Zero to $10K A Month In 2024 – Here Is How I Did It!

if I had to start all over again in 2024 and build a Blog from 0 to $10,000 a month or more what I would do is going to be shown exactly in this video today we are going to look at Cold Hard facts we're going to look at data and understand exactly how to go from zero to profit super fast but I got to warn you this is not like the other Guru videos we're not going to talk about guess and hype and outdated things that don't work we're going to talk about what you can do right now to start getting results we're going to talk about those things that the gurus leave out the shortcuts they don't even know exist that I've been using for years to profit big time sometimes in a matter of minutes and don't worry I know what it's like to have the struggle back when I first started no one had the answers that I needed to actually succeed oh sure there were people talking out one side or mouth or the other trying to help me get ahead and make money but nothing really seemed to work and I tried and tried and tried and everything seemed like it was failing and even a few years later after having some success I tried to get into blogging and again the tech stuff was a nightmare I watched videos I watched countless tutorials and nothing seemed to work everything left me more confused than when I started but today I'm about to change that for you I'm going to show you the ins and outs of how this business Works in a real world way I'm going to show you shortcuts I'm going to show you how I use Ai and yes my AI sites are still ranking some of them better than ever before I'm going to show you how to avoid the programmatic ad money-making death sentence as I call it and actually get to what really profits because let's face it most people are teaching a one-size fits-all blogging platform we blog about all these keywords hope to get a bunch of traffic run some ads and hope to make money this my friends is what's known as hope marketing I don't do hope marketing I do marketing based on what I know Works what people are searching for and a direct offer I can give them and in just a minute I'm going to show you exactly start to finish step by step how this whole process works we're going to take a look at this example of over 25 different blog income reports we're going to take a look at them and see exactly what you can learn how we can do better and something that a lot of people aren't talking about and that is the nature of a keyword again when it comes to blogging and programmatic ads most people are doing a one-size fits-all let's go for all keywords just yesterday I was reading the comments on one of my videos and one of the people said well you are full of it because you only have 229,000 subscribers on your YouTube so what are you going to teach us about how to grow an audience and I'm sad to say that viewer is badly mistaken he's confusing quantity with quality and while there are other YouTubers in the business Niche that get millions and millions of views are those views actually worth money and the same thing happens when it comes to blogging it's not always the more the merrier it's about zeroing in on things that actually work I'm sure you've heard of the 9010 rule where we talk about 90% of what you do is going to produce 10% of the income while the other 10% of what you do is going to produce most of your income I mean wouldn't it make more sense to focus on the 10% that's actually getting you paid yeah I thought so too and that's what this video is about we're going to show you these blogs where they are now what they're earning why the niches work so well and how we can only focus on the 10% of the work that's producing the most money and not only that but I'm going to show you some big money tips that most other people don't talk about again this is about strategy we're not just going out there and trying to use AI to create content content content no we're doing everything with a specific specific purpose so if you're tired of wasting your time and trying tools and plugins and Guru courses and watching countless videos I made this for you so that you can focus and start getting results faster than ever and in the age of AI we really have no excuse the only reason you wouldn't be getting results is you're trying to find a shortcut that is shorter than an actual shortcut that actually works so if you're you're ready to go from zero to profit blogging in 2024 smash a like button let me know in the comments and let's dive in the computer and I'll show you the entire process right here right now of how you can start a blog and make money with affiliate marketing list building High ticket offers and other strategies that'll put money in your pocket all right let's get to it my secret 0 to $10,000 a month full blueprint with nothing left out and in this training I'm going to show you where and how to use AI to profit because let's face it AI has pretty much left us with no excuses if you know how to use it correctly you can make money right now it really is that simple and we're going to walk you through the entire process now first of all what we want to do is as always start with a solid Niche with a direct offer now where a lot of different gurus will tell you to go out there and blog about fireplaces or running or food or something like that what happens is the niches tend to be a little bit too broad which means you can't really focus and get those direct offers that pay a lot of money the question is do you want to go out there and get a million visitors a month to make $110,000 or would you rather just get a th000 visitors a month or 10,000 visitors a month yes I guessed it and it's a lot easier to just get a small refined audience this is super important so what we're going to do is we're going to start with a solid Niche and a direct offer what we want to do is avoid the generic ad method and we want to show you exactly direct targeted where the money is so if we were going to look at like a direct ad method what you're going to look at is something like this site here which is about fences which actually took a big dive recently in the Google search algorithm we could see here it went from about 4,200 visitors a month down to like four but the question is why and I believe I have the answer here and I've proven it to myself time and time again what we're looking at here is a site like this if you were to compare 2 years ago with today you're going to see that a lot of this stuff is like ideas and generic info not necessarily something specific so while they're looking at like cheap privacy fences and that can make money what's happening is they're going out there and putting a bunch of ads on the site like these over here or this over here or even this little video that loads and it's is really diminishing the value of the site and not only that but the nature of the keywords that they used are more info rated rather than direct targeted things that people are looking for with low competition now while these do have low competition I think there's something bigger at play and again I think that gets into the generic info versus specific info because as we're going to show you in this training we went through and looked at a bunch of different specific blogs that are making money and are reporting income and we saw what's working what's not working and what is actually making money for example a popular blogger that teaches here on YouTube is known as Adam enfroy now Adam enfroy does a good job of teaching marketing and different things like that if you were to take a look at his traffic over the last two years you're going to say wait a minute Marcus it looks like this thing is dying on the vine looks like he's having a hard time getting that traffic however again I think if you look at the nature of the keywords of what was working then and what is working now you're going to see the magic let's just go over here and click compare right like this with the previous two years we can see yeah what makes a good leader that's a very generic type term and it's not directly monetizable again we want to be directly monetizable more about this in a minute what makes a good leader graphic design birthday captions a lot of these keywords that got lost were very generic and I would venture to say not his biggest money makers ones that make good money are things like highest paying affiliate programs which he still has the ranking for and other things about blogging and web hosting and stuff like that that makes big money so while it might look like on the surface the traffic is gone I think there's a lot more happening here so what we're going to do is we are going to start with something very specific and monetizable if I don't know how I'm going to monetize a piece of content right out of the get-go and no we're not talking aoic and AdSense and different things like that we're talking very very specific stuff like a direct offer more about this in just a minute number two we want to avoid the random traffic random offer method again this is piggybacking on what we talked about before now one of the best ways to find a niche in my opinion is using domains and I've been doing this for like 25 years we find domains that have rankings that work really good and we find offers to go with them it's very seamless it's very straightforward and it's actually very easy what we're going to do is find a good Niche and or domain now if you already know hey I like cameras I want to go into the camera Niche then stick with what you know it's going to be easier to write about that's not to say don't go find a domain name obviously we want to find a domain name in the market that's going to work really well and the way we're going to do that is by looking at the niche and domains over on spam Zilla one of the things that I do every day as part of my business is look at the domains that are available we can go to something like spam Zilla over here and I can drop down to GoDaddy or whatever auctions are going on at the time and I can actually see the domains that are at auction right like this with the amount of rankings they have so if I go here ah ref's positions this is actually showing different things that it ranks for now don't worry this isn't just about getting traffic from Google I'm going to go through that in a minute this is a whole system so pay close attention here this stuff works if you do it we can see here some kind of veterinarian or something like that web design 99 to engineering this could be a website about how to get an engineering degree and since I know that colleges and engineering schools pay a lot of money this might work really really well now even though the traffic has dropped that is natural with domains that go on sale we can see here that these are are actually about different types of engineering thing risk and Engineering different stuff like that now let's go through and take a look at what it used to rank for in regards to this stuff now this one here I'm not seeing a lot of stuff that I would want this is more like info how to know how to pass your test for engineering not really stuff that I'm looking for what I would want to look for is something about the actual schools this is super important case Point here's an example we did for various different schools and colleges and things like that these are very specific terms about colleges which tie to scholarships and all kinds of crazy stuff like that so going through and finding the right domain name can be something that you can do very easily we can see here Life coming alive maybe that's like a motivation live your best life kind of thing there we can see some kind of trenum and you can go through these and I guarantee if you go through these daily you will find niches that are pretty good right we could see some kind of Rent A Car daily ideas here's something about motion bikes maybe this is for like e bikes or certain types of bicycles or exercise or something like that and we can see here it does look like it is about some kind of different bikes we could see you know what it looked like a couple years ago things like that and see what's out there some kind of bicycle here MK something bike here and on and on we go so there's lots of different things here that it can rank for and we can possibly use again using this to find the niche is going to help us because what it's going to do is give us that step up it's going to say hey look we already have something that's ranking there's already a good domain there's already a niche attached to it all I got to do is plug it in and make it work and if you're going to go for like the fish care Niche here's one I found just recently that is going for like different types of goldfish eels and goldfish care all kinds of different stuff like that and then what we would want to do is take our domain whatever it is we're using and find a direct offer that pays really well so I would go out there and check ClickBank or something for uh fish or goldfish care or something like that we could see here's a beta fish one a fishing book and I believe they also have some Goldfish offers as well but we would want to go through and find something very specific to what the traffic is about maybe I can find a specific bicycle for women for that one where we saw okay it is ranking for uh different bicycles for women and things like that or this one here again we can maybe do uh tanks for goldfish or aquarium stuff or different things like that that would work really really well and we can see that this domain is actually on point for that we could take a look at what it looked like two years ago and it looks like yep same kind of thing they're all for aquarium stuff so if I wanted to make a website about aquariums this would actually give me a really really good start especially because of the fact that it is in fact ranking right now and if you were to go to Google and look this thing up you can see that there are still some very Niche sites that are ranking for this type of traffic so it can work really really well if done correctly but again make sure there is a direct offer we want to go over to ClickBank and offer Vault and see what's out there so that we can go through and say okay maybe there's something for aquarium or fish or maybe even pet insurance or something like that doesn't look like there's too much over here at offervault but we can also go to Google and do something like goldfish care guide plr and we can find a private label rights product that we can actually buy the rights to and sell on our own looks like here they do have stuff like that which will work really well again we want to think about our niche in a different way and think about the direct traffic and direct offer model if you don't have a direct offer then you're probably just going to waste your time I'm getting traffic and making less than 2 cents per visitor yes that is the average that people get however with my example even with junk traffic in this screenshot you could see that sometimes we were hitting 20 cents a click on junk traffic which is unheard of that was traffic that no one really knew how to monetize but I was able to swoop in get all that traffic and make over a million dollars in that one specific Niche so what we're going to do is we're going to go through and look at these domain maybe you're doing something like a knitting site and you want to do something like yarn Bean it's a good domain it's sellable it's something I can use that is pretty low risk right I'm pretty sure I could sell this for whatever it is I buy it for and bada bing bada boom I'm in business so this one is only $155 at auction it might go up a little bit but you can see like hey yeah this is pretty good I'm sure I can sell it if I had to however remember whatever we're doing here this is a business the results are not typical implied or guaranteed the average person trying to make money online with blogs and affiliate marketing and all this crazy stuff makes nothing so keep that in mind this is a business however I did go through and buy a domain for you in this example to show you exactly how this works this is super important so we're looking at this one here that I bought which is pro accounting services I'll get into this in a minute and show you why it's going to make money and again I'm thinking as I buy the domain what what are the offers I can use we got banking we got accounting software we got accountants we got Services we got H&R Block the whole nine yards there's a lot of offers that we can use that are very direct and again we're going to focus on a keyword we're going to use AI to do a good job of of harnessing that keyword and making content and we're going to point to things that make money very simple next what we're going to do is we're going to remember that our blog is a hub for everything so if I was going to go out there and use that yarn one that's going to be My Hub if I'm doing other traffic methods like Pinterest or YouTube or whatever it is that is going to be my Hub where I send everyone this is super important now step number two once we find our Niche again go through your keywords go through your domains find something you like find something with a shortcut that is a domain that's already ranking and then go through and build it up in a simple way and always focus on the direct offer method now in step two once we get our domain you could just go buy it at auction if I want to buy this one I hit Place bid and bada bing bada bang I'm in the running to buy this domain very simple right and you can go through these and you will find them all the time next what we want to do is we want to set up a Blog website with a shell this is super super important we're going to focus on pages posts and money business stuff again even if you're not directly focusing on SEO or Google traffic this is still going to work for you because we're using blogging as a platform to get people to the stuff that is going to make us money it's the same thing as like those ,000 funnel softwares only we're doing this for the price of WordPress which is like $9 a month or $6 a month or whatever it is it's super inexpensive and it works in a really easy way so what we're going to do is we are going to use WordPress as our setup we're going to align the content flow the funnel the opin the sales Etc and we're going to get the one track goal one track focus with what I call the jugular offer so what we're going to do is we're going to go out there and we are going to get our domain okay I'm going to have some links in the description for domains and hosting and all kinds of stuff like that all the tools and a free report that we're going to have available for you on a special training I'm having tomorrow so if you want to learn this in detail check that out so we're going to get our domain and then we're going to put WordPress hosting and and WordPress on our site so you could use this with any hosting I use uh the instructions over at gohub you can check that out I'll put the link in the description also we're going to use WordPress to set up pages and posts this is important because our pages are going to be about the money stuff and the optins and different things like that so Pages think sales posts we're going to go through and use posts as content now I'm going to give you some shortcuts again if you don't want to wait for Google Traffic or you want to do this on a domain you already own don't worry about it we got you covered this is actually very simple but keep this in mind again I will have it in the notes in the description so that you can keep an eye on this so we're going to set up the blog or website with the shell in a very simple way this is easy you can see I do this over at several of my blogs I have right now we're doing this at blog profit where we are using the pages like this to have sales Pages where people can join and things like that and I also have the link up here for tomorrow's webinar so if you want that obviously over at blog profit you can check that out so we're going to set this up in a very very simple way we might go through and have an optin on our page maybe like this one over here I have it free ad Forum you can see I have it to where it says hey you're going to get this free report and make money now this is one of the strategies I'm going to get into in a minute that's going to help you make money like crazy pay close attention this is the same method I use to go from zero to like $1,300 on a brand new website in like 12 minutes yes it works again it's not guaranteed those are my results but I think you'll get the idea of how powerful this is so that's what we're going to do here next this is super important what we're going to do is create what I call a download pack we are going to go through and use a download Pack to insulate our content and our traffic a lot of people are going crazy right now saying traffic's hard to get Google Chang the rules you need traffic traffic traffic what I'm about to show you will get you traffic even if you have a domain that's just sitting there doing nothing even if you use the domain strategy I'm teaching you here whatever it is this will work for you if done correctly what we are going to do is we're going to think what would our Market really want and we're going to give it a spin so in our example here today we are using the where did it go right here the pro accounting services domain we can see that right now as of today I bought this domain for $50 and I think it was $50.40 at auction good deal there and we could see here that it actually ranks for like 267 accounting words in Google Now does that mean I'm going to get rich and rank overnight and all that no but it does mean that if you search Google for different keywords that domain is showing up so I'm going to utilize that by providing good content to that market but with a Spin and the spin is I'm going to go through this Niche and I'm going to look for downloadable giveaways a downloadable giveaway is something that I can give my market that is going to be of value think about this training for example right here we're going through a lot of content we got notes we're helping you with different screenshots and reports and all kinds of different stuff like that now can go through and I can make a download out of this video I can say hey check it out I downloaded the notes you guys see me do that all the time at download myot that's why I have that now with this example what we're going to do is we're going to think about what they want with PDFs worksheets calculators planners or whatever it is so if you're in that market for like crocheting and knitting maybe you would do something like patterns or calculators for yarn or Fabric or whatever is right or if you are in this one where we're doing Pro accounting services maybe I can offer like Excel maybe I can do budget templates maybe I can do a a free Report with a checklist or whatever it is so we want to think checklist reports Something Free of value that's not reibly available other places something that is all our own much like I have the trigger words or the blog checklist or whatever it is over at download myy you're going to do the same thing on your website so I could go through here and look at this traffic in my Niche so we got like common tax deductions missed perfect people love this kind of stuff and I could do something like this and open a keyword Explorer right here and say tax deductions missed let's look at this at a bigger level so over here we have like very little traffic and we're not ranking very good but over here we have a lot more traffic 150 60 60 40 30 so we can see that hundreds of people every month directly want this in this way however much more people Millions probably want it prediced in a different way so what we're going to do is we're going to say okay let's make a checklist I could go over to chat GPT right like this and I can say based on this keyword please make a checklist of 100 USA tax DED ctions that most people miss and it'll actually go through and it'll create the tool for me again this is something very very specific and it's even organizing them in a very simple way we can even say now please make a checklist so that I don't miss any and how to check them and it'll go through and it'll make all kinds of down downloads and things like that now remember obviously right out of the gate we got to do fact checking and take a look at what's going on but this is something that is actually pretty solid it's doing a really good job in a matter of minutes it came up with a hundred different deductions most people miss and bada bang bada bang we are in business now I can ask it to make a little checklist out of them and it's actually very very simple and we can use canva or whatever it is or you can even have ai create this fancy for you this is is important because what you're going to do is you're going to insulate your traffic by having something to give people if I have something to give people then I could build a mailing list which can be big money that's why in page two I said to set up your pages and post and money business stuff much like I have over here at free ad Forum again think about this people that are looking to post free ads online most likely have a business or want to sell stuff so by giving them a free report of a 100 places to post their sites they're going to be happier than a pig in the slop and I'm going to get them to put their name and email in and then I'm going to show them some real ways to advertise because often times the free ad posting sites are not that good so if you see my strategy there smash a like button and let me know in the comments what we're going to do is create these giveaways now I'm going to have multiple Pages I'll probably have one here for the top uh places to sell stuff online or Ebay type places or whatever it is I already have this content in the works and it's very very easy next what we are going to do is we are going to have several of these can I have downloads excels spreadsheets software tools whatever it is that I can give my market we want to have those ready to go and again I'll put some videos in the description that are going to go through how to create that download pack in a super simple way next we are going to use AI here pay very close attention because using AI this is very easy then what we're going to do is we're going to match our opt-in Pages if I have a giveaway for a yarn calculator I'm gonna make an optin that says put your name in email for the yarn calculator if I have one for how to do the budget I'm going to have an optin for the budget very very simple then what I'm going to do is very important I am going to use the linear traffic model to drive traffic to it what is linear traffic what a lot of people are going to do is look at traffic horizontally they're going to say something like yarn calculator and then they're going to find other words like best yarn calculator easy yarn calculator new La yarn calculator and stuff like that that's what we call vertical when we go linear I'm going to think different so if I'm using the site for the 100 places to post ads all right now I can go through and I can actually utilize the names of the posts to get traffic follow with me here so let's say I use Craigslist or maybe I'm going to use something like um I don't know some kind of free ad Forum or whatever I can now use these and give a review on each of these and how they work and for what and now I am leveraging other traffic by helping people use other things let me give you another example let's say I wanted to sell a WordPress plug-in and maybe this WordPress plugin is like the one I just created where you copy and paste images and you don't have to upload and it makes it very easy well who's going to want to buy that WordPress users right so we're going to go out there and we're going to review hundreds and hundreds of different plugins and give honest feedback on all these plugins this is going to drive tons of WordPress users to my website and yes I'm actually doing this right now or let's say you had a program teaching people how to make money on YouTube or something like that what I would do is go for a hundred different YouTubers and talk about the different monetization strategies and how they make money and different things like that it's actually very very easy or in the example we're using today if I was to go for the different tax stuff what I would do is I would say okay well maybe I could go through and have chat GPT it already made the checklist for it but I can go through and now say now please make a list of glossery terms for accounting 100 please it's going to go through and it's going to going to make a 100w glossery that I can use to do all kinds of crazy stuff and the cool thing about this is each of these is going to get traffic so here we have bank reconciliation here's a keyword that only people interested in accounting would look up now this keyword alone has 10,000 searches a month and you're going to see the same exact thing on all the different keywords within the glossery and we're going to use this glossy to provide information on what is a chart of accounts how does it work then we're going to lead them to our giveaway which is like oh hey here's this chart of accounts PDF file to help you chart your accounts or whatever it is very very simple don't overthink it we're just providing a good service to these people and since we're going to stand out by having these downloads it's going to be a game over we win because now I can promote these downloads on other sites which will drive traffic to me so I'm not just reliant on trying to go after Google traffic with all the competition and stuff like that I'm actually standing out on my own so it's very simple then we can use the method of everyone else is doing it which is okay what is everyone else doing how do we talk about it maybe I can go out there and say now please tell me 25 influencers who teach accounting and we can talk about the different influencers and what they they do and maybe find their different strategies and different things like that and it could work in a very simple way or again like the YouTube example I can find all the people making money on YouTube or blogging or whatever much like the example we're going to get to in just a minute where I had chat gbt go through and find a list of 25 blogs with income reports this is super important because I'm actually doing what I'm teaching you to do this is going to insulate me because now I can get traffic everywhere and say here's a report of blog incomes that make money and you can see here people are looking this up in a big way and these are just the people who know to look this up it doesn't count the millions of people who want to make money blogging so having this download is going to be a GameChanger and once you have this data here right like this we can say now what do all these blogs have in common and you can see bada bing bada boom it's going to do the work in a super simple way and just so you know how valuable this is if you would want a report of blogs why they make money where their income reports are and the pitfalls and the good things about blogging type blogging report in the comments below because I want to show everyone that this is something people would actually want this is good tangible stuff and we could see here that lots of people are posting their income reports right like this and they're using like a cheat sheet and different things like that so you know that this stuff works in a crazy crazy way this girl is doing the exact same thing she's using Pinterest she's using all kinds of things to get tons and tons of traffic for a simple report that chat gbt can make for you super simple then what we're going to do is we're going to start to run traffic if you're using the example where we're using an expired or auction domain we're going to follow along with the things that already ranked so I'm going to go through and I'm going to do a post on the equity accounts explained or common Overlook tax deductions or whatever it is I'm going to go through and I'm going to build this blog up as it was I want to make sure that when I build it none of these pages are going to dead links very important see how that one doesn't show up I would want content there and we're going to go through and build this in a super simple way and of course you can see here here's a bookkeeping cheat sheet PDF so they are actually looking for PDFs and download loads and giveaways and things like that this is a game Cher If you're willing to pay attention then what we're going to do is we're going to run traffic like I said we'll do the SEO with the keyword get the old rankings first it's the same thing we do in our high ticket Niche program and in our blog profit Network we can also go through now that we have giveaways and we can do paid ads where it makes sense make sure that if you're buying ads it makes sense with whatever you're offering you want to look at your jugular offer so if I go out there and I say I'm going to promote this accounting offer or whatever it is I want to make sure that if it pays $38 I'm not paying like a dollar a click because you know that's not going to convert I would probably want to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 cents per click or less which is absolutely doable we have people doing this all the time very simple okay if you're doing a offer Vault offer sometimes those will convert better because you got big teams behind them but we would want to go through and use it in a simple way maybe I would go through and find a spin on what I'm doing I can go to offervault right like this and maybe I'll find something like life insurance or a high yield account or something like that and you can see here that this life insurance pays like $300 a lead $100 a lead and on and on we go so I can promote these and make money and since life insurance is a good financial decision for those looking at tax stuff and all those things this can work in a really good way we can also do something like bank account or something like that you could see mobile bank account $7 here's a simple one here or even something like savings account and you could see they pay like $75 on a new account setup which is really cool here's a turbo debt savings lots and lots of offers that you can use again we want to make sure it's very direct very to the point because if we can have something direct then you could go through like this where I'm getting over $11.49 per click to the offer most people again are getting like two cents now is that guaranteed of course not am I getting a lot of traffic there yes I am and it does work the key is have something specific that they want much like that example where we talked about where the Adam enfroy guy he's got a bunch of traffic for like how to be a leader it's not really big money stuff unless you have a direct offer I would venture to say his post about how to start a blog which links to web hosting is making more than probably any other post on his blog so very very important we're going to go through and we're going to start running traffic paid ads joint ventures we could do a Pinterest strategy again I could take those 25 blogs that are making money I can make a Pinterest hey here's one in the knitting Niche that's making $5,000 a month or whatever it is and I can showcase them and lead them back to my blog post where I would have put your name and email for the free report very simple very easy don't overthink it I can also do video traffic blog content with AI chat GPT makes this super simple but again think about what you can offer that's different and unique than the average person out there if I'm doing blog income reports maybe I can do that in a different way where I share like oh hey here's a tip on what they're using or why or how you can do it or maybe I show The Domain strategy or whatever it is we can also do guest posting press releases or simply just share our giveaways on social media and get traffic like that it's actually very simple just make sure you do everything very tightnit where lots of other people are saying oh hey just go Broad and talk about everything make money online all right that's going to be really difficult you're not going to get specific traffic and you're not going to get traction what we want to do is something very specific each time specific that says specific there sorry I don't have a spell checker on the Whiteboard we're going to do something specific and lead them to offers that are specific that make money this is the formula that will work and is working in 2024 to make money with blogs then we're going to go ahead and drive traffic my way of thinking is is if I create something like over here I created the checklist for all the different tax deductions I've done the work I've made the tool now what I can do is leverage it why not use it most people are going to post it on their blog and say well I didn't rank number one I'm not getting traffic this doesn't work no no no we're going to go out there and make these things get traffic maybe you could go out there and do a video on hey here's how to use my checklist or here's the different things people are struggling with or whatever it is make specific tips and reports for your mailing list followup once people come in and they they opt in it's going to look like this you have your content which is leading to your giveaway your giveaway is going to put them on your mail mailing list once they are on your mailing list now I know hey these people are interested in accounting or saving money or whatever it is maybe I can send an email that says here's the common tax deductions here's common things people waste money on maybe it's a report about like monthlies like you know Netflix or credit card bills or whatever it is here's another thing here here's another thing here and what I'm doing is I'm using all of these to send them back to a blog post which is helpful based on what the email says and then they're going to go through and get other free stuff all along the way everything I offer is going to have a loaded message very important this is like the news when you watch the news they're spinning the content to get you to think the way they think what we're going to do is we're going to spin our content to give them something helpful that's going to work maybe for you I'm like hey wait a minute maybe you should get a high ticket Niche instead of just looking at lists of blog niches right or maybe you should get blog profit Network or hosting or whatever it is we are going to take that and make it work case in point one of the ways that a lot of my students monetize travel websites and travel content and make lots of money is Via Travel rewards credit cards a rewards credit card pays lots of money the one I have got like $4,000 in the last couple months so it's really good and maybe if I'm doing accounting I can say hey get a reward rewards credit card and it will help you save money automatically and yes ladies and gentlemen those rewards cards pay like $100 to $300 for an application they don't even have to get the card they don't have to buy anything they just apply for a credit card to help them save money super easy that's how Credit Karma gets millions of dollars a year same principle here but what we're doing is we're starting with the specific and starting with helpful things then what we're going to do is wash rinse repeat and grow it's actually very simple and if you want to learn the details the nitty-gritty the how to check out blog profit over there I have this big link that is going to get you on tomorrow's free training we have a free training where I'm going to teach you everything we're going to walk through it have questions and answers and look at your sites and niches and all kinds of things these are kind of famous they're known as my Saturday Hangouts where we literally just help you out a lot of people have webinars where it's just a slideshow and a pitch at the end what we're doing is we're trying to help you out in a real world way are we going to sell something at the end yes is it going to be in your best interest I believe so but if you just want to show up and learn and ask questions you are more than welcome to hang out and learn how this works that's over at blogr over there I will also for those that attend live I am going to give away some reports and some tools and some downloads based on the stuff that we went over today so again I'm practicing what I preach this stuff works if you do it it is a system where you are getting traffic giving them cool stuff using the cool stuff to get more traffic using the traffic to sell stuff using the cool stuff to sell stuff and on and on we go this works like crazy and this is what I believe is the fastest path in 2024 using AI to go from0 to $110,000 a month or more with a simple blog check out the videos in the description to learn more about how this works and I hope to see you tomorrow on the blog profit Network webinar it's going to be a lot of fun smash a like button and check out the links in the description and I'll see you in the next video

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