they're used for okay so it's like Emoji description common use now I can go through and I can put this on my site right so I could just be like okay let's go over to WordPress let's copy and paste this and now I have this right so I want to show you guys how how simple this is because here we are we got Moji edit we're a couple of seconds into this and now we have a grid of the Emojis here and we can probably make them big I don't know if these are actually images or not maybe I could go through and maybe if I do the font bigger yeah so I could just do the font bigger on some of them and be like there you go there you go pretty cool right how many of you guys are like yeah this is pretty cool this is easy AI created that for you this is looking pretty good now what we can do also is we can use AI to actually write an article um right an article and let's do now please gotta ask please gotta be kind to the robots because we've all seen the movies so I'm gonna be nice to them I don't know about you now please and thank you wink face there we go write a SEO generated an SEO centered article about these emojis focusing on the keyword emoji emoticon meanings okay and include the table as well boom this will go through and do this now if you don't want to like tweak this to try to get what you want um we could use a robust program one of the robots can't talk today one of the most robust programs you can use is let's see here trying to multitask because I'm going to be late to the meeting so I'm going to have Andy run it all right so what we're going to have here is this we can use a robust program like content at scale I've been using content at scale and it has been doing really well um I have a discount over at to give you a discount so go there we'll give you all these tools and stuff like that that is how I'm able to provide these trainings for free is by you know hooking you up with cool stuff I also run ads during them too I don't know have you guys seen ads or something I don't know but we're going to go through and you can see that using content at scale has actually gotten me quite a few new rankings um on my keywords which is cool so we have like GoDaddy appraisal tool this is one that just started coming up the last couple days which is looking pretty good we're ranking for GoDaddy appraisal tool right here we're ranking for the Sniper Wolf keywords Sniper Wolf net worth different things like that and this is all traffic that I strategically wanted to get based on what what people are searching for because I know if someone's looking at Sniper Wolf net worth they're interested in making money online I could sell different things like that much like with the smiley faces what we're going to do is base it on the traffic here so what I'm going to do is I'm going to have my keyword tool open and I'm going to have my content at scale open so what I can do is I can go in create a new project right like this create project we're going to do emoticons and smileys and we call it Moji edit .com what is the website about emo chicons and smileys monthly post tone of voice let's do friendly happy okay who reads this people wanting emoticons all right then we're going to do 3000 words Plus create project once we create the project using a tool like this is very very helpful now this tool is expensive like I had it just is right um it it ranges anywhere from 15 to 35 dollars per article you can get the same result with time and effort using chat GPT okay so we're gonna go over there and be like okay this is what we got this is looking pretty cool this is pretty simple so what I'm going to do is I'm going to go down the list and say write post from a keyword I will say what is our keyword well first of all I want meanings of emojis in text conversations now I can't stress enough how important this box is because this box is going to tell the AI the intent of people searching this is important because if I just say write an article on emojis it's going to be like emojis were created in 1924 when the first Commodore PC came on the scene emojis are a way to express your emotion through text and ASCII message boards or whatever it was created with right we want to direct the AI to think the way that we want to think so meanings of emotions in text conversations if I wanted it to be romantic ones we'd put romantic ones again I can also go through and look at the intent of each term if I have the intent of what is the winky Emoji someone probably wants to see if they're being flirted with if I'm going the eggplant obviously that is a more robust no pun intended type of keyword for dating right like hey you know here's I don't think they're asking you to dinner or something like that but we start to look at this and we're like okay here we got this we're going to build it up what does it mean and when we get into the keywords it's going to start to get way easier right so we could say please talk about the top 25 popular emoticons and what they mean as well as how they are used now this is going to be able to scale at a at a pace that I wouldn't be able to do otherwise right because if I was doing chat GPT it might take a little bit longer again if you ain't got money don't worry you could use this with cheaper domains you could use this with free AI you could do this without a domain if you if you want to rank something like a a video or whatever it is it's very simple very easy to do we just need to make sure that we are super strategic okay now while I'm doing this I can say right post let's do another one I'll go through and say well what is the eggplant emoji mean let's do eggplant Emoji okay egg let's do eggplant emoji mean Ing and other and 10 other dating emojis you need to know about or let's say flirting flirting emojis these will tie perfectly again if you didn't watch Friday's video it is in the description after this watch that and then come back and watch this again this is free training doesn't cost you anything you can follow along and you can get results very simple and when you're using the domain stuff I have results right like you say well markers are you know I don't know about this well when you look at the rankings okay let's find one that's recent um let's just do these by updated when you find these let's get a top ten there we go 11.

What is eggplant emoji meaning okay you're gonna see that here we are ranking like this is ranking there is my sight right tight smash a like button if you're like holy cow this is instant results like if I had something on here to make money I could make money right now how many of you guys get that do you guys get the power of what we're talking about this is instant results you could go to Google and be like is Marcus full of it don't Google that I don't know you might get something weird I don't know but at any rate if you go and you Google this term you should see my site plain and simple okay so we're gonna look at this and be like okay cool now what I'm going to do is be like oh well that one ranks so the eggplant Emoji cool so we're gonna go and we're gonna do what does the eggplant emoji mean okay flirt and 10 other flirt emojis please talk about the eggplant emoji emoji and what it means and how to flirt on text with Emojis please include examples examples and the actual Emoji boom there we go post now or write post now Emoji Emoji MO gee there we go post now okay yes we want to write it boom there we go so now we got two in the queue hey we're writing actually I should have shown you that but hey yeah you can see here it is actually um that's what we wrote I'll show you what that looks like we'll we'll have to edit it after I think but yeah you'll see how it works and you can see we got two in the queue we are looking pretty good come on there we go Emoji is probably the last one here as you can see we use this for a lot of stuff so I mean I have an agency that's actually building sites and stuff like that um and this stuff does work let's do 50 Maybe and you'd find our Emoji guy here Emoji where are you tell me if you see Emoji here somewhere but this is kind of thing where you can do this and get traffic super easy come on emoji where did you go text tools you know what I think I need to shrink there we go page two ah there you go all right if you're digging this smash the like button there we go emoticons and Smileys we could see there in the queue uh it is working on that content now in addition to that I also have other content here which was created by chat gbt and AI I'm going to combine this list with some other stuff as well now it's important that we run this through a plagiarism Checker so I'm going to use grammarly grammarly you can pay for or you could get it free doesn't really I mean there's lots of there's lots of things there you can use for free if you want so we're going to do plagiarism checker plagiarism doesn't look like anything which is good checking our text against billions there we go 100 original so it's looking pretty good right and it does fit exactly what's going on okay very very very important so we go through we look at this hey there you go so astrology realm says it's 11 11 there it's 111 here so that's kind of cool all right there you go maybe that's good luck or something I've done no we'll see if it's good luck if everyone smashes the old like button so we're going to go through and create content based on this stuff so we're looking pretty good how many of you guys are looking at this and you're like wow this is like an actual straight up business model I can use get a domain Build It Up get the traffic put it to things that make money and then this is the kind of thing where I mean this could have a big payday if later down the line I want to sell this domain and cite and the whole nine yards right very very simple so we're looking at it and we're like okay let's see how our content's doing of course today everything does want to be super slow looks like that one's working so we can do the eggplant now while we're getting set up is very important when we're doing this on a domain that has rankings we want to make sure that this link is the one that works so we're going to copy this here and we're going to post this and see what it what it says so if we do eggplant emoji meaning egg plant emoji meaning I think that was the word we we ranked for there it is Moji edit the eggplant Emoji so what I'm going to do is I'm going to do create new post the eggplant emoji meaning okay very simple so we're going to go through here we're going to look at this and we'll be like okay this looks pretty cool eggplant emoji meaning and then when we have our content we're going to put it here but first i'm going to hit publish let's see you didn't see the screen there we go we're gonna go eggplant emoji meaning so what we want to do is we want this here to show a page very important if it doesn't like if you go to this one here see how there's no page we would want to create that see how it's going to show up here this is all looking pretty good so now we have this and we're going to do eggplant emoji meaning as soon as our content is done we're going to paste it in there I like this and I think this will be like a two hour live stream I don't know you know hey you're here to make money spend the time do the work make it happen um the eggplant emoji meaning ranking first page on Google yeah exactly we are ranking first page on Google um smash that heart button or the like button or whatever you want uh to let me know that you see it and you're like hey this is cool you show me stuff Live Like You're editing this live right here you are getting traffic right now like right now there are people on my site from these rankings live there you go I could probably throw a live chat on it and see uh if there are people on it we'll do that in another training because that that requires coding and I'm not the greatest coder so you know all right so we're gonna wait for this to happen here um life hustles so click it now it will work now yeah like if you click it now it will work because I just made it so when you clicked it before I didn't make the page now I made the page and I got the Smileys here well spyles are here there you go see I got it it's just this is a real deal because I got Smileys there you go but we're going to take a look here we're going to wait for these to create and then we're going to add some more so as we go along we are going to go down the list and say okay well what else do we want a sword Emoji okay or um fire Emoji that's a damn good keyword see that bad boy has 57 000 searches a month it was ranking number 50.

If I can do better I can get a lot of traffic now how many of you guys what something really cool you wanna see something really cool where we can make money with this with like Etsy and stuff type really cool or something like that all right so let's do let's see I'm just logging in here so bear with me and we will show you how this works okay did am I in the right account I think I am yes are we in the right cool so here is the cool thing I can use a i to create cool emojis wait a minute Marcus so you can make cool emojis and AI like that like Taylor Swift there or whatever right I could say create uh let's do first you have to do slash imagine there you go you have to do it like that if you don't go slash imagine it will not work imagine you gotta have fun with it right imagine there we go imagine fire emoticons please make one per image boom let's see how it does so now I could actually create fire emoticons I could sell cups and whatever like those other gurus say with fire emoticons on them because like this stuff sells crazy and you know what you gotta smash the like button because now I gotta click there I gotta clean up all this stuff but at any rate you're gonna look at this and now we got some fire emojis coming down the pipe while we're waiting for AI to create our other content so like hey check this out this is pretty cool let's bring our blog over here so we can edit it easy we got no plagiarism over here looking good we got some content waiting for the old eggplant let's do the fire one right post from keyword fire emoji meaning and different text style that different ways to make a fire emoticon boom 3 000 words we could probably do less than that I'm gonna do more because I'll just chop it later it's always good to have more right all right now it sounds like our fire emojis are done whoa those [ __ ] those are fire if I if I was awesome I mean look at that there these are cool there we go so we're gonna do upscale one I like that and these are fire emojis that don't exist until now and it looks like the Emojis like went to hell or something I don't know but you gotta look at that I don't know maybe they were bad maybe they had too many eggplants or something I I don't know what's going on there but we're going through and we're like okay here are these and we're looking pretty good and we could do upload save images and there's our fire emojis so now we can go do our fire emojis here and we have our so we need some text for it fire emojis ways to make them please show how to make different fire emojis and also what the meanings are of these emojis okay I like that right post now so we're going to go through we're going to get content on that while we're waiting on that check it out the Oleg plant is done so we're gonna go here we're going to click on the eggplant we've got 2300 keywords like this now if you want to be lazy I can go through and I could say code where's the code similar code there we go code and make sure that you go in here and copy the whole thing because sometimes it skips a little bit so we'll do the code and we're going to do eggplant emoji meaning make sure that it works so we're going to update here and we're going to make sure that that link for eggplant okay we'll do I think it was under traffic we're going to make sure that the eggplant one goes to this page boom we're good now we're going to click edit we're going to add text we're going to put the code in there bada bing bada bang right like this now we hit update and it will update that so now eggplant emoji meaning boom table of contents here's the eggplant blah blah blah blah good good good we can put our affiliate offers here we can do anything we can also go through and take our eggplant emojis I made earlier there they are like this save as it'll just save it right to wherever but it's going to go down here which makes it easy and we'll just throw our eggplant emojis right in here I like that okay and then if you want you can even do like uh create your own emojis click this thing or whatever and now what's going to happen is this is going to be really cool and very simple and you can make this work in a really simple way all right I would probably make that bigger I am not even going to touch that joke sorry that I would probably make the image bigger and we can do that by doing like upscale uh one and that'll upscale number one for us and you can upscale number two and there we go but we're going to go through and just upscale all of these and there we go right so we'll go through and put these here that guy's pretty cool I don't know I think it's pretty cool so we could go through and and download him save as save as and you can run these through and up that dude this eggplant needs to like brush his teeth you've got problem there uh download uh yes copyright stuff with mid-journey is a gray area so I mean I think it's again I'm not a lawyer so I don't know but I think it's okay because there's so many people using it it's like I don't know um but we can go through and put these in here or you could create your own emojis right so we'll do let's go to our download folder and we'll get our eggplants put them in here Boop right like that again I'm telling you you need to have sound effects but now we got this cool little eggplants here okay so I could put this guy down here let's put them by the table of contents and then one of the tips that I like to do is I always like to put an affiliate link um below an image right so we'll put this guy here I don't like these Twitter things so I'm gonna get rid of them I mean that's something content at scale does that I'm like whatever I don't care about those so get rid of this thing get rid of the tweet right and we'll just put our emojis in there like this and you could put them all um wherever you want all right I'm gonna put this guy at the top because this dude just looks like he's having so much fun he's pretty cool and we'll Center him right and then we can put that last Emoji down here let's put him here get rid of that in order to get rid of the Tweet you have to kind of like do that we can just put another T there we go and then we can do boom and there we go now we've got some eggplants and see that that's how it's going to show up in search which is going to be pretty cool and how many guys are like oh that's cool eggplant emoji meaning Smiles emojis and what they mean update now guess what ladies and gentlemen this bad boy is live right now it's like you go search it the traffic is coming to me it's got some stuff there I can put some affiliate offers I got my eggplants it's looking pretty good how many of you guys are like hey this is pretty cool right you want to make more just say hey uh make me imagine eggplant emojis one per image simple fun simple fun okay there you go and I'm going to go over here because hopefully the AI doesn't actually make the meaning image hopefully it makes something else but it's very simple to see that I can now build this out using AI content because now I got content for my home page I got content for pretty much everything meanings of emojis in text conversations okay so here now I have this content and I can go through and put this on our home page with my table right so I could spend a little bit of time and notice how easy this is to do we're gonna go to our home page text put this above the table right like that and then I can even put excuse me I can even put the table within that content so I say oh where do I want it um embracing the world of emoji instead of the table of contents because I don't think we need that I'm going to put that table but I'm going to put it in text so we'll do right here I'm going to put let's get rid of that Boop come on get rid of that where is it I think it's this here so get rid of that and we're going to put embracing the world of emojis I'm going to put a bunch of stuff here and then I'm going to find that and I'm going to replace it with our table boom there we go now if I wanted to get super fancy I can actually start linking these to the other stuff so if like there's a Emoji one or a eggplant one I'd link it to my eggplant article right that that's going to do even better now for me I do want to make these a little bigger so I would just go through right like that make them bigger um that way it looks a little better and you can do that you know off screen and you don't need to do that um in any crazy way are you getting the affiliate link from offer Vault or Amazon um Amazon if you had stuff on Amazon you could link to like maybe the Emoji stickers or whatever you could link to those kind of things right um so you know if there's like a Emoji plush or an emoji like the little magnets or whatever you could link to that but the amount per click is going to be really low we want our amount per click to be super high okay so very very important how long can you use the previous ranking of a domain indefinitely very simple so we're going to go through and look at this and be like okay now we got something that we can use if I wanted my affiliate link maybe I could say you know click here to to get this Emoji or that emoji or whatever very simple and and the name of the game is going to be that this site has so much traffic it's not even funny and we're going to go through and start utilizing the content right we've got the fire emoji and we generated the fire emojis over here um and this is the kind of thing where you could go and you can find different Emoji stuff that people want to order right like I could go and I could use um what do we use for that jungle something jungle jungle Scout um Jungle Scout okay and you can find what's actually selling really well so we log in here I've used so many H1 on the page will it hurt SEO probably not yeah because it's a it's an image type thing um I mean it might even help because Google's gonna be like oh hey Colin slash winky face code thing must be important so it actually could help so we're going to go through and we're going to do product research product database and I'm going to type in like emoji and I'm going to see what people are looking up and what they're buying related to emoji and the same thing we'll do on Etsy and what we're going to do is use this to sell stuff like this is the kind of thing where if you had really cool emojis on um thanks for the hearts those are cool they're always friendly to see um this is kind of thing where I could use this to build a Etsy store from nothing to like huge right here's some kind of bookmarks we can go for monthly sales and we could go through and see what's actually selling in the world of emoji and yes for those asking we are doing this live like you can go you can see that this brand new site is ranking live right now um so here you have dog walking bags right and they have emojis on them um Emoji Band-Aids Emoji Uno games a pool float Emoji right so that's like where you put your you know your chemicals for your pool in it Chia Pet emojis and you can see that this stuff is making tons and tons of money right there's little beach balls uh 29 000 Hallmark so many different things golf balls with Emojis on them who would have thought like seriously that makes money I mean come on now that's something I'd buy if I was into golfing because I'd just make a sad face on all of them because I suck at golf and I'd be like it's because the ball's sad he's angry you know he doesn't want to go in the hole there but we look at that and we're like okay here's all this other stuff um and there's all kinds of things that are being sold and when you realize that the world of online money making is not about the gurus it's not about me it's not about what you think it's about it's about people searching things and people selling stuff now when we look at an average conversion rate for this type of site it's going to depend on the offer right now when I did my emoji one the reason I made millions of dollars is there was a downloadable Emoji thing and it paid like 250 or 70 cents a download that converted really well now I'm better at conversion now but that offer doesn't exist so do I expect to make the 22 cents a click I hit no but we're talking 80 000 visitors a month I'm getting for free so if I can hit 10 cents a click that's a six figure income from one site I bought for two grand and some auto-generated emojis and some Auto generated content now again results not typical implied or guaranteed I don't know what this is going to make but I do know there's a lot of traffic and where there's a will there's a way and we're going to make this work we're going to look at what it is and say well the flirting emojis let's sell them some ClickBank books on how to flirt via text okay that'll fit and then I would all I'd have to do is say write post from a keyword how to flirt via text with emojis to use explained boom show how show how to flirt via text with Emojis and explanations and Sample conversations boom now we're going to go through now do you guys see what I'm doing here smash that like button if you see it um old gamer if you send me a list of domains via email chances are I didn't get it I get lots of emails every day it would be impossible for me to reply to everyone who wants me to appraise their domain portfolio and I'm not even a domain appraiser the best thing I can tell you is get in blog profit Network tell me about your domains on the call I can appraise them on the call if you guys are in blog profit Network you can ask about niches you can ask about traffic you can ask about anything you want that's the best way to do it because there is no way possible I can answer the amount of emails I get of people who just want me to appraise all their stuff for free it it would literally be 10 full-time jobs so check out you can go get your names appraised and I mean that is a that's the only refundable course I have so you could sign up you can go on the call appraise all your domains and you can say Marcus I want a refund now don't do that that's kind of rude but if you want to do that you can do it right um that's the best way to get help um so definitely check that out so when we go through this what we're doing here okay not looking to appraise looking to are you looking to sell them to me like I'm not if I was in the market for domains I tell you guys but I know how to buy domains on my own so I mean you know go put them on GoDaddy or something so when we look at this we're gonna we're gonna say with this post here I am deliberately making a post that's going to sell the ClickBank products for how to text and and flirt on text you guys got it let me know if you got it this is super important uh show how to flirt with Emojis and I'll do right post now I'm going to get content now this content isn't necessarily keyword based I'm not going for a keyword I'm going for something very specific okay very specific so we got to look at that life hustle says you have lots of people in India arrange meetings at a better time we have a Tuesday call and then we have a Thursday morning call for for people who got a high ticket Niche other than that I mean I can't stay up all night yeah I mean you either make it or you don't um that's just the way it works now all the calls are recorded so you can ask your questions and then come watch the replay but so we're going to go through uh gurji said something okay you said there is an emoji offer on offer Vault this is news that will be amazing so if you're if you're correct gurji let's check this out offer vault it hasn't been around in a while emoji eight okay so there is an emoji offer I don't know what this is It's a carrier billing one so I don't know but that's kind of cool is that like Australia or something I don't know what that is or Emirates or something like that I don't know it doesn't look like the offer I used to run but it looks pretty cool someone says do you help me please I'm helping you right now if you watch this training and follow along this is how many of you guys think that this training so far we're 94 minutes into the training how many of you guys have spent more money for courses right I want you to say if this was done by another Guru it would cost x amount because you guys have probably taken two thousand dollar courses that don't teach you the things we're teaching you here right and it's very important to look at this and say wow we're going down the list now when I look at this content flirt via text I'm not necessarily going for a keyword it ranked for I'm going for how can I flip this content because then what I'm going to do is I'm going to take the content on my site find my pen where'd our pen go there we go I'm going to take the content on my site I'm going to make a banner ad that says flirt on text uh 13 emojis you need to know okay what is that going to do that's going to take all the people looking at all the Emojis and be like wait 13 emojis I need to know I better click that boom they're now going to go to my content that is about flirting via emojis and that content is going to sell the ClickBank how to flirt via text or whatever I'm offering you guys get that smash the like button and let me know you get it because this stuff is where the rubber meets the road this is where the money is made if you understand it if you understand it very important so we're going to go through and we're going to look at this in a real world where there's chippy says in htn member thanks for being here our high ticket niches are basically what I'm doing here like we would take a domain that I bought that has rankings we put content on it we do the theme we do everything and hand it to you and give you the plan and then you show up every uh Thursday and ask for help which is pretty cool so we look at this and now we start to have content and I'm going to say okay how to flirt via text and I can go through if I don't want to make a banner ad I could just go in here and say like this 13 emojis you need to know about when flirting must read write like this okay and I'll make it big and bold so if you don't want to do a banner or something you can use this you can use it with plugins and whatever and then we are going to link this to our flirting emoji text that we'll we'll upload in just a minute when it's done then for the fire one right we go through and we're like okay that one was by volume fire Emoji the fire Emoji simple there we go we're gonna go copy this new post the fire the fire emoji and what it means boom I'm gonna go in here I'm going to just do the fire I could just paste it to make sure it's correct okay update it should work boom good now we're going to wait for our content on the fire emoji again is this the one fire Emoji good I'm gonna go code copy all of it make sure it's all copied because sometimes it doesn't and then we are going to edit the fire Emoji one okay text boom like that I can download My Fire emojis from mid-journey or like this I like these these are these are cool emojis okay and if I want I can rename it fire Emoji I know some seos say that that is the way to go um I if you have the right keyword and you have good content you don't need a lot of SEO tricks okay so put the fire emojis in there where'd it go I'll try it again uh let's see where's our fire emojis fire there it goes so put the fire emojis in there right like this insert okay let's maybe we should make this big big we like big fire emojis okay so we'll go through here fire Emoji I'd probably Center it make it cool and then we have our content and again all we would have to do is put that little link that says 13 emojis you need to read so let's do that now and then I'll show you guys how to add the affiliate offer and then we'll call it a day because I think this is pretty cool and I think it's something that you guys can go do if you're willing to do it let's see um so what we're going to do ClickBank so I'll just get a ClickBank link so you can see how it works okay so we'll go over to the old ClickBank here uh marketplace right like this um let's do flirt secrets of flirting uh learn to flirt whatever it is okay so if I wanted to do this one flirting formula there we go promote create here's my link so if I have this link here I am now going to get paid okay so I'll put this over here come on go over to the other screen there we go and we're gonna go and wait for this content and then we can put that within this content and a lot of times what they'll do is they'll have little banners and stuff that you can use so like if you want to use the banner affiliate page maybe yeah so if you want to use the banner this will have like little banners flirting formula uh something like this there you go pretty cool and we can even make it like via text or whatever articles book reviews now don't use the content they have because it's not going to fit what you want right but if we go through and we're like hey let's uh let's put a picture of the book on there super simple I go in here and I'm like okay well you know maybe I'll put the picture of the book and then I just link that to my ClickBank link obviously you'd probably want to cloak it but for sake of this I mean we can cloak it if if we want but I don't think I have a plug-in on here yet and that plug-in would make it work so you would just put your cloak to link in here right and for that if you're in blog profit Network use uh The Click Voodoo plugin that's the one I used to cloak and it works great because it tracks everything so we could have that there and it's like okay now they're looking at the eggplant they're thinking about flirting they're like hey why did I get the eggplant and then boom they would click here order the product I get paid and you guys are like dude that's pretty cool this is pretty easy and it's very simple and we go through and we're like okay all we have to do is make it work okay in order to attract an audience of a different country do we use you you're not gonna you go where the traffic is doesn't matter where you live you could get traffic and wherever you want I live in USA if I find India traffic converts well I'll use that if I find that German traffic works well I'll use that so we we just adapt we make it work so now what we're going to do is we are going to take our flirting 101 flirting with Emojis okay it didn't come up with me the Emojis so I'm going to go to chat GPT and I'm going to say please create a table of popular flirting emojis and what they mean with how to make them show up in text okay yes there's already an ad on the eggplant page there it is that's the one I just put on there right you guys are seeing this live like you can go look at the site and see what I'm doing live so now we have this and these are just the flirty ones so I can take this and it shows how to type it all right we'll go through here and we are going to create our new post now this one let's actually make it a page reason we're going to make it a page is very simple because we want to control the sidebar and all the other stuff okay posts for SEO traffic Pages for conversion this is a conversion one uh 13 emojis you need to know about flirting emojis you need to know about okay so we're gonna go through here enter enter uh let's post our how did we get that last time there was a way I copied it last time let's hope it gets the table if not we'll have to do a little editing there we go cool so now we have our table of flirting emojis let's do this again enter enter that way we can put it where we want then we take our content right like this come on okay flirting take our content like this copy all make sure we got it Ctrl a and then we're going to put it in here let's put it in code right like that now we have this now we can take and put our table where we actually where it makes sense right so um get rid of the Twitter things because I don't care about those okay effective Emoji Emoji flirting text techniques perfect this is a perfect segue to our offer right this is my next video is going to be about how to make offer that converts with AI this is the first step because it's like oh here's the flirting techniques boom this is where we're going to put our ad right so we would go and put that ClickBank ad in there we would put our emojis right here top flirting emojis you can make them big if you want okay and then you can put your ad at the Top If you want as well so here's the art of emoji flirting then effective Emoji flirting techniques this is where we are going to put Our dating thing there you go Mark I will not be repeating that but it is a funny joke so now we have this and we'll put the free course in there and you can talk about it too you could be like oh hey this course helps in in this way the best thing to do would be download the course see what it's about break it apart and see where it fits in your emoji site and if you do this I mean now you're going to drive a thousand two thousand three thousand people to this thing a month and boom there you go now all I need to do is link to this now I would also want to do maybe go to mid-journey where's my journey somewhere my journey where are you I know I got my journey there is this yes now I can go to mid-journey and say create uh imagine fun flirty emojis boom and we'll do like this and wait for it have some more coffee while we wait there we go that's some good stuff now our flirty emojis are being created right like this and you can also like I mean the sky's the limit you can go over to offer Vault and you can find offers for like send your girlfriend flowers instead of emojis I mean there's so many different things you can do it's not even funny I did this years ago on a um love poem website I made a little page about how to write love poems you want to do that you make a love poem site you ask AI to create a bunch of love poem templates you tell them to buy flowers and send them to them at work and your girlfriend will love you forever boom there you go that's what you want to do right and now we have these love emojis and I can download these or whatever let's upscale number one I like number one so that's going to make number one bigger there's tons of good Affiliates for insurance actually I have a motorcycle insurance website as part of it's an upgraded High ticket Niche but we do have one so if you're interested in that just get a high ticket Niche and then ask for the upgrade on that um and you do have to pay for the upgrade because I paid a lot of money for that domain but really cool and it's funny like we had a client who got a domain in the car insurance Niche and before we built his site someone bought his domain for 2500 bucks it's like oh cool and he was like can I use the 2500 to buy a better site like sure so like he just got he paid 500 for the upgrade the domain was worth 2500 and he's like hey cool I got two grand I haven't even done anything yet wouldn't even transfer the domain yet right so we have this here um and we have the flirty emojis and now we can put these on our site I don't I don't know if these fit maybe three would work upscale three right and you can work with this to to make it create them in a simple way um save like that save and then we can put these on um this here all right yeah I like three better two uh CC I think it's way better um so we'll put three in there where'd our folder go downloads there we go flirty emojis bada bang bada boom insert okay let's make it big I keep forgetting to to make it um you just go like this edit instead of medium we're gonna do full size okay and then you can Center it if you want update and now we have this post for the purpose of getting people into the ClickBank offer right and we would we would put this multiple times on here and then all I got to do is take all the traffic from all the Emojis at Rank and lead them to stuff that I deliberately want them to go to and that's the name of the game that's how you make money right uh I'm guessing here what I would say Marcus is enjoying cold prop coffee absolutely this coffee has been cold since I made the intro for this video right does that make sense to everyone if you guys get it type money in the box and smash that like button because this is the blueprint this is it and if you watch the video from Friday of where I um where I bought this domain right you guys see like I actually bought it I think he's my God yeah there it is I actually bought this domain for two thousand dollars right we have other domains that are are um are high ticket Niche people are getting right like here's one for salons uh here's one for ACS and HVAC here's one for signs um and and it's very simple because it's like oh this is how it works we build based on what already exists it's very simple and that's all you got to do and if you understand that you say wow I can use AI tools not to just create a bunch of content for me but to help me in the research process I can use something like content at scale and chat GPT because content at scale didn't make the templates for me it didn't make those those tables I like those tables so I'm going to use those and we start to understand wait a minute this can work with literally anything and this is live this is ranking right now and if you guys want to do something like this definitely check High ticket niches there should be a link there or check out download my notes if you want notes from this you know and and watch how this evolves and how it works and now we are getting traffic live right in front of you and who knows I might sell some books I don't know right it is getting traffic so you look at the flow and we look at um the different stuff like Saab Emoji okay that's one that's ranking right now SOB Emoji is number five okay and we are one two three four we're number four so I need a sob emoji content right so I'm going to go back to my project emoticons and Smileys I'm gonna do add from a keyword SOB emoji meaning and different styles boom talk about the SOB emoji and other emojis that Express sadness and empathy and crying boom this is going to create the post then I go to chat GPT here and I say now make a table of all the sad emojis in the same way boom it's going to go through crying face crying pensive what does pensive mean I don't know uh sleepy so you have all these here and now again I'm gonna go through and be like Saab Emoji does the link work it does not we need to make a post copy this boom new post SOB Emoji meanings meanings and variations right boom here we go SOB Emoji meanings and variations now we have that let's see how close we were to that so Sab emoji what did it say the SOB Emoji okay so we could put the in front of it although I don't think it's gonna matter then I go to chat GPT get my sad emojis boom put those where'd we go I know I gotta open somewhere stop Emoji where do we go where did it go I got way too much stuff open there we go oh that's eggplant Saab where are you see what happens when old Marcus has too many tabs open right so now we have sub emojis here again before I do it I'm just going to do like this that way I can put the text above it when we have it here and that will rank right now in Google and you can look at it and say um you know maybe they're gonna go and I could do ClickBank for like empathy or how to console someone or whatever it is and you start to understand exactly what's going on and I mean how many guys get this can you tell it not to include Twitter quotes maybe I don't know I've never tried that um yeah you could probably do that but how many of you guys are seeing this as like very simple did we actually move up hey cool all right someone said that my ranking actually went up live on this call right and we're seeing this in a very simple way and this is why our high ticket niches and our blog profit network is so valuable because imagine being able to be on a call like this every week where we help you with your sites like we've been on calls and I'm like well let's do this in chat GPT and get you some content let's check it out and tweak it and follow along with what's going to work and blog profit network is like a dollar a day and you go through and you're like oh my gosh I can get help every week or if you're in high ticket niches twice a week or if you're in boot camp three times a week from Marcus live on a call which I got to get to a call here in four minutes luckily um my buddy is running the call today so I could be a little late but we start to understand that hey this is making content based on what searching so Watch What Happens I want you guys before we end this call I want everyone to smash a like button because I'm going to show you live how I am right now live we had no content two minutes ago and now I'm going to have content number four in Google for the word um sub emoji right here right there boom boom boom boom boom there it is it's gonna be there and we gotta wait for this thing to take its sweet time here right um we are waiting let me get some water while we're waiting all right let's see what we got here we are waiting and waiting and waiting but I want to show you guys uh how this works real time you guys like the background I worked really hard at getting the lighting correct on the background it took me months and thousands of dollars so pretty cool all right so we're waiting for this content here and we'll put this up to show you what it looks like it's still running it's running what software do I use to build my sites WordPress it's free it works it's good if you watch this training again it's pretty cool um all right so let's see here come on it can load sometimes the AI robots are tired come on I'm pretty impatient so yeah no there you go is where we're going to have notes of this training I'm actually going to pay someone to uh to go through and make notes on this training for you uh so you can see how it works and that'll be free if you dig this stuff subscribe and we'll wait for this come on hopefully it'll get there in time so I can show you the last live ranking and you can go look at it many gurus ask to put plugins what do you say about it use the plugins you need to make it work you know don't don't go overboard like a plug-in is not going to make you rich plug-in is just a piece of software now in blog profit Network we have my custom plugins which are they're focused on conversion um and they're very easy to use I wanted them so user friendly because you know it's got to be user friendly you can't have it like I don't take a month to figure out how to use a plug-in that's not good I I got to plug in the other day it was like some crazy plug-in I got it was like 300 bucks and it sucked I was like yeah this does not work the way I wanted it to work because I don't have time to mess around with learning new things like I was angry the other day because my email software changed the way their stuff worked and now I got another step I learned it and you know whatever um you know we go from there AMA Bay says it looks like number six for the Saab Emoji it depends on where you're at geographically um there are different results also it might be different on mobile versus other stuff hey Marcus what video shows you buying the domain and why you picked it Friday's video so while we're waiting for this if you go to the old YouTube here and um let's see is this going to get feedback yeah so if you go here to videos it's this one the 317 000 one that's the video to watch watch as soon as we're done here go find that video and watch it it is super important to watch that one um and hopefully they come on it should deal faster than that but we will have this opportunity let's let's make some in um mid-journey while we wait so we'll do imagine sad emoji sad emojis one per or let's just do sad emojis a big pile of them let's see Adam maybe it'll make it I mean like thinking of a pyramid of sad emojis right um Kieran says use it incognito for True ranking what we do is we use Linux I have a Linux machine that I use to test all the stuff very good to do and you can create a Linux machine for about a hundred bucks and it'll be blazing fast Freda says we're number three where she's at um so pretty cool we just take a look at it and and we we focus but using a Linux machine will work really really really well oh wow that's a big pile of emojis man that thing's like holy cow okay um imagine a small pile of sad faced Emojis all different in a pyramid we're gonna have emojis in a pyramid scheme there we go the pyramid scheme of emojis ah you gotta have fun and the jokes are free ladies and gentlemen look at that we have the same amount of viewers as we have likes I've never had that happen before that's pretty interesting but at any rate smash the like button and we'll go here so let's see Urban version says I'm struggling to get the content shown to the Right audience since I don't live in the US it doesn't matter where you live it matters where you direct your content to that is the most important thing uh Charles says I'm number three where he's at pretty cool that's what it actually made pyramid smiley faces so I don't know we could do we could make these let's see how our content's doing it's getting there so we have a little bit more time to make some emojis imagine a pyramid of round emojis um that are sad this one's actually kind of cool I don't know that that one's kind of cool it's getting there right so let's do this here and see what we got all right our content's done so while we're waiting for this we'll get our content and we have our sub emojis boom copy all go to our post was that it there we go go to our post uh let's do text put the text in here boom we got our text put our table where we want our table okay do entertaining SOB Emoji meanings table goes there see how that makes sense to have it there you want to make sure it makes sense when you're reading it and then you also want to kind of tweak it for um for what these people are going to want right so I could go in here get our sad emojis let's see which one you guys like one two three or four I'm kind of digging number two I like number two and three but three looks like Legos so I'm gonna go number one what do you guys like yeah I like number one too so we'll upscale number one right like this open save as Boop there we go go to our Saab Emoji thing you could put a big title if you want to be fancy SOB emoji meaning and samples or you could even put in SOB emojis or whatever right we can make this big if you want it to be SEO friendly again what we're going to do is we're going to put this up we're gonna see where it ranks and then we're gonna do better you always want to do better like I want to do better than they did before so we're going to put our pile of emojis here not to be confused with the pile emoji uh let's make it big again why do I keep forgetting to do that there we go Center it Center that publish and now we have this now for um this there we go Saab emoji meaning and samples there we go pretty cool so now we got this let's go over to um let's use Microsoft Edge see where it is okay might be different you guys might see it higher up or lower just depends SOB emoji okay so we got emojipedia Tara there sewer number four right below the sun which is a news site so there we are there is our page so on this webinar in the last 15 minutes if you go to Google and type sub Emoji you're going to see us right here you can click it and see did we put it in right let's see the SOB emoji ah there we go edit gotta change this always gotta remember to change that the Saab Emoji update go back to Microsoft Edge or cro what is it called yeah I think it is Edge and boom there we go so look Google SOB Emoji all right well Marcus why is that important well it's important because Saab emoji gets 13 000 searches a month so now we got top emoji here we are scroll down there's our page how many of you guys are like holy cow you just showed me how to rank instantly live and potentially results not typical implied or guaranteed make money Live Now ladies and gentlemen smash the like button comment and check out the video in the description the one where I actually bought the domain go watch this one if you watched it watch it again and then watch this one again and it'll probably be a really good step to making money online thanks for being here and I'll see you guys in Friday's video

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